social media how toGoogle+ has opened the doors for business and brand pages.

In this article I show you how to set up your Google+ page and provide examples.

If you haven’t already created a personal Google+ profile for yourself, you’ll need to do that first (you cannot simply sign up a business page from the main Google+ signup screen).

Check out the How to Get Started With Google+ for more on personal Google+ profiles.

If you do have a personal profile, here’s how to create a page for your business.

Visit Create a Page on Google+ to begin, and follow the steps below to get started with Google+ pages.

Pick a category

Google+ Pages - Create a Page

Pick a category for your Google+ page to fall under.

The first step in getting started creating your Google+ page is to choose from the following five main categories.

#1: Local Business or Place

Local Business or Place includes any local business—hotels, restaurants, places, stores or services. If you choose this category, you will be asked for the country in which your business is located and the primary phone number.

If Google finds a matching result in Google Places with your phone number, it will use this information for your Google+ profile. If not, you can add your business info to Google and continue.

Google+ Pages - Local Businesses and Places

Add your local business information to Google+.

#2: Product or Brand

Examples given by Google+ of pages that would fit under Product or Brand include apparel, cars, electronics and financial services.

Google+ Pages - Product and Brand Options

Add your Product or Brand info and choose the most applicable category.

Here, you would enter your page name and website, and choose an applicable category which includes anything from Aerospace and Defense to a Website, or you can simply choose Brand, Other, Product or Service.

#3: Company, Institution or Organization

The next category, Company, Institution or Organization includes pages for companies, institutions, organizations and non-profits or similar entities. Here you also enter your page name and website, and choose an applicable category with the same options as a Product or Brand page, or you can simply choose Company, Institution, Organization or Other.

#4: Arts, Entertainment or Sports

Pages for movies, TV, music, books, sports and shows are considered a good fit for the Arts, Entertainment or Sports section. Again, you will enter your page name and website, and choose an applicable category—this time with options ranging from Album to Website, or you can simply choose Entertainment, Other or Sports.

#5: Other

If you don’t feel your page fits in any of the above-mentioned categories, you can simply select Other, where you can enter your page name and website without any additional narrowing of category selection.

For pages in any category, you must also choose whether your page’s content is suitable for any Google+ user, users 18 or older, users 21 or older or specifically note that the content will be alcohol-related. Then you will tick boxes to opt-in to updates for Google+ pages and agree to terms and conditions to continue.

Google+ Pages - Content Settings

Determine the appropriate age group for your page to be visible to based on content.

Be sure to actually check out the Google+ Additional Terms of Service to see their notes on Authority, Access, Content, Data, Contests and Suspension & Termination.

Customize Your Page’s Public Profile

Once you’ve selected your page’s category, you can start customizing your page’s public profile.

#1: Add Your Profile Photo and Tagline

First, you will be asked to add your tagline (the 10 words that best describe your page) and your page’s profile photo.

Google+ Pages - Tagline and Profile Photo

Add your Google+ page’s tagline and profile photo.

After you have added these items and clicked on Continue, you will be asked to spread the word about your new page through your personal Google+ profile. If you’re not ready yet (which you probably aren’t, since you haven’t completed your profile), click on Finish to be taken to your new page.

#2: Editing Your Page Information

Once you’ve perused your page’s welcome screen, you will want to edit your page’s information. Go to your page’s profile by clicking on the Profile icon at the top, left of the Search Google+ box. Then go to your About tab and Edit Profile.

Google+ Pages - About Your Page Information

Edit information for your profile’s About section.

Here you will be able to click on everything from your page name to your links to enter relevant information about your page within Introduction, Hours (for local businesses or places), Website and Contact Info (phone, email, Skype, etc.). Also be sure to enter additional links to your page in the Introduction section using the Link button and under Recommended Links to link to your other social profiles, blog, blog posts and so on. Keep in mind important keywords for your business – if you are a digital marketing agency, be sure to include digital marketing in your profile.

#3: Adding Your Photostrip

Last but not least when it comes to your Google+ page design is filling in your photostrip. These five photos will be displayed underneath your page’s name and tagline.

Google+ Pages - Adding a Photostrip

Add photos that best represent your page in your photostrip beneath your page name and tagline.

It’s similar to the five photos you can have on your Facebook page. While editing your profile, click on the photo area where it says “add photos here” and upload a photo in each of the five photo spots. You can use different photos that represent your business or creatively cut one photo into five pieces and spread it across the area.

Congratulations! Your Google+ Page Is Ready.

Once your profile is ready, you can start posting to your profile by adding status updates, links, photos and videos just like you do on your personal Google+ profile. I would suggest writing a post or two before you use the “Spread the word” option in your right sidebar to announce your page to your personal profile connections.

Following and Engaging With Your Fans

So what’s the difference between a Google+ page and a Facebook page? The big one I’ve noticed so far is the fact that you can follow your page’s fans back and add them to Circles.

To find out who has added your page to their Circle, you can check your Notifications under Stream in the left sidebar. You can also look under your Circles > People who’ve added you area by clicking on the Circles icon.

Google+ Pages - Adding Fans to Circles

Follow your Google+ page’s fans by moving them into Circles.

In this screen, you can drag your fans into one or more of the four default circles.

  • Team Members—The people you will share the inside scoop with. This could be a great way to share company news with only the people you want to see it.
  • VIPs—Your most loyal customers and closest partners.
  • Customers—All the people or organizations you want to build deeper relationships with. You could possibly use this Circle to send out special discounts and promotions!
  • Following—People you don’t know personally but whose posts you find interesting.

Just as you can with your personal profile, you can also create new Circles.

There are a lot of ways you can successfully use your custom Circles for marketing and messaging, such as creating Circles of fans in a specific location and sharing updates with them about geo-specific offers.

Universities can create Circles for professors, alumni, undergraduate, graduate and prospective students and then share updates with them about news related to their current status with the university. The possibilities are endless.

This also means you can follow your fans’ updates, comment on your fans’ status messages, and +1 their updates as your page. The functionality for a Facebook fan page to interact with a personal profile on Facebook isn’t there, but it is in Google+. Your fans will even see your interaction with their updates in their notifications!

Google+ Pages - Personal Profile Notfications

Google+ users will see your page’s interactions with their profiles in their notifications.

This, in my opinion, is going to be a very powerful way for businesses or brands to communicate with their audiences.

For example, if there is a complaint, the Google+ page can reply publicly on their page, and then privately to the Google+ user by sending a status update directly to them. With Facebook pages, the page can only reply on the wall update but not directly communicate with the Facebook user.

Connecting Your Google+ Page to Your Website

You can connect your website to your Google+ page using the Google+ badge configuration tool. Currently only the icons are available, but official badges are coming soon.

Google+ Pages - Direct Connect

Connecting your Google+ page to your website.

Regardless of whether you want to add a badge to your website, you will want to connect your Google+ page to your website simply for the search benefits.

Google+ Direct Connect will allow visitors to find your Google+ page and add it to their Circles, directly from Google search results. To do this, simply add the following code between the <head> </head> tags on your website.

<link href="{plusPageUrl}" rel="publisher" />

Replace {plusPageUrl} with your Google+ page URL. Then visitors will be able to add your Google+ page to Circles simply through their search results.

7 Google+ Page Examples

If you’re in need of some creative inspiration, here are a few established Google+ pages for social media enthusiasts.

#1: Social Media Examiner

Google+ Pages - Social Media Examiner

Social Media Examiner’s page gains instant popularity on Google+.

A list of great Google+ pages would be incomplete without Social Media Examiner!

#2: Social Media Explorer

Google+ Pages - Social Media Explorer

Social Media Explorer’s Google+ page uses photostrip images to convey education.

Social Media Explorer‘s page marries its tagline of education and information perfectly with its photostrip images.

#3: Mashable

Google+ Pages - Mashable

Mashable was one of the first brands to put its presence on Google+.

Mashable appeared, then shortly disappeared in the early days of Google+, but has once again emerged.

#4: Search Engine Land

Google+ Pages - Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land breaks the latest news about Google+.

Although its focus may be search marketing, Search Engine Land also offers extensive social media coverage, especially when Google+ is concerned.

#5: HootSuite

Google+ Pages - HootSuite

HootSuite uses its Google+ photostrip to represent a worldwide user base.

HootSuite displays its diversity through a variety of expressive icons in the photostrip.

#6: Google+

Google+ Pages - Google+

Google+ positions its page as an authority for its own network.

Another page that is a must-have for any list of Google+ pages is that of Google+ itself.

#7: Twitter

Google+ Pages - Twitter

Twitter is just starting up its presence on Google+.

Although it isn’t active yet, Twitter is on the ball by creating a brand page on Google+.

What Are Your Thoughts on Google+ Pages?

Have you begun experimenting with Google+ pages for your website, brand or business? Please let us know your experience so far, additional tips you would like to share with those getting started and the best Google+ pages you’ve seen thus far!

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  • Ouverture d’esprit sur les comptes affaires de Google +

  • What if you have a Google
    place page verified already– any tips on what to to do in that case?
    Would seem odd to maintain a G+ and place page– two Google services.

  • Merci Yves. Yes, it’s great to see Google+ moving ahead with business pages.

  • Hi Kristi, thanks for the article! One of the issues I’ve found is the fact that you do have to set up a personal Google+ profile prior to setting up your page. I had already set up my personal profile. Now that I’ve set up my Google+ Page using my Google Apps credentials, I have two personal profiles. I don’t want to use the new personal profile because I’ve already built a following there, and I do like to maintain a profile outside of my business!  It’s quite a conundrum! Any thoughts?

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  • Nice overview, just a sidenote about when you setup your google+ profile, it looks like we might be able to take it a step further by to include authorship so that your author bio and photo show up in the google search results.

  • Hi Dennis!  The Google+ page would be like a Facebook fan page – you could post updates to it, build a following / fan base, and interact with those fans both on your own Google+ page and their personal profiles.  The Google Place Page is more of a static page, minus the reviews.  

  • The functionality between the Google+ personal profile and pages is only different in the fact that you can’t follow someone before they follow you with the pages, and that’s how some people build their following – by following others first.  I think the pages also have a different way to connect to your website.  For myself, I use my personal profile much more than the page I created, and the page is strictly for blog fans who aren’t interested in anything else.  I have most of my audience on the personal profile, so I’ll probably continue to use that as my home base.  🙂

  • Thanks for sharing that article Scott.  I’ve been having some issues getting that implemented for my own blog, but I noticed the steps are different now.  Will try it again with that form!

  • Ok so you created your page from the existing personal profile. When I created our company page, it required an additional personal profile using my company email address in Google apps. So now it looks like I have two “Stephanie Sammons” personal profiles out there and I have people following me in both places. It’s just a little confusing for the audience but I do plan to maintain the original personal profile that I set up first!

  • Hi Kristi, very nice How-to for G+!

    Question for Kristi or anyone who might know, is there a way to add administrators to a page? Is it a future implementation? I can’t seem to find it.

    Thanks in advance!

  • so far so good I do wish however that they would come up with a way to merge your following you have built from your regular Google plus profile to your fan page. 

  • Udhayakumar Pasupathi

    Hi Drew, multi-admin support, ownership transfer and page analytics are some of the future implementations as is being confirmed here by Google+ team,

  • This is an excellent and very timely article, congratulations.  I have tweeted it to my 60K Twitter followers, Facebook, Google + and LinkedIn.  I hope you continue to write articles on this and other areas of wide interest as you do fine work.

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  • Thanks Kristi – 

    Being on Google + is important. I think your best bet is to show you are an early adopter. You can try to do something really interesting and creative with your page to stand out. What if you become among the 10 best business pages on Google+? Being early to the game can help with publicity. 

    Erica C

  • I was waiting to find out that question myself.  Looks like Udhayakumar has it though.  🙂

  • Thanks for sharing that Udhayakumar!  

  • Facebook made a system that allowed you to turn your personal profile into a fan page.  Maybe Google+ will do something similar once they get out of Beta or get some requests for that option.  🙂

  • Thanks Michael!  I really appreciate the share too – definitely encourages me to write some more articles!

  • Definitely!  These pages are listed here simply because they were out there – I tried several brands to do some brand examples, but most of the brands I love are not on Google+ just yet.

  • Oh, I didn’t run into that.  Not sure why though…

  • You’re welcome, Kristi.  Since leaving the first comment I have reviewed your other articles here and I am duly impressed.  You are definitely worth the time to read and you are performing an important service to many.  Thank you for all of us.  Michael.

  • Can you customize your URL yet?

  • Tagitsdance

    Yet again another comprehencive guide from you,
    thanks guys, I learen alot from you!

  • thanks for the read.  excellent stuff.

    though i dont know if this will make G+ anymore appealing.

    apart from the initial buzz at the start, most of my friends and business owners have had a dabble in the beginning and now may log on to their account not even once a week.

    do people feel this is worth it?  i mean, ANOTHER social media platform?

    i have my doubts.


  • deb1221

    Hi Kristi,
    As usual, an excellent and informative post! Really nice too to see the examples of pages.  See ya round the various ‘spheres and circles out there.

  • Greg Zirkle

    What is your recommendation for a business with multiple locations (like a medium-sized bank) — set up a Company page, or a separate Local Business page for each location?

    Thanks for the great info, as always!


  • Thanks Udhayakumar! Wasn’t sure if I overlooked it in the settings or if it wasn’t there yet. Much appreciate the link. : )

  • Yeap, great folks in this community!

  • Chanda Leary

    Can you request that your page be Verified? Looking to get verification for our brand pages on Google+. Thanks!

  • Veronica S.

    Has anyone asked about the possibility of customizing the urls for Google+ pages.  Is that function offered yet or not?

  • Ana Nieto

    Great post, Kristi. From a business or SME point of view (not a freelance perspective) what would you recommend engagement through personal profile o pages?

  • Thanks for the look.
    another place for pics so far.

  • Udhayakumar Pasupathi

    Not yet. Though there are some apps to create customized URL’s, it is advisable to wait till Google+ themselves come out with a way for doing it.

  • Udhayakumar Pasupathi

    Not offered yet!!!

  • Hi There Kristi and Forum Members!

    My question is will Google+ allow “unlimited” Business Pageslike Facebook??

    Looking Forward to your answers…..  : )
    Dhyan Khlasa

  • Hey Dexter,
    I think the google+ has a few features that wil be very handy fro business, like the ability to target your posts to specific groups of people with the circles feature, and hangouts which are great for customer service and market research.
    But for me the clincher is this : “(putting a google plus badge on your website) provides Google with information that we can use to help
    determine the relevancy of your site to a user query on Google Search.”  To me is a pretty strong hint that it will help with your sites rankings.

  • I love the photo strip though; something you can jazz up.  I wonder if the platform has a feature where you can add welcome tabs like what you have on Facebook pages. 

  • annalaurabrown

    This is very helpful. I set up my Google Plus page last week but I still wasn’t really sure how to use it.

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  • Facebook made a system that allowed you to turn your personal profile into a fan page.  Maybe Google+ will do something similar once they get out of Beta or get some requests for that option.  🙂

  • great point.

    though how does that add in with the rest of a sites “regular” SEO?

    many of my clients do not use g+.  and many of their clients aren’t on it either.  is it worth making the (extra) effort to create content on their that could fall on deaf ears (blind eyes).

    im holding back a little.

  • Ok – so now we also have to create google+ business web page? Is that so? Facebook, twitter, g+, what’s next? I’m running out of space on my site… Help! Haha

  • The photostrip seems a bit confusing at times – it’s not like adding the last photo will be shown as the 5th picture in row.. Anyone else got the same problem?

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  • Thank so much for this article and all your articles. Always educational! I’m hoping you can help with something here… I created a Google+ page for my company but now I cant’ seem to edit it/manage it. I did not add the ‘about’ info, etc. I am logged into Google+ and created it as a page tied to my personal account, but it’s not showing up other than in my feed. Any ideas on how I can get in there and manage the page?

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  • Ana

    Too bad Puerto Rico does not appear on the country list.  I was not able to create a page for my Biz!!  🙁  Are there any other alternatives??

  • For the last few days I am trying to set up a Google + page for my business website. But I was failed to complete that task. But, by reading this post, I came to understand about how to set up a Google + page for my business website. Thank you so much for sharing this post.

  • I have been waiting for this option. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. My page has been setup but I am hoping to add more interactive items as Google allows.

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  • Kwanza Clay Bowe

    Thanks!  I will get on it right away. 

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  • Suzanne Franco Land

    Great tutorial … Thanks! Do you know if we can add more than one business page? I’m going to try one but would like to add others 😉

  • Hi Suzanne,

    my name is Dhyan Khalsa and I had asked the same question!!  : )I found the answer in a posting that Mari Smith put out on her FB Fan Page;an article from “searchengineland”.Here is the link to the article – I hope it helps….. trust it is cool with this forum that I post this link? – if not, I apologize in advance!)Sincerley,Dhyan Khalsa

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  • Just got our Google+ page yesterday. We are looking forward to experimenting, and implementing some of the suggestions found in this post. Thanks, and shalom.

  • I think it will be worth it for many reasons.  Google+ is already giving page owners the ability to interact more with their followers than Facebook pages, plus there is the potential SEO value of having your page / +1’s come up in search results!

  • Thanks Debbie!  🙂

  • There’s two ways to go about it, depending on how much time you can put into your social media.  One, you can create one main page for your business and then sort your following into regions (assuming they share their location).  Then you can send public updates that apply to customer in every location plus updates to people in specific regions about news that only applies to them.  Alternatively, you can create a local business page for each location, but then you will have to post general news items to each page in addition to switching from page to page to check your new followers and notifications.

  • According to Google, there isn’t a way to apply for verification.  I’m guessing it might have a little something to do with adding the official Google+ badge or direct connection code to your website though.

  • It’s not offered yet, but I’m sure that plenty of people have been asking for it since the personal profiles got started.  The closest you can do is use this app ( and share your link as

  • From a business point of view, I would think to go through pages as everything will be coming from your business / brand name and not a person’s name.  

  • I’ve got three pages so far – haven’t heard of a limit for them yet.  🙂

  • From what I can tell, they don’t have that kind of customization yet.  Haven’t heard on whether they will in the future though.

  • I’ve heard they already have requests to do that, but I haven’t heard if it is an option or not.

  • You can’t forget LinkedIn.  🙂  The goal is to be where your audience is – some of your audience might be more comfortable following their favorite business / brands on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google+, but not all of them.  Hence you might want a profile in each network so that you catch everyone!

  • Whenever I added my five photos at the same time while editing the profile, it added them in order.  If I uploaded four, then came back later and added a fifth, it assumed the fifth picture was newest and put it first.  That might be the issue.

  • There should be a little dropdown under your name when you go to your Google+ homepage that says 1 page – when you click on that, it should take you to your page unless you somehow accidentally created it under another login.  I was working with someone who had several different Google accounts and she created her page under the wrong personal account.

  • Hmm, that’s odd.  You might have to send in a request.  I feel like (especially when it comes to the categories) that they are adding things as they are requested.

  • I’ve got three pages under my personal account so far.  Haven’t heard of a limit yet!  🙂

  • Thanks for the suggested resource Dhyan. Not sure why, but the link didn’t come across correctly.  Here it is for everyone again.

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  • Too bad, but thanks for the info!  I guess, I’ll just observe for now 😉

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  • Martin Rollins

    I hae a list of customers on my g mail that I want to add directly to Google pages can i do that without adding to my Google+ account?

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  • Rudy Hassall

    I have a few tech questions. I have a personal Google+ page, then I created a page for my business. But, I am unable to post any updates after the initial page creation.

    You mention to “Go to your page’s profile by clicking on the Profile icon at the top,
    left of the Search Google+ box. Then go to your About tab and Edit
    Profile.” If I click on the Profile icon, it takes me to my personal page. If I am on my business page and click the About tab, I have no Edit Profile button as I do in the personal page.

    Unfortunately, I have tried this 2 times with the same end result and don’t see an option to delete the pages I created.

    If someone could shed some light on this for me, it would be greatly appreciated.

  • Thanks for this interesting article. I have been trying to share my circles from my personal profile to my page (my blog) but so far it isn’t working. The circle shows up in the Page stream with the option to Add circle, but it results in an error. Any idea if this is just me or a general issue?

  • Web design London

    Thank so much for this article and all your articles. Always educational! I’m hoping you can help with something here… I created a Google+ page for my company but now I cant’ seem to edit it/manage it.

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  • Chris

    Hi Rudy – I have the exact same problem and also can’t find an answer. Could you mail me if you discover how to fix it please?

  • Chris

    Thanks so much 🙂 you just helps me too

  • Chris

    Just found this above and it worked…

    “There should be a little dropdown under your name when you go to your Google+ homepage that says 1 page – when you click on that, it should take you to your page unless you somehow accidentally created it under another login.  I was working with someone who had several different Google accounts and she created her page under the wrong personal account”

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  • From what we can tell, once a Page is created, you can’t go back and change the category it’s in or any of that first information.

    It also seems that when you switch from your Profile to your Page, it doesn’t always “stick”–that is, if you enter the URL for another Plus Page and then go to circle that page, sometimes we get our Page’s circles as options to add it to and sometimes we see our Profile’s circles.

    Is anyone else seeing these issues?

  • It seems that google plus Pages & facebook pages are now big competitor & both are working on branding to attract users

  • GPixels

    So if I understand this right, to get a Google+ page for a business, you have to setup a personal profile page first? It appears this is correct as I log in google, it shows the personal profile until I click through to go to my business page. I really do not like that concept.

  • guest

    If you are just doing a personal page how do you get the Google+ button to show up under your profile Picture so people can Google+ you?  I’m so confused.

  • guest

    If you are just doing a personal page how do you get the Google+ button to show up under your profile Picture so people can Google+ you?  I’m so confused.

  • Have they now changed the interface for this?

    It doesn’t provide me with an area where I can select which category my business falls into?

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  • Stefania Stacci

    I have a Google+ Page. When I created it, i select “Company,Institution or Organizaton”. But it turn out to be more like a news page.

    I’d like to know if it is possible to change those settings to a “Arts, Entertainmente or Sports”. Or at least to know if there are differences, that people can notice, between pages of different categories.

    Hope to hear you all!

  • Carolyn Marshall

    My question is about adding people to circles. I just set up my business page tonight. I understand that people have to add you to their circles before you can add them back. This is a little confusing to me because if you are looking at it from the other person’s side, how can they add me unless I have added them? I really don’t know  how to explain this so it makes sense. Don’t the same “adding to circle” rules apply to everyone else as they do to  me? Thus, no one can add anyone because the other person would have to add them first, and it goes round and round in circles. Unless you have to have so many people in your circles before that rule doesn’t apply anymore. I really hope this makes sense.

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  • I have a Google+ profile. I add people to my ‘Following’ circle with the intention to be noticed and added to their circles. This is analogous to Twitter “follow, follow-back”.

    I have a Google+ page where I can only add someone to my circles if they added me first to their circles. Using “Spread the word”, I can specify to share my Google+ page with people in my circles such as my “Following” circle. Questions:

    1. Does this cause me to effectively spam the people in my ‘Following’ circle (many of whom do not have me in their circles)?
    2. Over time, as I get more people in my ‘Following’ circle and repeat my “Spread the word” on my Google+ page, will this re-spread to previously reached people?

    I would like to know how Google+ behaves – I want to avoid spamming people.

  • I finally understood why this won’t work – because i can’t add someone to my Page’s circles unless they have added the Page to their circles first. Unlike the personal profiles.

  • Nice work, thanks
    again for sharing such an informative ideas.

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  • Thank so much for this article and all your articles. Always educational! I’m hoping you can help with something here… I created a Google+ page for my company but now I cant’ seem to edit it/manage it. 

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  • I have been trying to share my circles from my personal profile to my page (my blog) but so far it isn’t working.

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  • I found your article through a link on Software Advice’s blog.  Your explanation has additional information and is a great follow-up!  I appreciate the screen prints.  Thank you! – AnneMarie

  • What a great guide! I didn’t know about Google Direct Connect. I’ll be adding this guide on my Google+ Business page.
    Andy 🙂

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  • Sales

    Thanks so much, all so clearly explained. I’ve just one problem with google + in as much as I only want a business page, and am concerned about having my name on public view, as anyone can then get my phone number, business address email etc. (via my website) dont know, but it just makes me a bit uncomfortable.
    Does my name have to show?

  • thanks kristi, it seems you have done excellent research on Google+ to create this very useful article. i am in a little awkward situation that i have my main Google plus profile account in different google account, is there any way to merge !

  • Great article! Thanks for walking me through the G+ interface.

    However, it looks like Twitter’s only official G+ presence is an account called “G+ Twitter.” The one you linked to has since added this disclaimer: “A ‘fan page,’ and is not attempting to represent Twitter officially.”

  • Swarm Kacher

    I feel the same way, it seems strange that the business account is not linked to its own name. Personally I don’t use any of the social networks (i have a peculiar mind set?, I just like privacy) but am trying it out for the business, though I don’t really know that its going to create much work (especially considering the time I’ve taken to get this far), The only hope is that it will help the main website with SEO

  • Sueplc

    I’ve got a personal page and a business page now. I keep trying to update the business profile and it just flips right to my personal profile. Help!

  • Thanks Kristi Hines, I appreciate you post and will following all steps to make ideal plus page. keep sharing more useful latest update relevant of plus page….Thanks  

  • Thanks for sharing ….. Your article really helped me out to set up my Google+ Page.  

  • Creative Web Design

    Thanks Debbie! 

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  • Great guide Kristi. I have been so neglectful with G+. Though I have had my personal profile for a while, I hadn’t set up any pages for my sites. This is a great guide for me. thank you.

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  • Thanks for this article. It helped me in creating my google plus page quickly. Thanks again

  • Excellent tutorial Kristi. A million thanks. I have a doubt. When I logged into my g+ plus page I see posts from others in the stream. How do I restrict that?

  • Great tutorial, thanks for this. I do have one question I’m hoping you might be able to help with. What about if you already have a Google+ Page for your business, and with this new Google+ Local, how can I make sure that the Google+ Local page re-directs to the Google+ Page? Any help would be appreciated, thank you!

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  • Erin

    I’ve briefly read through all the comments to see if anyone else asked this – but can anyone answer me how best to manage using Google+ as well as Facebook Pages, and whether people are just duplicating content on both sites? Offering something else on Google+ is something I’m happy to do, just will struggle to maintain with such a small team.

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  • Christopherminhk

    a very helpful article. I am about to become a Kindle and iBook author. Can I use Google plus to market my books? More importantly can I include a PayPal or similar facility so that people can order directly from me? And is it possible to use affiliate or CPA links?

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  • Ishy Bashir

    Hi, excellent post although I am having trouble entering a telephone number for the uk, any advice ?

    Thank you

  • Michelle

    We are struggling to get our Google Places listing verified because of the pin Google isn’t sending us. Do you have some advice on how to work around this in order to get our listing verified?

  • The only time I had a problem with the pin not coming from Google was when I used a street address that was linked to a PO Box because I have a home based business and didn’t want to give them my home address. I ended up having to give them the home address and just making it unlisted – then I received my pin in the number of days they usually specify.

  • Michelle

     Thanks Kristi. One last question, do you know why when we Google our business and click on the Google Local listing, it takes you through to the brands’ Google Plus page instead of the website? I’ve checked and it is only the case with our listing. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

  • What is the name of your business? I feel like I’ve noticed that before on some businesses over others..

  • Michelle

    The name of our business is: City Build it.

  • I see what you mean. I also notice it for a few other companies when you’re going through local search for builder materials. If I search build it Cape Town, I get a lot of companies that only go to their Google+ pages. I’m not sure if you’ve done this yet, but try linking your Google+ page to your website using the instructions here:

    Maybe that will help!

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  • Carl

    Hi great post… I to have similar problem with private account and business account .. I have a page for my business noticed when I look at my competitor page it says ‘follow’ and mine says ‘join circles’ is this a setting on the business page I need to adjust?

  • Ted Fred

    I don’t think you cant set this page up from scratch like this. Google will ask you to create a personal Google+ acct first. It will ask you for your first name and last name. From what I have tried, I cannot create a separate biz pages acct without a Google acct like you can with FB. FB pages can be unlicked (totally separate from one another). Am I missing something?

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  • Bryan Lee

    Well it seems like Google+ results are now getting shoved into regular Google search results, which certainly gives Google+ entries a lot of exposure. I also found which looks like a brand new site, but they now allow you to post a free full-color ad for your business. I also see a lot of ads for Manta around the web, not sure how good they are.

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  • Your set up instructions were the best I found – thank you! 🙂

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  • Christine Taylor

    Kristi? i wonder can you remove information that Google “helpfully” adds to your page We ahd a vry nasty troll attack on our Google maps page tht Google has just transfered to our new Google+ page

  • Great post! Easy to read and much easier to implement. I have already bookmarked your blog and I’m bookmarking this post for future reference.

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  • Christos Stamos

    Hi. I need to create a business page. What name should I use for my google profile info. My personal info?

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  • Dennis Sullivan

    Hi Kristi,
    I am having problems with Google+ and my photo showing up. Everything is perfect in the Google Testing Tool picture shows up. I am doing this for a client and when I am logged into my account I can see his photo but cannot when I log out of my account. Are you available to take a look at it for a fee?
    I did receive a note from Google saying that the profile page looked like a business page – they were right I did it wrong. I immediately change the primary page to a personal page nothing to do with business other than profession (Music and Law)..
    I think this could be why but I am pretty sure he wasn’t banned it was just a comment.

  • CMeyer

    Are you able to create a business page if you don’t have a business address? My business is still run out of another company’s office, but I am not able to use their address – I really want to get my page started but this as become an issue that I’m not sure I will be able to find a way around.

  • It is a niece one indeed. Thanks for the the simple steps by steps process to create a business page on Google plus. It is refreshing

  • Very detailed article and I guess no one will face difficulty after seeing this article.

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  • Sona Shah

    How can I make my Google+ page my default page instead of my google+ profile page

  • saunders

    Wondering if you can help me. If there is already a page up on google+ that you want to manage, how do you do that? There is a place that asks “is this your business – “Want to Manage” – then it sends me to goolemail. Does that mean it needs me to set up an email. How do I think connect the email to that page?

  • tom

    Great article. Thanks for sharing this info with us.

    One question: even though my business page is under my personal account, when I receive an email from a new contact and want to add them to a circle on my business page, I only have an option from withing gmail to add the contact to a circle on my personal page, not my business page. Any suggestions on how to configure gmail or my account to be better connected to a page under my profile?

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  • Evelyn Palmacci

    Great post! I am trying to set my Biz Google+ and I get this message: We are sorry, but you do not have access to this service. Please contact your domain administrator for access. -Any idea why or what should I do?

  • gg

    “when setting up google business page i somehow set up 3 pages.” My colleagues and I just need a few more details about your situation and we will get to work.

  • gg

    “when setting up google business page i somehow set up 3 pages for the same business. only one is verified can I delete the other too that are not verified without disturbing the one that is verified

  • Great Article

  • Great Article…!!!

  • Very helpful. I am attempting to add another location. I have a webmaster that does it. I think I will let him do it.

  • I think GOOGLE is the greatest mystery we go trough. She is more tempting than a tinge girl, even she knows more art than that of Cleopatra.