social media toolsBy now, you have all probably heard about the Google+ project, Google’s next attempt at making their network more social. Its goal is to make sharing online more like sharing in real life.

If you haven’t gotten your invite just yet, you can learn more about Google+ in the following quick-look video, and by visiting the Google+ project overview, searchable details and discussion pages.

You can also take a demo tour so you can get a feel for what to expect once you are able to join the project.

Limited Field Trial Invites

If you’re one of the lucky ones, you received an invite for Google+ during their limited field trial. While the invite messages ranged from a sneak preview of what will be inside to your friend is hanging out, the commonality is the brick-red Learn more about Google+ button.

Here is an example email invite to Google+.

Whenever you click on the button, you’re taken to the invite screen for Google+. If you have a Gmail address, all you have to do is update your public profile to begin.

Join Google+ when someone sends you an invite.

Two things to note when joining. During the limited field trial, there is the following disclosure:

“Things may not always work as intended. By using this product in Field Trial stage, you’re responsible for protecting yourself and your data from any risks, including data loss or disclosure. By signing up, you also agree that we may contact you to ask for feedback about the product.”

There is also a checkbox that says “Google may use my information to personalize content and ads on non-Google websites.” When you click on the question mark for more information, it takes you to the privacy notice about +1 on non-Google sites which lets you know that when you enable +1, you will be able to see recommendations by your friends in Google+ and they will see your recommendations based on the +1’s you have clicked. +1’s will show up on your Google public profile which you should fill out if you are planning to start interacting more on Google networks.

Once you’ve read the Google+ privacy policy, click on the Join button to get started!

Inside Google+

The first question you are greeted with is a popup on whether you want to link your Picasa Web Album (Google’s version of Flickr) to your Google+ account to share your photos and videos with others. If you have albums already, the privacy settings for them will remain the same. Since I do photography, I went ahead and connected mine. It’s also a bit confusing as your only other option is Don’t Join Google+.

The Welcome Screen

Next, you will be greeted by the Welcome screen.

Google+ greets you on your first visit with popular options.

Creating Your Profile

The first thing you will want to do is click on your name in the black bar across the top of the screen and view your profile.

Edit your Google+ profile so connections can learn more about you.

Here you will be able to edit your Google+ profile information, including adding a tagline, employment information, education and photo scrapbook. You can also set the privacy on each one of these to anyone on the web, extended circles (friends of friends), your circles or only you.

When you click on Continue to my profile, you will see your full profile which will pull your Google+ updates on the Posts tab.

View your complete Google+ profile and make edits where necessary.

Your About tab pulls information from your main Google profile; you can also edit that here by clicking on Edit Profile and then clicking on the section you want to edit. Under Photos and Videos, you will see anything you allowed to be imported from Picasa. Next are your +1’s and Buzz updates.

Adding Connections

Next, you will want to start adding people as connections. Click the Show all > link in the right sidebar under Suggestions to see the friends you have already on Google+. It may be limited during the trial, so don’t be surprised if you don’t have many.

Add friends from your Google connections and see who has added you to their circles.

From here, you can find people based on who you connect with on Google—people you have emailed in Gmail who also have Google accounts, people you follow on Google Buzz and so forth—using the Find and Invite tab. You can also see who has already added you to their connections by using the People who’ve added you tab.

Want to know about a particular person? Just click on their box and then the link to their profile where you can see (based on their privacy preferences) their latest updates, people they have added to their circles, people who have added them to circles, and people you have in common between your circles.

Creating Circles

Circles are the way to organize your connections on Google+. Learn more about them in this short intro video.

The default circles you have are Friends, Family, Acquaintances and Following. You can drag people into circles individually or by highlighting multiple people at a time and dragging them all into one circle. You can also create a new circle by dropping a friend onto the Drop here to create a new circle or simply hover over that circle to create a new one before you start dragging your connections over.

Create new circles for different connections.

When you add your first person who has already added you to a circle, you will get a popup notification that you can now share with them and see what they are sharing with you. They will be notified that you added them, but not see the name of the circle you added them to.

You will also be notified that they will appear on your public profile. If you don’t want that to happen, you can click on the Change link which will take you to your Google profile with a highlighted box where you can change the visibility settings to show people in all circles or just selected ones, select whether anyone on the web or just people in your circles can see that information and select whether to show people who have added you to their circles.

For the people who are not on Google+ yet, adding them to a circle means that you will be able to send them updates via email. I have added people not on Google+ to circles in the hopes that when they do join, they will already be organized where I want them. I’m not sure how I feel about sending them updates because those people haven’t signed up and might not really want to be opted into updates, but regardless it is there for those who feel that someone would be interested in the updates.

Your Settings

Before you go too far into Google+, you might want to tweak some of your settings. To do this, click on the Options symbol all the way to the right in the black bar across the top of the screen.

Manage your Google+ settings, including notifications, geolocation and tags.

Here you can set what notifications you receive. After that, there are two important settings you will want to note.

Photos and Geolocation Information—If you don’t want a location tagged to your photos, you will want to uncheck this one. I haven’t seen any location tags on a photo yet, but I once uploaded a photo to a Twitter photo sharing service that tagged the photos on map view, so if you took a photo of your house, you would be giving the world directions.

People Whose Tags Are Automatically Approved to Link to Your Profile—A network where not everyone can tag you! If you keep your connections organized well, only people you want to tag you can, as you can set this to particular circles, extended circles, all of your own circles or public.

Your Notifications

When there is new activity for you on Google+ (someone shares a post with you, adds you to their circle, etc.) then a red number will appear next to your name in the black bar across the top of the screen.

See your latest Google+ notifications.

You can click on these individual items to see more details about them or go directly to posts that have been shared with you.

Your Stream

Once you have set up your profile, added people to your circles, and adjusted your settings, you can go back to your main page by clicking on the Home icon to see a stream of updates from your connections.

Read the latest updates from your Google+ connections.

You can see updates from all of your connections, or click on the circle names in the left sidebar to see updates from just people in those circles.

Also, for each individual update, you can click on the down arrow to the right of the update to link to the post and share it on your profile, report it as abuse, mute the post or block the person who sent it.

How +1 Ties Into Google+

You’ve seen the implementation of Google +1 on blogs, websites and in search results. Here’s where it comes into play within Google+. Just like you can Like posts on Facebook, you can +1 posts!

Give a +1 to your favorite posts in your stream.

You can also see the count of how many +1s the updates receive and who has given it the +1.

Sending Updates

To send an update, you click on the box right below your stream. You will have the option to send photo-, video-, link- or location-based updates.

Send updates to the public, all of your circles or only specific circles.

You can then select who will see this update among your different circles, all of your circles, extended circles or anyone on the web.

There is also an option to email your updates to people you’ve added to circles if they are not a part of Google+ yet.

Forward updates via email.

Again, I’m not sure how I feel about opting-in someone who isn’t even a part of the network yet, but it’s there.

Chat With Friends

In your left sidebar, you have an option to connect with people in Chat. It’s similar to the same chat feature in your Gmail, also known as Google Talk.

Google Talk is now inside Google+.

The indicators will show you if someone is online and if they are available for a text chat (the green dot) or a video chat (the green video camera). When you click on their name, a little chat window will pop up at the bottom right side of your screen so you can start chatting.

Start a text, video, phone or group chat.

From here, you can click on the video icon, phone for Google Voice chat or the + person icon to add more people to start a group text chat. And if you want to start blocking someone, just click on the Actions dropdown for that option.

You can set your Google+ chat to only show you as online to particular circles, or you can set your overall status to Available, Busy, or Invisible to everyone signed into chat.

Video Chat With Friends Using Hangouts

Since I’m not quite comfortable with video yet, I haven’t gotten into this one. But you can connect with people via video by clicking on the Start a Hangout button in the right sidebar of your home page. You can learn more about this feature in this quick video.

You will need to have a webcam and install the Google Voice and Google Video plugins to use this feature.

Feeds From Sparks

Sparks is a feature within Google+ that allows you to get a feed from a variety of websites on any topics you choose.

Simply search for the things you are interested in to bring up a feed for that interest.

Check out the latest news in your industry with Google+ Sparks.

When you click the Add interest button at the top of a search, it will save it for you in your left-hand sidebar under your streams for easy access. It’s a great way to catch up on news on your favorite topics or within your industry. It also gives you some quick content to share with your circles!

Mobile Access

Last but not least, you can access Google+ on your mobile device. Currently the only app is for Android, with iPhone coming soon. But you can access in your browser on Android, iPhone, iPad and Blackberry with the specified OS systems.

Your Thoughts on Google+

What do you think? This article contains everything I know about Google+ thus far. Have you joined? What has been your experience so far? Do you think you will use this more or less than other social networking platforms? Please share your thoughts in the comments!

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  • Great advice. I’ve been hearing a lot about Google+ and this is great advice for using it.  I’m waiting for my invitation.  I’m excited.

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  • A long awaited launch, and I think they have done it right this time. We just have to keep an eye on adoption rate. I read Jay Baer’s post this morning, and he is taking a bullish position as well.

  • I like Google+ so far.  Fortunately happened to be one of the “lucky” ones to get an invite.  This tutorial is extremely detailed – I love it!  Thanks for sharing it.

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    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

  • I’m waiting for more of my friends to get invites. I think it is a great platform and the sharing through circles is something that I wish Facebook had for some time now. I look forward to seeing the plus for business pages that are coming as well.

  • Kristi, very helpful and detailed review. Thank you very much!

  • Adam Weart

    I think the same problem that Google Buzz had will permeate through this social network, not enough of your friends will join to make it work. Facebook already owns the “friend” social network. People already have all their photos, videos, content, etc. on FB and won’t take the time to transfer everything… My 2 pennies.

  • Rebecca

    Re: Hangouts – This is the feature my friends and I have enjoyed using the most, because it lets a large group of us chat while we’re in many different parts of the country. I didn’t have to install Google Voice or Google Video, though, and I don’t remember installing them before I got Google+ on my computer, so maybe it’s possible to use Hangout without those? 

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  • Hey Angela – I have only been on Google+ for maybe 20 minutes so far.  It is interesting and very familiar if you are into Facebook.


  • Good job, Kristi! Google+ does have lots of similarities to Facebook profiles; however it *functions* more like Twitter (or Facebook fan pages) where anyone can comment on any public content. 
    [Interesting that Mark Zuckerberg is the #1 most followed person on Google+ so far! And that Facebook just banned the Facebook friend importer Chrome extension!!]

    Also, I enjoyed this post by Robert Scoble about noise control (much needed!) and he links to Yishan Wong’s perspective on Google+ privacy: now, my guess is that the G+ novelty (“new car smell” as Scoble calls it) will quickly wear off for many folks. Then, it’ll just be a matter of personal preference whether someone spends more time on Facebook vs. Twitter vs. LinkedIn vs. Google+ (vs. whatever). Each social network offers something unique and different… but they all take time to use. At the end of the day, IMHO, it’s all about building mutually beneficial relationships and that takes time regardless of the network du jour. 😉

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  • A point of clarity – even if one doesn’t yet have an invite to Google+you can still set up your Google Profile so that it is ready to go when you do obtain access.

    This can be done outside of Google+ by just searching for Google Profile.  Once one gains access to +, the Google Profile seamlessly morphs into a + Profile by becoming the “about” info on the + Profile.

  •  Great comments Mari!  I had kept the window open to check out the new Chrome extension on my free time, thinking that I had way too many friends on my Facebook page to bring into my main Gmail account and needed time to create a new one for this.  And before I realized it, the new extension was banned!  LOL

    The question of privacy is very interesting. I network with people with such different points of view and reactions on privacy. We’re all so different!!!  And as you say, it’ll really come down to finding our favorite place to hang out.  

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  • Agree with all you’ve mentioned Mari, but the really exciting thing about Google+ is (not yet available, but surely coming) the ability to search all of the social data that is being shared – to tap into the social recommendations of friends.  

    Given that, Google+ seems to offer the best of all worlds.  

    It’s going to be fun watching it unfold. 

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    limited time and the idea of learning yet another social media platform
    seems overwhelming for an old person like me.  (Let’s just say I’m over
    30).  That said, one cannot minimize Google’s impact in the online
    world.  This seems to have some very interesting features.

    The marketing strategy of being “invited” to try it give this some exclusivity and is frankly brilliant. I’ll take an invite if someone has one:  jeff(at)allamericanmarketing(dot)com

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  • I’m loving Google+ so far. I think Google has finally hit the nail pretty darn close with their latest attempt at producing a social product. 

    I recently wrote a post about Google+ tips for new beginners. Check it out here:

  • Great work putting such a detailed overview together Kristi! I agree with Mari’s comment above in terms of the time investment – it boils down to where you feel most comfortable and which platform addresses your most important needs.

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  • Thanks Mari.  It is interesting how anyone can come by and comment on public posts, but it’s almost like giving a fan page / Twitter the option to have posts that are private to certain groups of people and public which is kind of nice. It means people like me can have one account and share things with multiple interest groups with just the connections who are into the same things instead of having a Twitter for one interest and then another. 🙂

  • I think that’s the plan with the +1 button is to eventually show you what you’re friends have recommended right in search results.  I’m sure they’ll tie this in with the Google+ network as well once they get all of the initial kinks worked out of the system.

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  • I haven’t heard of anyone getting disqualified… I think there are some features that require you to have Google Voice.  Are the invites being sent to your Gmail address or to another one – the email they send it to has to be connected to your Google Account, regardless what it is.

  • Jewelfry

    Is there any chance of you sending me an invite?

  • You’re welcome Jason!  

  • Hi Belkacem.  I think you can just use Google Translate on this post if you want it to use personally, but as far as additional distribution, you would need to ask Social Media Examiner.  

  • I like it!

    I really appreciate the control you are given when sharing updates to your wall. You can pick the circles you want to share it with that way you aren’t spamming your acquaintances or followers with pictures of your kid that they could give a crap less about.
    Gets 2 thumbs up from this nerd!

    Would also be willing to invite folks.

  • I usually feel the same way when it comes to new social networks – I’m not a fan of taking the time to learn about it if it might not make it in the long run.  In this case, I received invites from people I trust  which makes it one I knew was worth devoting the time to getting to know.

  • The main things for me is that there are no applications (Farmville, Who’s Cuter, etc.), people can’t post things to my profile, and I’m forced to organize my contacts from the get-go which will make the network a lot easier.  Plus I can send up dates to people in particular circles instead of everyone, so people interested in just my photography don’t have to get everything else.  Those are the things I like so far.  🙂

  • Thanks Leo!  The circles are a bit confusing when you start, but once you’re used to them, they are a huge benefit in the way you read your updates and interact with others!

  • Good point Jeff!  If you’re signed into Google, you can just go to to see yours and get started updating it!

  • Nice tip… thanks Mike!  

  • Happy to see you included a pic of my puppy here. 😀

  • Very interesting indeed!  Buzz didn’t hold my interest for that long, and Google+ had me hooked to the point I was checking out the Android app throughout my weekend vacation, so I thought that was a good sign to start with.  🙂

  • You’re welcome Meredith!

  • It asked me to install those when I went to check that section out, so I figured it was a required thing.  Maybe you installed it previously or your computer came with it for some reason?

  • I had that issue with Buzz, but a lot of people I know joined this one.  I think the difference is getting those emails that let you know someone is inviting you and adding you to their list of connections vs. just having to jump in and not knowing who’s already there. 

  • You’re welcome Elena!  

  • Right now it’s personal, but I’ve read a few sources that said they are planning to have business pages in the future.  

  • I’m kind of enjoying it as just a personal interaction platform… it will be interested to see how business pages come into play.

  • Thepetdepot

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  • I’m actually enjoying it so far… the lack of noise compared to Facebook and Twitter is one of the perks in my book!

  • Thanks Ivan!  Glad you liked it.  🙂

  • I’ll have to go check that post out… seems like people are adapting to it a lot better.  Maybe one of the issues with Buzz was that people could just connect it to their other social accounts and never actually be there whereas this network requires you to really update it directly on their platform vs. autofeed it from elsewhere.

  • You’re welcome Debbie!  🙂

  • I’m sure you’ll get yours soon!  🙂

  • Yeah, it was cool when I got in and discovered I didn’t even have to complete another profile! 

  • Great writeup, Kristi, so here are some additions for you and other readers:

    1. If you choose to view +1 notifications on other sites, then your search results will be skewed to what your friends like and what businesses think you should like and not what you necessarily want to see. I have it set to the OFF position.

    2. All users by default are emailed every notification. But you can turn these off and opt to view all notifications on the interface itself, as I have done and show in this video:

    3. The video hangout is reminiscent of CU-SeeMe. You are not required to have a webcam or mike attached, as there is also a textual area. There is also a limit of 10 users who can be connected at the same time. You see everyone’s feeds at the bottom, and as each video screen has action or sound the main window changes focus. Some random people including me had fun a few nights ago wearing different hats, see (I’m third from the left) to get an idea what the appearance looks like.

    4. Android phones include two mobile-only apps (they may also be available for other phones, such as iPhone which is apparently in the works): Instant Upload and Huddle. The first will automatically upload any picture you take on your phone to a private area, and you can later manually share those pictures if you want. The second is a group messaging utility, so you can send a message to all of your circles or specific circles or friends and have a group mobile chat.

    5. I’d also suggest to not follow the same people on G+ as you follow elsewhere online. As Penelope Trunk once wrote at just because you can have the same voice everywhere doesn’t mean you should.

    Hope this helps.


  • Hey everyone and Kristi, thanks a lot for the great “sneak peek”. 
    It looks a lot like Facebook (ofcourse with some (semi)innovations like Hangouts) but I would definitely like to try it.
    For those who are well established on FB (with hundreds of friends, photos, etc… and with strong facebook pages) it will be difficult/impossible to move to G+. 
    But anyway, lots and lots of people will be curious to try it, I’m sure, and maybe it will get momentum and grow unexpectedly!

    So, if anyone would like to send an invite Romania’s way, I would very much appreciate it!
    My email: laurentiu.prodan at gmail


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  • Thanks for sharing your post Tony!  Google did do a good thing with this entry to the social media arena.

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  • Google haven’t had the greatest track record with social media (remember the privacy nightmare of Google Buzz anyone?), but I think they’ve finally created a great platform with Google +. I’m looking forward to seeing how they’ll integrate their other properties such as Picasa and YouTube and the further integration of Android.

  • Yes Kristi.
    I will try .

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  • Thanks Rich!  I think the time investment in Google+ is worth it for me as I have lots of connections already there and interacting.  Others will probably feel the same if their network starts to migrate.

  • I love the ability to share things with one group of people over another.  Glad you liked it!  

  • Who can resist a puppy!  🙂

  • Thanks for the video of the notifications. I didn’t find that at first, but as soon as I did, I had to include the screenshot in the post because the emails will start to drive you bananas.

    I actually think that following some people on G+ might be better than following them elsewhere.  G+ so far is one of the few networks you can’t automate, so if you want to skip someone’s Facebook filled with tweets or Twitter stream filled with auto posts, then G+ is the way to go!

    Thanks for sharing your insights Ari!  🙂

  • It’s only difficult if you are trying to move all of your Facebook following over there.  I think it could be a nice fresh start for those who have over-cluttered their Facebook and want a clean slate. That’s how I’m treating mine at least.

  • Thanks Jason!  I’m all out, but hopefully others will see the request!

  • You’re welcome Francina, and good luck with the invites – I think I’m fresh out!  🙂

  • It should Sara, although I’ve heard people saying they sometimes can’t get in.  It might be a bit glitchy.

  • Thanks Neil!

  • Thanks Leslie.  Yes, the circles are a great thing!

  • They’ve been working on it.  I don’t think any social network is great on privacy though, especially if you start reading the fine print of what networks think they have the rights to.

  • JT

    If anyone has a spare invitation, please do send one through –

  • LOL – Good point about Farmville! G+ seems to be somewhere between FB and LI in some ways. Getting organized with contacts at the start is really nice too.

  • Lisa R deGuzman

    A big thank you to all for the information, the sharing, and the willingness to share. A special thank you to Kristi for shining some light on the potential of Google+. “Cool” just doesn’t do it justice.

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  • Great share Kristi and still looking for some invite so that i can get started.
     If +1 works, it will not only improve search
    quality, but also make ads more engaging. This may potentially improve
    Google’s ads, and eventually may turn into a core social product that can
    expand in new directions.We have to wait and watch!!!!!!!!!!



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  • Thanks for the great advice, Kristi. I can’t wait to try it myself. It’s been a week since it was introduced, but still everyone is clueless when it will be online and open for all. I need some breath of fresh social media air, LOL.

    Well, I keep my fingers crossed that Google will allow everyone to sign up for an account the soonest possible! Come on Google, everyone is craving for an invite!

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  • It will definitely be interesting to see how +1 and Google+ pan out in a few months with search!

  • Thanks Tamal!  🙂

  • I think they want to work out the little bugs before letting everyone in on it.  They’re not significant bugs, but enough to irritate the masses.  🙂

  • If you’re already on, you can add friends that aren’t on yet to a circle and send them a post via email – that usually does the trick!

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    I greatly appreciate if someone invite me : navinderan@@gmail:disqus

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  • Thanks Mark!  Yes, it’s so far, so good!  🙂

  • I don’t think it’s ever too late for someone to try to improve upon systems that others are unhappy with because, let’s face it, there’s plenty of people who will like the chance to start their networks over again on a less noisy platform. 

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    – Early 2000: 
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    I also have to say that I blog on another gmail account and was an early adopter of using the +1 system and because of that I have been greatly rewarded in search engine rankings. With No back linking and all. If anybody has a blog that they would like to promote or a business, before this becomes “mainstream” I would get anybody including your dog to pull up the site in google and +1 it.. it’s like halloween from google. No joke.

  • Curious if it is just me or is it not allowing to add a custom URL. I went to Google profile and the vanity URL check box is gone…hmnnnn

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  • Now I understand, Kristi.  I’m reading your replies on some of the comments here and it seems that you are having a great, great time on G+ huh?

  • I am… very clutter free network thus far.  Also is making me look at how I organize my other networks, ie. Facebook Friend Lists, Twitter Lists, etc.

  • Ohh, that made me more eager to try it. I hope to get the invite from G+ soon…

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  • Great post!  Very informative.  Thanks for taking the time to write such an in depth article.

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  • I’ve been using Google+ for about three hours. So far, so good. My favorite part is the integration with a search engine and email/public profile already in use. It feels much more broad. As far as ease of use, there are definitely kinks but it is, for the most part, very intuitive and logical.
    I have two invites I can spare, if they would help anyone. Just reply to this post with your email.
    Thanks for another great article!

    Lacey, Social Media Manager for C.A Advertising Solutions

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  • G+ says that in the beginning they open up their service in test mode, consequently they would like to control the flow of subscribers to ensure to stability of services during the first phase.. I guess 🙂

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    Google+ Android App: Can only be used with Gmail-account?

    Hi Kristi, I use google+ with a private mail, that is connected with a google-account, but is NOT connected with a Gmail-account (seems that I am the only one who does it this way).

    It seems now, that the android-app is working ONLY with a Gmail-account (uses Gmail to login instead of google+).

    Did you hear about that phenomen allready? 

    Actually there are only nerds on google+ who use gmail-accounts anyway. But if google+ opens to the mainstream: Do they want to force all of them to switch to gmail? I’m not sure if this is a good strategy, I think it will annoy many people, or won’t people care about that?

  • awesome
    invite me email

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  • Hey, Kristi, terrific post.  As always, you make it all so user-friendly, clear and logical.  Wish my mind worked like yours.  So, I’d love to try it out: Would someone invite me?  Please?  Pretty please?

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    Thanks You!

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  • Excellent, excellent post about Google+. You have answered every question I have been seeking.

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge,


  • Great post Kristi
    I like you really like the option of having posts that are not public and can be kept to a group. 

    Vanda-Lynn Hughes

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    If you want a custom google+ url you can use the site to create a url like, which is easier to share than….

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  • Mtbxever

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  • Affan

    Can someone send me an invitation? I’m dying to use it!!

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  • Quite a nice introduction to what I believe is going to be big in Social Media-land! 😉

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    Did they discontinue the Sparks feature? I can’t find it anywhere, not even in the Help section.

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  • Njtedeschi

    Thank you for the thorough guide! I’m all signed up to Google+. I’m looking forward to seeing how I like using it compared to Facebook. I think it’s interesting how with the latest Facebook changes lists were added. It does half of what circles do by letting you view certain people’s updates. You still cannot limit which friend see certain content. It will be interesting to see if Facebook goes in that direction. I’m also interested to see how much it catches on now that anyone can join without an invitation. Sparks looks like it will be a very useful tool on Google+.

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    I’m sure thousands would like to get their hands on! It looks like you
    opened up a can of worms here – so can I please get an invite as well?

  • Very intersting post. thank you very much for the info. Very enriching site.
    Thank you,

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    Seems Google+ just released the “Share album via link” feature making it a complete photo manager service as well –

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  • Just launched the Google Plus Pages.The good thing is, it has its own  auto fix and logo edit features,and I bet Facebook don’t have this feature yet.

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  • Just joined and would love to hear from all of you.

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  • Stitches

    Can I go back to just plain Google, I don’t like all the social circles and everything on Google Connect.

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    Dr. Telemi is a trust worthy spell caster and he will
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    years of marriage my husband left me because I lost my womb, and i was
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