social media how toHave you ever wondered how some Facebook pages show specific content or offers only to fans? If so, look no further.

(Important Update: Facebook no longer supports FBML. Please refer to the articles on Facebook iFrame.) One of the most popular FBML tags is fb:visible-to-connection. A favorite of marketers, this FBML tag allows a Facebook page to show different content to fans and non-fans. When a non-fan clicks the Like button – viola! – the non-fan content disappears and the fans-only content replaces it. As a method of motivating a visitor to become a fan of your page, this can be very effective.

This FBML tag is often—and erroneously—referred to as a “hack”; however, it was created by Facebook to do exactly what it does: “to display the content inside the tag on a user’s or a Facebook page’s profile only if the viewer is a friend of that user or is a fan of that Facebook page.”

Examples of Brands Using Fans-only Content

There are many ways to motivate your visitors to Like your page. Here are a few examples from brands on Facebook:

Levi’s promises “Instant access to exclusive content.”
levis on facebook

1-800 Flowers offers a discount code for 20% off your next order.
1800flowers on facebook

Teesey Tees keeps it mysterious: “See what the deal is.”
teesey tees on facebook

DIGISTORE offers “Discount Codes, Unadvertised Specials, Free Monthly Giveaways.”
digistore on facebook

You get the picture. “We have great content here, BUT FIRST you gotta Like us!”

Of course, you should make sure that your “teaser” to non-fans is sufficiently compelling for them to Like your page. Many pages require a visitor to become a fan before displaying certain content, but they don’t convey the value of the content. Teesey Tees, above, comes very close to this.

Following are instructions on how to add fans-only content to your page.

Add the Static FBML Application to Your Page

First, you’ll need to add the Static FBML application to your page. Here is a tutorial.

NOTE: Static FBML can only be added to a Facebook page (i.e., Business Page, Company Page, Brand Page). It cannot be added to a personal profile.

What Is FBML?

FBML is Facebook’s own proprietary mark-up language that enables your tab content to interact with the Facebook API (“Application Programming Interface”). It is as easy to use as HTML.

Most FBML tags, including the ones I use in this article, have an opening tag and a closing tag. The content for each tag — HTML, CSS and/or more FBML — is placed between these opening and closing tags.

Creating Your Fans-only Content on Your Custom Tab

Once you’ve added the Static FBML application, the implementation of this FBML tag is pretty easy. The only part that is somewhat tricky is getting rid of the white space the fans-only content creates even though it’s not yet visible.

Facebook uses the “visibility:hidden” style to hide the fan content until the user Likes the page. However, this style rule still reserves the space for the content; it just doesn’t show the content. Consequently, the non-fan content is pushed down the page! However, this is easily solved with a bit of CSS “absolute positioning.” I incorporate this approach into the following examples.

The code for the FBML box:
<code>__abENT__lt;div id=__abENT__quot;wrapper__abENT__quot;__abENT__gt;
__abENT__lt;div id=__abENT__quot;non-fans__abENT__quot;__abENT__gt;NON-FANS CONTENT GOES HERE__abENT__lt;__abENT__#8260;div__abENT__gt;

As shown above, all the tab content will be contained in the “wrapper” DIV.

<div id=”wrapper”> opens this containing DIV. CSS styles are applied to the ID “wrapper” via the stylesheet.

All the fans-only and non-fan content is placed between the opening <fb:visible-to-connection> tag and closing </fb:visible-to-connection> tag. This content can be HTML, FBML and CSS.

The fans-only content comes first, followed by the non-fan content which immediately follows the opening <fb:else> FBML tag.

The non-fan content is contained within the <div id=”non-fans”> and </div> tags. CSS styles are applied to the ID “non-fans” via the stylesheet.

Immediately following the non-fan content is the closing </fb:else> tag, followed by the closing </fb:visible-to-connection> tag and, finally, the </div> tag to close the “wrapper” DIV.

Here is the Static FBML box with the above code, and the link to an external stylesheet:

facebook visible to connection

Here is the CSS for the external stylesheet (with example URL):
<code>#wrapper {
margin:0 auto; border:0; padding:0;
#non-fans {
position:absolute; top:0; left:0;

Your external stylesheet should have only the CSS style rules. Don’t include the <style></style> tags!

If you can’t use an external stylesheet

If you don’t have a server where you can upload a separate stylesheet, you can “inline” the styles inside the HTML tags. Although this isn’t ideal, it’s an option if you can’t create a separate stylesheet, host it on a server, and link to it with the <link> tag.

Here is the above example, with the styles for the <div> tags inlined (notice we don’t need the IDs if we use this approach):

example styles inlined

Testing and Troubleshooting

Testing and troubleshooting this particular FBML tag is a bit tricky, because when logged in as a user who is a page admin, you will see both fans-only and non-fan content when viewing the tab.

  • Create a user account for testing: The most efficient way to test is to create a Facebook account for testing only, or use a friend’s or colleague’s account. (Creating a new personal profile for testing may violate Facebook’s Terms of Service — See #4, Registration and Account Security — even if done with good intentions.) You can be logged in to Facebook as one user (the admin account) in one browser and logged in as the test account in a different browser (I use Firefox and Safari). Then you don’t have to keep logging in and out of Facebook as admin, then as tester, etc.
    When testing, you’ll need to toggle back and forth between Liking and Unliking a page. To Unlike a page, click on the Wall tab. Near the bottom of the left column of the Wall, you’ll see “Unlike”:
    Click that to Unlike the page, and you can click the Like button to re-Like the page. Repeat as necessary.
  • Use an external stylesheet, NOT inlined styles: Most browsers will correctly display your page if you have inlined the CSS with the <style> tag, but NOT Internet Explorer 8!
    Because millions of people use this particular browser, your CSS should be in its own file (with the extension “.css”) and be referenced from your FBML page, with the <link rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” href=”URL-TO-EXTERNAL-STYLESHEET” />. You’ll need to have this file hosted somewhere on the web where you can link to it.
  • Double-check all URLs: If any files (images, CSS, etc.) are not being displayed or accessed, be sure to test the URLs for these files directly in your browser, typing or pasting the URL in the address bar to make sure you can access the file directly.
    browser address bar
    If you can’t access the file directly, then your URL is incorrect.
  • Check for proper syntax: Make sure that URLs are surrounded by matching quotes (single or double is fine, but they must match) and that they are plain-text, straight-up-and-down quotes (not “fancy” or “curly” quotes).
  • Check your Tab on the Most Popular Browsers and on Mac AND Windows: You want to be sure your tab is displaying properly on the most popular browsers (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Chrome, at the very least) and on both Mac and Windows. What displays well in Firefox, Chrome and Safari may not (and often doesn’t) display well on Internet Explorer.

What About Facebook’s Announcement on Killing Off FBML?

On August 19, 2010, Namita Gupta announced the impending phase-out of FBML. However, I expect that support for Static FBML and the fb:visible-to-connection tag will be around indefinitely. Static FBML is Facebook’s own application and just several months ago they offered Static FBML custom tabs as a consolation prize to users who were distraught over the killing off of the Boxes tab. I expect it will be supported well into 2011 and perhaps beyond.

Read this detailed article on the future of Static FBML and FBML, which includes the opinions of a number of expert developers.

Have you tried fan-only content on your Facebook page? What has been your experience? Please leave your comments in the box below.

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  • Steve

    The Log Connection has a sign up ( ) tab that contains a special offer to fans that click “like”. After the click we reveal a 33% discount to our log home study plans and color plan books.
    In addition we use the discount page to request a name and email address to send a free monthly news letter. Implemented in Aug 2010 it’s a tick early to tell how successful the results will be over the long term but short tern the results look very positive for new sign ups and good for the sales.

  • Hey Steve! Glad to know it’s working for you

  • AngieVanDenzen

    Ahh Tim thanks so much! I’m not a CSS pro,and had always found this a bit confusing and am so thankful for your step-by-step guide. I will give it a try again & will report back!

    Angie VanDenzen
    Social Media Coordinator at Circus Communications

  • @Steve, that’s really, really cool! I love what you’ve done — and I “liked” your page to check it out. Bet you’ll get a lot of new fans as this article gets passed around via social media! I’d be interested to know the stats, too, with your comment the first one here.

    Thanks, Michael, for a great post. Looking forward to implementing this myself on our Facebook Page (, and adding the extra oomph Steve has.

    Michelle Quillin
    Social Media Manager for New England Multimedia

  • Thanks Angie! I’d love to know how it turns out for you.

  • That’s a great looking page, Steve, and a excellent example of how to use the Fans-only FBML feature. If I’d known about your Page when preparing the post, I would have used it as an example!

  • Phenomenal post, Tim!!! You are so generous with your knowledge and make it uber easy for peeps to understand. I’m delighted to see your smarts showcased here on Social Media Examiner!!! The Fan Only Content is such a nifty feature that not enough peeps know about! 🙂

  • I have an example of how this functions at – click the videos tab. There’s a video showing you how to create hidden content too! 😀

  • FYI – Teeseytees needs to resize their custom tabs to fit within Facebook’s new dimensions.

  • Great examples. I always wondered how developers got this work!

  • Thanks Mari! As you well know, sharing knowledge is gaining knowledge. Put it out and get it back. Cheers, and thanks again for everything you do.

  • Hi Tim, this is a somewhat related question I’m hoping you can help me with. I’m attempting to simulate the functionality of the “share with friends” link that facebook has but built into my landing page. I have everything working perfectly except that I would like it to recognize their friends who are existing fans and fade them back just like facebook does in their link. The only command I’ve found that relates is pages.isFan but I can’t figure out how to use it. Here is my code if it helps:

    type='Wine Tasting'
    content='Indulge, experiment, and upgrade your life! Earn points to receive your wine each month for FREE! Like this page for more details.

  • It should be a piece of cake for you, Michelle. If you run into any issues, post a comment here. Cheers!

  • Yeah! Looks like I might have to tug on their coat! It’s amazing how it seems this width reduction has been talked about for almost a year, and yet….

  • Yet again awesome content guys!!!

  • Eleanor


    You always have great content and tutorials.


  • Kosala

    Valuable, As always…

  • @ Tim. This is one of the most succinct and helpful articles I’ve seen. Thanks for sharing your expertise. I have 2 business pages set up for fan and non-fan. To date, I haven’t experienced any huge results but it certainly impresses my clients when I show this strategy.

  • Hi Social Media Examiner. Thanks for providing this information. This is exactly the information I’m finding for, after so many great brands have created it. It just made me curious to do it myself 🙂 I love the full instructional content here. Fabulous!

    Ding Neng

  • Michael Tucker

    Hi Tim, I was reading about the phasing out of FBML and the replacement with iframe and FB Javascript. How do you see that this will pan out with the development of our custom tabs for our pages?

    Also it looks as though there will be a need to learn a lot more about the developer language, including using the keys supplied for each application

  • Ken Hood

    Hi Tim… thanks for the excellent tutorial here. I design for a niche market, and I am always trying to find ways to differentiate myself from my competition. This is a cool way to set myself (and my clients) apart. I will be implementing it soon.

    I have followed you since April, and you are the most accurate resource for FBML out there. I assume you will be even more valuable to all of us as FBML is phased out and iframe/canvas apps become the norm next year. Live long and prosper.

  • Tim, this article is extremely helpful! I’ve been digging and searching and bookmarking several different articles that cover different parts of Fan-only content because each article doesn’t answer all of the questions one might have about the topic — but this does! It brings everything together, complete with examples, the white space problem and a detailed tutorial. I am forever grateful! Thank you!

  • Ken, Thanks for the very kind words. I will indeed be providing guidance and instruction as iFrames gradually supplant FBML on Facebook. But I do think the Static FBML app and the most popular FBML tags should be supported for some time to come.

  • I just published a post on the HyperArts Blog where I explain the terminology (where much of the confusion lies), and I ask people prominent in the space to opine and speculate on Static FBML, FBML and iFrames, and The Future. As further explained there, creating iFrame applications involves significantly more coding/programming skill and knowledge than implementing Static FBML custom tabs and using the more common FBML tags. But I don’t think the learning curve is prohibitive, just steeper. And, as many professional coders will tell you, it takes years to really master the subtleties of CSS and HTML, not to mention PHP and JavaScript.

  • Thanks Melanie! That was exactly my intention, as I have posted instructions on this before, but since have learned where people most commonly get stuck. In this article, I really tried to cover EVERYTHING. A careful reading of this article should be all anyone needs, or at least that’s my hope 🙂

  • GREAT page, Steve…and I like the way you’ve positioned it as “Sign Up” right under the “Like” button with a nice big arrow. Easy Peasy. Also, the curly down arrow is a good way to alleviate the “below the fold” nature of your newsletter signup form. Draws the eye right down there.

  • Thanks Ira! That’s music to my ears.

  • Many thanks for that very detailed explanation.
    I was looking for this FBML script after I saw it on a Fan page that I wanted to implement on a niche Fan Page and very kindly Nana Gilbert Bafoe directed me to your page

    Many thanks great info


  • Is anyone willing to share their actual FBML code for hiding content from non-Fans? I need a visual to help me understand better. I want to simply paste my own FAN-ONLY-CONTENT and style sheet into your code. Is this a ridiculous request?

    -Self-teaching girl who is now managing a restaurant’s FB Fan Page and is cross-eyed from trying to learn all this lingo!

  • Which video is that??? I’ve watched a few and I don’t see one for creating hidden content!

  • Ah…ok…I am following now. I’m dizzy, but I get it. Now, I have another question…

    Is there a way to hide certain TABS from non-Fans?
    I have a Sweepstakes TAB on my FB Fan Page (run thru Wildfire App), and I want only Fans to be able to enter. Is this possible?

  • Hi Devan. I don’t believe there’s a way to hide tabs from non-fans, only content within a Static FBML custom tab.

  • Newb2seo

    Hi Tim, I copied and pasted your code as is and I made my external stylesheet… and what I get is the two lines of text right on top of each other, whether I am a Fan or not. With a different browser and different login, I click Like and Unlike and I see both lines of text. Got any ideas?

  • HI Tim,

    Great post. I have been searching how to do this for a bit. Can you explain how to use images in this code. I have tried using but it doesn’t show up. I am assuming it has something to do with the style sheet? Any help would be great!

  • You should read the “Testing & Troubleshooting” section of this post. It sounds like you’re trying to view your fan-only tab while logged in as a page admin. A page admin viewing the tab will see both versions. Please read the section above about this. Cheers!

  • You would code images just as you would with HTML, assuming this isn’t an image that’s called from the external stylesheet. Test your image URL directly in your browser by pasting or typing the image URL into the browser’s address bar. If it doesn’t bring up your image, the URL is incorrect.

    Remember, URLs are Case Sensitive. Cheers.

  • Stupid question: Does this still work now they’ve stopped using FBML on facebook? Any tips?

  • Great article and advices.
    Thanks a lot..

  • It works 🙂

  • Facebook has only said that they’re going to be gradually phasing out FBML. The first step will be, according to them, removing the ability to create FBML canvas applications and just allow iFrame applications. But, as indicated in a recent blog post, Static FBML should be around, and the most FBML tags supported, for the foreseeable future. Cheers!

  • Dragan Mestrovic

    I love these how to posts here on socialmediaexaminer.

    For me thy are a great source to get things done I did not done before.

    My clients also appreciate our way how we solve problems for them.

    Many thanks to the very very valuable socialmediaexaminer how to`s.

    Keep up this great work 🙂

  • DMS

    We have a business page, but when I try to add the Static FBML application, it only allows me to add as a favorite. It doesn’t give me an option to add the application to my page. Can you help?!

  • Staceyrawling

    Thank you for this very useful post! I managed to create my very own & was surprised how easy it was

  • It sounds like your business page may not be associated with a personal profile? This is essential if you want to add applications, be found in searches, etc. Here’s a recent article about personal profiles and fan pages. Cheers!

  • Tim, great stuff. Thanks for posting.

    I’m using the external stylesheet and templates you provided. My non-fans image appears correctly to non-fans, however, it is also appearing over my fan content. Any thoughts?

    I looked though the troubleshooting and I’ve read through my code 50 times. I’m just not seeing my error.

  • If I simply copy and paste the:



    With a real css stylesheet linked, of course, I still get this as my end result:

    In it’s most basic form, it is replicating my same basic problem. I feel like I’m missing something stupid…

  • silktide

    Brilliant article, very detailed thanks!

  • well done! thanks!

  • I think you missed the first item in Troubleshooting 🙂 If you’re a Page admin and logged in to Facebook, you’ll see both the fan and non-fan content when viewing the “reveal” tab. I think that’s what’s happening.

  • Antonis

    Hi everyone,

    This simply doesn’t work! or maybe it is “doesn’t work anymore?”
    I read that FB removed all connection-related capabilities from Static FBML (emphasis on Static I guess…) but I’m not quite sure…
    I also read that if you had a Static FBML (with connection/fans related actions) up and running, then you ‘re OK, if you try something new you have no luck!

    Any ideas?


  • Ah yes, it happens all the time. Auto-bloggers scraping content and posting it on their blogs, usually without any credit. Nice, eh?

  • Steve s

    Hey Tim I am having a problem with the image I use that everyone can see when viewing the page. If you click the link below you will see the image I use is cut off at the bottom. I have made sure multiple times that the fbml code I use is exactly as you explain and this continues to happen… Any Ideas?

  • Allison Mennella

    Hi Steve!

    Would you be willing to share with me the code on your Sign-Up page that enables users to sign-up for your newsletter? I am hoping to implement this into my companies Facebook Page (

    Thank you in advance!


    The Exclusive Content for Fans on Facebook is now Live, Woop! Mission Accomplished Thanks to this post!

  • Laura

    Hello Tim,
    First, thank you for your generosity in sharing this step-by-step process! I’ve been 90% successful in implementing it. But need some advice on the last 10%.
    I have linked to an external style sheet, but the Pre-Fan Reveal image is being cut off at the bottom. The actual image is 492px, but only 410px is showing. Is there a total pixel height allowed for the combined Pre and Post fan content? Here is a link to the page in question:!/murskihomesteadbb?v=app_7146470109

    Thank you for any advice you can give.

  • Simon

    Hello Tim,
    I have IE 8 and I’ve tried with external .css file. My FanPage is not published but I’m able with my own profile to like and unlike it. My problem is that it is always the Second Image that appears. My first image is for the Non-Fans and the second one is for the Fans that have cliked Like button.
    Do you think a person that I’ve already liked for the first time a FanPage is considered somewhere by FaceBook (and the FBML code) as a Fan ?

    I continue to read and learn…

  • Brilliant article, very detailed thanks!

  • Brilliant article, very detailed thanks!

  • Bangkoool

    Hello Tim,

    How to Get User Id on Fan Page?

    i’ve been looking for a code whick can welcome logged in user whenever a user visits my page but i can’t find… Can anyone tell me the script for doing so???

    Example of such page is:


  • Christian

    hi TIM!
    i need help! I want to know if you can tell us how to build something like the example above
    1-800 Flowers offers a discount code for 20% off your next order
    thank you in advance

  • Why do I both Fan and Non-Fan content as a fan? With the CSS you describe it places one on top of the other but they are both there.

  • Sorry just read your earlier explanation of this, sorry.

  • Mobilmedia

    Hi Tim, how can i do for eliminate the blank space in the non fan content, everything it,s work, thanks for your help.

  • Mobilmedia

    Hi Steve, how can I eliminate the blank space in the on fan content, everything i made ok,

  • I am not using CSS – but rather just getting code from an editor and pasting into FBML. This works well and can create the fan – not fan page. I cannot eliminate the white section because I do not really know coding. Is this approach I’ve described “in-line”, as mentioned above?

  • Rodney

    <fb:comments xid=”1000-beneficios” canpost=”true” candelete=”false” reverse=”true” returnurl=

    .subtitle_left {display:none;}
    .comment_body {display:none;}

    is this correct?””>

    .subtitle_left {display:none;}
    .comment_body {display:none;}

  • Thank you so much for this great tutorial. I have a question. I’ve added an image to the “non-fans content” section. As you’ve stated very clearly in your trouble-shooting section, when I’m logged in as an admin, I will see both sections. My problem is that the “non-fans” image is showing over the top of the “fans” image. I’ve tried messing with the css by adding a z-index, but that doesn’t seem to be working. Can you share any other tips to fix that?

  • Hey Tim, how are you doing! Greetings from Perú. Excellent tutorial! I have a question… Is there any fbml tag that shows or loads an application. In other words, I’d like to add a tab with fans, non fans tag but when you click to Like button, show any application for example Music ???? Thanks in advance!

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  • Tim you pretty much cover all I’ve ever needed to know about customizing FBML pages. Thanks so much for your efforts.

    My non fan content is showing up furthur down the page. How do I drag this up?

  • Thanks! I was looking for this code and instructions on how to do it. I will try this and see how it works. Thanks again

  • Slcook52

    you will see them both unless you log in as a non admin.

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  • Lex

    I’ve played with this code over and over again and no matter what I change, I still get a blank space up the top for non-fans… can someone help!?!?!

  • Jan Thomas

    Hy, thank you for this code – and the how to witch saves me a lot of time.

    but now i have a question, so how is it possible to create a
    and area of it witch where toggled by an included like button.
    (an other how to on this amazing encyclopedian website of social media knowledge,
    I am sorry for my English but I found an example of what i mean << THE 'Xmas Offer'

    I Know how to integrate an action to a like button on an iframe site but, i dont know how to do this:
    FB.Event.subscribe('edge.create', function(response) {
    foobar('user likes this app');

    in FBJS

  • Paul

    This is definitely not secure, at least not as the samples shown (levi’s,digistore, etc). All one needs to do is either install firebug on firefox and remove the styling to reveal the hidden content without “liking” or view the source of page. Levi’s and Digistore did it right.

  • Jan Thomas

    ist not my intention to make it high secure 🙂 and not every facebook user is able to use firebug^^

  • Joe Portland

    Thanks for the tutorial… see in action:

  • Now that Facebook is phasing out FBML, you can use this tutorial on how to make a reveal tab using an iframe:

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  • I just created the welcome landing page for non – fans. Thanks for the help 🙂

  • This worked perfectly for me, but I would recommend mentioning in the article that if you’re the owner of the page you will see both of the contents. This made me think I was doing something wrong until I read the FB developers page on it.

  • infoking

    In my opinion, it’s not wise to plan on using FBML long term as Facebook has made it clear iframes is the future. See:
    This line in particular: “While there is still functionality that we have not ported over yet,”
    To me, “yet” strongly implies it functions NOW, but at some point in the future it will not.

  • My non fan image is showing up at the bottom of the page. I want it to show at the top of the page.

  • My non fan image is showing up at the bottom of the page. I want it to show up at the top. How do i fix it? Take a look:

  • My non fan image is showing up at the bottom of the page. I want it to show up at the top. How do i fix it? Take a look:

  • Escentika Spa

    Use this styleposition: absolute; top: 0pt; left: 0pt;

  • I checked out your page and it appears you’re still using the Static FBML app. I would recommend that you transition your custom tabs to iFrames, using an app like TabPress for your Welcome tab.

    That empty space issue you mention is a bug with FBML’s fb:visible-to-connection tag. But TabPress makes fan-gating much easier.

    There’s also another iFrame tab app, Static HTML, which does pretty much the same thing.

  • Ginartista

    Could someone please help me set mine up? ginartista at

  • Guys, I’m using free portfolio application fan page builder from hostFB. It’s my first portfolio, check that and let me know what you think:

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  • Ricardo Lopes

    Here is a very good example of Facebook Mashup with fans-only iFrames Page Tab Reveal.

  • Ricardo Lopes

    Here is a very good example of Facebook Mashup with fans-only iFrames Page Tab Reveal.

  • This is a helpful guide for creating Fan-gated content.  Though it does require the user to be code savvy and presupposes that the two designs have already been created.  Unfortunately we all don’t have the coding and design knack necessary for creating such great looking pages, making it even more difficult to create Fan-gated pages. 

    I use Social Page Builder by High Impact Designer ( to create fan pages for my clients.  It saves me tons of time, definitely worth checking out!

  • This is a helpful guide for creating Fan-gated content.  Though it does require the user to be code savvy and presupposes that the two designs have already been created.  Unfortunately we all don’t have the coding and design knack necessary for creating such great looking pages, making it even more difficult to create Fan-gated pages. 

    I use Social Page Builder by High Impact Designer ( to create fan pages for my clients.  It saves me tons of time, definitely worth checking out!

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  • And I have a different problem.
    How to HIDE a “non-fans content” from fans?

  • Mais Design

    This tutorial is a bit outdated, but it ranks well in serp so it would be helpful to redirect it to the new version of the reveal tab

  • Aleksandarr

    I am interested how to make that just fun can see wall, photos and rest of FB page content, and that non funs can see just welcome landing tab?

  • You can only hide fan-only content from non-fans. You can’t hide the Wall.

  • What to do?

    fan gate not working correctly with new fb page timeline?

    Any suggestions?

    Please help…

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    i have a question ?
    What can a company do on facebook apart from their page to create a following?

    a. post more updates than usual

    b. post controversial posts

    c. use several pictures

    d. use groups, both company originated and posting to other groups

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