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What’s New This Week?

Social media channels this week were among the first to reveal the passing of one of the world’s greatest innovators—Steve Jobs.

Social Media Examiner’s founder Michael Stelzner was on a webinar with Guy Kawasaki, former Apple chief evangelist, just as the news broke.  Here are Mike’s words:

Ten minutes before Guy Kawasaki was to keynote Facebook Success Summit 2011, Guy said to me, “Mike, we have a problem…”  I said, “Guy, what??” My heart started pumping hard.  He said, “Steve Jobs died…” I was shocked, and didn’t believe him at first! He said, “Go to”  Knowing that Guy was the former evangelist for Apple and that Guy had a very strong connection to Steve, many things started going through my head “What do I do…”  Guy said, “Do you think it is appropriate that I talk about Facebook marketing or my life experience with Steve Jobs.” After some discussion, I decided it was best to let Guy share what was on his mind and heart.

What follows is Guy talking about how Steve Jobs was his hero and how Steve has forever changed business:

Listen to Guy Kawasaki pay a tribute to Steve Jobs and answer questions from callers.

Keep reading to discover other social media news from the past week…

Google Analytics Now Gives You Real-Time Data: Up until now, Google Analytics gave you data that was 24 hours old, and many users appreciated the value provided by this free tool. Today it gets better: marketers can now enjoy real-time results with Google Analytics Real-Time.

google analytics real time

Google Analytics Real-Time gives you a set of new reports that show what's happening on your site as it happens.

Google Brings Webmaster Tools to Google Analytics: All Google users can now “surface Google Search data in Google Analytics by linking their Webmaster Tools accounts.”  This gives you a new Search Engine Optimization section with a series of reports to help you with your social media monitoring.

google analytics improved

To start using the reports, you first need to link your Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools accounts.

Google Analytics Introduces a Premium Plan: The two Google Analytics features mentioned above are free. But Google Analytics also launched a premium plan for companies interested in even more data.

Businesses Can Now Post Updates On Their LinkedIn Company Pages:  LinkedIn’s new company status updates now “let members receive further insights — breaking news about the company, employee moves, relevant job opportunities or the latest on their products and services including multimedia content — directly from the companies they follow.”

Google+ Lets You Disable Comments & Lock Posts: Google+ users now have more control before sharing their posts.

SlideShare Improves Zipcast: This free web meeting platform now allows you to schedule your Zipcast meeting in advance, and send email invitations to prospective attendees.


Your Zipcast attendees can RSVP to your invitation, giving you a sense of who and how many will attend.

Digg Opens Newsrooms to Everyone: This new feature aims to provide users with a tool for finding the best news. The Newsrooms allow you to look for news by topic. You cannot yet create your own newsroom, but you can easily follow any of the available newsrooms.

digg newsrooms

Newsrooms are still in beta.

Flickr Reaches a Milestone of 200 Million Creative Commons Photos: Flickr now has over 200 million public creative commons licensed photos. This makes Flickr the largest CC photo repository in the world.

flickr photo

Browse Flickr and search for CC photos by license. Flickr image by Abaconda.

Here’s a cool infographic worth noting:

How Small Businesses Are Using Social Media:

crowdspring infographic

A look at social media use by small businesses.

What social media news caught your interest this week? Please share your comments below.

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  • The social media news that caught my attention this week was not about the platform upgrades by the two heavy hitting platforms per say but about the circulation of Steve Jobs content on those platforms.  

    The cult of the mac is more tribal than we ever thought. 

  • Thanks Wells, this is true :).  I’ve been a Mac user since the beginning.

  • Taireez

    Hello Michael, 
    There seems to be a problem with the newsletter. I opened it to read it. Then closed it and went back to read some more and the content from the bottom of the page is missing. I can no longer read the Social Media sections after “Social Media Growth” headline. I have refreshed the page, closed out and logged in. Can’t seem to fix this problem. Kindly take a look???

    Really want to read the rest! Love your newsletters! Big fan of your company.

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  • Thanks for the great, concise roundup of info. The “How Small Businesses are Using Social Media” inspired a blog post of my own. 

  • mac

    2 things.
    Sorry for your lost Guy .
    Dude, this is the best eulogy anyone could give for Steve.

  • Will miss Steve Jobs. What an amazing and inspiring human being.

  • You’re welcome Andrew! It’s great to hear that Social Media Examiner was a source of inspiration 🙂 

  • Thanks sharing, Mac. 

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  • Kartikeya Dwivedi

    Now that’s what I call a kick-ass roundup! Saved me about an hour of scourging around :).

    Thanks!Oh, I’m a fan, BTW :).

  • That’s what these round-ups are for, Kartikeya!  To save you time 🙂 

  • Jobs
    was such a great human being and his loss cannot be replaced by any one to
    his family nor to the industry…

  • James Barnett

    Nice post. Whilst I’m not an Apple convert (I do use Macs for design work however) – it’s important to remember that the likes of Steve Jobs revolutionised the way we work. Without the likes of Mac Os – developed way back in the early 80s we probably wouldn’t have the GUI (graphical user interface) operating systems on PCs, smartphones, PDAs, tablets, etc… the man is a legend and is worth paying tribute to.

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  • Man, Google is making it WAY easier to let yourself get distracted with the real-time analytic update. “What are my stats . . . now? What about . . . now? How about . . . now? Hahaha

    Now with the real-time of email, facebook, instant messenger, text messages, phone, etc. etc. etc. the entrepreneur has just had one more hurdle thrown in front of them to leap over on the quest for being productive.

    It’s so easy to let all of these handy dandy technologies work against us by letting our OCD tendencies gravitate towards their dings, chimes, and songs.

    One of the best things I ever did was start turning all of that stuff off when I was working on a project where none of it is necessary to get the job at hand done.

    Great list of news Cindy! Thanks for wrangling it all for us.

  • Your article on steve jobs is very interesting and appealing to readers. Thanks and wish to post you more article about it.

  • The best one can do at time like  the one Guy was faced with is to be in  the moment and speak from the heart. How fortunate but sad for him to be the  one to give a public eulogy for Steve Jobs. So much has been written about him. I had the opportunity to write a post about him for Digital Brand Marketing Education.

  • The best one can do at time like  the one Guy was faced with is to be in  the moment and speak from the heart. How fortunate but sad for him to be the  one to give a public eulogy for Steve Jobs. So much has been written about him. I had the opportunity to write a post about him for Digital Brand Marketing Education.

  • @CindyKing:disqus or anyone else interested, here’s my post regarding this subject.  Thanks again! 

  • Anne Web Agent

    Why is it that the great ones die first? I guess God is reminding us that life is short and that we should do something meaningful with it. I’m not saying we should create something great like Steve Jobs did, i’m just saying that he died without regrets. Steve Jobs is truly a legend. Lets try to live like him. Thanks for sharing.

  • Love steve jobs. May he rest in peace.