social media how toIf I were going steady with any social networking site, I would have to call LinkedIn my main squeeze.

Ahhh yes, the lovely LinkedIn.

She warms me up with friendly introductions to powerful decision makers. She brings a smile to my face from the absurd amount of targeted traffic to my websites. And she goes WAY over the top with the number of direct sales referrals she gives me.

It’s a digital romance we have, and I’ll profess my love for her ’til the end of time. 😉

In all seriousness, I’m a big fan of LinkedIn because of the direct business I receive from it. And although I’ve written books about LinkedIn, given webinars and presentations on the topic and written articles like Top 5 Ways to Market Your Business With LinkedIn, I’ve never done a dedicated article about the advanced applications… until now.

Get More With LinkedIn Applications

In this article I want to share with you the top apps you can leverage to get more leads, traffic, product sales, brand awareness, ticket sales, investors, sponsors, consulting engagements and more.

Let’s dig into some of my favorite apps and how to get more from them.

Add Your Blog to LinkedIn

Surprisingly, I’ve seen some of the top bloggers in the world miss out on displaying this app. Failing to include this WordPress app on your profile is a huge mistake because it can help you drive more traffic and shows those who come to your profile how to learn more about your expertise.


This is a simple app that every blogger should have on his/her profile.

Autoplay a Video!

Imagine someone lands on your profile and instead of seeing the same old boring profile, they hear a voice. This voice either comes from you or a raving fan giving a testimonial. This technique is used so rarely that people can’t help but be shocked when they hear a voice and watch a video on your profile.

Adding the app allows you to showcase presentations you may have, but it also allows you to add a video that autoplays when people land on your profile. Currently the video must be on YouTube for it to work, but it definitely adds a nice touch. Learn more about how to add video to your LinkedIn profile here.

Showcase Your Books or Others’ Books

Many bloggers are coming out with their own books, but are forgetting about a valuable resource to help promote and sell more of them: their LinkedIn profiles! The Reading List by Amazon is great because it helps you to stand out while adding to your credibility.

Even if you don’t have a published book on Amazon, you can still add this app and include the top books that you’re currently reading to give others a better sense about your interests and ongoing education.


This allows you to add a picture of your book on your page.

Syncing With Twitter on LinkedIn

I synced my Twitter account to LinkedIn when this app first launched. Some said they were annoyed when they saw all of the Twitter updates come to their home feed, but after about a week people got used to it.

I find that I often get as much or more interaction from my Twitter updates that sync to LinkedIn than those same updates on Twitter. Your messages don’t get lost in the feed as much on LinkedIn and there are threaded conversations similar to Facebook so you can continue the dialogue for days after.

I recommend doing this if you’re active on Twitter as you will look like you’re interacting on LinkedIn and continuing to stay on top of the minds of your LinkedIn connections even if you don’t use LinkedIn very often.

twitter app

A great way to stay connected and updated.

Feature Your Events on LinkedIn

Hosting a major industry conference, regional networking event or maybe a small TweetUp and want to get more exposure and ticket sales? If so, look no further than the most powerful events promotion tool online today—LinkedIn Events app.


An example of a major professional event by Gary Vaynerchuk.

rsvp app

Here's an example of how powerful promoting your events on your profile can be.

You can see how many people have RSVP’d for your event, who’s interested and who’s exhibiting. You can also see a picture of those who are attending or interested, their industry, how you’re connected to them, what company they work for and more.

There are a few features I wish they would add to help event organizers promote better (like adding a messaging ability to all of those members who are interested), but other than that, I love the way you can use this app to get the word out about your events.

More Advanced LinkedIn Apps

There are a handful of other apps I haven’t mentioned that help a variety of industry professionals.

Business Apps:

There are a number of general business apps. Some of my favorites include Files, Tripit Travel, Google Presentation, Huddle Workspaces and Polls.

Legal Apps:

There are two apps specifically for lawyers. The Legal Updates app allows you to “get legal news that matters to you and your business. (Lawyers, upload your articles and other content. Be found for your expertise on LinkedIn).”

The Lawyer Rating app allows you to “showcase your Martindale-Hubbell® Peer Review Ratings™ and Client Review Ratings™ to further validate your stated credentials and help you make the right connections.”

Designer App:

The Creative Portfolio Display allows you to “showcase your creative work in your LinkedIn Profile with the Creative Portfolio Display application. Free, easy to manage, and supports unlimited multimedia content.”

There are a number of other apps that you may or may not feel are valuable to include on your LinkedIn profile, but my suggestion is to try a few out and see how you like them.

Since the release of the advanced application section on LinkedIn, they continue to release new apps every so often. Make sure to check the application section for future updates, or find out more by following the LinkedIn blog.

Have you tried using any of the advanced LinkedIn applications on your profile? If so, what is the one you like the best, and why? I’d love to read your thoughts in the comments box below.

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  • Thanks for this post – I would love to try the creative portfolio app. Currently I’m using the amazon and twitter apps but I’m not too sure how successful that has been – is there a way to track who has looked at your reading list?

  • As a raving fan of social media, and as an avid user of LinkedIn, I have experimented with all of these apps but for the video presentation – which is on my radar. I definitely will look into the auto play feature, this is fantastic and I was unaware it was possible.

    Thanks for a great article, well written, concise, and of course useful applications abound!

    I am always rushing to my inbox to see what the Examiner is bringing, it is always solid information and helps brighten my day.

    Chris Kulbaba “The Social Media Guy”

  • Wendy Snyder Soucie

    I like the new skills search and the skill section that LinkedIn added to profiles. Not only does it let you add more keyword searchable terms to get your profile found, it helps you search for others.

  • I am a bit doubtful about the Sync with Twitter app. Most of my tweets are conversations with other folks and they might not make sense to people who are seeing only one side of the conversation on my LI feed.

    Also, many of my Tweets are personal and while they might make sense to my followers I am doubtful of their value on my LI feed. It’s kinda goofy to be talking about the song your are currently listening on LI, but maybe it’s just me.

    A better way might be to suffix tweets that you want displayed in LI with #li. That way you have more control over what content is cross posted from Twitter to LI.

    Just my 2 cents.

  • Now linkedin also share the different application in linkedin profiles such as (slideshare and also install the such application.

  • A little bling for your LinkedIn profile is nice, thanks for sharing these advanced tools for the site with us, Lewis. I especially like the Events app, since I can think of some industry events that I and my friends could feature using that tool. I’ll be sure and look at these more closely in the future.

  • Hello Lewis,

    A fan from #smss10, thank you for the updated tips!

    I had just updated my LinkedIn profile yesterday, with a few tweaks to follow. I’m appreciative of your insight on video!

    Personally, I’ve liked the Q&A and polls. The WordPress app to import your blog is great too.

    Thanks again!


  • Thanks so much Keri and glad you were a fan of my LinkedIn presentation during #smss10 (even if LinkedIn was down during my presentation 😉

    Hope you get a chance to add a video to your LinkedIn profile as it will help you stand out from the rest of the profiles.

  • Harry J Tucci Jr

    I’ve had my Blog on my profile and I have linked my Twitter and LinkedIn accounts, although many of my contacts still are not big fans of getting inundated with all the Tweets. I am curious about the Amazon Reading list. Unfortunately, my reading list reflects nothing on my Business, it is purely for pleasure and personal edification so i am not sure it belongs on my LinkedIn profile.

  • Rhauptman

    I don’t think LinkedIn has the strength of promoting my products as Facebook does. My experiences lead me to believe that LinkedIn is for professionals looking for work or for a service provider, recruiters looking for people, and associations of people with similar interests (i.e. social media, or marketing). I don’t plan on doing business on LinkedIn, and focus my efforts on Facebook marketing (since my product is an actual physical product that I ship to people).

    If I was a service provider, then maybe LinkedIn would be a better fit.

  • I agree with you. That is why I have the settings selected to only update my Twitter account from my LinkedIn status. If I want to update my LinkedIn status from Twitter, I have to add #in to the end of the tweet. Sounds like that would work for you. And, you can have more than one Twitter account associated with your LinkedIn profile. So, if you have one that is less personal and more business, you could connect that one and select it as the default Twitter account to post to and/or from. Hope that helps.

  • Yes, it’s really disconcerting to see all the Twitter updates in my LinkedIn stream. Previously, I used the LinkedIn stream to keep track of what people I am connected to on LinkedIn were doing.

    Now, the deluge is overwhelming.

    Sadly, if I block people’s stream due to their Twitter updates, I’ll miss their LinkedIn updates as well. But those are the updates I really want to see.

    There seems to be a sort of socially-implicit requirement that being able to cross connect stream implies we must cross-connect streams. We all have to do it because we all do it.

    I’m curious, though, how many people with Twitter streams connected into LinkedIn actually follow their LinkedIn stream, rather than using their LinkedIn stream as a broadcast-only venue (which defeats the social purpose of Twitter, does it not?).

  • Adrian

    Thanks for including reference to JD Supra’s Legal Updates app. You are exactly right – the app allows lawyers and law firms to upload and distribute the legal content directly within LinkedIn. And there’s also another side to it: the app makes it very easy for *any* professional to read analysis and commentary by lawyers covering their field or industry (that same content). So, if you are in Real Estate, you have access to the latest legal writing about developments in real estate — or Insurance — or workplace and HR issues for managers and HR professionals – or general business news for entrepreneurs, and so on…

    We created the app not only to allow lawyers to showcase what they are good at, but to allow business professionals to get the timely intelligence they need to grow and flourish.

    Love Social Media Examiner – thanks again for including us here.

  • PhilMershon

    Just like at SMSS10, you’ve given me a lot to think about in the use of LinkedIn. Thanks, Lewis.

  • I always tell my clients to add apps to their profile. Thanks for the additional ammo to encourage them to do so. 🙂 Another app that I think is critical is Company Buzz. Listening or monitoring for what people may be saying about you, your company or brand is critical in our social media driven society. And, it just might help you avoid a PR nightmare if you respond quickly enough to negative mentions or feedback. I also agree with Keri that using the Q&A section of LinkedIn to earn expertise points and get that little green star on your profile can be very beneficial.
    Thanks again for your post, Lewis.

  • Great post and thank you. It seems to me a lot of people don’t fully appreciate LinkedIn or understand it’s versatility, hopefully you’ve changed that. When Quora first came onto the scene LinkedIn seemed very quite for a week or so, but now we’re back to normal thankfully. I think LinkedIn has added a few more interesting features to stay current and prove that it’s not getting complacent. What about LinkedIn’s ‘buddy’ Behance, have you tried that out? I really like it and have been told it’s a ‘sleeping giant’ and you know what? I believe it!

  • What is your business/industry? I own a granola company and I have gotten more wholesale accounts and found more suppliers than any other thing I can think of. You might not be able to track direct individual sales but is a great tool to use for research, connecting with others in your industry and reducing the overall cost of doing business.

  • Personally, I feel LinkedIn groups are an invaluable tool everyone should use to connect with others in your industry.

    I love the new business profile option LinkedIn added. I ran an ad campaign using the new profile and it was fairly success and very reasonable in price. Now the exposure isn’t nearly as great as Facebook, but then again it doesn’t cost you as much either. I suspect that will change in the next year.

  • Great stuff. I did not know about the slideshares video bit. Very helpful. Hoping LInkedin expands thie offering to include better cross platform sync.

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  • Normally I have a love/hate relationship with LinkedIn bordering on hate. But this has renewed my passion for its potential. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • I’ve used most of those apps except the video–coming soon! I did remove the Triptik after my sister warned me that it was not good to advertise when I’d be out of town since I work from home. I really love the Twitter/Linkedin uh, “link”! I too receive a lot of feedback from my LinkedIn Tweets. I also like having my blog posts on LinkedIn.
    I only have the basic plan because I am not looking to get hired for a “real job” by a corporation; nor am I looking to “hire” someone for a full-time corporate type position. I get a lot from LinkedIn with just the basic service.

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  • Leanne Peard

    Thank you this is amazing information, it is looking like Linkedin is slowly becoming more interactive in the social world…

  • Good advice. After reading this, I added the slideshare app with our corporate video. Thank you!

  • Susie

    Great article! I hope to use this information for our clients.

  • Hi Lewis.

    Your LinkedIn info is really awesom. Shoot missed out on your Webinar yesterday, was out traveling and did not get back in time. So hope to see a replay.

    Several of the LinkedIn apps is really valuable. WordPress, Amazon Reading List and the SlideShare app is must haves. For me the TripIt app also is a must have.

    Have never thought about LinkedIn as the main squeeze page. Clever !!

    I am starting to see more of the type of traffic I want from LinkedIn after checking out your tips. So have to tweak some your ideas even more to see what I can do.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Cheers.. Are

  • Jeff

    Just wondering, is there a way to include music/CD’s in the Amazon App? I’m a musician, and I’d love to feature my music on Linked In, but I was only able to suggest books using this APP. Any thoughts??

  • Larry Lourcey

    Great post. I need to look into some of these. Maybe its time to take another look at LinkedIn…

  • tonyidem

    Thank you for posting this Lewis. Just added the WordPress app to my homepage. Great post!

  • Lewis – Thanks for your article!

  • If you’re going to link Twitter in LinkedIn, I definitely recommend choosing the option to only share tweets that include #in (even if it’s a professional/company Twitter feed). Know your audience- if it’s a professional, informational tweet, include the #in; if not, leave the hashtag out and keep it in the Twitterverse. Works well for me!

  • donnalehman

    Nice piece with very practical information. Re: which apps have proven useful – I do use several of the ones mentioned. Trip It and Events have proven surprisingly useful – as others have seen an upcoming conference I’m attending and reached out to arrange meetings ahead of time. Great extended networking tools.

  • Alihandscomb

    Practical and useful. I link twitter to linkedin but use both professionally and dont have a problem.

    I like the company stuff on Linkedin as well and find it very helpful in advertising events.

  • I never really considered adding our events to LinkedIn before, now I’m thinking, “Duh”.

  • I do like this article but I absolutely WOULD NEVER recommend AUTOPLAY of a video on LinkedIn or any website where people aren’t expecting it. You need to consider that people are at work and sometimes around other people or have other things going on, and they don’t want any noise from their computer or other device that may attract unwanted attention. Making someone have to turn off the audio creates a bad user experience, and a bad impression with the video and the brand behind it.

    I recommend watching my video, how to add a video to your LinkedIn Profile

  • Mahalo! Another app I love for job seekers or sales people is Company Buzz. Really helps to research about companies, employees, and products before the interview or meeting. Be well, Anne Pryor, Meaningful Connector,

  • I’m loving the creative profile ap, especially as it supports issuu!

  • Great linkedin apps. However I’m not really sure about autoplaying a video because I think some actually don’t like that. They may have some kind o music running in the background and they don’t want anything to disrupt that. I guess it’s a matter of preference.

  • Hi Lewis, thanks for the great tips. I am not sure if I like the video to auto-play when someone lands on my page, but I really appreciate you showing us the more advanced uses of this awesome social channel.

  • Great article Lewis. I’m doing all of the above and adding video today 🙂

  • I have used the the event promotion tool with great success. The first time I used it to promote a webinar I increased my attendance by 300%, and half the new people I was not connected to via LinkedIN, which means the event posting got shared.

    Great post, thanks!

  • Hi,
    How do you tag your word press post so that only the post you want to appear on linkedin will show

  • arvin

    Nice article 🙂  but those applications are not applicable to the business page on Linkedin or do they?

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  • Thanks for this great information i was not aware about this pretty cool application which are available on Linkaden 

  • Yannick Taes

    This is not really a LinkedIn app, but it works with LinkedIn API:
    Really usefull when you are looking customers or need to keep an eye what’s happening in your network!

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