social media how to Do you have a blog and are looking for guest bloggers?

Are you looking for a way to guest blog on other sites?

Whether you’re wanting to write more or are looking for writers, guest blogging may be the right solution for you.

In this article, I’ll show you the four best communities to help you launch your guest-blogging activities.

Why Guest Blog?

The answer is simple—to get visibility, receive more web traffic and develop relationships.

Earlier this year, Matt Cutts declared the fall of guest blogging, launching a controversial debate around the web. The point is this: with the Google algorithm becoming more complex, the key to success in guest blogging resides in quality, originality and creativity of the blogger’s content. No tricks.

Guest blogging is an excellent method of marketing your site by publishing posts for other blogs and/or accepting posts from other writers.

#1: Pitch Or Find Posts On Guest Crew

If you are just starting out as a guest blogger and want an immediate boost for your business, Guest Crew is the right place to begin.

After a free registration, you can choose to use this platform as a blog owner or an advertiser.

guest crew blogger dashboard

Manage your blogging on Guest Crew with the Blogger Dashboard.

If you are a blog owner, you’ll receive advertisers’ offers to publish their content on your site. You can decide to get free offers or ask for a payment from $1 to $500+. Try to be fair, and ask for an appropriate price related to your page rank or domain authority; blog owners have a reputation to maintain.

For advertisers, the process is simple—the more you pay, the better the blog placement.

However, if you are searching for a sharper attack on the market, you can begin a guest-posting campaign. In this case, you’ll set type and number of articles, target and budget, and then start a free or paid campaign. Guest Crew will do the rest, sending your proposal to blogs that best fit your requirements.

guest crew blogging campaign setup

Before you set your guest-blogging campaign, think about your goals and budget.

If you don’t have all of the money at once, you can use their credit/coin system, and buy credits to start the campaign. One credit is equivalent to $1, but in this way the system will take credits from your account in the final step.

It is also possible to donate credits to other advertisers, participating in their crowdsourcing campaign.

Guest Crew is a good jumping-off point, whether you are looking to write or receive blog posts.

#2: Collaborate On Content With MyBlogGuest

A main reason for joining a guest-blogging community is to create a network of colleagues and potential customers. MyBlogGuest helps you easily make those connections. Once you register, use the Welcome forum to introduce yourself. Then get in touch with other users by going to forum sections, Looking for Guest Bloggers and Looking for Blogs.

myblogguest forum list

Make connections through the MyBlogGuest forums.

MyBlogGuest offers a rich toolset for its users. Access the Articles Gallery to choose articles, which are differentiated by tags and categories. Blog owners can explore this database to find the most suitable articles for their websites.

The section Article Requests is reserved for writers who are in search of opportunities. Select among different categories and contact publishers personally.

myblogguest infographics gallery

Visual experts and writers can collaborate through the Infographics forum.

MyBlogGuest also provides an Infographics Gallery, where infographics authors (visual specialists) and blog owners (writers) can communicate and collaborate. The option device is offered by the ebooks section.

There is a free version of MyBlogGuest, as well as basic premium and advance-paid options. Start by exploring the site and decide if a paid version is right for you.

#3: Find or Get Found On Guestr

Experts often participate in guest blogging to build up their niche and cement their reputation. On Guestr, blogs are listed by category, so it’s easy to connect with other specialty sites. You can post a website listing and have others pitch blog ideas to you or pitch a guest blog idea for someone else’s site.

guestr category search

The category search makes it easy to find bloggers who share your interests and area of expertise.

For example, if you usually write about shopping, you can review all of the websites with listings in that category. Consider page rank and number of monthly site visits when choosing which sites to pitch.

guestr guest post pitch

When you find a website that aligns with your niche, pitch a guest post directly.

To give you extra communication with others in the community, you’re provided with links to the social media profiles of those who post. Klout score is also given automatically when a writer proposes an article for your website.

#4: Get Sourced On Blogger LinkUp

Blogger LinkUp is a free service that allows you to post articles you have available and respond to requests for guest posts. There’s also a Contests & Products for Review section, where you can make contest and product announcements, and respond to posts in that section that make sense to feature on your site.

Plus Blogger LinkUp has threads for link sharing, as well as requests for sources. In this section you can post if you are looking for source quotes and interviews or respond to someone else’s request for a source which is another great way to get and give links and solidify yourself as an authority.

blogger linkup forums list

In addition to guest posts “wanted” and “available,” Blogger LinkUp has forums for link sharing, contests, products to review and sources.

Blogger LinkUp has a comprehensive list of quality content in a variety of categories. You can view listings online, but you’ll need to sign up to respond or post a request of your own. They also send out an email blast with listings three times per week.

Over to You…

Experts participate in guest blogging so they can get great content for their sites and have their articles posted on other quality sites. This helps expand reach to new audiences, develop community with other experts and build an outstanding reputation.

Check out these sites and see their benefits as you develop or expand your guest-blogging efforts.

What do you think? Which of these communities will you use to get your blog off the ground? Do you know other useful sites? Please share your experience in the comments.

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  • Salmaan Aslam

    MyBlogGuest? Seriously?

    I wouldn’t recommend anyone using that platform as it has been banned by Google.

  • MyBlogGuest allows you to find guest blogging opportunities. You can make your own mind up about the quality of each publisher. It’s hard for platforms to make sure every user respects white hat SEO practices.

    I somehow agree with MBG founder Ann Smarty: “Matt Cutts is using us for the PR game: to get more people scared”.

  • I agree that MBG is/was a good resource. But after Matt Cutts singled the site out and devalued it in the SERP, there has been a lot of blog owners and companies who have noticed drops in their rankings because they’ve had posts on sites linked to MBG. My suggestion is to hold off on publishing to blogs on the site until things cool down.

  • I was not aware of these tools and have always used a more traditional approach by simply asking blog owners of blogs I follow and like.

  • Kristina Forbes

    Some of these platform will harm you since Google does not like them. Be careful! 🙂

  • Inspire Social

    I have been looking for help with blogging for a long time now. Do any of these sites provide general rates for blog posts? I have no idea what to charge someone…

  • As much as I read before few days. MyBlogGuest got penalized by Google. Then why still you are suggesting MyBlogGuest?

  • Ravi Shukle

    GuestR has also been taken down and is no longer in use.

  • sofia

    To do or not to do guest blogging?
    Now I’m confused, some say yes but I’ve heard that recently Goggle is punishing and banning sites that do guest blogging.
    I would like to know how to do it without being spammy.
    Sorry I’m not sharing this until I’m absolutely sure that is beneficial for my audience.

  • MyBlogGuest allows nofollow links if you are scared of Google. Also, most of sites that were hit, have been recovered, so we are alive and flourishing 😉

  • Thanks for your support, Daniele.

  • Tyler

    Hmmm…The rise and fall of guest blogging for SEO…just a little article written by Matt Cutts..

  • I’ve used PostJoint before and found it to be a good service (I have no affiliation with them, but noticed they’re not mentioned here)

  • As mentioned we have built the community that no one will be able to take away from us 😉

  • Thank you for Sharing!

    I just wanted to say that My Blog Guest is not very user friendly and it did not serve my purpose.

  • McAlpine

    Thanks for this info!

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  • Ankit

    Next is Google will ban whole internet.

  • harism123

    how to find blogs for free guest blogging ? I want to write some guest posts to make some quality links. thanks

  • Arthur Wilson

    MyBlogGuest was/is the best for this but there does seem to be fewer blogs on there making offers for articles. Also feels a lot riskier than before! At the end of the day though who has time to find and contact 100 blogs a day – they all want paying too.

  • Christen Long

    I am disgusted with this article suggesting I pay someone for the privilege of letting me write for them on Guest Crew. I’ll look for credible advice from some other website. Screw you too.

  • We respect your opinion Christen. The social media landscape is always changing.

  • Christen Long

    A legitimate publisher never asks an author for money. If it’s is true for books and magazines then it’s true for blogs. If a blogger has to pay to publish, that means the site accepts anybody who pays. And the content will be so lousy that nobody will be visiting the site. So it’s just the same as the “pay us and we’ll publish your book” they used to tell book authors.

  • John

    why not just do it right here haha. Anybody want to guest blog on one anothers site? simple as that. email me at

  • Ariel Levin

    Hi Antonio
    what was the best way you used to find blogs in yiur niche, ones just the right size who would be interested in writing about you?
    How did you approach them?

  • Adeem, thank you for sharing!

    To find the best social media platform for your needs, you first need to do some research and find out where the people you want to reach spend time. Have a look at these articles:

  • Eve Haugen

    Thanks for making this blog. It is really a great help for starters. This might answers their doubts about this kind of stuffs. But its better to see today’s happenings on which were are new and not. If this things can help to the users or no. But again, this could be a great start. 🙂

  • AntonTheunissen


  • I want submit my guest post on your blog. I have related to unlock cell phones post.

  • Nick

    Guest blogging has actually become a subject to research. Some says to do it, while others says not to do. even in the recent blog by Matt Cutt’s blog I read about it. But if we see the genuine things, then sharing up of useful information on reader friendly sources, how can it be not good. When an experienced person of any industry makes online presence then they search for options where they can share their experiences. Lets take example of a doctor. If a renowned doctor does some critical case and want to share his experience for the same then what is good. To post in his new blog or to post in one where there are already several visitors on certain other blogs. Let people know about the complications or related information in respect of certain disease and its treatments. So question remains the same, Yes or No for Guest Blogging?

  • That really depends on how much traffic you get.

  • Mr X

    It isn’t that you shouldn’t do guest blog posts etc.
    It’s that people are PAYING for them, which is a violation of Google’s Quality Guidelines
    Guest post for free all you like. Just don’t sell or buy you links..

  • Ashok Garhwal

    GlobalInfoKing looking seriously for guest writers –

  • wc

  • Are these sites still safe to use?

  • I also use some tools to get guest blogging sites

  • Thanks for this informative post.