social media how toDo you share a lot of updates on Google+?

Want to make it easier for followers to pick and choose their favorite topics?

Google+ Collections allows you to categorize your updates by topic, which helps your followers quickly find updates for the topics they’re interested in.

In this article I’ll show you 11 ways to use Google+ Collections to organize updates from your personal profile or business page.

use google+ collections for business

Discover how to use Google+ Collections for business.

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#1: Share Specific Tips

Does your Google+ page share a lot of valuable tips? If so, organize them into collections like the Google Webmasters page does.

google webmaster google+ collections

The Google Webmasters page created a collection for their tips.

Collections give your Google+ followers a preview of the kind of advice they can expect to see from your page.

#2: Document Campaigns

If you participate in specific campaigns, like nonprofits do, you can use Google+ Collections to document those campaigns. 1 Billion Acts of Peace does this with collections about their launch and individual missions.

1 billions acts of peace google+ collections

1 Billion Acts of Peace has collections for its campaigns.

These collections show your Google+ followers what campaigns your organization runs and how they can be a part of those campaigns.

#3: Organize Ideas

If you share lots of great ideas, Google+ Collections can help you organize them. Brit + Co encourages their followers to be more creative through their collections of ideas.

brit + co google+ collections

The Brit + Co page has collections for different categories of ideas.

These collections help followers find ideas that fit the things they enjoy doing, whether it’s crafts, hosting parties or cooking.

#4: Highlight Things to Do

Google+ pages for places can use collections to highlight the best things to do in a specific geographic area. The site highlights things to do, times when the city is in bloom and notable landmarks to visit.

visitlondon google+ collections’s page uses collections to highlight information for visitors.

These collections allow followers to quickly find updates about the things they want to do when they travel to London.

#5: Categorize Freebies

If your business sells products by offering related freebies, you can use Google+ Collections to categorize those freebies. Red Heart Yarns does this by offering free crochet and knitting patterns on their Google+ page, all of which are likely to lead to followers purchasing their yarn.

red heart yarn google+ collections

The Red Heart Yarns page has collections for freebies.

These collections direct the company’s followers to the exact freebies they want, and ultimately to purchasing the products to complete these projects.

#6: Separate Promotions From Tips

There’s nothing wrong with promoting your business while sharing valuable content. iAuthor uses collections to separate posts about their platform from their useful tips for specific audiences.

iauthor google+ collections

iAuthor uses collections for company-related posts and helpful tips.

These collections guide iAuthor’s followers to more information about the business or to the tips that will help them most.

#7: Classify Product Offerings

Does your business offer different types of products and services? ServiceWhale classifies different offerings with their Google+ collections.

servicewhale google+ collections

ServiceWhale’s page uses collections for different products and services.

These collections make it easier for followers to find the specific services they need. They also lead them to testimonials received from happy customers.

#8: Inspire Customers at All Stages

Your business has customers at all stages: potential customers, current customers and former customers. Capri Laguna uses their collections to organize content for customers at each of these three stages.

capri laguna google+ collections

Capri Laguna has collections for different customer stages.

These collections give Capri Laguna’s followers inspirational content to entice them to come to the beach, find things to do while they’re there and reminisce after they leave.

#9: Showcase Amenities

If your business offers many amenities to your customers, you’ll likely want to showcase them. Hyatt does this through their collections.

hyatt google+ collections

Hyatt’s Google+ collections are organized around hotel amenities.

These collections help the Google+ followers find the hotels with specific amenities they want, such as pet-friendly locations or locations with the best food.

#10: Sort the News

Major publications typically have dozens of posts on a daily basis, which can become overwhelming for their audience. BuzzFeed uses their Google+ collections to sort their latest news by specific topics.

buzzfeed google+ collections

BuzzFeed’s collections sort news into different topics.

These collections let Google+ followers subscribe only to the updates they’re most interested in and avoid being overloaded by the rest.

#11: Group Different Memes

Do you like to participate in Monday Motivation, Throwback Thursday or other weekday memes? If so, you can use Google+ Collections to organize your meme posts, like Simply Audrey Cat.

simply audrey cat google+ collections

Simply Audrey Cat has collections for weekday memes.

These collections demonstrate to your followers that you like to have fun with your Google+ page, and that you’ll be updating most days of the week.

How to Create Google+ Collections

Ready to create collections like these for your Google+ personal profile or business? Here’s what to do.

create your first google+ collection

Create your first Google+ collection. Image: Placeit.

1. Go to the Google+ Collections page and click on the Create a Collection button to start a new collection.

If you’ve previously created a collection, you’ll see the screen below instead. Click on the Create a Collection box to start your new collection.

the create a google+ collection button

Click the Create a Collection button to get started.

2. Type in a name for your collection and choose to make it public or visible to specific groups of contacts (circles). Note that you can’t change the privacy setting after you set up your collection.

name google+ collection

Enter a collection name and choose a privacy setting.

3. Click the Customize link to upload a cover photo that is 1080 pixels wide by 607 pixels tall, and choose a theme color. The cover photo and theme are shown on your collection page and in the preview of your collections (as shown in earlier examples).

customize google+ collection

Customize your collection by uploading a photo and choosing a theme color.

4. Post updates directly to your collection pages or add the collection to applicable updates on your profile or page. Your updates will be shown in the collection and on your profile, based on the privacy settings you chose.

google+ collection update

Customize your collection by uploading a photo and choosing a theme color.

Post updates to your collection.


Use your Google+ collections like the pages shown above. Or use yours to organize different types of content such as blog posts, podcasts, videos, white papers, infographics, etc. The options are endless!

What do you think? Are you using Google+ Collections? If so, please share how you use them in the comments!

Google+ collections image created with Placeit.
how to use google+ collections

Tips for using Google+ Collections for business.

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  • Andrew Bassett

    Great article Kristi! I might be able to actually get some value from Google+ after reading this! Just got to actually put Collections into practice!

  • Excellent post Kristi. Just wanted to confirm whether those collection posts do actually show’s on profile or business page post timeline or limited to collection only..??

  • They are “standard” posts in that they show up on your profile.

    The collection they are in is indicated by a collection header.

  • Thanks! A lot depends on the privacy settings for your collection. If you have a collection set to public, it will show up on your profile or page to everyone. If you have a collection set to be shown only to specific circles, only members of those specific circles will see it on your profile or page.

  • Thanks Andrew! 🙂

  • One important gotcha about collections: If you delete the collection you delete ALL the posts in that collection. So be sure to remove them first if you decide to ditch a collection that you don’t like.

    Kristi, Any thoughts on controlling who “subscribes” to a collection. As I’m sure you know, all your followers at the time you create it will be following (unless you untick the box) but recent followers will not be included unless they decide to follow manually.

    When they first came out it felt like a spam fest to me, and there are still days when my stream is chock full of collections posts I’m not interested in at all. For me it seems to be a bit of a balancing act at the moment, and though I love the idea, it still feels a bit unfinished.

  • Is it just me or everyone noticing that these collection are more or less like Pinterest Boards on Google Plus. Well they can be an added advantage to promote things in a more organized way but still I think Google plus is struggling in maintaining its own stature.

  • Emme

    Good article, i believe google plus is very under estimated social networks when it comes for online businesses

  • Caitlin

    It’s VERY similar to Pinterest. But I think Collections could beneficial to highlight a business’s products/services when their demographic is not on Pinterest. B2B comes to mind.

  • Very informative article; I had not realized that Google Collections existed prior to it. Question: can you add past content to Collections?

  • Hey Kristi,

    Thanks for the quick lesson on the use of Google Collections. This would definitely be convenient for my followers so they can sort through my blog posts and other posts! Thanks for sharing! Have,a great week!

  • @Jenna Em
    Yes, you can add your previous posts to a new collection.

  • That’s a great point Susan. Kind of a bummer that they set it up like that.

    The subscribers are another tricky part. Technically, people could subscribe to your collections and not get counted as a follower of your profile / page. And vice versa, new followers are not automatically included in following your collections. It’s tough. And it will be interesting to see how they develop it.

  • Thanks Emme!

  • You can – when you go to the post, you can click on the dropdown arrow at the top right to move it to a collection. 🙂

  • You’re welcome! I hope you have a great week too. 🙂

  • Thanks for the article which gives many good ideas for using collections,
    I have created collections and find it very useful to get some order into my content. The BIG question I still have is HOW to FIND collections of others on topics I would like to follow. Any idea?

  • I love browsing Google+ for photos. It’s awesome that they now have this feature so I can easily get my fix. I haven’t tried it myself yet…but your post made me want to do that right now! Thanks!

  • They don’t have a search specifically for collections right now. You can do a Google search for the following. It’s usually hit or miss though.*/collections marketing

  • You’re welcome Cris! 🙂

  • Love it Kristi, I will definitely put some of these tips into action. Google Plus continues to be my favorite social network.

  • I can promote a post on Google Plus with Adwords using my pages with over 1,000 followers. You don’t think it wise that Google noticed something was working well on Pinterest and brought the feature to its users?

  • Kathy

    I star­ted wor­king at hom­e, by worki­ng various bas­ic jobs which onl­y requir­ed desk­top or laptop com­puter an­d in­ternet conne­ction and I am happ­ier than ev­er… 6 mont­hs hav­e pas­sed sin­ce i start­ed thi­s a­nd i ear­ned so fa­r to­tal of $36k… Ba­sic­ly i p­rofit close to 80 doll­ars/hour­ly an­d w­ork f­or 3 to 4 ho­urs m­ost of the da­ys.A­nd gr­eat thi­ng about thi­s is that yo­u ca­n work when it’s conv­enient to you and t­he paym­ents ar­e we­ekly

  • Well it is more of a far cry, they are struggling in making Google plus a popular network against the likes of Facebook and Twitter.

  • Are Collections just for profiles and not business pages? Whenever I’ve tried to create one it’s part of my personal profile regardless if I am managing my business page.

  • Great Tips for businesses, we can make use of collections as we use pinterest by making boards, I love to make same boards what I have on pinterest for Google+ collections.

  • Some great ideas here, gonna have to rethink my Collections game and try to step it up.

  • Anyone know of a way to auto post to a collection? I’d like to add new products to them from an rss feed.

  • Chad Ryan

    Is there a way to share Admin rights to the Collection so you can have several designated employees posting to it? If not, can you transfer ownership at some point? Otherwise, what would you recommend to use in the Google suite for posting photos and status updates by several designated employees.

  • I don’t *think* there is any service that can autopost to collections at this time. Most services can only automate to Google+ pages. I do know of a few that can do profiles and one that can do communities, but neither can do collections.

  • You might want to try a Community instead. That would allow for different moderators and transfer of ownership.