social media case studiesWe received over 560 nominations for our sixth-annual Top 10 Social Media Blogs contest (the blogosphere’s biggest contest for social media blogs).

The list of 20 finalists is pretty impressive! See for yourself below.

The Judges: Our judges include Douglas Karr (author of Corporate Blogging for Dummies and founder of the Marketing Technology blog), Nichole Kelly (author of How to Measure Social Media and CEO of Social Media Explorer) and Pat Flynn (founder of Smart Passive Income). They’re currently finishing up their reviews of these sites.


Here are the finalists (in alphabetical order):

2015 top ten blog finalists

Explore the finalists for 2015’s Top 10 Social Media Blogs. Image icon from:

How We’ll Pick the Winners

1. Initial qualification: A blog must have a strong social media focus, must have been nominated multiple times by multiple individuals and must be regularly updated. If someone nominated more than one blog, only the first nomination was counted.

2. Final winner selection:

  • Quality of posts: Our judges will examine and score the quality of posts on each blog. Educational and discussion-spurring posts are more valuable than self-promoting posts. This is the most important criterion.
  • Frequency of posts: Blogs that feature multiple posts per week will score higher. This is a sign of the blogger’s commitment to blogging.
  • Reader involvement: Blogs that have regular comments from readers are another sign of a healthy blog. In addition, the numbers of nominations for a specific blog play a part in this.
  • Blog ranking: The number of other blogs that link to the nominated blog shows the value of the content. We’ll use accepted third-party blog ranking systems for this portion of the score.

Congratulations to the finalists! We’ll announce the winners here soon!

What do you think about these blogs? Leave your comments below.

Image icon from
2015 top ten social media blog contest

Finalists for Social Media Examiner’s Top 10 Social Media Blog Contest.

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  • Wow… can’t believe my blog made it to the top 20. This is already a huge achievement, thanks to my voters and readers, and thank you to Social Media Examiner for connecting everyone around Social Media. Good luck to everyone else on that list.

  • Congrats @AntonioCalero:disqus.

  • Superb!

  • SocialBro

    Thanks so much to everyone for their nominations! We’re super excited to be included in the finalist list! Fingers crossed. Great list of blogs, good luck to everyone! 🙂

  • Really an honor to be on this list. Thanks everyone!

  • Congrats man!

  • MelissaRatti

    Wow! What a great list. We think they’re all winners. Congrats to the nominees!

  • Great job guys! As someone who has written for 2 blogs that made the Top 10 this is definitely a cool honor! Good luck everyone!

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  • Love to see Simply Measured on this list, congrats!

  • Ashley Ennis

    Simply Measured! Love that blog!

  • Thanks everyone. Honored that an old war horse like Convince & Convert can still compete with these scary-good upstarts!

  • Plus Your Business has set high standard by education constantly businesses on best approach and skills on GooglePlus and I’m glad this contribution shows on the finals!

  • Awesome. Thanks so much to whoever got me up there. Love to all my friends in the SME community.

  • Melonie Dodaro

    We are thrilled at Top Dog Social Media to have made this list again in 2015 with so many of our amazing peers! Good luck to everyone on the final cut!

  • Melonie Dodaro

    Well deserved Jay 😉

  • Melonie Dodaro

    That’s wonderful Antonio, I know you’ve worked hard to make this list. Congratulations!!

  • Are we allowed to SQUEEE in the comments? I’m just so thrilled to be nominated with the stellar group. Thank you SME!! <3 <3

  • Rod Arnold

    Congratulations Peg!

  • Rod Arnold

    Congratualtions Melonie!

  • I’m honored to be among such great social media blogs. Thanks a lot Social Media Examiner for this nomination! Also, thank you to all our Hot in Social Media readers and friends! Congrats to all the other 19 top social media blogs!

  • Congrats Antonio!

  • Congrats @jonloomer:disqus!

  • Bridget Quigg

    Woo, woo to Simply Measured! Great stories and insights.

  • Melonie Dodaro

    Thanks Rod 😉

  • Thanks Adi. Congrats to you too.

  • Thanks Adi. Congrats to you too.

  • I’ve worked really hard… but it ain’t over yet 🙂 Congratulations to you too Melonie.

  • Same to you mate. Do you remember when a year ago you told me to go for this? Haven’t made it to the top 10 yet but this is already an achievement. Thanks for your push.

  • Thank you Christian, see you in San Diego (got something for you 😉 )

  • You deserve it Jon. Now for the top 10…

  • Rebekah Radice

    WOW, I’m incredibly honored to have made this list alongside so many of my favorite fellow bloggers. Thank you to everyone for their nominations and to SME and the judges. I am blown away by this!

  • Rebekah Radice

    Congrats Scott!

  • Rebekah Radice

    It’s well deserved Mark – congrats!

  • Rebekah Radice

    Congratulations Melonie. It’s never a surprise to me when your name makes a list. You are a ROCKSTAR!

  • Rebekah Radice

    I have to join in on that SQUEEEE! Congrats Peg. You deserve every bit of that nomination!

  • Love Rebekah Radice. Her writing is so clear, insightful and relevant. I’ve shared her content more than anyone else’s and deeply appreciate her commitment to blogging. We’d be lost without her!!

  • Delighted to be on the list with so many great blogs!

  • Rod Arnold

    Congrats my friend, well deserved!

  • Rebekah Radice

    What an enormous compliment Larry – thank you!

  • heidicohen

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for including me in this amazing Top 20 list! I appreciate the Social Media Examiner community.

    Congrats to everyone on the list.

    Happy marketing,
    Heidi Cohen

  • Jonathan Smythe

    Congrats- you deserve it! Your content is great!

  • Thank you Rod, Rebekah, and Jonathan!

  • Nirmala Santhakumar

    Great list. I’m regular to few of the blogs to enhance my social presence. Good to know the used strategies to pick the winners. Will visit the missed social media blogs.

  • Thank you Rod!

  • Yay, well done Heidi.

  • Thanks my friend!

  • Woohoo! Very grateful to be in this Top 20 list among so many great bloggers I have such great respect for!!

  • Yes, please squee some more!

  • Well deserved Ian!!

  • AJ

    WOW, We have some really good stuff here..

    But i wonder if anyone can answer my question? it seems a lot of people can’t.

    How can i engange with an audience whos intrestes are private to them (ie Non Surgical Hair Replacement) They Dont tweet about it, they dont post on Facebook about it, there’s no way of finding them!

    is relying on SEO and the art of being found on Google the only way?

  • AJ

    Great Work!

  • Andy Vale

    Pleased to see you in there too Melonie, it’s an honour to be alongside you and so many others. Good luck!

  • I remember a couple of years ago I kept thinking “I wish Rebekah would set up her personal brand website” haha – because…THIS!

  • Double squee @PegFitzpatrick:disqus – well done!

  • Thanks so much Social Media Examiner – chuffed to make it for the 3rd year in the finals as I think the quality of blogs gets infinitely better every year. Sooo many awesome blogs this year, many of which I read religiously. Good choices!

  • Congrats all. Well deserved by Razor Social

  • Andy Vale

    Fancy seeing you here Ian, honoured to have SocialBro on the list with you!

  • Thanks Bryan

  • I’ve read some great posts on your blog recently Andy so delighted you are on the list also!!

  • Anthony Kirlew

    A great bunch of bloggers indeed; many of whom I follow regularly and one who I have the privilege of working with (Rebekah Radice). Congrats Rebekah!

  • Congrats Melonie! (What a great welcome home!)

  • Congrats, Jay!

  • Rod Arnold

    Congratulations Donna! You ROCK!

  • Wendy Kiana Kelly

    Perfect response! Great work!

  • Thanks!

  • Melonie Dodaro

    Thanks so much Andrew, it was the best welcome home!

  • Melonie Dodaro

    Thanks Andy, good luck to you too!

  • Melonie Dodaro

    As are you my dear Rebekah.

  • Mark Besh

    Jeff Bullas is a great resource for Social Media tactics and strategies.

  • Thanks Rod!

  • This is the top 10 Bloggers of social Media Marketing Blog.

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  • Congrats Heidi! Well deserved!

  • Congrats Mike!

  • Yeah! Congrats Rebekah!

  • WOO HOO! Congrats Peg!

  • I really haven’t stopped yet, Mike! 🙂

  • Thanks Donna and congrats to you!

  • Thank you Wendy!

  • Thank you Neal! I really appreciate it! 🙂

  • Thanks rightbackatya!

  • Thanks so much for including me. To say I’m chuffed is an understatement 🙂 Some of my favourite blogs are on this list so delighted to be a part of it.

  • Nazim Beltran

    Great to see Plus Your Business on this list! The level of content, help and the great people I have met on this Blog is superb!

  • Георги Георгиев

    Well, looking at the criteria and I’m not sure if comments really represents the involvement. PlusYourBusiness! is a perfect example of this. Very productive, deeply involved in collaboration community, that operates in extreme speed. On quality of posts and qualification they are also the best. IMHO they should be at least in Top 5.

  • Janine Marriott

    Hi Nazim! 100% agree with you, I’m chuffed to bits to see Plus Your Business on the list it’s so well deserved and I have to say it’s great to see so many G+’ers here on this thread congratulating each other!

    The combination of information, education and fun within PYB is the perfect way in my opinion to bring people together and it certainly does that within the community!

    I have learnt more over the last few months through PYB and the people that engage with them, than from any other source. I genuinely look forward to these posts, not only to learn from them but also to ‘meet up’ with my G+ friends. Good Luck!

  • Plus Your Business provides excellent and authoritative information not only on Google+, but the overall ecosystem of Social Media. As well, it’s an outstanding learning rersource.

  • Wow ! So many high quality influencers here ! I’m all shy writing my little comment here, especially when so many of you guys (and girls) brought me so much with your amazing content !
    If I would have to choose, my preference will go to Martin shervington and his project Plus your business !
    At the same time, I love Peg Fitzpatrick (who wrote an awesome book with Guy Kawasaki BTW) and Rebekah Radice. They both have content that give me a kick in the back and push me forward.

    This was the little top 3 of the “newcomer in this world” Frenchie.

    Thanks to all of you, and keep it rocking !

  • Where did you get the kick Gaetan ?! 😀

  • Straight in my Google+ ! 😀

  • Heidi Bouman

    Very pleased to see Martin Shervingtons Plus your Business blog nominated, there’s a very active community around it and so much useful information 🙂

  • Awesome achievement to make the finals list, Plus Your Business, you get my vote!

  • Larry Fournillier

    Agreed Heidi! Martin Shervington is probably the hardest working man on G+ and he has taken Plus Your Business to the next level. I’m so happy to see that all of his hard work is finally being recognized. Good luck to PYB and Martin!

  • David Stickney

    Well, with all the fine finalists listed above, I sure wouldn’t want to be the person who had to pick from these choices – because if I was given the task, I would certainly be bias to Martin Shervington’s Plus Your Business. Let’s face it, from brick and mortar to 100% virtual and intangible, placement in Google and traffic from the suite of google offerings make integration and exploitation a MUST for anyone with a presence on the net.

    I’m bias towards Plus Your Business not merely for the fact it’s the most definitive source for up to date guides on the latest changes and features, but for the personal touch Martin accents into the mix given you an edge, he goes behind the “how to” onward to “the reason why” and his insightful oulook as to the human aspect of social media make a real difference. I’ve leverage his step by step instructions for a major hotel chain with great results, Plus your Business showing me the ropes while the ropes were still being weaved by the folks at google.

    I’ve followed Plus Your Business for a couple years now, 5 stars for being first with breaking info and for the additional insight into leveraging the environment to your advantage,.

  • David Stickney

    I agree, everyone you listed is well deserving

  • The PYB blog is one of the most powerful targeted resources on G+ on the web. Really great to s,ee it here.

  • David Stickney

    AJ, Leverage video, there is little to dispute when it comes to a view count.

  • Heidi Bouman

    I’m not sure when Martin sleeps Larry :))

  • Martin Holmes

    Awesome to see Martin Shervington with his Plus Your Business has made it on this list…Martin is with doubt The Man From Google.. PYB is the most definitive source for up to date guides on the latest changes and features on Google+ ..Well said David Stickney … You have my vote Plus Your Business

  • MartinSherv

    Big thank you to everyone for all their support.
    Myself and the Plus Your Business team decided to disable comments on the website, and instead focus on driving more conversations in community.
    As such, I really appreciate you popping on by here and letting the good people at SME know that the engagement is happening in the right places for PYB.

  • Alex Garcia

    My personal choice is Plus Your Business. Excellent informative articles with great content.

  • Stan Bush

    Plus Your Business is certainly one of the go to blogs for many. It’s great to see that it is in this group of top 20. It’s an amazing list, with amazing content. Best of luck to Martin.

  • Ruttledge Roland

    I nominate ‘Plus Your Business’ for its consistency, enthusiasm, and quality of output.

  • Alexandra Riecke-Gonzales

    Congrats Martin!!! And so well deserved! The PYB site is simply THE place for anyone in or wanting to join G+ to go. So many resources in so many formats… So glad it’s getting the recognition it deserves.

  • tamcdonald

    So many great ones listed here. I must say that I read quite a few of them, but PYB always feels like I’m being addressed directly by the way Martin introduces his content.

  • Denis Labelle

    +1 for Plus Your Business. More than a blog, it’s a platform, an ecosystem, an Academy, and a vibrant international community. PYB’s influential work is recognised worldwide for its pioneering approach, continuing to define and lead the industry.
    Denis Labelle (voted as the Top 3 people who should be Google+ spokesperson and The most knowledgeable about Google+ by the Google+ community.)

  • Wow, this is quite a list. I’m glad I don’t have to make the decision. It seems the bar gets higher every year! Among the finalists, I read most of them, but the three that stand out for me consistently are Plus Your Business, Peg Fitzpatrick’s blog and Rebekah Radice’s blog. Those are my top three for consistently delivering awesome content day after day. I have to say, though, that I don’t judge a blog by it’s comments any more. The conversations take place in so many places that I rarely comment on a blog anymore. I comment on the content on whatever platform I happen to first see the content. I wonder @MichaelStelzner if that is being taken into consideration as well?

  • congrats Peg! Love your blog!

  • congrats Rebekah, love your blog!

  • Congratulations Plus your business for making it to the top 10. You sure have loads of useful content G+ and social media!

  • cmolchany

    PYB is such a great resource, Martin. Congrats! And yes, the PYB G+ community is absolutely the right place for engagement. 🙂 Good luck!

  • Plus Your Business for the win! Google+ has a vibrant community of business people, and PYB is the leading voice. An organized, global community of successful individuals leveraging their abilities to empower the success of others. This visionary group, shares their knowledge daily and the Plus Your Business blog is on the cutting edge of a platform that’s changing how the world conducts business.

  • Mary Stovall

    Congratulations to Martin Shervington and Plus Your Business! The content on the PYB is top tier. Well written, with close to 300 articles and videos, the blog covers a wide range of all things Google+. And the blog is only a piece of the PYB picture – the communities, collaboration, and Academy make PYB a rich and rewarding Google+ experience.

  • Daz Thornton

    The Plus Your Business website (for me) is THE go-to authority on all matters concerning Google+. I also send anyone their way who is new to Google+, and may need the comprehensive support that the site offers, as well as the thriving Plus Your Business communities that exist on Google+ itself.

    As an additional support to the content on the website, the PYB community is always there as a point of contact for any questions that site visitors or Plus users may have in general, and it is moderated beautifully.

    Really proud to see them in the line-up above 🙂

  • Gina Fiedel

    I see so many worthy and wonderful finalists here but I want to add my particular shout out on behalf of Plus Your Business who are providing a innovative and invaluable service at GooglePlus. What they are teaching individuals and businesses about building a powerful online presence is completely unique and they community they have built around this is truly astounding. I marvel at it constantly.

  • George Cohn

    That’s quite the collection of authoritative blogs, it would be tough to pick just one. However in the Google+ arena, nothing compares to Plus Your Business. This is due not only to its structure and its results-oriented approach to Google+, but its deep understanding of the social and psychological underpinnings. The result is that you learn to truly use the platform as opposed to gaming it.

  • Sanjiv Manifest

    I am so happy to see Martin Shervington and his Plus Your Business on this list. It is one of the most valuable blogs for Google+ (and also Social Media in general). I have met incredible folks that have enriched my G+ knowledge and I continue to learn through Plus Your Business’s related sources: the G+ community, the PYB Academy and of course in the general interactions on G+. I am currently involved in a “Google Local” search project that emerged as a result of small group of motivated Plussers who were part of PLus Your Business – a clear example of the practical value of PYB!

    There are other valuable blogs in this list but hands down, my vote is for Plus Your Business!

  • A great list! Congratulations everyone! And lovely to see Plus Your Business there. As something I read almost daily it well deserves its place – well I think so anyway 🙂

  • Sanjiv Manifest

    Congrats Martin … PYB is unquestionably THE place for “everything Google+” – not only does it have incredibly rich resources (almost an endless list) but the networking/engaging is absolutely invaluable. A very well deserved recognition! …

    Bravo Martin!

  • Cherie Manifest

    My social media platform is Google+ and Martin Shervington’s Plus Your Business is simply the best resource for Google+. Martin and PYB have allowed me to learn and navigate Google+ with ease. Congratulations Martin … I am deeply grateful for your presence on Google+

  • I would like to underscore how incredibly valuable +Plus Your Business has been in my introduction to Google+ as well as taking my social media expertise levels higher. No one is more generous in sharing all his experience and knowledge with others for the greater good than +Martin Shervington. A list of influental blogs would not be complete without PYB!!

  • George Sepich

    Great to see Plus Your Business in the finals. It has a lot of good company.

  • Tea

    Happy to see Pluss your Business on this list!

  • Monika Schmidt

    PlusYourBusiness is the market place where all the ideas come together and find inspiration, great advice and support. They get the energy for developement and find their way to boost like a rocket. Go!!!

  • Some great blogs, but a big smile to see Plus Your Business on there.

    @MartinSherv has done a great job, educated hundreds, if not thousands on Google+, often when the naysayers were circling.

  • Hey thanks @Neal Schaffer! Really appreciate it!!

  • Awesome list, Social Media Examiner thanks for creating it. Of, course I can’t hide my love for Plus Your Business as when it comes to Google + this is where the the fun learning starts. Good luck to all the finalists.

  • Fabulous top 20! But everyone has favorites – the blog that makes me a little smarter with every read providing a choice of in-depth analysis or immediate need-to-know-and-go answers is Plus Your Business.

  • Wow what a great list!! Congrats to all, good luck. An extra high five to the blog I am proudly contributing to hotinsocialmedia – Great work @Adi Domocos 🙂

  • Andy Vale

    Congratulations on the nomination Martin, honoured that SocialBro is nominated alongside you. I’ve found your work thoroughly interesting. All the best!

  • Larry Fournillier

    I don’t think he does Heidi 🙂

  • Yuko Nakamura

    Congratulations, Plus Your Business! You have my vote!

  • Thank a lot @adeldemeyer:disqus!

  • Serge Labelle

    PYB – Plus Your Business has been a key toolbox for our clients. I am not a big fan of blog because it’s always information, information however PYB is action oriented which I like more than anything else. I am busy and need answers and tools now.

  • Amy Harrison

    Plus Your Business has a super engaged, loyal community, but with a real focus on creating tangible results as well as conversations. I barely used G+ before I discovered the PYB site, and now it’s been a huge part of my content marketing strategy and product launches because G+ does work. The techniques I’ve used all came from the PYB blog. It’s refreshingly practical and easy to apply. Go Martin!

  • Wow, what an honor to have the Buffer Social blog on this amazing list! It means so much to us that y’all thought of us here; thanks for making our day!

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  • I know that Plus Your Business has taught me how to succeed in using G+. I finally found the right network for me thanks to all the great support and helpful advice.

  • Geoffrey Dorrity

    Much props to Amanda Webb and the Spiderworking blog which has been an invaluable social resource to myself and many others in recent years!

  • A well deserved recognition for all of them. You just gave me new bloggers to follow in my continuous study of social + PR.

  • Thanks Geoffrey 🙂

  • Thanks Geoffrey 🙂

  • RandyBowden

    Congrats Mark, well deserved!

  • RandyBowden

    Well done and deserving Rebekah, congratulations

  • RandyBowden

    Congrats Ian

  • Rebekah Radice

    Thank you @RandyBowden:disqus! I hope to see you in San Diego for SMMW15!