social media reviewsWe received over 1400 nominations for our Top 10 Small Business Facebook Page contest.

The list of 20 finalists is pretty impressive! Take a look for yourself below.

The Judges: Our judges include Mari Smith (co-author, Facebook Marketing: An Hour a Day), Dave Kerpen (author, Likeable Social Media) and Michael Stelzner (author, Launch).

The Finalists (in alphabetical order)

How We’ll Pick the Winners

#1: Initial qualification:

A page must have a compelling Facebook presence, must have been nominated multiple times by multiple individuals and must be regularly updated. If someone nominated more than one page, only the first nomination was counted.

#2: Final winner selection:

Quality of Facebook page: Our judges will examine and score the Facebook page of each finalist (65% of decision).

Fan engagement: Facebook pages that have regular comments from readers are another sign of a healthy page. In addition, the number of nominations for a specific page plays a part in this (35%).

Congratulations to the finalists! We’ll announce the winners here soon!

What do you think about these Facebook pages? Leave your comments in the box below…

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  • Congratulations to the top 10 !!!

  • Lilly like this business because there are so many beautiful gowns and accessories to choose from, simply advertised and easy to contact 

  • Hi Lilly – The nomination process is over.

  • I echo that Kimberly

  • Hey Mike and the SME crew! Thaaaaanks for selecting Post Planner in your Top 20! Such a wonderful surprise and encouragement for us, we hope we make it to the Top 10 too, who knows! Cheers, Julie… from Post Planner, obviously 🙂

  • Socialammo

    This site should have made top 10 easy 🙂

  • Roland

    Honestly, I think most of the pages are lackluster. 

  • Congrats Julie!

  • Sdsingley

    I’m so excited to see that Piggies and Paws is part of the top 20!  It is the most amazing business to work for and be a part of!

  • No waay – the music is HORRIBLE and the page pictures and text are choppy and overwhelming.

  • gregcooper

    I completely agree. Most of them are still using Static FBML. There are way better tools out there.

  • Scott Gaulin

    Roland, couldn’t have said it better or nicer myself. Wake me when it’s over! This was a snooze fest.

  • Belle

    It is surprising to me that any page with a typo in the title would make the top 20.  Horse Marketing Buisness instead of Business?  Maybe that is part of their marketing ploy but it is disappointing to see it supported by a reputable site like this one.

  • Thank you so much! This is Rand from:   We are so thrilled to be a part of the 2011 Small Business pages.  To be recognized by the Social Media Examiner is so exciting!  It is because of the Social Media Examiner and Mari Smith that this horse business page has done so well.   We have many non horse fans who have also joined us for our amazing community.  Together, we have made a difference for each other. 

  • Belle – We did not hold a typo against a nomination.

  • Hey Roland – A good Facebook page does not require a lot of luster.  This is not unusual for most small business pages that were nominated

  • I am a huge fan of hiredMYway! Their page is very engaging and has AMAZING tabs!

  • There is no way is using static FBML.

  • DivineDiva2011

    I like the look of Easy Lunch Boxes facebook page, but I think SnapRetail is best utilizing the platform for their business by adding photos, status updates and lots of other stuff.

  • Congrats to the finalists!

  • We are stoked to be part of the top 20! Thank you everyone!

  • Thank you Mari, Michael and Dave for including SnapRetail as part of the finalist, we are thrilled! I even did a snappy dance around the office cause I was so excited! Congrats to everyone else, there are some wonderful businesses out there making a difference with their Facebook page! -Crystal, Director of Social Media at SnapRetail

  • Pat Wages, Neighsayers

    Wow! We are so excited here at Neighsayers. Thanks to all our super fans for your support. Horse folks are the nicest fans. Pat @761cdec57cf69b6c8694625ada125ba3:disqus  Neighsayers

  • iamBraga

    Has anyone taken a close look at these top ten pages? How did they become top ten???

  • Wow, worst top 10 small business fan pages I have seen. Like Roland and Greg said, half of these are still using old technologies. 

    Some of the pages still go to their FB wall first. The other half are just big images with no interaction.. 

    Please tell me this is a joke. 

  • Your guess is as good as mine.

  • I guess you had to run a campaign to get nominated. I looked at all twenty and half just go there wall – I find it hard to believe with 700 million active users and who know how many fan pages these are the top 20 small businesses. For those selected congrats. For those that made the selections – a big thumbs down.

  • How to Market Your Horse Business is a remarkable, highly interactive fanpage.  I’ve never seen so much content offered continuously and new ingenious ways to raise interaction like this page does.  They allow fans to showcase their horse industry businesses every Friday (who does that?), they reward fans who make the most comments, it’s just a pleasure to watch and be part of.  I am not in the horse industry, but know Randi personally, have watched her create HTMYHB and the growth has been phenomenal.  This is one page who truly gets what Social Media is all about and has the personal interaction down to a fine art.

  • wow, very disappointed. I was expecting awesome looking fan pages and interaction. These top 10 are very disappointing. I think you need to take another look at the finalist.

  • Lara K Hansen

    YAY! So proud of @FriscoSquare making the list! 😀

  • I have to agree with you Pat.  Horse people rock!   Who would have thought that two horse businesses would make it here?   The spirit of the horse is now a part of the Social Media Examiner!  

  • I am so jealous.  I need to make a better facebook page. 

  • Trudy’s Fan Page is my favorite and love when they post their AD’s that didn’t make it.

  • I am so honored, Piggies & Paws was selected as a top 10 finalist. Although we may not have the latest technology or the most luxurious aesthetics, we are a small business that cares tremendously about our connections with our client base, something most consumers are longing for in this economy. With tighter budgets, we all want to spend our hard earned money on a product/brand we can trust and we all know genuine engagement is the key to creating that kind of loyalty. Social Media has provided a great opportunity for all brands to engage with their market directly and bring them quality business with a “mom & pop” feel, regardless of their size, technical knowledge, or marketing budgets.

    As a company, we recognize Facebook as a place where people gather to socialize and seek quality connections. If a brand they love has a brand page, the product is what attracts them to initiate a “like.” Yes, the page should be easy to navigate through and pleasing to the eye, but what gets “fans” to come back, again and again, is not impressive technology, but the fact that their needs, questions and praises are being heard and recognized. 

    So I ask myself, does it make me less of a business person if I’m surpassing goals, meeting many needs and satisfying consumers driving a Pinto versus a Porsche? And how great is it, that in the land of SM, those of us still on Pinto budgets are still able to create the high-quality, digital atmosphere many of the Porche drivers are still striving to create?

    If this was a contest based on technology and aesthetics alone, I’d agree with some of those in disagreement. Most of us small businesses do not have the budgets to compete with larger brands. Someday we will. I believe this contest was for the “little guy” in Social Media. Not so much the vehicle that’s being used, but for the “social’ power that’s flowing through it. The small business doing huge things with what they have. 

    With that being said, I am truly honored to have my company chosen as one of the top ten. I have worked very hard to grow my business while keeping quality relationships a top priority. It is a great feeling knowing that was seen on our brand page and acknowledged by so many without any promotion or campaigning. For me, my artists, our clients and I’m sure all who were chosen here, this is a highly valued recognition of the genuine passion we have for our businesses. Best wishes to all top 10 and much thanks to Social Media Examiner and all the credible judges.

    Jennifer Thomas

  • Clark Taylor

    Agree!  Some of them are actually in violation of FB contest guidelines.  Illegal Jacks is requiring people to “Like” a post to win a contest. 

    “…you must not condition registration or entry upon the user liking a Wall post, or commenting or uploading a photo on a Wall.”

  • Did you look at’s page? That is a solid page…

  • Brian T. Jacobson

    Being a small business is tough enough without having to manage a FB page and given tight budgets, many business owners are doing it themselves. Hats off to those that can even master the basics. Some of these are definitely better than others though. I must have missed the request for nominations because there are a few SB sites that definitely have FB down.

  • Allison Butkiewicz

    HiredMYWay is by far the best of these pages….great content and love the Token Guys!

  • iam – We run a nomination process and 1400 nominations came in.  These are the top 20

  • Hey Clark – I did just notice that.  Clearly they were not doing this when we analyzed them.

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  • Lucy Felton Banta

    We are thrilled to have New Jersey Family make the list! Our fans
    rock–we thank them for joining in the discussion, sharing information,
    and helping fellow New Jerseyans live, work, and play in the Garden
    State! And, we thank Mari, Dave, and Michael for this opportunity; we
    have learned lots of tips and tricks from their posts, blogs, and
    sessions in the SMSS11.

  • I love Kimberly Castleberry’s page. She puts out some great information and tips. It tends to be very interactive.

  • Thank You so very much. We feel privileged to be short listed with the other wonderful companies. 

    Our clients and likes really make our page, interacting with us hourly and daily. We listen to what they want and try to implement that. We have plans to include newer technology and options and get very excited by the opportunities that social media offers.

    We wish everyone the best of luck and we will make sure to link to and like all your pages.

    Tara Choules & Lisa Whelan
    Dog Training Ireland

  • Angeline-Marie Martinez

    Kim Castleberry is my favorite source of social media tips. 

  • Dr. Bob Clarke

    I second that for Kimberly Castleberry — she freely gives of her advice in all aspects of social media.  She never disappoints!

  • I vote for Kim also, her site if very helpful and always has the latest Facebook information.

  • What I see about this contest is that you guys do great job by promoting people businesses in a nice way, I was expecting to see popular and famous pages, but no.. this is really awesome!

    I like 80% of the pages haha, but almost all of them are new to me, I only know Kimberly as a very supportive person.

    Good luck to everyone!

  • Kim Castleberry all the way!!!! Hubze loves her!

  • I am so glad Kimberly Castleberry made the list. Totally deserved. I love her page and she has been so helpful since i met her. Not to mention all the urgent help I needed and always got quick answers from her. 

    Go KIM!

  • Thanks to all of you for putting up a remarkable list! 

    For me it is surely Kimberly Castleberry for her great tips and advice regarding all aspects of social media. And she is a very helpful person, which makes it all the more better!

  • Clark Taylor

    Fair enough.

  • Clark Taylor

    I’d hate for someone to point out every typo I’ve ever had in every post. I mean, hey…it’s social media! Who cares? Right? But I have to agree with Belle.  A typo in the title is really bad and you certainly don’t deserve any awards!

  • Marnie Hughes

    Congrats to all who made the list and inspire the rest of us to go for it next year!

  • I have not been this excited in I don’t know how long. As a do-it-all-myself mompreneur, this is the very first time my graphic design and social media skills have ‘won’ me any kind of accolade. 
    I am beyond delighted to be included in this list. I think a few weeks ago I mentioned this contest a couple of times to my fans and asked them to nominate my page if they were so inclined but (in response to a few comments here) I did not run any kind of campaign, and in fact, forgot about this contest all together until someone tweeted me tonight that I had made the list(!!)Thank you Social Media Examiner!!! I have learned probably 75% of my Facebook marketing skills right here,  and special thanks to Mari Smith for pointing me in the direction of the app ( that I used for my welcome and newsletter sign-up tab. Just invaluable advice here every day, and as someone who soaks up as much of it as I can, to be given a big pat on the back like this? Um, just a little bit thrilling. Thank you again!

  • I liked @EasyLunchBoxes:disqus . It’s colourful, clean in therms of image and information and communicates the idea of a house-keeping doing smth useful with her life and the others’, monetizing what she makes better: “cooking”. 

    Congratulations for the selection and @SocialMediaExaminer:disqus ! We follow u from Argentina every day! @InfluentialMkt:twitter

  •  Good luck to all those who made to the top 10 list…

    Singha Roy

    Facebook fan page –

  • I have not been this excited in I don’t know how long. As a do-it-all-myself mompreneur, this is the very first time my graphic design and social media skills have ‘won’ me any kind of accolade. I am beyond delighted to be included in this list. Thank you Social Media Examiner! I have learned probably 75% of my Facebook marketing skills right here. Just invaluable advice here every day, and as someone who soaks up as much of it as I can, to be given a big pat on the back like this? Um, just a little bit thrilling. Thank you again and of course, special thanks to all my fans with whom I interact daily. Without them, there’s no social. Just media I guess 😉 – Kelly Lester, mom and CEO,

  • I love the Dog Training Ireland Fb page because, as one of their customers, their regular updates, especially the frequent posts of photos of happy dogs in their care – means I can relax in the knowledge that my dog is safe, well, stimulated and having great fun. Without their Daycare service, it wouldn’t have been possible for me to have a pet at all so for me, a non geek/nerd who knows nothing about the back-end of FB or any other social media- I truly appreciate their current FB efforts and, knowing the enthusiasm these guys have for what they do, am sure the page will get better and better. Congrats guys! – Shelley Keating

  • Great to see how small businesses engage with there fans! Good luck to the top 10!


  • I ‘Liked’ Brasserie66 because they included a link to FREE PAGEMODO !!
    That is something universally useful.
    I won’t be needing to ‘horse whisper’ any time soon (last time I horse whispered, the horse whispered, “Get off! Quick!”)

  • Oh well, totally forgot to nominate my Wifes page – DOH  :o)
    It’s really pretty too.
    Some great examples on the list though for some great ideas.  

  • Congratulations to all of you! 

  • Garyp1724

    My vote goes to Kimberly Castleberry.  Straight forward, easy to follow comprehensive updates.

  • As a social media agency, a top 10 poll of the fastest emerging companies on fb is right up our street. In the advent of digital media, more and more brands are seeking to harness the power of audience engagement using facebook. A sizeable social media presence is a sure fire way to increase brand uplift. The future is very much in the now. Team Grape

  • But the typo is intentional??! It says so on their page

  • Wow! their are some really cool facebook pages here! Congratulations to all of you!

  • Congratulations to all of the top 20 finalists! We are so excited that SnapRetail made the list. We try to be a great resource for retailers and LOVE interacting with them on our page!

  • DebbieZLattuga

    The absolute best one is She gives away so much cool stuff for small business.

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  • I’ve been following Kimberly on for ages and she is the best.

  • Raenalynn1

    My vote to goes to Kimberley Castelberry. She has one of the most engaging Fan Pages and provides content that offers others solutions to problems that cannot be found as easily on other area as just visiting her page. My gosh all you have to do is ask her, and BOOM, problem solved. Kimberly is also an expert and is more knowledgeable about her content than anyone I know. She has a rock solid niche and an awesome Fan Page! 

  • Ya gotta love Kimberly!  She is a Social Media rock star!

  • Clark Taylor

    I think it was a creative attempt to fix the typo.  They realized they had a typo in their page name after they had a substantial number of fans.  According to Facebook you cannot change your page name if you have more than 100 connections.  You’d have to delete your page and start over. 

    You have to admit, this makes no sense:”You may have noticed the spelling on this page is wrong. Or is it spelled the way you’ve been marketing your horse business?”

  • Dr. Bob Clarke

    Yesterday I had a major issue on my WordPress blog.  I needed help so as I often do, I posted my problem on Kimberly Castleberry’s FB fan page —  

    Not only did she take the time to diagnose the problem and walk me through a potential fix, she wants me to report back to her about this issue so she can warn other WordPress issues of a potential plugin problem if it persists.  I thought that was very cool.

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  • lemosher’s fan page is AMAZING!  You guys ROCK! 

  • Wow. Just wow. You hit the nail right on the head, Jennifer. Social Media and online engagement is not about who has the most money, but who CARES the most. I see that in each of the top 20 finalists and it makes my heart happy that these entrepreneurs “get” the real purpose of social media. I’m honored to be a social strategist for Piggies And Paws because the captain of the ship has a heart for her clients an artists. If every company, no matter the size, was to grasp the real purpose for socializing their brand and care as much as these contenders do, we would certainly see brand loyalty and profit margins sky rocket. Cheers to all of you who understand the heart of the matter. I salute you!

  • Gena Morris

    Jennifer, once again you have shown how you are a part of the Top 10. It is why this company will always be in my heart. Social Media is all about engagement and caring. Money can’t buy that!

  • Linda Grace Cox

    Kimberly has been my mentor since I began social media marketing and blogging almost 3 years ago!  She has helped me through it all with kindness and patience!  I owe my success to Kimberly, she deserves number one!  

  • gets my vote. Kimberly Castleberry is an incredible help to me, she is so knowledgeable for Facebook, Twitter & WordPress and I use her page and newsletter as exclusive info to help me navigate social media waters. She has been able to help me with personal emails and feels like she is a “real” friend.

  • Juracy Johnson

    Some of the selected are very slow to open

  • Tracey keefer

    Kimberly Castleberry is the best!  She is one of the best mentors and trainers EVER and she is constantly giving back to the community!  Kim is my go-to-girl for all questions of wordpress and social media.  By allowing anyone to ask questions on her page and her giving us the answers she shares the information with everyone so we can all learn!

    I just can’t say enough about Kim and her business but in addition to all that she is one of the most authentic caring people I have ever met which we all know equals integrity in spades!

    If you have guessed my vote is for KIMBERLY CASTLEBERRY!!!

    “Dream, Believe, Become…”
    Tracey Keefer

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  • Lori Mooney

    Kimberly Castleberry
    is the best!  She is a wealth of amazing knowledge and transparency in our huge online world! She has helped me out of “techy trouble” too many times to mention. She is giving and created GREAT fanpages!!! Woohoo – vote for Kim!


    Brasserie Sixty6 Restaurant, Dublin, Ireland.

    We would like to thank anyone who nominated us into this list and also the panel who voted us into the top list. We really enjoy being able to interact with our customers live on Facebook and are realising that our facebook page is more powerful then our website because of the interaction.
    We are thrilled for being recognised with SocialMediaExaminer and we look forward to continued success!

  • Sixthman is my favorite.

  • That horse whisper person sure knows social media.  We have been watching that page and have never seen so many comments by fans.  We are not horse people but have now joined   so we can see a master at work.  Seems like there are others like us there who are not horse people but are there to watch what is happening.  It is easy to see why this page was nominated.  If they can do this well in the horse world we can do even more by following the success of this page.  

  • So excited to have Sixthman on the list.  Thanks to everyone who nominated us!

  • And your food is just divine!

  • Reginahamilton72

    well done to all the finalist , but i have to say Dog training Ireland are well deserving. They keep their page updated , full of interesting stuff and very interactive . One of if not my favorite pages to visit. They show a genuine interest in the people who like their page and their fans :)))))))

  • Kimberly Castleberry AlwayS has something to catch my eye and attention!

  • Marla Hughes

    Excellent entries, but my vote has to go to Kim Castleberry as well.
    I haven’t met anyone more engaged and engaging on Twitter, Facebook and her blog.
    I’ve been sending my friends to Kim for several years now and every one of them ends up following her religiously like I do. Every one of them. 🙂

  • MarciJames

    Obeo is honored to be on your nomination list!  You guys ROCK!!

  • John

    I think hiredMYway has a very solid page, and seems pretty engaging. The custom tab icons are a nice touch, and that bar at the top with the social media sharing options is very cool! Plus the videos, the twitter feed, and the content are all related to the brand identity. I think that it is miles ahead of the rest.

  • I give my vote to Kimberly Castleberry

  • Out of many pages of facebook, its amazing to pick  and considered as the “top”. I congratulate all of you. 
    But my vote will goes to I visited here page and I consider her as one of the genius in the word online world. She offers help and knowledge that will help those bloggers, and others online world patronizer.  This would give benefit to those starter and newbie. Keep it up Kim.

  • Siobhan_lyons

    Dog Training Ireland to win! They are quite simply the best!

  • Bob

    Granted, I did not check out all the finalists, only 4 random ones.  But of those 4, only 1 had a custom landing page, and that one was just a graphic.  It was a nice graphic, but not at all interactive or anything.  The other ones just defaulted to the wall. 

    I guess I don’t see how these guys could be finalists when they are just like any other FB fanpage?

  • Awesome lineup of Facebook business pages!! Phew, that was sure challenging to score y’all!!! 😉 

  • I am a big fan of, what do you think?

  • Sue Price

    A great line up. My vote goes to Kimberly Castleberry

  • Gail Gardner

    Kim Castleberry doesn’t just have a great Facebook page herself – she teaches bloggers and small businesses how to use Facebook and create their own optimized Facebook page. Whenever someone asks me a question about anything Facebook I send them over to Kim’s blog to get the answer.

  • Gail Gardner

    Forgot to include Kimberly Castleberry’s link. My vote goes to her page at

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  • Great array of sites ~ my vote goes to the wonderful Kimberly Castleberry (“Ask Kim”) ~ 

  • Hi! This is Jack from the South West Grill. Delighted to make the shortlist, many thanks to those who enjoyed my page 🙂 Will also thank the folks who drew attention to the new rules re competitions – as a sole trader (with a full-time academic job in another city) I’ve simply not been able to keep up with everything that’s been going on. Right now am implementing an App to run a new comp to hopefully that will put us on the right side of the law as it were (so please don’t delete me, am doing my best!). Also, as an independent in a recession here in the UK I simply don’t have the resources to make a “flashy” looking page, but what we do have if you look deeper is real engagement. Check out our videos: I don’t know of any other business (in the UK at least) where the customers have willingly (and for free!) made and starred in such great humorous fun films of a place they love – to me that’s real engagement.!/IllegalJacks?sk=app_2392950137

    Of course then we can share them on Twitter, but interestingly Jack’s FB page has had over 3200 “Shares” on Facebook alone. As any small business owner knows, growing a Facebook following is difficult, but such video content shows one way of doing it.

    Finally, for those of you into your Twitter analytics, another of my customers wrote the following blog posts. Highly insightful, I hope you enjoy them!

    Best wishes from the Grill in Edinburgh, Scotland – Illegal Jack

  • John

    To be honest, I see better designs and functionality here:

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  • Bob

    I think you’re a spammer

  • lisajdillon

    Congrats everyone…Delighted to see Dog Training Ireland nominated. A really interactive and informative page, it’s very obvious they care about the people who like their page and keep working to ensure they have updated content and pictures…Well done..a real success story!

  • Actionrja10!!!!  This company is really trying to engage on a national scale to create more awareness in the hiring market. The message is clear that on their website people are able to standout when applying for a qualified position. There are jobs out there! That website proves that you can find the right job faster and get PAID bonuses when you do!

  • Yeah, this was one of the only decent pages..

  • great new innovative website reconnecting the job market. A fresh new approach to a very broken model. If you are looking for a new opportunity or if you need to hire your next new talent, check us out today!

  • Thanks SO much for choosing Gardenquest to be on your nominee list!! We feel honored 🙂 

  • Anthonynolan

    I believe some people writing comments above have forgotten to read the Heading! The list is for SMALL BUSINESS facebook Page. Of course larger companies would have the budget to hire teams to invest in the latest designs and abilities. So lets just be happy for the ackowledgement above being given to the smaller companies who are just getting started and who are using social media properly…as a interactive customer service tool…and not just dazzling people because they have an interactive landing page or the likes. Congrats to all above! 🙂

  • Melanie Stofka

    Wow!  Jennifer totally “gets” what Social Media is all about – CONNECTIONS!  After looking at all the finalist’s pages, what really stands out to me is that each and every one strives not to sell to their fans, but to build relationships with them!  Congratulations and good luck to all the finalists!!

  • John Taszler

    Your eyes must be crossed, or you can’t spell.  

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  • Way to go top 10!  Can’t wait to see the final results!

  • We have just started up a facebook page for our new business Aim Social, we hope you like, it includes a video, more to come we promise!

    Any likes would be much appreciated!

  • Randi Thompson

    Micheal,  I have a question for you.  My page did make the Top 10 list and I see so many people here putting down many of us for not having the I Frames.  Since many of us paid a pro to put up our pages,  I am sure most of the hard working small business pages have not idea of if they have HTML or the I Frames. I sure did not. This week I hired somebody else to go in and re do it with I frames and so on.  She asked if we can use the Top 10 icon that you are using for this event on the revised landing page and our website.  Can we?    Thank you Micheal. 

  • Randithompson

    I hope the scores are not done yet.  After reading what people have said here I realized that the person I hired to create my graphics and put them up did them in HBML (?) (its been a long day) so am having them redone in Iframes to be more up to date.  Most of those of us with small business pages have probably done the same thing. I am still not sure how people can tell the difference as I cannot, and infact, did not know…

  • Randi Thompson

    Duh. I mean HBLM.  See what I mean?  

  • For All Intensive Porpoises

    Congrats to all the finalists! As an active participator on How to Market Your Horse Business (and BTW, the spelling got corrected), and someone who knows Randi Thompson personally, I can say that Randi’s page is exactly what a  small business page should be – people connecting, networking, and having fun. Randi has an amazing positive attitude, is very warm and welcoming, knows how to make people feel special, is extremely creative and fun, and supplies many useful marketing and social media tips. Her page really and truly helps grow businesses. Since being involved on that page my business has literally EXPLODED. So much so, that I can barely keep up. I would say that at least 80% of my new business now comes from Facebook. And most of that is because of the networking I have done on BTW, for people commenting on the graphics, Randi’s landing page is in for some changes in the very near future. We never expected to be in the top 10, and were more concerned about interacting with each other than updating the graphics. 🙂

  • Randi – You can’t use that icon because it is reserved for the winners that are yet to be announced 🙂

  • Randi Thompson

    Thank you Michael.  

  • I am a small business owner in Direct Sales. Many DS companies do not allow ad platforms such as the ones you listed. However, they do allow facebook pages with the intent of us linking to our company website. I have been very successful on facebook and must disagree that it is a waste of time. Additionally, I have a separate website in order to utilize the search engines. My primary goal is to interact with my valued customers on social media, the sales reflect the care I give people. Facebook affords me the opportunity to get to know the 1500+ fans who have chosen to like my facebook page.

  • Kimberly Castlebury is the BEST by far.  Interactive, always giving.  She’s a winner in my eyes.

  • Firstly, congratulations to all the finalists!  You’re all winners, regardless of the official end results of this competition. 🙂

    Now, for my vote…

    … Kimberly Castleberry!  (

    I agree with everything everyone else has already said about Kim in the above comments.  She’s a wealth of knowledge, she’s helpful, encouraging, gives away loads of information, she stays up to date with what’s going on regarding social media and she’s incredibly tech savvy.

    And last but not least… she’s a friend you can rely on. 🙂

    Now… I hope I don’t get “shot down in flames” for doing this, but I wanted to emphasize some key points about Kim, but in a fun way, so I’ve rehashed the words to the Ghostbusters theme song as follows (and yes, I know there are bits that don’t quite rhyme, but you’ll just have to be creative with them!).

    If you don’t know this song, it’s on YouTube.  For those who do know this song, I’m sure you’ll get the right beat and feel for what I’ve done):

    If there’s something strange
    on your WordPress blog
    Who ya gonna call?
    Kim Castleberry!

    When a plugin’s gone weird
    and messed up your site!
    Who ya gonna call?
    Kim Castleberry!

    She ain’t afraid of this stuff!
    She ain’t afraid of this stuff!

    If you’re site’s got things
    that shouldn’t be there
    Who ya gonna call?
    Kim Castleberry!

    When you need an answer
    And you need it now
    Who you gonna call?
    Kim Castleberry!

    Kim ain’t afraid of tech probs
    ‘Cos she’s the one to call for those jobs!

    Not only is Kim
    A techie whiz
    She knows her stuff
    with Social Media!

    She’ll teach you how
    You can use it right
    To grow your biz
    Yay for Kim!

    Facebook, LinkedIn and Twi-tterrr
    Kim knows all things social me-d-i-a!

    I have no idea
    Where she gets her energy
    ‘Cos she’s always online
    Kim, get some sleep! 🙂

    If you’re lucky enough
    To know this girl named Kim
    Count yourself blessed!
    ‘Cos she’s a gem!

    Don’t think you’re alone, oh no
    Just Ask Kim and she’ll be there pronto…

    Who you gonna call?
    Just Ask Kim

    I can’t hear you…


  • Randi Thompson

    Thank you Carolynne.  Mari Smith suggested that I contact the Copyright Infrigment division of FB through her list.  I told them I was violated my own Copywrite and Trademark.  LOL.  They changed it very quickly.  Usually the title of a change can never be changed once we reach 100 fans.  I think I found the right person on the right day.

  • My vote is definitely for Kim Castleberry… awesome page and she is just a really cool person.
    And Kylie gets my vote for best blog comment ever! that was unbelievably good!

  • Pat Wages, Neighsayers

    It’s been a hectic (but fun) couple of weeks here at Neighsayers Shirts as I’m getting ready to roll out our new fall/winter line. Just popped back in here and have been reading some of the posts. Wow, some of the naysayers are out in force it seems. I’m happy and thrilled that Neighsayers fans nominated us and that our page made the top 20 finalists list. As a big company of one, to say I’m juggling a lot of balls is an understatement. I kind of entered the social media world kicking and screaming, but pretty quickly realized that it was a great way to meet other horse folks, share information and “Cowboy Wisdom” I enjoy, and—along the way—plug my shirts in a way that I hope is never intrusive. I’ve absolutely loved the friends (fans) I’ve made. As a super bonus—sales in my online store have really taken off. Recently I’ve asked fans to help connect me with stores in their area to help me work on expanding into wholesale. There is a section on the fan page where folks can send me information on stores they think would be a good fit for Neighsayers shirts. The fans’ responses have been overwhelming. People have not been simply sending recommendations. They’ve given me wonderful details like the names of store owners’ horses. The type of riding style an apparel buyer prefers. Little details that make cold calling not so…cold. Social media has been an incredible tool for me to ramp up my business. Our fans are very active on Neighsayers’ page and don’t seem too bothered by the lack of flash, special graphics—things I’d love to get around to having at some point when time, money and my techno-challenged brain allows. For now, I’ll continue giving Neighsayers fans great content that they seem to appreciate, and I’ll continue taking the time to answer (and care about) what they post on the page. I figure I must be doing something right with the page to have over 9,700 fans in under 2 years. These are not “likes” that have disappeared from the landscape. These are active and wonderful fans, who have become loyal to the brand along the way. How much more could I want from a fan page than that? Pat Wages, Neighsayers

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  • Dbelle

    I liked Crafty Mumma’s page – you got a real sense of what Mumma does – beautiful crafts.