social media how toDo you use your Facebook personal profile to build business relationships?

Have you considered using Facebook voice messages to connect with your customers?

If you connect with customers on your personal profile, you can use Facebook voice messages with great success.

In this article, I’ll show you four ways Facebook voice messages can benefit your business.

What are Facebook Voice Messages?

Facebook voice messages are 60-second audio messages you record from an iOS or Android smartphone/tablet and send to friends and followers whom you’ve followed back.

To send Facebook voice messages, simply open a new message using the Facebook mobile app or the Facebook Messenger app.

mari smith message

Recording a Facebook voice message to Mari Smith.

From an Android phone, press the paperclip to open a blank voice message. From an iOS device, press the microphone.

When your blank message is opened, press and hold the red button to record. When you’re done recording, let go of the button and click Done to send your recording.

When a voice message is received, a playback box appears in the recipient’s Chat or Message window. They just click the arrow to listen!

facebook voice message

Example of a sent Facebook voice message.

Now that you have a better understanding of what Facebook voice messages are and how you access them, let’s see how you can use them to benefit your business.

#1: Build Relationships When You Welcome New Followers Personally

When you’ve hit the magic 5,000-friend limit, the only way to connect with more people from your profile is to allow them to follow you.

One way to leverage personal connections with Facebook voice messages is to follow your followers.

To find your followers, go to the About tab on your profile. Scroll down to your Friends box and click on Followers.

Follow a few of your newest followers, then thank each of them for connecting with you with a short voice message. You might also use the opportunity to let them know about your website, Facebook page or any of your other social media channels.

mari smith followers

Find your followers on the About tab of your profile.

Sending a personalized voice message to new followers will let them know you notice them and help you develop a deeper relationship with them.

#2: Become a Recognized Information Resource

If you receive a lot of questions, it can be difficult to keep up with the volume that comes through.

When you receive the same question from several people, use Facebook voice messages to record the answer once and deliver it to each person at the same time. Not only is this faster than typing individual text-based replies, it makes things more personal and you solve their problem with one effort!

If someone posts a question about something you answered in your ebook, send a Facebook voice message with a link to a free version of the ebook and mention where the answer is located.

It’s easy to become a go-to resource when you use personal voice messages to answer questions from your community.

#3: Create Brand Ambassadors

If you’re a public figure, most of your fans rarely get the opportunity to connect with or meet you in person. Facebook might be the closest they get to interacting with you.

Use voice messages to surprise a few of your business connections with a free product and a personalized recording from the CEO.

istock microphone

Personal voice messages have greater impact than generic emails or posts. Image source: iStockphoto

A series of surprise voice messages to share free products with people helps you create enthusiastic brand ambassadors.

#4: Reward Loyalty With Targeted Deals

Nobody feels special when they receive a discount that’s offered to everyone, but they do feel special when they receive a personal offer that’s created just for them.

Send targeted Facebook voice messages to promote exclusive deals to your community members.

When you notice a particular customer has longstanding loyalty to a product or service you offer, send a voice message and offer a truly exclusive discount on that product. Or a sneak preview of a new product!

Not only does this keep your customer excited about your products, but it also empowers him or her to tell friends about your business as well.

istock exclusive seal

Personalize exclusive offers for specific voice message recipients. Image source: iStockphoto

Targeted deals are a great way to reward your loyal customers and drive awareness for your business at the same time.

Use Facebook Voice Messages Wisely

Remember, just because you can send Facebook voice messages to all your connections doesn’t mean you should go overboard. Send out too many and you risk being viewed as a spammer and that bad reputation will reflect negatively on your business and the services you provide.

Instead, use Facebook voice messages strategically to make a good impression with individual members of your community, become a valuable resource and build loyalty with your fans.

What do you think? Have you used Facebook voice messages for business? What tips can you offer? Leave a comment below on how you have used Facebook voice messages for your business or how you plan to use it.

Images from iStockPhoto.
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  • Excellent article Christian. These are pretty awesome ways to use facebook profile to build robust relationship through facebook voice message. I didn’t aware about
    this feature before. Thanks for sharing your valuable suggestions 🙂

  • Thanks @navneetsau:disqus. If you have any additional questions on using Facebook Voice Messages, let me know. Happy to answer them.

  • Can you send these messages to those who’ve liked your business page? Or is it just for those following or connected to your personal profile?

  • Excellent article and kudos on the various strategies used.
    The only concern is see with this is a breach of privacy. At times I am just comfortable with reading the messages and reply only if I want to, that is why I use IM and messaging apps on my phone. If someone sends me a voice message and naturally if I view the person in high credibility, I would be ticked off if the message is something that I don’t want to hear.

    I like previews on messages. Reading the first two lines to know what I am getting into when busy with my work. this rule comes regardless of the sender.
    What is the solution in this scenario. How can FB audio messages help gaining reputation and good experience when dealing with people like me?

  • @teasilvestre:disqus, just to Facebook Profiles and people you are following (for now).

    Facebook is testing out a follow button on pages so you may see that at some point down the road.

  • Ben Greenfield

    Can you reply to a regular text message on Facebook
    using a Facebook voice message?

  • I didn’t even know about Facebook voice messages until now! Sounds like such a great way to connect on a more personal level. It’s amazing how seeing someone on video (eg: Google Hangout), meeting them in real life or even just hearing their voice strengthens the relationship. In this case, I can clearly see how it would build brand equity and foster advocates.

  • Great point @sarahmordis:disqus on connecting on a more personal level. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  • @ben_greenfield:disqus, you need to be using the Facebook Messenger app or the Facebook mobile app. If you get your messages through there, then I think it should work.

  • Great Article! I particularly liked the idea of reaching out to followers and leaving personal voice messages. I have never sent or received one but I will give it a try now 🙂

  • Thanks @Sprigley:disqus. If you have additional questions, let me know.

  • Gia Quiroga

    Can you do this for a Facebook Business Page/Public Figure Profile?

  • Well, this is certainly a unique approach to brand building. They say a personal, written note could do you wonders, but a personalized voice message? That will definitely change the game.

    The only problem is what if you leave a voice message for someone who’s deaf or hard-of-hearing? This could be easily mistranslated as an insult.

  • Bill

    This would be a GREAT LinkedIn feature! The issue here is as a business owner we want to connect to our customers on FB. If I am reading correctly you can only do this on a personal page.

  • Debbie B

    Tea, it’s not available for use by Business Pages, which is why they specified here that it’s great for public figures. I personally don’t want to be a public figure or to connect with my clients via my personal profile. I did know about this feature and have used it for personal messages quite a bit. Just like we can’t post from a business Page to a Fan’s personal Profile, we can’t message them either. All for a good reason I believe…to prevent more unsolicited contact from businesses. As a marketing pro, I’m all about getting the messages out, but as as a person, I’m glad there are limits. I keep a land line phone and use that number to give out on forms, registrations, etc, knowing full well my number will be shared and abused.

  • Debbie B

    It does…I do it all the time. 🙂

  • @disqus_BqBcJngxXF:disqus, correct. You can only do this from a profile and not a page (for now). Facebook was testing out the follow button on pages. I hope this makes its way there. And to have this on LinkedIn would be nice!

  • @giaquiroga:disqus, right now this only works on Facebook Profiles at the moment. See my earlier comment on if we’ll see this on pages.

  • AmandahBlackwell

    Thanks for this post!

    I have a BlackBerry and don’t know if there’s an app for Facebook app. I really don’t want an iPhone because I know many people who’ve had nothing but trouble with their phones. Maybe I’ll check out the Android. 🙂

  • Laurette Willis

    Wonderful article, Christian! A few questions:
    1.We HAVE to be Following Them, too, before we can send a message? Followers ONLY?

    2. Can we message Facebook friends?
    3. Can we send to several (or many at-a-time), or ONE at-a-time?
    Thank you so much!

  • Hi @laurettewillis:disqus, thanks!

    Here are answers to your questions.

    1. You have to be following someone or be friends with them
    2. Yes.
    3. One-at-a-time


  • You’re welcome @AmandahBlackwell:disqus.

    I’ve been an iPhone user since it first launched and haven’t had any problems. You can’t go wrong with either one though.

  • @disqus_GNjvcZC5RI:disqus, thanks for sharing. I agree, everyone will have a different comfort level with how they use their Facebook Profile.

    With the rumored upcoming follow button on Facebook Pages, I suspect we might see this on pages sometime in the future.

  • Awesome insights Christian! Building that POWERFUL personal connection with
    your audience using voice messages is such a great idea. I recently
    discovered a similar tool for sending voice messages, Vocaroo, but it’s outside of Facebook. Knowing you can do this inside Facebook is great. Thanks for this!

  • Leah Van Rooy

    It will be nice when/if this feature rolls out to business pages and not just personal profiles. I hadn’t noticed the audio message… thanks for writing about it and giving such great ideas on how to use it. I don’t have any businesses that are using a personal profile, but I’ll keep these in mind if the feature comes to business pages.

    Thanks again!

    Leah Van Rooy

  • Thanks @JohnLeeDumas:disqus. Will need to check out Vocaroo. Is it similar to Speakpipe?

  • Thanks well presented. I did not know about facebook voice message till now.

  • @Thaibahtsdotorg:disqus, you’re welcome! Glad I could share this knowledge on Facebook Voice Messages.

  • Great sharing!!! I know this Facebook funtion before but never think I am going to apply for my business. You have just changed my mind, Christian.

  • @JessieDoan:disqus, glad to hear you’re going to apply this to your business. Let me know how it goes!


  • @leah_van_rooy:disqus, I agree…and it may in time.

  • That is for sure, Chris!!!

  • guptaabhijit318

    Wow! What a great post! Your article is very informative. I did not know about facebook voice message till now. I have no knowledge, but your blog will be help me. I’ve learned a lot from this blog. Really thank you for sharing the information.

  • Thanks @guptaabhijit318:disqus. Glad I could help!

  • @disqus_DWm6PtMXt1:disqus, good points and great question. Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to preview or block voice messages. I would expect the people you are connected with would practice good business ethics and not send out too many unwanted voice messages. If you do receive them, I would consider reaching out to the person and asking them to exclude you next time – if it is something you feel you don’t want.

    In this situation, I don’t expect every business owner to use this feature. As far as interrupting you when you’re working, remember, you control when you respond to something.

    One of my recommendations is to set aside a few minutes to address messages you receive via chat and to not let it interrupt your work (unless you are expecting it).