social media how toWould your business benefit from using Facebook ads?

Do you believe Facebook could be a great tool for your business if only you used it right?

Facebook seems quite easy to use, but it actually requires some advanced strategy, especially when making heads or tails of Facebook ads.

In this post you’ll discover how to set up an advanced Facebook news feed ad campaign in 10 easy steps.

News Feed Ads vs. Right-Hand Column Ads

People always ask me, “What’s the difference between right-hand column and news feed advertisements on Facebook?” Facebook just announced a new look for ads in the right-hand column to make them bigger. But these ads appear on the side of the page.

facebook ads column size

Facebook ads in the right-hand column will get bigger.

News feed ads are more visible to your readers because they are in their news feed. They are likely to generate many more qualified leads, as long as your business can find its targeting sweet spot on Facebook.

facebook newsfeed ad example

Notice all of the information shared in this ad which appears in the news feed.

This sample Facebook ad includes the essential elements of a successful ad: page name, a message, a big image, a title that links to a landing page and a description.

#1: Create a Business Facebook Page

If you haven’t already done so, create a Facebook page for your business. Make sure you can access both your page and ad manager with the same email address.

News feed ads are great, but you need to have a page in order to create them, because the ad will appear as a suggested post from a page.

facebook business page creation

You must have a Facebook business page in order to create news feed ads.

Here are some of the benefits of a news feed ad:

  • Your page gets visibility.
  • You get a much larger ad with a lot of available space for content.
  • You can feature a big image along with your ad.

It’s easy to see that managing a page makes it worth the time, especially if you plan to advertise.

#2: Prepare Your Elements: Text and Images

Before you launch any marketing campaign on Facebook or through other avenues, you must test your elements. And testing just one message or image won’t do the trick. You need to try out multiple ideas to see which gets the most response.

Prepare your text

Since you don’t know what your audience will like, test both a long and a short post message.

Regardless of the length of your post, your message should include the following.

Elements of a Facebook news feed ad

Above the fold (You’ll get 5 to 6 lines before the Read More button.):

  • Your main offer: Make what you’re offering clear right away. Tell people why they should click, and stress why you’re better than the competition. (Note: Don’t sound spammy.)
  • The solution: You’re there to offer your readers a solution to their problem, so spell it out.
  • Phone number (optional): Only include your digits if you like phone calls. Share your number and then analyze the quality of calls.

Below the fold (after line 5):

  • Additional information: This is where you include any additional relevant details.
  • Call to action: Invite people to comment, share and/or like your post, as well as subscribe to your newsletter, download a freebie, enter a contest, etc.

Preparing your images

To get the best visibility, use images that are 600 x 315 pixels.

Also, Facebook images can only have 20% text. The best way to make sure you’re fitting the 20% requirement is to use the Facebook grid tool. It’ll help you when you first get started until you get used to creating proper images.

Don’t be afraid to test a lot of images. They’ll be the core of your marketing plan and the factor that influences click-through rate and conversions the most.

After you share your test posts, analyze which ones got the most responses and why. Then choose the combination to use for your Facebook news feed ad.

#3: Start Your Ad

To create your ad, go to the Power Editor. Log into your ad manager and navigate the left menu to find it:

power editor in menu

Go to the Power Editor to create your ad.

You’ll see a page that looks similar to the screenshot below. Just click on Manage Pages, and select the proper page.

manage pages in power editor menu

Go to Manage Pages in the Power Editor, click the proper page and start your ad.

You can now create the posts you’ll be using to advertise.

Follow these steps:

  • Click on Create Post.
  • Insert the URL of your page.
  • Fill in the rest of the information with the text and image elements you tested and decided to use.
  • Select This Post Will Be Used as an Ad.
  • Click Create Post to confirm.
completing your ad fields

Just fill in the blanks and create your ad.

The nice thing about this step is that these posts will be hidden, so they won’t appear on your page and will ONLY be used for advertising purposes. This way, you can test as many variations as you’d like.

#4: Save Your Post IDs

This step is fundamental, so you don’t waste time while creating your ads.

Find your post IDs in the Manage Page section of your Facebook page and copy them. If you click on top of the ID, you’ll be able to copy them all.

finding post ids

Click on top of the post IDs to copy the list.

Next, open an Excel file and paste your list there. Save your file for future reference.

#5: Associate a Name With Each Post ID

This naming trick helps a lot while optimizing the account.

The way I like to do things is:

  • Assign a name to each ad variation (e.g., Text 1, Text 2, etc.).
  • Assign a name to each image variation (e.g., Image 1, Image 2, etc.).

Now, name each post ID by combining the text and image ad variations (e.g., Text 1 Image 2, Text 2 Image 3, etc.)

#6: Create the First Campaign

Start your campaign by clicking on the same part of the menu that you used to go to the Manage Page section. Select the appropriate account. If no account shows up, just download.

return to power editor

Go back to the Power Editor to create a campaign.

You can now move forward with the following steps:

  • Click on Create Campaigns and assign both a name and a budget. Note: This is not available with ad sets.
  • You’ll also select an objective. This is something that has been introduced by the new ad sets account organization. (Note: Facebook is about to introduce ad sets, which are ad groups with their own budget. This means that you’ll be able to group ads by features such as audience and assign them a different budget. This guide is based on this new setup, because it will affect all accounts.)
  • Select a campaign start and end date. Or simply check the box Run My Campaign Continuously From the Start Date. (Note: This is not available with ad sets.)
  • Think about the first audience you would like to target and start the ad creation process by clicking on the ad sets form within the right campaign.
campaign fields in power editor

Fill in all the info you have for your campaign.

  • After you start the campaign, click on Ad Sets and select your campaign in the left menu. Then, assign it a name and budgetSelect an ad set start and end date or simply check the box Run My Campaign Continuously From the Start Date.
  • Make sure to switch to the Filter by Ad Set part of the editor. Your newly created ad set will be visible in the part of the editor that’s not uploaded.
filtering ad sets

Your newly created ad set will not be finished until you upload it.

  • Click on Ads, and select the ad set you just created. Then click Create Ad. Name the ad based on the ID of the post you are going to use. You’ll also need to select the Facebook page you are going to use and paste your post ID in the section where requested.
  • As you scroll down this section, you’ll be asked to select your placement. Make sure to choose News Feed (or Desktop and Mobile or whatever fits in your case).
selecting news feed placement

Choose your placement, as well as type of device.

It is now time to switch to the Audience menu of your ad:

optimize your ad for delivery

Go to the audience menu, and then go to optimizing and pricing to finish up.

You’ll now be able to select your audience and switch to Optimization and Pricing to set up your bidding strategy.

Extra tip: To keep track, name your ad set after your audience!

#7: Create More Ads

Duplicate the ad you just created to make more ads. Simply replace the post ID so you can leverage the same settings, but still be able to create new tests.

Rename the new ad so it matches the post ID name.

create duplicate ads

Duplicate ads to make it easier to create new ones.

#8: Create a List of New Audiences

Compile a list of the additional audiences you would like to target. Create a duplicate of your new ad set and rename it according to your new audience.

Look at the ads in the new ad set, select them all and bulk change your audience to the new one.

Repeat the process for all of the audiences you want to target.

This will give you the chance to find out what target group works best for you, as well as what advertising messages to use.

Extra tip: Don’t forget to name the new ad sets after the audience!

#9: Create and Install a Conversion Pixel

Next, create a conversion pixel from the Ad Tool menu:

create a conversion pixel

Conversation tracking will help you discover if your ads are doing their job.

This will help you find out what is or isn’t working. Statistics will display both in reports and your Ad Manager interface.

#10: Upload the Campaigns and Start Collecting Data

You’re now finished. You’ve created your campaign using hidden posts and are now ready to launch it.

Just select the campaign in the Power Editor interface and click on Upload.

uploading your ad changes

Upload changes and your ad is launched!

Congrats! You made it! Your ad is live. There’s nothing to do now but see if it works, track your leads and work on future ads.

Now that you know how to create Facebook news feed ads, you can use them to test and launch messages that will help you attract and retain clients or customers.

In Conclusion

Facebook is a great advertising tool, as long as you are using it correctly. News feed ads are extremely effective and you should definitively take advantage of them to get fresh leads for your business.

What do you think? Have you created Facebook news feed ads? How many tests did you do? Which ads worked best? Please share your experience and pictures of your most effective ads in the comments.

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  • neha

    Select the Right Page Post Format:
    If your goal is to drive website conversions or sales, opt for a Page
    post link ad. If your campaign objective is to drive brand engagement,
    utilize a Page post photo ad

  • Rocco Alberto Baldassarre

    Thank you very much for your comment Neha, I appreciate it!

  • Great article, very comprehensive. I think your right about the news feed ads being powerful.

  • Kush

    What cost if any is associated with the Facebook strategy please?

  • Rocco Alberto Baldassarre

    Hi Kush,

    Facebook offers PPC or CPM payment methods. Depending on your target market the cost per click or thousand impressions might vary!

    All the best,

  • Rocco Alberto Baldassarre

    Thank you, Robert!

  • AnnieGee

    I would love to advertise, but my product is inspirational quote prints… 95% text. I haven’t figured out how to get past the 20% Text Rule. Any thoughts?

  • Rocco Alberto Baldassarre

    You should try to have an inspirational image and place the text in the text of the post, which can be as long as you wish. This way you can get the best out of image + text and your image will still be within the 80/20 Rule (you can use an inspirational word per image and still fit the rule since it applies to the image and not the text of the post)

  • Daniel

    Is there a way to edit the add in power editor after you click the create post button?

  • AnnieGee

    Thank you Rocco! I really appreciate your suggestions. I wasn’t “thinking outside the box”.

  • Rocco Alberto Baldassarre

    Hi Daniel,

    this is not possible. Annoying right?


  • Rocco Alberto Baldassarre

    You are welcome Annie! Good luck with your ads (ps. twitter ads might be great for inspirational quotes)

  • I like the idea of facebook ads, but after being burned recently with a boosted ad campaign that generated around 200 “fake” likes in a few days, I am struggling with figuring out the proper strategy VS the amount paid for it VS the outcome. Another concern, is that a great strategy gains hundreds of actual fans, but then any future posts from the page will need further funding to reach them.

  • monika sharma

    This article is really helpful for those who are freshers and don’t know how to utilize their effort in best possible ways even on facebook. Its really vry effective for them

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  • AmandahBlackwell

    Thanks for this post!

    I created two Facebook news feed ads but want to create more. In fact, I’ll use this to promote an upcoming event for our local animal shelter. I’ll test it out. I also want to “boost” a post to see if it results in creating more awareness about the June Adoptathon and drives people to the two day event. No pun intended. 🙂

  • AmandahBlackwell

    Unfortunately, Power Editor is not working for me. I keep getting an error message. Now I remember why I don’t use it all of the time. It’s not user-friendly, at least not for me.

    Does anyone know how to “delete” a post from Power Editor? Thank you!

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  • Have you seen any success using the new call to action buttons that Facebook has made available for newsfeed ads?

  • I have found facebook ads is a great alternative to Google adwords, much more freedom to target your audience. Some good tips here that I also use.

    I think in general most people ignore the right feed as people think already its just ads. At least I do… So im glad facebook has the option of allowing us to advertise in the newsfeed.

  • Rocco Alberto Baldassarre

    Hi Pierre,

    I agree, like campaigns are not the best, but for direct traffic to the site hidden posts work great. Also, they are relatively cheap compared to PPC traffic!


  • Rocco Alberto Baldassarre

    Thank you Monika!

  • Rocco Alberto Baldassarre

    Hi Amandha,

    Make sure you are using the power editor in the correct account. It can be very tricky. Please feel free to contact me directly so we can screen share and I can help you out!


  • Rocco Alberto Baldassarre

    Happy you enjoyed it!

  • Rocco Alberto Baldassarre

    What do you refer to with PMD’s?


  • Rocco Alberto Baldassarre

    You are welcome!

  • Rocco Alberto Baldassarre

    Yes, but it really depends on the business I have used them with. I like to split test them!

  • Rocco Alberto Baldassarre

    Totally agree!

  • AmandahBlackwell

    Thanks Rocco!

    I was in the correct account. I’ll have to check it out later or over the weekend.

  • Rocco Alberto Baldassarre

    You are welcome and good luck 🙂

  • Madhava Verma Dantuluri

    Good share.

  • I read this week that FB is now “penalizing” us exposure-wise when we ask for “likes” or “shares” in our posts. Will that be the same in a paid ad? Will we get bumped, needing a new strategy?

  • Thank you, this is so helpful! We’ve have some “DIY marketing” small biz clients that this would be very helpful for. -Andy

  • I thought right-hand column ads were going away this month, not true?

  • Kim

    Hi! I keep hearing that Power Editor is the way to go, and that Google Chrome is the only browser that supports it. When I open the Ads Manager in another browser, it’s WAY easier and eye pleasing to create ads. Why in the world is the Power Editor the “way to go???” Am I missing something? To my knowledge, I’m still creating the same kinds of ads with targeting, for the news feed. Am I wrong?

  • Rocco Alberto Baldassarre

    Hi Claudia,

    This is tough to say but overall FB is penalizing posts in a way that organic posts will be visible only for a very limited time. I did not hear about problems with asking for likes or shares (it seems it goes against FB itself).


  • Rocco Alberto Baldassarre


  • Rocco Alberto Baldassarre

    Hi Laurie,

    i think you refer to the following news:


  • Rocco Alberto Baldassarre

    You are welcome!

  • Rocco Alberto Baldassarre

    Hi Kim,

    The issue with the live account is that you are limited in some lookalike audiences and in creating hidden posts. I usually suggest to use the editor for the set up and the live account for the optimization. However, I believe FB has got to do something about the customer friendliness of their editor!


  • Any Smith

    I appreciate this detailed, helpful article. I thought I might try to pick your brain on something that I have been struggling with. I am contemplating running some ads through Facebook’s news feed, however, it is difficult for me to come up with an effective strategy in my mind. My company is a B2B company (we are a media company that publishes advertisements) and I am not attempting to sell any products. My intended goal is to spread word about my company and try to get recruits or even generate leads for possible recruits. It is a great opportunity, but difficult to convey without making it hard to believe that it isn’t too good to be true. Do you have any suggestions as to a good way to approach that?
    Thanks for your input!

  • Rocco Alberto Baldassarre

    Hi Any,

    In cases like yours I would try to advertise a free brochure or a free resource that it is downloadable from your site after they expressed interest via a opt in. You can then send them more resource and use a content marketing strategy as a sales funnel.

    You can use job target or interest targets on Facebook to attract people to your squeeze page.

    Hope it helps,


  • Kim

    Got it! Thanks for the info 🙂

  • Hey Rocco, I’ve created a lot of ads in the power editor, but not “unpublished” ones until now. Question…when you say “Insert the URL of your page” do you mean the url of the Facebook page? Or do you mean add the url of the landing page on the web?

  • How does the cost and ROI of facebook strategy compare with adword

  • Rocco Alberto Baldassarre

    Hi Betsy,

    I am very sorry for the delay. I have been very busy at work and I like to take the time to reply personally to all comments.

    Coming to your question, I am referring to the URL of the page.

    I hope it helps and please feel free to reach out to me anytime!


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  • Rocco Alberto Baldassarre
  • Sam

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    Hi.. I have collected list of companies facebook page User Ids, Email IDs and Phone numbers. So, Can I use that data for Custom Audience? Will my ad show to that particular audience?

    Rocco, Please share me your suggestions

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    Creating a facebook page is on the cards for us, but we’re not ready just yet. I’d much rather have newsfeed ads than column ones for our upcoming campaign. What do you recommend?

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  • Sandy

    Rocco, I was wondering the same thing, but you didn’t really answer the question. URL of which page? Both are technically a URL, yes? the address to a FB page or a web page?

  • Rocco Alberto Baldassarre

    Hi Sandy,

    I mean of the landing page!


  • Chip N.

    As a church this has been an effective tool as our market is very social, and because our events are local and have a time-frame (different from an ongoing, national product being sold), this medium has been cost-effective and fruitful. Got a lot of tips from this article.
    “Nice work, Rocco” ~ Michael Corleone “The Godfather II”