social media how toWant more people to read your blog?

Are you fully leveraging LinkedIn?

Many business bloggers neglect one of the most powerful social networks for growing visibility and traffic. LinkedIn is THE professional web.

If you are a business owner or entrepreneur, or a working person who is blogging, you should consider LinkedIn as a valuable place for getting more exposure.

Keep reading to discover seven powerful tips to use LinkedIn to drive more traffic to your blog.

LinkedIn Profile Views Drive Blog Traffic

Your LinkedIn profile can serve as one of the most important referral sources for your blog.

If you consider that significant blog traffic from LinkedIn can come directly from LinkedIn profile views, it makes sense to work to increase your profile views.

Fortunately this is something you can measure.

LinkedIn will display the number of times your profile has been viewed. Keep track of this each week and as you implement the steps below, most likely you will see this number consistently rising.

profile views

If you are active and engaged on LinkedIn, members are going to click through to view your profile.

#1: Add Profile Links

Your LinkedIn profile is where members are going to land to learn more about who you are, what you do and whom you help.

From your profile, the most natural next step that members will take if they are intrigued or interested in what they see is to click through one of the links that you showcase on your profile under Websites.

web links

Get creative with your LinkedIn profile website links.

Showcasing descriptive and interesting links on your LinkedIn profile will encourage visitors to click through!

You can link directly to your blog homepage, or you can link to specific landing pages on your blog where you provide a special offer to potential subscribers.

Regardless, make your link descriptions compelling and don’t be afraid to experiment!

Given that your LinkedIn profile serves as the “gateway” to your primary web presence, it is imperative that you have a powerful LinkedIn profile. Learn more about how to enhance and improve your LinkedIn profile.

#2: Build Connections to Boost Your LinkedIn Profile Views

I recently invited someone in my industry to connect. We had a few connections in common and we run similar, perhaps even complementary, businesses. When she received my invitation, she responded with “I limit my LinkedIn connections to people I know personally.”

This is certainly your decision, but I firmly believe that if you limit your connections, you limit opportunities to expand your visibility. Don’t be fooled into thinking that you should only keep a small number of first-degree connections on LinkedIn.

If you want to grow your visibility on LinkedIn, connect with anyone who presents a good reason for connecting!

As you grow your connections, your updates on LinkedIn will be visible to more people.

Remember that every time you update your status on LinkedIn or participate in any activity on the network, that update shows up on the homepage of each one of your connections. If your connections engage with the update, it will be visible to their connections.

status update

This is how my status update appears on the homepage of one of my connections.

Furthermore, be consistently visible and valuable, and the members in your extended network will click through to view your profile in order to learn more about you.

By growing your LinkedIn connections, you have the ability to expand your visibility exponentially. You will also increase your LinkedIn profile views, which in turn can increase traffic to your blog.

Don’t limit your opportunities for visibility and traffic by limiting your connections. Instead, always be connecting. Consider these creative methods for growing your connections.

#3: Get Active and Engaged to Drive LinkedIn Profile Views and Blog Traffic

It doesn’t take much activity to stand out on LinkedIn. All you need to do is spend a little time on the network.

Every action you take on the network will show up as an update on the homepage of your connections. If you’re active, some of your updates may even show in the “Network Update” that LinkedIn sends to members via a weekly email.

Examples of LinkedIn activities that will get visibility:

  • Update your profile
  • Post a status update
  • Participate in a group discussion
  • Comment on someone else’s status update
  • Post to your LinkedIn company page
  • Answer questions in LinkedIn Answers
answering linkedin questions

Answering LinkedIn questions can position you as an expert and grow your visibility.

Ideally, visiting LinkedIn a few times a week to post interesting and compelling status updates, join in a few group discussions and answer a question or two will keep your profile active. Do not forget to engage with connections as well.

Leaving comments or sharing what your connections have posted can also lead to profile views.

Commenting is a very effective way to start dialogue with first-degree connections and beyond. When you leave a comment on someone else’s update, the conversation will show up with your picture in the homepage of all of your connections. It will also show up on the homepage of that person for their connections to view.

Commenting is a great way to gain exposure to your second- and third-degree connections while engaging in conversation.

See the commenting example below.


Comment on the status updates of your network connections to increase profile views and visibility on LinkedIn.

I posted a comment on an update that one of my connections had shared. The screenshot above shows what another one of my connections was able to see with regard to the comment and conversation.

Notice that the person who originally posted this status update (Sarah) gets less visibility than I do as the commenter.

#4: Use LinkedIn on the Go

Mobile devices now account for 22% of LinkedIn traffic.

LinkedIn has developed robust mobile applications to make networking on the go easy and fun. When you participate on LinkedIn through your mobile devices you can stay engaged and visible with your connections anytime and anywhere.

ipad app

LinkedIn's iPad application.

Spending time on the network and keeping your profile active is the best way to drive views to your profile and ultimately visits to your blog. A significant percentage of my LinkedIn referral traffic to my blog comes directly from my profile!

#5: Post Blog Articles as Status Updates and Link to Relevant Articles

It goes without saying that to drive traffic to your blog from any social network, your blog posts need to be shared with your network.

  • Manually post a link to a particular blog post in order to pull an image and control the messaging.
  • Don’t be afraid to repurpose your blog posts as status updates from time to time (see image below).
  • Post during high-traffic periods (lunchtime and afternoons).
  • Edit your comments to engage your connections.
repurpose posts

An example of manually posting a link to your blog through a repurposed status update.

It’s also acceptable to post your articles in LinkedIn Groups, but make sure it’s information that will add value to the group, and always include a question or ask for feedback.

Additionally you can point to relevant articles on your blog when participating in group discussions, answering questions in LinkedIn Answers and posting comments on the updates of your connections.

#6: Leverage LinkedIn Tools and Applications

LinkedIn provides a few tools to help you showcase your blog and encourage the sharing of your blog posts to the network.

Install the LinkedIn blog application.

Choose the appropriate blog application to install to pull your blog posts into your LinkedIn profile. This will enhance your profile and showcase your latest insights from your blog.

blog link apps

Use one of these applications provided by LinkedIn to showcase your blog directly on your profile.

The blog application will pull in excerpts of your latest posts.

blog link

Excerpts of your latest blog posts are pulled into your LinkedIn profile using the WordPress blog application.

#7: Utilize the LinkedIn Share Button on Your Blog

I’m amazed at how many business-related blogs I see that do not incorporate the LinkedIn Share button as a part of their social sharing tools. Most of the social sharing plugins provide the LinkedIn Share button as an option.

Using the LinkedIn Share button will not only help you get your posts shared on LinkedIn by blog visitors, but that in turn will drive views to your profile and new traffic to your blog!

linkedin share

Use the LinkedIn Share button on your blog to drive shares of your blog posts into LinkedIn.

As you can see, there are a number of ways to integrate your blog more closely with LinkedIn and ultimately boost your traffic.

What do you think? Are you currently taking advantage of any of these ideas? If so, what has worked well for you? I’d love to hear additional creative ideas that I may have left off of the list! Leave your questions and comments in the box below.

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  • Liz Isaacs

    Michael–Great minds think alike. I just posted about responds to when someone views your profile.

    Here’s my post:

    LinkedIn Profile Tip:Respond to those viewing your profile. Thank them. Ask if you can help them & invite. You will be able to track how they heard about you i.e.  searches, articles, other social media, word of mouth, etc. Traffic has increased more than  4x in last month and over 40% in last two weeks. Appearing in searches 88% for month so far and 92% in last week.  

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  • These are all great tips! People underestimate the power of LinkedIn, and often don’t know about the available resources it offers. I love to use LinkedIn Answers to get insight on a blog topic or answer a question and leave my link when it is related. 

  • Great post – thanks for sharing. LinkedIn profile updated!

  • Great information here. Totally agree in regards to not limiting your contacts. Thanks for the information. 

  • Stephanie, this was very enlightening. As I was reading your post I simultaneously made some changes on my LinkedIn profile. Thanks for the pointers! 

  • Lisa

    Does the blog link work with Company pages or just personal profiles?

  • I always love articles that espouse the virtues of LinkedIn and the numerous options (ableit some subtler than others) it offers people to get themselves known. While Stephanie’s article suggests that each of us should work consistently on our LinkedIn presence, what I am taking away is that she has shown us how to do it with a focus. That is, she has zeroed in on innane yet significantly vital tasks and actions which, when done consistently and repeatedly on LinkedIn, definitely have the potential of amazing results.

    I would like to add to Stephanie’s article by including a link to a fantastic book that I bought on Amazon a few weeks back. Its called ‘How to write a Killer LinkedIn Profile’ by Brenda Bernsein. Its available for Kindle on this link

    Please note that I am NOT making any money or any other benefit by suggesting this book. Its just that I’ve been a subscriber to Michael’s newsletter for a few months and have never commented on his blog. But, Stephanie’s article is very close to my heart as I am a HUGE fan of LinkedIn and am working on it to maximise my network – professionally and personally.

    Thank you very much Stephanie and I definitely look forward to other LinkedIn articles from you!

  • Knowmad

    As far as I can tell, the blog link tools only work with personal profiles. However, my personal profile is viewed more than my company one so it’s just as well. 

    Thanks for the post!

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  • Baesis10

    Some really great tips.  I typically use the LinkedIn share button to post to groups so when people come to the blog it looks like someone has already found the blog interesting enough to share.  It does drive traffic.

  • I just love the all Application of LinkedIn 🙂
    Thanks for sharing this Tips with us.

  • Sharon Schneider

    I gave a good profile.But I am an Affiliate.I want to promote other people’s products,not sell my own.I don’t have any to sell.
    I’m having a great deal of trouble because nobody will allow me to post any urls on my blog.So how can I advertise my site,which has all the ads on it.I am in a cache22.Any help in that area would be great.
    Thank you

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  • Thanks for sharing Liz. I haven’t utilized this tactic but it can certainly make sense to send an invite to someone who has viewed your profile.

  • Thanks! I agree that many people do underestimate LinkedIn.

  • Awesome! Thanks April.

  • Great thanks for reading!

  • You can manually share your blog posts to your company page. I would highly recommend it!

  • Interesting, thanks for sharing.

  • You’re welcome glad you found it helpful.

  • Focus on helping, not selling. Perhaps you can place your strategic links in your profile. When you start genuinely engaging in existing group discussions, asking and answering questions, and sharing helpful information you will get more profile views. That can ultimately lead to site visitors. Even if you are an affiliate, I would highly recommend that you have your own centralized presence to showcase your insights (help). 

  • Sonya Pelia

    Hi Stephanie: Great tips! Am doing all of the ones you recommend except on adding #1 and #6. Before posting this comment, I fixed those two.


  • Hi Sharon, I also do affiliate marketing yet I focus more on the blogging and looking for good content to drive traffic to my site. I have found that People visit the site when there is value in the information. As an added bonus the ads may lead to them clicking and so on. Because I like being on the internet I just make a journey out of it, and that way I don’t focus so much on just marketing. Good luck. 

  • Hi Stephanie, I loved the websites links idea! I’m a fan of Linkedin myself and have been able to cultivate good connections. However, nothing have turned into a business relationship yet. I believe participating in groups discussions is a key!  I will fully utilize it when I finish with my blog soon. Thanks for the tips.

  • Megan

    Great tips! I completely agree that many business bloggers fail to use LinkedIn to it’s full potential.

  • Steven

    Well done and more interesting.

  • You are allowed to join 50 groups so you should take advantage of that. Also make sure they are active so you get the most out of your participation. 

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  • Hi Stephanie, my blog is on Blogger and Linkedin does not support it. How do i get around this? Is there some way I can connect my Blogger account to LI?

  • LinkedIn offers a massive potential for getting traffic to your blog. It has become the biggest referral to my blog just recently. All I do is every time I publish a new blog posts (about once a week) I go and share to the relevant LinkedIn Groups. That’s it, too easy!

    Great post Stephanie! 

  • Kris that’s what I do, but you will notice on the LI home page a link saying “Add and application” one of the apps is Blog link only for Type pad and not any other. That’s what I was referring to. 

  • Hey Stephanie! 
    I like the ideas you bring out the hidden points :). Some of them I already used. Rest of the stuff coverd with your well written post.

    Thanks for the great tips

  • Liz Isaacs

    Thanks Stephanie for your comment–it does work…the more folks that see one’s profile, the more they will check your site and/or blog out depending what you have listed on your website section on your profile. Feel free to contact me on LinkedIn anytime if you have any LinkedIn questions (featured in Mike O’Neil & Lori Ruff’s “Rock the World” Linked In book–their articles on the contest/book have generally driven lots of folks to my profile).

  • Liz Isaacs

    Very good article Stephanie! The more folks come to your profile, the more folks will visit your blog and/or website depending on what you have listed in your website section on your profile.Thanks.

  • Tonyvwatson

    Hi Stephanie,

    Many thanks for these great tips, I have been able to improve my Linked In profile in a number of ways and I particularly liked the idea of customising the links to my website and blog. I wasn’t able to work out how to create a ‘vanity’ URL for my Linked In site and the existing URL is a bit of a mess. I would appreciate asome pointers please.

    Many thanks,

    Tony Watson

  • Tonyvwatson

    Sharon, I am a product owner looking for affiliates so if you’d like to contact me we may be able to do business tonyvwatson@gmail:disqus .com

  • This is a really useful post, thank you!  I do use LinkedIn and have a couple of groups on the go which provide a useful platform for discussion, in particular about co-working and my Colleagues on Tap co-working days that are attended by homeworkers – the group provides them an opportunity to stay in touch, and continue discussions, after the event itself.  One of the discussions was about ways to use LinkedIn for business, so I’ll add a link to this post for members’ information now.
    Thanks for the tip on including your blog as a website – I’ve done that now – tick 🙂

  • Great info Stephanie – thanks for posting! I have slowly implemented most of these tactics over the last few months. Every time I’ve beefed up my profile or added a blog post link to my status I’ve noticed a spike in people looking at my profile.

    I also add a link to any guest posts I’ve done. Some of the sites have a different focus so people can see a broader scope of my work.Thanks for the reminder on the Answers section. I often forget it’s there, but I think it would be a great way to boost name recognition in a person’s field.

  • LinkedIn is one of our top referrers.

    I’m surprised that you didn’t have a #8 – Post your articles to relevant LinkedIn Groups

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  • Great to hear that. It’s a big referral source for me as well. That’s why I’m amazed that so many bloggers overlook the channel!

  • You are welcome Fiza glad you found the tips to be valuable.

  • Thanks Michael I’ve covered this in past posts. I do think you have to be careful not to be too promotional with this, but it can be effective!

  • Thanks Stephanie! That was a great outline. I just took the time to go through your article alongside my LinkedIn profile, step-by-step, to make sure I’m doing everything recommended. Michael’s point though is a good one, I think if you aren’t participating and posting to groups, you’re “leaving money on the table.” I’m sure though than a discussion on how best to utilize LinkedIn Groups would consume at least one, if not several, completely separate blog posts.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Lori

     Great Advice. I’m going to start doing that today!

  • Ger Spieler

    Great Advice. Question, do I add my Website URL in my profile in addition to adding the SHARE button to see others blogs?

  • Great tips that are very helpful to those who signed up with LinkedIn and then said, “What next?” Was one of those.

  • Great post – I found specially helpful the #1 about adding and customizing url Links in our LinkedIn profile.
    For the ones that are wondering on how to do it, Stephanie, provides a link to the explanation that I’m pasting below:

    “Customize your “Website” listings – Under the Websites section
    of your LinkedIn profile, you can have up to 3 listed.  Choose the
    “Other” option when setting up each of these links and describe the
    links to your brand with relevant terms.  For example, rather than using
    the terms “my website”, I use “Sammons Digital Media” for this
    blog.  Not only is this more descriptive but also gives me a better
    opportunity to rank for the keywords “digital media” in search.”

    If you need more instructions see the video at:

    Thanks Stephanie for this article.

  • Very helpful and timely for me to adopt. Thanks.

  • The very first step need to do is building relationship. If relationship is not strong enough, your traffic won’t grow.

  • Rakesh Soni

    Wonderful article. Here is my 2 cents:

    Allow users to comment with their Linkedin account and post that comment on their Linkedin profile; that will drive significant traffic, won’t that? And good thing is that its pretty easy to add such feature through services like LoginRadius.

  • I have never used LinkedIn to drive traffic so i will give this a try

  • Liz Isaacs

    apologies for the double comment–was probably having a technically challenged moment. also, checking in with those who view your profile is also a good way of checking back in with your current contacts.

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  • Sam Ruta

    Thanks for the good info. Will start using right away.

  • Tlmaurer

    Great article, Stephanie.  There were a few tips here that I wasn’t aware of that I need to put to work right away.  Through my Google Analytics, I find that most of my ‘social links’ are coming from LinkedIn, but hadn’t made the ‘numbers’ connection between the people viewing my profile and those linking to my blog. (Duh!)
    Thanks for your great ideas!

    Terri L Maurer
    Maurer Consulting group

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  • You write: ”
    It’s also acceptable to post your articles in LinkedIn Groups, but make sure it’s information that will add value to the group, and always include a question or ask for feedback.”

    This is  not true. A number of groups explicitly ban posting of articles in the discussions.  You have to read the rules, first.

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  • Picked up some great tips and put them to use immediately.  Already driving traffic to my blog!  Thanks for the  FREE actionable intelligence 🙂

  • James Robertson

    Tremendous advice and tips about maximizing exposure. I have learned it’s not about lurking, but it’s about participating where apllicable. 

  • copenhagen escort

    The very first step need to do is building relationship. If relationship is not strong enough, your traffic won’t grow. 

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  • Susan Kennedy

    Thanks for sharing your know-how Stephanie, some solid steps to participating more on LinkedIn, certainly motivating me to be a more active contributor in my group, even if this is in a support capacity it has a positive outcome for both parties.  

  • I receive a decent traffic to my blog through Linkedin. However it is much less than the traffic I receive from my other social networks.

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  • Tom McHoover

    cool post:) thanks!

  • Stephanie, you say that: “If you consider that significant blog traffic from LinkedIn can come directly from LinkedIn profile views, it makes sense to work to increase your profile views.” then you go on to talk about how to see the number of “profile views”. That’s not a measure of “significant blog traffic”, it’s only people that looked at your profile. Could you provide a link to any study that actually measured traffic from a LinkedIn profile, to the linked blog/website?

  • Julie Tuttle

    Great tips! I was surprised to see most traffic to my blog from Linkedin, but it makes sense since my blog is about project management and software tools tips that help a project manager.

  • these are really helpful points