social media how toDo you know how your Google+ business page is performing?

Are you using Google+ My Business analytics?

The Google+ Dashboard has greatly improved the analytics it offers for its platform.

In this article you’ll discover the Google+ Dashboard and the analytics included in each option.

use the google+ dashboard

Discover how to find analytics with the Google+ Dashboard.

Google+ My Business Dashboard

In the early days of Google+, analytics were limited to viewing the Ripples on an individual post. Thankfully, over time, Google+ has improved its analytics for business pages.


Ripples show you how many times your post has been shared, and who shared it.

Now you can see analytics related to the past 30 days of activity for your Google+ business page, Google Analytics (if you’ve set it up for your website) and YouTube channel activity (if you have one connected to your business page). If your Google+ business page includes a physical address and map location, you’ll have an additional section with data for Google business reviews.

To access your Google+ Dashboard, go to your Google+ business page and select My Business from the left navigation menu.

dashboard left menu

Upon hover, the left menu will appear.

You’ll end up on your Google+ Dashboard. Scroll down and you’ll see each option—Insights, Google Analytics, Reviews (if applicable) and YouTube channel. Click on each to view detailed data.

You’ll quickly see that your Google+ Dashboard is an excellent hub for viewing the analytics of all of your connected Google products.

#1: Insights

The Insights section gives you an overview of your Google+ page Insights for the last 30 days. Your Insights show numbers for Google+ post views, post actions and new followers. You can also see how each of those numbers has changed in the past 30 days.

upward trends

Upward trends are shown in green; downward trends are shown in red.

You have three types of analytics within your Insights: Visibility, Engagement and Audience. Click on the View Insights button to see them and get a more detailed view of your Google+ business page activity.


The Visibility tab offers historical page view activity. You can choose the date range you prefer to analyze—the default view is the last 30 days, but you have the option to look at your data by the last 7 days, 90 days or all-time.

views insights

Hovering over any point on the graph shows the date and total views for that day.

Click on the down arrow to the right of the total views count to reveal the data breakdown of your post views, profile views and photo views.

photo views insights

This detailed view shows that photo views slightly edged out post views.

If you have your physical address included on your Google+ business page, you’ll have a few additional reports under the Visibility tab.

The Clicks report displays the number of people who visited your website from local search results, as well as the number of people who requested driving directions.

contact insights

It’s helpful to see what contact information your customers are searching for most.

If you don’t have enough data for any one of these reports, you’ll still see that analytics section in this area, but with the message ”Not enough data.”

You can also see the number of phone calls and sort that data by day of week or time of day. Identifying phone call trends may also help you identify foot traffic trends in your store.


The Engagement tab shows +1, comment and share activity on your posts. Click on the arrow next to the total actions count to see the specific activity breakdown.

+1 insights

It’s not surprising that +1s have the highest tally.

Scroll down a little further to see your Recent Posts analytics, as well as data for average activity by post type. Your Recent Posts section displays post titles and dates, along with a count of actions taken and the number of views of each post.

recent posts

You can click on any of the posts to see the original post plus the corresponding post analytics.

The Average Activity by Post Type graph gives you a snapshot of which post type resonates the most with your audience. Click on one of the graph bars to see the activity breakdown of +1s, comments and shares for a post.

actions by post type

Photo posts are receiving more total actions, but videos receive the most comments.

Knowing the specific actions taken on each post type can help with your social media content planning.


The top section of your Audience tab lets you see the recent follower growth pattern of your Google+ page.

audience insights

Check to see how your growth compares to your goals.

Below that is a chart showing all followers broken out by country. Google+ only shows the significant values, so if your total number is too low, you may not be shown the male/female breakdown by country.

audience by country insights

Find out where your audience comes from.

Scroll down a bit more and you’ll see the gender and age graph. Hovering over any section of the graph shows you what percentage of each gender falls into that age category.

#2: Google Analytics

Just below the Insights section on your Google+ Dashboard, you’ll find Google Analytics. If you have a Google Analytics account set up for your website, this overview section will show the number of new website visits, unique visitors and the total number of website page views you’ve received in the past 30 days.

google analytics insights

This is helpful for a quick glimpse of your website activity.

To directly access your Google Analytics account for a more in-depth look at your website analytics, simply click on the View Analytics button.

#3: Reviews

If you have a physical address associated with your Google+ business page, you’ll find Reviews just under the Google Analytics section.

star review ratings

Your average star rating is for your Google ratings only.

The Reviews overview will give you your average star rating, as well as the total number of business reviews, Google reviews and reviews on other sites around the web.

Click on Manage Reviews to access your Inbox and Analytics.


Your Inbox provides a convenient interface to monitor and follow up on any reviews needing your attention. Google reviews are shown at the top of the screen, with additional reviews underneath (like those from other sites such as, and Yahoo).

Google Reviews show the Google user’s name, the star rating he or she gave you, the date of the review and the full text of the review. As the business owner, you have the option to directly reply to the Google review.

star review ratings

Reviews are listed in reverse chronological order.

Reviews aggregated from other sources (including websites) show the star rating, source and date of each review along with the review itself.


Next to your Inbox tab is your Analytics tab. The Analytics tab provides a breakdown of where your reviews came from and the star ratings from each platform.

number of reviews

Google reviews are the prominent review type for this company.

If you discover that you have a lot of review activity on a specific website directory, it may be worth exploring how to claim and list your business on that site.

#4: YouTube Channel

The last element of your Google+ Dashboard is your YouTube channel.

youtube insights

Get an idea of how your YouTube channel is performing.

If you have a YouTube channel connected to your Google+ page, you’ll see the number of new channel subscribers, views received and minutes watched in the past 30 days. The Go To Channel button takes you to your YouTube channel home page.

Final Thoughts

Your Google+ My Business Dashboard serves as a hub for your other integrated Google products like Google Analytics, online business reviews and YouTube channel activity.

Having information about how effective—or ineffective—you are at reaching and engaging with your customers can help guide your future Google+ tactics and content.

What do you think? Have you explored your Google+ Dashboard? What kinds of posts receive the most actions for you? In the comments below, share which section of the Google+ Page Dashboard is the most useful to you.

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  • hi liz
    i use google plus from 4 years but i cant have more fllowers . i would like how you can help me to have more trafic on my google plus page
    thank you very much

  • Liz

    Hi Paolo,

    I’d suggest continuing to post great content that others want to share, and interacting with as many other relevant users as you can. Even if you have maxed out on the number of people in your Circles, you can still gain traffic by other users sharing your stuff. Good luck!

  • treb072410

    Informative, thanks for sharing Liz..

  • thank you liz. thanks very much for your help

  • Liz

    Thank you!

  • Liz

    You’re welcome. Have a great day!

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  • Cheese

    Great stuff Liz, but I’m sorry, in my opinion Google+ is as useless as mammary glands on a bull. There is NO traffic except for the big corps because they have the money to push their content. There is nothing good about G+ and if it weren’t for the fact that Google will penalize you for NOT using it, it would have went away a LONG time ago.

  • Liz

    Hi Cheese,

    You are definitely entitled to your opinion on the usefulness of G+. However, I know of many very small businesses that have done amazingly well on G+ because it’s a fantastic platform for niche interests. With that being said, that really doesn’t directly impact the dashboard and the amount of info you can glean from it. The data you can gather on activity for your business listing alone makes it worthwhile.

  • Terence Lee Keaser

    Cheese makes a great point… Your SEO could suffer if your business does not have a Google + page. I find it extremely hard to find individuals in my geographical location that are using the platform day in an day out. I do believe by storing company photos and engaging on Google +… It does help drive local SEO which is VERY important these days.

  • Liz

    Hey Terence,

    Yes, it’s so important for SEO. It’s nice to be able to see how people find your business via search, call you from your business listing, ask for directions, etc.

  • Linda Blatchford

    I have too many G+ business accounts set up accidentally. How do I know which is the right one and can I delete others? My business page is not one that gets a lot of traffic, it’s my personal page. How can I change that.

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  • Liz

    Hi Linda,

    Have any of your G+ business listings been verified by you? It would show a check mark on your profile. Having a verified page with correct information about your business is what you are going to want for whatever your main page is going to be.

    Yes, you can delete other pages that you don’t want. Go into your Settings then scroll all the way to the bottom. There’s a text link for “delete your page”. Hope that helps!

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  • Paul Waltkins

    Google+ is my pending subject, and I’ve always wondered how it could be used to get insights and data. This article arrives just in time, thank you!

  • Hi Linda,

    1) Can you share the name of a small business who is using G+ extremely well?

    2) I thought I verified my G+ page but I am showing the check mark that you are talking about. Can you confirm where that is at?

    3) I am a rookie at G+ page so forgive this question. Does G+ have business pages versus personal pages just like how Facebook separate
    them? Seems like with G+ personal and business are the same?

  • Liz

    You’re welcome, Paul!

  • With regards to content, what if I share my content(fresh) and others work (like I do with your post), even then the results are not very encouraging. Can you help me how to improve the visibility and increase in engagement among users with posts.

    If possible, can you tell me of other ways to change the G+ name URL (I have changed it once and I would like to change it again)?

  • Brandon

    You can only change it once

  • Guest

    I started working online, working basic jobs that only requires from you desktop or laptop computer and internet connection and I couldn’t be happier… It’s been six months since i started this and i got paid in total 36,000 dollars… Basicly i make about 80 dollars/hourly and work for 3 to 4 hrs most of the days.And the best part about this job is that you can manage time when you work and for how long as you like and you get a paycheck at the end of each week.

  • Liz

    Hi Pratik,

    Sharing good content is important. Make sure to include some hashtags with your posts. I’d suggest spending time engaging with posts shared by others, too. Organize your Circles so you are making the most efficient use of your G+ time. Then, make sure to follow other active users and engage with their posts.

    Hope you see good results. Thanks!

  • Hippie Butter

    Thank you for the explanation.

  • Thanks Brandon. Really appreciate your help !!

  • Thanks Liz, will definitely implement your tactics and let you know about the outcome.

  • nice one i like it very much


  • treb072410


  • thefranks5

    I’ve invested hundreds of hours over two years trying to justify using G+ for our company — posting interesting, valuable news; participating in a number of communities; creating specific circles, etc. Based on the skimpy data that G+ provides (LOL – the company that owns Google Analytics can’t provide good data on its own site), the value of G+ … the ROI is almost negligible. It’s a FABULOUS TOOL and could be hugely successful, I think. The BIGGEST roadblock is Google+ itself. From their CEO/director down, it’s one of the worst companies I’ve ever seen at communicating, client relations, etc. They totally ignore and blow off user requests for help and information. It’s almost like they want it to fail. I’d love to see it succeed, but I don’t see any signs of positive change.

  • Marcus Prentice

    I’m wondering how much information is required to be enough info to display data? I manage an account that averages 5,000 views a month but some months it doesn’t show any clicks and others it will shows 30-40 but only show the clicks happened 3-4 days out of the month. Is there a reason for this?

  • Liz

    Hi Marcus,

    It’s not uncommon to have several thousand views and only a small percentage of clicks (and all of those clicks spread out across only a few days of the month). I’d take a look at the specific dates the clicks occurred and see if you can trace them to a special marketing effort or in-store event. For example, if you were running a sale or promoting an in-store event.


  • Fabulous information. Thank you for keeping it simple!

  • I do not have followers or +1s on my business page because I don’t use it. In places where I leave comment with Google+ it always displays my personal page which I do not want. Does anyone know how I can change my Google+ profile so it can always display my business page rather than my personal Google+ page?