social media toolsAre you wondering what to do about the new Facebook page changes? This article will explore the important changes and what it means for your business.

On Thursday, February 10, Facebook finally pulled the trigger and announced the updated layout of Facebook pages. They made the change to bring them more in line with the recently redesigned personal profiles and to provide a more consistent user experience.

As with any major change to the Facebook user experience, the new design and features were accompanied by complaints, but overall, were well received.

Let’s take a closer look at these changes and what they mean for your business.

#1: Many Functions Are Changed

One big improvement is providing one-click access to several admin tasks, rather than having to go through the “Edit page” link.

Managing page admins is now accessible via clicking “See all” in the Admins area in the right column.

view admins

Basic Information can now be edited by clicking the “Edit info” link just below the page name at the top.

edit info

The “Edit page” link is now a button, located in the top right, just below the “Home—Profile—Account” links.

top links

Admins can easily change their page’s category by clicking the “Edit info” link under the page name, then selecting the category from the pull-down menu in the edit screen. This is also available by clicking the new “Edit page” button, as shown above.

change category

The Fan Count section in the left navigation has been simplified, with the fan pics eliminated and replaced by a simple count.

fan count

Clicking “people like this” brings up the familiar popup dialog where admins can remove or ban fans or make them admins.

The “Information” box has been removed entirely, and there’s no longer a place where a brief description of the page can be presented when it loads. Visitors will have to click the “Info” link in the new left-column navigation to access more information about the page.

View Insights and Suggest to Friends have both been removed from the left column to the right column, just below the Admins area.

view insights suggest

The “n friends like this” section has been moved from the left column to the right column, with smaller thumbnail images but a count of how many of the owner’s friends like the page, as well as some other pages that have liked your page.

page friends

The “Links” section at the bottom of the left column, with a selection of recent links posted to your wall, is gone.

I think these changes are uniformly excellent, resulting in a cleaner, less cluttered interface.

#2: The New Masthead—Expanded Opportunity for Creatives

The new masthead for pages, like the redesigned personal profiles, now features the five most recently added images (Facebook calls this the “Photostrip”) which, when clicked, expand to full size in “lightbox” fashion, keeping users on your page instead of taking them to the photos page.

Although the addition of the Photostrip adds more space for visual branding, admins will be disappointed to learn that, unlike on personal profiles, the order of these images can’t be fixed, a feature that spawned some nice creativity on personal profiles.

personal profile strip

On pages, these Photostrip images are reordered each time the page loads, and this can’t be changed. I imagine Facebook enforces this randomness to encourage the social use of this area, showing thumbnails of the five most recently added images, over using it for branding.

Brands are, however, already accepting this randomness and rolling with it, coming up with creative combinations of the profile pic (now reduced from 200 x 600 px to 180 x 540 px) and the image strip, either actively embracing the randomness or incorporating images that aren’t dependent on their order.

ShortStack Lab, located in the gambling mecca of Reno, NV, riffs on the random with a slot machine.

page shortstack

The Vogue magazine page simply incorporates imagery.

page vogue

And HyperArts has taken a somewhat playful, self-referential approach, with the letters scrambled on each page load.

page hyperarts

Creatives should enjoy the opportunities presented by this new masthead.

#3: Bye-Bye Tabs—Now What Do We Call Them?

This is one new feature many admins will view as a downgrade, and with good reason. The ability of brands to present clear tabbed options at the top of the page, in line with how websites present navigation, has been replaced with a less prominent listing of page sections in the left column, just below the profile pic.

This significant change in the user interface will force admins to rethink their page navigation, which is a good thing.

Tips: In order to maximize the visibility of the left-side navigation:

  • Keep the profile pic to under 200 px in height, so that your navigation isn’t pushed below the fold and is as close to the top of the page as possible.
  • Consider incorporating text into your profile pic to highlight “tabs” you don’t want visitors to miss (obviously a trade-off with profile pic height!).
  • Keep your navigation concise, including only the essential sections of your page. Tabs that are removed via the new navigation Edit function (click “More” to see “Edit” at the bottom of the navigation) can be restored later with their content intact.

nav edit expand

  • Reorder your sections/tabs in the navigation so the most important are first. You can easily do this using the “More—Edit” feature, then click and drag each section to achieve the desired order. Note: As before with the top tabs, Wall and Info come first!

Tip: From the page’s editing screen, admins can now customize the name of iFrame-based applications/tabs (or legacy FBML apps) they have added to their page, changing the “Custom Tab Name” even if they are not an admin on the app itself. This is great news since the same iFrame app might be used on multiple Fan Pages, but each page can now display its own unique name for the tab.

It’s easy. Just click the “Edit page” button; select “Apps”; locate the custom app in the “Added Apps”; click “Edit settings”; rename the tab; click “Save”; viola!:

rename custom iframe tab

Bug Report:

  • Exiting out of Edit mode for the navigation. The only way I’ve found is to either click on one of the sections (other than the wall) or reload the page. There should be a “Save” or “Exit Editing” link.
  • If your list is less than seven sections (including Wall and Info), the “More” link disappears AND the “Edit” function is gone, preventing reordering the sections. In the bug report I filed, Facebook says “This has been added to our wishlist.”

The above should help compensate for the diminished prominence of the top tabs. It’s not ideal, but it’s the hand we’re dealt!

#4: Use Facebook as Your Page or Personal Profile—Shape-Shifting!

This is definitely the most “revolutionary” new feature of the update. Previously, page admins could only comment as page admins on their own pages. Now, page admins can move around Facebook as their page, commenting on other pages’ walls (but not on personal profiles), and liking other pages (previously, this was “favoriting” a page).

account use page

Facebook has made toggling between your identity as a page or as a person easy. You can do it from the “Account” link at the top right (Account—Use Facebook as Page) where you can select which page you’d like to use.

use as page

Or, if you want to use Facebook as the page you’re currently on, there’s a shortcut in the right column. Click “Use Facebook as [your page name]“; that link then becomes “Use Facebook as [your name]” so you can easily switch back.

When you opt to be a page, those two links in the top right of the page—Home” and “Profile“—change to reflect this, with “Home” displaying only news from pages you’ve liked and the “Profile” link taking you to your page’s wall. And the 3 notification icons to right of “Facebook” in the top left area change to just 2, “Likes” and “Notifications.”

page top nav

You are now your page and you inhabit a world not of friends, but of pages!

Keep in mind: This is a double-edged sword. Yes, you can now comment on other pages as your brand, increasing exposure/awareness. However, other (perhaps competing) brands can post on your page. This could open the door to a new flavor of spam.

You’ll need to be more diligent about checking for posts from your competitors displaying their brand to your fans.

#5: Featured Liked Pages—A Great Opportunity for Promotion and Partnership

As Facebook says, “These pages are shown on the left of your page. Up to five pages are shown at a time, and you can specify which of your liked pages always rotate there by selecting them as featured.”

likes list

These are pages that your page has liked (previously "featured").

Tip: Although the five featured “likes” are presented in random order on each page load, you can select which pages are included in the mix.

Click the “Edit page” button. Click “Featured,” and then click “Edit Featured Likes.” From the popup you can select the liked pages that will rotate in that area.

With this control, you can use this section to highlight other pages you admin or any other pages, such as partners.

#6: New Wall Filters and Admin View—Improved Page Management

Admins now have two ways of viewing wall posts, accessible via the left-column nav:

wall admin view

If “Wall” (the default) is selected, you can view posts either by “Everyone” or just by the page.

wall view

Note that the “Everyone” option is not in chronological order but is presented according to how relevant, shared, interacted with and other criteria (Facebook’s algorithm for assessing post quality is called EdgeRank) the posts are. So a more recent post can easily trail behind a more commented-on post, for example.

Admin View” is a new feature and a convenient way for admins to manage wall content. Select “Recent” to see all—not filtered by Facebook—non-page posts in reverse chronological order. Select “Hidden Posts” (posts by users you’ve hidden or posts filtered by EdgeRank). Admins can unhide hidden posts as well as perform familiar functions such as banning a user or reporting spam.

admin view

Tip: Users now have more control over what appears in their news feed. They can filter their feed to show “Friends and pages you interact with most” or “All of your friends and pages.” The default setting is the former, and given that default settings usually go unchanged, brands may more frequently be filtered from news feeds when users don’t interact with their posts in their news feed when the user may actually still want to keep up with the brand’s news.

#7: Email Notifications for Page Activity

This has been a frequently requested feature and is now provided by Facebook.

Admins can opt to receive an email alert whenever a comment is made on one of their pages, sent to the email address they use for their account. (Edit page—Your settings)

email notification

Click “View all email settings for your pages” to be redirected to the “Pages” section of the Notifications screen.

email settings

#8: Static FBML App Is Out; iFrame Applications Only—Sort of…

Another big one here. Facebook’s Static FBML application brought the ability to create custom tabs utilizing HTML, CSS, FBML and JavaScript (actually FBJS, Facebook’s flavor of JS), to the masses. Many thousands of users, from individuals to the largest brands, have used Static FBML tabs to promote their brands and incorporate the viral elements of Facebook via FBML tags.

static fbml no

However, as Facebook announced in August 2010, the roadmap was to eventually phase out FBML and migrate to iFrames, and they’ve now announced that after March 11, 2011, admins will no longer be able to add the Static FBML application to their pages.

Where admins with little coding experience could utilize widely available templates and tutorials to create their custom tabs with Static FBML, creating an iFrame canvas application entails a deeper understanding of web technologies, requiring that you understand how to work with iFrames and HTML, create a Facebook application, upload files to a server, and utilize XFBML (FBML that can be used on websites) and the PHP scripting language to integrate with Facebook. The age of the amateur coder on Facebook may be coming to a close.

The good news for Static FBML fans is that Facebook will continue to support existing installs of the application and the custom tabs, as well as continue to allow admins to add and edit their custom tabs. However, they do urge people to migrate their custom tabs to iFrames sooner rather than later, as they are deprecating FBML (in other words, gradually eliminating it).

It could be many months or even years before Facebook terminates FBML altogether. No one knows and Facebook isn’t saying.

But Facebook has added support for iFrames to page tabs (previously, aside from some hacked methods, iFrames wouldn’t load on page tabs), and developers are relishing the increased flexibility in developing their applications (iFramed pages are hosted external to Facebook and thus can use standard web coding and scripting) rather than dealing with the quirks of FBML and FBJS.

Conclusion—It’s (Almost) All Good!

I think the facelift and feature enhancements are a big improvement across the board, allowing admins to more easily manage their pages and enhance them with applications that can now utilize iFrames on page tabs. I also think the overall appearance of the new layout is cleaner and less cluttered.

Page admins should be pleased with this new upgrade to pages. Aside from the loss of those top tabs, I think it’s all good. I say jump in and start working with it.

If you have questions, please ask them. Leave your questions and comments in the box below.

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  • Hey Tim,
    Thanks for a great article. Could you expand on the iFrame approach instead of FBML. I liked the FBML solution because you can change the page depending on if people like your page or not. Is that possible with iFrame? What benefits do you see with iFrame..
    Appreciate your thoughts on the matter.

  • Hey Tim

    Nice article on clearly define how to put some creativity style of work in facebook profile

  • This is the most comprehensive and informative write up on the new pages I’ve seen. Thanks very much for the info!

  • Thank you for the explanations on the Facebook upgrade. I have encountered three problems so far and would like to know if anyone else has experienced them and how to fix them. Most importantly, my posts and replies to our customers do not appear on the page. When I am logged in they appear on my admin page, but they are not appearing when my customers log into their accounts and view our page. Secondly, “Using Facebook as Your Page” does not work. On the top right corner of my screen, it says “Create Your Profile/Settings/Logout”. It does not have the options illustrated in the explanation. Therefore, I cannot go to my “Account” and make that switch. And lastly, is there any way to force the posts to list chronologically when my customers are on our page? What Facebook deems as relevant is actually not relevant at all. It’s listing posts from over a month ago that have nothing to do with what we are trying to convey now. Thank you!

  • Skipper

    I am an admin of a Facebook Page for a non-profit organization that does research on bald eagles. We depend on the members to watch on-line webcams and post observations and videos on the Wall of our Facebook pages. With this “upgrade”, the posts by the “fans” are no longer in chronological order on the Wall. This has created confusion and negatively affected the research. Please help us, and organizations like us that depend on posts being in chronological order, by posting a “bug report” to Facebook here: Thanks!

  • Dhannah101

    Thanks for the nicely detailed article but my biggest issue is as an administrator over several pages, I can no longer “suggest to friends”. I can click on “Suggest to Friends”, see the box of friends but after clicking and sending suggestion, it goes nowhere or maybe la, la land. Do you have any answers on this one?

  • fwallinder

    So where is the free iFrame software for FB page customization?

  • Unfortunately, I don’t have any “liked” pages other than one on my facebook page. Pages I’ve liked are attached to my personal profile. Do I have to click on the “act as my page” link and “relike” pages in order to have favorites listed? Great post with lots of useful information! Thanks!

  • Thanks for the post. This news is a little old but it’s great to keep folks informed! I find the elimination of FBML interesting. Though I have known about it for some time, it’s still quite an adjustment.–Sebastian

  • Thanks Marcus. You should first read the new HyperArts tutorial on setting up a basic iFrame Page tabs. And then read the second in the series, on how to do the Reveal / Fan-gating feature on your iFrame tab.

    As for the benefits of iFrames over FBML apps, iFrames allow developers to use the standard Web tools for coding and programming rather than having to rely on Facebook’s proprietary coding languages. So features that can be used on a regular Web page can be used in an iFramed page because that page is hosted outside of Facebook. For developers, this is a big improvement; for the coding amateur, however, a deeper knowledge of Web programming and protocols is needed.

  • Thanks Jeff. Yeah, I was revising it up to the last possible second!

  • As for your first question, many admins are unhappy with the “Everyone” view of Wall posts because, as you point out, it’s not a strictly chronological, or even complete, listing of Wall posts. Rather, it represents posts that are run through Facebook’s “EdgeRank” algorithm that orders the posts by relevance, popularity, etc.

    However, admins *can* see all the posts listed chronologically by clicking the “Admin View” under Wall in the left-column navigation.

    Regarding your second issue, I assume you have upgraded to the new layout. I’m not sure what’s causing the problem. If you don’t see similar options in the right column and if clicking on “Account” in the top right you don’t see “Use Facebook as Page”, then maybe you’re not logged in as an admin?

    As for your last question, as I mentioned, admins can view all the posts listed chronologically by clicking the “Admin View” under Wall in the left-column navigation.

    Good luck!

  • Yes, exactly. You need to Like other Pages as your Page. This is the new version of “favoriting”.

  • Splatrat150

    I’ve had this same problem, and am glad to hear I’m not the only one. It looks like a straightforward way to suggest to friends, but it doesn’t go through to them. Is this a bug or a “feature”?

  • I don’t think they’re going to lala land. Rather, your “Suggest to Friends” should show up on their News Feed (“Home”) page, in the right column, under “Requests” … An orange-flag icon with “n Page suggestion” next to it.

  • rob

    I’ve had this problem as well, and have verified that they do not show up on my friend’s News Feed or Notifications (where I thought they would show up). Could there be a setting somewhere that would prevent these suggestions from going through?

  • I JUST blogged about the “Suggest to Friends” issue and what is happening with it, including helpful links. Read it here: Feel free to share.

  • Really useful tips. I’ve been looking around but hadn’t realised you could select the Likes that your page displays – very helpful. Thank you.

  • Nein. I can confirm that no one is getting my Suggestions. I’ve tried this dozens of times, to no avail.

  • Tom Smith

    Thanks Tim for the article. I think Facebook has made things way too difficult and confusing for the “rest of us”! I can’t even leave a comment on a business page! Back to the drawing board, Zuckerberg!

  • GeoffS

    REALLY useful! Thanks!

  • Terry Rabe

    I have two questions.

    1) Should we start adding more custom Static FBML tabs now, before they take this feature away, and tweek/edit them later, so we have them?

    2) Where do we go to get the iFrames you mention?


  • M Lather

    Hi, When I go to search for a brand (as I’m on FB as the Page) in the search bar, it brings up posts that I’ve made with a number as to how many people have shared that. Is that how many have shared my post or shared the link from the orignial source?


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  • Shanedeegan

    Great break down.
    Have you heard feedback to bring back the “others” view? That was the handiest feature of the old set up. The current set up doesn’t give a clear view of recent customer questions and comments.
    I’m really concerned about the spam factor, and the Myspace factor moving to Facebook as brands and bands can now move freely on Facebook. Prior to these changes a user had to go out of their way to add a brand/band/page they truly liked. The possibility for spam posts everywhere just went up exponentially.

  • Excellent explanation of all the new features, Tim!! and screenshots exactly where I needed them to be 🙂 I find myself in the position of explaining Pages to people from time to time, and your visuals will make that so much easier…thank you!!

    I do have one question, and I apologize if the answer is in front of me somewhere 🙂 I’ve been trying to figure out what size to make my pictures that I upload for the Photostrip “carousel” so they fit in the boxes. LOVE the ShortStack idea!

  • Liveworkdream

    Thanks so much, I have been totally confused trying to figure out what’s going on with our page. Ever since the redesign our activity has dropped off tremendously and I’m trying like heck to figure out how to get it back up there. Your article really helped, thank you.

    Question: Do you know how to make the header pics change so that our fan photos get posted in those spots, not just the ones I put into our Wall Pics? Is there any way to make it so that our fan photos show there and change whenever someone posts a new pic?


  • Hi Tim, I’m not seeing how you can message fans on the pages anymore. Do you know if they moved that or deleted the ability to do that?

  • Molly

    Thanks for the information. I looked at Social Media facebook page and it looks like the change has not taken place yet for your page. Just wondering why…

  • Liz

    Thank you for your reply Tim. I am logged in as the admin for I am the only admin for our page. I double checked and only my email is listed as an admin. I understand that I as an admin can read all of the posts, but that doesn’t help my customers who are asking questions and cannot read my reply because Facebook has tagged it as “not relevant.” And posts that I initiate are not even appearing… Thank you for helping all of us with this new upgrade! I really hope they work out the bugs because we rely heavily on Facebook for marketing and communicating with our customers!

  • Joni Gleason

    Lots of great info here, but one is not answered for me: I recently created a second fan page and the ‘suggest friends’ tab doesn’t seem to be working – has that changed somehow or are they having problems with it? The number of freinds really grew when I created the first one, but now this one is going like a turtle and it seems the only way friends know about it if they see it on my personal wall or someone elses!! Please help!

  • Rachel Biel

    You didn’t mention the new order of posts showing on the pages. They are no longer chronological which is a major pain and extremely confusing. Facebook now decides what is priority on the page and it doesn’t make sense at all. I joined a page which protests this new order: When I joined, there were only 65 people. A few days later, there are 5,000. But, it seems like the uproar should be significantly larger. I have several pages and they are all like that. I hate it. Many of us have time sensitive things that need to be seen and it just doesn’t make sense visually.

    Also, the signing in as a page or as a profile doesn’t work for me either. That link is not even on all of my pages. I have wanted this option for a long time and am really disappointed with how they set it up.

    I don’t like not being able to control the images at the top of my personal and business pages. I’ve made products that are OK on my business pages, but wish that I could pick the personal ones that would stay there. It’s time consuming, visually ugly, and I wish that that feature was optional.

    I would say that I am pretty disgruntled right now. I know that this is a free service, but I have advertised on facebook and encourage a lot of people to set up there, only to have constant nightmares every time they change something, often for a worse scenario. Ugh.

  • Ashley

    Thanks for the update. I really dislike where the tabs are now. We spent a lot of time and money customizing those tabs and now they are virtually insignificant.

    Question- how do you normally try to contact Facebook for questions, suggestions, complaints, etc? I’d like to have my voice heard when they make changes that negatively affect a business.



  • Lots of useful info – I still can’t believe Facebook has done away with chronological posts – I thought I was losing my mind – it’s the dumbest thing – whoever came up with the new way did not think it through – at a minimum there should be an option between the new way and chronological

  • The non-chronoLOGICAL order of the posts makes me crazy also…I can’t figure out the reasons behind it, nor how Facebook can decide what is best for my visitors to see!! I know I can see the posts in order in Admin view, but that doesn’t help my fans.

  • Ashley – Mari Smith posted a list not long ago with info on how to contact Facebook:

    Hope that helps.

  • Actually, I do talk about the “Everyone” view and lack of chronological order, under #6, above. A lot of folks feel your pain about that “Everyone” view. As I’ve mentioned, admins can still see ALL the posts in chronological order by clicking “Admin View” under Wall in the left-column nav.

  • Delaney Diamond

    I just want to add that I also am frustrated that FB took away chronological posts. I’ve submitted a suggestion and I hope they listen to all of us who need the is option re-established. As Doug pointed out, at a minimum, we should have the option of switching between chronological posts and most popular posts. *shaking head* I really can’t believe they took that away. It’s a real pain and now my posts are jumbled instead of making sense in the order they’ve been posted.

  • Jami

    Great Article – Thanks!
    Can you tell me how I would would go about inviting others to my brand new facebook page?
    I sent an invite via the “suggest to friends” link to 5 of my personal fb friends, via my new facebook page, and none of them received my fb page invite. Thanks again!

  • From the FB Help Center:
    Can photos added by the people who like my Page appear at the top of it?
    Only photos published to the Wall by an admin will appear at the top of your Page.

    From what I understand, they prevent fan photos from appearing at the top of the page to prevent spammers from taking over your Header. Sorry!

  • Joni Gleason

    Thanks Jami – my problem exactly

  • Well I thought I had found the size, but it’s the profile pic that 180 x 540 px. Same for the photostrip?

  • The size of the 5 images in the Photostrip is 97w x 68h pixels. You can upload images for display in the Photostrip at larger sizes and they’ll display properly (that is, fit perfectly into 97×68) if the image you upload is in the same aspect ration (10 : 7). So if your image is, say, 700px wide, then you’d need to make the height 700 x .7 = 490px. If the uploaded image is the 10 : 7 aspect ration, then when the thumbnail for the Photostrip is created, it’ll be at the proper dimensions.

  • That’s a great question! Facebook has stated that it will continue to support Static FBML apps after March 11, 2011, and that users will still be able to edit their Static FBML tabs, as well, BUT they haven’t said whether or not users will be able to add additional tabs (the max allowed with the app is 10) after March 11.

    I would assume that the app would remain fully functional, but it might not be a bad idea to add the max number of tabs you can and have them there when you need them.

  • You can modify settings for the messages you receive by clicking:

    Account > Privacy Settings > Connecting on Facebook

    Then click “View settings”. The “Send you messages” preference might be able to block Page suggestions, but I haven’t tested that.

    And googling this seems to indicate that Page suggestions can’t be blocked.

    I tested this and had no trouble getting it to work. As I said, it showed up in my News Feed right column under Requests.

  • Bex Saunders

    Thank you for this superb article – I absolutely agree with you that in the main (and once the teething problems are ironed out) the changes are all good!

  • So glad you told us about #8. I’m letting my team know now! 🙂 Thanks

  • Rob

    First of all, thanks Tim for both the original information and the updates/advice. I did check this setting, and it is set to Everyone. This is for a page I created after the changes went into place the other week. Could that be an issue? If not, I cannot figure out why this doesn’t work. It looked like such an easy, straightforward way to Suggest To Friends – I’m awfully disappointed that it isn’t working..

  • THANK you, Tim!! That’s exactly what I needed 🙂

  • the randomization of photostrips for pages is strange as pages are for brand-building and the social aspect would make more sense for personal profiles. I hope facebook will change this soon, meanwhile I tried to cope with the randomization in this way: The bad picture-quality on facebook (depending on the color, it seems) is another point. But alltogehter very good changes…

  • Terry Rabe


    You state the max allowed with the app is 10. Do you know – is this 10 per Page or 10 total? The reason I ask is I have two Pages.

    And do you know where we can all get the iFrames you mention?


  • Thanks for the great recap! I’d like to change the order of my tabs (or now plain links, I guess) but I don’t see a “more” link under them. Any advice?

  • Hi!

    Besides this, Facebook has made more changes. One of them is not so obvious. I don’t know when it happened, but at some point in time they have changed the standard settings for everyone to: “Show posts from friends and pages you interact with most”

    I have a page with more than 2,000 fans ( ), but recently I noticed that I get less and less interaction with my fans, and I assume the a.m. change of settings is the reason. I. e. if people have not been on my page for a while, they do not see my updates anymore!

    I can change the settings for myself by clicking at the bottom of the page “Edit Options > show posts from > all of your friends and pages” but of course I cannot change this for my fans.

    Any idea how I can re-connect to all this people? Otherwise Facebook becomes useless to me.



  • It appears that the ‘Suggest to Friends’ doesn’t actually send your friends an email or notification like it used to. It seems it would appear as a ‘XXX recommends this page’ in the ads area on the right hand side – which is probably why most users don’t follow through with the recommendation.
    (don’t see it due to ad blindness!).

  • Carl Anderson

    The “Suggest to Friends” link does not appear in my new facebook page. Is there an issue with that or do I need to activate it?

  • Hi Tim, as usual a great post. We’re having difficulties viewing the tab when logged out of Facebook. We’ve lodged the bug with FB directly but haven’t heard anything. I think the Hyperarts page was experiencing a similar problem last week. Did you guys solve it?

  • Terry Rabe

    Here’s how to get Suggest to Friends to show up on your Page:

    1) Go to Account/Use FB as Page (on the right-hand side),
    2) Once there, click on ‘Use FB as Carl’ (on the right-hand side),
    3) THEN ‘Suggest to friends’ appears on the right-hand side.

    I was having the same problem until I finally figured it out.

  • Deanna

    My Suggest to Friends button hasn’t worked for weeks. I thought they disabled it.

  • vwcorson

    This list of FB changes is great. One of the professional organizations I belong to is still using FB groups instead of a fan/business page. I think this latest information will be just the impetus I need to get them to change over. BTW, I noticed that your SME profile photo hasn’t changed to the new size you recommend in change #3. Would like to get a visual on this to better understand how large/small to make our new profile image with logo.

  • Yes, I agree about letting brands brand. How you coped with the randomness is a good approach. I think there’s a lot of creative playspace *created* by the randomness, actually, as I mention in the post.

  • If you don’t see the “More” link under your navigation, then I would suspect the ones you’re not seeing are ones you’ve hidden. Just go to: Edit page > Apps > Edit settings

    and add them. As mentioned in this post, when there’s no More link, there’s also no Edit link, so you can’t re-order you links. The trick is to go add some via Edit page, do your re-ordering, then remove the links you added just to get the Edit function.

  • saysomething

    Tim -does the required use of iFrames for new pages mean that “fans” have to allow access by an app just to interact with a custom tab on a fan page? No one is going to do that!

    Will Facebook bring back the “Default Tab” ability for fan pages? Without this function, almost no one is going to see a customized welcome page if they have to click through to a custom page from that left-hand navigation menu.

    And, even if they are inclined to click it, if they have to click “Allow” for an app in an iframe to access their basic information they simply will not do so!

    This, combined with the EdgeRanked posts (rather than chronological) works to destroy Facebook as an effective tool for businesses.

    How do you see all this working? What good is Facebook to a business if their most recent messaging does not get to its fans, custom pages won’t be viewed because users will be asked to allow a page to access their info, and welcome pages can’t be the default view for new visitors?

  • Jonigleason

    We’re still not getting any real answer about this – why would they do that?? And to answer my own question – to make people buy an ad to collect more friends?? I just can hardly believe they would change such a great feature without more complaints??

  • I’m sure Facebook is well aware of the many unhappy page admins due to this change. Currently there’s no way to change it. However, it’s *really* unpopular and I’ll bet Facebook adds in the option to view ALL Wall posts chronologically for fans.

    And I’ve seen others complain that just because users don’t “interact” with their posts doesn’t mean they don’t want to see them! That’s what the “hide” feature is supposed to take care of.

  • No, it’s still not fixed. Our existing FBML applications are loading for unlogged-in users, but not our new iframe tabs. You can track this bug on Facebook’s Bugzilla.

  • Thanks. As this article mentions under #2, the new profile picture image dimensions are 180px x 540px. If you want to see that new size in action, check out Mari Smith’s Fan Page.

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  • Rachel Biel

    The problem with all of these options to see things in specific ways is that many users have no clue about how to hide what they don’t want to see, how to streamline things, how to organize their info. From what I understand, the fastest population growing on both facebook and on the internet are women over 55, which happens to be my audience. Some of them do know how to figure things out, but most are completely lost, get overwhelmed, and end up being intimidated by the learning process. It’s really unfortunate, because that is also the population that has disposable income. I spned a lot of time trying to keep up with all of these things but I think facebook would benefit by keeping things simple, fluid, with sensible viewing tools that are rooted in traditional web browsing experiences.

  • 1) No. Reveal tabs with iFrames will behave the same way they have with Static FBML tabs. Users won’t get that “This application wants access….” screen for reveal tabs.

    2) You can STILL set the default tab for non-fans. You just can’t set it for fans — they always land on the Wall. This hasn’t changed with the recent overhaul. And the reduced visibility of custom tabs, as I address it above, means fewer tabs for maximum impact and perhaps using the profile pic to include a callout for a section you really don’t want folks to miss.

    I wouldn’t say that the recent changes *destroy* a business’s ability to use Facebook effectively. I do think Facebook remains a powerful marketing tool. Remember, this is a very new technology, and it’s changing all the time. I think the general evolution has been toward more opportunities for businesses, not fewer. Adapt!

  • 1) No. Reveal tabs with iFrames will behave the same way they have with Static FBML tabs. Users won’t get that “This application wants access….” screen for reveal tabs.

    2) You can STILL set the default tab for non-fans. You just can’t set it for fans — they always land on the Wall. This hasn’t changed with the recent overhaul. And the reduced visibility of custom tabs, as I address it above, means fewer tabs for maximum impact and perhaps using the profile pic to include a callout for a section you really don’t want folks to miss.

    I wouldn’t say that the recent changes *destroy* a business’s ability to use Facebook effectively. I do think Facebook remains a powerful marketing tool. Remember, this is a very new technology, and it’s changing all the time. I think the general evolution has been toward more opportunities for businesses, not fewer. Adapt!

  • Kbibb

    Great changes except the “suggest to friends” function is not and has not worked for a while.

  • Tim,
    I appreciate the breakdown. The question I have is that when I comment on Quora of when I want to share a comment on a blog….I receive a message saying that I am on Facebook as a page and must switch back to my personal page. What I would like is to comment and share on my business page and not on my personal page. Is there a way to do this?

  • Karl Sly

    Hey Tim great share!

    Question: Do you know anyone selling iframe templates that can be used on fan pages?

  • Hey Tim great share!

    Question: Do you know anyone selling iframe templates that can be used on fan pages?

  • saysomething

    Thank you for your response (and this great post BTW). Very glad to here about reveal tabs.

    You are right that the ability to set default tabs it is still there for pages that were created prior to the switch to the new format. But pages created now do not have this option. Many people are complaining to Facebook about this.

    I had thought about doing a callout in the profile pic.

    I think the changes are great for app developers and people selling marketing tools to businesses. They are not so great for small businesses with minimal marketing budgets, minimal programming skills, etc. who depend on Facebook for marketing. It’s much easier for Sprinkles cupcakes to make a professional looking FB page using iframes than for “Bob’s Cupcakery” to do this.

    However, your very helpful post makes it in the realm of possible! Thanks again.

  • Yes. I’ve been investigating that today and although the popup dialog launches when I click “Suggest to Friends” and I’m able to send the suggestion, it’s never received. And it appears this has been broken for a month, judging from this Inside Facebook article from Jan 28, 2011.

  • Jason Padvorac

    > “The age of the amateur coder on Facebook may be coming to a close.”

    Hopefully not! I just wrote a replacement app for FBML. It is essentially identical, except that it uses the new iframe capability, so any html / css / javascript / flash / etc. content can be used.


  • Lstevenson

    You wrote that “admins can view all of the posts listed chronologically by clicking the “Admin View” under the Wall in the left-column navigation”, but what about the CUSTOMER’S view? We need a way to make the wall post in chronological order for them! Seriously, what in the world is facebook thinking with posting in non-chronological order??? Any new posts are likely to be missed, as they won’t be near the top. Is there someone we can complain to?

  • I just now created a new Page and in: Edit page > Manage permissions > Default Landing Tab

    I can set this to any custom tab. So maybe it’s new pages set up by new users? All I know is that it’s working for me.

  • Hi Jason, Intriguing! However, I added to app to a test page, went to edit the app, clicked on “Go to application” and got this error: “Firefox can’t find the server at edit.php. http://edit.php/?fb_page_id=154181661304686

    So you might want to investigate that before doing much promoting of your new app.

  • Interesting. After adding a new Page as a test and going to Edit page > Apps, Facebook still suggests Static FBML as an App I “might like” …. Jeez, make up your mind!

  • I agree that Facebook should at least give users the *option* of viewing ALL posts in chronological order, instead of just feeding them what their algorithm “thinks” is most worthy viewing. I’m with everyone else on this one. My non-cynical self believes that Facebook did this to improve the quality of Wall content. However, my cynical self wonders why they’d not allow an option for an “unfiltered” view. I really do think they’re off base with this one….

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  • Jason Padvorac

    Yikes — thank you so much for pointing that out, Tim! I believe I fixed the error now.

    Instead of the error screen, it now shows the instructions.

  • saysomething

    Wow, I don’t know what to say. I’m definitely not a new user and have created many pages. The most recent page I created, last week, does not have that option under edit page > manage permissions > default landing tab. It’s usually underneath the Wall Tab Shows option but it’s simply not there. Not sure what I’m doing wrong.

    EDIT: Mystery solved. It’s because the page I created is for a non-proft. Facebook eliminated this function for new non-profit pages. I’m going to create a brand new page as a company and then switch it to non-profit to get this function back. Here’s where I found this out:

  • Amkariuki01

    Tim nice article, its the first detailed article on the new FB upgrades that i have seen. One question though or one detail you forgot to point out how do change the icons of the custom tabs? Like the one in the screenshot

  • This was a really timely article for me, Tim! Thanks for clearing up the usual FB change confusion.

  • gayan

    I was looking for a possibility to tag photos by my page name. 🙂 E.g. my page presents delicious recipes, I could tag other photos, where my friends also share food photos. Maybe a feature is in FB’s roadmap 🙂

  • Prism Software

    Great information thanks for sharing !

  • This is all fantastic, but my page is not upgraded and I cant see how to upgrade. Facebook help provides plenty of info on what to do now, but none to tell you how to upgrade. Please help?

  • Can you please tell me how to actually upgrade my page? Facebook seems to assume this has been done for everyone. My personal profile has been upgraded, but the page I administer.

  • Great article and very usefull. The greatest problem of all the update is the FBML functionallity lost 🙁

  • What about the problem of the new (Individual User) Newsfeed default setting though, which likely makes it so that your updates are almost never seen by anyone who ever “Liked” your Page anymore? See here:

  • Emmanuelle

    Many thx for this digest of all the news. It’s very clear and useful. Regarding point #1 : in my page, on the right column, I don’t see ” view insight” and ” suggest to friends” : is this a bug ? or is there a way for me to make it appear ? Regarding #3: my list is less than seven sections : do I need to wait until Facebook solves the bug, or do I have an alternative if I want to change something here ?. Thx for your answer.

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  • Sam

    Hello, I’ve recently made some tabs with FBML. Is there an easy way to convert them to apps?

  • Ashley

    Thanks Faye- I’ll check it out.

  • Ashley

    Gerrit- good point. I think this is more serious than any other change FB has made. Realistically, most fans won’t see any posts you or your fans make. I noticed this last week and changed m personal settings. I am now seeing posts from business pages I completely forgot I followed.

    Does anyone know how long this change has been in effect?

  • Well done Tim. This a very linkable review of the new changes.

  • You set the icons for the custom app when you create it at It’s under the “About” section of the application. If you didn’t create the app yourself or have a developer build you the app, then you have no control over the icon that appears in your navigation.

  • Glad I could help, Debra!

  • You can upgrade your Page from this URL:

  • Hi Melonie. It appears this is no longer working. About a month ago Facebook changed the Suggest to Friends so that only Page admins could use it (it used to be available to all logged in users). But even though the Suggest to Friends displays, the message never gets delivered. But I’m also hearing from some that they don’t even see the link in the right column which is where it is in the new layout. So I guess just stay tuned.

  • Stephen Harvey

    I love the boom, boom, boom presentation of detail regarding the changes with Facebook. The ability to “be” your Page definitely helps to boost awareness for a business on Facebook. Plus, it isn’t too difficult to switch between the two persona of FB Fan Page and FB Personal Account. I will agree with the masses that the lack of chronological order hurts more than helps the social experience on a Fan Page. I’ll be looking for an update or check box to update/undo the order feature. Again, great, information packed article!

  • Terry Rabe

    I went ahead and added additional FBML tabs (up to 10 allowed per Page) to both of my Pages before I can’t anymore with the cut-off looming, and then renamed then all COMING SOON 1, 2, 3, etc., so I can use them at a later date. Seemed like the best thing to do since I don’t know a thing about iFrames.

    Tim, can you please tell us where we can get the iFrames? Is there a website or something you can direct me to? Thank you very much,


  • Sebastian

    Hi Tim,

    I made some researches and found some other creative solutions for the randomized photostrip on facebook pages. Hope you like it:

  • Sebastian
  • BetterTAX

    Yes I was just trying to suggest to friends (I do this every so often, not for awhile though) and its not working… the loading sign just goes round n round n round :o(. Must be a bug, otherwise whats the point of it being there?

  • I’ve just started administering a couple Facebook pages, so I’ve spent most of the time on the new system. It’s a little awkward to get used to, but I find the changes to be mostly neutral or positive. Facebook knows Pages are important, so I think these changes show that they’re always trying to think of ways to improve the experience for users and admins.

  • Thanks for providing that link, Sebastian. Nice stuff there. It would be ideal if randomization was a preference rather than a dictate.

  • pakati

    Dear Tim,
    thank you for the detailed article. I always have problems, where to find the latest information about the changes related to Facebook. As I can see, they – FB – are not “advertising” widely what are they up to and what changes they did in the near past…

  • GD

    Great write up and detailed overview of the new features – thanks! It’s a good read.

    I’m worried about the switch from FBML to iFrames though. I feel I have a basic/reasonable level of understanding for HTML (enough to survive in FBML), but am concerned that I’m going to be left behind with having to switch to iFrames – does that mean that to customise your Facebook page with code now, you HAVE to have an external website to host the code on?

    Help would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Thanks for a really helpful post.
    I’ve switched from my profile to my page but everytime I log out it resets to my profile. Next time I log in I have to switch again. Is this normal? I’d prefer it to remember to keep me on my page unless I choose to switch back manually.
    Any advice gratefully received.

  • I understand that the photostrip photos are reordered randomly, no problem with that, but how do I specify which five images are used? Your post says the five most recent, but surely brands need to keep five specifically chosen ones, not necessarily those most recently posted?

  • You can remove unwanted images in the Photostrip by clicking the “x” in the top-right corner of each image.

  • Does anyone know how you can change the Facebook chronological order on fan pages?

  • doubleimage22

    I have created a facebook profile for my fire department but the only people who can see the profile are people who are registered with facebook. There still are a lot of people not signed up with facebook, so how do I make it public to everyone to see. I have noticed that profile pages are just preview pages but facebook pages are open to everyone on the internet. Is this true? And if it is, if I change my profile to a page using use facebook as page option under account will this work. Does anything change on my profile, such as how many friends, wall posts, or most importantly my url? Please help.

  • Emily

    Hi Tim. Excellent article! I appreciate all the help. One question, when I try to change my category from brands & products to companies & organizations, it won’t accept the change. It just keeps reverting back to brands & products. Any thoughts? Thank yoU!

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  • Tim. Thanks for the great article! When I first made the change Facebook takes you through a brief tutorial which is helpful. I agree with you. I don’t like the fact that we don’t have those helpful tabs anymore, but I love your suggestions on how to use the photo bar to build your brand. In the last format it was easy for me to invite friends to join my page, but now I’m having lots of trouble suggesting the page to others. I go to the correct link on the right and try to click on the pictures of my friends and send the invite – but it never seems to work and doesn’t process. Any thoughts? Do you know of anyone else having this issue? Thanks again!

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  • Great article, and the best I’ve read so far on the subject. We haven’t upgraded our Facebook page yet because we want to make sure we’re all on the same page, as it were.

    Anyway, a co-worker and I thought we read somewhere that with the new pages you can categorize your fans and send status updates to select groups only. This would be helpful to us because our products serve three different career types. Do you know if this is possible? I can’t seem to find anything about it now. Thanks!

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  • 10 Static FBML tabs per PAGE.

  • Here’s our recent blog post on creating an iFrame app, Terry:

  • These changes are all for the good and I’ve been enjoying my shape-shifting days where I get to choose how I interact with peers there. The only downside is that I sometimes forget to switch back to my personal profile when posting on friends’ walls– but overall, I like the collaborative opportunities this feature can offer. I think I may have yet to try tweaking the design of the masthead for kicks. Thanks!

  • I guess you mean you forget you’re in Page mode and *try* to post on friends’ Walls, with no success, yes? You can’t post on your friends’ Walls if your in Page mode. You can only post on other Page’s Walls.

  • Hmm. I haven’t heard anything about that feature.

  • The Suggest to Friends feature was terminated in January by Facebook and was supposed to be available only to Page admins, and admins still *see* that feature and can go through the motions of suggesting their Page. However, the message never gets delivered.

    I suspect Facebook’s intention is to remove that feature altogether and encourage people to use the “Share” feature instead.

  • I’ve seen it not stick on the first try, but then stick on the second try. I’ve not heard reports of people not being able to change category at all.

  • You have two choices for how comments are displayed on your Wall: Everyone (sorted by “relevance”) and just Page posts. I think that’s made pretty clear in my post and in the comments. This new way of displaying Wall posts to users seems to be the least popular / most reviled feature of the recent changes.

  • Tracy

    I don’t like it all. Started a new page right when they changed the format, & with the loss of tabs AND the info box, it’s far more difficult to get your brand or website or phone number to the fans since they have to LOOK for it! The chronological order is a huge factor for time sensitive postings, & the removal of “Suggest To Friends” for anyone but admins has made it impossible for me even build a fan base. The only positive with the new format is being able to interact as the page finally.

    I run numerous pages for clients, & the established ones will muddle thru….new pages will have a difficult time getting up & running with a fan base. I also don’t see the point in building a landing page anymore if it’s not a clearly visible tab. The hits to that page will now be drastically reduced, as will hits to any of our former “tabs”.

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  • Yeah, Tracy, I know what you mean. Although there are other more effective ways of building a fan base than using the Suggest to friends ex-feature. But the lack of at least an *option* to show users your Wall unfiltered in chronological order, and no info box, are worthy of the numerous complaints.

    With the navigation moved to the left column, an eye-catching (even at 16×16) icon and intriguing “tab” name will be increased importance. And it is nice getting 16 characters to describe your “tab” rather than the very limited space allwed with the top tabs.

    I think users will become accustomed to looking to the left navigation, if they’re interested in exploring your brand’s offering.

    I think important info to know about your brand should be worked into the profile image or imaginatively worked into the Photostrip.

  • Hi Tim

    As far as I’m aware “likers” can share the page still however the link isn’t as easily found anymore. It’s left side column near the bottom of the column as a text link “SHARE” …. if you’re not looking for it you can easily miss it.

  • That “Share” link and the much-missed “Share with friends” are two different animals. The Share is just your basic Share Button function, posting to your Wall. The “Share with friends” would let you select your friends by name and send them a message. And, yes, the Share still works. But not “Share with friends” which is now supposedly only for Admins but the message never gets delivered.

  • I guess it’s an opportunity for someone to post some “how to” or “educational” videos for these people by breaking everything down… the whole KISS principle ???

  • Just wait until March 11th as all Facebook Pages will be upgraded to the new format without you having to do anything.

  • Then it is a case of educating your users to check their newsfeed settings. Believe me, I was one of those “uneducated” users and changed the setting after someone posted the tip about it as their status.

  • Creating a personal profile “as the fire department” is against Facebook Terms of Service !! Get on that one pronto. Change it to reflect a real person or else you’ll get your personal profile deleted (eventually – it may not happen today, or next month but it will happen).

    If you create a FACEBOOK PAGE (not a profile), “everyone” will see it. You can also link to it using after you’ve chosen your vanity URL (once you’ve reached 25 “likers”).

    You can’t change your profile to a page. You can change your profile to REFLECT A REAL PERSON however you will have to “create” a page.

  • Fiona Schlachter


    Thanks for the great review. I have an app page ( and upgraded to the new profile. However, I can no longer see how Likes us or, more importantly, I cannot post as the page. This new feature is excellent and I can use it for other business pages I administer but not my app page.

    A few other folks have mentioned this so I wanted to be more specific about it being an app page to see if anyone has a fix. I have found other app pages with the same problem but no solutions yet.

    Forever in debt,
    Fiona Schlachter

  • Livebeyondninetofive

    Hi, thanks for this indepth post, I was quite annoyed when I read about the introduction of iFrames but that’s the way it goes.

  • Ciao Tim,
    thank you very much for this great article!!! 🙂
    I just wanted to know one thing:
    for the old layout Pages, is there the possibility to switch to the new layout???
    thanks! 🙂

  • Rachelei

    I would like to know: for you is it still possible Suggest a page to other friends? I cannot do it anymore, an my collegues too…

  • Hi Tim. Those ideas to brand your page via the pics in that top row of pictures are very nice. But I have a question about this: How can I set up where the pictures in the top row are taken from? Right now they are taken from the Wall Photos and I cannot seem to find a way to change this..
    Thanks in advance!

  • Jpaist2

    I don’t know if you know the answer to this or can find out but I am unable to find an answer. With the new FB changes for pages, I notice that if I make a comment on my FB business page the profile pic is of my business and not of my own personal profile pic. And I am definitely using FB as me and not the business page. Any thoughts?

  • Bill

    I think it is terrible they have forced us to go with their algorithms on our fanpages for non-chronological order. Many (if not most) fanpages require a clear timeline or conversation, especially for promotions. I sincerely hope they will rethink this approach and let the owner decide “what is relevant”.

  • Bill

    Oh, and suggest to friends is broken, csv upoload is broken…the 2 best ways to get fans is gone.

  • Jpaist2

    What do mean by “friends is broken”?

  • Bill

    Suggest to friends no longer works…it looks like it does, but no one actually gets the suggestion.

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  • Just create a new photo album, calling it, say, “Top Pics” or whatever, something descriptive. When you then upload the 5 images for the album they’ll be displayed randomly in your Photostrip, because they’re the 5 most recently added pics.

    When you upload new pics but don’t want them in the Photostrip, just mouse over the photo/image in the Photostrip and click the “x” that appears in the top right corner of the image. That will remove it from the Photostrip, but not from your photos.

  • I and many other second that, Bill! At the very least, provide admins with the option to have their Wall posts displayed as they come in, unfiltered or otherwise messed with by Facebook.

  • That’s the ways it’s been for some time, not a new feature. If you make a comment on the Wall of a Page you admin, that post will be by the Page, not the personal profile. The new change is that you can comment on other Pages’ Walls as your Page.

  • Thanks Tim. Actually it is a no-brainer but I must have been mentally numb when I asked this question :D. Sorry…

  • Jb

    “Admins can opt to receive an email alert whenever a comment is made on one of their pages, sent to the email address they use for their account. (Edit page—Your settings)”
    Tim, in item 7, the image shows a link [View all email settings for your pages], but it doesn’t exist on my setting page beneath the email notifications reference. I ask where it went, because I’d like my Page emails to go to a different email address than the one I use on my personal page. Help, please! Thanks. –JB

  • I am unable to use the “More > Edit” feature to organize my apps. I don’t even see that option. Is there any other way to do this, or do I have to add applications to make the menu available?

  • I have a idea for Page for a bar and wonder if it´s possible to add a live video link to a Page, so the Page would be broadcasting “live” action. Preferably with sound. I´m not too familiar with Iframes, but it sounds like it should be possible with Iframes. Does anybody have any ideas how solve this?

  • Thanks… I’m so confused with all the shape-shifting stuff 🙂

  • Robert Court

    Hi, Is everyone else able to use the new ‘use facebook as page’ feature for multiple pages? My account only lets me ‘switch’ with one page non of my others. Here’s a screenshot: If anyone else has had this prob i’d appreciate the help. If i’m being dumb then let me know too!

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  • David Corr

    Tim, I am the admin for my company’s page but the “admin view” option mentioned in #6 is not available. The only option I see is to view hidden posts. Am I the only person that is having this issue? I don’t know if this makes a difference, but I should mention that I have merged my page with Places page.

  • I am having the same problem as David. That admin view was there but now it is gone. And now the default setting for my page’s wall is Most Recent instead of only admin posts to the page!

  • Bill

    Ok, guts…this is the best thing to happen on FB since the changeover. DIdnt you notice your walls were out of chronological order? It is now fixed! Please watch the video I made for my clients (we are a smm company)it will explain the new wall options

  • ASC

    I’m still seeing a DRAMATIC dropoff in impressions since I changed over. I don’t understand why this is– can anyone explain it to me, please? And, most importantly, how do I fix it?

    My impressions are less than 10% of the pre-change value.

  • You can Like other pages as your page, but it does not count towards their number of fans (likers). I therefore “like” as my personal profile and again as my page so that I can then comment as either when I go back to that person’s page. Anyone (Etsy/Artfire) users who participate in “Link Love” are opposed to the “liking as page” as your fan count does not increase.

  • Juliette

    Maybe someone knows how to avoid that posts on your page will also show up in your personal profile feed? I tried the settings but nothing changes, i keep seeing my page posts show up on my personal feed where I don’t want to have them. Thanks!

  • Bill

    Hi Juliette…you WANT posts to show up in home feeds. Because you “like” your page, you will see them in your home feed. That’s how FB works. People who like your page will see posts in their home feed. Hiding a post is easy…and if you want to hide your page posts on your personal home/profile, hover your mouse in the area of the post. An “x” will appear in upper right corner of post. Click on the “x”. A couple of lines will show up, click on “Hide all posts by……”

    Thats it.

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  • Suzie

    Hi, Thanks for all of the information. I just switch (because it was going to be done for me anyway). Are there more details on the edit profile and what those new boxes and check boxes mean? Safe setting so fans can post and see the information. Specifically, page visibility and posting ability…. Sorry if i have missed this! Many thanks

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  • AaarghFacebook

    Hi. I am having a problem that I can’t see posts that I know have been made to my page. I have a notification, I have seen it in my “personal” News Feed but when I’m logged in as page admin I don’t see them. I have tried everything. Can anyone help please?

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  • this is a good article

  • Lbristow15087

    Did you ever find a way to get to the “account” button? I am having the same problem, my page also only says “create your profile/settings/logout”. I am also the only admin, would like to find out how to get to the account button to use my page as mentioned.

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  • Gobobob1

    This is just great. The way its explained, the screenshots…amazing job.

    I just have 1 question. Can I make the pictures of my fun page static in order to create a good profile?

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  • Robert Court

    Hi Tim, great article.

    Many people were asking how to gerate the iFrames and you said one of the probs was it was now a lot more tech than using FBML

    I would suggest using this wildfire app to generate your iframes and then you can just add an image or HTML if you’re a bit more tech savy. I’ve added it to a page so you can see what I mean:

    here’s the link to the app:

    Can you explain the ‘Fan Gate’ function?



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  • Gailm

    Hi Tim,
    Can you tell me why all of a sudden the order of my fans keeps changing. We are a non-profit foundation and it used to be that the most recent additions showed up at the top of the list. Now everytime I click to see the new fans, it randomly changes the order…every single time!. How am I supposed to know who is new when we have a few hundred fans??

  • Darrenjwdanks

    Do the number of “Likes” of Fan Pages count against the number of “Friends” one may have on their personal page??? …If so — Have I missed a recent change?


  • Julie

    There used to be a way to go to insights and see how many fans have your page “hidden from view” not necessarily how many have unliked you, just how many have your page on ignore.

    Is there a new way or place to find this information?

  • Hi, I have German friends and Spanish friends. How can I avoid boring or annoying the Germans with Spanish posts on my personal wall or vice versa? Is it possible to have two different accounts as long as they are in a different language? Or is it still and always forbidden? Is there another way to avoid cluttering the wall with different languages? Would be gratefull for any helpful hint.

    Thanks, Demian

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  • Try using Static XFBML (An alternative to Static FBML for iframes) for tab building, you can use simple html, css, javascript or include an external file as your tab content

    Good luck

  • Gabi

    Facebook shows my info instead of my wall (both when I hit the profile button and when my friends hit on my name.) I want it to show my wall first. How can I fix this?????

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  • ExploreNorris

    Thanks for the great article. This explains alot of the changes.

  • FanpageMAX

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    trend, Facebook plays an important role to Internet marketing. How about
    getting your fan page advertised and professionally designed? Visit more for
    information at

  • FanpageMAX

    Hi, With the current
    trend, Facebook plays an important role to Internet marketing. How about
    getting your fan page advertised and professionally designed? Visit more for
    information at

  • Prairiewoman

    I am unable to edit the Info section of a Page I created and maintain. If I click Edit, I am able to enter changes but when I click “Save Changes” I get a blank white window instead of the saved changes. If I then view the page, the changes have not been made. I have tried this repeatedly over a period of two weeks and with three different browsers and get the same result. There is a second page administrator and she get the same result. How can we edit the Info!

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  • Great article, but partially void now.. since Facebook has changed again. There was rolled out a new profile with a lot of changes and errors.. hurting our pages!!! 

    I hate how they care not about the needs of the users!

  • Hey Tim,

    have you heard anything about facebook’s stance on this?
    i’ve always been frustrated I can’t comment as myself on pages I admin.

  • This did change this year. Go to “Edit Page > Your Settings” and uncheck the “Posting Preferences” box that says “Always comment and post on your page as _____ …”

  • Wishlista

    please help me !!! there is people put (sentences after they put see more )after I click on see more they go to another link for exemple link page so how can I do like this ^_^

  • how to direct update your website post to friend profile

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  • Thank you for your guidance… I am writing to ask how I can interact with my Pages Friends. I have researched and looked everywhere to learn how to interact on the Wall with my book’s Page (I am admin).  For example, if Joe Smith Likes my The Hamptons & Long Island Homegrown Cookbook page, I cannot thank him nor engage with him, using his name or even the @name I read about.  Can you help with this?  thank you.

  • shadowplayer

    Hello, I have a musician / band page that shows my page name and profile photo in posts on my own page but not on other pages that I choose to comment on. Instead no name or photo appears beside my posts but a click on the picture blank will take you to my page.

    How can I appear as my page name when I comment elsewhere?

  • Brianna

    How can I change my page to a closed group?

  • Carol

    How do I change my left column apps that I do not want to see without deleting them

  • Diane

    Tim–is there a way to move Posts to Page from the left side where they are buried over to the right side Timeline where they would be visible and nicely displayed?

  • Diane

    I just figured it out! Had to switch to posting as the Page rather than as my name.

  • RobnSam Hill

    Facebook only allows a second page name change but as my business is now registered with an almost similar name, there is no way to change it to our current registered name. We legally are not permitted to publically display the current page name and so could you advise if there is any way we can change the page name again without merging pages with a similar named page (merging we have been told will result in us losing all of the fan activity, comments, posts, photos etc?) PLEASE HELP!!!!

  • Kate

    How do I edit my hours of operation?

  • Aman

    regular Web page can be used in an iFramed page because that page is
    hosted outside of Facebook. For developers, this is a big improvement;
    for the coding amateur, however, a deeper knowledge of Web programming
    and protocols is

  • Lynn

    Hi Tim,

    Regarding #4, when I post on my page as my page I still see my individual name under that post on the page. Why is that?

  • Jill Bennett Puckett

    I have a Galaxy Note 4. When I go to the Facebook page, there is a blue circle with a pen in it on the bottom right corner of the phone. When tapped it takes you to a “what’s on your mind” page to write or post a picture, etc., it is annoying – (to me, anyway). Is there anyway to get rid of this? Thank you.