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Are you marketing on Facebook?

Do you want better reach for your Facebook posts?

Using the right posting tactics will give you better results from your Facebook marketing.

In this article you’ll discover six tips for more effective Facebook posts.

tips to improve facebook posts

Discover six tips to improve Facebook posts.

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#1: Create a Posting Road Map

Many businesses start posting on Facebook without a plan. As a result, their posts often don’t address the needs of their audience.

Consider creating a road map for your posts covering various topics.

For example, if you’re in the fitness industry, your content could cover fitness tips, blog marketing, healthy recipes and so on. The more topics you add to your content bucket, the more variety you can offer to your audience.

content plan example

Decide what topics you’ll cover on your Facebook page.

After you choose the topics you’ll cover, create a calendar. A content calendar maps out what to post each day. Having a schedule also helps you build in enough time to create your social media images.

If you’re not sure how far out to schedule your posts, creating a content calendar for one week in advance is a good rule of thumb. This gives you the flexibility to keep up with timely topics.

#2: Write Your Text for Skim Readers

Rather than debate the length of Facebook posts, consider the decreasing attention span of users. A study by the National Center for Biotechnology Information showed that people have an attention span of 8 seconds, which is 1 second less than that of a goldfish.

If you apply that to Facebook, the first three to four words of your update are crucial to grabbing your audience’s attention.

facebook post description example

Write a description that grabs your audience’s attention.

For help creating a compelling Facebook update, try a tool like CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer. Enter your post copy in the text box, and the tool will provide recommendations to improve your update.

#3: Analyze Your Written and Visual Content, Then Optimize

On Facebook, there are four types of content you can post: links, images, videos and text updates. According to a Socialbakers study (which analyzed 4,445 business pages between October 2014 and February 2015), video is the most important engagement driver, followed by text updates, links and photos.

However, before choosing content types for your posts, take time to analyze your business and audience. For example, if you want to drive traffic to your blog, the link format likely would work well for you. On the other hand, if brand awareness is your main goal, images and videos are a better bet.

Suppose that you want to drive attention to a link in the description. So in the post, you include an image along with the link. When you analyze the clicks for that post, you find that out of 51 post clicks, there was only 1 link click.

post analytics example

Look at your analytics to see the effectiveness of different post types.

The takeaway is that the content type you chose did not effectively drive attention to the link. Make sure that you check your analytics to see if you’re choosing the right content types.

#4: Consider Using Brand Hashtags

Do you use hashtags while posting on Facebook? A recent Buffer study revealed that posts without hashtags outperform posts with hashtags on Facebook.

However, before you dismiss the idea of hashtags altogether, test them for yourself. Is there a particular hashtag you use for your branding? Using hashtags on Facebook can make sense if they contribute to your brand positioning.

Adidas frequently uses the hashtag #teamadidas in their posts because it’s synonymous with their brand.

hashtag in facebook post example

Use hashtags when they make sense for your business.

Hashtags also may be effective if you’re posting about a trending topic.

#5: Customize Your Facebook Post Descriptions

When you post a link on Facebook, it fetches the metadata automatically. This can be edited.

For example, suppose that you want to republish a post. All you need to do is change the description metadata to fit the post description and suit the current context.

editing meta in facebook post example

If you’re republishing a post, tweak the metadata and add your own keywords.

Remember that Facebook posts are now searchable, so this is an excellent opportunity to add your keywords, too.

#6: Experiment With Your Publishing Times

Some Facebook managers don’t dig into analytics to discover the ideal days or times to post. They simply post when the content is ready.

According to this HubSpot article, the best days to post on Facebook are Thursday and Friday, and the worst days to post are Monday through Wednesday. Of course, you’ll want to decide what works best for your page.

To maximize your engagement, it’s important to check your analytics. Tools like Facebook Insights and Bitly (if you post links) can be helpful if you don’t want to invest in an analytics tool.

If you’re looking for a bit more information, there are paid tools available that will give you detailed analytics. For example, Fanpage Karma will give you stats on each type of content.

engagement per day example

Find the optimal times to post content on your Facebook page.

Over to You

Businesses are constantly striving to get more attention on Facebook, which has 1.44 billion monthly active users. With the right strategy, you can see more success from your Facebook posts.

What do you think? Have you used any of these tactics in your own Facebook marketing? How do you get more attention for your Facebook posts? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

tips to improve your facebook posts

Six tips for improving your Facebook posts.

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  • Micah-Sage Bolden

    Great article! All of these tips have worked for me in the past, but for tip number 2, have you found greater success for posts under 250 characters?

  • Ishita Ganguly

    Actually posts between 40 to 80 characters always work better for me.

  • Micah-Sage Bolden

    Ok cool, thanks for the tip and I will definitely try out CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer to improve my headlines

  • Great article! but could not manage much engagement with regard to posts. Please do let me know more on any tools which could help the posting and insight.

  • Eileen Doyon

    great information…thank you!

  • Nice post! Thanks for the reminder to customize the metadata when curating content. I’m not sure about using hashtags on Facebook. I’ll sometimes use them when they relate to ‘national’ days. But I haven’t used them like Adidas has. Hmm…Perhaps it’s time to give hashtags on Facebook a chance.

  • I love this article! It’s so complete and I’m glad because I’m aware of most things x)

  • Gary Kaufman

    I would suggest a small goldfish bowl facing a screen to view your posts; if they aren’t reading it all, your posts is definitely too long for America. Sorry just could not resist.

  • Bette A. Stevens

    Thanks! Sharing…

  • Thanks for your excellent article Ishita. Over the last three weeks I have added hashtags to my FB business page posts and the “reach” has increase by 30%. Don’ot know 100% if it is from using hashtags or not, but just wanted to mention it here.

  • I have heard that posting on Thursdays is beneficial. There must be something in it? Some of the email lists I’m on, only email on Thursdays! Thanks for the great tips, it is tough when you start new social accounts!

  • Nancy Dirc

    I have been posting a news article on our website of around 300 words and then putting a short post on Facebook with a link to the full article. Good idea or not?

  • Ishita Ganguly

    Sure. And let me know if you like the tool.

  • Ishita Ganguly

    Hi Cheiro,

    Different tools would be fit for different tasks. Can you tell me what exactly you are looking for.

    If it’s for posting at the right time, you can try Buffer. It comes with an in-built analytics tool that shows you the optimum time to post.

  • Ishita Ganguly

    Thank you Eileen.

  • Ishita Ganguly

    Sure. Please try them using consistently. Doing it once in a blue moon might not drive the expected result. 🙂

  • Ishita Ganguly

    Thanks Eunice

  • Ishita Ganguly

    Thank you Bette

  • Ishita Ganguly

    Cheers to your success Candace.

    You can exactly understand what made the “reach” increase by analyzing the posts for a certain period of time. For instance take last 15 days’ posts and segment them into two parts: one with hashtag and another without hashtags.

    Analyze the reach and try to draw a trend. 🙂 It will help you with better strategy.

  • Ishita Ganguly

    Hi Sage.

    Thank you for your kind words.

    Actually, it works differently from one business to another. It’s always better to find your best one by yourself. Test, test, and keeping testing.

  • Ishita Ganguly

    Hi Nancy,

    It’s seen that shorter FB posts work better. So, surely you’re doing it right.

  • Hi Ishita, nice and informative. It is really challenging to get more attention in Facebook and deal with the readers’ attention span but a great content would always hook them from end to end. I would love to try CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer, too. Cheers!

  • Amazing post. Never heard before about CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer. Thanks for letting me know. One more think to make brand awareness we should add logo of our brand on images.

  • Ishita Ganguly

    Hi there,

    I am glad you find the informative. 🙂

  • Ishita Ganguly

    Hi Vikas,

    Yes, adding the logo with FB image definitely works for branding. But one suggestion: Make sure the image is original before labeling it with a brand name.

  • Ishita Ganguly

    Yeah, we could try that as well 🙂

  • Thanks! This is one among the tool i was looking for. Also if you could suggest on bookmarking , as i could not gather much effective information on the subject

  • Thanks once again Ishita… I’ll be sure to do that experiment. Keep writing and I will keep learning from you. 🙂

  • Heather Cantu

    Now that I have read this email and learned how to prioritize my week and how to plan ahead. I am truly grateful for the 6 tips on how to improve my fb post. I don’t feel lost anymore. Thanks guys and gals for your help!

  • Thank you Ishita, I will take your advice. I just finished reading an article suggesting Sunday & Monday are the days….test & test indeed I will!

  • Roy

    “For example, suppose that you want to republish a post. All you need to do is change the description metadata to fit the post description and suit the current context.”

    Can someone pls explain?

  • Ishita Ganguly

    Did you mean a social media tool to bookmark articles and blogs?

  • Ishita Ganguly

    Thanks 🙂 I would love to know about your experiment.

  • Ishita Ganguly


  • Ishita Ganguly

    A big high-five to you Heather 🙂

  • Ishita Ganguly

    Hi Roy,

    The concept is social media content recycling. A same content can be re-shared multiple times without turning off your readers, if you modify the post meta data on FB every time.

    Can you give me an example of one of your content. Then I can show you how to re-purpose it differently.


  • puja prasad

    Nice article. I tried few of the tactics earlier but it didn’t work. My
    product is a painting and i tried to get more reach and engagement
    through posts but could not manage to do so. please let me know some
    more useful tools. Thanks.

  • Lutz Barz

    content is everything. spam is not and ppl suss that out real time quickly

  • Ishita Ganguly

    Hi Puja,

    Can you give me your FB page? It will help me analyze better.

  • Ishita Ganguly


  • Excellent tips Ishita. Always be testing as like Google, Facebook is constantly changing. What works today might not work tomorrow. Photo posts used to be top for engagement, but now are last! What works well is to share posts that you do on your business page on your personal profile to get additional exposure. Facebook, given its size and use activity, should be in every marketing plan, just like a business website. Facebook has some of the most powerful advertising features, so be sure to look beyond organic, which can act as a multiplier on reach for paid campaigns.

    Those who read your article, myself included, are now better positioned to get more out of Facebook. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Lutz Barz


  • clonazepam5mg

    great article, but i’m appalled by the use of Cecil as an example

  • Ishita Ganguly

    Thanks Rick 🙂

  • puja prasad
  • Micah-Sage Bolden

    Hey I gave CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer a try and I love it! Thanks for the heads-up

  • Eileen Bautista Gonzales

    I’ve just tried using the online tool and it’s amazing. Now I don’t need to guess if my headlines are good or not before posting my contents. Thank you for that useful information.

  • Ishita Ganguly

    That’s great guys 🙂 Cheers!

  • Ishita Ganguly

    Hi Puja,

    Gone through your page. It has around 350 likes. So, your posts should get approx. 7 organic reach. Please tell me if you’re getting more.

    If my assumption is right, I would suggest you to increase your FB community with FB ads in the first phase. Target the right people, who are interested in arts and paintings and can spend on them.

    Secondly, write the image description interestingly. Remember, your audience, their education, and lifestyle. For example, for your #OurDailyChore post, you could write, “Bring home a piece of rural India!” OR “Embellish your urban home with the pastoral beauty”

    Hope this helps.

  • Austin

    Sounds wonderful

  • Gabby Reis

    Love this article! Thank you Ishita. I was interested in #3 about optimizing visual and written content and liked your ‘Social Media Success Summit’ example. If that post only got one click to the link, how could it have been improved? The ‘Click Here’ link was so prominent in the post…

  • Ishita Ganguly

    Hi Gabby,

    You seem to have mistaken. Social media success summit is not an example. The example is the screenshot below.

  • Gabby Reis

    That makes sense about the Social Media Summit example. I couldn’t see anything wrong with it. The example in the screen shot is not showing up for me. 🙁

  • Dan Ewah

    Hi Ishita,

    I enjoyed this post, it’s action time.

    Thanks for teaching the community what you know.



  • Ishita Ganguly

    Hi Mark,

    Sure Facebook does have that tool. But if you need a bit more detailed breakup, you can try Fanpage Karma. 🙂

  • Ishita Ganguly

    Hi Dan,

    Thank you for your kind words.

  • Great article Ishita Ganguly. This tips will surely
    help the marketers on how they can engage well on their prospects using the
    facebook. And I agree that posting a video ad will surely caught more
    customers. People loves video. And your video must not be boring. Add a
    little art into it so that customers will surely be hooked on your ad.

  • Ishita Ganguly

    Bang on Barbara 🙂

  • Shantanu Raikwar

    Nice Artical, Gives indepthe knowledge to bussiness peopel about day to day facebook activity that what better they can do for there bussiness. Great !!

  • Ishita Ganguly

    Thank you Shantanu 🙂

  • Marketing Sweet

    Thank you Ishita for this great article. All of these tips have worked for me and many clients as well. I keep saying that amazing content written with empathy is the key to social media success. Cheers for sharing.

  • Ishita Ganguly

    That’s right. 🙂

  • Robert Morgan

    Characters aside, timing I feel to be very important.
    If your viewers are losing interest that’s on you. Amp up the content and sort out all the filler.
    I have always found that my viewers are engaged in my posted after the average working day. People are moving away from the Television and focusing on the phone. I have wasted countless post’s by jumping the gun on my timing.
    Far from a professional but have caught on to timing..

  • Brian Carn

    Hello Brothers and Sisters in the world and in Christ that use to chart with me on my Official face-book Page. Out of my busy times in the ministry i took this time to tell everyone to please be aware of fake profile claiming to be me on face-book as i just shut down my face-book profile and also ask my agents to shut there down also.My Private email: Note to all that i am no longer on face-book.


  • Window Square

    A Very useful article, But i have a doubt regarding Creative Brand marketing Post updates.. If you have any idea about brand marketing …please suggest me..because i want to increase brand marketing posts organic reach ….help or suggest me if you have know…..Thank you for sharing beautiful info