social media how toAre you wondering what to do with the new YouTube look and feel?

Many people either love or hate YouTube’s platform facelift.

Whatever your preference, in this article I’m going to outline some of the best ways to optimize the new YouTube layout.

Frankly, YouTube’s new design is turning out to be a step in the right direction.

YouTube has managed to add a layer of user experience and brand factor, which are only getting better. This evolution will soon prove highly beneficial to YouTube channel owners.

youtube homepage

YouTube's social home page power.

Here are 5 tweaks you can make to improve branding on your YouTube Channel.

#1: Add Your Custom URLs in the Newly Placed Description Area

This option is now at the top on the right of your video. Talk about brand power. Previously, only partners could take advantage of this prime channel real estate.

However, you don’t have to be a partner to place your URL links in plain sight to the right of the video. Before, your links were drowning below the fold (scroll down) to the left. Now your channel description area is to the right of the video above the fold. That means a higher potential click-through rate to your outside sites.

Plus you can add your social media links in the description area, such as Facebook, Twitter and now Google+.

youtube clickable links

Brand juice for non-partner channels.

#2: Add Overlays to ALL of Your Videos

This is a huge opportunity! Most people don’t know about this feature. YouTube promotions are a vastly under-used resource for traffic generation (98 of AdAge‘s Top 100 advertisers can’t be wrong).

Previous YouTube guidelines required you to promote your videos in order to take advantage of YouTube’s self-branded overlays.

However, YouTube has changed that requirement. You don’t need to have a running and approved promotion for a specific video to take advantage of overlays.

Now you can simply create the promoted video, pause the campaign and still have the power of the branded overlay.

clickable link

Create a custom ad for your overlay.

#3: Prevent Other Ads from Showing on Your Video

In order to keep all other ads from showing up on your featured video player, check the box that says, “Prevent ads from showing in my videos on this page.”

This is of course useful and necessary once you add your own branded and clickable overlay to your featured video.

Also, if you opt to have your newest video as the featured video, then you’ll only have to make this selection once and it will apply to all of your featured videos. Simply click on the Edit button found directly over the featured video.

click edit feature button

Click the Edit button above your featured video.

featured video prevent ads

From there, you can edit the information. Check the "Prevent ads from showing in my videos on this page."

While you’re here, I would also suggest making sure the auto-play option is also checked to have your featured video start playing right away when visitors come to your channel. (This is the only way your overlay will actually show right away.)

#4: Check “Always Take Subscribed Users to the Feed Tab”

It allows your existing subscribers to see your latest videos and the comments you make on other channels and videos (as well as any updates that you mention). The “Feed” tab not only brings your subscribers that much closer to seeing your channel comments, but they’re more likely to dive in and start commenting themselves to keep up with the conversations.

This can be found in the Edit Channel feature.

click edit channel

Click the Edit Channel button to begin editing your channel.

From there, go in and click the “Info and Settings” tab, which will show you where you can check the “Always take subscribed users to the feed tab.”

always take subs

Once in Info and Settings, check the "Always take subscribed users to the feed tab."

The Goal Here Is Engagement

YouTube is a social network site (many of us forget that). That being said, treating your YouTube Channel as your traffic filter to your external links can only work well if there’s solid engagement on the channel page itself.

comments selected

From the Feed tab, you can choose to click through to comments only or channel activity.

For instance, if you’re trying to build engagement within YouTube, commenting on other YouTube channels is a great way to get them to come back to yours.

Ask questions. Engage in thoughtful conversation.

Nostalgia Sets in for the Old Layout

As far as the new layout goes, channel commenting is one of the only features that seem a bit lacking from the user experience and engagement point of view. You can still comment; and actually, I like where the comment is structured on the channel (the top to the right of the video).

channel commenting

After leaving a channel post, you can view your post as well as others' posts.

But it is more of a “submit your comment” box and not a place where you can read the comments that are coming through the channel. (In this regard, I prefer the old layout.)

In fact, the only way to see the comments is from either the feed section or after you’ve submitted a comment.

With the new design layout, new users coming to your channel can certainly watch a series of videos with a more fluid user experience than before. However, from the channel page, the only way to read existing interaction on the channel is by going to the Feed tab and clicking through to “comments only.” (Seems counterintuitive to the flow that YouTube has fine-tuned.)

#5: Prioritize Your Favorite Channels on your Home Page Using the Pinned Subscribers Feature

The recent home page changes mean big things for YouTube. Social is what’s on their mind—and the home page, having more personalization, reflects that.

  • The channels you’re subscribed to are in list form under your profile on the left.
  • The middle column shows all the activity of those whom you’ve subscribed to.
  • And the Pinned feature allows you to take your top 10 YouTube users and have their information fed to you first.
homepage youtube secrets

Home page secrets.

So How is this Powerful?

The benefit is that you can scan the activity of those YouTube channels within your same niche to discern if their patterns on YouTube are successful or not. I don’t have to look too far to know what someone I subscribe to is doing. It’s right there in front of me. Not only that person’s upload patterns, but also the frequency of his/her communication—video commenting and channel subscribing—ultimately, how he/she is using YouTube socially to establish relationships.

Closing Thoughts

YouTube will not stop with their changes. They’ll continue to make the platform more social user–based. That, coupled with their push for more original content, may mean that they are not yet out of the social race. They might not win this year. But if you think about Google+ integrating fully with YouTube, you can definitely see a powerhouse to be reckoned with.

What do you think? How do you feel about the changes to YouTube—both from the marketer’s and the viewer’s points of view? Please leave your questions and comments below.

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  • Hi Casey,
    This is a great in-depth reference of new features for marketers. I a. Finding the overlay and increased control to really improve traffic from YouTube. The main thing that people should realize is that all these new features are here to support a more engaging brand experience on your channel and will add a large amount of credibility to their marketing. I anticipate this having an impact not only on clickthrough rates, but also increasing conversions on my clients landing pages as it reduces distractions and Pre-sells.

    I also love the fact that you can prevent ads from showing. That is what always bothered me about YouTube channels. Be sure to also use the pause feature on your call to action so that people do not click away from your video before taking action.

    Casey – do you have a book or reference guide with additional YouTube tips that people can get ahold of?


  • Loboy Coolers

    Fantastic!  Thanks!

  • @CASEYZEMAN I really appreciate you taking the time to speak about some of the great features on YouTube. I did not know about prioritizing my favorite channels. I mean, I knew of the feature but I was not all that clear on what was the impact. I have made those changes on my branded YouTube Channel. Thanks.Additionally, I would like to add the importance of making certain that you have setup your Featured Playlists. This is an easy win since you can create multiple playlists based on topics. Additionally, when playing a video that is part of a playlist you can have an overly that can link viewers to that playlist. Powerful stuff especially with you are working with a campaign or even interactive videos.

  • Nice. What are instructions for “Add Your Custom URLs in the Newly Placed Description Area”. I couldn’t figure out how to do that.

  • Thats fantastic advice. However is there a way to actually change the color scheme to something other than grey and black so it matches my custom background? I don’t even see where you set up a sponsored or promoted video.

  • Hi Keith. Thanks so much for the kind words.  Yes the feature to limit YouTube from advertising on your channel has always been a bit hidden. 

    For channel owners who are less interested in the revenue generated from YouTube and more interested in the brand exposure.  This option is ideal.  I think most businesses should actually do this.
    Keith I do have a bit more information at you can access the 7 day video marketing bootcamp and YouTube Revealed the ebook.

    thanks again @KeithGriffis:disqus


  • No Problem Loboy! Thanks for reading. 

  • So true Ramon.  Linking your videos together is the best way to solidify your brand as well as increase your views and ultimately build trust with your potentially customers.  I find that potential customers that come from YouTube into my site has a more narrows sales cycle because you have given your viewers the time to experience ‘you’ or your ‘company’  through your video content. 
    Thanks again @ramonbnuezjr:disqus


  • Hi Ben.  Thanks for the question.  First if you have not yet done so, go into the home page of YouTube Revealed and go into social right below the Subscriber tab.  The Social tab is where you will link up your social networking sites. Once you link those up.  Go back into your channel page and at the top to the right you will see an edit button to edit your profile.  Click that and then the social options should show up and what you need to do is tic the social media sites you want to show.  The site links can also be created there as well.  Great for Branding!!!!!!
    Thanks again Ben for the question.

  • Hi Michael,

    At this point I am not seeing an area to edit, the layout (unlike the old channel layout)  You can of course edit the background though still. (this is something that they are probably , or hopefully working on currently.  All of these ideas are good to mention because like we said we want to send this off to YouTube as suggestions for the new layout.  Also the promoted videos just changed to Video Adwords for Google.  IT is still found in the same place.  Thanks for the question.  Take care. 

  • I like the YouTube “facelift” now that I’ve figured it out.  It’s like all changes…it’s annoying, time consuming, and frustrating in the beginning, but once you learn it, it ends up saving time. You just have to get through the learning faze first…which is the hard part.  

  • Great tour and how-to Casey. I’m a BIG fan of YouTube and I think it will go big/bigger in 2012. I’m sending this post to a few of my clients, as the how-to sections are really helpful.  

  • AWESOME Post! Thanks for taking the time to put it together.  One question, do you know of the way to hook your YouTube channel to you Facebook page….?  I have the app for YouTube on Facebook.  But when I try on YouTube, it only connects to a personal profile. 


  • Christina Hills

    Love the screen shots!

    thanks for this 🙂

  • Can you still upload a custom background file with your branded art work?  If so do you have a template source?

  • What about the YouTube Partner Program? I’ve not been able to find if there are any benefits in terms of design flexibility in the new format. Anyone have examples of partner channels that go beyond the typical constraints?

  • Natascha Thomson

    Thanks so much for this wonderful blog. I made a lot of changes right away!
    I am not clear on the Overlay feature. How do I set that up?

  • rbarnesdotcom

    excellent post. I’ll use this in the Atlanta GA Youtube MeetUp next time. Thanks

  • Martin

    Hi Casey

    Great Post  – One question.  Is there a way to hook up the YouTube Account to my already existing Google+ account. 

    I haven’t been on YouTube for maybe a month, but I remember when I was creating a new channel? The only option that was given to me was to create a new Google+ account that is aligned with the Gmail address I used to create the YouTube channel

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  • Hi DevaniAnjali,   So true about change.  I feel that with change comes opportunity for improvement as you pointed out.  But there is that period of frustration that turns most people away from change.  Thanks for the wisdom!


  • Hi Phyllis.  Thanks so much.  Yes I totally think that YouTube will be doing some major things in 2012.  Really it boils down to who owns YouTube.  Google.  YouTube is integrated into all of Google’s products.  And it is going to continue down that road. 



  • Hi DevaniAnjali, so far I am only seeing it for a personal profile.  This is something that I want to test further.  I was on a Webinar where someone actually told me that they were able to link their Facebook fanpage. 

    Once i do some checking I will get back with you.  Also the same to you.  If you find anything out please do let me know. 


  • Thanks Christina!

  • Hi Gisele,
    Yes you can the dimensions are a bit different now but you can still do so.  Let me know if you have any more questions about that. 



  • Hi Casey, I too have tried a few times.  If I have any luck, or crack the code I’ll be sure to let you know!

    Thank you! 

  • Dan are you reffering to the partner channel as it relates to the new layout?  Check this channel out.  The branded and clickable banners are still available to partners.  Here is an example.

  • Hi Natascha, if you ever created a promoted video it works in the same way.  You must create the promotion first then pause it.  

    If you would like more info on that please let me know.

  • We both will work on it! lol

  • Great R Barnes.  If you have any further questions let me know.

  • Is there a way to add multiple admins to a YouTube Channel?

  • So Martin, I think I understand what you are saying.  I believe unfortunately that whatever Google account you used to set up your YouTube , that is the G+ account that they link to your YouTube page.  If I find anything else out on this I will let you know. 


  • Hi Dan all partners still get the same clickable banners even in the new channel layout.  The design flexibility is about the same.  email me and I will send you a link to a partner channel as an example.

  • Go into home page of YouTube revealed? What is that?

  • Sounds like a plan! …besides, 2 minds are better then one! 

  • Hi @caseyzeman:disqus ,

    I have just been researching and have found the app that lets you connect youtube to you fan pag on facebook:  

    Hope this helps…maybe you can add it on another blog post! 


  • Hi @caseyzeman:disqus , 

    I have been doing the research on the youtube page, and here’s the app that allows you to link the account.  (the app is powered by Timert)

    Hope this helps…and maybe you can use it as content for another blog! 


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  • Antoni Porras APSNetworKING

    Thanks a lot Casey! I’m sure that Youtube is so important in our Digital strategies…

    normally in general everybody have problems with changes but also (this is only my opinion…) …we learn everyday a lot of features and new tips… Maybe we have to learn hoy to adapt faster.. And don’t waste our time thinking about them..

    All the best from Spain!

  • Richard

    Thanks for sharing those tips, Casey. 

    Apart from those obvious improvements for the marketer, overall I am not sure what to think of Youtube’s layout – it seems to lack an instant good ‘look and feel’ about it. Its UI does not appear very intuitive, either (from a viewer’s point of view). What do you think?

    There are a number of things I find especially confusing:

    1. When you click on someone’s video in their channel, it plays outside of the actual channel page. The only way back to your brand is by clicking the link button with the name of the user’s channel. Why can’t videos be played inside a channel page?

    2. The “feed” (activity/comments):

    a) I don’t quite see the value in the activity feed from a user’s point of view. For example, you added one in your own channel (NicheUmbrella) that says: “TheNicheUmbrella posted a bulletin 3 weeks ago. Hi all, how does everyone feel about the new YouTube layout?”
    But the user cannot add a comment. They cannot even click through to somewhere, so as a user I am not sure where it was originally posted to then show up in this activity feed?

    b) With videos showing up in the activity feed (with upload date), isn’t that just another view of what’s already shown under the other link “Videos” (next to the feed tab)? What’s the point of having it there, again? It’s essentially duplication, isn’t it?

    c) Comments: What I would be missing is a more sophisticated commenting system like you see in Facebook comments. It does not seem to create real engagement other than people posting one-time feedback (about your channel, not a particular video) that cannot be replied to directly. (same for your short messages that nobody can reply to directly other than adding another separate comment). Have you heard if this section will be enhanced?

    3. I am also confused about “Playlists” … from a viewer’s perspective. 

    a) Your user name for example is NicheUmbrella but at the top of the page it says “Discover your online presence”, which is also reflected in the name of the owner of your various featured playlists (it says: “xyz playlist by: Discover Your Online Presence”). Why does it not say “by: NicheUmbrella” – are these two separate channel names? I might be missing the basics here 😉

    b) Even more confusing is (at least for me), that when I click on a playlist, that in the new window where the first video plays there is nowhere to just skip to the next (or any in that playlist)? It just continuously plays every video in sequence without any control?

    I am becoming very interested in Video marketing, and naturally had a closer look at the “New Youtube”.
    That’s how the above questions came up. Thanks.PS: For some reason, I was unable to connect into Disqus via Facebook connect … it keeps coming up with an error message.

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  • Mlj2577


  • Hi Mickey , unfortunately YouTube doesn’t have multiple admins.  At the moment it is just one login.  Now in regards to business this is a great idea.  I do YouTube Managing so for my clients to have a separate login would be wonderful from the owner of the Channel (for the sake of privacy) 

    thanks for sharing.  Great idea!

  • Great approach.  I do think there should be room for challenging a change.  But you are right.  If we just can understand where the change is coming from then it will only help for us to be advocates of that change. 

  • Thanks Roland.  I am glad I asked you to share this here and not in our group.  YouTube needs to know how you feel about it.  Feedback is good.  I will have to go through each of these and let you know.  Maybe I’ll make a video about it! 😉

  • Jennief

    I can’t find this eaither or where to put the custom URL’s and to prevent ads.

  • Hi Casey! It is an awesome and I am very thankful to you for sharing this post at correct time. It would be more helpful to me as I am searching for this information for the last few days. Keep updating.

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  • Chris Mansfield

    Hi Casey,

    Thanks for this. I am working on a brand and want to put together a corporate Youtube channel. I thought that this would be easily done, but it isn’t.

    The Google+ linking is forced through the gmail account you create for the channel. This is really quite a problem. I have already got a Google+ profile and control the brand page I would like to link it to. But it is not my own YouTube channel. I can’t just connect the account.

    Is there any way to create a corporate channel that is linked to business only accounts and lets a number of individuals have access to it? Right now, I am very unclear on how this can actually work.

  • Carol


    Great information, I’ve forwarded to several other business owners!  Thanks

    Carol Lockhart

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  • Hi Henry, Glad you found it useful!  Anytime!

  • Thanks Carol.  We all need to spread the word about the new YouTube.

  • Great tips as always!

  • Really helpful information Casey, many thanks.  I’ve passed it on……..

  • Lynne

    Thanks Casey for explaining the changes. I’ve have shared your post with several ppl and think they will find it
    helpful when implementing

    I am excited about the changes and agree with Roland and would like to see a more sophisticated commenting section 🙂


  • Natascha Thomson

    Yes, Casey,

    more information would be great, as I have not done a promoted video before; I think :). Will email you. Thanks to your blog my channel is much nicer now. Another benefit of the new channel format is also that if you started your channel with a sub-optimal email address on Gmail, you can now give your channel a proper name.

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  • Excellent post, thank you. Question: if I opt to prevent ads from appearing in my videos, does this somehow deprecate the virility of my videos?

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  • Awesome tutorial on the new features. Thank you.

  • Thanks Casey for reading my comment and sent reply to me. I am waiting for some more new posts from you regarding this You Tube and how to get more traffic benefits to my videos.

  • Alicia


    I was searching for a while as well and finally found it!! Just click on the edit button ON THE ACTUAL page. So not the regular edit channel button, but right next to description that is actually on the channel there is another “edit” button that brings up these options! 

  • Casey,

    Great article. I did everything but was not happy that YouTube does not allow the Google+ business page and Facebook fan page to connect directly, only to their personal profiles. No one seems to have an answer. I did find a work around by creating my own links to my specific pages. Works great but you don’t get the enlarged icons.

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  • Amy

    These are great tips, but I worry about making anything—whether video or audio—auto-play on open. I ran into this issue yesterday when I had 12 tabs open and one them was auto-playing something. I had to click and scroll through all my tabs to try and find which site was responsible, and it was annoying.

    I’d much rather let potential customers decide for themselves whether or not to watch a video.

    That aside, this is a great article — thanks for giving us a guide to making the best use of the new layout!

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  • camcontacts

    Great YouTube tips – thanks!

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  • The Wealth Psychologist

    Thanks for the awesome tips. Perhaps I overlooked it but does the Social Media Examiner have any YouTube vids earlier than 6 months.

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  • Paul, I would love to talk to you about what you did.  Did you simply do a redirect to your fanpage?  You can email me at  if you have time to discuss.  Skype Call? 

  • No Problem, I completely understand in regards to the autoplay.  Sometimes it can be a huge pain!  Really though the autoplay is only on channel landing, and usually new users are the ones who end up coming to the featured channel page.  Subscribers are directed to the feed tab directly and video pages dont do the autoplay.  Thanks for sharing!  😉 

  • Thanks Camcontacts~ 

  • Thanks All Star Press! 

  • Hi @twitter-40351345:disqus In my opinion, yes.  If you are not a partner and are not receiving ad revenue then having YT or Google ads on your videos limits your brand awareness.  This to me is more important then virility.  There is something more pinpointed about Brand development.  I call it social video marketing.  When you can aim your traffic and by doing so, it limits the need of Hoping and Praying that your video goes Viral!  Thanks for an awesome question!

  • Thanks Lynne I appreciate the share.  And yes I am in agreement with Roland , that is one of the lacking features of the new layout. But hopefully with this thread we will be able to send off some good suggestions to YouTube.
    Thanks again! 

  • Thanks Rev Akasha!  

  • Thanks Ferris! Appreciate you stopping by. 

  • Excellent and very thorough article. Working on incorporating some of the changes that you have mentioned and that I have overlooked previously with respect to the new YouTube design.

  • Great ideas but as I’m just getting to grips with YouTube I am finding it very confusing where to access the various settings you suggest. Any tips please? Thanks.

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  • VERY useful post. Big thank you! Question… Do you know if there’s a way to connect my channel to a Facebook PAGE (not my personal profile)?

  • I wanted to add my custom URL in my videos as you indicated in your article but I don’t know where? In annotations it only allows me to add links on my videos for any existing YouTube videos, etc… Do you have more detailed instructions on how to do this?

  • @ramonbnuezjr:disqus  You are so right in regards to Playlists.  🙂

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  • Hi Bridie you can go to and get some more info on YouTube.  I totally understand that YT is a huge business.  That is why I’m sending you to this site for  a-z YOUTUBE training.

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  • Disagree about #4 Always send subscribed users to “Feed” tab – for video marketing it might be better to send also the subscribed users to “Featured” tab (to show the latest or the video you want to show). 
    Also the guys from ReelSEO are thinking the same:

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  • Thanks Casey. I am pleased to say that I am already doing most of those things except having a nicely branded landing page for my Youtube channel. Definitely on my list for this month!

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  •  Just sent you an email about this exact topic 🙂

  • Philip Crampe

    What about the branding options in the new design? Banners and image maps.  Mine seem to be missing with the new design

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  •  Hi Darcy, This was a question that someone else had,  And I believe it is possible with a work around.  When I get more information I will post it!

  • Hi Peter, that goes in the overlay for promoted videos.  If you need more information you can go to

  •  Hi Reigo.  I write for Reelseo as well.  I suppose we will disagree sometimes.  I think that it is actually better to send them to the feed.  Because they see the latest video there.  I keep my featured video the same for some time.  Now if you are doing something like weekly videos and they are always moved to the featured video slot then yes having them on the featured page is fine.  But they can also get that same info from the feed tab as well.  Both show the “latest” video.    Cheers!


  • Awesome Anshul!  Keep me informed! 

  • Hi Philip, only if you are a partner can you take advantage of clickable banners. This article shows how you can still have branding options without being a partner. 

    Now as an ad agency, and working outside budget constraints you can have a branded channel. In fact you can use YouTube’s API to do some serious targeted marketing. 

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  • GREAT article.  But I can’t seem to figure out #2: Add Overlays to ALL of Your Videos.  I connected my (non-Partner) YouTube acct. to AdWords, but can’t determine how to create a CTA overlay without creating a Campaign. Most of the “how to” resources I googled are for an older version of YouTube.  Suggestions?

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  • I tried the app recommended above, but that only seems to add the YouTube channel to Facebook. For engagement purposes, I don’t want to do that. Rather, I’d like to add our Facebook page to our YouTube channel. Have you found a way to do that, rather than listing a personal profile on YouTube?

  • James


    Like the site…

    Nice comments..

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  • Ray Lane

    Great article, Casey.  Just a shame it took me 5 months to find it!  I love the banner adding, I have seen that make a huge difference in conversions.

  • Scrlett97

    I’m new to YouTube and want to create a channel much in the vein of CafeMom Studios, only in a different genre and subject matter, but I have no idea where to start or how to use YouTube beyond the general “uploading of a video”. I have named my “channel” and uploaded one video…but how do you create all the personalizations? For instance, the personalized “Brand” banner at the top of the screen? Is there a separate “fee-based” feature I should be looking at? Any help is most appreciated!

  • Hi Scrlett.  How are you?  Thanks for your question.  You can add the banner but you have to be a partner to do so.  I do teach a step by step system for marketing with YouTube. It is called YouTube Revealed.  Look for me on Facebook if you want more info! Cheers, C

  • Jeff connect with me on Facebook and I can help you out with that! Cheers, C

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  • Very informative guide, many thanks!

  • orather flake

    YouTube. Is really powering up. Great creative moves good timing

  • Thanks a lot. I have been thinking about writing a similar blog post to this. I was just looking for some tips before I start it. Thanks!

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  • Poof

    What about Wizish?