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Your customers and prospects are using smart phones.

Have you figured out how to connect with them using mobile social media marketing techniques?

Mobile is not as difficult as it may seem, especially when you access it with the social media tools you’re already familiar with.

With that in mind, I’ll reveal 5 ways you can use social media to integrate mobile marketing into your business.

#1: Connect With Prospects On LinkedIn Mobile

The LinkedIn mobile app brings a streamlined version of the desktop site to your smartphone or other mobile device. You’ll have access to all the key LinkedIn features, including updates, your profile, messages and groups.

linkedin home screen

An example of the LinkedIn home screen on a smartphone.

From your LinkedIn home page, tap on your profile photo to access your profile screen to see who has viewed your profile recently. If someone has viewed your profile, it’s a good indication that they might be interested in hearing from you.

With the mobile app, you can reach out to them from your phone or tablet. Just tap on their profile photo and say hello to them via LinkedIn.

Allowing the app to send you push notifications is a great way to stay in touch with your LinkedIn connections, even when you’re away from your desktop computer.

#2: Build Your Brand on Instagram

Many people think of Instagram as nothing more than a photo-sharing app for personal use, but you can also use it to promote your corporate or personal brand.

In addition to sharing photos of his own travels, Dave Kerpen, author of Likeable Business and CEO of Likeable Media, uses Instagram to build brand awareness by posting pictures of the Likeable foam hand at baseball games around the country.

dave kerpen

A picture of the Likeable foam hand from Dave Kerpen’s Instagram feed.

Shelly Kramer, founder of integrated marketing firm V3 uses humor to extend her brand’s personality when she shares Instagram photos with her clients and followers.

shelly kramer

Shelly Kramer posted “More evidence of my really bad, terrible, horrible day.”

When you post images from your mobile device to Instagram it can help you form a strong connection with your audience and build a visual representation of your brand. Consider using similar tactics to promote your brand and build awareness through this popular social platform.

#3: Use Promoted Tweets to Target Mobile Users

Did you know that 55% of users who log into Twitter every month do so at least once using a mobile device? You can reach these people by using Promoted Tweets to display your tweet to users who access Twitter from a mobile device.

Sprint uses promoted Tweets to capture the attention of potential customers who are using Twitter from their smartphones with a tweet that offers $100 to people who switch to Sprint as their mobile carrier.

sprint promoted tweet

Sprint’s Promoted Tweet is surfaced only to users viewing Twitter on a mobile device.

Mobile targeting on Twitter will let you tailor tweets to appeal to prospects and customers who use smartphones. You’ll want to keep this tactic in mind as mobile usage continues to grow.

#4: Drive Traffic to Mobile Sites With Facebook’s Promoted Posts

Unlike Facebook Ads or Sponsored Stories, which display in the right sidebar, Promoted Posts are visible to mobile users because they display in the Facebook news feed.

Below is an example of a Promoted Post that drives traffic to a landing page on the company’s mobile website. The image on the left shows an ad that’s integrated into a user’s Facebook stream. The ad drives prospects and customers to a landing page on the company’s mobile website, as shown in the image on the right.

facebook promoted post

Use Facebook’s Promoted Posts to show ads in the news feeds of mobile users.

Retailers, e-commerce sites, mobile app developers and traditional businesses have all used Facebook’s native advertising to acquire new customers cost-effectively.

#5: Use a QR Code to Increase Your Social Audience

Research indicates that 27% of all smartphone owners have scanned a QR code. And, while QR codes aren’t going to be around forever, they’re still a great way to connect with people using social media on their mobile devices.

qr code

Use a QR code to grow your Twitter audience.

Here’s a simple technique you can use to get more Twitter followers using QR codes. Copy the URL and visit Mobile-Barcodes. Paste the URL into the QR code generator and hit Submit. Instantly, you’ll have your very own QR code, which can be saved to your desktop.

Now you can add the QR code to any printed materials—business cards, brochures, posters, even T-shirts. People who scan the QR code will be driven to your Twitter page, where they can follow you from their mobile device.

Go on, grab your smartphone and scan the code.

There’s no such thing as social or mobile anymore. There’s just social and mobile.

Today, approximately 40% of all Internet activity happens via mobile devices. It won’t be long before the majority of your prospects will be connecting with your company via mobile.

These five ideas on how to use social media to connect with people on their smartphones are just the beginning.

What do you think? How are you connecting with your customers on mobile devices? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  • Uvika @ AppsMav

    Similarly promoting on Tumblr, YouTube, etc can help brands grow immensely – sinse both of these types of ads seem to effective, too.

    Additionally, online retailers can set up a mobile-friendly Facebook store with the Apps Mav F-Shop app. Showcasing and selling products on mobile is definitely a plus, right?


    Uvika W

  • Hi, Uvika. Yes, you’re right — showcasing and selling products on mobile is definitely a plus, especially given today’s smartphone-ready consumer.


  • Great post Jamie.

    Mobile Social Media Marketing is gaining momentum and I’m sure we are only at the beginning.


  • SuttidaYang

    Not sure if I agree with your recommendation on QR codes. They aren’t as prevalent as they were a 1-2 years ago. The buzz has died down and I’ve not seen a ton of great activity from using them (e.g. site traffic, engagement, action, etc.) or perhaps I’m completely missing something? I’d say location based targeting/marketing/networking is more relevant and utilizing apps like Banjo, here on biz, (and as you mentioned promoted tweets) etc. may be a better route to take. Also I’d add email! With 1.1B number of global smartphone subscribers and 82%+ using their smartphones for email, it’d be a great
    tactic for business growth!

  • Yes, these are exciting times! Glad you liked the post.

    — Jamie

  • Hi, Suttida —

    Your point about QR codes is a good one. In fact, as mentioned in the post, they won’t be around forever, so it’s a good idea to be considering alternatives like the ones you suggested.

    Thanks for your comment. Keep ’em coming!


  • I heard a pretty crazy stat the other day: 43% of email opens are from mobile devices. This is a huge %! So, it’s safe to say that I’m probably connecting with a lot of my customers on mobile through my emails. Thanks for the tips you’ve shared here, Jamie! Facebook’s Promoted Posts have definitely been on my radar, as I’ve been noticing them in my own feed a lot lately. Great way to seamlessly drive traffic to your site without majorly disrupting the user experience.

  • John D. Storey

    I think it’s funny how the first mobile social media channel is always forgotten: SMS TEXT. haha it provides a link to any device, on any carrier, weather it be a smart phone or dumb phone. It’s like the best mobile communication channel because it works. And unlike facebook, I know that every one of my subscribers is going to get my message. Just to be transparent I’m probably a little biased because I work for Txtwire, a tier 3 sms aggregator. But I only did after using the service and seeing the actual results that come from creating your own text list. Anyways… just my two cents.

  • Another excellent post Jamie.

  • Michael Wilson

    With everyone just using smart phones these days, I think that these strategies are very important these days to having a successful business and marketing strategy. I think that most businesses should implement a mobile marketing strategy because everyone is on the go all of the time and those businesses should give potential customers a way to view their product or service. Those businesses should have a mobile friendly site because no one wants to view a desktop site on their phone; potential customers will be turned off almost right away.

  • Interesting post, it got me thinking what’s the future of social media marketing and how will we engage with our audiences beyond mobile devices and tablets?

  • Isn’t it amazing that so many email opens are from mobile devices? Here’s another stat — 70% of C-Level executives read emails from their smartphones.

    The world is changing. Fast!

    Glad you liked the post.


  • Thanks for your input, John. SMS is still a viable tool for all the reasons you mentioned above. We appreciate the reminder!


  • Awwww, shucks. Go on.

    No really, go on and on and on.


    Thanks, Joe. In all sincerity, I’m flattered and honored that you like this post as much as the others.


  • I agree! It all starts with a mobile friendly site.

    As they say, in today’s world, you’ve got to think “mobile first.”

    — Jamie

  • Mobile and social are converging. Today, we think mobile + social. But in the future, it’ll just be mobile/social.

    P.S. The future is now.


    — Jamie

  • Ryan Taft

    Great article Jamie. I definitely think you’re on the right path in that more and more companies are looking to find ways to engage consumers with digital content on mobile devices. Have you ever come across any apps like OnSpot Social which allow businesses to use iPads in-store to collect Facebook Likes, Twitter Followers, and Email Addresses on the spot? This is an application that myself and a few partners developed a year ago. It’s been on the market for just over a year and already our customers have collected over 125,000 new online connections. We see a HUGE coming trend in in-store tablet marketing. All different types of businesses are using our application, from doctors and dentist offices, to colleges and universities, restaurants, retailers, convention centers, etc.

    I hope this doesn’t come across as me trying to plug my app as it’s really not what I intended. I saw the article in my RSS feed, read it, and thought that you/your readers might be interested in hearing about in-store tablet marketing/apps out there that are actually designed to allow businesses to convert consumers into digital connections through a mobile device (iPad) at any physical location. I really think in-store tablet marketing is the future as it bridges the gap between the digital world and the real world. Finally, through tablets, business owners have a viable way to engage customers & prospects with digital content while in their store (when consumers are at what I call “peak interest” in that company). There is so much potential value created for all parties when businesses use tablets in-store to engage consumers.

    I’d love to hear what you think Jamie. Thanks again for the great article. Maybe next time 3rd party apps like OnSpot Social will make the list. 😉


    Ryan Taft

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  • Kizzy Bass

    Some really great points and I am currently trying to build brand awareness using instgram.

  • John D. Storey

    Oh…. I do what I can. I see myself as somewhat of a mobile missionary, going to and fro converting souls unto mobile salvation one device at a time 😉

  • Cody Kraatz

    Forgive my ignorance: why will QR codes not be around forever? Could someone point me to some good reads on the subject?


  • Hi, Ryan. Thanks for the update on OnSpot Social. It sounds very cool indeed.

    Can you reach out to me via email at It sounds like OnSpot Social and other tools like it might be a good topic for a future post.


  • Glad you liked the post, Kizzy!

  • Great post, Jamie! I wouldn’t count on Facebook Promoted Posts that much, though. As a heavy Facebook mobile user myself, those ads seem a bit intrusive and irrelevant.

  • Hi, Cody —

    We’ve written about them on the Social Media Examiner blog and on the 60 Second Marketer blog. Just do a search on either blog and you’ll find good articles.

    The reason they won’t be around for long is that they’re ugly, intrusive and new technologies are coming down the pike that will replace them.


    — Jamie

  • You’re right about Facebook Promoted posts being a little intrusive. I’m not sure they’ll be going away any time soon, but perhaps you’re correct on that, too.


  • jamie9millar

    Hi Jamie.

    Good points here, thanks.

    The screenshots of the LinkedIn app are out-of-date, though. LinkedIn has updated its app which is now an absolutely awesome mobile experience – really enhances its online publishing and news aggregation features as well as improving and simplifying its social interaction functions.

    If you haven’t updated yet, I’d strongly recommend it – a wow-factor experience and now an indispensable mobile social app for me for both personal and business brands.

  • KirstenNelson

    Just listened to a podcast talking about limited lifespan of QR codes. I’ll be honest, I’ve never installed a QR app on my phone. I suppose my first response is to Google what I’m looking for.

  • KirstenNelson

    Cool tips about the LinkedIn app, Jamie. What are your thoughts on developing a presence on Pinterest vs. Instagram? Apples to oranges comparison, or is there an advantage of one over the other for different businesses?

  • KirstenNelson

    AND…I just realized the podcast I listened to was you talking with Jon Loomer 🙂

  • artgirl

    Not all points are ones the average to lower consumers will comfortably follow. Too many “BIG” and uncommonly
    used words. Break it down
    and relax it . People prefer to
    understand advertising and don’t want to think or over think to GET IT.

  • Hi, Kirsten —

    LOL. Glad you liked the podcast. I did that one with Jon last week, so it’s good to see it’s making the rounds. And I suspect you’re like the majority of people who have never scanned a QR code.

    I’ll be writing more about “the short, happy life of QR codes” soon. Stay tuned.


  • Thanks for the update, Jamie. I took that screen shot a few weeks ago, so they must have done a recent update.

    I’ll download it right now. Sounds great. I still miss the feature from a few versions ago where you could transfer contact information via NFC by bumping phones together. Did they add that back in, by chance? I’ll find out when I download.

    Thanks again.

  • Great question about Pinterest vs. Instagram, Kirsten.

    Pew did a study recently that shows that Pinterest skews towards educated women many of whom live in the suburbs and Instagram skews towards young men and women many of whom live in cities.

    Interestingly, Instagram matched Twitter users very closely.

    You can see more details about the study here:


    — Jamie

  • Jennifer Agrazada-Schreiner

    Thanks for sharing the QR Code generator. I’ll surely have fun with it.

  • Aishah

    Hi, what’s the minimum budget needed for Twitter promoted posts? ( Tried to check it on their advertising site but it doesn’t seem to be giving me a result)

  • IndadsEyes

    Great post. I agree that mobile usage is going to increase as smartphones take a larger share of the mobile market. Its important we understand the difference of marketing to our audience via desktop versus mobile. Another emerging technology that will soon become a household name in the next 5-7 years is near field communication or NFC. Less than 25% of current smartphones on the US market have that capability, but if and when the Iphone 6 decides to become NFC capable, it will certainly change the way we market via mobile.

  • Davanna Cimino

    From a consumer standpoint, I can tell you that I respond to discounts I receive via text. Everybody is on the go, and as an example: if you get a text telling you about a discount when you are thinking about what to get for dinner for the kids on the way home, you are very, very likely to take advantage of that discount. It may be that I am not a big shopper, but I haven’t noticed that a lot of businesses use this.

  • Nice Article! These ideas will really make some good moves for mobile marketing. Not to forget the new platform “Vine” which recently introduced it’s android app, Vine is also a great platform for mobile marketing and is something to watch out for in the coming days.

  • KirstenNelson

    Sweet. Thanks for the link!

  • Yes, Vine! Of course. It’s starting to grab hold, so I’m glad you reminded us.

    Thanks, Dave.

    — Jamie

  • You’re right about NFC. Once it’s widely adopted by the manufacturers, you’ll start seeing people use it in mobile wallets, content exchange (business cards) and even as a way to “scan” an in-store poster for more information.

    Thanks for your thoughts, IndadsEyes!

  • Thanks for the input, ArtGirl. Understood.


  • Sounds good, Jennifer!

  • Hi, Aishah —

    There’s no minimum for promoted Tweets. It’s like Google — you pay on a cost per click basis and can keep the budget next to nothing.

    Here’s a post about it on Twitter’s blog:

    Good luck!

    — Jamie

  • Anna Pham

    The idea of QR code is new to me, thanks for sharing. I might try it soon.

  • John D. Storey

    Davanna, I totally agree, I think a lot of businesses don’t use this because it isn’t hip. However it is a media that actually works so it’ll be catching on more and more as time goes on. While Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are all hyped (because they are fun and are a great form of entertainment) they unfortunately are not the best place to promote your brand’s message all of the time. If you want to be sure your customer’s see your message 98% of the time as opposed to a 25% rate that facebook only reaches on a good day, use SMS text.

  • jamie9millar

    Don’t think that feature’s there. But not missed in all the new stuff, I don’t think. What do you think of the new version?

  • Attention Getting Marketing

    The Facebook news posts ad make sense because there was an IDC report a few months ago that stated that smartphone users check their Facebook news feed 14 times a day.

  • Sounds great, Anna!

  • Great information. Thanks!

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  • Encore Solutions

    Fantastic post, we’ve been making some progress with a few of these mediums – really enjoyed the QR code suggestion for increased twitter and facebook likes

  • Sarah Green

    Interesting post about growing your business by using mobile marketing. I have always been a big fan of Linked In, but wasn’t sure that if was very effective. However, the Linked In desktop app might be just the thing to make it better. As for using the QR codes, Instagram and Facebook, GREAT tips. I often forget about the QR codes, but will start checking them out as well on my Smart phone.

  • I need to get a nice iphone or galaxy gs4