social media how toUnless you can get people to click your “Like” button, your Facebook strategy will be as limp and lifeless as Matt LeBlanc’s post-Friends career.

That’s because the vast majority of consumer Facebook interactions don’t occur on your fan page, but rather in the newsfeeds of your fans. In fact, research from Jeff Widman of Facebook fan page consultancy BrandGlue (and a presenter at Facebook Success Summit) estimates that 199 out of every 200 interactions (99.5%) come from the user’s wall (or newsfeeds). This means that almost nobody is coming back to your fan page after they visit it the first time.

Think about your own behavior on Facebook. How many brands have you “Liked” and then never returned to? For me, it’s 137 total pages – a mixture of companies, organizations, other social media consultants, etc. How many of those pages have I visited after “Liking” them initially? Essentially zero, other than grabbing screenshots for presentations.

I Like “Like”

The implications for this are enormous. It somewhat invalidates the whole concept of turning your Facebook page into a mini-version of your website.

And it makes getting visitors to click “Like” the single most important component of your approach on Facebook, because if they don’t click “Like,” they may never get information from you. In fact, the conversion ratio of page visitors to new fans is a key performance indicator for Facebook success. (If 100 people come to your Facebook page and you get 20 new fans, your conversion rate is 20%.)

Sell the “Like”

With the exception of baking the “Like” button into your website, the best way to generate new fans on Facebook is to create a custom landing tab. This means when visitors come to your Facebook page for the first time, they see a customized tabbed page, not your wall.

For BrandGlue clients, using a custom landing tab increases their conversion rates by 100% or more in almost every case.

The best news about custom landing tabs is that they’re easy and inexpensive to create. Here are three options for creating a custom landing tab for your Facebook page.

#1: TabSite

TabSite is a Facebook application developer that specializes in giving businesses easily customizable tab pages. TabSite allows you to create and manage the content on your custom tab as if it was a web page or blog post, including adding multimedia. Instead of having a basic custom tab with one image, you can have multiple images, videos, text, etc.

In fact, TabSite allows you to have up to five “sub-pages” that operate underneath your custom tab.

You can create coupons, supporting information, etc., as you can see in this example TabSite from Digital Hill Multimedia.

TabSite costs $5/month for business pages. It’s free for personal Facebook pages. TabSite is not difficult to install, but isn’t entirely obvious either. It’s best for experienced users. Also, there is no free trial at this time, and the “preview” feature is a bit cumbersome, so you may need to tweak your design and layout a few times.

#2: North Social

North Social is a Facebook page application developer that maintains a large (15+) and growing stable of widgets to add horsepower to your Facebook presence. In addition to photo galleries, video applications, discussion boards and other options, North Social has a custom tab creator called First Impression.

North Social’s setup and configuration process is outstanding, and customization of their apps happens exclusively within Facebook, making it faster and more intuitive.

The one challenge with North Social is that if you’re only looking for a custom tab solution, it’s overkill. North Social packages their apps together for one monthly fee ($19 for the basic package). So you get access to 15+ customizable apps for one price, but if you care primarily about just one app, it’s like swatting flies with a baseball bat.

Also, your First Impression tab can only contain images and text, not multimedia (like with TabSite).

#3: Pagelever

This is perhaps the easiest of all custom landing tab creation options. Pagelever allows you to upload a single image and create a welcome tab in about two minutes.

For basic functionality, Pagelever is entirely free.

The advanced version ($20 per year) includes the ability to add fans-only content so your custom tab has different messages for non-fans and fans. When a visitor clicks “Like,” the content automatically changes (without reloading the page), and you can instantly thank brand-new fans and invite them to download a coupon, invite their friends, etc.

Pagelever includes a 7-day free trial for the advanced version and you can pay via PayPal.

Other Options for Custom Tabs

In addition to the three options reviewed above, other Facebook application companies like Involver, Buddy Media and Vitrue have custom tab components. These firms primarily offer all-in-one Facebook fan page management suites that are impressive, but typically aimed at mid- to large-sized companies.

If you’re DIY-inclined and technically proficient, you could also create your own Facebook app to display a custom tab (among other things). Using the Facebook Canvas app system, you could put this together in a day or so if you understand Facebook’s API calls and so forth. This is not for the novice. I had my pal Chuck Reynolds examine this alternative because it’s over my head.

Summary and Tips

For very simple, straightforward custom landing tabs, I’d probably opt for Pagelever in most cases. Free is an attractive price-point, and even at $20/year for the fan-reveal feature, it’s the least expensive option.

However, if you want your custom tab to have more content than just a graphic that says “Click the Like button,” such as this Red Bull page, then TabSite is a good bet.

If a landing tab is just part of your Facebook customization plan, then North Social might be the best option, as their array of useful applications is impressive and inexpensive.

Remember that regardless of which system you use, your custom tab must be no wider than 520 pixels.

Also, once your tab is completed, don’t forget to click on “Settings” on your fan page and use the pull-down menu labeled “Default Landing Tab for Everyone Else” to select your landing page for non-fans.

What’s your favorite custom landing tab on Facebook? Have you created one for your page yet? Leave your comments and ideas in the box below.

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More info...
  • SplashTab is pretty awesome and amazingly affordable.

  • Just a quick clarification from TabSite, The post above has a bit of old information. Just last week TabSite rolled out a free version for Fan Pages (post mentions free only for Personal Profiles). Here is the TabSite blog post about the FREE for FAN PAGE version now available:

  • julie

    Hey there SoEx Team,
    thanks for all the information. I do have one question though: How can you generate facebook only content?

    Would love some hints on that 🙂
    Thanks and keep up the good work.

  • ProjSocial

    What great information! I have some terrific graphics for my Facebook landing page (, but needed some help getting traction with it. I’ll definitely check out some of these sites!

  • @julie: if you want to code the tab yourself, there is special fbml code that you use to display content for fans vs. non-fans. otherwise you could use the pagelever app. see this smex article for the code:

    I am big fan of Mr. Baer after his fbss10 presentation!!

  • Bill Lord

    Thanks, Pagelever’s adding fan-only content sounds really interesting. I’ll have to check that out, what a great way to get that “Like” button clicked!

  • Zara

    I have read that custom landing pages are now only for pages with 10 000+ followers and brands investing in Facebook advertising. Is this accurate, does it only apply to new pages?

    Thanks in advance.

  • awesome! I could definitely use some tab help for my page

  • julie

    Hi Michael,

    thanks so much. So much content and no time to find it all 😉

  • julie

    Hi Nick,

    thanks for the link. Michael did send it a tick earlier 🙂
    I am really glad that there is so much help around.
    Thank you guys.

  • Jeannine van der Linden

    Hello, there,

    I quite like Pagemodo ( for ease of use and a good selection of layouts for the less-technically inclined amoung us. Here’s how it looks:

    In English:

    In Dutch:

    I do find, though, that the tab/landing page generators in general do fall into the “Make it look like a web page” category. As a design question I think it would be nice to have something more organically facebook (if you like) but I expect that will come. As you say, if the objective is to drive “likes” in order to maximize action on the user’s wall or newsfeed then the design ought ideally to reflect that. But I expect that will come from some genuis or another, it always does.

    Jeannine van der Linden

  • Jeannine van der Linden

    Okay, excuse me while I embarrass myself in front of the whole world.

    Here’s how it looks if I don’t bypass the settings by sending you straight to my wall with the link (duh):

    In Dutch:

    In English:

    And here I thought I was gonna be one of the cool kids…..


  • No problem Julie. I have been teaching myself fbml, and strolling down html memory lane, so that my company will not have to farm out custom tab work. I figured I’d help. You beat me to it Mike!

  • Christiankratsas

    Jay makes a great point that the majority of Facebook interactions come from the news feed. You also have to keep in mind that the “top news” is what Facebook users look at most and in order to get their you must produce more engaging content then your fellow fans and friends. Once you own a place in the top news you will be able to increase impressions greatly.

  • zach

    I went with pagelever – we are setting up a promotion, through facebook, to giveaway an iPad, a Kindle, and a few other prizes and wanted to make it only available to fans: initially we were going to go with the ‘like us’ method, asking them to like us if entering the contest but this way is MUCH better because they can only enter if they like us…

  • I just tried this with pagelevel – it’s a free service and you can set it so all new visitors see a “welcome” page you can customize. Here’s a tip – make sure your image is around 540 pixels or it will be cut off and the only way to change photo that I can tell is to remove application and reinstall. Good news … once it’s done it’s done =)
    Trista –

  • Great post Jay!

    The reason we (North Social) bring a “baseball bat” is because most brands don’t (or shouldn’t) view their competition as “flies”.

    While a landing page is a good first step, we’ve watched the more experienced brands quickly move from asking for a “like” to a more robust landing tab that hits higher conversion rates.

    Every brand will eventually graduate from a simple landing page (those are so 2009)… to a more powerful solution where they use the North Social apps to convert visitors to fans through offering up some kind of incentive to like the page.

    The incentives very by industry..might be a sweepstakes entry form, revealing an exclusive coupon code, or some other exclusive digital content (videos or whitepapers). Whatever works best with your customers is the right answer, but flexibility is king and you need to test all the options to know what will work for you.

    We’ve watched conversion rates jump 300% by switching to an offer tab instead of simply asking the fan to like the page.

    Give em a reason. and they’ll give you a click.

    Worth Noting: You can set ANY tab as your landing tab, so it just makes sense to put your most powerful message right up front.

    Also, we’re big fans of using a single purpose tab that is focused on maximum conversion. (please don’t distract your visitors with 10 different things to do on one tab, your conversion rates will get cut by 90%… or more.)

    Anyway, thanks for the kind words, and hopefully everyone will check out all the apps.

    Get more social,
    Alex Bernstein

  • Zach,

    You might want to check out our sweeps app. includes a forced “like” to enter feature and is compliant with Facebook Terms of Service which you should be mindful of when running a promotion on FB.


  • Jeannine,

    Great point. We’ve worked with some Fortune 500 brands who started off wanting a custom tab with 15-20 different modules on one page. (twitter, video, contests, email sign up, etc.)

    Recently they’ve all started to trim back the functionality and go for a “single goal” tab. focus on getting users to like the page, and the rest is just noise. Sort of how Google’s home page has a single box for searching. Focus users on what you want them to do most.

    side note: the design of your page should compliment Facebook, while still reflecting your brand look and feel.

  • Zara,

    Facebook made that announcement and then pulled it back after a massive outcry from small business owners. As of today all Facebook Fan pages can select which tab they want non-fans to land on. You’ll have to ask Zuck if that’s going to change in the future. 😉

  • If you’re comfortable with coding FBML, the linked article above explains how to code up a simple solution that should work perfectly.

    If you are technically challenged… the North Social apps include an optional Fan Only feature so you offer up a ton of stuff behind the exclusive “fan” curtain. (sweeps entry forms, coupons, videos, documents, etc.)

  • Wonderful post and very timely. I am starting my own business and was wondering how I could create an info or welcome tab. Now I know!

    Best regards,

  • Great tools. Thanks for making it painless to develop our landing pages.

  • Hi Michael,
    I feel there is more that can be done, especially seeing Facebook is in the process of depreciating FBML later this year.
    Hopefully we will start to see some great apps that can replace FBML, so we are able to still put in code on a landing/opt-in page. A friend on mine is working on one now that will work with Mail Chimp(still got a few bugs though) & even Mail Chimp has a FB app.
    Thanks for the ideas,

  • AD

    I have registered with but it still it not showing anything on my fanpage. I have added tabsite application to my page, added some stuff in page editor in tabsite but still page not showing anything. I am confused why this happening with me. Is there any video how to do it?

  • I see someone’s already mentioned it but I found Pagemodo today. I wonder how you think it fits into the tools rankings.

  • We used to have users go to the wall page only on our site and the conversion rate to a Liker was very low. We now have a welcome page as well as a couple of customer tabs and the conversion rate is almost 100% from the welcome page. The key for us I believe was presenting a welcome page that was light hearted, asked for the “like”, explained what value the user would get and had links that reflected our core business – not just a gimmick promotion.

  • This was an awesome post. Beautiful FB pages in there.

  • This is great, very helpful! Will definitely be testing them out.

  • Oh! I love the North Social one – that’s beautiful.

  • Agree. my problem is that I had a landing page and it worked well; but now, facebook has removed that option from my Settings. Does anybody know why???

  • Thanks Carmen. I’ll check it out!

  • Hey Tamar! How’s it going? I haven’t seen SplashTab. I’ll check it out too.

  • Deb

    what a great post and thanks so much to all the SoEx fans and employees who were kind enough to make all these helpful comments. it’s a pleasure to see so much positive dialogue and interaction… social media at it’s finest! i <3 SoEx 🙂

  • Thanks Mike. I wrote this post about 3 weeks ago, but it’s just now running. I appreciate the update on TabSite. Even more good news from them!

  • Thanks Mike. Is there anything you HAVEN’T written about yet? 😉

  • Exactly. Both North Social and other resources are adding fan/no-fan options.

  • Indeed Michael, with the announcement that FBML is being phased out 12/31, I’d be moving to iframes and the type of apps I wrote about today.

  • Excellent Karen. Let us know how it goes, will you?

  • Thanks Nick. I had a lot of fun presenting at FBSS. One of my favorite events this year.

  • Exactly. As Alex states below, that is no longer the case. You can have a landing tab for pages of any size. The page for my new book has just a few hundred fans so far, but we have a lot of custom stuff going on.

  • Oooooh. Haven’t seen that one. I’ll check out PageModo. Thanks for the tip.

  • I agree that the main objective needs to be getting the “like”. After that, the tabbed content becomes less necessary, because people don’t come back to the page that often.

  • Alex is right. The North Social sweeps app ROCKS!

  • Absolutely Alex. You guys have the ultimate all-in-one solution, and that’s why we’re working with you for The NOW Revolution Facebook page. (disclosure: I’m working with NorthSocial) (disclosure: they kick ass)

  • Haven’t tried it yet, but will.

  • Send us a link Mark!

  • I love the idea of using PageLever, but if I do the free version and add the tab, is that tab the only thing visitors will ever see when they come to my fanpage? Will they no longer be shown our wall with comments, etc?


  • Great advice. I have just implemennter the Red Bull like our page landing tab on facebook. Lets see if this helps

  • Marilyn

    This is a great overview of apps for custom Facebook landing tabs. I’ll be making mine soon. Thanks, too, to all those who added their comments and information. It really helps a newbie like me to make a good decision on a product.

  • Thanks for the stats on the importance of capturing the “Like” every first time visit.

    I created a custom landing tab for my FB photography page using FBML. The tab includes a YouTube video and a Flickr slideshow.!/johnnordell?v=app_4949752878

    Big thanks to tutorials from Hyperarts.

  • Whistler Heather

    wow… more stuff to teach the unteachable…. they want simple and this is technical again.. They are broke and everytime something new comes along, they aren’t able to inmplement the tools.. or pay someone else to do it.. I loved your comment about returning to a LIKE never….so true.. I live in the news feed…
    Thank you I shall endeavor to conquer this facebook world! whistlerheather

  • Thanks for sharing Jay, awesome as usual. We also made it easy to turn your survey into a Facebook tab which can be used for surveys (!), landing pages, newsletter signups and coupons

  • TroyRumfelt


    Thanks for the kind TabSite words. We are getting a great response with this App. Glad to see you like what we are doing. As Mike mentioned above we now have a FREE Fan Page version. We will keep you informed as we role out more great features.

    Thanks Again,

    Troy Rumfelt

  • Great overview and thanks for exposing the rapidly growing trend of developing and promoting your Facebook page!I saw a comment on SplashTab ( of which I am here to explain, was built to offer businesses the ability to explore all that they can with their Facebook page tabs.Promotions, Events, Special Offers, Real Estate Listings, Product/Service linking, etc. Every business is unique in what they can offer. We’ve found that some businesses want an inviting ‘Welcome’ tab to display info and some want incentive based call-to-action tabs. The possibilities abound.It’s about connecting business management tools to into different platforms for growth and performance. It’s very exciting to watch what you never thought as possible… develop right before your eyes.And, with 50% of users signing into Facebook at least once a day, this is a chance to interact with your customers you can’t ignore.Businesses are starting to realize that creating a custom tab is very cost effective way for your fans to engage with your brand.Todd J ScottCreative Director -ST

  • Wow 95-99% of Facebook fans don’t come back after the first visit…Twitter must love those odds!

  • Great article for a FB’s customization neophyte like myself. Thanks!

  • They don’t return, BUT you can reach them via the newsfeed. Similar stats are true with twitter as well (how many times do you return to someones twitter profile?)

  • Hey John–that’s a pretty nifty tab… However, based on conversion rates that I’ve seen with clients, you’d probably see a lot higher conversions if you had the “Like this page” in a bigger font size.

    Jeff @ BrandGlue

  • They will be shown your wall, and all the other tabs. The PageLever tab is simply the one that pops up first. IF you show fan-only content, it’s within the specific tab, not a separate tab.

    Jeff @ BrandGlue

  • I’m curious how you’re specifically measuring conversions?

  • I’ll be speaking on this tomorrow, but users almost never check out the “Most Recent”. Optimizing for the newsfeed algorithm (NFO) is super important if you want to reach eyeballs.

    Jeff @ BrandGlue

  • I have it on fairly good authority from some friends who work at Facebook that they simply didn’t realize the implications for everyone when they instituted that policy. I doubt they’ll do it again.

    Jeff @ BrandGlue

  • At this stage, it’s unclear whether the Static FBML app will remain when they deprecate FBML. Logically, it seems they’d leave it around since so many admins use it, but I haven’t been able to get a straight answer from Facebook.

    Jeff @ BrandGlue

  • Great round up. Just did a Pageleve landing page pretty quickly but then ditched it as couldn’t add extra text – other than putting in the image. So then created a Tabsite landing page for a client – too easy. Thanks a lot. Have been having a brain spasm over this for the last week.

  • Thanks for a great article, Jay!

    Here’s mine:

    I hope you “Like” it ; )


  • Would have loved to have had this post as a resource when I was setting up the fan page for my business.

    Mine is not as cool as most companies but I don’t think its too bad considering I coded it myself

  • Nice one, Alice! I “Liked” it!


  • Thank you & thanx for the ‘like’!

  • Don’t forge t tigerlilly

  • This is a really useful post, many thanks for sharing. I have used Involver’s free version on one of the pages I manage but I’m looking forward to trying out these ones.

  • I agree that landing pages are the fundamental step to take when you decide, as a business, to step in Facebook.
    It’s always much more indicated to show a carefully forged landing page to new visitors than the standard Wall, since you can decide exactly what kind of information / call to action to show.
    One thing which I feel is important is the step of deciding what to put there. A duplicate of your website is often too much information at once, so for example I decided to promote 4 services of my agency and focus just on those, but of course depends on your company and most important on your social media strategy as a whole.

  • Leigh

    Am I wrong to be concerned that Page Lever will “manage my pages/login as one of my pages?”

    How do I know what it is doing and when, if it can access and “login” as me, when I’m not there?

  • TroyRumfelt


    I would be happy to help you with this. Send me a link to your TabSite at and I will help you from there.

  • KSchutte

    Is there some data somewhere to back this statement up? I personally find the Top News tab to be worthless, so I’m surprised to hear this.

  • Very cool. It’s been interesting to see the development of customized tabs.

  • Rahul @ MazaKaro

    Splash Tab will be awesome !!!
    you have to be comfortable with coding of course !
    Very useful thank You

  • I created my own welcome page with FBML, but this are really nice tools which help people who don’t have this technical understanding.

  • Poor Matt Matt LeBlanc! LOL Great post, thanks!

  • We just launched the beta version of our custom tabs application. You can check it out at

    Let us know your thoughts,we’re here to help. And we have more features brewing in our labs. Oh and its free 🙂

  • Excellent. Come on back to the comments and let us know how it’s working for you okay?

  • The good news is that these are actually very simple, especially PageLever.

  • Cool! I’ll check it out!

  • Thanks for weighing in Troy. I love what you guys are doing. Please keep me updated on new developments.

  • Thanks so much for participating in the conversation Todd.

  • Exactly. Well said Jeff.

  • Yes indeed. Which of these vendors you use depends a lot on what kind of tab experience you want to create.

  • Nice tab! It got my attention for sure!

  • Thanks for mentioning Involver. I thought about including them in the roundup, but because they are really aiming at the enterprise market (in my estimation) I thought it wasn’t the best candidate for SME.

  • Good point Gabriele. You can have the best tab technology ever, but if you don’t have anything compelling to say, it’s not going to work very well.

  • Absolutely. Heck, I don’t even know FBML, so it’s handy for me to have these tools.

  • Cool! I’m going to have to write a follow-up post that includes you, SplashTab, and some others mentioned here in the comments. Keep innovating folks!

  • Thanks Jay! We’re big fans of your posts and look forward to your follow up article.

  • Great post. I just started to take over some marketing for a small start up company and was just thinking about how to create them a custom landing tab. This is really going to help out.

  • I have lunch with the folks at Facebook every so often. An employee there (who shall remain nameless) told me “our stats show that users very, very, very rarely use ‘top news'”

    So yes–folks do use it–but for marketers looking for “how do I reach the most people with my limited time/energy/money”, then I’d focus on “Top news”

  • Simplest/cheapest way I’ve seen to have a “forced like” for a contest is have the non-fan version say “Like this page to see the contest entry form” and then when they click “like” it shows the fan version. On the fan version, put “Here’s the link to the contest entry form” and then include a link to off-of-Facebook. That way, you don’t even have to deal with FB TOS, and you don’t condition entry on becoming a fan… But, since the link is hidden until you’re a fan, you know that the majority of people who enter will become fans.

  • Thanks for great information and for sharing.

  • I like to code this on my own. It is very simple and easy to create the Facebook Landing Page -Here is a detailed tutorial.

    HOW TO: Build the Facebook Landing Page for Your Blog

    Sorry I am not interesting in endorsing my blog but I believe it will helpful for all 🙂

  • I created a Custom Tab and encouraged the like, It’s a work in progress, but would love to know what people think and if it is too in your face: No pun intended 🙂 My Facebook business page: Would love to have people “like it” too while your there.
    Nice article on landing tabs

  • Koleary

    How does “EDGERANK” play into this? If 99% of all Facebook interaction comes from the Feed function, and EDGERANK limits what posts you are shown based upon how often you or your friends interact with the page, then how do you break through? How do you get them engaged enough (outside of simply Liking your page) for EDGERANK to allow your posts to show up in all of your Fan’s News Feeds?

  • Lovely Oabn


  • strange that you didn’t mention fbml templates as an additional option to create a FBML tab, they are great too!

  • Kirsty Wilson

    A collection of terrific tools for the non-tech Page Admin. We too have been using FBML & offer this service to businesses to create and install their custom design Tabs to reflect their branding. There is still more control over design using the FBML – and

  • Thanks Mike. The article is rich with information. Really glad you shared it.

  • Terry Kaye

    I used Fan Page Engine, and have been very satisfied with the results! You can create something very simple, just an image, or you can use video, opt-in forms, etc. They recently created a module so you can create “fan-only” content. I am definitely going to look at several of the tools mentioned here, though, to see what’s out there…thanks to everyone for all the information.

  • Hi,
    At you can create a professional facebook page with no design or programming experience needed. Best of all it is free to try so you then can find out if its what you need. You can then upgrade to paid versions if you want to create more or more detailed ( adding video etc) page.
    We have customers from small shop owners to multinational advertising agencies using our products so something for everyone.

  • Thanks for the great information. You’ve saved me a lot of time of having to try and search for the best options myself. Great post.

  • Roy

    Another nice example of a facebook landing page:

  • Claire Pichon

    I am sorry for the stupid question but … where do you find your conversion rate ?

  • Aaron

    I never use top news. Frankly it’s a irritating to me to see old news. I want the most recent posts. I agree with KSchutte, top news tab is worthless.

  • Aaron

    I never use top news. Frankly it’s a irritating to me to see old news. I want the most recent posts. I agree with KSchutte, top news tab is worthless.

  • Great post! thank you and thank you Amy for driving me here!

  • This looks nice, but you can’t see costs and it indicates that you can use it by invitation only.

  • Great post , thank’s!

  • Michaeld

    These 2 pages are pretty cool….and I’d love to imitate them somehow….anyone have an idea as how to do so? 🙂 and

  •  I’ve been using NorthSocial for my company’s page, and the results are fantastic. I would strongly recommend them.

  • Jesi

    Warning, Pagelever is really dropping the ball right now in terms of app maintenance. My company paid for the upgraded version and have not been able to access our admin page (to change our landing page images) for weeks. I have been in touch with the developer who promised to help fix the problem but has yet to do so. Just a heads up for anyone looking to install this app… Don’t!

  • Wlad

    Nice example of a facebook landing page is:

  • @jasonbaer:disqus As a fellow Indiana resident I wanted you to know we just added a new feature to TabSite called MicroSites.  It allows you to push your fan page custom tabs in TabSite out to the web for full indexing (not limited like the iframe tabs within Facebook).  Would be glad to talk about it further.  See

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  • Scott

    ok time to reply, with every fb landing page example people are posting, when I click on those links, I just go right to the fb page.. is that supposed to happen?

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