social media toolsDo you participate in Twitter chats?

Want to find the best chats for social media marketing?

Participating in Twitter chats is an excellent way to network without traveling, grow your following and display your authority.

In this article you’ll discover 25 Twitter chats for marketers.

25 twitter chats for marketers

Discover 25 Twitter chats for marketers.

Why Participate in Twitter Chats

Twitter chats are extremely beneficial for getting noticed and growing your following.

Choose chats that are relevant to your industry, and are led by solid marketers with hundreds to thousands of followers and an established reputation. When you provide useful answers to chat questions on a regular basis, you’ll eventually get noticed by the right people who will mention and retweet you.

Also, you’ll get more followers and a ton of exposure each time you participate in a Twitter chat. This is real-time engagement. You have the potential to learn new things, meet new people and build relationships.

To join a Twitter chat, put the hashtag in Twitter search or in your Twitter management tool.

Here are 25 valuable Twitter chats for online marketers.

#1: ContentChat

Smarter Shift hosts #ContentChat, which brings marketers together to learn about the latest trends and developments in content marketing.

contentchat tweets

Get valuable information about content marketing at #ContentChat.

ContentChat takes place Mondays at 12pm PST.

#2: InsiderChat

If you’re looking for basic marketing tips, assistance with branding and other general business questions, check out #InsiderChat, hosted by Brian Honigman.

InsiderChat takes place on the last Wednesday of every month at 10am PST. It’s on hiatus until January 2016.

#3: LinkedInChat

Since LinkedIn is an outstanding business network for making connections, their #LinkedInChat clearly has a lot of value. People always have questions or topics they want to discuss regarding the platform, so this is the perfect venue.

LinkedInChat takes place Tuesdays at 5pm PST.

#4: Bufferchat

Buffer uses #Bufferchat to focus on a variety of topics for digital marketers. Chances are you’ll find multiple discussions that pertain to your marketing needs.

bufferchat tweet

Buffer hosts a weekly chat on Mondays.

Bufferchat takes place every Wednesday at 9am PST. Go to the Bufferchat blog for recaps.

#5: SocialChat

Hosted by Michelle StinsonRoss and Alan K’necht, #SocialChat is perfect for marketers who want to amp up their social strategy. Read the Noob’s Guide to their chat, too.

SocialChat takes place Mondays at 6pm PST.

#6: CMWorld

Content Marketing World hosts #CMWorld, which helps participants get the most out of their content game with great resources and tips. Check out their archive of chat transcripts.

CMWorld chat takes place Tuesdays at 9am PST.

#7: InboundHour

HubSpot’s #InboundHour chat focuses on tips for inbound marketing, which is likely an important part of your strategy.

inboundhour tweet

HubSpot hosts #InboundHour every Tuesday.

InboundHour takes place Tuesdays at 10am PST.

#8: SEOChat

To keep on top of the latest in SEO, join #SEOChat, hosted by Search Marketing Weekly. They often answer questions in real time, and their relevant SEO topics prompt a lot of good insights from the marketers who join the chat.

seochat tweets

Join #SEOChat to get your SEO questions answered often in real time.

SEOChat takes place Tuesdays at 10am PST.

#9: SEMrushchat

If your goal is to connect with top influencers in the marketing world, try #SEMrushchat from SEMrush. Their topics focus on easily applicable content and SEO tips and practices.

semrushchat tweet

For topical conversations relating to influencers, try #SEMrushchat.

SEMrushchat takes place Wednesdays at 8am PST.

#10: HubChat

Extreme Networks hosts #HubChat, which shares the latest advances in tech and how they’ll impact your business, as well as marketing-related discussions. It’s an excellent resource to round out your strategy and campaigns.

HubChat takes place Wednesdays at 12pm PST.

#11: BizHeroes

To create a better community for your clients and business, check out #BizHeroes, hosted by Kelly Hungerford, a Switzerland-based digital operations specialist and social brand strategist. This is a great chat for anyone looking to improve their strategy and connect with like-minded people in these areas.

BizHeroes chat takes place Tuesdays at 11am PST.

#12: SproutChat

Sprout Social’s #SproutChat focuses on a variety of aspects within social media marketing, such as where to place your calls to action.

sproutchat tweet

Join #SproutChat to get excellent insights from people within your industry.

SproutChat takes place Wednesdays at 12pm PST.

#13: GetRealChat

Social media influencer Pam Moore hosts #GetRealChat, which explores gritty topics about social media and content marketing. It can act as great inspiration for content, as well as much-needed encouragement to get your content out there.

GetRealChat takes place Tuesdays at 6pm PST.

#14: AssnChat

Kiki L’Italien created #AssnChat, which is a great social media get-together. This community is fantastic, whether you’re a staff member at a marketing firm or a business owner looking for marketing tips.

AssnChat takes place Tuesdays at 11am PST.

#15: HootChat

Want to boost your social media marketing strategy to get great results? Then #HootChat from Hootsuite is for you.

hootchat tweet

Boost your social media strategy with tips from #HootChat.

HootChat takes place Thursdays at 12pm PST.

#16: BlogChat

Coming up with new ideas and topics for your blog can get overwhelming, even for expert bloggers. On #BlogChat, founded by Mack Collier, you can discuss topic ideas with other marketers. While some might not be specific to your industry, you can always adjust them to match you and your business.

BlogChat takes place Mondays at 6pm PST.

#17: PPCChat

What do you need to know about search engines, PPC campaigns and those ever-necessary keywords? Head on over to the #PPCChat for information from insiders and industry leaders. Check out their guides and archives of previous chats on their website.

PPCChat takes place Tuesdays at 9am PST.

#18: BrandChat

Marketing your unique brand has several benefits. To get tips from people both inside and outside your industry, join #BrandChat, hosted by Personal Branding Specialist Maria Elena Duron.

brandchat tweets

The questions asked on #BrandChat often revolve around new things in the marketing space.

BrandChat takes place Wednesdays at 8am PST.

#19: MMChat

The Social CMO’s Marketer Monday Chat, also known as #MMChat, derives a lot of information from marketing firm executives. Learning from some of the top people in the industry is a great way to develop an incredible strategy.

MMChat takes place Mondays at 5pm PST.

#20: CoChat

If you’re looking for great editorial strategies and general content marketing tips and tricks, #CoChat, hosted by CoScheduleApp, is definitely for you.

cochat tweet

Get excellent editorial resources and tips during #CoChat.

CoChat takes place Thursdays at 1pm PST.

#21: SBizHour

Want to leverage social media to bring about excellent conversions? Ask your questions and read other responses at the #SBizHour chat. This is a great way to learn about how to use social media for your brand and make it work for you. Hosts Brian Fanzo and Rachel Miller bring in a guest each week to cover different topics.

SBizHour takes place Mondays at 1pm PST.

#22: Atomic Chat

Need more inspiration for your content marketing? Hosted by Atomic Reach, #AtomicChat offers motivation for your content marketing and is great for community-building.

AtomicChat takes place Mondays at 6pm PST.

#23: PeepChat

If you’re looking for more tips on being a better entrepreneur, creating personal branding or having a good balance between your work and personal life, then CloudPeeps’ #PeepChat is for you.

peepchat tweet

Learn how to improve your personal brand and your business on #PeepChat.

PeepChat takes place Thursdays at 11am PST.

#24: AWCConnect

An excellent chat for female entrepreneurs, #AWCConnect provides enlightenment on a lot of different areas. It helps female marketers and business owners get the most out of their operation. Follow Sheila Scarborough for more information.

AWCConnect takes place the first Thursday of every month at 10am PST.

#25: CMGRHangout

A weekly Google hangout and Twitter chat, #CMGRHangout from My Community Manager focuses heavily on community-building and management. Learn about what goes on behind community management, its psychology and much more.

CMGRHangout takes place Fridays at 11am PST.

Wrapping Up

When you start engaging in a Twitter chat, there are a few things to consider.

First, follow basic Twitter chat etiquette. Know the rules for your chat and follow them. If you can’t find the rules, ask others who’ve previously participated. Also, let your Twitter followers know when you’ll be starting a Twitter chat about 30 minutes before it starts to give them the chance to mute you or follow along.

Next, be sure to answer questions throughout the chat, but also favorite, retweet, quote tweets and follow others. When you mention and interact with people during a chat, you will start to increase your Twitter following.

Finally, know and use the right hashtag throughout a Twitter chat, so your tweets get noticed.

What do you think? Do you participate in Twitter chats? Which ones do you recommend? Any advice for those who are new to Twitter chats? Please share your thoughts and experience in the comments.

twitter chats for marketers

A list of 25 Twitter chats just for marketers.

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  • artemis

    practically how do I enter a chat? be in twitter the exact time that this takes place and then? because I haven’t done it before.

  • Thanks for including all the #TwitterChats at one place, One of my favrt is #RubhuSocial chat hosted by Rubhu social team.

    And one more thing *correction* for Buffer chat timing as it happens every wednesday 2200 hours IST


  • This is a good post because finding groups/communities on Twitter is tough. The problem is engagement – most groups just have people that post and forget. Few have regulars that hang about and watch the thread all day.

    It’s the latter that you want, both for exposure, authority, and to increase your influence.

    The problem that I quickly found when clicking on 4 of these groups, however, is that they’re not that good.

    #awcconnect hasn’t been active since 2011.
    #blogchat is active but has low engagement, lots of advertisements
    #hubchat sees a couple posts a month it looks like
    #InsiderChat has better engagement but it too is dated.

    I’m sorry, but I feel we should get better from this site. A couple weeks ago we saw a post about Instagram haghtags and many of those weren’t that effective either.

    I hope we can see better. I’d also like to see a profile of Facebook groups, as these are very hard to come by (meaning most of them suck).

  • a great post and something I really needed. Twitter chats are a great way to interact with like minded people, grow your following and learn new stuff.
    I have been participating in one chat #BlogChatter which happens every wednesday at 8.30 PM IST and have loved my experience with it.
    One tip I would like to share to people who are planning to enter is to never ever forget to use the hashtag. While you’re participating in the chat, you must use hashtag. Write it down or keep repeating it in your mind until you remember that each of your tweets must have the hashtag.

  • and then start using the hashtag. People start tweeting about the chat almost half an hour before. Reply to them, mention and let them know you’re joining in. And then it is just like a normal twitter conversation.
    There are usually questions or a schedule that is followed throughout the chat. So, keep track of that by searching for hashtag and refreshing it from time to time.

  • My goodness, I KNEW this… so sorry! Bufferchat IS on Wednesdays at 11 am CST.

  • Have to add #MediaChat and #ChatWhirled into this list! Always great topics on both. #ChatWhirled happens Tuesdays at 1pm ET/10am PT and is hosted by @Cait_Waters for @SocialWhirled. It features discussions on content marketing, collaboration between marketing and other depts, etc.

    #MediaChat has been hosted weekly on Thursday nights 10pm ET / 7pm PT by Aaron Kilby (@kilby76) since 2011 (!!!) and features guests from all over the marketing, advertising, and social media world.


  • I host the #TwitterSmarter Twitter chat every Thursday at 1pm ET. We have a great community of people looking to connect, learn and share Twitter tips. It’s fairly new. I launched it July 30. Hope to see you all there!

  • Ever attended #SbizHour or #Cloudtalk 🙂 agree big fan of #MediaChat & #ChatWhirled as great chats!

  • Alison Carville

    #RaganChat is a great chat for communication/public relations students and professionals. Every Tuesday 3 p.m. EST, hosted by Beki Winchel, @bekiweki. 🙂

  • Caitlin Waters

    You rock Vincent! Thanks so much for the #ChatWhirled shoutout

  • Caitlin Waters

    Brian!! So flattered- thanks for the #ChatWhirled shoutout

  • Caitlin Waters

    #MediaChat is also one of my favs!

  • Madalyn’s Twitter chat is mega – and you should keep a lookout for her when she pops on Blab as well!

  • Caitlin Waters

    #SproutChat was the first twitter chat I ever participated in and what prompted me to start #ChatWhirled on behalf of the company I work for, SocialWhirled. As Vincent mentioned we chat about all topics encompassed in marketing- from tools, tips, social media, mobile, employee advocacy, & more! It’s every Tuesday 1pmET/ 10am PT- would love to see you all there!

  • Been a big fan of #SproutChat – great include!

  • Thanks for including the chat run by the AWC (Association for Women in Communications, which is @AWCconnect on Twitter.)

    The hashtag is actually #AWCchat, and we are unfortunately on hiatus for awhile as we rework our association strategic and marketing plans. Still, we very much appreciate the mention in your post!

  • | taryn |

    Awesome, these are really helpful. Thanks!

  • Thank you Jacob! You Rock!

  • Thanks as always for your constructive feedback Greg.

  • Well done, comprehensive article.

    Wanna to join in #HubChat but seems discontinued. Any other chats about tech or gadgets recommedated?

  • HAHA! Man, you know I’ve been there since the beginning on BOTH of those 🙂 Congrats on being on this list, its well-deserved.

  • Kelly Hungerford

    I’m a #chatwhirled fan too! I love how Caitlin is building a strong and vibrant community. The connections ripple out over other channels too. #Mediachat is one I’d love to attend but the time difference means red eyes the next morning. That’s something that social media still can’t solve for me 🙂 Of course, #Sbizhour and #cloudtalk, rock too 🙂

  • Kelly Hungerford

    Thanks so much for including #bizheroes community. I think Twitter chats are still one of the most effective ways to keep a regular touch base and keep connected with communities. I love how you can start the conversation on Twitter and then move it to different platforms to drill down or discuss further (like Blab, Slack, FB groups).

    #Blogchat was the first chat I ever participated and I felt so welcome. I had a net following of about 15 people and what I loved was that numbers meant nothing to Mack. He greeted and treated me like a queen (loved that!) and was my mentor for #bizheroes when I launched it.

    For anyone new to chats, I say jump in, introduce yourself and strike up conversation and keep those convos going throughout the week. See how your voice and perspective can help others and most importantly, have fun. You’ll get out of it as much as you put into it. It’s all up to you so don’t hold back!

  • So you’re not disappointed…#assnchat focuses on topics of interest to the association community, sometimes the weekly chat is about marketing issues, but often it’s about other association management issues. Lately it’s been happening on Blab, not Twitter. But the hashtag is the most popular one in the association management community, so if that’s your thing, it’s a good one to follow.

  • Mordecai Holtz

    Great list and amazing summary! I’ve participated in almost all of them.

  • Mordecai Holtz

    you can just add a # search in your Twitter feed (if it’s not native) and then just respond to questions/ engage using that #

  • Carmella Lanni

    I’m one of the hosts of #Luv4Social on Thursdays at 2pm ET. We cover social media and marketing across a number of topics. We love the community that has grown and supported us, especially since our team met through other Twitter chats.

    Advice for someone looking to start a Twitter chat? I’d say look for where you can fill a gap. There are Twitter chats covering so many things. What should set one from another is your personality and how you connect with people. Try to make it a comfortable place.

    Another thing is look for tools that can help simply chats for you and others. Nurph, TweetChat, HootSuite, etc.

  • Loved this article — there is a lot of noise on Twitter, but Twitter chats can be super helpful when executed well.

    Also, shameless plug for #BitlyChat — we host them about once a month and focus on social media, omnichannel marketing and analytics. Time/date is announced on our Twitter feed (@Bitly) about a week in advance. 🙂

  • Hi Greg! Thanks for the feedback, I run #InsiderChat and was wondering what you mean by it being too dated? Are you referring to it being on hiatus until January? Love to hear your thoughts. Thanks!

  • Agree! 😀

  • Hi Julia,

    As the host of #InsiderChat, thank you so much for including us in your round-up — even if we are taking a break until 2016. Much appreciated. 🙂

  • When I scroll down that feed I see posts going back to September, and just a dozen or so posts down. That doesn’t signal to me that this is a vibrant community that I’d want to spend much time or resources on.

    For a one-time place it seems to do alright. September 30 was a very busy day for you and you had some good lead up to it on the 28th and such, even the 23rd. After that it goes dead for awhile again.

    I guess that’s fine if your intention is to have a place where people come every once in awhile.

  • Gotcha. Yeah, like I said we took a hiatus until 2016. It’s a monthly chat and the last one was September 30th. We are starting up again Jan 27th as we operate the last Wednesday of every month. Hope you’ll tune in.

  • dawncarter

    Thanks for this post, Julia! As the Director of Marketing for Twubs, I’ve learned so much from the hosts who use our free moderation page — I’m a newbie host myself (June 2015) but there are chats that have been going on since 2009! I would definitely add Madalyn Sklar’s #twittersmarter to your list. Our #twubchat (TUES 10am PST) covers Event Amplification, Twitter Chat best practices and audience engagement. We’ve also been experimenting with Twitter Chats and livestreaming together, figuring out best use cases as a community. It’s been great learning.

  • dawncarter

    Definitely loved learning from you on Blab, Madalyn!

  • Thanks for including #brandchat ! I am so grateful for our engaged community of BRANDidos (a term of endearment for all those who share generously in the chat) and our amazing co-moderators, Gary J. Nix and Gerald Moczynski. I had to mention them because all of us power #brandchat . BRANDidos make the chat! Thank you!

  • Caitlin Waters

    Thank you for the kind words Kelly! So appreciate your support and engagement with #ChatWhirled.

  • Yeah I have also participated in #TwitterSmarter chat last month and it is quite useful for twitter marketers.

  • kshivler

    I’m fairly new to Twitter Chats, and I am finding them incredibly powerful as learning tools for online marketing, although a little intimidating sometimes. They go really fast and I often get exposure to more information than I could ever use in a week’s period. I use and to manage the actual chat. My first and favorite is #TwitterSmarter hosted by @MadalynSklar @madalynsklar:disqus

  • #InsiderChat rocks!

  • I love #MediaChat! I’ve met amazing people there.

  • 🙂

  • Thank you Dawn! That was so much fun. Can’t wait to do that again on Tuesday. Will you be there?

  • Thank you Sumit! We have a vibrant community. I’m so glad you are part of it!

  • #Love!

  • Thank you for the shout out Dawn! I appreciate that.

  • Thank you Kim! I appreciate the mention. It’s always great seeing you on the #TwitterSmarter chat each week. I use TweetChat too. I find it to be a very helpful tool when participating in a chat.

  • Hi Julia,

    Thanks for linking to the Union Metrics blog post on Twitter chat etiquette; we appreciate it!

    I’ll be in #MMchat and #socialchat tonight myself (and so will @UnionMetrics) and look forward to meeting any new chatters there.

    – Sarah A. Parker
    Social Media Manager | Union Metrics
    Fine Makers of TweetReach, The Union Metrics Social Suite, and more

  • Julia Faiers

    Hi Julia, great article. I was wondering if there are any good Twitter chats based in the UK?

  • May I throw #PRprochat into the mix? We have AMAZING guests – December’s guest is Ann Handley, upcoming guests include Jay Baer, Beki Winchel, Mark Schaefer, Bryan Kramer and more. We’d love to see you join us!

    #PRprochat is first Thursdays at 3pm EST. The 2016 schedule and past transcripts:

  • So many chats and so little time to do them all. Most of my favs are here and I’ve guest hosted #MMChat twice with my buddy Adam Dince and loved the community there.

    If you ever want to just unwind and network without all of the formality and etiquette, not that there’s anything wrong with that, there is always the twitter chat bad boy, #SpoofChat.

    #SpoofChat happens every Wednesday night at 10PM and features humor, satire, and visual content to engage and entertain its thriving community or marketers, professionals, and good people.

    Just think of us as the “conference lounge experience” of twitter chats.

    Again, thanks for this post.

  • Don’t miss out on #InfluencerChat – Tuesdays at 8:00 PM ET – hosted by Rebekah Radice, Ann Tran and Diana Adams. High energy; great participation, topics related to influencer marketing, social media, content marketing, personal branding, etc.

  • Maureen Jann

    I regularly participate in twitter chats and I can honestly say it’s the best way to legitimately grow a twitter account. I also get a slew of ideas and an excellent opportunity to make connections all over the country.

  • Maureen Jann

    I’d love to pick your brains on this sometime. I love the idea of doing it and I’d be curious what you’ve implemented to make it so successful for you.

  • Caitlin Waters

    Absolutely! Would love to discuss- feel free to connect with me on Twitter 🙂

  • Never used it before, but it sounds perfect for learning and getting engagement. Will try. p.s. thanx to all of you who already commented, very useful comments