social media how toIt’s the the perennial quest. How can you get more traffic to your site?

After all, without a steady stream of traffic to your blog, there’s little opportunity to engage your audience and convert readers to raving fans.

Methods change and evolve over time. When I wrote my first “how to drive traffic” post about five years ago, the list looked a lot different. There was no Twitter, no Facebook, no social sharing buttons, and no retweet button.

Yet some methods I advocated back in 2005 still work, so think of this as a refresher if you’re already employing all the social tactics for driving traffic.  You would be surprised at how many people don’t actually take the time to implement a variety of tactics. Maybe you can pick up a few new ideas or implement some old ideas you may have overlooked.

This list is in no way complete. I invite you to add your favorite tips in the comment section.

First, the tried and true:

#1: Publish as frequently as possible

The more frequently you post, the more traffic you get because the search engines are indexing your content more frequently. Of course your content has to be compelling as well, but that goes without saying, right?

#2: Pay attention to the headlines (blog post titles)

Using numbers (see title of this blog post!) usually generates good traffic. Titles with “how to” also attract a lot of traffic.

#3: Send an email broadcast

Send email to your list when you have a great blog post you want to share. Ask for comments to encourage engagement and interaction.

#4: Add a link in your email signature

If you use web-based email like Gmail, add WiseStamp to your email signature so you can include links to your blog. Add your blog’s RSS feed so your recent posts are always featured in your emails. WiseStamp works with web-based email services including Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo mail and AOL.

WiseStamp adds all your links to your email signature and is simple to install and edit.

#5: Include multiple subscription options on your blog

Most blog platforms have RSS feeds built in, but don’t forget to add an email subscription option as well. Email is ubiquitous and if you only offer RSS, you lose a huge opportunity for people to get your content and become regular readers. Email subscription services include Feedburner, Feedblitz and AWeber, to name a few.

subscribe options
Give your readers multiple options for getting your blog updates.

#6: Try article marketing

Article marketing is a powerful way to attract traffic. Post your articles at and include a link to your blog in your author resource box. Also set up your author account to automatically send a tweet when you post new articles. That drives traffic to your article which drives traffic back to your blog.

#7: Comment on blogs in your industry

This is all about outreach and boosting your visibility on complementary blogs. Target influential blogs, read them on a regular basis and then contribute to the conversation as appropriate. When you comment, you have the option to include the URL to your blog.

#8. Do some guest posting

Writing on other people’s blogs can introduce you to a new audience and create a surge of new traffic to your blog. You can find more information and a great resource for getting guest posting gigs here.

#9: Conduct surveys and polls

People love to give their opinion. Use Polldaddy or SurveyMonkey to ask your readers what they want or get their opinion. More often than not, those who respond will help spread the word, especially if you ask and/or offer a gift in exchange.

#10: Submit your blog to directories

While it’s debatable how much traffic you’ll get by having your blog in directories, it can’t hurt to be listed. Most definitely I would recommend you add your blog to Technorati, the largest blog directory on the web, and, a popular directory with the best of the best organized by topic.

Now the social media tips:

#11: Make a Google profile

You can’t ignore Google. Set up your profile on Google and include links to your blogs and websites. Whenever someone does a search on your name, a link to your profile will be featured at the bottom of the first page of search results. You can include pictures, links to your blog(s), products, website, and social networks.

google profile
Build your profile on with links to your blogs.

#12: Syndicate to Twitter

Use a plug-in like Twitter Tools (WordPress) or an application like to syndicate your new posts to your Twitter stream. Hootsuite, the Twitter management tool, also offers this function. TypePad has this option built into the platform as well.

#13: Syndicate to Facebook

Use the Facebook Notes application to pull your blog feed into your profile and/or fan page.

#14: Syndicate to LinkedIn

You can add three URLs (make sure one is your blog!) to your LinkedIn profile, as well as syndicate your content with the Blog Link application.

#15: Use Hootsuite

Use Hootsuite if you have multiple blogs to syndicate your new content to multiple platforms including your Twitter accounts, Facebook profile and fan page, LinkedIn and to broadcast to more sites for even greater reach.

#16: Distribute your video

Distribute your videos on all the video sharing platforms. Include a link back to your blog home page or specific blog posts that are relevant to the content in your video. TubeMogul is a free site where you can upload your video once and it will be published on up to 20 video platforms including YouTube, Vimeo,, and more.

tube mogul
Distribute your video to many sites with


#17: Add the retweet button to your posts

Grab the plug-in or the code from Tweetmeme and make it super simple for your readers to click and share with their networks.

#18: Consider share buttons

There are many plug-ins and add-ons to add buttons to your blog that make it easy for readers to share your content on Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Delicious, Reddit, StumbleUpon, etc. Find the style that suits you and add it to the footer of your blog posts. The popular plug-in used on this site is Sexy Bookmarks.

#19: Use social bookmarking

Use sites like StumbleUpon, Digg and Delicious to share your content. When you have a particularly great post, ask your readers to help you out with bookmarking. Don’t overdo it, but if you think your post deserves some additional attention, don’t be afraid to ask.

OK, your turn. Are you using any of these tips with success? I know there are at least 100 more ways to drive traffic to your blog.  Please add your tips to the list by commenting below.

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  • Nice post Denise, and some less-than-common answers in it that give some extra distribution power, like it !

  • I’m not totally convinced with your first point though I strongly agree with the others. I have unsubscribed from a number of blogs over the last few years because they publish *too* often. Some major blogs, written by a number of bloggers, can post 10 or more posts a day and it just gets tiresome trying to keep up with them in my feed reader. So yes, post regularly, but don’t go overboard. Same with tweeting.

    Incase it’s of interest I just put up a 30+ page report on how to increase traffic to your blog which may prove of interest to other readers here. Just click the link to my website (above) if anyone fancies a copy.

  • I agree with you, Richard, I think it’s key to publish “consistent quality” posts in order to get “consistent quality” traffic. Or else you’ll just lose people in the shuffle.

  • WOW, GREAT suggestions! We’ll be putting them to the test in support of our start-up venture

  • Thanks Denise. Great tips. e-Zine article writing and guest posting are pretty tough for most newcomers. Any tips on how to get started with that?

  • Great points here Denise.

    After reading I am:
    1. putting up more subscription opportunities on my blog
    2. using EzineArticles more to promote my blog
    3. setting up email subscription through Feedburner.

    Thanks for the insights!

  • Great article. Most of these I’ve already put into place, but the ones that I didn’t think about seem very useful. Anther quality read without a doubt.

  • Really 19 Valuable tips to follow…

  • Great list.. I do them all except 1 and 16 haha

    I need to post much more and need to get more into videos…that seems to be marketing that is staying around awhile lol

  • CherLiquori

    Thanks for the tips, Denise. And great timing since we’re going to be covering how to get more traffic at our next blogging club meeting. It’s always a popular topic. Great to have you out there in the forefront showing us how it’s done!

  • These are great tips! Also replying to comments – engaging in the conversation builds return and engaged users!

  • Hey Richard,

    I agree that some sites like Mashable over publish and it is impossible to keep up.

    However, in the spirit of what Denise is saying here, I think she means if you can publish each weekday it would be better than once or twice a week for traffic. We have seen that bear out here on our site.


  • Nice post, yet there’s nothing new and fresh in it – every single tip from above has been introduced on hundreds of blogs during last 5 years 😉

  • thevirtualorganizer

    Thanks – great tips, clean site – love it! You have what I want!

    I am doing most of what you say, but I have a very high bounce rate on my site:

    Also, is there a way to see who has an RSS feed from my site & blog?
    Any suggestions or tips about that?

  • I’m a bit concerned that “Share great conent” or something of that nature wasn’t number 1 on the list… or at least mentioned.

    Ryan Shell

  • I just started using HootSuite a week ago and love it! From one place I can post to facebook, twitter and linkedin. It will dramatically speed up your social network management.

    I used to use TweetDeck, but HootSuite has built-in url shortening and statistics. Another big plus is threaded conversations. Read more of my HootSuite review here:

  • Great list Denise. I use about half of your tips. Twitter is my focus; it’s been quite the traffic driver for me. After tweeting a new blog post tweet it at least 1-2 times daily. Sometimes it takes a while for a post to get its twitter-mojo.

    I concur on the “Number” and “How to” titled posts. People seem to prefer order in the form of numbers as well as being instructed how to do things. These posts are always my most popular.

  • re: #16 Distribute Your Video… TubeMogul is a great resource to get your online video out to a bunch of different video sharing sites. However, you might want to consider adding a video exclusively to YouTube at first and then use TubeMogul a couple weeks later. If you want a popular YouTube video it is better to get as many views in the early stages as possible and not have your views diluted by all the different video sharing sites.

  • Great post! We just started our blog a few months ago, and I found these tips very helpful. So far, we’ve found Twitter to be easiest way to share our posts.

  • I use a lot of these suggestions and have had great luck with them. Facebook has been my best social media source.
    I am working on using more video.
    Thank you for a super blog, you are one I always open and read!

  • I use a lot of these suggestions and have had great luck with them. Facebook has been my best social media source. I am working on using more video.
    Thank you for a super blog, you are one I always open and read!

  • kgphotography

    I love this post! Thanks!

  • I’m going to start implementing these to my blog. Blogging about my photography business can sometimes get stale but with all of your suggestions, I’m finding it fun again! Thank you 🙂

  • Great article, i will follow the ezine advice!

  • Great list and like Ryan said I agree with the use of numbers and “how to” titled posts. I’ve also found that including “you” and questions in titles increases click throughs. Also, when sharing a post on facebook you have the chance of showing an image – so make sure the image that is on your blog post is enticing..

  • CoachJaneLee

    Awesome post Denise. Out of the 19 listed I only got half off them implemented. Look forward to being proactive with the other 9 listed. Have a good day.

  • beckyholland

    Loved the article and think these are some great tips. My suggestions:

    Ammedment to #1: Instead of posting often, I would say post on a set schedule so your visitors know when to look for updates. I have daily themed posts. Monday is Mood Music, Tueswday I talk about what I’m doing, Wednesday I invite people to ask questions, Thursday is for Quotes and Friday is what I’ve found throughout the week.

    I also make a habit of crediting others on my blog. I collect quotes from all over. If I use a quote I found online for a Thursday post, I credit the person I found it from and provide a link to their website. Then I go and tell them I’ve linked to their website and let them know they can come see how on my blog. A lot of people have come by just to view their link and ended up staying to read more.

    I also recently started using the networked blogs app on facebook and it is great! Social Media Examiner is in my networked Blogs list right now so I can make sure to get all their updates!

  • whistlerheather

    I tried to find the re-tweet button for my blog in widgets – no luck…
    I ried to find the share button at sexy bookmark….no luck…
    I’ll keep trying after work today – this was a great source of information – thank you!

  • timscapillato

    Some really great suggestions here, Denise. Thanks!

  • Thanks Denise, I’ve bookmarked this list for future reference.

  • maitravelsite

    Great tips Denise…I have already applied most of these and traffic increses but very slowly. Videomogul is new for me though and sounds like a great idea- will sign up right now. Great header by the way!


  • The best way I’ve found to drive traffic to my blog has been both commenting on other blogs and guest writing for other blogs. People find your articles on popular blogs and realize that you know what you’re talking about, then they come to your site to get more of your content 🙂

  • WallMountedHDD

    #7 is definitely what most people do. I see the same handful of people commenting on EVERY post Envato makes on their tutorial sites. When you do it like that, it makes it look like you’re just trying to hawk your site. You don’t seem like a worthwhile contributor. Half the time their comments don’t even make sense or they’re copied from previous comments. Stuff like, “Awesome post! Thanks! Bye!”

  • Well put Denise..excellent well though out tips!

    You have inspired me to put into practice many strategies that you mentioned here some of which I use already, others I will start using right away. One is the obvious ” Publish as frequently as possible” lol

    I am on it right away a matter a fact I comment on your blog post on my blog.
    You can find it here:

    Thanks again for this Denise.

    Kyle Griffith

  • Some great tips here Denise.

    I think with as many subscribers as Mashable have it is ok to post often, even though you can’t keep track of all of their post there is always some of the info there that is valuable. Just like the Mall serve a purpose so do Mashable.. but for my own blog I post as frequent as possible at the moment. I might wished I did it more frequent. But it is a learning process, so when I have all the pieces in my blog puzzle together I will start post more frequent.

    #16 is one I know I need to work more on.

    Cheers.. Are

  • Points well noted. Thanks for this piece Denise!

  • Great tips

    I will use the tubemogul links and wisestamp (at least try them out).

    I use Feedburner and really like their services.

  • Hi Denise, I’ve been using Wisestamp for the past few months & love it. I’ve even copied and pasted my Wisestamp signature into my non free email accounts.

  • Even though I read these types of articles all the time, you’ve come up with some suggestions that are new to me–a very pleasant surprise. Thanks, Denise!

  • Richard, I think frequency of publication depends on both what you can produce and what your audience wants. From a traffic perspective, the more you post, the more traffic you get since every post is another opportunity to be indexed and found by search. Certainly, first and foremost,you have do what’s best for you and your audience.

  • John, a great resource for finding where to submit guest posts is Blogger LinkUp at

  • I’m thrilled to see you’re taking action…blog on!

  • Cool! Be sure to share the article with your blogging club members. Would love to hear what other tips your members come up with.

  • Nathan, while that may be somewhat true, keep in mind that every single day new people jump on the blogging bandwagon and don’t know ANY of these tips. Sounds like you’re a veteran…what new tips would you add to the list? I’m always looking for new tactics. Blog on!

  • I think that creating great content goes without saying, Ryan. My assumption is that you do have great content. And, you can have the best content in the world, but if few people see it, how does that serve you? There are many other posts on this site that address content as well. Thanks for keeping content front and center.

  • I switched from tweetdeck to hootsuite a couple of months ago and am really happy with it for the same reasons you state, Damien.

  • Good point, Joe. Thanks for sharing that as I usually go for expediency and one stop uploading.

  • Great point about images – that certainly draws the eye and attracts more clicks through to the blog post.

  • I like your tips about quoting and linking to others. That’s an excellent way to drive new traffic and make friends in the blogosphere. You never know when one of those whom you quoted will quote and link back to you.

  • Great post, Denise. Tweeted it immediately.
    I couldn’t figure out how to get the the share plug-in on Sexy Bookmarks. Do I just hit download and then install it on my blog? Any hints are welcome, thanks!


  • The key is to contribute to the conversation. People who write “awesome post” are ignored on my blog. there’s no value.

  • Thanks Denise great tips.
    I retweeted and posted the link on Facebook and have already have several people thank me for sharing. Clear titles and numbered lists go down really well.

  • Great post Denise

    I was familiar with all accept for wisestamp. That was something I was unaware of and will look into incorporating that. I already had links to my site in my signature, but never thought of putting the most recent or most proud of article in there as well.

    As for bookmarking, a way to boost and optimize that is creating or participating in a content syndication group. A group of people bookmarking, sharing and commenting on other peoples blog posts and videos.

  • Great tips thank you Denise I will look to put these tips into use

  • Forgive my ignorance, but what is the motivation to have a “popular” video on YouTube? Is it to show up higher in searches and therefore lead to more views/traffic? Is this really better than having a wider reach from the same video on multiple sharing sites right away?

  • Part of the reason your bounce rate is so high is because every link I’ve tried on your site opens in the same window. You need to set ALL links to open in a new window or tab so that they don’t take your visitors away from your site.


  • Heather –

    The plugins aren’t available on the site, only on

  • I moderate comments on my blog, and if the comment doesn’t add anything to the conversation, I usually don’t approve it (unless it’s a regular commenter who normally DOES add value.)

  • Denise, This is a very helpful post, thank you for the tips, I will begin using them right away!

  • carlosrenato

    Very nice your tips Denise. I really like’em!!
    Anyway, do you like a good chalenge?
    I ask you it, ’cause I live in Brazil and here, despite we spend a lot of hours in internet, most brazilians don’t have a clue on the tools you mention here. And what’s worse, brazilians don’t have the habit to share the other’s articles(only famous people has value to “us” to do it, unfortunately).
    The most populars blogs and twitters in Brazil are from TV people.
    Would you like to join me to change its scenario here? Dou you have some ideas?
    Do you know if some source or tool you mention have interest in portuguese language or in Brazil market(wich is huge, it’s in full development and love internet-see the stats)?
    I look forward to have your comments…

    Best regards,
    Carlos Renato –

  • Thanks so much for this, Denise. You were the first person to get me started with blogs, in January of 2006. Now I’m doing my own 30 day blog challenge over on my blog. I’ll make sure my people read this post and implement your tips.
    Connie Ragen Green

  • Hi Carlos,

    I’ve been following everything I can about international social media for some time now. And I have to say that different cultures are “social” in different ways. The tools that work well for networking in one culture, don’t always give the same results in another one.

    Even without language issues, I’ve had New Zealanders, Australians, South Africans and Brits explain to me how they use social media tools differently than Americans.

    I think tools are still evolving in many countries as more and more people use social media and adapt the social media tools to their own networking style – the need for cartoon avatars in some Asian cultures comes to mind.

  • carlosrenato

    Thank you very much for your considerations!
    Best regards

  • Great tips from Denise and others!

    I create a shortened URL for a blog post then tweet about it several times over the span of days and sometimes weeks. I never repeat the exact same tweet. I always revise my comment. I track clicks to the blog post using the URL shortener’s analytics. I use BUDURL and Hootsuite for URL shortening and tracking.

  • i do most of these ideas but will still have to more ..thanks for the tips

  • grahamnorris

    Thank you for your 19 tips – I really appreciate you sharing these tips and I will certainly be reviewing my blog in the light of this advice

  • Thank u, it help me

  • shaunEFREE


  • Awesome information. Thanks for providing this to us!!!

  • So I guess the real trick is to find that balance between posting frequency and giving what the readers want, while also providing the opportunity for your blog to get indexed in search engines. I think the best approach for me to post a really good quality article (be it a professional opinion or a set of ‘how-to’ tips like this one) at most once a day, and dedicate some quality time building traffic using other methods you’ve listed. Too much of something good in one day isn’t good either.

  • Emily Erickson-Sandstrom

    I bookmarked this because I haven’t a clue as to how to do most of these, but I am a great writer and my website is up next week sometime.
    One of the most effective things I do to keep clients is send them a gorgeous wildlife calendar every year with my company name on it, and send SNAIL MAIL newsletters and articles. People feel so good to get an actual letter in their hands these days. They keep them around. They all read and remember them. If you go to the trouble to get a bulk mail account, this is relatively inexpensive. I send emails too, of course, to the same people. I am a telephone counselor, so being personal is important.
    Ezine is good, but Self Growth is a lot more fun to submit articles to: You get to read comments to them on your email.

  • Wow, what a wonderful post. Thank you so much for the valuable info.

  • peterlincoln

    Thanks for the valuable insights Denise.

    I share your thoughts and advices at all. In fact, I´ve been testing most of them on my own blog to find the right way to engage more people and make them loyal to my blog content. I´ve used facebook fan page and twitter as good resources. Commenting on similar blogs has provided some great results. Videos have optimized my results on search engines hugely!

    I also share some business thoughts on Q&As like and other popular sites like Biznik

  • GREAT INFO!!! Thanks for this. I immediately registered with technorati after reading this. THanks again

  • Guest posting is so powerful. My first guest post increased my Twitter followers 7-fold (I wrote a blog post about this) and gave my blog the most traffic it’s ever had to date. I encourage all bloggers out there to reach out to well-established blogs when you’re trying to get your blog off its feet.

  • I couldn’t agree with you more Faiz.

    In the case of business blogging, it truly is a healthy balance of posting for traffic and creating quality content based on what your readers and subscribers want. As a professional writer, author and blogger, I find that I don’t write to my blogs every day (or even every week… lol) but have established intimate relationships with my email subscribers privately and making sure I give them what they want.

    Its important to understand that there is simply too much noise for the average work at home based business owner and small business owner in terms of great blogs. I always try to stay within my interests but it can get really crazy. How do you make the most of your blogging experience, serve your readers and still build traffic?

  • Anyone who has a website knows how really important it is to generate traffic to draw in potential clients. One way of driving traffic to a site is putting something people would always go back to, like fun and education games.

  • Great tips. Thanks for sharing.

  • Excellent tips! I’ve been using a few of them, but will add the additional ones to my strategy.

  • Great tips – thanks. Can’t think of any others to add that the commentators are you have not covered off already! Just set up my google profile – so thanks for sharing 🙂

  • You have included great tips. I have just started guest blogging. Hopefully that takes off.

  • Denise, I appreciate your kind but pointed response to Nathan. There’s really nothing new under the sun when it comes to increasing readership to your blog, but it seems as if everyone is constantly on the lookout for some new innovation that will magically lure in thousands of new readers.

    Truth is that blogging is a long-term commitment that requires hard work, persistence, and a genuine love of sharing what you’re learning with the world.

    Thanks for encouraging newbie bloggers, as well as those of us who have been at it for years.

  • I like posting links in my LinkedIn profile, which sends to twitter and twitter feeds both Google Buzz and FaceBook. One action, 4 media.

  • Denise:

    I have been blogging for six months. I have done some of these items while others are on the to do list. Great reminder to keep moving forward.


  • Very good post Denise! I am learning a lot here. I recently discovered hootsuite and it works well for me

  • Great Post!

    This blog is becoming one of my best reference blogs. Great work.

  • Great Ideas! I have a blog for emerging artists and also find that promoting other people (I feature artists on a regular basis) is a sure-fire way to get backlinks. The whole blogging community works best when we lift each other up.
    I also got quite a few hits from posting on a discussion group on Craigslist, of all places.

  • Great Denise! Thanks for the tips! Some of them i’ve been using frenquently… others i will search more about them and give a try!

  • …but Mashable isn’t a blog. It’s an online newspaper, essentially.

  • Great tips. Thanks

  • Denise, can you automatically push the news about your new blog post to Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn simalteneously? Or do u use different tools for each one as you mentioned above? Thanks

  • I did not know about WiseStamp, thanks

  • Wow great tips Denise. I’m using 9 out of 19, clearly I have more work to do.
    Thanks for the great content.


  • george allen

    I’m a business blogger and I have done well with a new site called Less competition.

  • trafficgirl

    Thank-you for the great tips. I have been thinking of starting my own blog. This is a fantastic website.

  • caroltrekdigest

    Lots of helpful ideas here. I will try a few. Thanks!

  • Great List. I would like to see a few added tips on maximizing an RSS Feed.

  • somethingeveryday

    Really really enjoyed this post. Especially the part about tubemogul – I’ve just started using it today for my video poetry recitals. Thank you! 🙂

  • Denise,

    Love this list of tips. I strongly agree with your first tip, and I appreciate that I am bucking the trend of comments here. My take on that – most readers are not hanging on every word we publish… they are enticed to read by the content, and despite the fact that we think we are giving them great info, sometimes the content just doesn’t resonate. The more we offer, the more likely we are to hit the chord.

    I especially like the idea of quoting other blogs and crediting authors. I’ve done that, but not effectively. Your article gives me the rationale to do more of this, and to do so effectively. Thank you!


  • What a fantastic article and so great of you to share it with us. I’ve been able to draw a good amount of traffic with deep link directory submissions along with a precise social bookmarking campaign.

  • Thanks so much for some great tips.. This for sure is one of the best tips pages on marketing I have seen!

  • Nice tips on posting regularly. Most times people have great blog ideas, make a few posts then never write to it again or very infrequently. Like you say, post regularly and give people something to look forward to.

  • limo in dc

    great tips i like it…thx for sharing.

  • eu adorei muito seu post
    ele é bem explicativo
    ira me ajudar muito
    faça uma visita no meu blog
    e deixe um comentários

  • Ret

    Thanks…No 1 tip is what I am trying now. I know we can create post which are not too long and comprehensive, but are compelling and have more sense.

  • hiphop94

    Can u give me list of Syndicate sites? And i will appreciate, if you explain me in brief – how to use ; ;


  • That is great post and it will help a lot of people. Thanks to you.

  • Great info, certainly a treasure for a newbie..thanks for sharing this 🙂

  • This is a great post. I enjoyed reading it.
    wish you hit to my blog too…

  • This is a great post. Thank you. But, to say the truth there are only 3 really ways online to generate traffic from. The first are search engines(Google and Yahoo), second are Twitter and Facebook and third- social bookmarking websites (Digg, Stumble Upon, Delicious and Reddit). Try to do SEO, get your followers on Twitter and Facebook and submit your posts on social bookmarks. I am not a millionaire, but I earn some good money on the internet iwith these strategies. Keep up with good work.

  • seo melbourne

    Awesome article!!! I like designing the website and I am an AJAX professional. The most I liked your graphics. Thanks…seo melbourne

  • Bytesource

    another good tip for driving traffic is to post a link to your site from the comments section on other people’s site. free advertising and a free backlink to boost your google pagerank.

  • Excellent tips Denise…
    I liked the part that talks about ( Include multiple subscription options on your blog )


    that is what we say real knowledge free of cost, but worth thousands or millions of dollars.

  • its nice reading the content thanks,

  • Hey Denise, Absolutely love all these suggestions. Just switched over from a blogspot to Wow, quite a learning curve there, but working towards my goals. I’d love to know if you have posted an article on the step-by-step instructions for putting feedburner on a blog. Also looking for the same regarding either googleanalytics, googleadsense or something better you might suggest. Thanks again for this goldmine of an article!

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  • I love this post! so much great stuff on here. This is one post I actually enjoyed 🙂

    Nice blog, I’m jealous 🙂

  • huhuhu! yes, me too… I am so jealous!

  • These are really great tips! I’m always on the look out for some new ways to make my blog btter and increase traffic. Thanks for sharing.

  • Great tips! I’ve been using these in my blog and my traffic is steadily increasing. I love the tip about how to get better traffic with your titles. Thanks

  • very excellent traffic tips..signature with email is good point because my friend’s blog getting traffic through email marketing, he using this technique.thank you

  • Judge Mick

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  • Great article, Denise! I am curious though, the more I hear about sites like Hootsuite (I have an account but rarely use it), TubeMogul, etc … I wonder – what is the main purpose of these sites? Is it just to consolidate the number of social sites you have to monitor/visit to post? Or are there additional values for using these sites?

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  • Often I hear that numbered lists are trash and that they are useless SEO time wasters – even if this is partly right I feel strongly that its always worth a read. After all if only one thing is taken away and actioned its one more thing you didn’t have in your arsenal – From my end congrats on a great list I know I took away 3 great ideas i’d never heard off.

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  • I find that submitting posts to websites like reddit will get you a huge amount of hits ons that specific post, but it rarely leads to a consistent rise in traffic

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    “At most once a day”: Yep, I believe every 2 days is already enough. I too have unsubscribed from blogs that inundated my inbox with mail. Too much ‘noise’ indeed. On the other hand, I have kept my subscription on a blog that sends updates every single day — but it is related to a field that interests me a lot and, above all, of Exceptional Quality. This is the trick: You definitely have to be Outstanding, over and beyond the commonplace, to be considered as Irreplaceable by your readers — then perhaps you can post as much as you like.

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  • Amazing stuff, great tips here.  I think the tip about using “how to” in your blog posts is key if you want lots of traffic.  So many people start their google searches with “how to” it’s insane.  Hey, another easy traffic tip is using free PDFs with awesome information, and then in each chapter, you link to a blog post on your website (or websites).  Then, you can distribute your free PDF and encourage people to share it – you could even go the PLR/MLR route and tell people they can give it away or sell it to others.  Then, the links in the PDF stay intact, and your blog traffic will rise exponentially.  Anyway, nice tips for anyone to use.  Thanks again!

  • I use some of this tips, but it does not work well, I only get 20-40 people per day, what else chould I do?

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