social media how toAt the 2011 f8 conference, Facebook announced Timeline — a major overhaul of the personal Facebook profiles to which we’ve all grown accustomed.

UPDATE December 15, 2011: Facebook announced that Timeline is now available worldwide. Read how to get started.

When Timeline is rolled out, your personal profile will be organized in reverse chronological order, as a “timeline” of your life, like an online scrapbook. As Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says, “Timeline is the story of your life… in a new way to express who you are.”

When Will Timeline Become Available?

At this point, only those who are registered Facebook application developers have the option of converting their personal profiles to the Timeline format. And only they can see the Timelines of others who’ve opted for it.

However, it’s quite easy to become a “developer” for purposes of getting access to Timeline. Read this article on how to quickly become an “app developer” and have the Timeline option for your profile.

The Timeline Cover Photo: A Great Opportunity for Creativity

For those with a creative bent, probably the most exciting change is the Timeline cover photo, an 851px x 315px canvas that you can fill with the image of your choice.

Inserted into the lower left of the Timeline cover is your profile photo. The fun is coming up with interesting and clever ways to have your cover photo and your profile photo interact.

For my cover photo, I simply made my profile photo the last in a chronological array of pictures of me:


Tim Ware from young boy to adult!

Timeline Cover Photo Examples to Kickstart Your Creativity!

Many will use the cover photo to simply put up a beautiful photo or family picture. For example, Mark Zuckerberg just has his dog and his face:


Zuck's use of the Cover Photo is okay, but...

Not that there’s anything wrong with this, but it’s a missed opportunity to have some creative fun.

For instance, Kelly Cromwell’s fairly straightforward family picture becomes:


Here's a great way to get Dad into the family photo!

Creative Approaches to Your Cover Photo

There are several ways to approach the integration of your cover photo and your profile photo to create an effect:

  • Show the user observing the “action” in the cover photo
  • Create a continuation of the cover photo
  • Simply complement the cover photo
  • Extend the theme of the profile photo
  • Provide “meta” commentary for profile and cover photos.

Get Inspired by What Others Have Already Done

The following examples should help spark your imagination and give you some ideas of the possibilities.

E3 — Milan, Italy

A number of creatives at the E3 digital agency in Milan went to work designing artful and clever cover photo concepts.

Gianmarco Carrieri integrates the cover and the photo, hinting at endlessly repeating recursivity!


Gianmarco Carrieri cover photo.

Giuseppe Draicchio cleverly and beautifully integrates cover and photo.


Giuseppe Draicchio cover photo.

Alfredo Tomaselli positions his photo outside the cover, using his destructive laser glasses to immolate the old personal profile.


Alfredo Tomaselli cover photo.

Fabio Maravilla gets with the recursive barber shop mirror effect.


Fabio Maravilla cover photo.

Ivan Marino cleverly removes helmet and head, and makes great use of white space.


Ivan Marino cover photo.

Maurizio Mazzanti turns his cover photo into a movie screen, which he watches.


Maurizio Mazzanti cover photo.

Annalisa Modotto nicely illustrates a progression of thought, with an edible resolution.


Annalisa Modotto cover photo.

Ekkapong Techawongthaworn’s Experiments

Ekkapong Techawongthaworn, a student in San Francisco, created several great cover photo concepts, which he posted on his Google+ profile:

ekkapong balloons

Creative profile photo integration!

ekkapong rain

Another very creative combo of cover and profile photos.

ekkapong thinkless

Obviously Mr. Techawongthaworn is having great fun coming up with concepts!

Other Cover Photo and Profile Photo Approaches

Below are a few more examples, utilizing various techniques and metaphors to entertain and amaze Facebook friends.

Mohammad L. Azzam creates a clever interaction between the cover and profile photos that resonates with the text content.


Mohammad L. Azzam cover photo.

Hugh Briss uses his cover photo to both say something about himself and promote his business.


Hugh Briss cover photo.

Jeremy Bronson creates a surreal and humorous integration of cover and profile photos.


Jeremy Bronson cover photo

I love how Victor Zapanta uses the barber shop mirror effect for some radical recursivity! And check how that distant road continues the effect…


Victor Zapanta cover photo.

Some Tips on How to Create Your Cover Photo

First, you can click here to download a Photoshop PSD template I made to help you create your cover photo.

Once you’ve got your cover photo and profile photo, you just need to add them to your Timeline.

How to Add Your Timeline Cover Photo

Just to the left of the vertical Timeline bar, you’ll see:

add a cover

Click "Add a Cover."

Once you’ve selected the image you want for your cover photo, click “Save Changes.”

Remember, the displayed size of your cover photo is 851 x 315 pixels. If you upload an image that’s more than 851px wide, it will be scaled down to a width of 851px.

If your image, or the scaled-down image, exceeds 315px in height, you have the option to horizontally position your image. Superimposed on your image you’ll see “Drag to Reposition Cover.” Just mouse over the image, at which point your cursor becomes a hand icon, and drag the image to where you want it to be, and then click “Save Changes.”

Upload Your Profile Photo

Once you’ve added your cover photo, you can upload your profile photo, which, as mentioned above, is inset on the left side of your cover photo.

The displayed size of your profile photo image is 125 x 125 pixels, but the total space taken up is 135 x 135 pixels due to the 4-pixel white border and 1-pixel dark outline. The minimum width for an uploaded profile photo image is 180 pixels.

image size

Your displayed profile photo is 125px square. The total space, with borders, is 135px square.

Once you’ve uploaded the profile photo you want to use with your cover photo, you can position it vertically (it is automatically scaled down to 125px in width) by mousing over the image and selecting “Edit Thumbnail” from the contextual menu. Then edit the thumbnail in the popup window to get it where you want it.

You can also continue to position the cover photo by mousing over it and selecting “Reposition” from the “Change Cover” contextual menu:

timeline change cover

Click on "Change Cover."

Take Advantage of this Fun Opportunity for Creativity!

It’s time to flex your creative muscles! Have fun expressing who you are in a unique and creative way.

What do you think? And feel free to post URLs to your Timeline in the comments. Leave your questions and comments in the box below.

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  • drew_harding

    This is awesome. Great post Tim, some excellent examples of how much fun can be had with the cover photo, I can’t wait to see what other people start doing now after this bit of inspiration… i’m certainly going to have a go at this myself now 🙂

  • Great examples!  May have to steal a few of those :p

  • Great resource and ideas happening about creative timelines.

  • My oh my! Those examples are out of this world! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  • Love it Tim 🙂

  • Christine Tabor

    Any chance we’ll get to have similar real estate for a fan page?  🙂  Now THAT would be awesome! 

  • Fantastic! Really enjoy all of this creativity!

  • Debby Neff

    That is something I am wondering and really hoping for!!  

  • Ceclauson

    Great job explaining this!

  • It would be awesome, but I’ve heard of no plans to set this up on fan pages, although Facebook has tended to keep the layouts of fan pages and personal profiles pretty much the same. Time will tell….

  • Great job Tim.

    I have a question about Facebook guidelines on using screenshots.

    Just today I stumbled upon this guideline in Facebook’s Brand Permissions Center: “Facebook screenshots may be used for print, web and broadcast with prior
    written permission from Facebook. Please see our Permissions section
    for further information on requesting permission to use our screenshots.”

    I wrote a post a couple of weeks ago, where I used 11 timeline covers of Facebook celebrities (one of them was actually Mark Zuckerberg). After reading Facebook’s guideline, I am somewhat anxious to use these screenshots in my blog post.

    What’s your take on this?

  • Dale Einarson

    Any word if this idea is looking to find its way to fan pages?  Very cool.  Thanks for the article.

  • My take — and I’m not a lawyer — is that the guideline is to enforce as they see fit. And I doubt they’d come after you for posting screenshots of fan pages, cover photos, or whatever. Far far too many blogs have used Facebook screenshots to illustrate tutorials, show examples of cool graphics, etc., for Facebook to enforce the “Web” part of the guideline. So I don’t think you have anything to worry about. I certainly didn’t get permission for all the screen grabs in this post!

  • No plans I’ve heard of, although Facebook does tend to keep the fan page and personal profile layouts similar to provide a continuity of experience, but perhaps they’re moving away from that. We’ll see…

  • Hope they do the same for fan pages

  • Nathomson

    I might be alone with my opinion, but this is driving me towards G+. Please stop adding useless features to FB, Mark Zuckerberg! Can we please keep it simple?

  • Loving all of these! Thanks for sharing and for getting the creative juices flowing!!!

  • No, you’re not along with that opinion. I see a flurry of complaints every time Facebook changes and, believe me, it’s going to continue to change. In this competitive world, you must keep innovating and evolving, or something else will catch you by surprise (remember MySpace?) and you’ll be in their rearview mirror.

    You can head over to Google+ if you want, but you may find it pretty lonely. After all the initial buzz, it really hasn’t turned into much.

    In this world, things are always changing and Facebook is evolving in ways which I think are mostly for the better. Consider it an experiment in your ability to tolerate and roll with changes.

  • Thank you Tim for your quick and comprehensive answer. So, I guess, you are saying: let’s take the benefit of the doubt. I agree that Facebook can’t enforce the web part, given so many blogs have used Facebook shots. But you never know 🙂

  • Thanks for this Tim 🙂 This is just fabulous.. great article as always. I’m loving Giuseppe Draicchio
    and Ivan Marino’s efforts. Made me laugh!

  • Great photos.  Seen some over at Mashable as well.  Lots of creativity here.  It was inspiring when I first seen them to update my own.  I really like the ones shown here.  They are awesome!

  • Very nice, Tracy! Send me the URL for your profile and I may include this in a future update.

  • Thanks, Tim!  I tried.  Here’s my profile link as requested: 

  • So the basic idea is that you measure the distance between the cover and your profile pic by taking a screen shot?

  • So the basic idea is that you measure the distance between the cover and your profile pic by taking a screen shot?

  • I’m getting messages that we will be charged for Facebook now with this new timeline?? I don’t like any of the changes you have mentioned above. Again why are they doing this!?!?

  • Michael – It is total hogwash. Don’t believe it…

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  • Cool! I personally like your blog Tim. It always has something interesting that attracts readers just like this. Thank you for the advice on creating your facebook timeline cover photo. It’s truly amazing.

  • Great post on Time lines Tim. And its true that it has more option for creativity….

  • Great post!
    What do you think about my profile ?

  • Giles U

    Great article Tim – and love the examples, fantastic work. Here’s a link to my profile:

    Really just a few memories of me and my partner – will play around with being more creative when I get a spare few minutes. Hope you like…

  • Its really worthy part without any doubt. there are 16 creative directions to create your face book time line cover photo on here 🙂

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    awesome info.  thanks!

  • So excited to get busy on mine!! Great article!

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  • Jeremy, It should all be in this article. Download the Photoshop template I created, and that should clarify even further. Cheers, Tim

  • Of course you won’t be “charged” by Facebook! Whoever’s sending you these “messages” is trying to stir up panic, or just having a go.

    I think the changes are pretty cool, actually, although with 800M users, there will always be people who don’t want anything to change ever, and that’s not Facebook which is an ever-evolving platform.

    The reason Facebook is doing this is that they think more people will like it than not like it. And they need to keep innovating, or risk getting stale. They accept that disappointing a minority is okay in the service of keeping the majority interested and engaged.

  • And thank YOU for the thanks!

  • Very nice, Stefano. I had seen this one and almost included it. You folks at E3 are a creative bunch! As you observe, I included quite a lot from your team. I’ll include yours in a follow up. I’d love to learn more about E3. Reach me at tim at hyperarts dot com.

  • Very nice, Giles. Thanks for providing that link!

  • Kim

    I have not updated to the new timeline yet.  Is that why I cannot see the examples people have posted? 

  • Definitely a lot of possibilities. Thanks for including mine, Tim.

  • This is a pretty interesting move… I can think of exactly what I want to do for the company page, but not for my own profile page! Be nice to see it on Pages some time.

  • My pleasure, as always, Hugh. Nice cover-photo work!

  • Yes, as my article here says, you have to be a developer (fairly easy to do) to have or see a Timeline on a personal profile.

  • Time will tell, Jared. No announced intentions yet, but who knows?

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  • Caverna Alfa

    Thank you for the help! See my facebook with changes!

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  • Cami Hines

    Thank you for an inspiring post! I took your challenge and created my Timeline today with the help of Mitsuko Photography. What do you think?

  • Manisha

    i cnt get the timeline option can anyone help me….

  • Adi

    Hmm, interesting move.  My fear however is that it will fall into the trap MySpace fell into, ie giving people with very little creative talent control over the layout of their profiles.  If you can think back a few years one of the great advantages of Facebook over MySpace was that all profiles were the same and you didn’t have to trawl through some pretty god awful profile attempts.

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  • This is proving to be rather difficult. It automatically resizes the
    picture so I cannot align the cover and the profile photo seamlessly no
    matter what because you cannot predict where your profile photo will be
    when facebook resizes it.

  • Ctravers12

    This is what I’ve come up with so far:

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  • Well, the visual creativity is restricted to the 851 x 315px space, so the damage is limited. And most folks will just put a big pretty photograph there. It won’t even approach the issue of MySpace where being able to change the entire background was the true, but not the only, culprit. It was those horrendous background images that made an unholy mess of the place.

  • Manisha, I suggest you read this article. 🙂

  • Cami, Very nice!

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  • Make the picture for your coverphoto the dimensions I specified: 851 x 315px. It shouldn’t get resized. Read this article carefully, Jeremy, and you should be able to have success.

  • UPDATE:  As of December 15, 2011, Timeline is now available worldwide. Read Facebook’s blog post:

  • Gabriel

    I can’t position my profile pic over the cover correctly. I didn’t really understand what I have to do with that template. Can you explain me better?

  • Riana261 my first try … still learning 😀 but its cool!

  • Riana261

    ..and how can you make that “barber shop mirror effect”? its just awsome. what photoshop should i use? i’m kinda new in this virtual world so its all unfamiliar for me 😀

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  • Someone just asked me if you are allowed to use your cover for promotional purposes as they heard you were not allowed. Anyone know if there is any policy regulations with the new cover photo?

  • Ehsan Mahmood

    Hey guys check mine out that I just! did thanks for the inspiration @timware:disqus A few notes: I made some small edits such as the Sepia (magenta) effect. Also it took me about 45 minutes to hunt for the perfect place (abandoned rail road tracks close to U of Houston)
    Also I have used this tutorial: which came out perfect!

    Would appreciate feedback! (oh I prefer subscribers instead of adds thank you)  =)

  • Escario Flone
  • awesome & really inspiring collection tim,

  • Ravoni

    Official Page Timeline – Linha do Tempo 

  • C.B.

    “It’s free, and always will be.” — Facebook Home Page. 

    I can remember a few times when my friends were in a panic because they’d heard a rumor that Facebook was about to start charging for its services. At this point, it would be false advertising for Facebook to start charging, due to their statement that it “always will be” free. 

    So, don’t worry — although I also dislike these new changes, I don’t believe there’s any reason to be worried about a usage fee.

  • Did mine in a comic-y sort of way 🙂

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    Can anyone help me out for the way victor zapanta did, i mean “barber shop mirror effect”?

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  • sanatrath

    Tim, your post inspired me to do something creative for my fb page..Thanks a lot! have a look at …But when I uploaded the cover photo it fb pixelated it badly.. i should hv kept it below 30kb..:(

  • simonrepar

    Take a look. Made with droste effect in photoshop.  Profile language is Slovenian.

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  • sudeep
  • Jojo

    Thanks, your guidelines and examples were very helpful. Am a bit jealous, some are extraordinary! Heres mine though, hope you like it!

  • wow haha 😀 just have read this page, really awesome! this is what I’ve been looking for 😀

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  • Lisa H

    Thanks Tim for sharing this information.  I’ve not been as creative as the other recent posts but I have learned so much from your article.  I appreciate so much that you’re sharing your knowledge and how user friendly Social Media Examiner is for people who are truly wanting to learn and relate to the local community. You all are awesome.  Again…thanks for paying the knowledge forward! 

  • Tommy

    Our favorite Cover Photo site so far is .  Great selection and wide range of images

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  • Ebony

    I just did mine… I don’t have fancy-schmancy photo software, but PowerPoint made a good substitute! Thanks for the tutorial Tim, never would have attempted it if you hadn’t shown how cool & easy it could be.  🙂

  • I really like your collection !!

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    hey.. i just want to know how did you do that pretty cool timeline photo cover?

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    Now I REALLY feel my FB profile is lame. There’s some pretty cool ideas there.
    Thanx for Sharing 😉
    also check

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  • Sam

    I may not seem very smart to ask this question but Em having a big problem using the template. I don’t use photoshop that often and usually use online editors to edit my pics So, if you have enough time then could you please guide me through the whole process from the beginning to the end? Every little thing? Like steps and all? Or you can just tell me that when we have created the cover photo and the profile picture in the photoshop.. How do we have to save it?? When I crop the profile pic, it comes to be less than 180 pixels. God!! Em pissed. Please Help Me. God Bless You. 🙂

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  • all cover photo sites ask you to give permission to your sensitive data in order to get cover photo,,

    thats why i like as its very secure and dont ask you to connect your facebook profile and data 

  • Sergio

    There is a Facebook App to create a profile photo with the faces of your Facebook friends.

    It’s pretty cool!!!

  • Sheppard

    How do I move my profile photo so that it’s not blocking an important part of my cover photo? 

  • Ashleigh

     You can’t move your profile photo. You can adjust your cover photo though as he details above. I read that a good rule of thumb is to position the focus of the cover image to the right side so that you don’t run into issues with the profile photo.

  • kaa

    this is an awesome article! exactlly what i was looking for 🙂 thank you 

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    Do you have a new template coming with these changes on the horizon?

  • Also check out addacover for over 17,000 cover photos –

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  • You have posted awesome ideas here..

    I love to use Facebook but after the timeline i didn’t like my profile at all. Even my wall setting cannot be done properly myself.. Or i can say i don’t like Timeline at all. But only one functionality of time line that is its cover photo is good.various ideas that you put here are very new and i must try these one to make my profile more attractive.. great sharing..

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  • Great reference and inspired me a lot !

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  • Sam, Check out my article on the HyperArts Blog which has more detail. But without Photoshop, I’m not sure it will help, as it is based on a user having Photoshop.

  • As Ashleigh says, You have to adapt your Cover Photo so that what is in the Profile Picture both works with the Cover Photo AND functions well as a thumbnail on your status updates and posts.

  • Amy, My updated template for Cover Photo/Profile Picture is available here for Personal Profiles and here for Fan Pages. Just locate the template download links and click ’em!

  • Clim, I’ve updated that link. You can download the Photoshop template here.

  • liliana

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  • I created a Secret Group for family and friends of my son who passed away. I can’t figure out how to add a Cover Photo to that group. I changed it to Private thinking that would allow the option, still no luck. How do I add a Cover Photo to my Group Page (Private or Secret – I have one on MY FB page, I know how to do it there)???

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