social media reviewsDoes your business have a blog? Are you looking to generate engaging comments and new daily visitors? If so, look no further.

This article showcases 10 top blogs in multiple markets. Follow their lead to take your blog from good to great. And if you don’t have a business blog yet, now’s the perfect time to get in the game!

Each of these successful blog examples has incorporated unique features that have attracted thousands of readers. The great news is that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel—just model the best. Take a look at these thriving blogs and apply the same success strategies to your own blog.

#1: Sweet Leaf Tea

Sweet Leaf Tea is a blog site that sells specialty teas. They’ve figured out a way to humanize their blog while staying true to their brand. Sweet Leaf Tea uses their blog design to bring a less formal, more human touch to their brand.

Notice in the image below the casual fonts, the old-world feeling of their images and the informal language they use to spotlight the features on the site. It’s more “people-speak” than “marketing-speak” and this strategy instantly draws in their target audience.

sweet tea leaf

Sweet Leaf Tea also showcases their employees in a very friendly, casual way. They show photos of their teammates (they call them “Tea Mates”) and give us a behind-the-scenes glimpse of their fun work environment by posting the Tea Mates’ nicknames and interests.

tea mates

Tip: Consider allowing your employees to be the face of your brand. Highlighting your team is a great way to bring your readers behind the scenes and let them see the team camaraderie. This kind of transparency builds trust with your readers. Also, your team can help you keep things informal, fun and relatable. It’s important to be professional, but remember your readers are human and everyone enjoys a little fun too.

#2: Stonyfield Farm

Stonyfield Farms specializes in organic dairy products. Their branding is geared toward family, farming and living an organic lifestyle.

Stonyfield does a great job of staying true to their brand by creating a targeted theme within their blog. As you can see from the image below, they use a barnyard as their home page backdrop, and include pictures of healthy families and articles about healthy living. All of these components reinforce their theme of family and healthy living. Plus, notice how they say “Let’s Be Friends,” a much friendlier, warmer way to encourage people to connect with you on your social sites.


They also use video in a very genuine, behind-the-scenes kind of way. Just like their blog’s theme of family and farming, their videos are not professionally done, but with real people living the lifestyle they personify. Many of their videos come from the farm of an organic dairy farmer in Vermont, who supplies milk for their products. You can’t get much more behind-the-scenes than that!

blog with farmer

Staying true to your theme, as Stonyfield has done with their videos, allows your audience to know, like and trust you. This is key to building a solid blogging foundation.

Another thing they do very well is their use of soft sales messages contextualized in value-added content. For example, they may write an article about the importance of eating organic fruit, but weave in the idea of mixing Stonyfield yogurt in with your fruit for an extra dose of nutrients. There’s nothing wrong with promoting your products on your blog; just remember that the most successful blogs place added value before selling.

The Stonyfield Farm blog is a great example of a big brand using their blog to build community and educate their readers about their market.

Tip: Try to weave in a theme throughout your blog. To help with this, consider inviting outsiders to contribute to your blog. Another great tip is to go deeper by allowing your audience to see what’s behind the curtain. Behind-the-scenes stories and footage invite the reader in even more and will help you create content that stays true to your theme.

#3: Pioneer Woman

Pioneer Woman is an excellent example of a successful lifestyle blog. The blog’s creator, Ree Drummond, has used her blog as a platform for a variety of projects, including promoting her cookbook and showcasing her photography. Her “secret sauce” lies in her ability to connect personally with her readers while creating a welcoming, friendly and warm experience one blog post at a time.

One great example of Ree’s welcoming persona is her simple bio on the home page. And take a look at her social sites. They’re easy to see and are also uniquely designed to match her site. This is smart branding at its best!

pioneer woman bio

Another way Ree is consistent with her branding is in her blog’s header. She changes it depending on the season and time of year. Because so much of country life is about holiday and seasons, this small touch is directly aligned with the overall vision of the blog. Also notice her brilliant use of photography. Photos on a blog are essential when you want to create a feeling or experience for your readers.

pioneer woman

In addition, her blog layout is easy to navigate, which is extremely important considering the short attention span of most readers today. Ree has added icons that allow you to view her blog in multiple ways, including multiple blog thumbnails to a page or just a few at a time. You get to decide. These small touches are just some of the reasons her readers continually return for more.

pioneer woman graph

Tip: Be aware of your brand when you’re designing your blog. Consider using photographs and brand-specific design elements to draw in your readers. By increasing your blog aesthetics, you can easily create a more personable and relatable experience for your readers.

#4: Citrix

Citrix’s unique blogging strategy is all about adding value. Their blog, Work Shifting, is a work/lifestyle blog that focuses on the issues people in business experience when on the move. What’s interesting is that you have to really look hard to know which company is behind the blog because Citrix downplays their involvement. Instead, they’ve put their audience’s needs first and have created a space that resonates with their audience’s needs and interests.

In addition, to set their blog apart from the rest, they use distinct visual branding with their logo and images. Plus, their visual branding is memorable—another surefire sign of a successful blog. In addition to their branding, notice below how the content and topics are all about the target audience’s needs. This is key when creating a blog that’s bigger than your own brand.


They also use a broad range of contributors—people who do not actually work for Citrix. This is a smart strategy to diversify the content of your blog and attract new readers via those who already follow your contributors.

citrix contibutors

Tip: Focus on adding value to a market that’s bigger than your brand. You can do this by collaborating with contributors who are experts in your market and who will resonate with your ideal audience. Offer as much free value as possible and keep your sales messages as low-key as possible to keep the focus on the content. This strategy will build trust with your target audience and keep your readers coming back for more.

#5: Danny Brown

Danny Brown’s blog is a terrific case study for consultants or anyone with a personal brand. This site positions Brown as an expert in his field and showcases his expertise, knowledge and services.

A brilliant feature on this blog is the way Danny presents his consulting services without being too pushy or arrogant. It’s all about the language he uses. Instead of saying “Hire Me” on his site, he instead uses the phrase “Work with Me.” It’s a subtle shift in language, but conjures up an entirely different experience.

danny brown

digg diggIn the image above, you’ll also see that Danny uses the cliffhanger concept by posting a snippet of a blog post and then adding a “read more” button to get the reader to dive deeper into his blog site. This is a powerful way to get people’s attention and entice them to stay a little longer and explore your site. Also, this concept helps you save space on your home site by just giving a teaser of your article content.

One of my favorite features on his blog is the share sidebar next to his blog posts. The WordPress plugin is called Digg Digg and the sidebar floats on the screen. When a reader scrolls down the page, the sidebar follows them. This is a smart way to make it as easy as possible for people to share your content.

Tip: Make content sharing on your site as easy as possible for your readers. If they have to look around for the share features, they’ll likely skip sharing altogether. Consider using the Digg Digg plugin to make this possible on your site.

#6: Ecoki

Ecoki is a blog site that offers a wide range of articles, tips and ideas on everything related to living a green lifestyle.

The beauty of this blog is the clean, grid-based template. This style makes it easy to read and showcases the various topics. In addition, they make it simple to navigate the site by adding easily visible headers, such as featured article, latest news, popular items and resources. Sometimes just calling out the specific areas on your site is all you need to do to get people more engaged with your content.

ecoki headers

In addition, Ecoki has two types of navigation bars. The top navigation bar calls out the main topics they cover, including food, technology and design, and the navigation directly under it showcases their media delivery, including articles, video and info on contributors. These two different navigation bars give more power to the readers by allowing them to choose how they want to consume the content.


Tip: If the content for your blog site includes multiple topics, consider the grid layout design. It’s easy to follow and allows you to showcase multiple areas in a simple format. Also, one smart strategy is to add in photos to break up the text in your grid layout and make the site more inviting and less static.

#7: Nuts About Southwest

Southwest Airline’s blog, Nuts About Southwest, is one of the most popular airline blogs around today. Their secret to success is they understand their loyal flyers’ needs and interests and capitalize on that throughout their blog. The blog is designed to build a relationship between the brand and their consumers.

One thing to remember is that blogs are so much more than just text. What Southwest does best is mix up their media. They use written articles, videos, photos, polls and surveys to capture the interest of their many readers. They often lead with images to draw in the reader, a great strategy for any business blog.


In addition, Nuts About Southwest has added a feature where returning readers can create an account to customize their profile and engage with other Southwest readers. Since frequent flyers are often loyal fans, they’re likely to exchange travel stories and experiences with other readers. Southwest created a way to make this easy for their readers.

southwest sign up

Tip: Special features on your blog are a great strategy, especially if you have loyal fans who will likely return to your blog on a regular basis. (After all, this is the goal for most blogs, right?) Treat your returning readers as VIPs by creating features and content that facilitate engagement with you and other readers.

#8: Disney Parks

Disney Parks is a site designed to encourage more visitors to Disney’s parks. They do a fantastic job of making their site memorable and useful.

One great feature is the way they showcase their blog authors. Next to each post is a photo of the author. This allows their content to be a bit more friendly and transparent.


Also, Disney is a world-renowned company and they’re known for their professional branding and impeccable productions. To be consistent with the branding and to meet the expectations of their audience, this blog site posts professional videos, photos and content. Unlike the Stonyfield Farms blog mentioned earlier, Disney Parks does not have that casual, homegrown feeling to it. Instead it’s polished and professional to match their branding.

disney comments

This blog site also includes a comment policy to inform their readers that comments are monitored. Because they’re appealing to families with children, Disney Parks needs to make sure parents feel safe when their children visit the site.

Tip: Keep your design simple while staying true to your audience’s expectations. If you have a polished, professional image, don’t stray too far from this on your business blog. The key here is to know your audience’s expectations and go above and beyond to deliver what they want to read, see and experience most.

#9: Procter & Gamble

Man of the House, a Procter & Gamble blog, is a great example of a blog that targets a very specific audience. The blog is designed specifically for men and covers all areas that interest men, including money, career, technology, family and fitness. Although there are many “mommy blogs” out there today, there are very few sites that focus solely on men and their interests. This site captures that niche market perfectly.

They do many things right, but one great feature is their use of photos on their home page. Each blog post includes a thumbnail photo above each post to allow their readers to browse the articles easily. This is a great way to showcase your content, especially if you’re writing on a variety of topics and want your audience to browse your archives.


Also, similar to the Citrix blog mentioned earlier, this site also does not blast advertisements and push their products. Instead, they’ve built a site with great content and engaging features and subtly weave their marketing messages into the site, but only as a secondary outcome. Adding value for their audience with tips, tricks and ideas is their number-one goal.

The key is to create a site that caters to your target audience, and once you own the platform, you’re able to subtly weave in your marketing messages to a warm audience. If you do the hard work up front and do it consistently, you’ll create a platform that practically sells your brand and products for you!

Lastly, the Man of the House blog places social media sharing buttons at the top of each post, instead of the bottom where most people are used to seeing them. Because many readers will not read the entire blog post, placing the buttons at the top encourages readers to share their content.

p&g sharing buttons

Tip: Think about how you can address the needs of your audience even if it has nothing to do with your products or services. The more you can make your posts interesting to your target audience, they’ll consider your site as the “go-to source” for quality info and keep coming back for more.

#10: Delicious Days

Delicious Days is a front-runner when it comes to impeccable blog design and overall layout. This site is a great example of knowing what your audience will respond to and delivering your content in a way that grabs their attention.

The use of white space and the black-and-white design makes the site easy to read and navigate. Notice how there’s not a lot of background noise and the clean, minimal look is inviting and calm.

Also, Nicky Stich and Oliver Seidel, the creators and designers of the blog, have added a feature that’s not often seen on most blogging sites. In the upper-right corner you’ll see a tab that reads, “Can I help you?” This serves as their website search tool.

In addition, the “A+” and “A-” buttons increase or decrease the font size of their blog site, again making their site even easier to navigate. These two features are great examples of taking care of your audience and addressing their needs front and center on your blog.

delicious days

Also, Nicky knows what will lure her readers in, and in her case, its enticing photos. She is a master at mixing text with imagery to tell the story and evoke emotion. This is evident in the two images below.

delicious days post
delicious days post

Tip: Don’t underestimate the power of white space. It can make your blog more user-friendly and visually appealing to attract readers and keep your existing readers on your blog longer. Also, know what attracts your audience’s attention. If enticing photos will catch their attention, as with Delicious Days, use more photos! Keep it simple and give your audience what they want.

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What do you think about the above business blogs? Have you tried any of these techniques with success? Let us know! Please leave your comments below.

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  • Jose Mallabo

    Southwest always pops up in these. But all these others are new to me. No doubt I’ll be pulling some ideas and learnings from them for ours at

  • What a great collection of businesses in this post. This cross section shows that there really is a place for social media and blogging as part of just about any type of business big or small. I love how these examples leverage what they’re already doing offline and extending that online using social media as a tool in their overall marketing or branding strategy.

  • I was just speaking to my father about blogging this morning, how timely! What an awesome overview. Well done, Amy! I especially like the Disney example. One question: Do you think they feature the blog within the parks/travel section more prominently due to the higher price point for families? So creating a deeper relationship with customers is more vital with higher price points? The Disney Store has a blog as well, but it is located in the footer.

  • Danny blog is by far my favorite..he give great content that’s unheard of..its worthy stopping by and leaving a comment. I will take a like at the other ones listed also..Thanks

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

  • Sob

    I had never heard of the Proctor & Gamble blog. Looks like a nice alternative to all of the social media sites that we all read on a daily basis. Thanks for the heads up on that

  • These are excellent examples of sites that make it easy for readers to love their blogs. You emphasize the “human” element, and that is so important. I’ve seen too many examples where blogs get drawn into the temptation to sound too professional, using lots of “business-speak” and jargon that turns people off right from the start.

    If you make your blog visually appealing and interesting to read, that welcoming environment makes people want to stay awhile and look around. The odds of a return visit increase dramatically when you pay attention to site usability.

  • René Power

    A very diverse set of examples Amy – great effort in consolidating them into this blog post. As a business focused blogger for my company and for my own site, it is sometimes all to easy to forget to look up and see how blogs (which have been set up to serve very different objectives) can still teach us a thing or two.

  • Amy – well presented as always. While I saw these in the webinar last week this showcases some different aspects of each one. Thank you for sharing! Social Media Examiner should be on the list!

  • Amy, this is a very comprehensive post. The variety of content and features that you’ve mentioned is very helpful. I think the biggest challenge for content creators is getting a handle on the type of posts that add value to their readers. Your article gave me some new ideas:) Thanks for such a thorough review.

  • The pictures of this post really help to understand the important points well and quick.

    Congrats Amy!

  • Nicky Kriel

    Simply Brilliant! I am so thrilled this is produced as a written piece, the webcast was great!

  • samsova

    Great post, Amy. We recently launched a b2b blog around networking technology growth and innovation ( In my opinion the points below are key when launching a business blog. It is difficult sometimes to put valuable content out that is truly remarkable, and does not just push product. Kudos on putting this together and I now have a personal goal to get our blog on this list in your next review 🙂

    “Consider allowing your employees to be the face of your brand.”

    “There’s nothing wrong with promoting your products on your blog; just remember that the most successful blogs place added value before selling.”

    “Focus on adding value to a market that’s bigger than your brand… Offer as much free value as possible and keep your sales messages as low-key as possible to keep the focus on the content. This strategy will build trust with your target audience and keep your readers coming back for more.”

    Sam Sova
    Online Community Manager, AT&T Business Solutions

  • Hi all the way from Germany,
    Thanks for this post. Will implement some things, especially addressing the needs of the readers even if it has nothing to do with my services. I already use the cliff-hanger concept.

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  • gdavis2

    Excellent blogging ideas. We will emulate some of these ideas on

  • Excellent list Amy. One blog we really like is … great place for designers and web enthusiasts to get ideas.

  • Wow I have only heard of 2 of these blogs. I need to start going out into the blogging community a little bit more.

  • Blog #3 (Pioneer Woman) has my attention. My goal was to incorporate my blog to better suit my books, which all deal Christian lifestyles and success principals. Somewhere, somehow, I lost the overall focus of my blog. My readership is very choppy but I refuse to give up. I vow to get better. Thanks for the informative information.

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  • This is a great post but I took a look at the numbers behind these and other business blogs. Most business blogs appear to be flat in Unique Visitors while many are declining, including most of the blogs on this list. Only one of the blogs ManOfTheHouse by P&G has a growing visitor list according to My complete analysis is here:

  • Great, Jose! When I was researching them I too was pulling a bunch of tips for my own blogs and those of my clients. I loved the new ones that I had not known before–they were really impressive!

  • Great point, Brad, regarding the offline efforts extending to the online blog. I also love how each of these companies add massive value–it’s a great reminder that for blogging success, content/value comes first, promotion later. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Interesting, Nick. You have such a great point here. I do think that the higher price point experiences/products do get a better spotlight, which makes good business sense for sure. Thanks for pointing that out! After all, if you are going to put valuable time and effort into your blog, you should make it worth it!

  • I agree–Danny Brown knows his stuff! He always has a unique take on things and I appreciate that in a blog!

  • Thanks Girona. I love writing for SME because Mike Stelzner really understands the importance of visuals in a blog–some people learn better that way (I know I do!). Thanks for stopping by!

  • You are so welcome! I love when people can walk away from my posts with a few new strategies in their pocket 🙂 Good luck!

  • I like that goal for sure, Sam! I’ll be watching 🙂

  • Some great ideas, will definately implement some of them into our blog

  • Great examples! It was really neat to see what other companies are doing with their blogs. I noticed a lot of images and great design work. Do you have any tips for getting more employees/contributors involved? Our blog is very technical, but we would love to “humanize” it a bit.

  • Hi, Amy. I’ve read through this article and made a lot of notes, comparing them to the business blog I’ve started recently. I enjoy blogging but I think you’ve just kicked it into overdrive! I have one question, though. You talk about promoting (your) team on your blog. I’ve thought about doing that but at the current time my team consists of exactly me. Do you have any advice with regard to promoting a team of one?

    Many thanks for all your help,


  • Ah I have been reading delicious days (or drooling more like) for some time now. all about the design there I think! Not just the food but the site itself!

    I think what shines through in all these examples is the passion of the people writing the blogs. Without that you have nothing.

  • Thanks for your analysis. I think it is very interesting. However I don’t feel it takes away from the lessons businesses can learn from these blogs. And you can’t treat Compete as the gospel. I can speak from my own experiences talking to some of the owners of these blogs that their numbers are often nowhere near the reality.

  • Brother (in Christ), keep at it and don’t give up Donald!

  • I do like their design!

  • Great insights into amazing sites! I have seen the Southwest site featured before but the rest were new to me. You had several interesting tips. I especially valued the tips about how to promote on your blog in a low impact kind of way. As a business blogger, I try to always put my readers first and offer useful content. But at the end of the day, we hope that they will take an interest in our business. I also appreciate the WordPress plugin suggestions. The multimedia blog posts and guest/contributor bloggers are two avenues I have yet to explore but I am looking forward to doing so. Thanks for the tips!

  • Social Media examiner website is awesome and they know about the user need.what things users want in their website.I like the Disney Parks blog and they also include Mickey Mouse Cartoon in her website so obviously users come in their website and starting earning..All age of group went their and enjoy the website.

  • Some great best practices Amy, an amazing post. I love the depth the team at SME gives to each post.

    When you think about it, so many of these things make simple sense, but so often, many blogs get lost in needing to look good and simply forget about the people who are consuming them.

    More posts like this please!


  • DemyBlackDesign

    Very interesting and helpful! As a newbie I need advice. Thanks a lot!

  • Nice examples which show that a good design is not everything! Listen to your readers and satisfy their needs by writing insightful articles. Then, be yourself, be personal and interact with your audience and you will build a loyal audience.

  • Terrific work, Amy! I saw the webinar which including some of these, but still learned additional stuff reading this, proving that theory about presentations in different formats! Just a super job.

    Have you guys found any up-and-coming bloggers who are at present working on their own, without a company, who are “doing it right?” I don’t mean old pro’s like ProBlogger or those guys, but just great individuals with outstanding sites, who are probably on their way to the big-time? I’d REALLY LOVE to read about some people like that!

    I always have my eyes open, but am still such a newbie that I might not even know it when I see it! Whereas you guys are really professionals, and have an eye for those things.

    There are a lot of us out here who are all on our own. 😀 Again, LOVED this.

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  • I really like the uniqueness of changing headers every month as well as being able to increase the font on the blog. That is so awesome! I wonder if the font design is a plugin or a feature of the blog design. These business blog examples really show how to go above and beyond in the interests of their readers.

  • Thank you! I’m making a master in e-fashion right now and I really need all the help I can get.

  • gameglide

    Does anyone know which plugin Stoneyfield is using for their “Lets Be Friends” section?

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  • I really like Sweet Tea Leaf’s layout and design. And the P&G blogs are clever.

  • Very good article. Very insightful. It’s great to see examples of what other businesses are doing and how to really reach customers.

    Wow, some of these companies were a surprise!

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  • Man of the house targets 30 to 40 something year old men with kids. That is a bit more precise of a niche. Better said, dads with young kids

  • Thebodyinform

    Really good information and examples. I am getting excellent comments on my blog, but still don’t have the kind of traffic I need. Will refer to your recommendations and hope to land on your recommended page one day!

  • Hey Antonio,

    Thanks, mate, really appreciate your kind words, and always enjoy seeing your happy face over there, mate. 🙂

  • Thanks, Amy – one of my goals is to try and offer something different than the norm; so great to hear that it seems to be working okay so far.

    Cheers! 🙂

  • Hi Amy,

    Many thanks for both the feature on your webinar, and in the post here – it’s always nice to know folks are appreciative of what you’re trying to do, so thank you.

    Funnily enough, the theme framework that was in place when you did this was just a placeholder – I’ve since had my new design go live, which is a custom theme designed from scratch. It still keeps many of the features you highlighted (although Digg Digg is switched off for now, as it was adding to load time of the page).

    I wonder if it would still make the grade here (the new design)? 🙂

    Thanks again for the highlight, and loved the different examples.


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  • Great examples here, you turned me on to a new blog, Man of the House. Some good stuff there.

    Also, I think the “Let’s Be Friends” connect with me message, rather than the typical “Subscribe For Updates,” or whatever, is great, and something I’ll think about and implement on my blog at Looking around the web, various blogs, you do see some fairly clever or ‘friendly’ type messages in those areas, and it always tends to make me a little more susceptible to subscribing.

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  • Melisa Wilson

    “Battle of the Brands”
    The name of the site is and we currently have a landing page that displays one of our programs “Battle of the Brands”.

  • Awesome list Amy. Thanks for sharing.


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    Agreed, It’s hard at first — especially for writers because most work is edited. But practice and the realization it helps you become a better writer eases the “personalizing” of things. It’s a great business skill.

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    It’s funny, I was talking to my sister about this yesterday.

    The first few brainstorming sessions are crucial to making critical changes and decisions on whether to enter a market or not. 

    > How do I communicate with customers?
    > What is the content “look and feel”, level of community, and degree of personalization?

    In today’s business world “Designing and launching a new internet based business that enables buyers to purchase products is a major initiative. In addition, faulty evaluation of market opportunities and inadequate planning has resulted in many, many Web based business failures.”

    Overall I think several interrelated decisions must be made and some questions need to be answered before jumping into a new concept.

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  • Rukiyah

    I am still new to blogging (a newbie) so I am open to any information that will make my blogging endeavor successful. I will definitely try a couple of the techniques you have pointed out. Thank you for sharing this with us!

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    2. Very specific targeting to a very specific demographic.
    3. The blog either tells a story or expresses an opinion that people can sympathize with.

    Often times websites that personify a real life human (like a crop farmer) seem to do the best.

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