social media how toAre you using video to connect with your audience?

Do you think 15 seconds is too short to convey your message?

Think again.

The rise of mobile users has brought new tools to help marketers connect with on-the-go consumers.

Viddy is one such tool.  It’s a relatively new social network centered on creating and sharing 15-second video clips.

Taking advantage of the rise in mobile use, Viddy is used mostly on smartphones and other mobile devices by its user base of 22 million people who create and interact with video content daily.

Since the network limits your video uploads to 15-second clips, it’s a similar experience to Twitter’s 140-character limit, ensuring your quality content is concise.

Why add Viddy to your business’s existing social media regimen?

  • Video streaming has increased 93% via mobile phones from 2010 to 2011, according to Ooyala.
  • Americans spend 2.7 hours a day socializing on mobile, according to Smart Insights.
  • Viddy needs less maintenance as compared to other social networks like Twitter or Facebook.
  • Fluid integration with Twitter, Facebook and YouTube help bolster your video content and presence on Viddy.
  • There’s less competition on Viddy for getting your content seen as compared to Facebook, YouTube or Twitter because the social channel is still young.


Viddy gives your business the ability to tap into the mobile space with 15-second videos that you can upload, edit and share with your audience.

Businesses of all sizes can take advantage of what Viddy has to offer in the following eight ways.

#1: Share Your Events

Most companies host events to give potential customers an up-close view of what products or services they sell. It’s a powerful way to connect your audience to what you do best.

Using Viddy from your mobile phone or tablet can help entice viewers to attend if they’re nearby or participate even if they are far away.

Below, the clothing company Diane Von Furstenberg uses Viddy to showcase their company events and activities, which are extremely engaging for their avid supporters and fashion advocates.

Diane Von Furstenberg uses Viddy to highlight their fashion shows, charity events and parties to give an inside look to viewers. DVF planned these events in the past, but simply chose to incorporate a new level of engagement for them through the social and mobile web on Viddy.

diane von furstenberg

DVF uploads a plethora of videos on Viddy, all showing a different side of the company's culture as a whole.

If you’re already spending the money for a company function, capture as much content and engagement from it as possible.

#2: Highlight Company Milestones

Every company has milestones they should celebrate and share, whether it’s the company’s fifth anniversary or the hiring of your hundredth employee. Audiences will be interested in your company’s culture if you build excitement around the occasion.

It’s important to share your success because it helps show how your company is progressing over time and lets your viewers in on your company culture. It’s engaging content that’s easy to capture on Viddy, especially since it’s already naturally happening.

General Electric was one of the first companies to post engaging content on Viddy. Their feed shows unique content that is best-suited for short video—quickly viewed and consumed.

GE is a company with a long history worth sharing. They often give their viewership on Viddy a glance at company milestones never before seen on a mobile device.

general electric

General Electric consistently uses Viddy to share company milestones and innovations behind the scenes. Look to share what's unique about your company to gain similar levels of engagement.

This Viddy below shows the GE Turboprop engine’s demo. It gives their audience a reminder that GE is on a constant path toward innovation.

#3: Share How-To’s and Quick Tips

The saying “content is king” is still true, even more so when it comes to engaging video content. Viddy allows businesses to share quick tips with their viewership at little cost and time commitment.

Whether you’re telling an audience how to wear a certain pair of jeans or how to connect with other businesses in the area, video is an extremely effective means of driving value. Once a potential customer gains value from your free content on Viddy, they’re more likely to take interest in your paid services.

Share how-to’s much like you would on YouTube or Facebook, just adapt them to the Viddy 15-second video format and include a strong call to action at the end.

“Project Runway” uses their Viddy account to introduce their cast, along with quick fashion tips. Share quick tips with your audience to help make your content on Viddy truly valuable.

#4: Drive Sales and Promotions

Promotions and sales are the driving force of many businesses, especially in regard to their online marketing channels like email. Use Viddy to let your viewers know about a particular in-store or online sale in a quick and engaging way.

Online video isn’t often thought of as the first place to announce a sale, but that only helps make your sale promoted on Viddy more memorable to those who see it.

Use the same Viddy in your email and social marketing channels to make use of your existing audiences and improve the promotion’s overall reach.

shoe mint

ShoeMint gives a Viddy-specific promo code at the end of every one of their videos. It's an excellent way to encourage follower growth and track use of this social network.

#5: Host Contests, Sweepstakes and Giveaways

According to a study on HubSpot, 70% of users follow social media to participate in contests or sweepstakes. Contests have proven successful on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social networks for driving branded engagement and growing a company’s social audience. Hosting a giveaway on Viddy can be just as effective.

A contest on Viddy is centered around users uploading a video on a particular topic. Set the theme of your sweepstakes and post your own Viddy or write a blog post. Offer an enticing prize to encourage entries.

The nature of Viddy’s short uploads makes it easy for contestants to contribute, as opposed to their contribution to a video contest on other social channels.

To accurately track entries to your promotion, instruct your audience to mention your account’s username or a hashtag to officially enter the contest.

Southwest Airlines’ incorporation of Twitter in their Viddy promotion was a vital way of increasing the visibility and engagement of their contest.

Southwest Airlines, also an early adopter of Viddy, held a contest for participants to win 2 free plane tickets if they uploaded Southwest-themed Viddys. They supported this contest on their blog and on Twitter with the #SWAViddy hashtag.

The Southwest Airlines Viddy promotion was successful in gaining the company an extensive following on the platform and high levels of participation.

It was a simple way to engage with their fans related to their business, while also growing their audience on Viddy with little cost to the organization.

southwest airline

Southwest Airlines' selection of Viddys range from contests to moments with company staff to content about the planes to culture and goals of the organization. Look to incorporate a diverse selection of videos on your Viddy account.

#6: Show a Glimpse Behind the Scenes

Giving your online audience a sneak peek into your company’s inner workings is one method of engaging with them more deeply than you would with text or images. The human element is an important way to give your audience a personal connection to your company.

Viddy gives your viewers a behind-the-scenes look at what makes your company tick. You’ve got quality content free in your workplace. Why not make use of it to extend your reach and make your company more relatable?

Ecko Unlimited uses their Viddy account to take their viewers behind the scenes—in this case, an up-close look at a photo shoot.

#7: Showcase Customer Testimonials

Testimonials are highly beneficial to businesses, but nothing’s more convincing than hearing the recommendation firsthand. Typically, testimonials are written in marketing case studies or wherever a company wishes to showcase them to future customers.

If your satisfied customers are willing, have them record their testimonials in a short video for you to share on Viddy. From here your small business can share your Viddy on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or your website to give further exposure to your positive PR.

#8: Innovate with Custom Filters

Viddy offers premium opportunities to businesses looking to take their presence on the social network to the next level. The partnership offers a custom production pack, which Viddy users can then add to their videos after they shoot them.

These production packs act as custom filters that help beautify and brand your videos to make them more meaningful and engaging.

sxsw viddy

SXSW chose to use a frame-like production pack for their latest interactive conference that helped brand Viddys taken at the event, looking similar to a postcard.

These premium partnerships come with a price tag, but offer a deeper level of engagement because they allow the Viddy community to alter content with a filter-like tool that’s branded for your business. This level of Viddy integration isn’t for every kind of business, but those who do take this route should plan carefully to make the most of this paid partnership.

What do you think? Are you using Viddy for your business? What value do you think it has for businesses of all sizes? Do you prefer another mobile video platform? Share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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  • StephenPSmith

    Too bad it’s only for the iphone right now

  • Yeah, but just for right now. According to Viddy, they’re hoping to have the Android version of the app launch very soon! Thanks Stephen.

  • Joyce Z.

    Thanks for this exciting post Brian! I’m getting my organization on Viddy stat. I work for an animal shelter and while we have an active presence on YouTube it’s quite a process. I love the idea of posting 15 sec clips in a jiffy right from my phone. We can post adoptable pets instantly and hopefully draw in more adopters. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  • Great article Brian. You really nailed it with “There’s less competition on Viddy for getting your content seen as compared to Facebook, YouTube or Twitter because the social channel is still young.”

  • Hi Joyce, thanks for reading! Happy to see you’ll be joining the Viddy community. It really is a great platform for a business owner, who’s busy and doesn’t have the time to create lots of content on the fly. It’s also helpful that all your Viddy’s can be shared elsewhere on the social web like Facebook or Twitter. Good luck setting up shop, let me know if you have any questions during setup! Twitter: @BrianHonigman:twitter 

  • Thanks Travis, it’s true! Not every business is able to shine on every network, so why not put your efforts on a social channel that help get your quality video seen by your audience? Have a great week!

  • CedarBrown

    Awesome article! Haven’t used Viddy, but have dabbled with Tout. Are there major differences (pros/cons) for using either? Is one currently more popular than the other?

  • Thanks for reading and tweeting this article Cedar! I haven’t done much with Tout at this point, so I’ll have to get back to you on pros & cons. I can’t answer if one is more popular than another because I’m already bias. 😉

  • Thanks for sharing this valuable resource, @Brian_Honigman:disqus !  This is an idea that can work perfectly for businesses that want to give a snapshot of what they do or provide a firsthand account of an event.  In the music business, we can use Viddy to promote upcoming events and even showcase an occasional impromptu jam session in our store.  The possibilities are numerous!

  • Hmm. Many of the users appear to be 15 and under… Any demographic insights available?

  • You’re welcome! Great idea, highlighting behind the scenes insights is one way of giving your audience an in-depth view into your organization. Take care!

  • Thank you for this article. Very interesting. I see Viddy only accepts signups though Facebook, as more and more sites are doing. How can we create multiple accounts, then? What if I want a personal account and a business account, to keep the two areas separate? Viddy won’t accept signups from a Facebook page, only from a personal profile. I saw nothing about this at the site. If there is no way to create both, this rather limits Viddy’s usefulness, wouldn’t you agree?

  • Ffrate

    Viddy would be a great resource for artisans and crafters. Great way to show off the studio and tools used and a quick tip or too. When to they expect to make it available to the rest of the world (non iphone users).

  • Ffrate

    Sorry, I didn’t stop to recheck my typing. I meant to type that,  “Viddy is great tool to share a tip or two”. This is what happens when you get excited about a great new tool to promote your business.

  • The 15 second mobile marketing video platform. Congrats to the @Viddy team. 

  • Thanks Brian. Interesting ideas that make it quick and easy to share via video. Viddy looks like a good tool for the mobile channels.

    I’ve been in 2 local marketing and video marketing masterminds testing ‘secret squirrel’ YouTube tactics as a global team.

    There are many video ranking factors (esp on YouTube), and you compared like for like – a short video will be outranked by longer videos. Therefore short videos will need other traffic methods to build views, or use expert level video SEO if using traditional video channels.

    The Viddy style channel and YouTube are quite different animals!

    Thanks for the intro!

    – Jenny Wilmshurst

  • Viddy seems to be a great concept and a great way to share my marketing tips.  Now I can’t wait for it to be available for Android!   

  • What a great way to add something extra and exciting to your brand! Can’t wait until it’s available for more that just iphone.

  • Viddy’s terms of service state: “Unless otherwise expressly authorized herein or in the Service, you agree not to display, distribute, license, perform, publish, reproduce, duplicate, copy, create derivative works from, modify, sell, resell, exploit, transfer or transmit for any commercial purposes, any portion of the Service, use of the Service, or access to the Service. The Service is for your personal use and may not be used by you for direct commercial endeavors.” 

    Can you clarify how business are using Viddy under these terms of service?

  • Hey Annaliza, I’m waiting for a reply from the Viddy team now. I’ll let you know when I have an answer.

  • Hey, great idea! As of now, in the near future for non iPhone users. There isn’t an exact release date as of now.

  • Your excitement is warranted! Have a great weekend!

  • No problem Jenny and you’re right YouTube and Viddy videos are completely different platforms with very different means of optimization. For more tips on optimizing Viddy for the most visibility, check their guide to best practices here:

  • Thanks Lynn! The excitement for its launch on the Android platform is certainly building.


    How does a viddy get distributed for viewing?

  • Right? Thanks for reading Megan! You’re not alone on the wait for Viddy to launch on other mobile phones.

  • Creative for sure! I’ll keep it in mind for when I’m ready to start video… and for clients who want to create video but don’t know what to do or where to start.  Do you know best video equipment or a resource I could find good equipment if I wanted to do my own video?  (BTW — that could be a good article for another day) 🙂 Thanks! ~Devani 

  • Viddy is distrubuted to the feed of your followers, can be highlighted on the featured tab by Viddy and shared with your audiences on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. Make sense? Thanks Kathy!

  • Hi Devani, as of now the Viddy platform is best suited for taking video with your iPhone but you can also take video with any camera of your choosing then add it to your iTunes for synching it to your iPhone for the final upload. Does that make sense? Have a great weekend!

  • Just what I needed! Thanks and have a great weekend too! 


    Appreciate the feedback…thanks guys!

  • Chrisklein

    This is going to be the new rage out there.  Video is the next big thing.  Have you thought about video email? A player that has been in the market for 4 years already is Talk Fusion.  They have a great platform also and the monthly fee is very low.  I’ll check out Viddy and see how they compare.  Thanks for bringing this to our attention.  Oh, Talk Fusion works on any platform so you could shoot your video on any smartphone and put the video on your email.  Thanks Brian!!!

  • Using videos to connect to the customer is very innovative way. I will be implementing this method in my site very soon.  This post will be helpful for me to implement this idea.

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  • Carlton

    OK, I signed up for my Viddy account using my Twitter account which is commercial. But I cannot find a place to upload video content. Am I to understand that the only way video can be uploaded is on a iphone? If so is their a work around? Or am I just missing something here?
    Thank you

  • Desk11desk12

    Wow, clear, concise and right on.  Thanks,


  • I had played around with Viddy a few months ago but wasn’t really impressed with any of the content that I found there (some of which was pretty appalling). I also got the sense that the users were mostly teenagers, and not the audience that most companies are trying to engage. But perhaps things on Viddy have changed since then.

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  • Great Post! and using pictures and video with in your blog post is really crucial and made great impact and if the video is short and well edited and have been the solution for your readers questions prove to be the great turn around in your website traffic. 

    Thanks Brian for sharing great tips 🙂

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  • As of now I’m not sure, waiting for an answer from the Viddy team! I will get back to you.

  • Of course! 🙂

  • Hi Chrisklein, I haven’t heard of Talk Fusion but I’ll be sure to check it out and get back to you. Have a great week!

  • No problem, good luck!

  • Hey Carton,

    Video can only be uploaded via your iPhone at this time but can also be added to your Viddy profile through a quick work around. Add video to your iTunes library and then synch it together with your iPhone, that way you have the opportunity to shoot and edit a video from anywhere to whatever quality you’re trying to achieve. I hope that helps!

  • No problem, thanks for reading!

  • Sorry to hear that your experience with Viddy didn’t turn out well. Many audience members on Viddy are certainly young, but that doesn’t outweigh the impact of the channel’s content. It’s important to be active and engaged with your audience, especially when it comes to emerging apps and social networks that have the potential to be a powerful marketing platforms like Instagram or Facebook.

  • PJ

    well downloaded and tried logging in via Facebook but it just says logging in then returns to log in page, so tried Twitter and same thing after saying log in error at least 3 times while actually typing in my username. Love new apps but only when they work – what a shame sounded a good idea

  • Excelente content. Thanks a lot!

  • Chris

    Good article and a good concept.  It is unfortunate that it is not available on Android.  

  • Brian, this is a great article cuz you can use the tips in here even if you aren’t using Viddy

  • Your tips are to the point, but remember to add your own personality to your Viddy promotions, a little bit of creativity and personality can go a long way!

  • boy

    i hope it’s wonderful

  • so good

  • I couldn’t agree more!

  • Thanks a bunch for reading!

  • Thanks Andrew, exactly! It’s Viddy specific but very applicable to other mobile video platforms. Thanks for reading!

  • Thanks and true! They are currently in the works with an Android version, so no worries as of yet.

  • You’re welcome!

  • Sorry you’re having issues with the download. Are you trying to donwload from the Apple store?

  • Thanks for reading Ayaz, I appreciate it! More articles to come soon.

  • rebeccamountford

    Does anyone know if you can have a widget on your website that automatically loads your latest viddy vids as soon as you take them? We have a instagram feed and are looking for something similar, any assistance would be appreciated 🙂 Rebecca

  • Hi Rebecca, a feed of Viddys for your website would be an ideal way to drive engagement on Viddy fron your website about your brand. I don’t know of any feeds at this time but I will look for you and report back to you if I find anything of worth.

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  • Hi Brian. 15 seconds is usually more than enough for any visitor. Most people make up their mind if as to watch the clip or not within 5 seconds. I didn’t know about viddy 🙁 It looks like a great site. Thanks for the tips.

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