Top Marketing Tips For Updated Facebook Pages

social media expert interviewAre you struggling to understand how to get the most out of your Facebook Page after the recent upgrade?  Do you want to know how to build your brand through Facebook Pages?

Then be sure to watch this edition of Social Media Examiner TV with our host Mari Smith.

In this episode, Mari gives you an in-depth look at Facebook Fan Pages, all the recent changes, what they mean to you and lots of new Facebook marketing tips.

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Editor’s note: This video was shot shortly after the big upgrade – so at minute 1:30 where Mari talks about “the big thing people are most up in arms about is that posts are no longer in chronological order” is now no longer accurate. Due to mega pushback from users (as is often the case with Facebook’s changes!), Facebook has since added the ability to have your wall posts as “Top News” (popularity order) and “Most Recent” (chronological order). Also, Admin View has since been replaced with “Hidden Posts” and is basically your spam filter view like it was before. There is no longer an Admin View.

Here’s what you’ll learn from Mari in this video:

The Changes To Your Facebook Page

The last Facebook upgrade included the biggest changes in a long time.  Mari reviews what these changes mean to you and what you need to know:

  • How to post comments and updates as a Page on other Pages
  • What the new Tab navigation means for you
  • How to set keywords to create your own spam filters
  • How comments show up when they’re flagged as spam
  • How to change your settings to get notifications by email
facebook photo strip

Mari shares how to manage your photos in the new photo strip at the top of Facebook Pages

How These New Changes Impact The Best Practices On Facebook

Mari covers what you need to be aware of and how these recent changes will impact the best practices for your business networking on Facebook.  Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • How to increase engagement when you comment as your Fan Page on other Pages
  • What you should do to make sure you come across the right way
  • Where you’ll get the best results when networking as your Page

Some Great New Facebook Marketing Tips

The new Facebook upgrade gives businesses some new marketing tools.  Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • How to create a call to action visible to all your visitors
  • How to reorganize the links in the new navigation
  • What you should put at the bottom of your navigation list and why
  • How the new iFrame features can help your business
  • How to use Facebook Ads to drive readers to specific tabs
  • How you can create a free ad for your Fan Page
custom graphics

Mari explains how to upload a custom image to use as a powerful marketing tool.

Listen To Mari’s Hot Marketing Tip

Most of your fans will only see your updates in their News Feeds and not on your Page.  So be sure to listen to Mari’s hot marketing tip on how to increase your visibility in your fans’ News Feeds.

Watch the video to learn more about how you can improve your Facebook marketing on the new Fan Pages!

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  • Dennis Taylor

    I love Mari’s videos, she knows exactly how to get the message across, but also listens to her fans too:

    Thanks Mari :)

  • Antonio Coleman

    I the call to action is one of the best for the fan really get the engagement going..its great to see these new updates..

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

  • Ileane

    Hi Mari! You make such great videos – really nice!
    Question – I’m using Facebook as my Page and it’s not allowing me to send updates. I get a message saying that I need to switch back to my profile. Is there a way to get around that – what am I missing?

    Thanks for your time and commitment to keeping us up to date with Facebook’s constantly changing landscape.

  • thesis help

    hi!) i am just thinking of creating a facebook account. i want to do that to help my blog. but honestly i thought it is not a good idea. it is just i am desperate about my is not very popular. but after your comment..have to say it cheered me up) maybe ervyhting is not that hopeless like i thought.. thank you very much! and thanks to the author for such an amazing article and tips. will try them tomorrow)

  • Tom Costello

    It would be helpful to either shorten your video content from say 11 minutes to 5 minutes maximum OR break the video down into three parts where the viewer will have time to view a segment then come back to view Parts II and III.

  • Alison Clynes @kinetictweet

    Some excellent tips that really relate back to the user experience. All too often advice on socila media seems to forget the user in the detail of the technology. I will be implementing many of your tips!

  • Lenny

    Great content! Looking forward to hearing more. AmbitLenny

  • Stacey Miller

    Great tips. I think updating other pages as a page on Facebook now is so useful and was definitely lacking before. In addition to these points, I’ve also found North Social really helpful at organizing my brands page and making it really aesthetically pleasing as well as easy to use for fans. Keep the tips coming!

  • Mari Smith

    This video was shot shortly after the big upgrade – so at minute 1:30 where I talk about “the big thing people are most up in arms about is that posts are no longer in chronological order” is now no longer accurate. Due to mega pushback from users (as is often the case with Facebook’s changes!), Facebook has since added the ability to have your wall posts as “Top News” (popularity order) and “Most Recent” (chronological order).

    Also, Admin View has since been replaced with “Hidden Posts” and is basically your spam filter view like it was before. There is no longer an Admin View.

  • Peter L Masters MCIM

    Hi Mari, thanks for another great post and I love your enthusiasm! (I may have said it before, but you seem genuinely enthusiastic!) Some great tips, in fact I stopped the video and sent everyone an update of my latest Social Media satire Blog post! As you noted and I had no idea, the unread updates are great advertising, I like that a lot as I’m sure my wife won’t read mine and she’s got loads of friends! Great stuff and I must say, I am now trying to only post 2 or 3 posts per day and I do like to add Social Media Examiner along with old favorites like Brian Solis and Seth Godin, because people really appreciate you guys. Seems like a good reason, right? Thanks again, Peter

  • Unique_User5

    Really great information, defintely something to think about for a website which reaches a varied client base.

  • Michael A. Stelzner

    Thanks Mari! I placed an editors note in the article referencing this.

  • Michael A. Stelzner

    Thanks for the feedback Tom

  • Hugh Briss

    Good thing I actually read the comments before I comment because I was just about to point that part out.

  • Global Communicators

    Thanks a lot Mari: your videos are incredibly clear, and of course very useful! Ivan

  • Mari Smith

    Lol, you’re an anomaly, Hugh!! Thanks for being you. :)

  • Mari Smith

    Coolio! Thanks, Mike!!

  • Mari Smith

    Thanks for your kind words, Dennis!! Big virtual hug. :)

  • Tracy

    Well presented info by Mari. As usual, she’s excellent and clarifying managing pages and how it affects user engagement. Thanks Mari!

  • Robert Anthony

    Hey Mari Smith, Thanks for the video. I was reading the update here on SME yesterday about the new Facebook updates. It was great to hear someone live chat about their true potential. Thanks!

  • Mari Smith

    hmm, odd. So you’re in Page mode, then go to Edit Page > Marketing > Send Update. That should still work!

  • Mari Smith

    Hey Tom, these videos are designed like a mini TV show and with the ease of the YouTube player, viewers can easily rewind, pause, fast-forward. We tried initially with several topics in one show, but have found it works best to just cover one topic deeper per show. Plus, the narrative in the blog post typically helps for the skimmers. :)

  • Mari Smith

    Awesome – thank you kindly for your feedback, Peter!! Lol, I am indeedy genuinely enthusiastic. I love life and am very blessed. :)

  • Mari Smith

    Thanks a mil, Robert!!

  • Helen Shippey

    Hi, Great and very insightful video as always. Keep them coming.
    Cheers, Helen

  • Lani

    Aloha Mari, I enjoyed your tips of the day and valuable ones I must say. What caught my attention was the part you mentioned about free advertisement on fb with the updates. You didn’t spend to much time on that, but it did get my ears ringing on that subject. Glad I came by and thanks for sharing! Mahalo, :)

  • Vizz Media

    very useful tips. liked very much. need more from you.

  • Women’s Perfect Body Program

    Mari, I totally agree. I enjoy viewing it as is. Pause/rewind is more efficient that having several part videos :). Thanks for the great content! Mila

  • Katherine Salt

    Super helpful as always, like the tips about signing your own name when commenting as a page. so simple but I haven’t been doing it! I think it might be an idea to also see if I can make my thumbnail my pic so I look less spammy.

    Many thanks

  • Ileane

    Mari, sometimes I think Facebook doesn’t like me. I recorded a 30 second screen capture so you can see what’s going on when I try to send update from my Fan Page

  • drew_harding

    Great video Mari. I didn’t realise there was an ‘unread updates’ box on each page now… fantastic feature! Looking forward to the next #smetv

  • Matt Chandler

    Useful guidance in there, and have already been reviewing my own FB page as a result of this – thanks!

  • Digital Marketing

    Great stuff, love this Blog!

  • Joy

    great tips, I’m going to start experimenting! Thanks for making it sound so easy.

  • Becky Cortino

    Great vid! Agree with you about FB Page interaction feature with FB Fans, Mari. Been thinking about that… I don’t see the present ordering of posts (out of chron order) as helpful, do you?

  • Candi Elm

    Thanks Mari, I didn’t know about the updates section.

  • Charlotte Keenan

    Hi there – have been playing with these new features as fairly new to FB, so your tips on them was very useful.

  • Denis Labelle

    When it comes to “walk the talk/writing” on Facebook, Mari Smith is, by far, the best. For people like me, “Average Joe 0.2” / non-tech (and non-English speaker) she talks to us in “WalMart” words and walks us through the process as a real coach. This post is a perfect example. Merci / thanks Mari.

  • Denis Labelle

    When it comes to “walk the talk/writing” on Facebook, Mari Smith is, by far, the best. For people like me, “Average Joe 0.2” / non-tech (and non-English speaker) she talks to us in “WalMart” words and walks us through the process as a real coach. This post is a perfect example. Merci / thanks Mari.

  • TheMerryBird

    Awesome Mari! Valuable information you have here! I’m just wishing facebook didn’t make so many changes. It’s becoming another job to keep up!

  • Database Marketing Solutions

    Thanks for these suggestions exploring how one might use Facebook as a marketing tool. Good post.

  • Shanda Sumpter

    Thanks Mari.. Great Show Today. – Shanda

  • Stefan Babcock

    Thanks for this. I find your site incredibly useful and click through on the daily emails more often than not. One request here. I actually find the videos LESS engaging and informative than your text articles. I simply don’t have time to watch 12 minutes of video if I’m only interested in one particular subject that is being addressed.
    Please take this as constructive criticism, not a negative comment. I’ve found this site to be an incredible source of valuable social media information and tutorials. Thanks for your hard work. I look forward to reading more text based tutorials and articles.

  • Stillblondeafteralltheseyears

    Thanks for the tips on Updates. I didn’t know about that! Super helpful. In regards to your tip about signing your name, “Blogs” can use their Personas, ie. I am “The Chief Blonde”. Also, you can create Facebook characters that people start to recognize. Mine two are “Giveaway Dog” and “Question Dog”. I also am developing regular events on my page. I have one that runs about once a week called “Check-in and Say Hi”. The fans just say “Hi”, at the same time I encourage them to look for “Question Dog” and say “Hi” to him to (getting people to my page versus just using the news feed). Another event we have are “Blog Meet-ups” run via Livestream through their Facebook identities. My “Likers” really like this but because it is an Facebook app that runs on my blog, it doesn’t violate any Facebook policies. Mari and SME, I really appreciate how much that I have learned from all of you! The Chief Blonde!

  • George Tee

    Hi mike, it’s a good thing that you included the view of Social Media Consultant Mari Smith. As an internet marketer, we have to adapt to the changes and upgrades on different networking sites. I learn a lot from the video and it enhances the effectiveness of the social media campaigns particularly facebook itself.

  • Lwc88

    Hey guys I wanted to let you know about a new system that it actually shows you how to make money using facebook!


    Hey guys I wanted to let you know about a new system that it actually shows you how to make money using facebook!


    Hey guys I wanted to let you know about a new system that it actually shows you how to make money using facebook!

  • Zulhilmi Zainudin

    great sharing sme !

  • Patrick Dominguez

    Great video, Mari! Very clear presentation and informative up-to-date info.
    I’m curious if you hired a video company to create this (and if so, would you be willing to refer) or if you have your own studio.

    With warm regards,

  • Virpi Meritähti

    Thanks Mari for the great tips – love your enthusiastic way of presenting too :)

  • Gustaf Hagel

    Thanks alot for the video! I usually post two updates per day for our band, one early with links to other bands who updated their page, uploaded music or such, and one later, at around 7.30pm with more band-related info or fun stuff directly regarding our band. The latter usually gets about twice as many impressions according to Facebook´s own count.

    I have one question though, you said to post before noon. Why is that? Is it related to the Facebook-algorithms or is there something else behind it?

    Thanks again!

  • David Carne

    thank you for the fascinating insight, It is great when somebody points out what all these buttons do, I just wish that Facebook would not change things around so often, but I guess it keeps people real busty in making up to date videos.
    David Carne

  • Kavya Hari

    Hello Mari, its really worthy article plus videos. Great work Mari. Keep doing:-)

  • Rachel

    Great quick tour of the Facebook changes Mari!

  • SarahPMiller

    Awesome episode, Mari! I keep learning a ton from you. Thanks for all you do.

  • Jen

    I loved the video – great advice. My “business” Facebook page is kind of new, and I’m just figuring out how to set it up and how to maximize it. I’ve been trying to figure out Gimp to create a graphic for my landing page, but I may have to break down and hire someone. My question is, how do you create the pages you link to in the left hand column? I’m assuming there is something on Facebook under the edit mode I just haven’t figured out yet. Thanks!

  • Alicia Castillo

    Mari, what a great post/video… I watched and I’m thinking… where have I been???
    I’m not new to facebook… but I’m sooo behind! Actually, real fans created a fan page for a business I built and sold many years ago! and as I switched to English, and move it’s hard to keep up with it.

    I’ve got customers in 13 countries and am trying to get used to using facebook as a company, created not one but two pages (horror!) and navigating through this maze has been harder than walking on the Amazon!

    thank you SO MUCH for the tips, LOVED it, easy to use, clear and easy to expand.

    Greetings from down under,


  • iPhone Application Developer

    I have checked this page..Its looking excellent..Mari smith know about the users thinking very well..She know how to comment on other pages and how users take it.Mari Smith facebook page is marvelous

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  • Lia Giachino

    I’m currently working to develop a truly authentic, helpful Facebook page for a friends business specifically for target consumers and loyal customers that frequent the store. I’ve been learning about and researching Facebook for business purposes but am still on the hunt for really effective strategies. I’m primarily interested in finding out just how much content should be updated/posted to the page daily/weekly etc. as well as the best times to do this. So far I have learned to post before noon and usually update/post once to twice a daily. I would absolutely love to hear what other experts have to say as I’m just getting started and strive to be as well established in social media as most of you have done. Thanks! – Lia

  • maryam alhafidh

    thanx Mari !

  • Caelan Huntress

    Wow, I’m so glad I found this site! Really, really valuable information. Your webisodes are very well done.

  • Wktwine

    When creating a fan/business page, do you recommend using the artist, public figure, band option even though you are not a popular public figure yet? I plan on building my brand as me.

  • Staci Jansma

    Recommend: for creating your 5 images that Mari mentioned. I just took my header and created the images – but like her idea to add a few with a call to action. I will play with this and see how I can get it to work even better.

  • Brosix

    I wouldn’t have thought to use those photo previews as a marketing tool. Great idea.

  • Tony Aponte

    Great tips on this video…one thing that I am having a struggle with is how do you share or invite your friends to like your page now that that invite option is gone?

  • Rzaib36
  • GotPlans

    These are great tips, Mari. I’d like to set up Facebook pages to market my business. Since I have multiple blogs, do you know if Facebook allows more than one Facebook page per user? In other words can I set up a Facebook page for each blog?

  • Patrick B

    Great info! How can I track URL’s to my Facebook Fan page? Thanks!

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  • Paula S

    i dint see the unread updates box on my timeline

  • April Atkins

    Wall Posts are no longer arranged in chronological order, instead two new filters are given for viewing: ‘Everyone’ or ‘your page name’ (posts by admin only). By default, ‘Everyone’ will show fans the most engaging posts on your page. The good side is fans are encouraged to participate often for visibility. The downside, new posts are struggling to reach the top. Even popular posts may lapse over time. For example, Christmas or new year wishes may stay on top of your page due to >100 comments by fans, but it doesn’t give much significance in value or info-sharing. This is another concern we need to work on in page engagement.

  • April Atkins

    Notice that the Facebook photos are randomly arranged after each click-through. It is difficult to maintain the photo sequence to create a large banner as how we normally do in new profile. However, since the removal of the ‘information’ box and latest status update on top of the facebook page, admin will need all the visibility he/she can get to grab fans’ attention. You should work out a method on how these photos can better assist in promoting your business without having to worry about photo sequence. This is something I intend to look further into.

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