social media expert interviewIn this video I interview Anita Campbell, founder of Small Business Trends and BizSugar, and author of Visual Marketing.

Anita shares how social media impacts small businesses. You’ll discover which small businesses are slow to adopt social media and where social media brings the best results.

Be sure to check out the takeaways below after you watch the video.

Here are some of the things you’ll learn in this video:

  • Find out what type of small businesses might not get much business from social media
  • Tips for small businesses to use social media successfully
  • Why you need to avoid sending the message “click my junk”
  • Why you need to stick with social media to see impressive returns over time
  • The common mistakes small businesses make
  • What your online place of business says about your business
  • The big trends for small businesses
  • How small businesses are adopting mobile marketing
  • How some small businesses excel at using social media
  • How tablets have impacted mobile marketing
  • What BizSugar is and how to get visibility for your business content

Connect with Anita on Twitter @smallbiztrends, check out Small Business Trends and learn more about Visual Marketing here.

Are you part of a small business? Do you use social media to market your business? What has been your experience with using social media? Please leave your comments below.

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  • I love it! “It’s not about ‘Click my junk.'”

    Thanks for the honest statement that social media is not necessarily for every small business. I think frankly it could be, but it takes a lot of time and creativity. The landscaper example is interesting. Personally, I throw away dozens of fliers that aren’t tailored to me. So there are a lot of wasted marketing efforts.

    With a proper strategy and investment of time, I think these same landscapers could engage (your magic word) with folks in my neighborhood around lots of things of interest, not just how the lawns look. Stop trying to simply sell and add value to me and the community as a whole.

    Thanks again for your insights!

  • Hey Brandon – Funny you mention landscapers.  I am working with one right now and he still doesn’t even have a website.  Is fully reliant on word of mouth.  Social media would be perfect for him

  • Great Video Mike & Anita! For small businesses, social media can be an amazing marketing tool… If done right its both cheap and very efficient. Like most things though, it is what you decide to make of it. Like Anita says, you must use social media to engage your audience… Merely putting a Facebook & Twitter profile online and updating it everyday WON’T get results for a small biz… Often, your target audience wont take notice until you reach out first and show them you are interested (engage) by becoming a part of the conversations they are already having on social media, then following up by listening to your audience and providing info that’s useful to THEM. Getting it down to a science (for YOUR business) involves some trial and error because every business and audience is different… But it’s worth it!

  • Anita is an amazing resource… “Click My Junk” needs to become a website right now.

    As a contributor to smallbiztrends I’m obviously biased but I think that the community Anita has created there is Top Notch… 

    As far as her opinions on social media and small business… I would argue that every business looking to grow needs social media and many businesses just looking to maintain will need social media and new technology to do so.


    Ryan H.

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  • It’s quite likely that some industries (like landscaping) are still used to doing stuff a “certain way.” But to me, social media gives so many amazing opportunities to stay top-of-mind, especially in the off season when my grass is dead and I don’t need anything for months. And another fridge magnet or flyer stuffed in the mailbox doesn’t exactly grab me.

  • Janelle Odishoo

    I can’t get the video to work 🙁

  • Kevin – Great point about first reaching out to your target!

  • Promila

    Anita is so right when she says that few years back marketing was very expensive for small businesses. In 2007 I was struggling and did not know how to do marketing for my small business. The only marketing I could afford was printing coupons at the back of the grocery store receipt spending $100- 200, even that marketing was expensive for me as I was not getting result. I am so thrilled now to see the free online marketing opportunities for small businesses. it is amazing how the things have been changed in couple of years.

  • Odd, give it another try…

  • Anita’s perspective, as well as those who have commented, is so insightful. The fundamental marketing model has changed and small businesses can now command a “big” presence.

    I’m starting a social media management business targeting small businesses and I am amazed at the number of small businesses out there and the wide spectrum of their social media strategies.  I will definitely taking a long look at to see what it is all about.

  • Whilst I agree with some of these comments, I do think it’s important to remember she is right. Social media is not for everyone, and not for every business. In the same way that local newspaper advertisements may not be suitable for global insurance companies, for example. 

    Realistically, the landscaper could and should simply put together a Flickr account or perhaps a YouTube channel where they can show of their best work and testimonials. 

    Anyway. Nice video as always, looking forward to the summit. 

  • Great video, thank you Anita and Mike. I have been using social media for a few months and I love it. I have a small business and have found loads of resources for my company, havnt made any money yet from social media but as you say it does take time. Looking forward to more great content from you. Thanks

  • Just purchased the Visual Marketing kindle book. Cant wait to start reading it, thanks again.

  • Diana Wanamaker

    Enjoyed her and the points that she covered.  

  • Great Video. Interesting points have been raised in this video. I like this post very much.

  • Great short interview, thanks. I do think many small business owners vastly underestimate the amount of time and thought that needs to go into this “free” media. Kudos to Ms. Campbell for acknowledging that “For very low cost – or no cost at all, you can do all sorts of marketing…if you have the TIME.” If you website has dust on it…start there first.

  • As a photographer selling prints and photostock.  I do a lot of “click my junk” and I’m wondering what other type of media I could provide?

  • Jeffmorgan


  • Good stuff. As a new small business owner, I’m grateful for the many digital tools available to me to build my brand — not only locally, but globally. Incredibly powerful, yet inexpensive.

    Guess I need to check out Small Business Trends and BizSugar!

    Thanks for the post.

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  • Great video Michael!
    Im the owner of a small Tours & Safaris company in South Africa, we recently new in the market and we trying to spread the word about us trough social media.
    Ive been reading a lot in this website about tips for small business and really hope to get more exposure using some of your tips!
    Thank you for sharing.
    Alex Freire

  • Great points brought up in this video!  Social media is imperative for small businesses today!

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  • Hi Michael,

    Cool video!  We need to engage and stop seeing social media as another “channel”  to broadcast our ads and  self-promoting messages.  I agree with Anita that we need to see it as an opportunity for a back and forth conversation.  An opportunity to share, contribute and provide value to the community.  

    Thanks again, 


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  • Michael, thank you for the insightful interview. It reflects a lot of what I see in my daily work with small business owners. Some industries are much slower than other to adopt to online, e.g. contractors. The use of social media is widely misunderstood.

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