Blogging is a huge global phenomena.  But new pictures reveal it’s been around a lot longer than anyone realized.

early bloggers cartoon

Would you like to see more cartoons on Social Media Examiner? Did you feel like a caveman (or cavewoman) when you started blogging? Comment below…

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  • Funny! I still feel like this somedays 🙂

  • JeffSexton

    I’ve always loved Sean’s cartoons. Can’t go wrong there!

  • Ha! That’s cute! Yeah, I’ve been there. I think I’m feeling like that with Google Buzz, not quite sure I understand…

  • That look’s like me every time I try something new! Great cartoon :>)

  • YES! Hey Sean – Love your newsletter, too, but your cartoons would help in this world of too many words. A picture is worth a …..

  • I love Sean. He’s a brilliant cartoonist who has sucessfully turned the truth of integrity-marketing, along with sense and sensibility into an enormous on line business while helping others do the same.

  • wendikelly

    I love the cartoon. And yes to more funnies. Although I come here for all of your helpful content, its good to break up the day with a smile once in awhile.

  • wes

    Cartoooon is fun but needs an article to go with it, related or not

  • Like the cartoon, but came away disappointed as I expected an article as well.

  • rubyrenshaw

    Yes! More funnies please! Wanted to let you know I recommended this blog in my new post on evolving Social Media –keep up the good work!

  • Yes, let´s see more. It´s funny and true.

  • Jacqueline,

    We produce a LOT of articles and I thought it would be nice to mix it up with a little cartoon now and again. Something light for the occasional Friday.

  • Thanks Ruby

  • Pinkcats46

    This is becoming my favorite blog! Have a great weekend everyone!

  • I don’t think I have evolved much from the caveman blogger. I’m told evolution will kick in eventually. I love your material – keep it coming.

  • jmjdirect

    I was expecting an article too but it was nice and light for a Friday. I am enjoying your blog. keep up the good work….. I do feel like a caveman at times… I really want to put good content out there, it can be a strain.

  • Maybe not cartoons, but funny social media things are always awesome!

  • Good one for a Friday! Except I think the early blogger was female using it for her “To Do” lists. I should know, because that’s how I started blogging. I needed to hold myself accountable to documenting things I could share. It’s been quite educational.
    Happy weekend everyone!

  • Yes, cartoons are great for the soul. We all need to laugh and smile more often and this would be a great place for them. Looking forward to seeing more of Sean’s work. Party on!

  • shereebeadwork

    I am excited to hear that eventually I won’t feel like this.

  • tomhaupenthal

    Please keep the cartoons coming! I think they are great!

  • seandsouza

    I’m sure it was a female blogger, Rachel 😉

    That may give me an idea for a future cartoon.

  • seandsouza

    You’re very kind, kind sir 🙂

  • seandsouza

    Thanks Jackie. There are indeed more in the pipeline. 🙂

  • stevewillinger

    Cartoons are my best friends

  • VirtuallyAssist

    Thanks for this cartoon and yes, please let us have some more.

    I definitely felt like a caveman when I started and even though I am slowly evolving, I still do.

  • I still do feel like a cave woman when I read all the talented articles.

    A cartoon was great for Friday – humour but with a purpose. Certainly posed a good question.

    I agree with Racel – The first blogger had to be a woman as I believe women always have to do lists for everything.

  • lindamickle

    I love pertinent cartoons. As for me, I’m in pre-cavewoman mode, yet reading this blog has certainly helped me in moving towards becoming an experienced cavewoman 🙂

  • can’t wait to see more

  • Jenni Wright

    Yes, please. Cartoons are fun. In a sea of words they provide a little difference.

  • fernandomedeiros

    i love cartoons

  • In my blog i barely have 100 views, and i am sure 50% of them are my own! But the hope that someday it will be uncover by a cyberantropologist in 1000 years make me keep going 🙂

  • Woop, woop. Visuals trump text anytime. Yes, more cartoons…and perhaps contests on the best captions for some cartoons?

    Sean, I want to see the commenters section on the early blogging cartoon. Curious if everyone had the same graphic commenting style. 🙂

  • Guest

    I feel like that almost every day! LOL

  • I am excited, That may give me an idea for a future cartoon. Thanks