social media how toDo you want to save time by scheduling your Facebook posts?

Do you know how to edit a post once it’s scheduled?

Scheduling your posts works well when you can’t be online 24 hours a day, but what happens when you need to make a change?

In this article you’ll discover how to schedule and edit your Facebook posts (using Facebook) to save you time.

#1: Schedule Posts

Facebook’s scheduling feature can be a lifesaver when you have basic updates to share over a period of time or if you’ll be out of the office. Instead of tediously going into Facebook every day (possibly a few times every day), you can type in your update, customize a few settings, hit Schedule and you’re done!

scheduling editing facebook posts

Save time by scheduling your posts in Facebook.

When you schedule posts, you can choose the date and time of day to publish, your target audience and a location–and it’s easy too.

On your Facebook page, type your update and include a link, image or video as needed–the associated image shows up under your status update. To customize that image, you have two options: you can choose an image from the link source or you can upload your own image.

image selection options for facebook update

Use an image from the linked article or upload your own.

If you want to use an image generated from the linked site, use the arrows in the top left corner to browse and choose the one you like. Or, if you’d rather upload your own image, click +Upload. When uploading your own image, make sure it’s 1200 x 627 pixels for best results.

When you have the image set, you can customize the title and description by clicking on either and typing new text.

highlight text from a link update

Customize a link’s text.

Here’s a useful tip: If you’re using a link in your main update, be sure to delete the URL from the status box once you choose the image. It looks cleaner and users can click the preview image to get to your article.

schedule a facebook update

Take URLs out of your Facebook status after the image shows up.

It’s important to note that once you schedule an update with a link or image, you can’t edit the image (more about that in #2). You have to delete the whole update and start from scratch. (It’s not a big deal, but something to be aware of.)

To select a time to publish your post, click the clock icon and choose a date and time.

To add targeting to your update, click the target icon and choose from the various options. In the top right you’ll see a display letting you know how many people your post will target based on the options you chose.

target a scheduled facebook update

You can still target your audience with scheduled posts.

To add a location to your post, click the map pointer icon and type in your desired location. The location will be visible next to your Facebook update.

#2: Edit Scheduled Posts

What if you make a mistake on a scheduled post? It’s OK. We all do it. You can still edit your posts after you’ve scheduled them.

edit text on a scheduled facebook update

You can only edit the text of your scheduled update.

However, you can only edit the main text of the update (not an image or link). If you want to change a link or an image and its description, you have to delete the scheduled post, redo it and schedule again.

To edit the main update text of your post after it’s been scheduled, visit your activity log and find the post you want to edit. Hover your curser over the post to reveal an arrow in the top right corner and click the arrow. Choose Edit from the menu, edit your post as necessary and click Done Editing. Your post will still publish at the assigned time.

#3: Reschedule Posts

What if you want to change the date or time of a scheduled post? No problem. Go back to your activity log, find the post you want to reschedule and click the arrow. Choose Reschedule from the menu.

You’ll see a pop-up box where you can change the date and time of your post. Click Reschedule and you’re done. The post will publish at the new date and time.

change date and time on a scheduled facebook update

Change the date and time to reschedule your post.

Social media changes quickly, which means you have to adapt quickly too. If you’ve scheduled a post for later in the week and then find out you need to post it sooner to keep up with a change or trend, Facebook lets you do that.

To publish your post right away—you guessed it—you need to visit your activity log and find the post in question. Find your post, click the arrow and choose Publish Now. Facebook pushes your post live immediately.

publish options for a scheduled facebook update

Reschedule or delete your updates as needed.

If you decide you no longer need a scheduled post, you can delete it using the same method as above but select the Delete Post option.

#4: Share Scheduled Posts

It makes sense to share your update to your other social media channels or even via email. Good news! Facebook allows you to find the unique URL for each of your scheduled posts so you can share them with just a few clicks.

To find the unique URL for a scheduled post, go to your activity log and find the Facebook post you want to share. Click the timestamp to open the post, then copy the page URL.

cross promote a scheduled facebook update

Custom page URLs send users to a single update, not your full fan page.

There is one thing you need to remember: Users can only see scheduled posts after the update is live on Facebook. The only people who can view the post before the scheduled time are page admins.

For example, if your post goes live at 7:00pm and you share the link before then, your users will see a message telling them the post isn’t available.

To get around that issue, you can use tools like HootSuite, Buffer, AgoraPulse or PostPlanner to schedule shares across your other social profiles at the right time.

Over to You

Scheduling your Facebook updates saves you quite a bit of time. If your content calendar has updates already written, you can set them up to post and not have to worry about writing them every day.

Of course, it’s important to remember that to get steady engagement on your updates, you still need to plan and research the content that resonates with your fans and monitor your page so you can reply to comments.

What do you think? Are you using the Facebook Scheduled Posts option? How many days in advance do you plan your content? Tell me in the comments below.

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  • Great Facebook tips Ravi, thanks for sharing!

  • Is there any way to schedule the creation of a Facebook photo album? I’m trying to create Artist Posts of their collections over a time period for a business page. Thanks!

  • Nikita Alok Sharma

    Nice post Ravi, Targeting option is really very important.

  • Good, easy to understand explanation, Ravi. Now who is that handsome guy with the goatee, he looks familiar. 🙂

  • Shawn Ryan

    Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to schedule Facebook photo albums. But you can schedule a post with multiple photos, which is similar to an album.

  • Shawn Ryan

    Great advice! My only suggestion would be to avoid editing a post after it’s been scheduled. If you do edit a post after it’s scheduled an “Edited” notification will appear on the post.

  • Ravi Shukle

    Thanks @tracystonard:disqus , do you use Facebook’s scheduling tool much in your business or prefer third party tools?

  • Ravi Shukle

    Hi @PatAPayne:disqus as @disqus_IqDocZAiRl:disqus has suggested at present there is no way to schedule a whole Facebook album. With regards to your fanpage a great idea would be to find different ways to showcase your work using Facebook this could be in the form of a short video, slideshare presentation or even host the gallery on your website with a direct link.

  • Ravi Shukle

    Hi @nikitaaloksharma:disqus, exactly especially if your content is region specific. Sharing this with the intended audience is a great way to get the most engagement from your fans.

  • Ravi Shukle

    @hughbriss:disqus I hear he runs a modelling agency called social identities helping your profiles to look picture perfect

  • Ravi Shukle

    Hi @disqus_IqDocZAiRl:disqus, that’s a fair point however if you did have spelling mistakes or would like to make additions to the post message the editing feature can be a very useful feature. Of course if you can get it 100% right without any changes that would be ideal 🙂

  • Cindy

    Helpful article Ravi. I would qualify the deletion of the URL in the original message. Yes, it looks cleaner. However deleting will reduce the post’s edge rank criteria. So, unless you’re paying to promote, I don’t recommend it.

  • Eva Gantz

    Cindy, do you have a source for this? I’ve never heard it before, and would love to see the data behind it!

  • Grace MacDonald

    I’ve noticed that when you schedule posts, if your posts are linked to Twitter, they don’t get tweeted.

  • Gillian

    Does scheduling via Facebook increase the number of reach to your own fans? I have been experiencing that my posts only reach 2 out of my 500 plus fans unless I pay to play on FB.

  • Grace MacDonald

    Is there a way to get them to tweet?

  • AmandahBlackwell

    I use Facebook scheduled posts and plan posts a few days in advance. I try not to schedule to far in advance because someone usually has a last minute post that has to get scheduled. I’ve been there and done that many times.

    The only Activity log I have shows messages, notifications and scheduled posts. It used to show all of the posts.

  • I had no idea there was this much functionality on a basic post to a Facebook page, and I’m a social media marketing expert, or thought I was.

  • Tara Beichner

    Ravi: As the Buddhist saying goes… “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” This weekend, I was thinking about the daily workload of multiple Facebook updates I will need to perform with a product launch and you have provided my solution. Thanks a bunch!

  • Hi Ravi. I love Facebook scheduling which is my preferred method for our brand’s page as it is the best way to deal with many of the nuances you cover in your excellent post.

    The post edit is a feature that I was yearning for over a year and was completely psyched when it was finally released, having enjoyed the ability to edit in Google+ for a while, I almost came to expect it in Facebook.

    For some of us, we do our best proof-reading after the excitement of hitting the post button! That is another reason scheduling with edit totally rocks!

    Now if we could only get some basic formatting in Facebook posts, again like Google+ such as bold (* *) italics (_ _), that would be awesome!

  • Thanks for the great suggestions, @Shawn Ryan and @Ravi Shukle. For this year’s gallery I’ll end up having to do the Albums. You’ve given me some good food for thought for next year, though!

  • I did not use Facebook Scheduled Posts option till now but now highly interested to use it. Thanks Ravi, really very useful information you shared with us.

  • Maurycy Mielniczuk

    Advice: This tool is the one and only to use if you’re looking for success on Facebook.
    The EdgeRank “doesn’t like” third party scheduling tools like HootSuite so using Facebook’s homegrown features gives you a better visibility for your posts.

  • Shelli

    If you go to notifications and scroll down and down and down to the very very bottom you will see : End of notifications. View Activity Log ( which is highlighted in blue so you can click it and you will see the older activity…don<code>t know why they made it so difficult__abENT__#46;__abENT__#46;but it</code>s better than nothing. I`ve been using scheduling for several months and love it. 🙂

  • Shelli

    Wish I knew why my reaches have dwindled so much, would see several hundred, now believe it or not it can be less than 10 but I know there are more because I know my people go to my pages every day. Is it Facebook trying to get people to buy adds so they are decreasing the actual organic page reach ? sad, very sad…

  • Yes, I have used Facebook scheduling , I’ve also used 3rd party tools such as Postplanner and Hootsuite. All great tools!

  • Ravi Shukle

    No problem @PatAPayne:disqus keep me posted on how you get on 🙂

  • Ravi Shukle

    Hi Cindy, as @evagantz:disqus suggested do you have any data to support this? as the deletion of the URL is there to help encourage users to click through directly to the content so clicks are not wasted on the image.

  • I’m not sure where you heard that but it’s not true. When you type or paste a URL in a post Facebook finds that page and generates a preview with a link. Removing the original URL from the post at that point is not going to have any effect on edgerank.

  • Right, that’s why most social media managers rely on HootSuite, PostPlanner and Buffer. 🙂

    Facebook does not penalize posts scheduled with third party apps. There was a time when they aggregated all of the posts from a third party app so that the first one showed and users had to click a link to drop down the rest but they stopped doing that a few years ago.

  • Ravi Shukle

    Hi @grace_macdonald:disqus, yes there is one main reason for this. That is simply that Twitter has a different language all together such as RT’s, @ tags and the shorter character limit. I wouldn’t advise linking the two.

  • Ravi Shukle

    My advice would be to un-link the two and manage them as separate social networks.

  • Ravi Shukle

    HI @disqus_kX0cziPBUw:disqus, one of the easiest ways to increase your Facebook reach with scheduled posts is to ensure you take a look at your page insights to help determine which type of posts are getting the most engagement and when the best times are to post when your fans are online. Combining these two will help you to not only post the right type of content but share it at a time that will have the most impact with your fans.

  • Ravi Shukle

    Hi @AmandahBlackwell:disqus, great tactics it’s often a great idea to leave some space between scheduled posts for real time content. However as I stated above you can always re-schedule a post to a new date if needs be.

  • Ravi Shukle

    That’s great to hear Shelli, do you prefer to use Facebook’s scheduling feature or a third party tool?

  • Ravi Shukle

    Hi @rowancasey:disqus, Facebook is constantly changing so it can be a challenge at times to keep up. Thank you for taking the time to read the post. Does this mean you will be experimenting more with Scheduled posts on Facebook?

  • Ravi Shukle

    Love the Buddhist saying @tarabeichner:disqus! couldn’t agree more. Glad I could help. Let me know how you get on at

  • Ravi Shukle

    Thanks @ricknoelebizroiinc:disqus yes until we all turn into machines we will never be 100% perfect at everything we do. So having an edit and re-schedule feature would be great. With regards to the fonts idea this sounds like a cool idea but i can see how people would abuse this to self promote not to mention the eye strain in the newsfeed. But with Facebook they seem to update whenever they please so we shall see.

  • Ravi Shukle

    Happy I could help @kristinaroy:disqus, if you would like further Facebook tips feel free to join me at If you ever have any questions feel free to ask

  • Ravi Shukle

    Hi Maurycy, yes achieving success with any type of Facebook scheduling really depends on your business targeting the right fans, posting at the correct times and creating content your fans are passionate about. How have you found the engagement on your Facebook page?

  • Ravi Shukle

    Hi Shelli, Facebook organic reach is still very much alive. You can still get your content seen by making a few tweaks to the way you share your posts online especially with images. The rest of the strategy involves your business using the correct type of content, engaging in conversations and posting at optimal times of the day.

  • Juli Briskman

    Ravi. I am excited to learn how to do this for posts. But can’t figure out how to do it for “events.” I could go in and enter a good number of events for my business and would love to do that ahead of time. (And use FB for the RSVPs) I am not finding that clock icon you referr to when trying to post an event/milestone. Just tried a test run for an event in September.

    Also, why when I am looking to post event pictures or any pictures, when I go to put up a photo, FB wants to pull from my personal photos, not the photos for the business page I am managing. I have two pages I manage outside of my personal, but it always goes to take from my personal photos. Two different questions, I know. THANKS for your help.

  • Thanks for the guide, but this functionality seems to have been removed. Trying to post from my main timeline has no clock icon at all, while the posting area on my profile gives me the clock icon, but only lets me select times and dates in the past.

    Frustrating since I use the same type of feature elsewhere to schedule posts when I’m up at night but want the post to show during the day when people are actually awake. 🙂

  • Amy Klein

    I am in the process of scheduling a countdown type posting to an event Im holding. The clock icon will not let me schedule my post for anything later than today. Am I doing something wrong? I am trying to create 6 different posts to run tomorrow and the next 5 days. Help!

  • Bruno Rodrigues

    I have been using scheduled posts since it first came out, it saved my life. I usually schedule an entire week in advance.

  • Shubham Pandey

    Great tips! One question, let’s say my post is scheduled for 18:00 hours today and I switch on the ads at 17:00 hours then will my ads be visible on my fans’ newsfeed?

  • Ravi Shukle

    Hi Jull, at present you can not schedule a Facebook event only create this in real time but you can set the event for any future date.

    With regards to the clock icon to schedule posts it’s important to realise all these features are available on your “Facebook fanpage” not your personal profile.

    Facebook will offer you the ability to upload your pics via your Facebook personal profile as you are creating the event via your personal profile. If you create the event via your Facebook Fanpage then you should start to see images from your Facebook Fanpage when uploading.

  • Ravi Shukle

    Hi, the reason you are only seeing events in the past is because you are looking at posts on your personal profile. To schedule posts for future dates you need to ensure you are looking at the status box on your Fanpage.

    This will allow you to schedule posts when people are awake and at any time you wish. A good tip here is to use Facebook insights to help give you an indication on the popular times to post on your page.

  • Ravi Shukle

    Hi Amy, yes it looks like you are trying to schedule the posts on your personal profile. To be able to schedule for future dates ensure you visit the Fanpage you are an admin of and click the status box. This will now allow you to schedule in your countdown images for future dates.

  • lindseykaye

    I used to think the same thing too, Shawn, however only admins of your page will see the edited notification, so long as you edit before you publish. If you click on “edited” it will show the other versions of your post and say which ones were done before it was published. If you edit after it’s published then other people will be able to see the previous versions. I uploaded a screenshot to show you what I’m talking about. If you don’t believe me, try logging out and checking any edited posts to see if the “edited” link is there. I promise you it won’t be!

  • Debi Brinker

    I use Scheduling very frequently, and using the various options you mentioned. I’ve been having a lot of trouble, however, lately in FB, as far as changing the writing within the link. I change it for flow and clarity and then when checking in the scheduled posts, it’s back to the original. I’ve tried different computers, coming back to it, etc. but it has been doing that for 6 days now. I can post in Hootsuite, but prefer FB, due to this very ability to change the writing within the link.

  • Smith

    I’m in LA, I need to make several scheduled post prior to taking a trip to Hong Kong in a few days….will those post still post on PST (La’s time zone) or will there be some weird conversion because my computer will technically be on Hong Kong’s Time zone?

    Just didn’t want to do all the work and have to reschedule it.

  • Tom Murphy

    Just tried to use the instructions above and it appears Facebook has changed the functionality…again. There is no clock anymore. Have to click the little up/down arrow next to the “Post” button then click “Schedule Post”.

  • Whitney Rigsbee

    Hi Ravi –
    Have you noticed that posts that are scheduled have less of a reach than FB posts that are published “live”? Recently, I’ve seen a drop in post reach when I schedule a message vs. just posting something live. I’m not sure if this is a trend others are seeing too?

  • sarah

    hi. i have a question, do we have to pay for the post schedule thingy? or is it free?

  • Toby Bronstein

    This is great, but it only works on one of my pages. I run two. One is a “Public Place” and that page allows me to schedule posts in advance. The other is classified as “Company and Organizations” and I cannot advance post. Is there any way around this? Not sure what difference it makes.

  • Jeff Jacobs

    Ravi, Thank you very much for the tips. Question: Is there a way to TAG OTHER FACEBOOK USERS in a scheduled post? I attempted to use Hootsuite, Buffer, AgoraPulse and Postplanner, but unfortunately none of them had this feature. When you type the “@” symbol, nothing registers.

    Thanks for your help!

  • Aleksandra Jursinovic

    I have one question, I haven’t found an answer to yet – Is it possible to schedule a location or a status offeeling/doing? Because I prepare post with all of those things included, but when I schedule it, all is erased from the post and published without…

  • Aleksandra Jursinovic

    I have one question, I haven’t found an answer to yet – Is it possible to schedule a location or a status offeeling/doing? Because I prepare post with all of those things included, but when I schedule it, all is erased from the post and published without…

  • Aleksandra Jursinovic

    I have one question, I haven’t found an answer to yet – Is it possible to schedule a location or a status offeeling/doing? Because I prepare post with all of those things included, but when I schedule it, all is erased from the post and published without…

  • Aleksandra Jursinovic

    I have one question, I haven’t found an answer to yet – Is it possible to schedule a location or a status offeeling/doing? Because I prepare post with all of those things included, but when I schedule it, all is erased from the post and published without…

  • Aleksandra Jursinovic

    I have one question, I haven’t found an answer to yet – Is it possible to schedule a location or a status offeeling/doing? Because I prepare post with all of those things included, but when I schedule it, all is erased from the post and published without…

  • Mytyl Salazar

    Is there a way to schedule posts on secret group pages?

  • EngageClickNow

    Two Questions? A) How many posts can you post per hour in a FB group? Whats the max without issue? B) What is the max per day without issue when posting to groups? I heard its about 50 per hour and roughly 1000 per day? Can you confirm this?

  • This may be a question everyone knows the answer too..but can you schedule posts using your permalink…or do the posts need to already be published on your blog?

  • Christina

    I’ve been using this scheduling feature on my fitness page… it’s been great!! I also run private challenge group pages and would really like to schedule posts to go off first thing in the morning. There’s not a way to do this on Facebook now. I’m wondering if you might know of another free way to post on your facebook group pages? I’ve heard you can do this on programs like Sendible and CoTweet, but they cost over $50/month. Thanks for any advice!