social media reviewsIt’s time to open up nominations for our 3rd annual Top 10 Social Media Blogs contest—the blogosphere’s biggest contest for social media blogs.

We’re looking for your nomination for the Top 10 Social Media Blogs. The winners will be promoted in our 120,000-reader newsletter and announced on Social Media Examiner.

How to Nominate

Please make a single nomination of your favorite social media blog by commenting below and including why you like the blog (only your first nomination counts). Be sure to include a link to the blog.

To make the cut, a blog must be nominated by multiple people.  Make your nomination by 1/5/2012.

The Judges: Our judges include Andy Sernovitz (author, Word of Mouth Marketing & CEO,, Rick Calvert (CEO, BlogWorld), and Michael Stelzner (author, Launch & CEO, Social Media Examiner).
andy sernovitrick calvertmike stelzner

Winners will be selected based on the quality of their content, the frequency of their posts, reader involvement and their blog’s ranking (in that order).  Think part readers-choice and part Oscars.

The winners will be announced here in January and also in our newsletter. Click here to see our 2011 top 10 blog contest winners.

Note that our judges will decide the final winners.

Go ahead and enter your nomination right now in the box below and be sure to let your friends know about this contest.

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  • I’d nominate

  • Nobby

    Getting regular good social media information is why I nominate

  • So many good ones to choose from, but I’ll nominate Media Tapper – I read it every day. This group blog seems to have only one bias – informing its readers. Most often applicable, and sometimes argumentative. A great read.

  • Stanford Smith

    Too many great social media blogs to pick from.  I want to nominate them all.  However, Mark Schaefer’s {{grow}} consistently stands out.  
    If someone beats me to the {{grow}} nomination, then I submit the Jay Baer’s another hard-hitting favorite.

  • Sharon Rowe

    Acorn Internet Services is committed to educating their clients, encouraging them to be as independent as possible with their internet marketing and moving their own businesses forward.  Most companies would rather make the client dependent on their services, but Acorn IS works to push them out of the nest and fly on their own.  Their regular blog posts are content rich, visually appealing, and easy to understand.  gets my nomination.

  • I nominate the blog for #edtech20 #socialmedia #curation global project gateway to knowledge in #education20

  • This is likely my favorite blog because ALL of the content is worth while and up-to-date. Other blogs can post every 10 minutes but I am likely to skip over most since I don’t have the time to read that many articles. When Social Media Examiner posts, I know the content is worth a look!

  • ^^ Which is why I nominate Social Media Examiner: 

  • Casey – Thanks so much, but we are not in the running 🙂

  • Great Social Media content with tips and tricks that are easy to follow!

  • Pj Shott

    Spotlight Communications.

  • I nominate Why? Because it makes me laugh and reminds me frequently that there is life beyond social media.

  • Rhea

    I love the Splash Media Blog, because it’s topical, it includes How-To’s, it touches how social media is being used by all different avenues and isn’t afraid to poke fun at itself.

  • CJ

    I nominate Sharing both video and original content from our staff about social media for businesses!

  • Holly

    I nominate – Great resource for both how-to and strategy oriented content, helping marketing pros tackle the beast that is social media.

  • well i can’t find my nominate….., check it out guysss…….

  • Gotta say Post-Advertising: Takes a look at social media from a brand perspective and how they interact with audiences in an age where traditional advertising is dead. 

  • Rajiv
  • I find many articles of both interesting and educative with some expert insights and some good facts & figures. Nominate it too if you believe it should be considered for this contest (cf. “To make the cut, a blog must be nominated by multiple people.”)

  • Skay

    socialmediaexplorer by Jason falls! He gets it..

  • drew_harding

    Apart from yours of course I’d like to nominate The Social Penguin Blog:

    It is always fresh with content with some great tips but it doesn’t just stick to the ‘safe’ topics – good variety, easy reading and full of useful info 🙂

  • CanaryDwarf
  • Annie

    I’d like to nominate: all sorts of internet related topics to help small innkeepers of Bed and Breakfasts stay aware of what’s happening in the market.

  • ckourtakis

    I would like to nominate

  • Liz Pascaud

    I’d nominate inBlurbs blog as I get loads of great tips and news regularly throughout the day. No rubbish – just great shares and info.

  • Elizabeth Brooke  It is a great blog and very relevant to our innkeeping business

  • karat8_mail

    I would like to nominate because it offers practical and usable inbound marketing tips

  • Rory

    I nominate Splash Media’s blog for their awesome mix of funny, personal, and informative posts about the industry, along with their great videos that hit on all sorts of topics to teach the masses about social strategy and keep up with the quickly changing face of social marketing.

  •  It is a great blog and very relevant to not only the B&B business but any business.  

  • Rachel Reid

    I am nominating . An informative blog related to the Internet for Innkeepers that keeps all of us current with all of the changes. 

  • Benjamin

    I’d like to nominate Leadgenix .  Frequent posts and very informative. 

  • Jan Roberts

     I would like to nominate inbound marketing blog because it offers practical and usable internet marketing tips. It is also quite entertaining at times !

  • Gracehill Bed and Breakfast

    I recieve dozens of blogs from different companies on SEO, Social Media and just about anything internet related and hands down the folks at Acorn Internet Services are at the top of my list for education.  I wish them a long happy proffessional life!  They certainly make my life eaiser.  kathy@ gracehill bed and breakfast

  • Nick  not just opinion, but hands on tutorials as well.

  • I nominate for My Favorite Social Media Blog – very informative ! 

  • Dragan Mestrovic

    Hi Chris thanks for nomination

  • Dragan Mestrovic

    Hi Liz thanks for nomination

  • Dragan Mestrovic

    Hi Chris thanks for nomination

  • Dragan Mestrovic

    Hi Jan thanks for nomination

  • Dragan Mestrovic

    Hi Annette thanks for nomination

  • I nominate the go to resource for all things social media related.

  • Kendel

    For their dedication to marketing with meaning, using social media in new ways to engage and keep engaging a dedicated audience, and for their commitment to quality and relevant content.

  • I would like to nominate:, they provide work/life balance and Chicago lifestyle for overworked professionals and entrepreneurs. 

  • EmD

    The blog at Baby Robot Industries: Informative, hip, funny and human. (A nice break from the usual MBA marketing hackery.)

  • Karen Gunton’s Her weekly newsletters offer a round up of so many fantastic resources in addition to her own content. 

  • Moodypaints

    I nominate Social Heavy  because her information is always informative, timely, and well-written often including her personal opinion which may or may not agree with the mainstream.    Her site also includes her own fun graphics.  Finally, she’s a huge Facebook fan and proponent of its use for business and is constantly providing reasons why this is her choice.

  • bebe store’s Stylust is clean, aesthetically pleasing and packed with info for the fashionista in you!

  • Brent Carnduff

    I’d like to nominate Marcus Sheridan and “The Sales Lion”. Marcus is very passionate, can relate to small business owners, and is very connected to his community

  • StaffordKendall

    I would like to nominate

  • Thanks for the nomination Stan. I’ll absolutely return the favor, as I genuinely love what you’re doing over at Pushing Social ( I also really like what Tom Webster has done this year at Brand Savant (

  • Definitely Danny B.

  • another vote for Marcus

  • Elena Patrice

    Hands down Extreme John should be on this list!! EJ always delivers!!

  • Sandy

    I would like to nominate my own blog, Practical Simplicity Coffee Cup, because I am dedicated to helping small business owners simplify
    business essentials so they can be more efficient, effective, and
    profitable.  I provide many free resources, and useful information they
    can implement now in their business. 

  • hollyinheels

    I love – “Making Your Media Social”. Great tips for small businesses and even the everyday person. Inspiring and witty writing too! PICK HIM!

  • I am kind of partial to our blog, which is We put a lot of work into it, and have been inspired by Social Media Examiner and Mari Smith in many ways. We love what we do, and love Social Media as it is ever changing. Keeps us on our toes! 

    We have some great bloggers! Thanks for having this contest!

  • I love Wellness Without Pity by Healthy Heather. She’s never too extreme and very encouraging. I always get something from her blogs to put to use in my daily living. Check it out:

  • Blog nominee –
    Gives tips & tricks & discusses issues for small businesses on how to best market themselves using their websites, SEO, inbound marketing, and PR. 

  • I love Wellness Without Pity by Healthy Heather. She’s never too extreme and very encouraging. I always get something from her blogs to put to use in my daily living. Check it out:

  • Brian Whalley

    I would like to nominate because he actually brings data and numbers into the conversation, not just open-ended recommendations 

  • I nominate They deserve to win. A great site with much useful information.

  • KP Finally, someone who mixes actual analytical rigor with their social media analysis. Indispensable.

  • Matt

    Social Amateur is a really helpful site: What I like best is that Melissa admits that she doesn’t have all the answers.  It makes her writing seem more approachable than the other so-called gurus.

  • Thanks Jack! We appreciate the vote!

  • Valik is the top social media blog on the Internet. All up to date social media news and lots of interesting finds and statistics you don’t see anywhere else. I am part of hubze but I do not write the blog and find it very useful for sure!

  • Josh

    I’ll have to vote , always top notch content!

  • Hey Josh…thank you!! We try!

  • Gracias! For those who do not know, Valik is the creator of our product. He is a co-founder for hubze! Awesome work!!!

  • I nominate Acorn Internet Services ( ) Acorn is so dedicated to our success that they go above and beyond for their customers to bring us the most up to date information possible to help us learn to survive and thrive in today’s fast paced ever changing world of Social Media.

  • WGH

    Gatz Optimize social media blog posts informative blogs about all things social media. Great topics & just enough info! Check it out:

  • I’m voting for – no nonsense advice about blogging and social media from a top Bird (on the blog)

  • I really like to visit here and get quite a useful and relevant material on social networks! Thank you!

  • Thanks Kyle!!! We appreciate that!

  • I would have to nominate because of the fresh content and great reviews they have.

  • Marie

    I nominate Brass Tack Thinking at – Amber Naslund’s blog.  Her insights are spot on and are applicable across disciplines.

  • Glenn Fleming

    Hubze is committed to their clients with support in all online marketing techniques and categories.  Go here and see for yourself:

  • Ethnicsupplies

    I would nominate Sarah Arrow and best blogging coach

  • Thanks Glenn!!! We really appreciate the kudos! Thanks for being a reader!

  • Chase Turpin 

    I’m voting for our blog. =) 
    I focus on sales and support for our company but when I first started I didn’t really have a clue about social media. The hubze blog really helped me learn a lot and now keeps me updated on all things social media.Thanks for having this contest I hope we win. David, Scott, and the other bloggers on our site do an awesome job.

  • I nominate Sarah Arrow’s blog

    Sarah is amazing–I think I know a few things about social media, but every single time I read a post from Sarah, I learn about fabulous tools I didn’t know existed and get practical tips I can use right now to improve my websites.

  • Christine Tabor

    I love this blog, but I would definitely nominate Hubze…The guys and gals there are GREAT… timely… on top of things, and very responsive, too!  MY VOTE:

  • Wil Caruso

    I would nominate MediaFirst PR Atlanta. They are hard working and have helped many people and businesses. They offer advice to small businesses on how to best market their companies using social media, the web, PR, and traditional marketing. 

  • Hey Christine!! Thanks for your vote! We really appreciate it!

  • Desiree Wolfe

    I nominate:

  • I’m a big fan of the Banyan Branch Blog – – I like that is has a survey of news about social media as well as specific social media guidance.

  • I nominate Sarah Arrow’s blog, It is quite simply one of the most useful blogs for bloggers that I’ve seen on the interwebbienet.

  • Iwould like to nominate for My Favorite Social Media Blog – very professional!

  • Dragan Mestrovic

    Hi Nives and thanks for your vote 🙂

  • Dylan

    I’d like to nominate , a Chicago-based blog that writes about social media, business, and how it all relates to pop culture.

  • Thanks for the nomination Nick, much appreciated!

  • John
  • I’d like to nominate where Suze covers social media writing extensively. I’ll also nominate for common sense social media advice for small business.

  • Thanks Suze, that’s really kind of you

  • Thanks Mary, it’s appreciated.

  • Thank you Ida, the nomination is appreciated.

  • Thanks Nikki, much appreciated

  • i nominate as its one of the most up to date resources in the world of social media today.

  • I’d nominate @thebrandbuilder:twitter because his blog kick ass in making social business by social media and most importantly measuring ROI.

  • I nominate   Francisco is a smart dude sharing great tips and news on all things SM.

  • Yolanda A. Facio

    Just when I think I know what I’m doing online with my social media strategies, Sarah Arrow puts me back to work again!  She helps me get results with straightforward content!  I nominate Sarah Arrow’s blog

  • Robin Pilcher

    I would like to nominate the
    guys at Team hubze,
    They do a phenomenal job keeping their subscribers and members informed daily on the latest
    trends in social media. Their devotion and passion for helping others is
    truly unique! With 49,000+ Facebook Page, this should be a true testament
    of why they should be selected.

  • Hey Robin! Thank you for your vote! =] I think we will hit 50K this week!!!

  • Andrea

    Definitely for the reality check I get every time I read his blog!

  • Because he’s some sort of Yoda of the music buzz I choose =)

  • Oh John! Thanks man, that really means a lot coming from you.

  • margie thomas

    I nominate

  • Cathy Mihalakis

    I nominate Trust eMedia’s Blog

  • I want to nominate the Standing Dog Blog ( because they take a surprising angle to their posts. The proof is in the blog titles! “What Justin Bieber and My Dad Have in Common,” “what Cheap Beer Taught Me About Social Media Marketing” and “Siri vs. Target’s Christmas Champ: Who really knows it all?”

  • NESportCIC

    I would vote really appreciate the work they do.

  • joe
  • Thanks for your vote!!

  • Thank you Joe!!

  • I nominate because they put humor and information in one awesome sauce mashup of knowledge.

  • Rebecca

    Without question I nominate Jerilyn Kruger.  Her blogs are always informative & incite-full. Thanks.

  • is one of the most informative blogs I’ve ever found. I check their weekly email and always find a couple of interesting posts to read.

  • Thanks Dave!! We appreciate your vote and your business!

  • = awesome social media tips!!

  • Guest

    Please consider the Toshiba Telecom blog at

    It is a fine example of everything a blog should offer — worthwhile information, tips, industry perspectives, humor, how to’s, from Toshiba Telecom internal team and a host of guests including dealers, analysts, industry influencers and more. A remarkable achievement by a team with little budget and a lot of heart.

  • I would like to nominate – the article are about insect issues in Arizona and around the US. Big problems with Bed Bugs these days so it important to keep up with those little fellows.

  • Peter the phoneguy

    I love the Toshiba Telecom blog page: 
    The blogs are very informational, concise, easy to understand and not laden with techy talk or acronyms that can confuse you. I am a seasoned telecom pro and look forward to each blog that they post!!!!

  • I’m nominating I have been following this company for a while now and they offer relevant and useful information that I have been able to apply to my own social media ventures.

  • TamaraGSuttle

    Oh!  This is so easy!  Beth Hayden’s has got to be one of the top 10.  This gal chunks everything down into itty-bitty bite-size pieces of “how to” so that even the non-techies in mental health, like me, can get it! 

  • kristathomas

    Go Amber! 

  • Mike

    I am nominating  This is a pretty new blog, but it has good content and an engaging writing style.

  • LightningBoltMedia

    Dave Foster at is great! Not only does he have an outstanding bolg, he and his team go above and beyond to answer questions from all newbies.  Unbelievable effort from these guys! If you are not following David’s blog you should check it out and subscribe today!

  • Geri Lafferty

    I’d like to nominate for their great daily emails that send me capsules of their very timely social media blogs.

  • It is up-to-date, straight-to-the-point-like, credible, and simple to read! I have learned a lot from it. That is why I nominate BundlePost:

  • trishca

    I’d like to nominate The Reviews Are In because its topical, well written and engages with its followers.

  • Hi Drew,
    Thanks very much for the nomination, great to be in with a shout again this year! 

    Mike @ The Social Penguin Blog

  • Socialmediacowgirl
  • Tracy

    TRX Connect blogs written by Lori Eggers (aka – TRX Editor) are really great. She shares TRX-specific stories that are endlessly active. And I think she has to churn these out almost on a daily basis. Those who use the gear can’t get enough of these. They get shared and tweeted on all the time.

  • John Gaerlan

    I’d like to add in

  • Albert Qian

    I nominate:

    Robert M. Caruso is an individual that I have known since February. He writes a compelling and very informative blog about social media, social media tools and strategy, among a bevy of other things. He is probably the most engaging person you will meet on social media and uses the platform to the fullest extent, and is willing to help anyone achieve their goals.

    I hope you will consider this nomination and seriously put him on your top-10 list. He is a blog not to be missed, and a must-read for anyone looking to not only get into social media, but succeed in the long run.

    Thank you.

  • I’d like to nominate – Topical, and filled with insight and experience.

  • bryantkeefe

    I vote for One fine group and one nice product!

  • Nothing but great real life analogies compared to social media that are simple and easy to understand. My Vote goes to BundlePost

  • Wendy Moore

    Hi Nobby, thanks so much for the nomination.  Appreciate it.  Wendy

  • Louise Crooks

  • Hi Nobby, thanks so much for the nomination. Appreciate it.  Wendy

  • Ccarson1

    I nominate – all case studies and statistics, all the time. Guru-free. 

  • My vote goes to David Foster and his team  at  for constantly keeping their readers informed of the latest social media changes and tools.

  • Teresa
    Robert is fantastice, insightful and a a great read. He writes in a compelling manner and the reader learns along the way. Enjoy his blog every time he writes.

  • PowerhouseCatherine

    My vote is for Wendy Moore and her team at  Wendy provides easily understood & practical info.  Her work makes my life easier.

  • TMW68
  • Teri Sawyer
  • Love Generous with practical, useful information. Looking forward to the results.

  • JulieAbel

    I nominate the 

  • brianne

    I would like to nominate The best fanpage engine program out there. And as far as social media, they hit it over the park, very informative, great interviews, just all around great advise.

  • Helena

    I nominate Menologues

  • Hi, Other than all the excellent sources you have all quoted above, and this site,  I would like to nominate

    All articles are practical and are written in step by step format with screen shots. Excellent info and I’m always learning something new!

  • Diona

    I nominate the blog for Bundle Post- by Robert M. Caruso as my favorite social media blog. Always an interesting topic to read over morning coffee 🙂

  • Kjblackburn1

    I nominate Trust eMedia’s blog which you can find through this link . Has everything you need with easy navigation and everything is very user friendly.

  • I nominate The Hubze blog is ahead of the curve or often pitching!  They work hard and are involved with their audience.

  • Jay
  • I nominate Facebook Advertising | Social Media Marketing. It covers topics from the hottest Social Media Websites from the marketing point of view. Check it out here and vote:

  •  are the kings and queens…I get a lot of info from them. Gracias amigos

  • B Duhaime

    “I nominate: Menologues

  • Lincolnbrett41

    I nominate Trust eMedia

  • Will Berend

    I think is the best social media blog out there. If you’re not reading it you are missing out. 

  • I like

  • aartiles

    I nominate because Francisco is a great content curator, SocialMouths is my main source of social media news. 

  • I also vote for Marcus, The Sales Lion

  • Mel Banfield

    I nominate It has great content, the post keep you wanting and reading more.I like the tips and the frequency. To me it helps keep me current on the info I need for my Business and Personal Interest.

  • Thanks Alfredo, I appreciate your nomination =)

  • Perfectjulia

    I would like to Nominate Relevant Content with Perfect Analogies that help to bring an understanding to our Social Networking world. BundlePost has not only written about building Relationships via Social Media but by being responsive and Listening to it’s readers has created many Life Time Relationships around the world. BundlePost – (Robert Caruso) has gone out of his way to help Connect People. 

    Thank You,
    Julia R. Hull 

  • I’ll nominate  @tentblogger Helpful advice from theory to practical.  

  • Ethomas

    “Social Media Life (Lessons)” – an interesting site featuring guest posts from college seniors studying PR and social Media, and authored by a social media strategist who does double-duty as a college professor teaching how to leverage social media for business communications.  There’s a little bit of everything here! 

  • Bethers
    Love this – makes me laugh sometimes, cringe sometimes and re-examine sometimes but somehow mostly makes me laugh while doing the above.

  • I would like to nominate Marcus Sheridan, The Sales Lion at because he kills it every post…

  • jimmy

    These guys are awesome.

  • kolourful kati

    an active facebook blogger – and even from veryafar! – go

  • Gloria Rand

    Thanks, Margie! 

  • Raena Lynn

    My vote goes to Excellent content! Cutting edge! Super engagement!

  • Scott Shepherd

    I nominate Real people, real advice. These guys have taught me so much and work hard everyday to make sure their subscribers get what they come for!

  • Raena Lynn

    Ooops! I meant:

  • I feel that Acorn Internet Services has one of the best blogs, they give us lots of information to run our business and do their best to educate small business owners on how to do most of their internet work without having to pay a company to do it all for us.  Each blog they do gives us lots of info to glean and move our business forward into the latest of what is happening on the internet. I vote for .

  • lak611

    I like since it always includes unique and interesting information that I do not find elsewhere.

  • Vintagerenude

    My nomination is They always have great info and keep their info easy to scan and include lots of in depth goodies to refer back to later. 

  • Wallace

    I like as they are a great blog with up to date help.

  • There are so many good social media blogs which I like very much. It is an interesting contest. I will wait for the results.

  • Robb Engen
  • My vote is for Always very detailed information.

  • Alot of good one’s but after careful consideration i gotta go with..

  • Paul
  • I will vote for I have gotten a lot of useful info from them.

  • Cheers for the votes there 🙂

  • Thanks so much Catherine. Really appreciate your support.  Wendy

  • Thanks so much Kati!  That’s the power of social media hey?  Wendy

  • Ludwina Dautovic

    My main source of social media insights comes from The best social media blog in Australia!

  • Hi Ludwina, thanks so much!  Really appreciate your vote here. Glad you love my blog. Wendy

  • Michael P. Sims

    Without any doubt is the best!

  • Keera Mckinney

    I get a tremendous amount of energy & information from Robert Caruso’s blog at The man brings humour, positive energy & a wealth of useful tips. He writes well & clearly. Thanks, Robert.

  • CO Tan
  • Modebe nnamdi

    For the quality of their blog and continuity, i nominate

  • eamonnobrien

    I nominate by the Reluctant Speakers Club. It’s a relatively new but fast growing blog that is chock full of ideas on how to speak in public.  

  • Jurj_i

    I nominate social media curation blog

  • Webbofwall Its the bomb!

  • I nominate because Digital Brand Marketing Education (dbmei) is an experiential learning process for professionals. It serves as a continuing education tool in the “Read, Write & Share” philosophy covering subject matter in digital, branding, marketing, business and more.
    Contributions by dbmei authors serve to develop their knowledge, skills and ability as professionals who can show their proficiency through their articles.
    The content on dbmei provides a valuable source for education and information for others to become empowered consumers and proficient marketers for themselves and/or their organization.
    As a nonprofit dbmei provides professional development support to its members and unbiased content for businesses, organizations and entrepreneurs.

  • Craigod

    I’m voting for The Social Penguin Blog (, it always gives strong advice and has an opinion. It moves away from just reporting social media news and does publish original content. I love it’s simple interface too, not ruined by too many ads and sharing options!

  • I would like an European blog “in the mix”:l’d like to nominate the InBlurbs Blog:

  • I vote for 

  • Dragan Mestrovic

    Thank you very much Robbert 🙂

  • Chrisbmar10

    I nominate Ragamuffingospelfan for his consistent, though-provoking and inspirational posts. The Link is

  • Nominate for down to earth, sensible, user-friendly and practical advice on social media. Great work by Amanda.

  • Thanks Lorna 🙂

  • Nominating by Amanda Webb – great name, great advise, really knows her stuff and passes on her knowledge in a clear and articulate way.  Love her video blogs too!  

  • Marian

    I nominate 

  • Bill

    Evert day, almost, is a site where I find those little or large tidbits that make working with Social media a lot easier to navigate nd use for my business

  • Vicky

    Nominating Concise, punchy updates which are informative and useful. Only a recent discovery but a good one.

  • Thanks Paula 🙂

  • Thanks Marian 🙂

  • My nomination goes to Tamar

  • M

    Nice friendly advice on social media for small business.


  • Thanks M 🙂

  • Keir Harness

    I would like to see Robert Caruso make the top ten with the  blog. 

    Found Rob on Twitter this year. Things I appreciate on the blog and why I return to it? 

    Open honest blogging,  too often with SM blogs you find fluffy opinion not really backed with evidence or experience. 

    Rob has both on hand and is willing to share them with his community. Rob has a high standard of SM ethics when it comes to his community and always makes sure he reaches out to those who have connected with him. 

    I like Bundle post because I now have an engaged community from the people I have met there. 

    Rob offers opinions and though leadership on Social Media as a concept not just a commercial property. 
    I soon got bored of the 10 ways to measure your ego in SM type of posts and went looking for people who were asking questions like ‘What does this stuff actually mean for us.

    This is really important as true innovation cant happen unless there are people doing and thinking different. 

  • YiannisG

    Definitely Bundlepost….very nice blog, regular updates and great communication with it’s author via twitter!

  • Pingback: @TopRank A to Z Internet Marketing News Friday Dec 9, 2011()

  • laurinda

    I nominate – DBMEi as a non-profit publication allows professionals the opportunity
    to generate their own continuing education program to help them Read,
    Write and Share. The process by which an author provides articles
    includes, research, networking and professional experience. The articles must fit in the topics related to digital media, brand
    and/or marketing. This allows the authors to develop their professional
    expertise while also providing valuable content and information for the

  • David and Scott work hard to provide good quality content so I nominate

  • Dee Sewell

    I nominate Amanda’s video blogs have been tremendously helpful and I recommend them to any newbies I come across as she explains everything so clearly and succinctly. Would love to see it in the top 10.

  • Thanks Dee 🙂

  • CraigEYaris

    I nominate Digital Brand Marketing Education,  It is an incredible resource for people to learn all about social media, and how it affects small business.  All articles are researched and sourced, and the content is updated more than once a day.  Quick disclosure, I am a writer for this site.

  • I’d like to nominate – even though the name says “PR” the blog also covers many social media issues. Well written, diverse contributor base and daily updates.

  • onreact

    I’d like to nominate Techipedia by Tamar Weinberg because it is a legendary social media and marketing resource which dealt with social media long before most others blogs about it existed:

  • I nominate very interesting and helpful site

  • I nominate Sarah Arrow – Sarah manages to convey complex matters in ways which can be understood, she delivers on identifying the very real problems and demonstrates very real solutions and she has a sense of humour.

  • Thanks Naomi

  • Lionel Hudnell

    My vote goes to The team over at Hubze are consistent communicators of what is going on in the Social Media world. All readers of this post should click over to the site and take it all in.

  • When it comes to online world info I would vote for one simple and cool site
    The reviews on apps are excellent and the updates on social media are just what the doctor ordered…

  • Doug Erickson

    One of the best social media blogs most may not already have on their radar is

    It’s consistently useful, but what really makes it my favorite is the author has a great sense of humor. I’m entertained and educated every day.

    Can’t beat that.

  • Thanks Craig means a lot!

    Mike @ The Social Penguin Blog

  • Kro

    I nominate for being the damn S&M blog I have ever read

  • Charlie Ochs

    Here is my nomination:

    Steve’s blog is the most interesting and inciteful marketing blog I read.  His vast experience in the radio business and marketing make him uniquely qualified to add to a person’s knowledge (and he is entertaining!)

  • Alesia Zorn gets my nomination. His info is always helpful and entertaining as well.

  • Wlhuston )this is a good one

  • Rwood24
  • I’d nominate  Great stuff in there.

  • Ron Harrell I’m nominating SMThree. Learning is great, but executing is better. The author gives me actionable advice.

  • Thank you!!

  • Thanks Michael! 

  • Thank you CO! We appreciate the vote!

  • Thanks so much Bill!!!

  • Thanks Kim!! We like that vote!

  • Thank you Lionel!!

  • Allan
    THIS blog has been incredibly helpful for me. Many times. I’m so glad someone created this. It sure fills a void . . . and does it well. Thank you, SM3!! Good luck in this competition!.

  • Bob McNeill
  • Yes, Tamar rocks!

  • I’d like to nominate mysocialagency. Their blog covers so many topics across all social media platforms and has info for all different readers including, business owners, bloggers, facebook users and PR companies. 

  • Patricia Troyer

    Agree totally that choosing just one is hard — so many great blogs and generous experts. That said, I nominate Neil Patel at

  • Amy Kay  I’d like to nominate Steve Allan’s SMTHREE Blog:  Social Media — Mangement – Messaging – Marketing.   Some really great information that is well written, easy to understand, and easy to put to use!!   Thanks.

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  • Secret Garden Brian

    I nominate Amanda’s video blogs have been tremendously helpful and I recommend them to any newbies I come across as she explains everything so clearly and succinctly. Would love to see it in the top 10.

  • ValleyVine

    Nominating Bundle Post — not only does Robert tell it like it is but he is always willing to stop for a moment, no matter how busy he may be, to answer a question or give some guidance.  Truly one of the great ones out there that’s doing it right…

  • I nominate: Great information, great service and the cat just knows, lives and breaths social media!

  • I read a lot of social media blogs but there is one that stands out, hands down …. I nominate Bundle Post’s blog (  They are BEYOND awesome!

  • I nominate:  – You learn a lot, laugh a lot and you WANT to share it’s content. Very well done and deserves the nod. Thanks! 

  • I nominate The Site provides various articles on digital marketing with a focus on education for both technically proficient marketing professionals as well as small business and the general public. 

    Small disclaimer: digitalbrandmarketing is a resident member of the Long Island based coworking space that I run.  

  • I’d recommend because it shares practical, easy to digest up-to-date information, taking away all the gobbledegook that social media has to offer and leaving the reader with information they can understand and in such a way that it relates to that user. 

  • I want to nominate Jeremy Epstein’s Never Stop Marketing blog, He has great tips, enthusiasm, and gets it!

  • I’d nominate Capture the Conversation blog. nonsense, up to date info on social media.

  • David Schwartz

    I nominate they offer great advise and suggestions for small business and how best to utilize social media to help achieve results. Robert Caruso @fondalo does a great job with the blog and if you like coffee it’s added bonus. 

  • Igor

    We’d like to nominate
    Opinions, trends, inspiring, ViralFriday already 4 years in a row and AdAge Power150 ranked


  • Eleni Almasy

    I nominate – always interesting and well thought out…not always following conventional wisdom!

  • My nomination goes to – I continue to learn a lot from Robert 🙂

  • acesandspades1

    I liked and nominate Trust eMedia’s Blog . Very informative articles of just the right size. Long enough to give you all the information you need and not too long where you get bored reading and looking at content that you don’t really need.

  • acesandspades1

    I liked and nominate Trust eMedia’s Blog . Very informative articles of just the right size. Long enough to give you all the information you need and not too long where it gets boring reading content you don’t need.

  • My nomination is  I read it daily along with Social Media Examiner.

  • also known as This is a collection of posts from numerous people with different areas of expertise inside of a social media agency (Room 214)

  • Julie

    I have two: and PeopleResults blog, Current,, not 100% social media, also great, timely business insights as well.

  • busywahm

    I wish to nominate
    as a great resource for small businesses in Ireland on all aspects of social media

  • Pbjjbj

    This is a great business blog, but refreshing & new twist.  They post every day and always have good insights you don’t see elsewhere.

  • Heather Nelson

    I nominate the Current blog at PeopleResults It is not strictly social media, but provides excellent business insights and thought leadership. 

  • I nominate Jeff Korhan of – I find that I often share his ideas with my network, and apply them to my own business as well.

  • Matthew Smith

    Smart, informative, engaging, topical, funny and his mother’s favorite social media and philanthropy blog:

  • Billy Delaney

    I nominate: Francisco brings the ideas, not the content of web to the fore and that isn’t often found….

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  • Pingback: A-to-Z Internet Marketing News: Bloggers Beware, Google Trust, Mobile SEO, New Twitter, SMBs Heart SEO »

  • Tanya Mcgannon

    I nominate

  • Jay Lee

    Definitely the guys at! Great info and great tips from some great guys.

  • LeoWid

    wow, this is an amazing initiative, great job Cindy, Mike and team. So many great blogs to nominate, since I hope SocialMouths is already processed through to the judges, I would like to nominate Jeff Bullas, he does an amazing job with great social media resources. 

  • Paul

    Current blog,,
    although not 100% social media content, it offers excellent business insights and thought
    leadership.  The posts are always interesting and the group seems to have a great sense of humor.

  • Hey Jay…thanks for your vote!!

  • Social Media Examiner  http://www.socialmediaexaminer
    Useful information.

  • Thanks man!!! I think you are far from a newbie these days though! =]

  • Appreciate it Geri!

  • Thanks Cowgirl!!!!

  • Thank you very much Bryant!

  • Thank you very much Sandy!!!

  • Tim
  • Thank you Niki!!!

  • Gracias Brianne!

  • Hey Maria! Thank you very much for the vote!

  • Thank ya!

  • Thank you for the vote Patrick!

  • Hey Mel!!!! Thanks so much for the vote!

  • Thank you Jimmy!

  • I knew what you meant Raena!! 

  • Thank you Scott!

  • Thank you Wallace!

  • Thanks!

  • Thank you Paul!

  • Appreciate it Modebe!

  • Thank you Darrell!

  • Rvs6913

    I would like to nominate .  They provide information on helping educate people about green living and alternative health remedies.

  • There are SO MANY good ones, but I think my nomination has to go to Mitch Joel at Six Pixels of Separation (

    Aghr, that is PAINFUL to pick just one!

  • Wowww, Thank you Nina 🙂

  • Yes Mark and Jay definetely share great stuff Stan

  • I nominate Michael Todd’s blog because he shares up-to-the-minute tips, changes, advancements and ideas to help everyone succeed with social marketing.

  • I recommend Sarah Arrow – Her blog is excellent! As she shares her wealth of experience and expertise in the blogging and social media world. Her posts help many small business owners build their business, by encouraging relevant blogging for their target customer, giving you hints and tips on how to write your posts for a social media audience.

  • Jason a great fan site that allows fans to interact with the community and offers news across the web.

  • Louise DiCarlo

    I nominate It is a non-profit educational blog which is relevant in all areas of social media and new media marketing. 

  • I nominate as it is a non-profit educational blog that provides a new entry every day on trending subjects, reviews of social media tools and events, highlights of social media figureheads, and a wealth of information from many contributors with focuses in every facet of digital brand marketing.

  • I nominate SocialMouths

  • Always love 😉
    I followed that site and always providing high quality article about social media

  • Dragan Mestrovic

    Thank you Latief 🙂

  •  find at least one useful link a day, only recently started opening my email blasts and now will continue to do so.

  • Rick Gerber

    I’d like to nominate

  • Carolynsue3009

    Hands down my vote is for Michael Brandvold. Why? Because he understands us, the music fans.

  • Jeff Korhan at stands out for so many reasons. Great resources, simple-to-understand teachings, forward-thinking and a clean design.

  • Michael Lee

    I nominate – which is filled with valuable tips about how to make your social media efforts more effective and efficient.

  • TonyBarker

    I nominate for his impact on the lives of musicians and fans alike.  His experience and training make him a respected authority on What’s Really Going On in this crazy-assed business, and he shares resources that have an immediate, practical value.

    What makes a blog good?  A proven track record that demonstrates credibility.  Regular updates that can be put to immediate use.  A writing style that’s complete, concise, and entertaining.  Responsiveness to comments.  Mr. Brandvold has these qualities in abundance, along with that Little Something Extra that converts the act of reading his material from a guilty pleasure to a justifiable – even necessary – investment in one’s career.

    Tony Barker

  • Grace O’Malley

    I would like to nominate There isn’t anyplace else you can find so much information about Google+ in one location.

  • Fiona

    I’d like to nominate Amanda of She is an absolute mine of information when it comes to social media and her blogs are always clear, informative and extremely useful as well as being bang up to date with what’s going on 🙂

  • Steve Foster

    I’d like to nominate Jeff’s blog is always full of the latest Social Media content and information that is particularly relevant to the green industry. I’m always sharing and tweeting his posts.

  • Sergio Papatolios

    Definitely a great tool not only for the established companies but also for newbies and personal blogs that need to learn simple ways to launch their content to the cyberspace and the rest of the world. Thank you SocialMouths, you really deserve to be in the list.

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  • Billy, thanks so much no just for the nomination but for the kind words.

  • Thanks Salvatore, your nomination means a lot!

  • Rachel, thank you… you rock!

  • Gracias Sergio, un abrazo!

  • Definitely nominate

  • Marty L

    I nominate

    Great informative content brilliant support.

  • Catherine Meloy

    SMTHREE has been an incredible asset to Goodwill of Greater Washington in helping to create an aggressive social media program.  I not only nominate SMTHREE, but greatly endorse it’s winning! 

    Catherine Meloy

  • Kevin Lee

    I’d like to nominate Jeff Korhan as a top blogger. His posts and articles are always to the point, useful, timely and he doesn’t push his material and managerial products onto you in a way that makes you want to stop receiving his newsletters. I’d say that he practices what he preaches in his marketing advice on his own blog, which is refreshing and appreciated, which is why I’m taking the time to even write this nomination now! Thanks, Kevin Lee

  • Mark Schaefer’s blog, {grow}, definitely deserves a nod. His blog consistently offers excellent, thought-provoking insight. And, he’s got a great community to boot.
    I’ll second Jay Baer’s recommendation of Stan Smith over at Pushing Social. Stan’s definitely one of the best writers on the web!

  • My pleasure – you are the man!!!!

  • I’d like to nominate Jeff Korhan’s blog! 

  • Michele Flynn

    Getting regular and up to date social media content via a breath of fresh air is the reason I nominate Wendy Moore of

  • Thanks Brian 🙂

  • Thanks Jenny 🙂

  • Thanks Fiona 🙂

  • Craig Cook

    I nominate Social Strand Media at Their posts are always quite useful and educational, even for normal soical media users like myself.

  • Yamini

    I’d like to nominate & I do so because I like their content which is simple yet focused to Social Media Strategy across all the aspects of business. Also their posts are pretty focused on the Education. HR, IT and Medical Devices sectors.

  • Suus Ammerlaan

    I’d like to nominate – The team of ViralBlog is a collaborative team of viral bloggers haunt the globe for great viral and social media cases every day. So tune in and get your daily shot of viral ideas, trends and inspirations at ViralBlog.

  • I would like to nominate
    reason being: they talk Brand and Business Objectives and write compelling stories.
    It also helps that I write for them, so that makes me proud!
    yours truely,
    Neil Draper

  • I nominate – They have thoughtfull insights about new media, and give clear advise on how to prepare your companies DNA for the future of marketing.

  • I nominate – a great way for your daily news in the social sphere. Lots of great viral cases, tips for brands entering social media and the latest social trends. .

  • Martin

    I’d like to nominate,
    get inspired by insights, trends, viral ideas from the team of ViralBlog.

  • Rudi de Groot

    I nominate ViralBlog should be in the Contest because they deliver daily the best social news and the best trends like Social Commerce, Social TV and Social CRM.

  • Thanks for the mention, Jay! Always appreciate your feedback.

  • Blmilhizer

     PeopleResults Current blog, a great advice on using social media to its fullest.

  • Pagsvox

    I nominate

    I dig this blog because it offers actionable advice – just good
    common sense stuff!

  • tracysestili

    Thanks Craig! I appreciate it!

  • Desiree

    As a woman, I totally relate to Robin’s Menologues.  I nominate Menologues!

  • BHurley

    Please read and nominate Steve Allan of  You can visit him here:

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  • Thanks Kevin – much appreciated!

  • Maryann Buchanan

    I would lilke to nominate SocialMouth. I am new to social media marketing and Francisco Rosales’ blog is informative and insightful for the novice and likely for those with much greater experience than I.

  • Jens Graikowski

    i recommend … always a good and interesting read … 

  • – Constantly pumping out good stuff in a no-BS fashion and keeps me up to date on what’s going on in our constantly moving world

  • Cueball SF

    I nominate Social Strand Media blog at 

  • EmilyBarryPR

    I nominate Robert Caruso and his blog Bundle Post at Robert shares practical, insightful and witty topics related to social media marketing. He is passionate about sharing what he knows to help others, both experienced and novice, in the world of social media.  

  • Sage Gorilla

    I nominate Social
    Strand Media blog at

  • Ccassara

    I nominate Social Strand Media blog at

  • Sylvia

    I nominate Menologues from Robin Donovan !!!!
    A woman that talks about women. An interesting site for men that can also learn quite a bit about us

  • Chad Thurman

    I nominate SMTHREE – this is a fantastic blog which always seems to have a unique perspective. The blog is well-written, thought provoking and informative every time, and the author is easy to communicate with and always open to new suggestions.

  • tracysestili

    Thanks Sage Gorilla!

  • tracysestili

    Thanks C!

  • Shannon

    Absolutely my favorite is

  • I nominate Splash Media:

    They are always current, interesting, informative and entertaining. 

  • I nominate @socialmouths:disqus of @SocialMouths:twitter – always great information that is extremely valuable and reliable.

  • Thank you, I appreciate your nomination =)

  • Maryann, thanks for the nomination and for the kind words.

  • Nominating Michael Brandvold Marketing blog:
    because Michael’s music marketing blog always contains very helpful resources, tips, articles, podcasts for artists! Michael has regular updates, shares valuable information, and thinks outside the box to stay current and useful!
    ♥ Aoede ♪♫

  • Moin Shaikh

    I would go with social media for social good. They do just amazing job! They help those who help society!! So i would vote for  

  • Celina Macaisa

    I nominate because she delivers what she promises in her blog—> “actionable marketing” and written in a style that is easy to read (not too taxing on my brain already suffering from info overload! 

    Her articles help business owners and marketing assistants like me who support these small biz owners become more effective with our limited budget and time.

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  • I’d like to enter my blog, Digital Buzz which is one of the worlds leading Digital and Social media blogs aggregating the very best and most inspirational social campaigns from around the world.

  • Anna

    I nominate Gemma Thompson – she is one the most helpful and informative people that I have ever come across

  • Charlie Damonsing

    I nominate Gemma Thompson of Social Media Illumination – – great blog, really easy to follow and Gemma shares information generously

  • Penny Morgan
  • Eoin

    Excellent site for small businesses, very clear.

  • Miguel Rodriguez

    I nominate Mediatapper

  • Thanks so much Anna! Very much appreciated 🙂 

  • Thanks Charlie! Good to know I’m on the right track 🙂 

  • Thanks Penny!

  • Ldono94 – excellent B2B source of info for Social Media Marketing Tips & Tricks

  • Alexander Grossman

    For me, it has to be, a great site that covers many social media topics and presents a wide variety of views and authors.

  • I’d vote for Great stories, well-written, and fun to read. Always makes me wish I were there!

  • gregdelima

    The Anti Social Media – 

    Jay’s whip-smart and sarcastic take on social media is absolutely hilarious. Compounded by the fact he works in social media makes it all the better!

  • I second the nomination for!  Jay’s awesome.  🙂

  • Halla

    Nominating – Amanda always has something useful for small businesses and interested onlookers and piles of great tips. 

  • Sandy

    Laura Donovan’s gives some very good information for small businesses. 

  • I want to nominate  –  a funny personal view on social media and current technology trends. 

  • Ian Flain

    Nominating Spiderworking, whose advice on SEO has really helped us gain more traffic on our site! 

  • Frank Fullard

    I nominate
    Amanda at Spiderworking is just so approachable and helpful  that I am happy to nominate her for this award not just on my own behalf but also on behalf of which I founded and administer

  • Anna M Hernandez

    I’d vote for to represent the UK blogging scene!

  • Stanford Smith, Pushing Social

  • Louise

    My vote is for  Great content and timely information

  • DebtCoachCanada

    I would nominate Stan does a great job and is always current

  • sharisim

    I nominate Stanford at A nice guy, very knowledgeable and a good sport: I once did a satiric spoof based on one of his posts and he RT’ed it all over town 🙂

  • Stanford Smith

    I remember that dude.  I would do it again 🙂

  • Stanford Smith


  • Stanford Smith

    I appreciate the nomination Louise!

  • Stanford Smith

    Thanks for the nomination Bobbie!

  • Stanford Smith

    I appreciate the nod Todd…. couldn’t resist 🙂

  • Hello, I agree with many of the nominees but I would like to add to the list…
    They have many good resources for all newbies in Social Media and other topics related… Thank you for the opportunity for my nominee  🙂

  • ShakirahDawud,, and are my nominees.

  • Stanford Smith

    Yep, you rock! Thanks for the nomination.  

  • is my fave social media blog.  Stan shares unique insights, valuable strategies and tactics, and does it all with a breezy style. I never tire of reading PushingSocial.

  • I like to nominate Huge fan of Stanford, his writing is meaty and punchy! You have my vote. 🙂

  • Without hesitation- Pushing Social 

  • Alikibags

    Been reading brilliant blogs by Stanford @ Pushingsocial  and would like to nominate him ! x

  • I’d like to nominate Stan from I’ve gotten tons of great tips, ideas, and feedback from him. Very deserving. A definite winner in my book! 

  • 4standards

    I’m nominating Stanford Smith’s He provides lot of useful blogging tips which are presented in a straight forward, easily applicable manner.

  • ChefEasy

    I’ll add mine for! Because it takes a special kind of awesome to almost get me to shoot milk out of my nose from a laugh.

  • Aagaardfarms   Helps sharpen the skills I do have and teaches me new skills!  Really inspiring!

  • I would like to nominate Love the information he provides.


  • I would nominate Always useful intormation and right to the point.

  • Jenn Whinnem

    I would like to nominate Pushing Social – quite simply the best blogging tips out there from someone who can walk the talk.

  • Kenny Rose

    I nominate Stanford 

  • Stanford Smith

    Breezy?  You bet…

  • Stanford Smith

    Totally appreciate it.

  • Stanford Smith

    Thanks Rob!

  • Stanford Smith

    Wassup Brandon.  Thanks for the nomination.

  • Stanford Smith

    Thank you. Thank you very much.

  • Stanford Smith

    Yep, that’s me blushing…

  •  My nomination goes to Jeff Bullas anything you wanna know about Social Media is there

  • Great regular stream of actionable info on all the major social media networks.

  • Stanford Smith

    Thank you Connie!

  • Stanford Smith

    Hey Mike.  Thanks for the nomination.

  • I nominate

  • Bcovelli

    I’d like to nominate:
    A B2B Social Media Marketing
    blog – providing tips and information on Social Media Marketing for business –

  • Thanks so much Michele.  Really appreciate your vote.  Wendy

  • Hi Luce, thanks!  Glad you like what we share.  Wendy

  • Stanford Smith

    Hey there Kenny – been a while 🙂
    Thanks for the nomination buddy.

  • I’d nominate …Stan has consistently provided me with sound advice as I’ve set out to develop a blog that matters…

    You’ve got this Stan!

  • Happy to support Stanford Smith because every article he publishes is loaded with insightful, helpful, actionable content/ information. Every time.

  • Since I probably shouldn’t recommend myself 🙂 I definitely recommend Pushing Social. Nothing but brilliant, implementable, and strategic content coming from Stanford.

  • Wanderlessroad

    Thought provoking content that makes me say…hmm!

  • Meomyo094

    I nominate Trust eMedia’s Blog because of the up-to-date social media information.

  • Celene

    Pushing Social

  • E Montes

    Nominate Pushing Social for some really good blogging tutorials:

  • 🙂

  • Contact

    My nomination goes to Stanford:

  • andreashobi

    Here’s another vote for

  • Foxglove Lane

    I would like to nominate because although there are loads of international websites which provide support and information for newbies but this is always the one that I came back to over the last year. The chatty style, up to date info and lack of jargon and the fact that there is a real person behind it has made it my fave. Being based in Ireland and having good networking with active users has made the whole link up easypeasy. Great info in a super friendly style.

  • Yep – they have a similar effect on me fairly regularly!

  • Thankyou 🙂

  • Thanks for the nomination 🙂

  • Thanks for the nomination Frank 🙂

  • Thanks so much, you’re making me blush now!

  • Laura van den Berg

    My favorite is because it provides me with excellent tips that are not only very useful to experts, but also to people who don’t know too much yet. I appreciate also the concise and practical expression. I use it a lot.   

  • I would have to nominate Gemma Thompson and her insightful blog at she is always championing other local blogs & businesses and helping those who need a steer in the right direction.

  • Mona Moon – I don’t know why Stan so wants to make this contest – he must have seen something in you. Pushing Social is my nominee. 

  • I nominate – some really useful and practical regular tips on social media marketing.

  • Stanford Smith

    You caught me – I’m a SocialMediaExaminer groupie!  Thanks for your nomination.

  • I have recently found extremely useful.

  • Thanks Liam 🙂

  • Thanks Dennis, glad you’ve found us helpful.

  • I recommend Pushing Social because it cuts through the BS about blogging and social media

  • I’d like to nominate Amanda Webb’s Amanda gives some great advice which is great for SME’s.

  • – great, usable information

  • Thanks so much Meomyo094!  We appreciate it.  We put a lot of time into making our blog useful for you.  Thanks!

  • Thanks so much for your nomination!  It means a lot to us.  Thanks!

  • Thank you!  

  • Thank you so much!  Greatly appreciated!

  • Thanks so much for your nomination!

  • Thanks so much, Cathy!

  • I’d like to nominate Stanford Smith consistently publishes great blogging tips and useful articles on content marketing. As a newcomer to the corporate blogging world, I always learn something from his posts:

  • jason.mulholland

    I’d vote for The Sales Lion.  Love the passion, truth, and giving of value on that blog.

  • Stanford Smith

    Thanks a bunch Howard.  I’ll try my best to keep PS a no BS zone!

  • Stanford Smith

    Thank you Preeti!

  • Stanford Smith

    I appreciate the nomination.  Corporate blogging is tough.  I’m glad you are getting something out of PS.

  • Stanford Smith

    Thank you Shay!

  • Stanford Smith

    Appreciate the vote Andreas

  • Stanford Smith

    Can we get a nomination for Savvy Sexy Social?  Love the content there!

  • Stanford Smith

    Hi Mark! Thank you for your support. 🙂

  • Stanford Smith

    Every nomination helps Keagan.  Glad to see that PS has helped you.  I’m sure we’ll talk more soon.

  • Rich Foss

    I’d nominate Pushing Social at Stanford is a story-teller and a teacher whose work resonates with me.

  • Thanks Niamh 🙂

  • Laine D

    It would have to be Stanford Smith at – great content and engagement.

  • Teri

    I nominate Wendy’s blog offers valuable tips on using social media to help business owners succeed in their marketing efforts.

  • Hi Teri, thanks so much!  Appreciate your vote and glad you love our blog.  Wendy

  • I love this site

    Stanford explains everything clearly, in a fun way that even I can follow and passes on invaluable tips all the time. 
    I nominate Stanford’s site as a ‘Go To’ for all, from inexperienced to experienced bloggers.

  • I’d like to nominate @twitter-133975702:disqus and his brilliant Pushing Social blog ( – the site I refer to most often when looking for trends and actionable info on #sm.

  •  Would like the recommend the Always topical, and up-to-date, covering both international and local issues. For anyone new or experienced in the online world it’s a great read. Good luck to Dave the Penguin! – Jack

  • Scott Caldwell

    I nominate by @mike_mcgrail always helpful, informative and in easily engaging language.

  • I nominate — I read her every day and she always has great insights!

  • Rickysoens

    I nominate Trust eMedia’s Blog because it’s full of great social media information.

  • Stan Smith’s is chock full of usefulness!

  • Thanks so much!

  • Kurt_busch_222

    I nominate Trust eMedia’s Blog because it’s full of great social media information

  • Kforeman

    I am a huge Blog Tyrant Fan! He has helped me immensely – on my journey as a new blogger! 🙂 Great information, helpful resources and suggestions, good affiliation with other bloggers!

  • Hrmc

    I nominate Trust eMedia’s Blog because it’s full of great social media information.

  • Thank you!

  • Thank you for the nomination!

  • Diana – best social media advice I’ve read in a long time – down to earth, relevant and timely

  • Marko

    I would go for My Social Agency. They may be relative newcomers but their digital marketing blog is really useful :-

  • Ryan Lot

    I’d like to nominate  Shani Sammons Marketing Group keeps their readers interested in the content they post.  They keep us updated on all the latest content in music marketing.  I have learned so much about music marketing from this blog.  

  • Lisa

    I’m voting for

  • Kathie G

    I would like to nominate Shani Sammons (Shani Sammons Marketing Group – ) for the Social Media Blog award.  She is always very informative.  Thank you.

  • Thanks so much Diana.  Glad you love our blog. Wendy

  • Deborah Weinstein

    I can always depend on Heidi Cohen’s Blog to provide new and fresh info, insight and introductions to people and sources that will enrich my real and social life. Heidi, who is a digital industry vet with incredible depth of experience, is also a social media prof at Rutgers University where she informs, motivates and inspires the communicators of tomorrow. She brings an amazing combo of real world expertise, imagination and creativity to her writing and is a wonderful source for easy-reading marketing news you can use everyday. I am SO proud to nominate Heidi Cohen She is MOST deserving. Deborah Weinstein, @debweinstein president, Strategic Objectives, @SO_pr

  • James Slone

    I like the My Social Agency Blog. All tip based and useful for the full spectrum of social stuff.

  • Maya Grinberg

    I am voting for the Wildfire blog to win this! Thanks so much for the consideration!

  • Meghaller

    I am voting for the Wildfire blog to win this! Thanks so much for the consideration!

  • Basem Samir

    I loved the
    it is so nice 😀 !!
    try it , u will love it

  • I nominate Heidi Cohen at  Her advice is always topical and definitely actionable. I find usable nuggets everyday!

  • Jsonnhalter

    Heidi Cohen- she puts out practical advice that’s easily implementable

  • I nominate . Well written & informative blog…I love it!

  • Jessica

    I nominate Shani Sammons Marketing Group  

  • Louise

    My vote would be for

  • I’d second both nominations – Mark Schaefer’s blog ( ) is consistently wonderful and is a definite must-read!

  • I would like to nominate – It is funny – well written – witty & doesn’t do the same old thing. Its original – makes me laugh and there is always a lot of discussion on LinkedIn about his posts! Original perspective which is great!

  • I really enjoy or just about anything that Amber Naslund writes!  

  • I nominate because it’s full of practical tips that anyone can apply.

    Whenever I read Nicky’s blog, I either learn something new, or find affirmation that I am doing something correctly.

  • Zeb Welborn  We’re new, but we make up for it with our enthusiasm.

  • asi
  • Another Doug

    Douglas Karr’s Marketing Tech Blog  Great content flavored with the inimitable personality of Douglas Karr!

    Joe is known as THE local Social Media expert related to Real Estate. He is about as on the mark as possible and is an amazing resource.

  • Nominating @mktgtechblog.  Great SM and SEO expert!  @leonardmcdowell

  • Zoomerang

    I nominate because they are informative, accessible, and fun to read.

  • Madgea

    I will nominate

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  • The Jackal
  • Lisa

    I nominate: I always find some useful information or research that gets forwarded on to other members of my team. Information is useful, current and easy to read. Thanks.

  • Heidi Cohen

    Deborah — Thank you so much. Happy marketing, Heidi Cohen 

  • Heidi Cohen

    Lisa– I’m glad that help you and your colleagues. Thank you for the nomination. Happy marketing, Heidi Cohen

  • Heidi Cohen

    Madgea — I appreciate your nomination! Happy marketing, Heidi Cohen

  • joseph njoroge that's my nominee. Click and found out you might like it too. 🙂

  • Dave Kerpen

    I’d like to nominate Heidi Cohen’s blog – as well as our daily social media marketing blog

  • I would like to nominate Heidi Cohen at – she is consistent and adds so much value!

  • mfayejones

    Heidi Cohen

  • Michele
  • Úna K

    I nominante – Innovative stuff to be seen and wonderful insights into social media.

  • Timmygadget

    I nominate for the immense effort and work put in to promote social media and its benefits. The link is 

  • I would like to nominate  because I am new to Social Media and I find Amanda’s tips easy to understand.

  • EBairead for really helpful social media tips and insights – Eoin

  • I would have to nominate Spiderworking
    Amanda’s posts are well-researched and on trend. They’re easy to read and full of useful info. Great for non-techies and social geeks!

  • Whenever I am looking for Facebook help I always check out for advice. And they have lots more for Social Media too

  • Jenna

    I nominate Likeable Media’s blog ( for the variety of content and perspectives and knowledgeable insight. 

  • carrie kerpen

    I nominate because of its fresh daily content!

  • caraizzle

    I nominate Likeable Media’s blog ( because we produce interesting and relevant social media content from a diverse group of authors on a consistent basis!

  • Jamey

    I would love to nominate 

  • I nominate Likeable Media’s blog 

  • I’d like to nominate for extremely helpful social media insights for marketers. It’s always full of current trends and other great advice! 

  • Ronan O’Reilly

    I nominate because of the great tips and insights it gives on social media. I really think the person behind this blog is genuinely trying to help people make the most of social media.

  • I nominate by Amanda Webb – her videos are informative, educating and entertaining. She is generous with her time and expertise on all Social Media platforms, is knowledgeable and a great resource for any business owner who is online.

  • Brian Murray

    I’d like to nominate Likeable Media! The blog can be found here:

  • I would love to nominate Likeable Media’s blog at for the best social media blog, because it is very informative for social media and marketing professionals to keep up with the latest trends in social media.

  • Mallorie

    Likeable Media’s blog — great daily content about social media with the whole staff contributing (disclosure: I work for Likeable!) 

  • KO

    LOVE Likeable Blog:

  • Maxwell

    I nominate  Great content, frequent new material, very Likeable.

  • Angela

    I’d like to nominate the wonderful Likeable Blog!

  • Charlie Balk

    I nominate because they offer fresh, original perspectives on social media and have so many contributors.

  • Lauren Sleeper

    I am nominating Likeable Media’s blog: 

  • valuable tips for social media management and content generation on relevant platforms, accurate insights and smart opinions for maximizing online social presence, provides advice for social engagement while engaging the reader

  • I nominate Daily social media marketing info from a team of thought leaders. In the spirit of full disclosure, I do work for Likeable. 🙂

  • I nominate the Likable blog! They always have good coverage of new social media features (esp on Facebook, Twitter, and G+).

  • Klara

    I nominate for relevant content about social media that’s easy to understand!

  • Megan McMahon
  • eric

    I’d like to nominate the Likeable Media blog:  Great tips on social media use, and it’s always very informative on new trends and developments.

  • Jasmine

    I nominate for the best in Social Media.

  • I nominate!

  • for informative, fresh and witty content every day!

  • I nominate Likeable Media!!! 🙂

  • I nominate the Likeable blog!

  • Jiyun Jeong

    I will nominate for the reason why it’s one of the most influential leading blogs and always trying to keep their creative contents about social media marketing up-to-date. 

  • Jiyun Jeong

    I nominate for its creative, leading and influential contents.

  • I nominate! 🙂 #likeable

  • Likeable Media is where it’s at!

  • Amanda

    I would like to nominate the Likeable Media Blog. It always offers valuable and interesting posts on countless social media topics. A must read!

  • I nominate for its creative, leadning and influential contents on social media.

  • I nominate  for its creative, leading and influential contents on social media.

  • Ali Appelbaum

    Likeable Media RULES!

  • Farhana A.

    I nominate: It’s an informative blog offering various perspectives on the social media industry.

  • Joanna  Informative & fun. What more do you want? 

  • I like the concise, actionable suggestions on

  • I like the concise, actionable recommendations at

  • Terry
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  • Thank you very, very much!

  • Damian Scattergood

    Add my vote for, Amanda is always to the point and useful. We’ve learnt lots for her and grown in strength from learning from this blog.
    Damian Scattergood STAR Translation Services

  • Suzanne

    I like

  • lynn Alexander

    I nominate

  • kfranco12

    My favorite blog is – reason being is that Jamie Turner explains things in simple step-by-step terms with regard to the “do’s and don’ts” of social media practices.  I’ve seen him present his wares several times – in my book, he is “The Man” in 2013!!! 

  • Anonymous

    I nominate Social Samosa from India.