social media researchWelcome to our weekly edition of what’s hot in social media news. To help you stay up to date with social media, here are some of the news items that caught our attention.

What’s New This Week?

Facebook Upgrades Comments Plugin for Websites: Did you know Facebook allows you to add comments to any web page using its platform? Facebook now allows readers to have their comments published in their Facebook news feeds. And when friends comment back in Facebook, the reply will show up on your site. This is something all bloggers should check out.

facebook comment plugin

This is how the comment I left on a recent TechCrunch blog (with the new Facebook Comment plugin) is published on my Facebook Profile wall.

Facebook Likes Button Clicks Go to News Feed: When your readers Like something on your website, this now generates an update on their news feeds that looks like Facebook Share. It appears as if you’ll only need one Facebook button on your blog or website in the future: the Facebook Like button.

facebook likes

I Liked these pages on these websites and this is how the updates show up on my Facebook Profile and in my friends' news feeds on Facebook.

LinkedIn Groups Guarantee Relevant Jobs Listing: The Jobs tab in LinkedIn Groups is now tailored specifically for the group. “All these jobs are either shared into the group by its members, or match keywords specified by the group manager, so they’re guaranteed to be relevant.”

linkedin job tab

LinkedIn Group managers can improve the experience for their members with job listings more targeted to their group.

Google Enhances User Profiles: Google Profiles have been around for a while to help you “connect to other public online services and improve your search results.” The new design lets you “highlight the information that’s most important to you.”

google profile

Check out the latest options to present yourself on Google Profiles.

Here are a few new social media tools worth a look.

Spreaker: an audio platform that allows anyone to create, broadcast and share a personal radio show across the Internet in a simple and accessible way.


With Spreaker, casual podcasters and bloggers have an easy way to keep in touch with their audience by audio.

fflap: a social selling tool for eBay to help sellers reach more people and sell their items faster.


Social shopping tools like fflap help businesses leverage their social networks. you can create a unique QR code and a profile page where you can easily change, update or replace the code’s content any time you want.


And don’t miss this:

Social Media Examiner’s Social Media Success Summit 2011: Just announced, this online mega-conference will help you business grow with social media.

What social media news caught your interest this week? Please share your comments below.

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  • would be a great thing to use at events like SOBCon or SXSW

  • Andrew Schiestel

    Good updates. Re: the like button, I recall it showing up occasionally like the share feature in the past on News Feeds (it wasn’t 100% of the time though). Second, one of the benefits of still using the share feature is that the poster can add their own comments. Hence, making it more relevant for their social graph.


  • great…really cool things u have on display here…just checked out the comments thing…applying it to my blog..

  • Thanks for the feedback Andrew!

  • Owias, let us know how you like it!

  • Billieg76825

    Everytime I read your updates I learn so much, thanks!

  • Cindy!! You always have the coolest discoveries. I just set myself up on – what a nifty site with the ability to have dynamic content. I set mine up to point to my page for now. haha, all these profiles! 🙂

    Btw, thanks heaps for referencing my FB Comments post!!


  • I like the changes made by Facebook so far.

  • I agree with Mari Smith – coolest discoveries, but this weeks post was the best yet! Very cool stuff!

  • John

    Thanks Cindy. looks like a really handy way to market. Looking into it further.

  • Spreaker sounds great. I love using You Tube videos on my blog by copying the attached “embedded” link to my post. Does anyone recommend a way to copy just audio files to blogs, so music plays but no image is shown? Especially on any You Tube videos, this would be ideal.

  • Glad you like them Billie!

  • You’re welcome Mari. It was really useful to publish your article so quickly after the latest Facebook updates!

  • I do too Mike, even if sometimes I wish things wouldn’t change quite so often.

  • Happy you like it Jonathan! It seems there are always fun things happening in social media!

  • You’re welcome John. We’re getting more QR code tools and this one looks interesting.

  • Megan, just the music from YouTube videos? Hmmm… nothing pops to mind.

  • Thank you Cindy for keeping us posted on the latest! Makes things so very easy. It is also great to see how LinkedIn is overhauling their system one step at a time. Last one year has been great for LinkedIn. I would love to see any article on sponsored advertising on LinkedIn platform.

  • Hi Cindy..

    Loved the Spreaker platform. After BlogTalkRadio changed to more a strict fee based service I looked for other alternatives. This looks to be a great alternative.

    Cool with the Facebook comment implementation. And LinkedIn is really getting stronger and stronger.

    Where do you find all these apps.. ? tehe..

    Great job.

    Cheers.. Are

  • How do you use this comment feature on your page?

  • How do you use this comment feature on your page? How do you use the share feature… I would like to have this on our pages?

  • Sam

    I don’t exactly know if I like the new Facebook commenting feature. Yes it’s cool and kind of illiminates trolls, but won’t this hold people back from commenting? I think there should still be an ‘anonymous’ option.

    That said, does anyone know if there’s already a WordPress plugin available or is it all via Facebook?

  • Kristina R

    Great article! Can you provide the link to the Speaker site? My Google search isn’t resulting in much.

  • As always, Great info!

  • Great updates!! Thanks for the headsup on the facebook new like button features 🙂

  • Iwtoant

    Hello, I never commented before and am brand new to all of this. This is a test. Thanks, dale

  • Hi Kristina, it’s with an “R” in there. There’s also a link in the article where it’s first mentioned. Let us know what you think of it!

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  • Sometimes I won’t get on Facebook for about a month then I’ll get on and it will be changed!

  • Pls use internet explorer.

  • Hi Cindy, thanks for the updates, good stuff as always! Have you seen Buffer I know it’s not totally original, but it’s very easy to use and to me, time is so valuable. Plus something I haven’t even looked at myself in detail yet is a Facebook management concept, the CEO of Scan & Target, Bastien Hillen contacted me on LinkedIn and told me all about it. You might find it interesting. Thanks again, Peter