social media expert interviewWelcome to the pilot episode of Social Media Examiner TV with our host Mari Smith!

In this episode, Mari reviews Flipboard—a hot new way to consume social media news from your Facebook and Twitter contacts—along with her thoughts on Facebook’s 500 million users and a look at how Foursquare could help your business.

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Flipboard Enhances Social Media

Flipboard is a brand new app for the iPad It mocks up how a magazine looks, but using social media content. The app helps you to aggregate and consume information from different sites by creating a totally customized dashboard on your iPad.

With it you can visually display content from your Twitter lists and Facebook contacts and easily share what you discover.

Flipboard makes it easy to create a completely customized dashboard on your iPad and you can move things around to suit your preferences.

Watch the video to find out why Flipboard is going to be a force to be reckoned with.

Facebook’s 500 Million Users and Your Business

Facebook now has 500 million active usersActive users are people who have logged on in the last 30 days, so there might even be a lot more people than that on Facebook. That’s a lot of people to access for your business.

Facebook also announced a huge transformational piece of news at its developers’ conference.  You can install a social plugin on your blog, your website, and even your Facebook page.  You’ve probably seen one of these, the Like button.  One hundred million websites have installed the Like button already.  Here’s the link to get the code for those social plugins.

Watch the video to find out how Facebook is changing businesses thanks to these social plugins.

Foursquare Means Business

Foursquare is one of several location-based services.  Foursquare is like a game for consumers, but in this video Mari also talks about it from a local business standpoint.

Here’s how Foursquare works.  When people come into a certain venue:

  • They have their mobile phones with them
  • They “check in” with Foursquare
  • They say to all of their friends: “I am here. I am at this venue.”

If you own a local restaurant, a bookstore, or you any kind of brick-and-mortar business, let your visitors know you’re on Foursquare and encourage them to check in.

Watch the video to find out what Mari’s first Foursquare check in was, how her local health food store connected with her because of Foursquare and how you can get started.

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  • SME TV is such a great idea! First of its kind for sure. The content is value-packed! My clients are going to eat this up because although they may not want to execute everything, they do want to get educated. Perfect platform for learning–it’s fun and educational. I just learned 3 new things from that video! Great job Mari (and you look amazing!). I can’t wait for more. . .

  • BonnieKirk

    Great job, Mari! And congratulations on the launch, SME.

  • Really great idea! I’m looking forward to the next episodes

  • Thanks Bonnie!

  • Appreciate the positive comments Marloes.

  • Thanks Amy!

  • Thanks Mari.

    As usual great info.

    Don’t have an iPad, but FlipBoard type of apps I also think we will see more of for PC and MACs. Hope so at least..

    Thanks for the FaceBook reminder. Realized I have one on my blogs where I have not installed the Facebook Social Plugin.

    The best part was the Foursquare info for businesses, really cool idea to prepare a Foursquare party. Or some kind of reward. Location based services will explode like Twitter did. I am pretty sure that after Blog Expo this year we will see some new interesting trends. Will I see you there?

    Cheers.. Are

  • Hey Are, so glad you liked it. I am digging Flipboard

  • Great pilot episode to set the tone for future ones.

    The Flipboard sounds awesome, it’s just too bad I don’t have an IPad to play with it. Hearing about new and exciting applications that can really make an impact is great though.

    Enjoyed the bits about Facebook and Foursquare as well. The descriptions are simple and to the point but still make you want to explore these platforms to the fullest.

  • Awesome, awesome, AWESOME! You all rock – thanks so much for doing this for all of us!!

  • Interesting!

    One suggestion: Youtube is nice, but you also need to publish it as a video-podcast that we can subscribe to.

  • Livingwisely

    Thanks for keeping us all with up-to-the-minute info, Mari. Can always count on you to be the first out with the best!!

  • Hey Thomas. Good idea. Do you know how to do that?

  • SMEtv is great! Just what I needed to confirm what I have been sharing with my clients about location-based services such as Foursquare. They are a gift to businesses which if embraced, are a great way to build customer loyalty and more!

    Flipboard is revolutionary! It and similar apps to come will change news delivery and perhaps save many publications that are failing due print and circulation costs.

    Thanks Social Media Examiner, Michael Stelzner and Mari Smith for this exciting new source!

  • Beautiful pilot episode! It’s a very nice – easily sharable format. And it is a less techie version of – which is for a little more techie person. I really liked this and sent it around. It also validates what I’ve been telling a few of my clients – especially about 4square! Thanks for making me look less crazy.

  • Thomas Brant

    Hi Mari & Michael… loved the new show and definitely looking forward to the next one coming up!

    p.s.. Mari, would love to know how things go at the annual meeting with Brad Sugars. Will you be recording your part of it?

    All the best…

    Thomas Brant

  • Mari, you’re fantastic! I really loved your points you made about Foursquare plus the wise tips. Do you rent out those rottweilers and Sumo boyfriends? LOL!

    Congrats to you and Michael for a job well done.


  • Susan Kuhn

    Beautiful work!! Excellent format, great host (congratulations, Mari — I knew her (on twitter) when, and that was so recently! I learned so much in just a few minutes. Keep it up!

  • ClydeGriffith

    Great job! Great idea! Thanks for sharing these ideas. Looking forward to more.

  • Bravo! Great concept and terrific execution. So many wonderful things about #SMEtv. Mari’s presentation style is, as always, informative and engaging. I love the three topics in eight minutes format as I’ll always be able to find a few minutes to watch. I’m loving Foursquare, too, Mari! Thanks so much – Mike, Mari and the SME team. I look forward to future episodes.

  • Rolonda

    I continue to be so proud of you, Mari. You are my social media shero! Thanks for keeping me inspired!
    xoxo – Rolonda

  • It’s great to see more exploration of video for social media news and content. Well done to you for taking this step and providing us with another helpful source of information around the subject. Very interested to see where you take it and how others follow suit!


    Steve Birkett | Above The Static

  • Candielm

    Thanks, that was great, I didn’t get foursquare before. Now it makes sense.

  • Absolutely fabulous – – Informative – Clear – Upbeat – and easy enough for a relative newbie like me to understand! Thanks you two. Can’t wait for the next one!

  • Susan

    Congratulations Mike and Mari and SME! I love videos and doing videos. Pilot is awesome, looking forward to more from you all.

  • The Flipboard has enormous potential… And glad you liked the pilot

  • Leslie, we appreciate your feedback more than you know!

  • Jules


    you can make the player fit the width of your column, just manually change it in the code and adjust the height too. A little guesswork and it will look fine. The size code is repeated twice in the embed code so you have to change both sets for it to work.


  • Thanks Stephanie and be sure to let us know what you want to see in future episodes

  • Excellent first show! I could listen to Mari Smith all day long…just love the accent!

  • Stellar show — congrats Michael and Mari! Fabulous production! Thanks for all you shared Mari 😉

  • Richard Martin

    Love the format and Mari presentation is awsome. I also agree with Thomas Beakdal

  • Hey Jules,

    We use a special YouTube plugin that handles things cleanly in WordPress, this is the biggest size they offer within our width. Cool news is we just put a URL in there and it works

  • You could try iTunes and post it there and then the community can subscribe to it from there..

  • Ahh… well yes and no. Podcasts are merely a RSS feed with a media attachment. But I’m not familiar with how to integrate that into WordPress.

    Maybe this would do? (again, I don’t use WordPress so I have no experience with it)

    There are also numerous podcast hosting options, but I haven’t use any of those either.

    From a technical perspective, all you need is to upload the file, and some tool to create the Podcast RSS feed.

    BTW: It is a this point where we all wish that we could simply subscribe to a YouTube channel as a Podcast 🙂

  • Rhcwilliams

    Michael & Mari, great video! Really informative. I don’t think Mari explained how she resolved the “I’m away from my house, burglars” fear about FourSquare. Maybe she can touch on it again next time – it’s something of an issue, after all.

    Fantastic job!

  • Christine

    love the catchy music & jungle in intro! Good and helpful info, well presented! Wishing you lots of success with this venture!

  • WhaleRiot

    Any chance you will put this on iTunes, so that we can subscribe through there?

  • Sheri

    Mari did a great job; she’s so great at engaging people via video. She didn’t convince me of the “fun” of Foursquare, however. I hate it. HA!

  • “Awesome TV” that’s what you guys should call this 🙂

    I’m actually going to speak with a local restaurant about utilizing foursquare to drive more foot traffic…AND this video is giving me more fire power to really ramp it up to the majority of the local businesses in the area!


  • Oh how fun!! Great addition Michael, awesome 1st vid & I just LOVE the little music & monkey starting the show woohoo! I’m still not sold on foursquare, luckily I don’t have a brick n mortar business so I’m not losing anything that way. Mari… do you ever wear anything other than blue ;)? Although, you DO look gorgeous in all shades of blue! Cheers guys x

  • Love the video! I was one of those that was very apprehensive of Foursquare as well. Sometimes I check-in when I’m really checking out! Ha ha! Ooohh I love the idea of posting when I’m at events on my fan page. Thanks for that link!

  • Thanks Mike & Mari that was fabulous … I am a Foursquare hang out too … have to get onto that LOL!

  • I’ve been a fan of Mari’s for a while but have to say this team effort with Michael and the Social Media Examiner is edge-y, really informative and fun!! The info on Foursquare was right on time as I’m now helping local business owners with social media marketing. My client who owns a bra shop could really do some great promo with Foursquare!! Thanks for a great episode and I can’t wait until the next one:-)

  • This is great stuff… I learnt a few new things about FourSquare and Social Plugins. Thanks Mari…
    Thanks Mike for the constant value you provide. 🙂
    ~ Freya

  • Hi Mari,

    I really enjoyed the pilot episode. I think SMEtv is a fantastic idea. Thanks for persuading me to give Foursquare a try.

    I was also apprehensive about the security aspect of it but it really looks like a lot of fun and a great way of driving some foot traffic to local businesses. It will certainly show them the power of social media.

  • Aloha Mari,

    I love the video post and you are so much fun to watch! Thank you for always sharing such valuable content with all of us! We really appreciate all of your wisdom!

    Keep those videos coming, they are the best!

    Much love & gratitude,
    Kellie 🙂

  • Good Info. I enjoyed watching the Video.

  • Great, to get the latest updates in less then 10 minutes. Has given me new ideas.

  • You’re so welcome, Freya — delighted to hear you enjoyed the first show!!

  • heheeee — thanks heaps for your very kind feedback, Karen!!!

  • Ahh, we’ll make you a convert yet, Leigh!! Lol. (Cute triple avatar, btw!)

  • Thanks heaps, Naomi!!! Ya, same here – often for security/safety reasons, I’ll check in when I’m leaving a venue. Lol!!

  • teeheeeee — “turquoise ‘n’ bling, that’s my thing!” Now in my third year of wearing all shade of light blue/turquoise and lotsa sparkle. It’s my brand. Even my luggage, all accessories, and toenails match. Always a great conversation starter when I’m traveling. Lol! (Stay tuned for some merchandising down the road!)

  • That is so wonderful to hear!!! Happy to have fired you up even more. hehee!!

  • LOL — ya, these location based services from a user standpoint are not for everyone. We’ll be reviewing plenty more tools and sites in coming episodes!

  • Ooo, Angela – superb idea!!! I’ll talk to Mike about what’s involved there. We’re running a pilot of three first. 😉

  • Ya, essentially I didn’t really resolve it per se. It’s something to be very mindful of… and I rather think keeps many people from choosing to actively engage in Foursquare. However, for those users (I believe there are close to a million now) who are very active, these are the folks that bricks and mortar businesses should be aware of!

  • Aww, thanks so much, Lauren. You’re very kind!!!

  • Awesome feedback – thanks heaps!!! I’m tickled pink (okay turquoise!!) heheee

  • Many thanks, Steve!! We’re in ‘beta’ just now, if you will. Huge potential for sure!!! Very exciting times. 🙂

  • Many blessings back to you dear Rolonda. I’m so honored – coming from you, oh superstar of the TV hostessing, this means so much to me!! 🙂

  • Doing cartwheels here – hehee, thanks heaps for your kind feedback!!!! 🙂 xx0xx

  • teeheee — thank you so much!!

  • Totally LMAO – hahaaaa. Good point, eh. Home protection could be a whole other line of business to hook up with the LBS’s!!!!

    Thanks heaps, hunee!!!! xx

  • Hey there Thomas — here I am in Barcelona now at the Hotel Arts. Super excited for my training tomorrow morning for ActionCoach. Great question regards recording; I’ll check with Brad. I sure hope there will be a recording… I can record my voice with an iPhone app!! 🙂

  • Fantastic feedback — so good to hear. Thanks heaps and we look forward to sharing more!! 🙂

  • Wow, great point Thomas about subscribing to YouTube channels as a Podcast. Hmmm, wonder if the peeps at YT are planning this?? 🙂

  • Hey Are!!! Most definitely – Mike and I and the whole Social Media Examiner team actually will be at Blog World Expo again this year!! 🙂

    Thanks for your kind feedback!

  • Awesome Mike and Mari! I always learn some thing here that I can use on my SM plan. Yea!
    Also, wondering when and where is the Blog Expo?
    Have a powerful day!

  • Sorry, but they are not planning it 🙁

    The problem is that they cannot mix the advertising formats with Podcast videos (no way to have interactive elements – like ads – displayed above the video element). They also need to enforce content protection via many publishers (which also cannot be done via Podcasts).

    It is for the same reasons that they have blocked non-flash output in the YouTube API. (…or that Hulu isn’t doing it either).

    The official word from Google, is that they are not supporting it, nor have any plans to do so. Not even Google’s new WebM video format will support this.

    But, Vimeo is saying that they will support Podcast feeds directly, once they have switched to the h.264 video format. However, there is no official word yet when that will happen.

  • Clyde, you cannot host podcasts on iTunes. The video files and the podcast feed have to be hosted on an external server, then submitted to iTunes.

    I agree, that once have a podcast feed, then submitting it to iTunes is a top priority. But Michael and Mari need to host the feed and files themselves. iTunes is merely a facilitator 🙂

    — From Apple —

    How do I create my own podcast?
    iTunes does not support the creation of podcasts. Many podcast authors record and edit audio for their episodes using GarageBand software for the Mac. You can find more information about using GarageBand here. You can also author podcasts using Quicktime 7 Pro or any other audio recording software.

    Once you’ve created your podcast, then you need to publish it first by hosting it on a web-server with an RSS feed, and then submit the RSS web address to the iTunes Store. You can find more information here if you have iTunes 4.9 or later installed.

  • Connie Horn

    Great video! You always give such great information–cutting edge and useful. When I want to know something about social media, you’re my source, Mari. I’m working my way through your Facebook Marketing book. I’ll be an expert by the time I finish! By the way, you look marvelous!!

  • Great! Looking forward to see you all there.

    Cheers.. Are

  • Oh wow – this is all so helpful to know. Thanks for sharing – you’re clearly keeping up with this topic!!!

  • Yay!!! Thanks for your kind feedback – so glad to hear you’re venturing into Foursquare now too!! 🙂

  • Hi Marveena — Blog World Expo is held every hear in Las Vegas. This year’s dates are October 14-16. See for tickets.

  • Thank you so much!!!! I’m honored. Glad to hear you’re enjoying Facebook Marketing too!! 🙂

  • Great source of inspiration and information! Thanks for the TV. Really love your ideas.

  • Nat

    Mari – this is so cool, congrats on the launch guys! You have such an amazing camera presence. Love the tips you have spoken about in this episode and really looking forward to seeing more from you guys

  • Carrie Wilkerson

    you need to sync with itunes. we’re doing the same with BarefootExecutive.TV – makes it more user friendly on every platform and more ‘subscribable’ – LOL — so you need a plug in that makes it all happen 😉 Cliff Ravenscraft is setting ours up for us

    Carrie Wilkerson

  • Fantastic tips Mari, woohoo, I’m excited from SME TV! I can’t wait to watch the next show!

  • Really SME TV is great idea to increase awareness of social media. Actually this is my first time, when i read your blog, its interesting.I am big fan of Mashable , it is best blog for social media news.But i saw your Social Media Examiner blog, it is also good. i will be connect to it.thanks…

  • Mari. You are a seasoned TV pro. Excellent content and venue Michael.Keep up the good work

  • Michelle

    I like the way you included the text below the video. I don’t have sound at work, so get frustrated when things are *only in video form. You included just enough content in the text along with the “watch the video to…” teasers that I don’t feel totally left out, while I know why I need to come back later to watch. Shouldn’t be surprised, you guys are always awesome, but definitely impressed!

  • Thanks for the good feedback Michelle!

  • Forgot to ask if Google’s Fast Flip is somewhat similar to the FlipBoard…

    Cheers.. Are

  • Joanne Johnson

    This is a great idea! Very informative without being too time consuming or overly technical. Awesome job Michael and Mari – thank you!

  • HI Mari, love the video & good job. You really have a good presenting voice.Keep it up! Just want to know if the phone in the demonstration with the sparkles is yours;)

  • Ha!!! The bling iPhone and french manicure is indeedy me!!! 🙂 Thanks so much for your kind comment!! 🙂 (hugs from Barcelona!!)

  • Oooh, great specific feedback – thanks heaps Joanne!!!

  • Awww, I’m flattered!! Oprah, look out!! ha!

  • Bless you, thanks for saying Nat!! 🙂

  • Julia


  • Great work Mari and the entire team of SME! Loved the video, very constructive as always 🙂

    Looking forward to see more stuff from SME!


  • Brilliant, luv it thanks Mari and SME team 🙂 I always look forward to your emails, now I can enjoy the videos even more!

  • This was great. I would love to see a webisode dedicated to Facebook Community pages, where you think they’re headed, and the problems they cause (and how to resolve them!) from a business perspective. I love learning from you guys. Simple but fun and always informative!

  • Funny you should ask… Stay tuned this Friday

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