social media expert interviewIn this video I interview Kimarie Matthews, vice president of social web for Wells Fargo.

Kimarie shares how Wells Fargo uses Twitter to improve customer support. You’ll also discover how she documents Twitter interactions to monitor customer sentiment and uses the data to develop a business case for social media investment.

Be sure to check out the takeaways below after you watch the video.

Here are some of the things you’ll learn in this video:

  • How to add value on Twitter
  • How to manage different channels on Twitter
  • What day-to-day activities create the basis for a strong presence
  • How to listen to customers
  • How to handle customers who are having a less-than-desirable experience
  • How to look for feedback from customers and get it back to the store in question
  • How to manage corporate Twitter accounts
  • How mobile impacts the social interactions with your customers

Connect with Kimarie on Twitter @Kimariematthews and also @Ask_WellsFargo.

Do you use Twitter for your business? What tips do you have to share to get the most out of your Twitter strategy? Please leave them below.

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  • Most of lending companies are harvesting the power of the internet socal world. I use twiiter but I think it will be wise for me to use more though.

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

  • Agree

  • DivineDiva2011

    Its nice to see that Wells is a company that interacts and uses that feedback. I’ve noticed a lot of large companies don’t do anything about the feedback they receive on twitter which is just as discouraging as having a bad experience. The whole point to be on twitter is to enhance your brand, it’s great to see large corporations embracing that.

  • Mike Lawson

    Nice job, Michael. Really liked how she talked about how they track each interaction all the way to the end. That’s thorough and a good way to measure your successes to see if it’s actually working. I always thought Twitter was the perfect customer support tool if used properly.

  • Interesting. I guess I should refer a deaf Wells Fargo customer to Twitter. Perhaps if she tries to get through to them on there, they will finally listen to her and resolve the communications problems she has been having with her WF branch. I actually wrote about this, and the bank being investigated by the Department of Justice, for the August issue of SIGNews.

  • Hey Mike – Indeed Twitter is awesome for customer support

  • Hey Diva – Yes, many big businesses are waking up to their need to reply

  • It couldn’t hurt…

  • The business I work at, RewardStream, integrates Twitter into referral/recommendation and loyalty programs for our clients to help them acquire new customers by facilitating customer recommendations. Works great for businesses in the financial services sector since word-of-mouth is a key driver in decision making there. So, my tip would be to really utilize Twitter as a channel for enabling your customers to spread the word about your banking institution. If anyone would like to see an example of how this works, or has any questions, feel free to send me a message via Facebook.

  • Jon

    Maybe the best Social Media interview I’ve seen…  It is so great to hear someone talk so openly and concisely about what and how a big business like Wells Fargo is using social media, as well as what sort of resources they have dedicated to social media.

    The next step is to think about and talk about how to down scale this for smaller businesses that can’t dedicate multiple full time staff to monitoring social media.

  • That was an awesome interview. Seriously. Great sound quality, great person to interview. Impressed that you were able to reach the lead social media person for such a big brand.

  • Loved the video posted on SocialMediaExaminer on 7/29/11 on how and why Wells Fargo is tracking Twitter interactions.  I don’t bank with Wells Fargo but it really made me think that maybe I should. Really.

  • I think that Wells Fargo understands how to really leverage social media

  • Very nice interview. Always nice to see larger companies “getting it” verses hearing a company talk about how social media is a fad, brand new, not worth any resources, etc. 

  • Thanks Jon!

  • Glad you liked it John

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  • Nice Share! In the recent times, I have noticed a names of few big companies like Dell, Vodafone using Online Social platform for their CRM & how important it is for them. The interesting part to know in this video was about managing the customer sentiment using Twitter interactions. Keep up the good work Wells Fargo!

  • This is really great concept. Basically, I am using my Twitter account for personal use. But, lately I know that Twitter is really big channel to expand our business brand on internet. Right now, I am using my Twitter account with similar way! But, I am focusing to reduce bombarding of data on Twitter users. It may create negative reputation in our customer’s mind. What you think about it?

  • Twitter is a great tool for gaining / interacting with clients.  It is imperative companies understand the importance of social media. 

  • Capz

    Interesting to see how a big financial company is taking care of customers needs through social media. Really like these ideas, especially as I work for another big bank. I really like the thorough tracking of the problems.

  • Ray

    I not the best at managing twitter. I still can’t imagine how a big bank like wells fargo keeps everything in order. I know people say they can contact and interact with some businesses on twitter if they have a problem with something. I usually don’t think about doing so. I guess I figure that I won’t be heard maybe.

  • Onething is confirmed, you need a custom twitter tool to better manage the account, thanks Michael !

  • I am new to twitter. When Kimelie spoke about tracking the instances of wells fargo, she didn’t explain how. I guess this would be the first step to interacting with customers. Can any of your forum let me know how I achieve this. I am @pumphousepeople if anyone would like to tweet direct, or I shall watch this space. Thanks

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  • Nice to hear that they turn online mentions into offline actions!