social media expert interviewIn this video I interview Lewis Howes, author of the book LinkedWorking. Lewis shares how businesses can benefit from LinkedIn.

Listen to the useful tips Lewis shares in this video to get the most out of this business networking platform. Below you’ll find a few takeaways to listen for.

Here is what you’ll learn in this interview:

  • Why businesses should be on LinkedIn
  • How to use LinkedIn questions and answers to benefit your business
  • Why you need to complete your LinkedIn profile 100%
  • How to set up the links in your profile for stronger calls to action
  • How to use LinkedIn groups
  • Why you should add as many contacts as possible

You can find out more about Lewis on his website here.

Do you use LinkedIn? How is it working for you? Have you tried any of these tips?  Please comment below.

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  • Excellent and practical insights on tapping into the goldmine that is Linkedin. Thanks!

  • jeffchavez

    Excellent info, thank you! Looking forward to the social media success summit!

  • mikel_z

    Good stuff, I actually stopped the video and started using these tips. Forgot I was watching it! Thanks guys!

  • Interesting, useful information on using LinkedIn to engage potential clients. Thanks for posting this clip.

  • Michael and Lewis, thank you for this info. Really good, as I am sure the comments will continue to reflect. I found groups so far to have been helpful, but no where near the depth you brought up here. As a newbie in the Social Marketing game, this is such a help. Again, thanks!

  • Cool interview. Lewis, you should bottle some of that positive energy/enthusiasm and spread it to us all! Thanks for sharing your insights on LI.

    I see a lot of synergy here at the SME forum. This interview is a nice addition to previous posts, including the recent one by Amy Porterfield. Great job, Mike. Keep it coming!

  • TheBlizzrdGroup

    This video is awesome for those interested in learning some quick and easy tips about using Linkedin for business. In addition, the SocialMedia Examiner intro shows how to engage and present your brand with style.

  • Luve this video. (Dang…I thought LI Q&A was my secret weapon ;-D ;-D.) Definitely works well for my business and helps bring immediate reader benefit to the table.

    Remember everyone, you can see, hear and learn more from Lewis (including asking him LinkedIn questions inherent to your business), along with 23 other Superstars at the upcoming Social Media Success Summit 2010.

    Tia Dobi, Hypnotic writing and niche marketing that sells more
    Publicist, Social Media Success Summit 2010 w/Guy Kawasaki,
    Mari Smith, Lewis Howes & the Dream Team of Social Media

  • lewishowes

    Glad it was helpful Scott, and let me know if you have any other questions about using LinkedIn.

  • lewishowes

    Love it!

  • stempleton

    Didn’t realize Q&A was that powerful. Thanks for sharing

  • Dan

    Nicely done.

  • SOL123

    It helps

  • Its interesting to watch this interview with Lewis Howes about to use Linkedin for business.Now Linkedin is popular for job and different businesses.Even I also came to know some new things from this interview.

  • Lewis, thanks for that insight, and well articulated information. I agree with most points you’ve mentioned, bar one: I don’t accept any invitation I receive, in order to gather “numbers”. I agree you have to have as many connections as possible to connect you with a larger network, separated by 3 degrees, but I believe in my “credibility by association” and would only accept people I had some business interaction in the past, and people who can benefit from linking to me, or I can benefit from linking to them. I receive many “standard” (not personalized) invitations from people saying they are my friends, which I never heard of, and had nothing to do with.
    I refuse to accept these invitations, as they’re not genuine. In my opinion, the same rules apply to online and offline networking. I prefer to develop real relationships with people in my network, so we can all benefit from being in this network. IMO it needs to work for everyone.
    I do recommend to add ALL of your real existing contacts to your linkedin connection, but don’t go around adding people arbitrarily, as it will dilute the power and effectiveness of your network.

  • Linked In Answers is a great way for businesses to respond to ‘expressed needs’ by offering their products/services as solutions. Also, it’s a great tool to generate leads.

    Good resource, Michael! Social Media Examiner is doing a great job!

  • Thanks Samarpan

  • Scott

    My question on LinkedIn is that my profile and professional background is completely different from my business. I’m unsure if I should have that unrelated work history in there when it is different from my brand new venture as possible.

    Any ideas on how to approach that?

  • Thank you for the video clip on Linkedin. Always looking for new ways to engae and use Linkedin to its fullest!

  • This is really helpful. I still was a little confused on how to get all this up and running!

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  • LinkedIn has a lot of stats showing recommendations help you get business. Ask previous and current clients you have done business with, or people you know for recommendations, and give them back. Be honest and don’t make everyone sound like Superman, if you don’t have something nice to say, it’s probably best not to say anything at all. Try to keep getting referrals, someone with 6 referrals spread out over 3 years probably looks better, than someone with 20 referrals all more than 2 years old.

  • These are some great points. Join us for a discussion about Linkedin and Small Businesses on Wednesday the 22nd of June. Join Us!

  • huz

    I learned a lot from your post, I just knew that meta content is the description you can find in search results.