social media expert interviewIn this video I interview Ramon De Leon, the managing partner of six Domino’s Pizza franchises in Chicago. As you can imagine, this is a very competitive market. But Ramon uses some unique social media marketing tactics that make the difference.

Ramon shares these marketing tips and shows businesses how to use social media to attract local customers and turn them into raving fans.

Be sure to check out the takeaways below after you watch the video.

Here are some of the things you’ll learn in this video about social media marketing to local customers:

  • How to use print marketing pieces to generate conversations and get more customers.
  • Why you should consider promoting your customers.
  • How to encourage people to come to your local business.
  • How to use photos to create an experience online.
  • How to use Twitter for real-time monitoring and what to look for.
  • The biggest thing businesses forget to do on Foursquare and why it makes the difference.
  • How to create stories for customers to talk about when they get back to their offices.
  • How to put out a social media fire.
  • How to get customers to brag about your products.

Connect with Ramon on Twitter @ramon_deleon and look him up the next time you’re in Chicago.

How do you turn customers into raving fans? What tips do you have to share for local businesses? Please share them in the comment section below.

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  • That connection you make online will prompt them to visit your place of business. Master the art of communication and the will come.

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

  • This officially tops my video of the day list! What amazing, creative use of social media to build amazing customer experience.
    I love how you’ve created community by including tweets in pizza boxes – what a powerful marketing and follow up strategy!

    Everyone could take a lesson from your strategy!

  • Ej

     You are a very creative social media marketer. The video was very helpful. Creativity is indeed an important factor in business that uses social media marketing. I like the idea of promoting customers to help keep yourself in business. I would surely try these social media marketing tips. 

  • Glad you liked it. Ramon is very good.

  • Ej – Ramon has creativity flowing through his blood 🙂

  •  This is awesome video. You can see the passion in Ramond’s eyes. That’s why he is winning.

  • LeoWid

     Oh man, let me recap what I learnt here, these are some incredible lessons Mike. 

    First off, great pick on your questions and the research you did beforehand to find out about all this, really made for an insightful conversation to listen.

    Ramon’s ideas are awesome, and the way he is so passionate about it inspired me a lot. Having fun and getting sales, after all if you can combine these things doing the things we love is a lot easier.

    Let me Buffer this and be back for sure. Great stuff. 🙂

  •  Amazing. 

  •  Excellent video. I’m just starting to work with a new local client who has all the makings of a great local website, store, and online presence. They don’t see it yet. This will help me create the marketing materials and the online social communication. 

    Use your online branding on your packaging.
    Get your users excited to share their results.
    Turn any negative situation into an apology and turn it into a raving positive.

    Thanks for the video!

  • @raemon_deleon:twitter @smexaminer Hey guys, this is an amazing interview. I like the passion, enthusiasm, and the ideas behind it. Wish my local pizzeria here in Germany would work on a similar level 😉

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  • Great video, probably the best one I’ve seen this week when it comes of social media marketing.

  • Terry Heenan

     The book “Raving Fans” by Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles was published in 1993. I still read it once a year. Very inspiring stuff!

  • Radhika_jadcherla

     It is amazing to see how Ramon did not hesitate to make an “Apology” video.That tells me that he really cares for what he does and is honest to accept any situation

  • Allan

     Great video. Raving fans make for passionate ambassadors. Ramon is passionate and loves his work. A great combination.

  • I’m in Chicago and I blogged about his “Customer Apology” myself early in April, and presenting it at my own conference on social video marketing in New York…

    Ramon had contacted me and mentioned that he had more customer videos, but I couldn’t find anywhere on his video sites or twitter feed. Hey Ramon, if you’re out there, can you point us to them?

  • Grant – Your link was bad. I fixed it

  • Thank you, and Ramon has just contacted me. We’re seeing if it’s feasible to do a video interview since we’re both in Chicago.

  • Mark Perkins

    Wow! Great Video.  Passion and Hustle, this guy is making it happen. That’s powerful stuff. 

  •  Great video!  “Raving fans” are the key to any small business.

  • Great idea re printing Tweets as part of packaging! It’s got me thinking about how I can do the same thing when I don’t have any packaging LOL! Kiwi smiles from @HaloBizNZ 

  • Sunil Gandhi

    Want more interesting stories of social media use by businesses and professionals. Its amazing opportunities – truly unprecedented. I am looking for customer wow!!! /raving fans stories from across the globe for my book on How to wow!!. Pl help.

  • That’s very interesting… It gives a good point about how important is instant monitoring even if you sale pizza. There is a future for Community Management !

  • Gerardo

     Awsome!! Cheers Mates, G&K
    Here is the video for “Domino’s Apology” BTW.


  • Del Wratten

    Love this guys attitude, this is what most small business miss.  It doesn’t matter if you are selling Pizzas or Real Estate… this is what it is all about. 10 out of 10 to Ramon!  Gold star on the forehead. 

  • peterparker513

    wow this just made my day..  these are the kinda people we need running the world! such passion for pizza! hah love it!

  •  In a country where it seems as though corporations don’t really care about their customers because there are “plenty more where they came from,” it is great to see people who still care.

  • Hi, Is there any way you can add captioning to your videos? I’d love to be able to catch every word that my cochlear implants don’t! 🙂 I’m sure you have many viewers in your audience who have hearing loss as well. I’m glad I found your site!

  • Hi Paula, I wish we were that sophisticated

  • Rich Haslam

    They do a great response to a customers complaint. Too bad Drunkin Donuts doesn’t do the same. I have complained about them on their FB page and they are completely silent. They should take lessons about social media from this guy.

  • Wow. Ramon_DeLeoncertainly gets it. Great job. I’m looking for opportunities and ideas to boost our local audience for our scratch and dent store. Created a pretty dynamic FaceBook places page with video intro landing page and local checkin deals, i really like Ramons printed twitter feed idea to wow his customers.

  • cbgrizzle

    Great video! Some very creative insite here that I intend to apply to my world. You can tell this guy is having a lot of fun using some amazing ideas and seeing the results. I’m definately sharing this with others in my company. Thanks a ton.

  • Andrew Greenyer

    I have been using Ramon and his use of Social Media in my conference presentations for about 6 months now – it is a great example of listening and responding to your customers. I just love his passion. 

  • Kim Wennerberg

    As others have said, Ramon “gets it” and has a burning passion for his business, but more importantly his customers and their overall experience. Without this kind of passion, all the knowledge in the world won’t grow your business! I looooved the pizza box idea…this could be tweaked for so many other businesses & products. And the apology video really exhibits his deep concern for the customer experience…we could all learn a thing (or twelve) from Ramon. Great interview, Michael!

  • Very refreshing to hear from someone who understands how social media fits with businesses. All businesses – especially local SMBs – should watch this video to be inspired and educated on the best practices and ROI of social media marketing. The food and beverage industry, like countless other industries – have so many variables that go into shaping a customer’s perception of your brand. As Ramon said, constant monitoring of social media conversations, and real-time responses, go far in establishing trust and a meaningful customer relationship. Dominoes is very lucky to have someone as passionate and knowledgeable as Ramon! Great work bringing this to the masses, Social Media Examiner!

  • Ramon…keep it up, you are on the right track!
    Thanks Mike, for sharing this with your community.

  • Ramon De Leon is a marketing genius in my eyes.  I really liked all the ideas he had about promoting his business such as the what to do when you’re waiting for your pizza at the store and putting customer tweets on his pizza boxes.  Extremely intelligent man.  I’ve never been to Chicago but he sells it to me.

  •  So impressed with his interview. All the best.

  • I really like how a franchise owner inside a large corporation is finding a great way to stand out.  It is often very difficult to deal with corporate as a franchisee, and Dominoes should be looking to Ramon as the leader of their efforts in all of their markets!  Way to go!

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