social media expert interviewIn this video I interview Darren Rowse, co-author of the best-selling book ProBlogger and founder of the popular blog ProBlogger. You’ll find out how blogging has changed and what you need to know to adapt to these changes.

Darren talks about how he uses social media to build stronger relationships with his blog audience and gives you tips to find which social media platforms work best for your blog.

Be sure to check out the takeaways below after you watch the video.

Here are some of the things you’ll learn in this video about how blogging has changed:

  • The shift in blog monetization
  • Why you should create content to make money
  • How to get traffic to your blog
  • Why you need to get off your own blog to become successful
  • How to find where your audience is online
  • How Darren uses Flickr to build a stronger community around his photography blog
  • How Facebook can enhance your blogging
  • How to seed your blog content on Facebook

Darren’s latest project is ProBlogger Academy, a platform which takes bloggers through the different aspects of blogging.  Connect with Darren there, @problogger or on

What changes have you noticed in blogging? What tips do you have to share? Please share them in the comment section below.

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  • Dr. Angela Hausman

    Really good interview. I’ve read the ProBlogger book and found it a very helpful resource. However, I think its still difficult for folks who have limited internet skills to pick up any book and learn to create a blog. They find it confusing, difficult, and frustrating. I think the ProBlogger academy is a good idea, but not everyone has the money to pay for it. Hence, I’ve created a website, where I’m journaling the creation of a new blog from niche exploration, through monetization, SEO optimization, and SMM. I’m hoping to feature guests who are experts in areas to share their advice. I’m using the Problogger book as the backbone of the effort. I invite everyone to come and share this experience.

  • I enjoyed this interview, and the fact that it was a video! I am part of the small business community who is entering into the blogosphere trying to figure out how to make an impact. We have been using social media to promote our blog but not with a very specific target. I will be looking more into specific communities that my readers frequent. I speak from experience when I say that many small businesses and independent brands don’t know how to begin creating a blog so I agree that the ProBlogger Academy would be a great resource to have. I think it is important for businesses to realize that they are capable of doing a blog and creating content.

  • Tips? none really, but I will say that I removed all ways to make money from my blog. I make money on other sites, so I really don’t need to annoy/bother/display advertising on my site in the way that everyone else does. So I’m ad-free reading. I like it.

    The only ads I do have are paid sponsors who have purchased a link to their site. It’s small and insignificant in terms of screen real estate, so I don’t really count that as advertising. They’re more there for the link juice than advertising to my readers.

  • Wayne! Way to go! I am with you fully regarding ad free. We only have one ad on our site for our own stuff

  • Amanda – Glad you liked the interview! We publish about one a week.

  • Hi Angela – Another good tactic is to study what other successful blogs are doing and model as relevant to your site.

  • Darren always gives some great tips!
    Hey Angela I just looked at your site, if your blog is only a week or two old you shouldn’t even be considering monetization anytime soon, (just in case you were). Completely agree with Wayne and Mike, its all about ad free blogs. Low quality ads and Adsense usually just put people off, and as Gary vaynerchuk said in his book “Crush It”, “Adsense just takes people away from your blog” for the sake of a few cents. It’s all about building up your blog with high quality and varied posts, whilst also making sure you have a particular target audience in mind, and then, as Darren put it, “getting off your blog” and networking. I plan to attract at least ten times my current visitors before considering paid ads, and if I do get them, they will be subtle and unobtrusive to my readers.

  • Michael,
    Thanks for the great interview. Since I’m new to blogging, it was interesting to hear how things have changed, especially as far as ads are concerned.

    It’s quite the journey learning about blogging and whole world of social media. I find I’ve learned a lot by reading the comments that follow the blog. In fact sometimes I learn more.


  • Great Information, I really appreciate the information that I receive from this blog. I try my best to implement everything that you share. Although my blog is more of a personal development blog, I still find great value in your content.

  • Hi Michael! I love this interview! I have never seen Darren interviewed before and I LOVE the questions you asked him especially the one about how to use Facebook to enhance our blogging… You are an excellent interviewer, Michael! I just joined The Third Tribe by Darren, Chris Brogan, Brian Clark and Sonia Simone… and I look forward to learning more from pioneers like you, Mari and all of you who help bring us the cutting edge information, systems and practices in technology! More power to you, Michael!!

  • Thanks much Emma!

  • Thanks so much Donald!

  • Dr. Angela Hausman

    Absolutely. I couldn’t agree more. That advice is posted in my blogging experiment. Every post ends with a list of Task for those following my journaling to help them create their own blog and I post that as part of the advice every day.

  • Dr. Angela Hausman

    Yeah, I think its important to express the gift economy if you want to develop credibility and influence. I have a second blog with no advertising, just a buy me a latte donation site. On LetsBlogForMoney, the only advertising is in the form of affiliate links to the products we use and demonstrate on the site and believe in.

  • Dr. Angela Hausman

    Thanks for visiting. I’ve not advertising and am not planning on it. The only thing I use are affiliates for products I use in the development, demonstrate, and believe in myself. In most cases, I’ve worked with companies I have a relationship with and they have given me a discount to pass on to my readers.

  • Hi Michael

    I saw that Darren had tweeted this interview and I’m glad I found your website as a result. I found his comments about blogging trends interesting and I absolutely agree with your comment that you can learn from other sites and model yourself after the good ones where appropriate.

    By the way, I love the fun look of this site and find it very easy to navigate through.


  • Hannah Kinney

    This is so interesting! Darren was talking about reaching his audience almost like he was in marketing. I’ve never thought about creating a profile for the type of audience member I want to attract. I’ve only been blogging since January, so I’m definitely still in the stages of developing a blog worthy of traffic. ProBlogger Academy sounds like a wonderful tool to use for anyone with a personal blog or a business that is interested in becoming a recognized name in the blogosphere. I’m definitely going to check that out. Right now I have my Twitter account connected to my blog, but I’ve never thought about using Facebook to improve my content. It makes a lot of sense to use Facebook as a tool to increase reader engagement by asking questions, receiving feedback, and then blogging about it.

    Thanks for sharing this interview!

  • Susan

    Excellent interview! I’m going to share this with my Dad, who started blogging a couple of months ago. He is a big fan of Darren. I purchased Darren’s recent book, ProBlogger Secrets, the Kindle version, for his 83rd birthday! Never to young to get started – Check out

  • Guy

    I stumbled upon this with Darren’s tweet. Great refreshing video interview.

    If blogs are using Ad sense, generally I find user experience doesn’t come first which is a shame.

    Thanks for sharing the post with us Michael.

  • AdamStanecki

    Thank you, Michael.
    Another great interview.
    Very interesting to hear what an experienced blogger is seeing in the industry right now.

  • I just removed most of the display advertising on my site. I’m going strictly to text links and products that I actually use.

    Great post….

  • You guys hit the right spot. This is a very common problem which the new bloggers usually face. I have a blog which is about youth affairs, problems and about some of my random thoughts. I am very well aware from the methods to drive the traffic and I succeeded very well in 2 months I have about 150 users and 60 percent were unique but it is really depressive that still their was no discussion on any of my post. I guess now I will be able to resolve this issue

  • Michael, I really dig the interview videos you publish. Great stuff. I’m just getting started with a small company, its blog, its social media presence, etc., so I have much to learn, and applaud you and your team for greasing my skids with the content you provide.

    You might have posted about it in the past, so forgive me if I just haven’t located it, but I was wondering what “production tools” you use to create/polish your video interviews. For example, when the guest mentions some site, you typically float a small text window up from the bottom that contains a text representation of the URL, etc. How is this done?

  • Thats a pretty cool idea. Wasn’t being negative at all, just saying you’ve got to build a blog up over a reasonable period of time before you monetize it in any way, but you obviously know what your doing, hope the blog does well for you 🙂

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  • If you were to number the steps on how to start a blog I would definitely make that step one. Do some research and see what you want to do first and find ways to make it better. It doesn’t hurt to ask your network for ideas as well too.

  • Thats really good..Am a new bie. Still not into my own website as such. Please check below and suggest me on any improvements.