social media toolsSince Facebook announced the Open Graph API, the response has ranged from “Facebook is the future of the web” to “Facebook is ending privacy as we know it.”

Matt Schlict definitely believes the former.

Matt saw Open Graph API as an opportunity to connect people across the web—not just through personal connections, but also by their connection to the most popular content.  Instead of waiting for users to browse one of the 100,000 sites using a form of the Open Graph, he decided to post all of the most popular content in one place, on

What Is is a site that collects all of the content shared via Open Graph, and ranks it by the number of times it has been shared.  This guarantees that everything on the site is the most popular content of its kind.

Let me give you an official tour:

Why Is It Different?

I know what you’re thinking., and all do the same thing, right?


On those sites, all the content is physically placed there by individuals then voted on for popularity.

On, there is no bias.

All of the content is shared in its own online world, and the best of the best (or most popular of the popular) gets pulled into Matt’s site, giving a true, unbiased, “passive pulse” of the Internet.

Here’s an example of the most popular videos on Facebook.

Why Is This Awesome?

For individuals and brands on social networks looking to boost the quality of the content they share, is a lifesaver.  No more guessing if your audience will find a particular piece of content relevant/funny/useful, because you’ll have testimonials from thousands of ‘likes’ across the Internet to give you a good idea of the reaction you’ll get from it.

Looking to cash in on being around the popular kids of the Internet?  No problem, you can get your site featured on the right side of the page.  Just contact Matt if you’re interested.

Why Does This Suck?

The same reason that the Internet itself is a waste of time.  Think of as a site with nothing but the most popular versions of Fred, Will It Blend and Auto-Tune The News that constantly updates automatically with even more popular versions of those shows.

Remember what happened when Google replaced its logo with Pacman?  Yeah, it’s like a never-ending version of that…

Also, some may take issue with the lack of depth of categories to choose from.  Niche content providers will not like the “30,000 foot” approach to aggregation that the site takes now.  Even popular topics (*cough* “social media” *cough*) are missing.  This isn’t so much an issue for the functionality of the site, but it could lend frustration to some industries that are looking for a solution like this.

That said, it’s pretty early in the game; as the Open Graph becomes adopted more and more, the site should be able to expand its offerings… unless you think Open Graph won’t work.  If that’s the case, then this site is doomed.

Secret Marketing Ninja Trick

You won’t find this info on the site, but brands can reach out to Matt to set up their own Its Trending page.  Similar to, brands can have their own customized version of the most popular shared content on the Open Graph as it’s relevant to their industry.

Why Is It Ninja?

Think about this… If you’re a real estate guru, and you can collect all of the most popular information on real estate in one place, you can become the go-to guy for information.  By proxy, those visitors will look for answers to their questions from the person who has all of the information.

Creating a branded page on ItsTrending is more powerful than an page because the content has already been proven and tested.  With a simple collection of blogs, you never know which ones are dead, which bloggers are having bad weeks, or even which blogs change their focus without going through the entire list.

With, there’s no need for pruning, everything is preselected by the Open Graph and deemed popular by the Internet as a whole, not by a select few super-users.  In the very near future, the most powerful consultants, connectors, and speakers may see more traffic on an aggregated page like ItsTrending than their own websites.

Why do I say that?  Because the site is social.  Not only can you host a ton of great content, you can keep the conversations about the best content on YOUR page, something that won’t happen on other sites.

"Don't judge me for choosing this video... It just happened."

Let’s be honest, your blog isn’t, at least not in popularity, but if you could host Copyblogger’s conversations on your ItsTrending page, who’s in control now?  I always say, you want to host the conversation in your playpen, and ItsTrending gives you that option today.

Elijah’s Final Conclusion will make my life a lot easier when I’m finding popular content to fill out my distribution schedule.  I hate scrounging around Digg or even Alltop for the best content to add to what I’m already releasing into our social ecosystem.

The premise is simple: Feature only the most popular stuff, as dictated by the people. It really encompasses my idea of what the social space should look like.

As excited as I am about the possibilities for brands to host their own ItsTrending page, I’d like to see if Matt has any intention of adding analytics for the page owners to really turn the site into a “brand profile” of sorts.  I can see a lot of possibilities here. Even the decentralization of power within the blogosphere—almost a shift from “where” a blog is to “what” a blog posts—will make finding great (read: popular) content easier.

ItsTrending may be a step toward better aggregation for content distributors—that’s a given.  By freeing up the time I would spend finding all of the popular content, I can now spend more time finding emerging content creators and building relationships with them.  It also gives me the power to host a share of the conversation on elite blogs and sites that I wouldn’t be able to tap regularly.

As a site by itself, ItsTrending is merely convenient; in the hands of the right marketer (taking into account the brand pages), it is a powerful addition to a brand’s social strategy.

My official review scores are (out of 10):

  • Design: 5
  • Usability: 8
  • Common Use Potential: 5
  • Marketing Potential: 8

How do you rate Is it a massive waste of time or potential game-changer?  Let me know your thoughts in the box below.

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  • Great post. Quick note – the link for “Fred” doesn’t lead anywhere…

  • fixed above

  • Hey Elijah, thanks for your great post. Just an FYI, when you reply to someone, click reply on their post so they will see it.

  • Thanks for the heads up. Here’s that link for your reference (I apologize in advance…)

  • Laurademeo

    Hi Elijah, this is great new information! I definitely want to explore further! Thanks for sharing, Laura

  • Thank you for taking the time out to read it! I appreciate it.

  • I found myself having a textbook resistance to a new idea lol The skeptic in me was like ” Oh lord, not yet another bot/index site trying to make money off ads and paid placements”….but in my defense’s efficacy is yet to be proven. Then again, google was in the same position 10+ yrs ago as well…

    I hope this proves to be a great tool but I think Im starting to build a reaction to all these tools that are used to “game” the system….I hope ItsTrending doesnt fall into that category.

    More to the point, this is a great post. Its information like this that helps us little people stay ahead of the curve, so I thank you Mr. Young

  • it’s always going to be about the utilization of the members with these tools. Some of them can be great opportunities, but be destroyed by attracting the wrong audience.

    Thank you for reading the article, I’m glad you liked it!

  • will save many time with great usefulness

  • As a radio news outlet, I rate it as a game changer – particularly as we reach out to our fans and followers on our SM platforms

  • Interesting, when I went to it, the videos wouldn’t load and the design is not very suitable IMHO. I’m always curious about the latest tools and appreciate your review here, thank you. I’ll bet it’s a game changer, though.

  • Guest

    Well said Mr. Young, you definitely do not want to attract the wrong people to your online or offline social or professional structure.

  • keithdshrock

    Thanks for sharing Elijah. This is a great arrow in the Social Media Quiver. You got a fine mention on Mari Smiths’ Fan Page — keep up the great detective work.!/marismith?v=wall

  • rubik2003

    Nice one Elijah! Will defo look into this site and how I can use it to the best advantage. Keep these scoops coming 🙂

  • That’s awesome! Thanks for letting me know about this Keith. I’ll try to do my best 🙂

  • Thanks for reading…let me know what you find out

  • I noticed that too once, thought it was just me. Unfortunately it’s something that frequently happens to newer sites as they grow. Hopefully Matt gets that worked out, I’d hate for it to hurt the image of the site.

  • Elijah- nice read – as a copywriter and marketer, it would make my researching job easier – I can easily ‘prove’ what I already knew – showing clients what is trending in their niche – what is working and what is not. It will be a great way for me to convince my clients that their ‘grand idea’ is really a common (and sometimes lame) idea, and if they want to get above the white noise then need to be different. Thans for the insight to this site.

  • Thanks for some great info Elijah – as a beginner in this media, I’m looking forward to learning more about this new tool. Keep up the great work as I’ll be waiting to see more.

  • David, that’s a great point. If you say it, the client never believes it, but if a third party says it, it’s always true. Thanks for reading and sharing that point.

  • Thanks for sharing, Elijah. As a trend watcher in several industries, I’m always looking for new tools to help determine what’s hot at any given moment. This should certainly come in handy.

  • Rob

    Wow, awesomely powerful. I am looking to be the “tech hero” for entrepreneurs and this site is a fast relevant hit to be up on what I can support entrepreneurs and internet builders with. Thanks Elijah.

  • It’s always good to be somebody’s go-to guy…good luck and let me know if there’s any way that i can help!

  • Poopiepoo

    if you don’t like what facebook does, then don’t go on facebook. why is this so hard to understand.

  • Jimmy Winskowski

    I worked in Search Engine Marketing when was the page for a day, and it was rough…lol

  • Is it me or i went to the mentioned URL and many of the categories did not load any images or information.

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  • Great concept, but a year on and it appears to be kaput already – loading that URL just gives some kind of server testing page. Another great startup idea bites the dust!

  • Looks like the site is dead now.

  • yeabuddy

    #nixonvssix is the biggest thing ever on facebook, like the page nixon vs six