social media how toImportant Note: Facebook no longer supports FBML. Please refer to the articles on Facebook iFrame.

Is your Facebook page dull and uninviting?  Maybe you’ve seen those really attractive Facebook pages and wondered, “How’d they do that?”

Given Facebook’s powerhouse status for marketers, isn’t it time you upgraded your Facebook page?

How can you help your brand stand out from the competition and increase the relevancy of your Facebook page?

The answer: Static FBML.  This article will share what you need to know to conduct a Facebook page makeover.

What Is Static FBML?

FBML stands for Facebook Markup Language, which is a subset of HTML.

Static FBML is a Facebook application that allows Facebook page administrators to create custom tabs on their Facebook pages. This application is only available for Facebook pages, not for personal profiles or Facebook groups.

Adding Static FBML to Your Facebook Page

You can add Static FBML in four easy steps.

#1:  Make sure you are an administrator of the Facebook page so you have the ability to edit.

#2:  Go to the Static FBML application.

#3:  Click “Add to my Page.”

#4:  A window will appear that contains a list of the Facebook pages for which you are an administrator. Click “Add to Page” to add the application.

Static FBML is now added to your page.

Before you add content to your FBML tab, you should have an idea the image or video size you need so these components fit in the space provided.

Setting Up Static FBML as a Tab

To set up your FBML tab, click on “Edit Page” under your Facebook page logo/avatar located on your wall.

Scroll down to the “Applications” section and locate the FBML app and click “Application Settings” (see below). Make sure that the “Tab” setting is “added”. You now have an FBML tab.

To the left of application settings you will see an “Edit” option on your FBML.  This is where you will ultimately paste your HTML code.  You can also add a “box title.”  The box title becomes the name of your tab.

Please note that your FBML box must be coded for a maximum width suitable for a tab. The maximum width for an FBML tab is 520 pixels.

Adding Content to Your Static FBML Tab

Now it’s time to edit and add content. To begin, click on “Edit Page” located under your Facebook page logo. Scroll down to the “Applications” section and locate the FBML app, but this time click “Edit.” The FBML tab will be empty.

This is the area where you can name the FBML tab and add HTML code. Please note that FBML does not work with all HTML code.  For example, JavaScript does not work.  You’ll need to experiment.

If you scroll down to the bottom, you can add additional FBML tabs.

The maximum number of FBML tabs you can have is 10.

Now let’s spice up your Facebook page. I’ll go over the two most popular enhancements using Static FBML – adding a clickable image and embedding a YouTube video.

How to Add a Clickable Image in Static FBML

When adding an image in the FBML box, I’ve found that the best place to host images is Photobucket. Using Flickr or Facebook photos caused issues for me. If it works for you, stick with it. The maximum width for an image in the FBML tab is 520px.

There is no maximum height, but think of it as a landing page by keeping the scrolling to a minimum. Ask yourself: do you want users to scroll down to get the message or do you want to get the main point across once they’ve landed on your page?

Upload your image to your Photobucket account. Copy the direct URL to the image you intend to use in your FBML box. Next, you want to use this code:

<a href=”http://xxxxx” mce_href=”http://xxxxx” target=”_blank”><img src=”http://yyyyy” mce_src=”http://yyyyywidth=”##px” height=”##px” border=”0″ alt=” “></a>

Replace the xxxxx with the target URL. Replace the yyyyy with the direct link to your uploaded Photobucket image. Replace the ## with your width and height in pixels.

How to Embed a YouTube Video in Static FBML

As with images, I would recommend a maximum width of 520px for a tab. After uploading your video, you want to use this code:

<fb:swf swfbgcolor=”000000” imgstyle=”border-width:##px; border-color:white;” swfsrc=”” imgsrc=”” width=”520″ height=”400″ />

Replace the xxxxx with your YouTube’s video ID. In both examples below, “MqqKPWhY4es” is my YouTube ID.

Example 1: In this YouTube link:, all the characters after the “=” are the YouTube ID.

Example 2: If your YouTube link looks like this:, all the characters after the “=” and before the “&feature” will be the YouTube ID.

You can change the values of “swfbgcolor” and “imgstyle” to your preferences. The “imgsrc” is a bit trickier because it is a preview image. When a user clicks on the preview image, it turns into the video. To see a real-life example, you can go to the Marketwire page (see below screen shot). In order to change the preview image, you can replace the URL to a direct link to one of your Photobucket images (or any other source).

Make sure you open and close all tags and quotes.

Example of a clickable image with an embedded video

How to Set the FBML Box as the Default Landing Tab

The option of setting your FBML tab as the default landing tab, rather than the wall, is one of the most relevant enhancements you can make to your Facebook page. This is where adding Google Analytics to your Facebook page helps tremendously with tracking.

In order to set your FBML tab as your default landing page, go to “Edit Page” under your Facebook page logo and scroll down to “Wall Settings.” You’ll notice a section called “Default Landing Page for Everyone Else.” Visitors who are not fans of your page will see your newly created FBML tab. Visitors who are fans will land on your wall.

That’s it!

Static FBML a Must-Have for Facebook Pages

The ability to enhance your page as a marketing vehicle by driving traffic to your website and engaging even more with your audience should warrant consideration. Many administrators shy away from Static FBML because they’re intimidated with coding.

My suggestion: review this post, research a bit more on Google and try it out. In the words of Ben Stiller from the movie Starsky & Hutch, Do it! Do it! Do it!.

I hope this tutorial has given you some insight on how to implement Static FBML to your Facebook page.

What are your thoughts on Static FBML? Is there a reason why you haven’t added it yet?  Comment below and let’s get this discussion going!

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  • Great Post!!! I was actually just looking into this

  • Nate

    Well put together post. The FBML tab, on the page, is automatically generated so you don’t have to click the add to wall tab. I found this great quick and easy FBML tutorial that basically visualizes the steps you went over! Thanks 🙂

  • talktherapybiz

    Thank you Nick. And my under-utilized FB fan page thank you, too!

    I will definitely print this out and use ASAP.

    Much appreciated!

  • Nice overview. I have a question about photos. I would like to use an animated gif for one of my images. However, once you define an image source, Facebook saves it to their server and calls from their server, not yours. Thus, when you upload an animated image, facebook saves the static version and displays that instead. Do you have any idea on how to fix this?

  • Thanks Jorge! The things you can do with FBML is pretty amazing. I’ve actually updated the Marketwire (referenced above) Facebook page since this post. Check out the welcome tab:


  • Good post. A nice landing page definitely makes you different and more interesting to the average facebook user. I’ve noticed more people have Liked my facebook page since I customized the landing page.

    Thanks for the info.

  • Great tutorial. I am by no means a designer (pretty obvious right) or savvy in coding so this goes to show that ANYONE can do it. Thanks for providing that video!


  • You’re welcome Linda! Feel free to post here if you have questions or to the Social Media Examiner page: Your questions will help a growing community.


  • Hey Patrick,

    I knew Facebook was adding I,ages to their proxy server but did not know they were converting animated GIFs to static ones. Sounds like a good question to post on their developer forum.

  • You’ll need to change the “imgsrc”, which is the preview image. Try uploading your image to photobucket, then replacing your imgsrc with the photobucket link instead.


  • I absolutely agree in that it makes your Facebook page different. Standing out from the competition is great, but more importantly, it provides visitors a reason to stay on the page just a little longer and interact with your page just a bit more.


  • Thanks Nick and Michael. I’ve tried Photobucket and many other photo storage/sharing sites and it just doesn’t seem to work.

  • I’ve briefly looked into this as I’ve yet to have a need for an animated gif. It turns out that the animation gets stripped out during Facebook’s caching process. I don’t believe there’s a way to put one in a custom tab.


  • Static FBML is very powerful! I’ve added the coding for FBML to my Social Media Pocket Guide app for the iPhone/iPad/iPod touch. Find it on the app store!

  • Indeed it is very powerful. Even with the limitations of Static FBML, it’s by far my favorite app on Facebook.


  • Les

    Awesome – THANK YOU!

  • Daniel Mclaren

    Struggling to make it work with an image appearing. the code I have used in the FMBL space is…

    Any advice would be great, thanks!

  • You’re welcome Les!


  • Thanks for the helpful post! We put an entire, fully-functional job board on our Facebook page using FBML and it’s been very helpful! If you’re curious, you can check it out .

    I’d love to know what you think!

  • I recently read that Facebook was going to be doing away with landing pages for pages with less than 10,000 “likers” – is this still the case? If so, won’t everyone who creates these pages now, and has less than 10,000 “likers” lose these customizations?

  • I’ve never heard of “mce_src”. I noticed that your gif is an animated gif so the animation will be stripped out during Facebook’s cache process. Try this code instead, it worked on my test page (obviously with no animation though).


  • I like what you did with the hide/unhide to fans option that Static FBML offers. That’s a great incentive to “like” your page to be able to see the content. Have you considered changing the tab to “jobs” instead of “search for…”? Maybe test it for a couple weeks and check your FB analytics like visits and increase in the number of fans.


  • Facebook originally intended to put restrictions on landing pages for Facebook pages, but then retracted it fairly quickly due to the outcry by many Facebook users:


  • This is a great tutorial – thanks for posting it! Very detailed.

  • Nick, I have three words for you, “Fantastic! Thank you!”

  • Oh that’s great to know. Thanks, Nick!

  • I thought maybe Bill Lord had guest-written this post as he’s been churning this stuff out at Vital. 🙂

  • This a great summary, thank you!

  • Ilan Amit

    Hi Nick,

    Do you have any expriance with multi location support on a single FBML tab?
    I am trying to use fb:restricted-to location and it doesn’t working.


    Ilan Amit

  • Wow! I had no idea how complicated that was, however, you make it seem simple. I’ll be checking into it for sure!

    Thanks for the detailed instructions!

    Deb Lamb
    Freelance Ghostwriter

  • Great run down of FB’s HTML….

    Am I the only one finding it hard to balance the “social” aspect of social media with the technical aspect?

    Best platforms just work and are not made for technical people, but if you want to be a serious player, you must learn wordpress, FBML, and ungodly amount of other things…of course, if you dont want to learn you have to pay someone else to manage it for you, but that puts a real barrier between small fish in social media and big fish that can afford technical expertise.

    Any thoughts on this from the hoi polloi on SME? 🙂

  • Bill Lord

    Facebook is still planning to change the width of the FBML pages from 760px to 520px though, which will really screw things up for some users! Just a heads up. 🙂

  • Tom

    Hi Melissa
    I like the functionality of “first become the Fan, than see the jobs”. Would you be so kind and tell, how did you do it? Thanks in advance and all the best!

  • That’s a great point Bill and that is exactly why I mentioned a “maximum” of 520px in the article multiple times even though the change in width hasn’t been implemented yet.


  • Hope you’re able to use some of the tips!


  • Appreciate that Steve!


  • Thanks Nancy. Hope you find it useful.


  • I’ve played around with it and I’ve never had any luck with the fb:restricted-to location code. I can only assume there’s some sort of bug, but that isn’t confirmed as it’s not an urgent issue for me. Have you tried the other fb:restricted-to codes to see if those worked?…Just a note, if you can’t get those working, I’d avoid using the code altogether. You don’t want to accidentally limit viewers who should be able to view the content.


  • You’re welcome Deb! Static FBML is actually quite easy. Perhaps it’s the coding that makes it look complicated, but Facebook has made it incredibly easy.


  • HSoule

    The cod in your How to Embed a YouTube Video in Static FBML section of your article doesn’t seem to work. I have had multiple people try it. Just hoping you can correct this.

  • Kim

    Thanks for this tutorial! I bookmarked an earlier Social Media Examiner post on Static FBML, but was still somewhat confused afterward. This post is extremely helpful. Thanks for the detail!

  • Welcome to the digital age ;-)I agree with you 100% re: the difficulty in finding the balance between “social” and technical. It is hard, but that time you spend, say creating a decent looking FBML page, has its rewards. The first goal is to make sure you’re part of the conversation. The technical aspect should come later when you’ve established yourself in the social space. Implementing static FBML is by no means a priority, but something everyone should consider once you’ve found your voice in social media and have developed even a small following.


  • Nancy Cawley Jean

    Thanks SO much for this. I have been trying to figure this out and this is going to be SO helpful! 🙂

  • As long as you replaced the “xxxxxx”, “yyyyyy”, and “##” signs with yours, it should work fine. Could you copy and paste your code?


  • Great Info here Nick.

    Was also looking info.

    Just set up a new fan page. Do you know if there is any restriction to Static FBML like you need to have reached the 25 members to use it or….

    Cheers.. Are

  • Glad you found it helpful Kim!


  • It takes some trial and error, but hopefully this how-to guide will make your life a bit easier (and save you a bundle of time!).


  • Fortunately, there are no restrictions for using Static FBML. I use a test account that has 0 fans and all is good.


  • Ilan Amit

    Thanks Nick.
    The thing is that I have a G8 piece of code that showing a slide show of some pictures, and when its working (either in the Right-to-Left language preference, like Hebrew), or in the Left-to-Right, like English, it is amazing! – giving a real impact.
    Maybe I should change the code … Do you mind looking at it .. its not so long, and I will be more than happy to share it with everyone!


  • I’ll take a look if it’s not a fb:restricted-to code. As mentioned, that’s never worked for me. Does the code work without any restrictions? If it does, then it’s definitely the “fb:restricted-to” code that’s an issue.


  • Rhonda Dirvin

    I was not able to post my question on your facebook fan page. I’m sorry I don’t know what a “target URL” is, but I used your code example below and I still can’t get my image to post. Here is my code, any help you can provide would be GREATLY appreciated!!

  • Ilan Amit

    This is the Code that its working good only for Right-2-Left Language (for example Hebrew). I need to make it work, in all Languages (without knowing which one).

    //Script for slideshow
    var numslides = 5;
    var slidesvisible = 1;
    var currentslide = 0;
    var slidewidth = 700;
    function gor() {
    if (currentslide <= (numslides-slidesvisible-1)) {
    Animation(document.getElementById('slideshow_inner')).by('left', slidewidth+'px').by('right', '-'+slidewidth+'px').go();
    if (currentslide == (numslides-slidesvisible-1)) {
    Animation(document.getElementById('left_button')).to('opacity', '0.3').go();
    Animation(document.getElementById('right_button')).to('opacity', '1').go();
    if (currentslide 0) {
    Animation(document.getElementById(‘slideshow_inner’)).by(‘right’, slidewidth+’px’).by(‘left’, ‘-‘+slidewidth+’px’).go();
    if (currentslide == 1) {
    Animation(document.getElementById(‘right_button’)).to(‘opacity’, ‘0.3’).go();
    Animation(document.getElementById(‘left_button’)).to(‘opacity’, ‘1’).go();
    if (currentslide > 1) { Animation(document.getElementById(‘left_button’)).to(‘opacity’, ‘1’).go(); }

  • Terri

    the video code gave me a blank page
    one thing confused me in the instructions “after uploading the video…” does that mean I need to upload the youtube video onto the facebook page?
    here’s what I put:

  • Hi Nick,

    Trying to Add a Clickable Image, the image is fine but when you click through, it takes you the boxes tab, any advice would be appreciated. I’ve tried to post the code I’m using here but it keeps appearing as a link.


  • Thanks Nick. Great to know.
    Cheers.. Are

  • Michael

    Do you know, where I could find some more info regarding this hide/unhide effect, which you mentioned in the above reply?

  • Without sitting down and spending my time with your code and testing, unfortunately I don’t know what the issue is. Have you tried a more simple approach and embedding a flickr slideshow or photobucket slideshow?


  • christos akratopoulos

    No terri…

    Try this:

    When you upload your video in youtube copy the embedded code. It should look like this:

    Copy this link:

    Then the code for FBML is this:

    You can always check if it’s working here:

    Greetings from Greece. Hope i helped…

  • Copy and paste EXACTLY like this and it will work okay; it did for me and your video. Note the spaces and hard breaks.<fb:swfswfbgcolor=”000000″ imgstyle=”border-width:3px; border-color:white;”swfsrc=””imgsrc=”” width=”520″ height=”400″ />


  • christos akratopoulos

    I don’t know why but the embedded code didn’t came up in my previous post. This is it:

  • christos akratopoulos
  • Could you provide the code that you used?


  • When I try to paste the code, that’s what happens 🙁

  • This code worked for me:You might want to reconsider the width and height. If you remove the specs, the image doesn’t look stretched. Try it out.


  • Terri

    thanks for your help

  • Terri

    that worked great-thanks for your article and your help

  • You’re welcome Terri!


  • DINO,

    Greetings from rural Australia.

    I’m a very small fish. Who lives and works from my remote property in a village of 49 farming families in rural Australia.

    The internet and email arrived in my rural village in 2001. That’s when I launched my first website, done at little cost by a student at Charles Sturt University in Bathurst NSW Australia.

    And after fumbling around for 4 years and discovering that any further work on my website by web designers will cost thousands of dollars, I made the decision in 2005 that I have to conquer the online world on my own.

    And so began my serious adventure into cyberspace.

    I’ve taught myself everything. Mostly from online teleseminars that usually start between 1am and 3am Australian time. And books. Blogs. Video tutorials. And Google search.

    I now self host 3 WordPress sites using the Thesis theme and have completely revamped my original website that uses the FrontPage platform.

    I use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Hootsuite, Tweetdeck and cannot remember all the rest.

    I taught myself HTML and CSS from a Sitepoint book. In just an hour a day, starting every morning at 4am in August 2009, I had my first self hosted WordPress/Thesis site up, complete with a shopping cart I configured myself, by November 2009.

    I have Facebook Fan Pages for every product in my range. I learned how to create FBML boxes, use Notes as a second blog site, move boxes to my wall, set up a Facebook shopping cart, and post often to every fan page. I use Hootsuite for posting.

    To date, I’ve not set up a Welcome Page because I haven’t come across easy enough to follow instructions.

    But Nick Shin has changed that.

    Even without a Welcome Page, my fan page for my principal product gets hundreds of visitors a week. Because I have a Facebook status box on one of my websites and the fan page also ranks pretty high on Google.

    All this learning and doing took my principal product from page 45 on Google to position number 3 on page one of Google in Australia. It’s been in that position for 4 years.

    I did all the above by spending no more than the cost of books and the odd teleconference such as the Social Media Success Summit. Everything else I needed to know was free. Including my time.

    I’ve never used Adwords. Never paid for any online advertising on any search engine. Nor have I paid for technical advice.

    My next move is to video. I’ve purchased the camera, tripod and am spending time viewing other videos to understand what I like, why. What I don’t like, why. What’s popular, why.

    YouTube, here I come!

    Many years ago a friend told me that his mother never lost an opportunity to point out to him that the only time success comes before work is in the dictionary.

    Dino, now’s the perfect time to stop reflecting about how disadvantaged you may be as a small fish and start doing more for and by yourself so you can become a significant small fish.

    I hope the above is of help to you.

    Best wishes and take care,


    Carol Jones
    Interface Pty Ltd
    Designers of The Fitz Like A Glove™ Ironing Board Cover

  • Informational AND inspirational. How do you do it? 🙂

    If I may offer a piece of advice in return. When doing vlogs, having a point, a message, content, etc is awesome, but people mostly respond to the emotional content of the “performance”. No one remembers the exact words Dr. MLK Jr did in his “I had a dream” speech, but we all remember the emotional content. No one remembers Obama’s inaugural speech but everyone remembers the way it made them feel.

    Gary Vaynerchuck is a really good role model in this regard…check him out. (not to compare Gary to above mentioned guys, Im just saying he’s on the money with his vlogs).

  • DINO,

    Greetings from rural Australia once again.

    That’s brilliant advice regarding videos. And exactly what I’m discovering when I view them.

    Emotion. Energy. Charisma. Being genuine.

    Knowing it is one thing. Nailing it is another!

    I’ll tap you on the shoulder for further encouragement.

    Best wishes and take care,


    Carol Jones
    Interface Pty Ltd
    Designers of The Fitz Like A Glove™ Ironing Board Cover

  • Try this without the width and height:When you copy and paste the code, try deleting the quotes (“) and retyping it on your keyboard. Sounds odd, but I’ve found that tends to fix a minor issue.


  • That’s a very inspirational story, thanks for sharing! I learn from researching and trying things on my own. I consider myself a beginner at coding although my “skills” have improved, but it’s the countless hours I’ve spent doing trial and error on my own websites before figuring out what works and what doesn’t. It’s about evolving and building one’s knowledge base to develop oneself into an expert or go-to resource. Learning never fades…


  • Thank you…I am going to try it out tonight

  • Rhonda Dirvin

    Thanks for the tips, they were very helpful but I couldn’t quite get there. I’m sorry I don’t know what a “target URL” is, but I used your code example above and I still can’t get my image to post. Here is my code, any help you can provide would be GREATLY appreciated!!

  • You’re welcome Maggie. Be sure to read the comments as well. There are some pointers that will help resolve some headaches you might run into later.


  • NICK,

    Greetings from rural Australia.

    Your comment made me laugh. I’m the world’s foremost expert on doing something over and over again until it finally works.

    I don’t read instructions well. Never have. My partner is the same. Between us we have four university degrees. And it took us hours to follow the graphic instructions and finally figure out how to put our Dyson vacuum cleaner together!

    Your Welcome Page instructions are very detailed and look so very easy to follow. Even for me. I’ve downloaded them and will implement a Welcome Page. When it works – and I’m sure I’ll misread something and have to trial it over and over again – I’ll report back with a link.

    It’s a pleasure to add you to my list of people I’ve learned from. At no cost. This is the best way to learn.

    And being able to make personal contact with you, Nick, is the icing on the cake.

    Best wishes and take care,


    Carol Jones
    Interface Pty Ltd
    Designers of The Fitz Like A Glove™ Ironing Board Cover

  • Sybil

    It looks like you’re missing a space in your code…

  • This is amaaaazing, I can definitely handle doing this and will try this out on my client @Styleloungelive!! Wish me luck! 😉

  • Rhonda Dirvin

    Thanks for trying. This didn’t work either….

  • Ilan Amit

    Yes. But this code give a different look, very slick .. big and give the correct impression.

  • Oh, this is just really handy – I did modify my facebook page using static FBML, but comparing to this guide – I did just beginner steps! Bookmarking and coming back definitely – thanks!

  • Michal

    Hi Nick,

    Thank you for the information. I copied the code you give for the clickable image but all I get is a blank page.
    Do you have any idea why?
    The code is:

    Thank you

  • rhyslittle

    Hey! There are some good tips here with some good examples:

    I’ve been implementing some of these initiatives for my company page here:!/pages/Southampton-United-Kingdom/Plug-and-Play-Southampton/217309970900

    Let me know what know what you think, like it if you do! Thanks 🙂


  • Hello Melissa

    can you tell me how did you add the Job search-engine to your Facebook Fan page? I realy like it



  • Thanks for a great post! Here is an example of a landing page (International Committee of the Red Cross):

  • As usual, great post, very useful and easy to follow. I have a couple of facebook fan pages of which I am the administrator and I am following the steps right now.
    Thank you so much for the advice and for the explanation.
    I’ll share this article with a lot of other facebook fan pages’ administrators I interact with

  • Jonathan Patterson

    One main thing to note about adding html is that you should omit the head and body tags… FBML puts those in automatically. Erroneously adding those in results in a blank page.

  • Claire

    looks like you’ve got two http:// in there – remove one and it should work

  • Thanks for this post~information I needed right now – my Fan Pages will definitely be changed soon.

  • NetElixir

    Excellent ideas! I’m excited to spruce up our page!

  • (edit)I got it to work, try this code. Eliminate the “%20” and put a space between “img src”


  • Thanks Jasmine and good luck!


  • Glad to hear you’ve found this article useful. Be sure to check the comments as there are some tidbits in there that will help you later.


  • What a great post. Lots of details here with great visualization to make the process easier. FaceItPages has a DIY Facebook page creation tool that makes it easy to create a professional FBML business page.

  • Yep, put a space between “img src” and retype all the quotes (“) like this:


  • Thanks for sharing! Mari always has good stuff about Facebook; I’ve dubbed her the Queen of Facebook. Regarding your page, why did you link your image on the “Hello!” tab? When clicked, it doesn’t go anywhere and that can be a frustrating user experience. Either eliminate the link so it’s a static image or make it a clickable image to your website/blog.


  • You’re welcome Isaac and thanks for sharing!


  • That’s great to hear! The comments have some additional pointers as well so be sure to check those out too.


  • A great point. Thanks Jonathan!


  • Glad it could be of use and I’m glad I could convince yet another Fan page administrator to consider using Static FBML.


  • W00t! That’s what I like to hear!


  • Thanks Jason!


  • I definitely understand why you’d want to use your code because I agree, it does look slick. There is no way I would have been able to create something like that. I am not a coder and don’t intend to be so the easiest for me in saving time is to just use what’s out there and use what I know will work. Static FBML isn’t meant to be a full on website so if it means doing away with the “slickness” and sticking with the more conventional, so be it. As long as it works, I’m game.


  • Thanks for the kind words Carol. I’ve always had a knack for giving detailed instructions that isn’t tooooo technical because I’m not a techie myself. It feels good to know that so many readers of this how-to post has found it useful, but more importantly easy to understand and follow. That was my goal because I know the frustration of spending ridiculous hours trying to find out what happened or didn’t happen. Something as little as forgetting to put a or a closing quote (“) used to take me hours. Sad, but I learn.


  • rhyslittle

    Hi Nick, Thanks thats most helpful I’ve now linked to our page at – I didn’t realise that if the default page was the Welcome box, that it would loop when clicked! Good spot!!!!! I am working on updating the content regularly and adding value with tips, suggestions and offers etc, and possibly an intro video… do you (or anyone else) think there is anything I can do to improve likes? Thanks! Rhys

  • Hi Rafael, send me an email:


  • Hi Tom, send me an email:


  • Hi Michael, send me an email:


  • Thanks Nick, it’s now working. Cheers, Niall

  • Michal

    Thank you. now it works!

  • Hi Rhys, wow that was a quick response and update. Way to be on top of things! As for aesthetic looks, I’m continuing to experiment myself with our Marketwire Facebook page – , but the most important thing is to update your content with relevant information to your fans/followers. One note, be careful with offers. You want people to “like” you for your content and the value you provide, not the discounts/offers. An intro video can certainly do wonders, it has for Social Media Examiner –’s a great opportunity to show first time visitors what you represent, your/team’s personality, why people should “like” you, etc. Good luck!


  • For the life of me, I cannot find that “Edit Page” on either the Dev wall or my profile wall pages. Perhaps they did some changes?? I’m not a ‘complete’ idiot LOL so I should be seeing this, but, well, I sure don’t. Any help is sure appreciated! Thanks!!

  • I’m not sure what you mean by “dev wall”. This only applies to your Facebook page (not your personal profile, community page, or group). Not to make any assumptions, are you the administrator of your Facebook (fan) page? Without admin rights, you cannot edit your page.


  • Well, I am the originator of the FaceBook Page so I take it I would also be the admin for the account, yes. Perhaps I need to Publish this in order for it to show up, I did mark the Sandbox option to be available to just myself while I work on it.

  • I am unable to get myself to become an admin as of yet, but see I am not the only one with the problem. Though I have yet to find the answer. Will have to work on it later. Will post my resolution here for others as well. Unless, perhaps, you know how to make yourself an admin on your own FB account? THANKS for the reply!

  • Once you create a Facebook page, you become an administrator. However, I’m not sure whether publishing the page makes a difference. Please do tell if you figure out what the issue is. That’s a weird problem.


  • Hi, I’m using these customization instructions to add an image that can be clicked to open a video on another site … well, that was my intent anyway. It’s not working. I can’t simply include the video on the FB page as it’s too long, so I wanted to have the image and let users click it to see the video. This is the code I’m using in FBML (I removed the mce stuff but that didn’t seem to have any affect):

    I know that the href links is accurate and the image I’ve indicated shows up nicely, but when I click the link it simply opens another Facebook page in a secondary tab. Why?

  • Recopy and paste the code, but retype each quote (“). When I did that, it fixed the issue. I’m not sure why this issue is happening.RE: the video on the FB page, what is too long?


  • voconnor

    Hi Nick,

    Yay! Thank you … that worked like a charm.

    I uploaded the video after creating it as an mp4, but it’s over 2 minutes long, and so FB said “no”. So, that’s why I wanted to create the image and the link to the video, which is on our website.

    Thanks for your help … I’m going to continue customizing the page.

    Thanks again!

  • You’re welcome! Glad I could be of service.RE: video length, I did not know that. Interesting…


  • Magictommyray

    Yeah, I am still looking about for a fix. I do not know WHY I do not see an “Edit Page” link. If it is in Blue like it shows above in the example image, then I see no similar type of links in Blue, only EDIT type Icons and Links. But no Edit Page link at all. Wow. I may have to create an entirely new profile to correct it since there seems to be no easy fix that I can find, and no contact for FaceBook Support that I can see, either. I see others with admin probs on Like buttons, but of course, being my own page, I already like it LOL and there is no Like button for it.

  • What do you see under your Facebook page profile picture? Do you see any of the 4 links: edit page, promote with an ad, add to my page’s favorites, suggest to friends. Can you link me to your page?


  • TommyRay

    BTW I have been checking in the forums and in help to No avail whatsoever. Noone seems to have or have had a similar problem. I am thinking I am surely going to need a new account to work from, which is fine. Though of course it BUGS me LMAO so am sure I will be looking into it more before giving up. Likely after I have had enough inner dialog to make a decision on how beneficial it would be to spend the time and find a solution, har. THANX for the assistance! AWSOME job on article, BTW!!

  • TommyRay

    No, I don’t. Only Edit Profile link. Here is the URL:!/profile.php?id=532249523

  • Thanks for the link. The moment I saw the link, I knew the answer. As mentioned in the post, the Static FBML box only works for Facebook PAGES. The reason why you’re not seeing the links in the screenshot is because the link you provided is for your personal profile. Pages and profiles are different and have different functions. In order to create a Facebook page, read this post –


  • So rad! Thank you. Once again you’ve changed my life! LOL.

  • aaa

    Is it possible to get facebook user id from fan page with static fbml instead of getting from facebook application?

  • Jazzy Consulting

    Tried code but there’s no pic on page. Any ideas as to why?

  • TommyRay

    Awesome. I admit not knowing the difference until now. The similarities, though, is what had me dumbfounded. THANKS for the clarity, I am sure I shall now make leaps and bounds.

  • Yep, just retype all your quotes (“) and it works like a charm.


  • TommyRay

    Some links that helped:

    If you don’t have a page, you can create one here:

    You can create a page as a (1) Local Business, (2) Brand, Product or Organization, or (3) Artist, Band or Public Figure. OR as a Community option.

    Help Page for FaceBook Pages

    THANKS for straightening me out!! Now to enhance my page and start developing from there. You pointed me down the right road, THANX AGAIN!!

  • Thanks for this information. I’m starting to explore fbml and this is helpful.

  • rhyslittle

    Thanks Nick! Great advice, I will make sure to enrich my content! Good shout on the offers/discounts, I hate that! 🙂 Love the site by the way, really good hub of information, Rhys

  • You’re welcome Rhys! The Social Media Examiner Facebook page does an incredible job engaging their fans and providing valuable content. Although it gets easier as the number of fans increases, it’s undeniable that SME has built a community here on the blog as well as on Facebook. A great model to imitate.


  • You’re welcome Tommy! Thanks for providing the resources on creating a Facebook page. Good luck!


  • Apparently Social Media Examiner is changing lives one person at a time. I’ve done my part…


  • Errr, not sure what you’re asking here triple A. Could you clarify?


  • You’re welcome Ann Marie. Be sure to read the comments as there are additional tips that will resolve some headaches you might run into later.


  • Thanks so much for this info. Where do I get info about HTML codes and FBML so I can create the content… appreciate your response

  • Rhonda

    Nick, you are the BEST!! Thank you so much!

  • Rick

    Thanks for your article. It is very helpsul. Could you tell me is it possible for static fbml to detect the user id (facebook id) when people are viewing the fan page? I tried with ajax in fbml, it asks for the permission. Is there a way to get around with the permission?
    Oh, by the way, the comment doesn’t load in firefox 3. It loads in IE.

  • Rick

    For example, if a visitor’s facebook id is 12345, is it possible to display his facebook id(12345) on the static fbml fan page which they are viewing? Thank you.

  • The FBML codes, which is Facebook’s version of HTML, can be found in this article. Just follow the directions and everything should work. If not, post here.


  • Sorry, but I’m still not understanding what you’re trying to do. Can you provide a real life example? Maybe a visual will help me understand. Also, please clarify what you mean by “facebook id”. Are you referring to the Facebook page username?


  • Mmorris

    My clickable photo doesn’t appear under the tab. If i go to “boxes” it is there, but not under the tab I designated. Here is my code…any ideas?

  • I’ve wanted to add Static FBML to my page since starting on Facebook, however when I go to the Static FBML page to add the App to my page, their is no “Add to My Page” Button, only a “Add to My Page Favorites” button. Why is this? Is it because I have a writer’s Fan Page? Your help is appreciated.

    Thanks, @SocialChadder

  • Koach

    Great information here! If you need more help with customizing your pages you could try searching for Social Media Funk on Facebook.

  • Yifat

    Wow – a trully great tutorial, i was looking for this kind of thing for a long time.
    If possible – can i ask you how do you add an image with 2 different URL parts? or an image that has a video inside?

  • Nick, thanks for writing this! I’m definitely going to work on it.
    Do you know of a truly comprehensive guide to FBML? I’m looking for a tutorial, a guide, or anything that gives us even more data about FBML so we can do more amazing things with Facebook.

    Please let me know.

    Dan Jablons
    Retail Smart Guys

  • InternetAdMedia

    @SocialChaddar: Had exactly the same problem. I realized that I hadn’t created the page while logged in to my account. Make sure you create the page while logged in to your personal account. FB doesn’t seem to allow multiple accounts, and I’m now really sure if its possible to add an app to a page created using a business account.

    This is what FB has to say about multiple accounts:

    “Please be aware that managing multiple accounts is a serious violation of Facebook’s Terms of Use. If we determine that an individual has more than one account, we reserve the right to terminate all of their accounts.

    Maintaining multiple accounts, regardless of the purpose, is a violation of Facebook’s Terms of Use. If you already have a personal account, then we cannot allow you to create business accounts for any reason.”

  • akiko

    I just want a static image to be inserted in one of the tab and this code is not working… followed everything else but when i save the html code, nothing shows up on the tab. any idea why?

    this is the code i’m using.

  • Try going to “EDIT PAGE” under your Facebook page avatar pic. Then go to your FBML application and click “APPLICATION SETTINGS” and make sure the “TAB” option is “ADDED”.


  • First, you need to be an admin of your Facebook page.Once you go here:!/apps/application.php…, there is an “ADD TO MY PAGE” link. If you only see “ADD TO MY PAGE’s FAVORITES” and “SUGGEST TO FRIENDS” links, you might already have it installed on your Facebook page. To double check, go to your Facebook page, click on “EDIT PAGE” and check to see if there is an FBML application already added.


  • That’s a great point. Thanks for sharing. I always recommend creating a Facebook page through your personal account. It’s less of a hassle and you don’t need to worry about “multiple accounts” as you have explained.


  • Thanks and glad it could be of use.I have yet to try an image with a video inside, but I imagine you will have to create an image, then overlay the image with your video. Same thing goes for an image with 2 different URLs; create an image, then overlay the image with 2 separate images that contain links for the URLs.@shinng

  • You’re welcome! This article contains the basics of adding Static FBML to your Facebook page. If you are interested in doing other things with FBML, my advice is to simply Google what you’re trying to do. Google is your best friend.


  • Have you replaced all the necessary code with your own? For example in the code that you said you’re using, you need to insert the URL to your image. If you have already done that, then please copy and paste the exact code you’re trying to use and I’d be more than happy to help you.


  • heather__b

    I have a really simple code that always works fine:

    My challenge is when I layer several together there is a thin white space between the images.

    How can I simply get rid of this thin white space?

  • Diannetrussell

    A whole school class of us are trying to get the Add A Clickable Link instructions to work but nothing we do works, even with the most meticulous attention to URL, pixel dimensions, etc.
    Have the rules changed?

  • InternetAdMedia

    Thanks Nick! Took me some time to figure this out so I hope that it helps anyone having the same problem. Thank you for a very informative post and your reply.

  • Diane Christie

    I am in the same class with Dianne, and tried using the code you posted, with Flickr, then with Photobucket, and it just won’t display on the page at all.

    Here is my code:

    I used the same code on another tab a few days ago and it worked fine.

    Our class members would greatly appreciate your help.

  • Not too sure Heather as I haven’t experienced that. Can you provide the code you are using? I can take a look, but no promises with this “white space” issue 😉


  • No rules have changed. There were a couple things you missed. I made a comment about this earlier to another user. Check my response to Diane Christie for the image issue, but if it’s a clickable image, then the code will be slightly different.


  • I took a look at your code and there are a couple things you need to change. 1) retype all the quotes (“) and 2) delete the “%20” between “Facebook” and “images”. The code should look like this:


  • Sandi

    Can you help? I added the static FBML tab to my page put the code in and it was working fine – the image showed up and then a few weeks later I clicked on my welcome tab and the image is now missing. I haven’t change anything, any idea why it would just not show up any more? Here is the code I used:

  • test1000

    Nick, you sure did bring a smile to my face!! I wouldnt have been able to figure out how to do it , if it werent for your tutorial! Keep posting!!

    Also i’d like to put up on my profile what you suggested in one of your posts above, become a fan to get job searches ! How do i go about it ??

  • test1000

    And i notice lot of fb fan pages allow registration/sign up forms as tabs ! Any idea how you can put up forms for users to register on facebook itself via the fbml tab? Will this require the site to have fb connect integrated or is there a way to do it some other way too?

    Please do reply to both my posts, it will be highly appreciated!!

  • A1143179

    Hi Nick,

    Hope you are well. “Facebook id” I said above is the facebook user id. When you login and put your mouse on your name, you can find the link where XXXXXXX is the facebook id for this user.

    Well, you can also consider this as username instead. Actually what I want to do is simple. I want to display the username (or name registerd in the facebook) of the visitor when they visit the fan page. Is it possible? Is it possible to do this without showing permission warning?

    Thanks for your replies!!!

  • Great article, really helpful thank you.

    Here’s my collection of all other good stuff about FBML from other experts too

    Hope it helps : )

  • Katherine Salt

    Hi there

    You mention the max width for the tab is 520px but could you tell me what the width is if I put an image in the side bar please.

    Many thanks

  • voconnor

    Hello, I used these instructions (great job btw!) to update my company’s facebook page, but for some reason, I can’t edit my personal facebook page … and here’s my question: how do I know if I’m the administrator of my own facebok page? My apologies for the idiocy of it, but I am really struggling with this.

  • Tin

    I have a html code for my booking website on my own homepage. how is it possible to add it to facebook? I would like to post it on facebook, that the guests can book my hotel on facebook.

  • There’s a space between the “jpg” and the “.Use this code and it should work:


  • Thanks, appreciate that!

    Could you clarify on your question? I’m not sure what it is you’re trying to do.

  • What are they registering for? If it’s an email list, usually you have to go through your email vendor and they automatically give you a code that you can place. I think the best way is to google “registration form static fbml”.

  • The link you provided is for your personal profile, not a Facebook Page. However, you can still get a vanity URL for your personal profile. Log in to your personal profile, go to “ACCOUNT”, click “ACCOUNT SETTINGS”, under “SETTINGS” then “USERNAME”, click “CHANGE”.

    For a Facebook Page, you must first have 25 fans in order to get your vanity URL. Once you have 25 fans, go to:

  • The maximum width for an FBML box on the left side of your wall is 180 pixels (it’s in the article 🙂


  • Thanks Virginia. In regards to your personal Facebook page, are you referring to your personal profile or do you actually have a Facebook page for yourself? If it’s a Facebook page, you can use static FBML. Otherwise, you cannot use it. Hope that answers your question.


  • I highly recommend you follow the instructions in this article. Make sure you have a Facebook page, then add static FBML. Once you add static FBML, you can try adding the HTML code. However, there is a high possibility that what you see on your booking website will not come out exactly the way you want it on Facebook.


  • Wow, I think this is the most helpful article I’ve ever come across on tech help with customization!!!

  • Kcooperwv

    I’ve so tried all your fixes and can’t get it work. Can you check my code?

  • Kcooperwv

    OK so I added some spaces and got it to work. But it’s trying to take me to a facebook page and not the target url I typed in. If I mouse over the image the website shown is correct.

  • Kcooperwv

    Tricky. I went in and resaved it and now it works. 🙂

  • Acounsel

    I appear to have the same problem, I can’t add Static FBML to my fanpage either as I don’t get the Add to Page option. I must have created my fan page when I wasn’t logged into my personal account, I am a bit of a novice at Facebook. Do you know if you can correct this without having to create another Fan Page?

  • kelvin

    Saw this article. Wanted to do it. Now it doesn’t work. Anybody know what’s going on w/ FB?

  • Sandi

    It works again. I knew it had to be something stupid I was missing.

  • Pdavis

    I cannot get my youtube video to work on my fan page. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. I put the entire embed code from youtube into the “xxxxx” area, and then I tried to put only the 14 character one after the

    Any ideas? This is my first attempt at fbml.

  • kelvin

    Pdavis: I would copy his working example and just change the video ID. You’ll notice his non-working example looks like this: “”, but his personal video link is this: “”. I’d copy the latter and put in your own ID.

    Am I wrong? Anyone?

    P.S. FBML was down yesterday, but is working today. Thank goodness.

  • kelvin

    Upon further inspection, I retract my previous suggestions. Anyone else?

    But I’m still glad that FBML is working again.

  • Pdavis

    I’ve tried several things but to no avail. Thanks for the suggestion. Hoping someone can help. I know I can do this instead of paying hundreds of dollars for someone else to do it. :o)

  • Schalken999

    tried this but dosent seem to work

  • I would like to add a box and tab called “Resources” to my page. In it I would like to add links to my audio podcasts. How can I add this using the directions in this article? I’m not interested in adding You-Tube. Thanks for your advice

  • I tried using your example code to add a YouTube video to my FB tab, It didn’t work for some reason.

    This is the format for the code you suggested:

    This is the code exactly as I have entered it in FBML

    any suggestions

  • This was awesome!!! Thank you. I feel much better about approaching this now. I thought I needed to be an HTML wiz to get anywhere… keep the good info coming!

    Zarina Zertuche

  • flavia

    i spent a whole day trying to make this work, and the problem was with the quotation marks! thanks soooo much for clearing that up! 🙂

  • Avi

    I tried placing a static image link using your code, but I got a blank. I then tried another method that I saw and the image appears but the link doesn’t work. Can you help me figure out what I’m doing wrong? Thanks.

  • Avi

    I also tried the code provided in this blog post with a photobucket link for the image and it’s not working either (code is below). Any help is most appreciated. Thank you.

  • Evan

    Okay…..I’m not understanding the terminology of the instructions. This is what I have put into the FBML code:

    I’m sure that I’m making this too difficult. I don’t know what the ‘target’ URL is and I didn’t see the answer to that question in any of the posts above. I clearly see the ‘direct link’ code for my image on the photobucket site, but am not seeing anything marked or labeled with the ‘target URL’ code.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Evan Milton

  • supi

    How can get the video center aligned.. I have some other images in my tab which are at the center of the tab. I just want to add my video just below those images. But the video comes to the left aligned

  • tess

    Hi. I’m looking for a way to hide/unhide fans. I would like to start with an image with a promotion and then when someone becomes a fan the image changes to the details for the promotion however when I try to do this with two images one of the images has a big space above it and I can’t seem to get rid of it. It works fine if I use text and no images. Any pointers?

  • Ravn

    I’ve got problems adding a clickable image to my site. I’ve tried it with several photo-sites: Photobucket, Flickr, Picasa – nothing seems to work. The link itself works fine, so there seems to be a problem with the image source. Any help would be great! This is the code I used:

  • db

    What am I doing wrong? I go to the Static FBML application page from my business account and the only option I get is “Add to my page’s favorites.” I don’t get an “Add to my page” option.

  • Dbladen

    nm. I figured it out. Needed to complete my personal profile to add an app.

  • I’m not a fan of using Flickr as an image source on a Static FBML box. Could you provide the code that includes the Photobucket link? Be sure to retype the quotes (“) when trying it.


  • Could you reply with the code you are trying to use? Also include the link to the video. It should look similar to the example in the article.


  • Glad you found it helpful!


  • Without actually trying to code, the first think I’d recommend is to copy and paste your quote and then retype all the quotes (“).


  • Without actually trying your code, I’d recommend copying and paste that code and then retyping all the quotes (“).


  • Try using this code and be sure to retype all the quotes (“). @shinng

  • Try putting a before the code and a after all the code.


  • WhitneyL

    Does anyone know how to add the option to a static FBML page where only Fans can see the page? I have a default landing tab but I wanted to add another tab for only my Fans

  • Benihanna36

    Thanks for the information. Tt sounds like you know what you’re talking about, however, I can’t get it to work for the life of me – that is, posting an image – a banner logo for my business – in my FBML box. No idea why it won’t work, but, I’m giving up for now…I’m about to throw my computer out the door and really don’t want to do that! 🙂

  • Benihanna36

    PS – here is what I have typed in my FBML box…any ideas? Thx!

  • I retyped my quotes & it worked perfectly too! But what a problem til I found this suggestion!

  • Hakea

    I love the way the ICRC’s Welcome Page looks!!! It is clear and easy to follow.
    Can I ask how you did that?

  • I am not able to access or even find Static FBML application. I can locate a few groups dedicated to this, but there is nothing on my FB account that shows up as this application. Has FB taken it down. I just spent 20 minutes trying to find it. I did find a group devoted to teaching it and they offer a link to the ap, but that link only takes me to my Home feed. Baffled!

  • LOL, we don’t want your computer to take the heat!

    I haven’t tried out your code, but try retyping all the quotes (“). It has worked for several users (previous comments). Let me know if that doesn’t work and I’ll try it on my test page.


  • The direct link is in the post, but here it is again:!/apps/application.php?id=4949752878&ref=ts

    You should be able to “add to my page” from there. If that option is not there, you might already have it installed on your page. Remember, you must be an admin of your page first.


  • Hi Nick, thank you for trying. The problem I think is Facebook. When I try to access the application, either from my fan page, or from searching for it on Facebook, or the link you gave me, I land on my News Feed page. Nothing I try takes me to the application. Any ideas about this dilemma?

  • Is there a way to get rid of the Youtube preview picture so people only have to click once?

  • Kathleen M. Keith

    You are right up there with mega inspirational in what you’ve done and now, how you have revved up my inspirational bone. And Nick’s instructions and how he has so eloquently and easily answered everyone has opened up communication to where I don’t feel like such a dufious asking a techie question.


    Greetings from rural Australia.

    What a lovely reply. Your comment is equally inspiring.

    Asking questions and offering opinions is often tricky.

    This is confirmed by reading the vitriol contained in replies to comments that dare to differ – on forums not as sophisticated as Social Media Examiner.

    I always think it’s a hark back to the days when we lived in caves. When our lives centred around not ruffling feathers.

    Because the pecking order in our tribe dictated who was in charge. And who wasn’t. When recriminations were fast and often fatal.

    I’m sure this explains why less than 10% of visitors to a site are willing to stick their necks out by leaving a comment.

    But if you don’t ask questions, how do you learn? There’s no such thing as a stupid question to the person who doesn’t know the answer.

    And we all start from Ground Zero. Sometimes, people just forget that.

    I find that reading comments and understanding how other people interpret information is such a help when grappling with how to present something on a website.

    Social Media Examiner is a great place to learn. And to express opinions without recriminations.

    It’s a pleasure to meet you, Kathleen. I now look forward to reading about your achievements!

    Best wishes and take care,


    Carol Jones
    Interface Pty Ltd
    Designers of The Fitz Like A Glove™ Ironing Board Cover

  • Susanbourkem

    Fantastic stuff I just spent 2 hours trying to sort out with their info but yours is more concise thanks
    Susan Bourke Monahan

  • so was i jorge,you might want to check out they a simular post with more info on how to get your page done.

  • I have the exact same problem and i don’t find a way to solve the issue 🙁

  • Hi Mauro, I submitted a bug report to FB, but there is little chance I will hear anything back. Since you have this problem too, then it appears to be something with FB. Can I ask if you are out of the US? I am in Romania and I am wondering if this problem has something to do with accessing FB from outside the US. Any other non American FB users of Static FBML who are NOT having a problem?

  • Thanks Susan! That’s exactly what I was hoping this article would do.


  • To my understanding you must have a preview picture in order to activate the video, but I can’t verify since I’m not an expert on the video content, However, you can change the image so that it isn’t the blurry YouTube preview picture. Just change the link. Hope that works.


  • Haha, not to laugh at your misery, but I try to remind people to read the comments as well. The little things can make a big difference 😉


  • Thanks! As I tell people who are unsure of FBML, if a novice at HTML can do it, anyone can (as long as you understand the basics of coding). Through this process alone, I’ve “upped” my HTML game. Glad you found it useful!


  • Stephen_reed6

    hey nick i cant add the fbml app to my page wat the prob contact me at 870 378 7210 or

  • Nothing there for me either…I”m in the US…think FB took it down?

  • Schoukse

    Any idea how a fan page can be set such that the fan page wall is only visible to people who “like” the fan page and not others??

  • This is all great, it’s a necessity to know FBML if you want to bling your Facebook page, but I know that my world would be a much better place if they did away with FBML and just allowed you to use standard HTML… Sigh…

  • Although I agree with you, FBML isn’t THAT bad. Some desirable elements have been stripped by FB, but the ease of use outweighs the negatives. I think more folks are understanding the coding aspect because of FBML’s ease of use.


  • Supermanx1616

    I am trying to add an image to our business fb page. I am html illiterate. I upploaded an image to photobucket and here is what I have…

    What am I doing wrong?

  • Supermanx1616

    I also tried

    But no luck

  • Loryshaircream

    By adding this tab, will I be able to edit the name of my facebook fan page?

    Kindly reply to:

    Thank you very much!

  • Vitaly_the_First

    Hi, Nick! Thank you for your really useful article. Really helpful was advice to retype quotes.

  • Nate

    I have the same problem and can’t find a solution. 🙁

  • Mckinney Ali

    I’m trying to use the clickable image code, and it’s not working:

    Any ideas?

  • Er2_wizard

    obviously it don’t work dude, what happened? you are driving everyone crazy here. stop it or find the solution. we are not all idiots.

  • Er2_wizard

    Got it to work……… retype all the ” surrounding inserted code. works great. Thanks Nick

  • Mckinney Ali

    We were responding to me?

  • Mckinney Ali

    I meant, were you responding to me, Er2_wizard?

  • Mckinney Ali

    OK – the image is not showing, but when I click the empty box, it takes me to my target destination. Why isn’t the image showing up? Here’s my code:

  • Tighe Walzak

    Nick – I’m confused about adding a linked image in the code. What if I have a JPEG, for example, that I want to use and don’t have a url?

  • Soda Creek

    Hey there – I am in the same boat as MMorris – and I *do* have “tab option added and the “box” option – but the tab is blank – picture just appears in the boxes tab. I don;t even WANT a boxes tab – just the “Order Online” tab… hmmm

    Here’s my code:

    any ideas??

  • Gotoeden

    I cannot seem to get my image to show up…..What exactly do you mean by “target URL”? I am a bit confused

  • Gotoeden

    Okay I understand what the target is now but my image is still not showing up

  • I’d recommend using photobucket as your photo host rather than linking to your Facebook album. After you’ve changed the URL, double check all the codes and retype all the quotes (“). Hope that works for you.


  • Double check that your image is working (photobucket is the most reliable). Then retype all the quotes (“) and double check coding like spaces and spelling.


  • You’re welcome! I got lucky in fixing that issue. As is the case with me when it comes to coding, trial and error worked. I’m glad it’s helping fix a lot of people’s issues with the codes.


  • When you refer to the name of your FB fan page, are you referring to the URL? If so, adding this tab is just an aesthetic change and does not affect the name of the fan page. In order to edit the URL for your FB fan page, you must have at least 25 fans. Then you can edit under settings.


  • Have you tried retyping all the quotes (“)? Also, it’s good to double check any spacing issues as well. That has solved a lot of other people’s issues with the code.


  • thanks, this is an awesome tutorial

  • Hi, Nick. Do you know how to change container width without css? As far as I can see, css doesn’t work in Static FBML.

  • hey – Great tutorial, but I was wondering how I can add the FBML app to a Page without having a personal profile associated with it? Does anyone know how larger companies handle this? I hate to have it tied to anyones personal profile since different employees could login and use it. Any thoughts on a good way to handle such a thing from a business perspective?

  • Luke Brassinga

    FANTASTIC job Nick! Your tutorial was extremely helpful and very easy to follow. Quick question, I know it’s somewhat “late in the game” to be adding boxes, (upon attempting to set up a box in my page’s left column I received this message “Soon Facebook will no longer support profile boxes from applications. Bookmark your favorite applications to find them easily. Learn more about this change in the Help Center.”) Do you have any new information regarding alternative methods to customize one’s own FB page?
    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  • Yuth

    Hi Nick

    Thanks you for Great knowledge I have some more question to ask about FBML.

    How Do i move youtube box to the position that i want in FBML box everytime it going at top page from start.but if i want to move that box to bottom or in middle,What is the code look like i try to use CSS position order but not working. Do you have some suggesstion??

    Thanks you very much


  • Codemastercool

    Can this be used to post things on a friends wall? I’ve tried pasting some beautiful ascii art on a friends page for her birthday, but the formatting screws up.

  • Yuth

    No worry, Nick i can do move youtube already!

  • Try getting it perfect in a text editor first and then paste. Facebook’s interface can be wonky when you copy and paste formatted text

  • Piyush Agarwal

    With Boxes being removed from facebook, can we still add FBML to left panel. If yest how, mine one shows a bad msg saying this will be removed soon…

  • You cannot

  • Picanel

    They will remove the left column box soon. Is there anything we can do so we can keep put the Fbml box on the left? It says, use the ‘bookmark’ ?

  • Great article. Because I am starting to work in the Page of the company I am working in, this technical information is the one I need. I tryed it already, and added you guys in my favourites

  • Sriya

    I was trying to have a swf object and few images below that in a static FBML page. What I want is, clicking on the images, different videos will be loaded (youtube) in the swf object. Is that possible? I tried with setInnerFBML, but that didn’t work.
    Please help. The page I’m talking about can be viewed at

  • Sjasmer

    I’m having trouble with it and I don’t know why. I’m copy and pasting all the correct Url’s and dricet links for the clickable image, but it is just not showing up. Any troublshooting ideas?

  • Sjasmer

    Ps what needs to have a space because I see that has been peoples hang up but I can’t tell what’s wrong with my spacing,

  • Hi, I like a lot this article!! I want to how how to get the code of I LIKE so i can put it in my fbml new tab.. thanks!

  • nicky

    Excellent Post Nick and thanx everyone for sharing 🙂
    Does anyone know if I can add a like button feature to the static fbml tab?


  • Louisemarsden

    A great post, the most informative I’ve found, thank you. However being a ‘newbie’ I have no idea what ‘replace with target URL means’ – would be grateful if someone could explain! – thanks,

  • MauricioCB

    Really great post, I´ve just open my page on facebook and this is just what i was looking for
    Thanks a lot!!!

  • frustrated

    Facebook removed my FBML box that contained a graphic that linked from my page to my website. Any solutions as to how to get a link to my website from my Facebook page?

  • Charlie

    Hi Nick – I’ve put an fbml tab together for my bands FB page

    Here’s the page in question:

    Having set up the page I’ve got it looking how I want it to look in Internet Explorer and Chrome.

    However, there is a table within the main table containing a registration form, which is simply invisible when viewed as part of the facebook page in firefox.

    This doesn’t appear to be a pure html problem because it appears fine in a normal html document viewed through firefox, and I’ve had a more experienced friend of mine look it over and he can’t see a problem with it, but both of us are new to FBML.

    I wondered if there is a track record of issues with either nested tables or forms in fbml/firefox – but haven’t been able to find a similar complaint.

    I hope you’re able to point me in the direcftion of a solution!


  • Hakea

    Hi Nick,

    I have just created a page:!/pages/Geelong/Sage-Beauty-Geelong/150709781625932?v=wall
    I can not create a wlecome tab. I have tried the above script (five times!) with both photobucket and Facebook images. I have a feeling its a fault with Facebook at the moment… am I the only one experiencing it? How do I fix it? Is there something wrong with my script?

  • Quang cao truc tuyen

    The post is absolutely fantastic! Lots of great information and inspiration, both of which we all need! Also like to admire the time and effort you put into your blog and detailed information you offer! I will bookmark your blog

  • Buzwe

    ive copied the code (how to add a clickable image) and made the changes but its just blank, i did get any results. please help what am i doing wrong.

    heres the code:

  • Jordan

    Really great post. But I am having some serious difficulty getting my content to display, and I am in desperate need of some help.

    If you would be so kind to have a look and help me out, I would truly appreciate it.


    I think I’ve done everything correctly, but nothing shows up under my FBML tab.

    I am using my page as a testing platform, and the test tab is just called FBML.

    Here is where it is supposed to live:

    Facebook page Jordan Ancel Photography / FBML tab (please note there is also a FB Group for Jordan Ancel Photography)

    Here is what the content should look like:

    And here is the code I used:

    The panoramic views of the Las Vegas skyline from the oversized private terraces of the Terrace Suite at The Cosmopolitan are always picture perfect and we’d like you to see them. All you have to do is share a photo that you’ve taken of a Picture Perfect View, a cityscape view, a scenic view, a room with a view, or other captivating view, and you’ll have a chance to win a trip for two to the opening weekend at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.
    The winner will receive two roundtrip airfares from anywhere in the US to Las Vegas and a two-night stay (December 17-19, 2010) at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas in a Terrace Suite.

    <div id="rulesBrackets"

    ” target=”_blank”>

    ” target=”_blank”>


    © Copyright 2010 The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.
    All Rights Reserved

  • Fantastic information, I’m going to try it out this week, I’l let you know if I have any problems….Louise

  • Koshington

    I read somewhere that it was better to link to your wall from the static FBML image rather than your external website but HOW do I send it to the URL of my pages wall?? don’t seem to be able to find a link.
    Alos how do people here get an address like… “ ” my page has loads of other things in the link?


  • Wednesday

    great article! thank you for the resource!!!!

  • Not sure if this app can help.. give it a try.
    You might be able to insert links, javascript, pages, tabs.. etc all inside the app.

  • Sylvia

    Hi Nick,

    Wow it’s really working and for a learner like me I’m stunned.
    BUT, I want to make my ‘Welcome’ tab the default landing tab. All good following your instructions.
    But I dont’ get the option of “Default landing tab for everyone else” come up at all.
    I just get “Default view” then below it “Auto expand comments” no other options. What have I missed?
    I know you’re busy so any help would be super.
    Thank you 🙂

  • Thanks for the tip … I’ve gotten my facebook page at

    I’m able to make an image appear when the user is a fan using fb:visible-to-connection however I’m not able to make the other image disappear when they become a member …. any tips 🙂 ty

  • Tsemaj2

    Nick. How can I add codes to my wall and not necessarily to another tab? I want to add a “donate” button on my wall, but have nowhere to post the code.

  • Manjunatha

    Hi Nick,
    I am struck in face book application .. while clicking the like button new image should be loaded .can you help me out to solve the problem.
    Thank you.

  • Samgallo

    Is there a work-around to put FBML on a group page?

  • No I do not believe there is

  • Hi Melissa,
    How did you hide the Job board before revealing it? It’s a nifty little trick and would love to learn it. Thanks in advance.

  • Hey Nick,

    I know this comes a little late but thanks for an awesome and priceless post. Can’t tell you how i was punching the air late one night crouched over my laptop when i got FBML working for one of theu pages i manage, only to look up and see my wife staring at me quizzically!!! Hey, a quick question – how do i add customise the look of my entire landing page? I mean the page background etc. The reason i’m asking you this and not googling it rightaway is I’m no programmer and i prefer your simple explanations to some geeky mumbo jumbo…awaiting your reply. Please mail me on

  • People better hurry because they way we know fan pages now are soon going away. This is not speculation. It comes from within Facebook. They are moving to iFrames.

    Once they have the security issues resolved all new Fanpages will only be able to use iFrames. Existing fan pages using FBML will be frozen with the template that you currently have when the change is made; so you better have your template completed for the long haul. You won’t be able to change it after.

    I did a post explaining iFrames and how to use them within you website. The same will eventually be true within Facebook.

  • hi nick, i love your web design. ok, i have a couple of questions about facebook pages. maybe i don’t have enough fans, but pages won’t let me put up links, photos, or even import my blog! my fbml does not allow me to post anything to the front of my page! can anyone give me advice?

  • great post.
    i just did what you said here and walla its working

  • Pf1337

    Hey. I am trying to impliment a clickable picture ( url ) and it is showing up blanc.

    Anyone got any suggestions? Here is the code :

    help 🙂

  • Pf1337

    Im sorry wrong code … here is the actual code :

    its not working :/

  • Try this. I took out the ” that were put in too much. It works for me

  • MH

    For the life of me I can not find the “Edit” link assoiciated with the FBML app.
    Any ideas?

  • Pf1337

    where is it ? 🙂 you did not attack anything

  • Amy

    I put the code in but nothing shows up….its blank. No picture. I’ve been working on this forever and nothing is working!!!!!

  • Yousuckjunkmail

    @Rhonda. I know this is five months later, but you have to get rid of the “curly” quotes and use the regular straight ones. In the FBML field, try manually replacing all the quote marks that you cut and pasted.

  • great tutorial – thank you! i got my fbml tab working ok and the direct link goes right there when you paste it into a browser.

    however, when i try to use this direct link to share the app, it shortens the link to or only recognizes it as the fan page:

    anything i can do with the link to get facebook to recognize it? thanks in advance…

  • And how does it work within Facebook?

  • And how does it work within Facebook?

  • Wendy W 503

    I know how you feel Army…. l will however persist but in what direction. They seem to tell the what but not the how specifics!

  • Wendy W 503

    I know how you feel Army…. l will however persist but in what direction. They seem to tell the what but not the how specifics!

  • You’re welcome!

    When it comes to linking on Facebook, Facebook will shorten it. The same goes for outbound links to blogs. If the URL is, for example,, then Facebook will automatically shorten it to If you want to display the entire link, you can post the link within the wall post AND include the direct link. Hope that answers your question.


  • You’re welcome!

    When it comes to linking on Facebook, Facebook will shorten it. The same goes for outbound links to blogs. If the URL is, for example,, then Facebook will automatically shorten it to If you want to display the entire link, you can post the link within the wall post AND include the direct link. Hope that answers your question.


  • Helps to have the code you’re trying to use! I would suggest retyping the quotes (“) and making sure that the code and spacing is just like the example in the tutorial.


  • Helps to have the code you’re trying to use! I would suggest retyping the quotes (“) and making sure that the code and spacing is just like the example in the tutorial.


  • If you want to edit the FBML app to input the FBML code, then click on “go to application”. If that didn’t answer your question, let me know.


  • If you want to edit the FBML app to input the FBML code, then click on “go to application”. If that didn’t answer your question, let me know.


  • You butchered the code that I provided in the tutorial ;-)try this code, it works (make sure you retype the quotes (“):


  • You butchered the code that I provided in the tutorial ;-)try this code, it works (make sure you retype the quotes (“):


  • Thanks. Glad it worked for you!


  • Thanks. Glad it worked for you!


  • Thanks! The number of fans have nothing to do with the ability to post links, photos, etc. Are you trying to use the FBML app as explained in this tutorial or are you talking about simply posting links and photos on your Facebook page wall? I need more clarification.


  • Thanks! The number of fans have nothing to do with the ability to post links, photos, etc. Are you trying to use the FBML app as explained in this tutorial or are you talking about simply posting links and photos on your Facebook page wall? I need more clarification.


  • Very good point Kyle and thanks for sharing. FB has announced that IFrames will be replacing FBML, but I’m not too sure about existing Fan pages using FBML being “frozen”. How’d you come up with that conclusion?


  • sorry, I’m not understanding the question. Could you please clarify, I’d love to help.


  • That’s a great question because I don’t know the answer. The way I would do it is to create a new wall post, post a link to the donation page and make sure the image that pops up is the “donate” button.


  • Thanks Sylvia! If you changed the “welcome” tab as the default landing tab, then “everyone else” will be the wall. It looks like FB changed a few things in that particular menu.


  • To answer your first question, provide the code that you used to insert an image as well as the link you want to use and I’ll be able to help you.

    RE: Facebook URL, as long as you have at least 25 fans, you can customize your FB URL by going here:


  • Thanks Louise, good luck!


  • What you do with the jpg is upload to a site like photobucket. That way you are able to use the link that photobucket provides to your jpg and insert it into your FBML code.


  • Thanks and you’re welcome!

    To customize your entire landing page requires some advanced coding or paying money to get a customized FBML tab. At this point, the best I can do is direct you to google. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help in this area.


  • Thanks Kathleen, building a community that is open to communication is what social media is about and Mike and the team at SM Examiner have done a great job in that area.


  • Hi Vitaly,
    I’m not very familiar with CSS, but it actually does work in Static FBML. It should work if you call up an external stylesheet.


  • Thanks Amanda!
    You must create a personal profile in order to create a Facebook page. Once you assign yourself (and others) as admins, the others will NOT be able to access your personal profile. Also as an admin, your post on the company page will appear as the company and not under your personal name.


  • Since “boxes” are a thing of the past, the only other way to customize one’s FB page is to add the FBML app and use FBML to customize.


  • In order to use CSS, try pulling in an external stylesheet. If that still doesn’t work, you’ll have to change the FBML code to center/move YouTube video.


  • Nope. What happened for me when the left column disappeared is that it reappeared as an FBML tab.


  • Thanks Adriana, good luck! If you encounter any issues, these string of comments will have some answers for you.


  • A mentor of mine knows someone within Facebook who told him about the change and freezing existing FBML.

    With that being said; how credible is that? Until they actually implement the change it’s just a guessing game. Just make sure that you have your fan page customized the way you want it and then if nothing is ever frozen then you are still the better off.

  • Arinze

    Hey Nick,

    First, thank you so much for tis information. I am a novice at this trying to get better at developing facebook pages for my work and this information was extremely helpful. (Even the comments :-)) I had a couple questions that I was hoping you would be able to help me with.

    I have already created the fan page for my work and ha made it the landing page. I noticed that facebook no longer allows you to change the default landing page for people who already “like” your page. The nature of my work relies heavily on the intrest and interaction with our fans. Do you have any ideas on how I can make sure that our fans, who will see our “wall” by default, see all of the FBML tabs that I am and will be creating? Is there a way to place links on our wall that will take people, even our fans, to an FBML tab of our choice? I know this kind of goes around the rules, but this is such a powerful feature, and I want to make sure that our page is as functional as possible.

    My second question has to do with the “Like” function. I noticed on some other pages people have a huge “like” button on their custom landing page. How can I do the same and is there a way to restrict what is seen by those that are not fans, so that if interested in our page they can “like” us to see more?

    My apologies for all of the questions, but this is by far the most informative site that I have seen on the matter, and all of you out there who have chimed in have also had such great questions that have helped me along the way. I have included the link to our page below for your reference. I welcome any ideas or help as this has seriously sparked my interest and I think I did a pretty good job for my first page. I look forward to your thoughts. Thank you in advance

  • Arinze

    forgot to include the link

    Thanks again

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  • This info was what I needed at the right time. It was really helpful too. I am just getting started with my healthy coffee business and wanted to post something to my page encouraging others to use it as a gift idea. I was able to create the FBML box and set it as the default on my wall, which was exactly what I wanted. Thanks!

  • Sahoura_15

    Hello! Great post! I looked at your Facebook page and it looks awesome! I was just wondering if it was possible to post a tutorial as to how you created your “welcome page”. I am interested in how you have to click a button to see text. I would really appreciate it if you could let me know. Thanks!!

  • Luis

    hi nick,
    i was wondering if it was possible to make a link that goes to your profile photos

  • Luis

    For example

  • Fridman Polina

    Hi Nick, thank you for your guide, it helps alot! I have one question, if i would like to post a video, which is not from YouTube, how would i do that, also through Photobucket?

  • Akansh

    hey how to insert link in fbml??? plzz help me out

  • Kazaddress

    Hi. I have added the FBML 1 application to my fab page, but when I edit the page, and go to applications, there is no “edit” link, only Go to application · Edit settings · Link to this tab.

    any ideas?

  • Chadfrisbie

    Hey Nick

    I work for an author and I need to figure out how to allow viewers to download a pdf by clicking on an image, exactly the same as the following page:

    *I do not have a host site yet for the pdf, so recommendations on that would be helpful too.


  • melaniebjohnson

    This was a great tutorial. It worked perfectly. Thanks!

  • Ronan

    How do I stop the status posting appearing at the top of my facebook poage beside the page name

  • Sivakumar

    Hi i want to add video files from my local machine to the facebook fan page ..Is it Possible.. Please reply if any one knows.?

  • Thanks for your help with this. I have been frusterated by FBML for a while… by following your instructions, I just created a sweet landing page!

  • We’ve just published a new FBML tab on ICRC‘s (Red Cross) Facebook page. Please have a look and let me know what you think. Thanks! /Isaac

  • Ted

    Hi Nick,

    I feel stupid asking this again but I can not get my pic to show. I re-typed the quotes as you recommended many times over. Are there spaces between any of the coding? Am I missing something?


  • Ted

    OK.. I got it to work however, how do I space pictures on top of each other and how do I place pics right or left of the screen?

  • I’ve added the FBML tab, but there is no “edit” option. Am I missing something?

  • Shirley

    Hey Nick,

    I have copied the code for the clickable image but I can’t seem to get the image to show up when I click on the tab.

    Can you help? Thanks!

  • hi,

    i have a problem with YT movies.
    i add a clicable img and now i’d like to add movie
    i used this but it dosent work

  • Hi Nick,

    I just tried adding a click-able image using the code you provided. I tired an image I had on Picassa and it wouldn’t load so I uploaded it to photobucket and still nothing. Below is the code I created: If you have any ideas I’d appreciated it. Our page is!/pages/The-Urban-Team/116318708440847?v=wall

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  • There have obviously been some changes in FBML since this post was written. Check out Mashable’s tutorial for an easier fix:

  • David Paige

    Hi , I’m findin this really useful
    but for some reason the picture doesnt show up, I can see a little question mark and borders, and if i click on it it work just fine, just the picture doesnt show up. Here’s my code. Any idea what could be wrong?

  • Hi Nick! Thanks for the great article. I have a wonderful welcome page, but now I need to make it my default tab. Since you wrote the article, it looks like Facebook changed the way to make this possible? When I click Edit Page, I have the option of clicking Manage Permissions from there I am given the option of just Default Landing Tab. When I select the welcome tab I made, it still does not show up as the default tab. Any suggestions on how to get my fbml Welcome tab as the default tab?

  • Sammet

    Hi Nick!

    Thanks for a great resource!

    Hi Nick!

    Thanks for a great resource!

    I am customising my Fanpage using the Static FBML. I have created a swf file and I use the code below to embed it.

    Everything works fine, until I resize the browser window. The swf file does not resize. What am I doing wrong?

    Very happy for all kind of tips and advice!


  • Ronnie

    Hi Nick,

    Is there also a way to get a youtube movie on your tab the way audi did?

  • Webmaker79

    hello i m having diffculties in FBML using css .. H1 and H2 work properly but H2 not responding from CSS.. what is the issue ??

  • Hi – Thanks for the great post. I followed your instructions above to upload a youtube video on my FB page. I am able to get the fuzzy pictures, but when you click on it, the picture disappears and no video appears. Could you please assist? Thank you.

  • Jenna

    So what if you already made a box, and added the tab not realizing that there is no way to go back and edit it (at least not on mine, and yes I AM SURE), so I just left it blank thinking I could go back and fill in the info later and now I am stuck with a blank tab, I don’t want, with no apparent way to remove it compeletely only remove the tab from showing up on my profile. And it won’t allow me to create a new box/tab because everytime I try it just put the same empty box/tab that I DO NOT WANT back up. When I go to the app page the only thing that comes up is “this app is already installed on all avaliable pages” so I have no way of removing it completely and reinstalling the app to make a new box/tab, but no editing capabilities for my current one either!?!? Is this a glitch with the app or what? Any help would be very appreciated.

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  • Excellent post Nick! I am actually looking for tutorial on FBML and I found yours. Thanks!

  • Kcurtislay

    this post is very helpful. do you know how to embed a website into one of these boxes?

  • Hi, Great article – thank you. However – no matter what html I try to add a photo – the FB tab ends up blank.

    Any advice?

  • Hey Nick,

    this is a great post about customizing Facebook Fan pages by using FBML.

    I think FBML is indeed very useful, but it´s very complicated as well.

    Therefore I want to share with you our free tool on – mashlab makes it possible for you to draw new elements simply on the work surface using drag & drop. You need no knowledge of complex programming languages such as FBML or HTML.


  • hey i tried wt u tld !! CAN U TELL ME WHERE TO PASTE DIZ ????? BT ???PLZZZZZ RPLL

  • Val Stayskal

    I have created a new Tab on my FB Page called Recipes, using your FBML instructions. How do I allow for recipes to post and collect there by the members of the page. I am reading how to add content but don’t understand how you use the tab further for collection of data entered by the page members?

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  • Mickey

    How up to date is this app? The instructions on this post are out of date, maybe that is why this doesn’t work?

  • Susan

    I have an important question that I hope you can answer. I know how to do all of this and I now have a client who wants to know this: Is there a way to make the default “fbml” tab but sticky so they cannot see the wall or info until they “like” the page?

  • sufyan Mohamed

    Very good!! Worked Perfect on my page. Thanks a heap :-))

  • Edgecenter

    So, no that we can add static FBML, how do we add a favicon, such as those used with Livestream?

    Thank you.

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  • RIP static FBML on 11 march 2011

  • Victoria

    Can you host the image on your own site instead of photobucket?

  • Rahnjoseph300

    These tips are great and the social marketing is on boom and will always be .Thanks for your suggestions.

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  • Greetings,

    I may be in the minority, but I have tried following these instructions and can’t seem to get it to work. I pasted this code into the edit FBML code section that looks like a box with a title and fbml section.

    Nothing appears in the tab labeled my pleasure for the Redwire facebook page located here:!/pages/redwire/127369450606603

    I am confused. What is the target that I am supposed to replace? I replaced it with the url to the facebook page, but something tells me that isn’t the right move (and that something is the fact that it just isn’t working).

    I would be incredibly grateful to you if you could help me.


    Juda Borrayo

  • Sahir Farid

    Thanks for posting such a nice and easy FBML tutorial.. Will look forward for more from you in future.

    Sahir Farid

  • Since FBML isn’t an option after 3/11 – start transitioning apps ASAP to this or other alternatives

  • Hello – When trying to embed images from PhotoBucket into my static FBML page using the source above, the images don’t show up. I know the URL is correct as I can use it directly in a browser plus I’m a designer so the HTML isn’t exactly beyond me. 🙂 Can you suggest any reasons why the images just wouldn’t show at all?

  • Lauriel

    I used this exact code…and nothing. Help! Here’s the code directly off my page at:

    The page I’m trying to create is The STORE, and here is the code I entered:

    Please help – PLEASE!

  • Andguly

    How can I add an icon to my FBML on the right menu? As you can see I don’t have an icon right now and I’m trying to have the same result as Airfrance here
    Can you see the difference? Those little nice icons for custom tabs?
    Any tip?

  • I’m confused, can we still use fbml code or do we now have to replace our pages with iframes?

  • Quick

    Hi Nick-

    Very Helpful information, I added two FBML tabs to my facebook page. One is full of pictures and working beautifully. The other I have been trying to embed a youtube video but have had no luck.

    Can you please help?

    The video I’m trying to upload is:

    The code I used is:

    <fb:swfswfbgcolor=”000000″ imgstyle=”border-width:3px; border-color:white;”
    imgsrc=”” width=”520″ height=”400″ />

    What am I doing wrong!?!?! AHHHHHH

    Thank you so much.

  • Kitesunthreaded

    HI this is kiran it is very helpful for me. thanks. i included Like Box in my page but it is showing me multiple face of logged in person. is there any way to avoid it

  • fw3d


    Since the fbml tag “restricted-to” has been deprecated, you can detect visitor location/language on your facebook page by creating a little application that takes 10 minutes. Everything is explained here:

    Hope this helps!

  • Danish

    hello sir,

    How can I convert a page which is in FBML to HTML

    please help

  • How to Add a Clickable Image in Static FBML

    When adding an image in the FBML box, I’ve found that the best place to host images is Photobucket. Using Flickr or Facebook photos caused issues for me. If it works for you, stick with it. The maximum width for an image in the FBML tab is 520px.

    There is no maximum height, but think of it as a landing page by keeping the scrolling to a minimum. Ask yourself: do you want users to scroll down to get the message or do you want to get the main point across once they’ve landed on your page?

    Upload your image to your Photobucket account. Copy the direct URL to the image you intend to use in your FBML box. Next, you want to use this code:

    Replace the xxxxx with the target URL. Replace the yyyyy with the direct link to your uploaded Photobucket image. Replace the ## with your width and height in pixels.

    Replace the xxxxx with the target URL i cant understand plz help me

  • N Vk1305

    what is the target url??

  • Charlesbasil1

    thanks i like it ….


  • I have set the 2 pages of my client with the help of your tutorial thanks alot buddy..!

  • Anarosesharkey

    Is there anyway you can change the logo on the App, Red Bull for example have their logo rather than the standard image for FMBL?

  • Erik

    The application allows you to add your YouTube channel free of charge – and includes Google Analytics for tracking

  • ronsco

    what is a target url????

  • Sanketuchil

    I am not able to add Static FBML for my page as the option of “add to my page” doesnt comes!
    where can i locate da button..plz hepl!

  • It is no longer supported

  • Paulseawa

    Is there an alternative?

  • Victoria

    I have found an option that is working GREAT for me…the iframe app…i forgot the name but if you google i’m sure you’ll find many if you need i can look up tonight…but what it allows you to do is us fbml or html in the app or more simply, I created a mini fb site with fb dimensions hosted on my server and pulled it in with the app…soo much easier and gives you more flexibility to use other items that FB lacks…;)

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  • Nadine London

    Hi Nick, great post – may be you have an answer to my question that I have: I have created a static page in my wordpress com blog, so the first page is “Home” and the blog posts are hosted under a tab called “blog”. Now trying to import my posts into facebook fan page, notes only imports the comments from the “Home” page and not the actual blog posts. Do you know what I can do? My site is:

    Thank you.

  • babinajib

    your want custmize 2 your facebook background themes,you try this link,it really works, … anywhere ,you should try it, look more nicer from old one or default facebook theme…

  • Erik

    My Tab is a great alternative that supports much of the original FBML syntax as well as provides you with nice integration of the newer Facebook features such as the like and new send buttons.

  • Erik

    My Tab is a great alternative that supports much of the original FBML syntax as well as provides you with nice integration of the newer Facebook features such as the like and new send buttons.

  • Tania

    Hey – Great page and advise. Love the website. I have multiple business pages under my main personal account. I’m finding it difficult to get the FBML app to share across these business pages. I have it on one but can’t seem to get it to load onto the others. Any ideas?

  • Tania

    Hey – Great page and advise. Love the website. I have multiple business pages under my main personal account. I’m finding it difficult to get the FBML app to share across these business pages. I have it on one but can’t seem to get it to load onto the others. Any ideas?

  • N Vk1305

    can you also get me the code of adding visitor name of FBML.which displays automatically the visitor name when he/her is on that page.

  • N Vk1305

    can you also get me the code of adding visitor name of FBML.which displays automatically the visitor name when he/her is on that page.

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  • what is dynamic FBML ?

  • what is dynamic FBML ?

  • Regina_favors

    Thank you so much. I’ve been on the web all day trying to find the best explanation. Yours is the best. Thank you. Stay cool! RYF

  • Regina_favors

    Thank you so much. I’ve been on the web all day trying to find the best explanation. Yours is the best. Thank you. Stay cool! RYF

  • Great explanation.I have been searching in the net for the exact answers.

  • Great explanation.I have been searching in the net for the exact answers.

  • Hello,

    I have landed to as per your suggestion on this post. but I couldn’t see the

    “add to my page” Option anywhere there.

    Let me know how to add in to my page? Is that due to they have disabled the apps ?

    Any help would be appreciated

  • rockaja

    Try Static XFBML – An upgrade to FBML – get designing your facebook pages


  • dancorlett

    Hi guys – does this post no longer work – i think facebook may have updated / cancelled FBML – tried to follow but looks like it’s no longer applicable.

  • Have you noticed the type of quotes you used in the Clickable Image in Static FBML? You got left hooks ” , right hooks “ , and even mini quotes ″ . That was fun figuring out what was wrong. For all those wondering why the code doesn’t do anything, replace all his quotes with the real HTML compliant one —> ” .

  • topphilippines

    Help please. I successfully installed this app in one of my pages, but when I tried to do the same with the other pages, I couldn’t. After adding the app to one of my other pages, the app wouldn’t appear in the apps list when I edited the settings. I removed the app and added it again to that page, but the app still wouldn’t appear in the list of apps for that page. What should I do?

  • Utsav

    try any of these links 

    i know it is too late… but incase you havenot found it yet, or any other need reference.

  • Les Warren

    I read somewhere recently that facebook was going to deprecate FBML, but I have not been able to find any information on the timeline and what will replace it. I think it may be something called canvas – but that is not live yet.
    I tried installing FBML on a page tonight and I got a message that the page is “under Updation”.
    Any news on your end?

  • this is really nice!!!!

  • its nice yr…

  • This tutorial is very brief, but i am getting problem when i am going to Add to my Page. but in my page i can not see the option. options are starting from Add to My Page’s Favorites

    Any one can help me how do i solve this problem?

  • This is an old article now…no more Static FBML, replaced by the iFrame method.

    Here’s an update article on using the iFrame method and more to customize your business/fan page:,review-1672.html

  • hey it didnt work….pls help me….

  • what the hell you explaining….nothing is working….i read all of the above comments but not a single comment was usefull….useless 😛

  • hey utsav….only the last link is working…that is FBML10….

  • its really interesting to create own landing page,
    and really very thanks to share this knowledge,
    but i want to know some something more

    i login as with my admin account and visit on fbml page but didn’t saw any add to my page option ??
    why ???

    and what i have to do??

  • Bike_boyus

    i am haveing problem with my home page

  • Bike_boyus

    hi if u can help me with my facebook …..when i login….i can’t see the home page…..i don’t know wht’s wrong…with …..thx

  • Facebook no longer supports static fbml but supports static XFBML so get it here

    Good luck

  • fantastic app

  • Pubudu Gokarella(ANdy)

    Thanks this was really helpful

  • guest

    Is there a way you can add direct links to other websites to the tab? so when you click on it, it sends you straight to that website?

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  • Amalantonym

    hii Nickshin Can we add Gif pictures on FBML? this is really awesome!

  • Hi, I have a facebook page that is currently at beginning stage, actually very basic one. I will have to bookmark your site and use it guides and tutorial in order to make my facebook page shine :-).

  • Elatocki

    I want to put a viewable YouTube video on my facebook fan pages.  Can you explain how to do this in a video?

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  • Thanks Nick, I have just added FBML to my new facebook page and I’m ready to get started.

  • Happy_azumi

    thank you so much! i was intimidated with the codes at first but I just tried and did as you instructed and voila! I can now upload an image to my page’s FBML tab which was empty and untouched for almost 2 weeks of my ignorance, hahah! super thanks!

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  • Indezoo

    Very useful… thank you for sharing!!!

  • hzscorpion

    Does anyone know how to add google analytics to facebook, twitter and blog page to monitor traffic.  I have the google analytics account and have created the script but not sure where to include it on these pages/sites.  The instruction says add it to FBML or iFrame on facebook and HTML on other sites.  Are these up to date information? How can I access HTML of these pages? 

  •  Thanks for the info, great article. Does anyone know if it is possible to set  a FBML tab as your default landing page now that they have updated facebook fan pages?

  • Raheen Rashid

    how to add a sign up form to face book page which will be forwarded to my google docs 

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  • Admin

    application not found 🙁

    is facebook off this feature?? give me a short reply

  •  HI, I AM RIZAN,

  • Goof Info Thanks For Posting

  • Nice Info Thanks For Posting

  • How To Lose

    greta post with great stuffs

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  • John Mahoney

    I’m trying to create a section that reveals a coupon code if someone likes the page. Does this work for that? It’s a bit confusing that you have in red at the top of the page that says “Facebook doesn’t support FBML” does this work?