social media how toWant to run Instagram ads?

Would you rather use Facebook Ads Manager instead of Power Editor?

Now that Instagram ads are available to most advertisers through the Facebook Ads Manager, they’re easier than ever to create.

In this post I’ll share how to create an Instagram ad in Facebook Ads Manager, stepbystep.

create instagram ads with facebook ads manager

Discover how to create Instagram ads with Facebook Ads Manager.

Already Using Business Manager?

If you already linked your Facebook page, Instagram account and Facebook advertising account through Business Manager, as outlined in my previous post on creating Instagram Ads using Power Editor, then you’re ready to create Instagram ads through the Ads Manager.

Go to Business Manager and use the Business Settings menu to navigate to Ad Accounts. Then click on the link to View Ad Account in Ads Manager.

ad accounts in business manager

Select the ad account linked to your Instagram account in Business Manager to get started.

On the next screen, click the green Create Ad button on the top right. This will take you to the standard Ads Manager interface within your Business Manager to create a new ad. There, you can hover over the ad objectives to see which ones will allow you to create Instagram ads.

ad objectives

Choose an ad objective that works with Instagram.

From here, you can move on to step #1.

Not Using Business Manager?

Even if you haven’t set up your Facebook page, Instagram account and Facebook advertising account with Business Manager, you can still create Instagram ads using the Ads Manager.

Go to the Ads Manager and click on the green Create Ad button at the top right.

This will take you to the standard Ads Manager interface to create a new ad. Once there, hover over the ad objectives to see which ones will allow you to create Instagram ads, just as shown above.

From here, you can move on to step #1.

#1: Select Your Objective

First off, select an objective that works with Instagram. Currently, you can choose fromSend people to your website,” “Increase conversions on your website,” “Get installs of your app” and “Get video views.”

Once you selected your objective, tell Ads Manager what you want to advertise and click Continue.

choosing an ad objectives

After you choose an objective, specify what you want to promote in your ad.

#2: Choose Your Audience

Next, tell Ads Manager about the audience for your ad. If you have saved or custom audiences, you can include or exclude them in the Custom Audiences field at the top. Otherwise, configure your ad audience using the demographics shown below.

choosing an ad audience

Configure the target audience for your ad.

Click on the More Demographics button to reveal even more targeting options.

#3: Set Your Ad Budget and Scheduling

After you select your ad audience, set your ad budget and schedule when you want it to run.

Facebook offers recommendations for bidding strategies with specific ad objectives. The ad objectives available for Instagram ads are as follows, and apply to the areas bordered by red in the image below.

  • Send people to your website: Optimize for link clicks, get charged for link clicks (CPC).
  • Increase conversions on your website: Optimize for conversions, get charged for impressions.
  • Get installs of your app: Optimize for app installs, get charged for impressions.
  • Get video views: Optimize for video views, get charged for impressions.
budget and cost details

Configure budgeting for your Instagram ad and choose your scheduling.

You may want to experiment to see what optimization and pricing strategy works best for your ad campaign goals.

#4: Create Your Ad

Depending on your ad objective, you first need to designate whether you want to use a single image or video or multiples. Make these selections, and then look below to see if Instagram is enabled as a placement. If it isn’t, you need to change your selections.

choosing what type of ad to run

Select your ad configuration.

If you see the following, then the selection you made will work with Instagram. If not, then you need to change your selection.

verify instagram placement option

See if Instagram is active as a placement option for your ad.

Now, select your ad creative (images or video). After you do, remember to scroll down and test what it will look like with each of your placements. You want to ensure they are properly optimized to look good.

select your ad creative

Select your ad images or video.

Next, configure your ad display. If you connected your Facebook page, Instagram account and Facebook advertising account in Business Manager, your page and Instagram account will automatically be selected, as shown below.

select networks where your ad will display

Your Facebook page and Instagram account are selected through Business Manager if they’re connected.

With the above settings, the ad shown will be displayed on Instagram and in the Facebook news feed (desktop and mobile), Facebook right column (desktop only) and in Facebook’s Audience Network (mobile banners on third-party apps outside of Facebook). However, you can also run an Instagram-only campaign. Just remove placements outside of Instagram.

If you’re using Ads Manager without the Business Manager connections, you will have the option to select your Facebook page and add your Instagram account.

promote your instagram account

When creating an ad with Ads Manager without Business Manager, you have the option to use your Facebook page or add an Instagram account.

Alternatively, you can also use your Facebook page to represent your business in your Instagram ad without connecting an Instagram account.

Note: When you connect your Instagram account to your ad, you’ll get notifications about likes and comments on your Instagram ad in your mobile Instagram app. You may not get those notifications without the connection.

#5: Run Your Ad and Review Insights

Once you configure your Instagram ad, click the green Place Order button at the bottom right of the page to submit it for review. Once approved by the Facebook advertising team, it will start to run, based on the schedule you specified.

Visit your Ads Manager directly or via Business Manager to see the performance of your ad.

Remember to click through your campaign to see the breakdown of results by placement, if your ad is running on both Facebook and Instagram. Use the drop-down next to All Placement.

view ad results

If you run your ad on multiple placements, view details in ad analytics.

Thanks to Ads Manager, placing Instagram ads is easier than ever.

What do you think? Have you tried creating an Instagram ad in Business Manager or through Ads Manager? How was the experience? Let us know in the comments.

how to create instagram ads with facebook ads manager

Discover how to create Instagram ads with Facebook Ads Manager.

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  • Thë McNew

    I would love to have more of the criteria that it takes to have an Instagram ad. I must have tried 50 different image/text combinations yesterday before an ad for a restaurant New Years Eve party was accepted. No text in the image. Under 200 characters of text in the content.

  • That’s odd. You might want to go through the Facebook ad guidelines as they also apply to Instagram. For a restaurant, sometimes it’s something as small as including a shot of an alcoholic beverage in the photo and having the ad targeted to audiences under 21.

  • Does anyone have information about whether you can create a branded instagram account with Facebook Fan Page?

  • Can you give me an example of what you mean?

  • Sure – for example, if you are an admin for the Social Media Examiner Fan Page then how could we make an Instagram for Social Media Examiner and use it in the Facebook Business Manager.

  • Nelsee

    Can you show screenshot of what it looks like on Instagram? Is it like a “sponsored” post I see on my feed from time to time?

  • moonball

    I didn’t have any Instagram options, it only let me post what I was posting to Facebook, as a result there was no ‘learn more’ link in my ad. Not sure what I was doing wrong? It is running now and I can’t see any way to correct it.

  • tobias

    I did FB advert yesterday 4x rejected and with erros upon placing theorder button. Frustrating! I gave up!!! so many rules!!!

  • Wouldn’t you just create an Instagram account for SME, tie that to the Facebook page and advertise? What are we missing in your question? As long as the IG account is attached to the FB Page in the FB Page’s settings it shouldn’t be a problem.

  • Yes, that’s exactly what it is 🙂

  • Gotcha! You can create the Instagram account using the Instagram app and then link the two in Business Manager. 🙂

  • You might want to pause that campaign and create a new one if you can’t edit the ad that is showing wrong.

  • That’s it! Anything in your Instagram news feed marked as Sponsored is an Instagram ad. 🙂

  • Curt Winn

    I do tons of advertising on Facebook for my business and I’m confused because I want to advertise on Instagram but I can’t tell why it keeps rejecting my posts. Instagram is available for boosted posts, but when I get to the point to choose placements, Instagram is rarely available. I just get a message that says “Instagram can’t be used for this ad” but no reason. I’ve searched FB but I cannot find out what’s causing this. Any help is appreciated. Thx

  • Yesterday I created Ad for FB and Instagram both. Today I am seeing in Review Insight my most amount spent in Audience Network (Ad shown on Third Party Mobile Apps) almost 88% and on Instagram it’s less than 1% . Why so? I am worried.

  • Thanks – this was helpful. I was able to setup an account for @Spiral_Marketing and then connect it in Business Manager! 🙂

  • John

    Hi Kristi – If you have answers to these questions it would be great

    1. When you signup for Instagram you are not asked for a date of birth. So I don’t see how can we target Instagram users by age in the Ads manager? Unless …. If you use Age as a targeting option are you only targeting people who have linked their Instagram accounts to FB account and the age is being pulled from the FB data?

    2. Similar issue with “more demographics” like “relationship status”. There isn’t a relationship status on Instagram so again are we only targeting people who have linked accounts

    3. If the answer to the questions above is “we are targeting people with linked accounts” is there any indication how many Instagram users have linked their accounts back to FB?


  • Binitha

    We tried instagram ads through Ad manager, it got around 4000+ post engagement but there is no engagement or new followers on the Instagram page. So how are these ads going to help us improve performance of the instagram page.

  • Hi Binitha,
    I am not able to see Analytics of my Instagram Ads. How do I get to know my Instagram Ad’s engagement?

  • Binitha

    Hi Vikas,

    You can see the engagement in Facebook reports, but no data is available on Instagram. So basically it does not make any sense for us to run the ads as we see no improvement in the Instagram page.

  • Thë McNew

    Same here! Frustrating

  • Instagram Ads are mostly geared towards getting people to click through to a website link or download an app. If you associate the ad with an Instagram account, you can use the Instagram app to see the likes and comments on the ad. But there is no follow button on the ads, so unless someone clicks through to your username, they won’t have the opportunity to follow you.

  • The targeting options will reach Instagram users that linked to their Facebook accounts. I’d assume a lot of people do that when they sign up by logging into Facebook, so they can find their friends from Facebook on Instagram, or so they can share their Instagram posts on their Facebook profile. As to how many there are, I’m not sure that’s easy to find out.

  • Sometimes it’s because of the image you choose. I know that when I was trying an ad, I couldn’t use the carousel option on Instagram.

  • Sometimes it’s based on targeting and the campaign objective. What kind of ad was it?

  • We have a Tour Website. We create ad for 1 of our Tour. We select ‘Send People to your website’ option.

  • I created a FB ad & let it run an IG ad with it. How come my call to action//headline for the ad does not show up on IG? It looks like only the top text is showing on IG. 🙁

  • Does anyone have idea if we can get to know the number of followers increased using Instagram ads?

  • Instagram ads are not geared towards building followers right now. I’ve found that I get a lot of click throughs on the calls to action, but nothing else.

  • That’s odd. If it showed up in the ad preview when you were creating it, but not on the ad itself, definitely contact Facebook Ad support.

  • I use the Facebook Grid Tool for my images. It basically tells you if it is safe for you to use an image that has text in it. Pretty cool.

  • Alexandru Svet

    HI Kristi, I have been using the <code>boost page from Add manager in facebook and boosting a picture within Ig as well__abENT__#46; I can see tons of likes on</code>Instagram related to that particular picture still <code>i am not able even to see the particular picture into the iG account__abENT__#46; That is bad as i have pictures with 1k - 3 k likes but people visiting by business account dont see any of those pictures__abENT__#46;</code>is there a way to get those pictures as part of the business account in IG? Thank you

  • lenka

    Hi, I was wondering the same. Why promoted posts don’t show up in the IG feed? And related question – is there a way how to promote already existing post on IG? Or do I always have to do it in two steps: one post in the feed, one promoted? (And therefore not having all the likes and comments I pay for visible in the feed). Thank you, can’t find any info about it anywhere.

  • Might be a silly question but will the Instagram Ad also boost your Instagram following – or will the CTA only improve what you’ve designated, i.e. increase website views?

  • Instagram ads are designed mainly for website clicks. People can click through to your Instagram account if you’ve linked to it during the ad creation and follow you, but there isn’t a goal at this time to specifically get followers.

  • So far, there’s not a way to promote an existing IG post.

  • Holly O’Brien

    dum dum here. 🙂 We have not set-up an Instagram account. But created a Post Engagement lookalike audience on Facebook Placement: Instagram,Desktop, mobile news and Desktop Right Column to test.

    Results: ALL INSTAGRAM, .16 cents per post engagement but nobody is clicking on our link or visiting our website? What are we paying for really?

  • Yes, unfortunately, Facebook lets you have Instagram placement with most types of ads, but the only way to get clicks from it is if you use the actual call to action button. When you do this type of ad, it’s important to make sure you turn off the Instagram placement and make sure you have Facebook news feed placement only. I’m not sure why they even make this option available, to be honest.

  • StefanAlexG

    I’m new to this but I have to ask: How can I promote an Instagram account I already have, without making a Facebook Page? I have a Facebook Profile, of course, but I don’t need/want a Page for a personal (not business) Instagram ad. I didn’t find any way to select/add the IG account in Ad manager or somewhere. Thanks!

  • If you are just planning to use Instagram ads, you can create a dummy Facebook Page (I have one called Example Company – – that I use for random purposes) and use that to get into the Facebook Ad system and link to your Instagram account to it so you can select it for Instagram ads. Just make sure you turn off all other placements (desktop news feed, mobile news feed, audience network, and right column).

    Also note that you don’t have to do much with your dummy Facebook page to get it to work for your ads – you just need it to be published. If you ever intend to actually use it in the future, don’t do things like create a username for it. That way, you can actually transform it from a dummy page into a real page and start using it as such.

  • StefanAlexG

    That’s an option, yes. Well, probably you’ve seen that I’m new to this considering the question, but I have a page – a completely different one that I really used a while ago. It has no connection with this Instagram account so I didn’t think about connecting it to that to not show some info from the page, somehow. If it really doesn’t matter the page and it’s needed just to be there and has no connection whatsoever with Instagram/Ads on Instagram, then I’ll try doing what you said. Thank you very much Kristi! Very helpful!

  • The only thing that appears on your Instagram ad is the link to your Instagram profile. That’s what you’re going to want anyway. So long as you aren’t putting ads in the Facebook News Feed or other areas, you’re fine. If you do put ads in the Facebook News Feed, those will be linked to your Facebook Page.