A compelling, active Facebook fan page should be an integral part of your marketing plans. With its 350 million users and average daily session time of 25 minutes, Facebook provides an exceptional opportunity for visibility, Google indexing, live search ability, and fan engagement—whether you’re a solopreneur, a large brand or anywhere in between.

But, if you build it, will they come? And if they come, will they stay and engage?

There are two primary components to Facebook fan page engagement: 1) Sharing quality, relevant content and 2) inciting comments.  In this article I’ll tell you how to best engage with Facebook fans.

Of course, there are many other components of effective Facebook fan pages and Facebook marketing in general. However, for the purposes of this two-part post, we’ll focus on content and comments. The more comments you have, the more viral visibility and free marketing you’ll create. But your fans have to have something to comment on!

Share Quality, Relevant Content – Daily

TechCrunch recently posted a Facebook fan page study by Sysomos that revealed 77 percent of fan pages have fewer than 1,000 fans. What stood out for me in that post was this fact: “Facebook fan pages tend to be updated only once every 16 days.

TechCrunch goes on to say, “On Twitter, you follow someone because you want to hear what they have to say. On Facebook, you fan them just to show your support or affinity. Too often, it’s a throwaway gesture.”

While this may be true for many Facebook members and fan pages, I see a lively fan page as an extension of your blog and business – a place where you can generate real community and further solidify your brand.


1) How Often Should You Post?

  • For most fan pages, there is a direct correlation between frequency of posts and number of fans. Frequency is king, but there’s a fine balance – you don’t want to overwhelm your fans.
  • If you’re just starting out with your fan page, I would suggest a minimum of one update per day and increase from there to several times a day (mixing up the types of posts – see below) if you’re getting a good response from your fans.
  • Daily posting (at least Monday through Saturday) should yield daily comments and engagement.
  • You’ll find the right rhythm with your fans. Better to start with once a day than several times a day and have your wall filled with only your own posts.
  • Also, keep in mind high traffic windows. Depending on your time zone and the time zone of the majority of your fans, you’ll probably want to post sometime between 8:15am PST and 2:00pm PST.

2) What to Post

  • I recommend a mix of your own thoughts, breaking news, useful tips, tools, resources and links from other sites in your industry and related industries. Stay on topic, stay focused.
  • You could create an editorial calendar for your fan page just like many bloggers do.
  • If you’re not sure what content your fans want, ask them – in a poll or status update.
  • If your fan base is small and still growing, ask your Twitter followers, Facebook friends, email list, and blog subscribers. They are all potential fans. (See related post: 5 Ways to Promote Your Facebook Fan Page).

In this screen shot of Volkswagen’s Facebook Fan Page, photos from a recent auto show yielded 363 likes and 68 comments and a video trailer got 121 likes and 25 comments. These are great results, as every one of the fan actions created a post on their respective walls and out into their friends’ news feeds. Free visibility, and every line item has a link back to VW’s fan page.

volkswagen on facebook

3) Sourcing Quality Content

4) Cultivating Your Style

  • Most people will come back to your fan page if there’s a real sense of community.
  • It’s important to be open, inviting, warm, friendly and personable. Even if you’re a large brand.
  • Starbucks leads the way with engagement – you might observe their style for ideas. Though they use their globally recognized logo, you’ll occasionally see posts in first person. I think this is commendable, as it really creates that personal feel so important to social networks.

starbucks on facebook

5) Mix Up the Types of Posts


This is your standard status update. You get 420 characters in the publisher to say what you want. As long as you don’t have a link in the update, the post automatically changes your latest Status Update at the top.

I highly recommend using the Facebook fan page to Twitter app at You simply link your fan page to your Twitter account, then choose which posts to share as tweets (Status Updates, Photos, Links, Notes, Events). You may need to experiment to get this just right.

Your posts will automatically truncate at around 120 characters and include a link back to your fan page. Regardless of the number of characters, the tweet always contains the link. Here’s an example of an update I posted for this blog post:



To track stats on any link, just paste it into your browser and add a “+” sign at the end. As of the time of this writing, this post/link had 109 clicks and the post had 23 comments, plus replies on Twitter.


Video is the next best thing to meeting your fans in person. There are many choices for video updates: You talking into the camera, photo montages (try Animoto), screencasts (using software like Camtasia Studio for PC or Mac, or ScreenFlow for Mac).

When you talk into the camera, always make good eye contact with the camera lens – just as if you were chatting to one good friend. You could do a video tip per day or per week. Make sure to keep the length short and the content concise. The ideal length for videos is up to 1 minute and 40 seconds.

You can record directly on Facebook or load a file onto your fan page – see screenshots below:



Here’s a video upload example from Dell Computer’s Facebook Fan Page – a 41-second ad for their nifty new customizable range of laptops, with 179 likes and 57 comments.

Dell on facebook

Or, you could pull in the video from YouTube as a link (click the Links icon on the publisher) – and this pulls in the live video player just as if you’d loaded the video file as in the example above:



Upload relevant pictures periodically and be sure to encourage your fans to upload photos anytime they wish. Each time your fans upload a photo, the thumbnail goes onto their profile wall and out into the news feeds of their friends.

Make sure your settings allow fans to post content. Just to the right under the publisher, click Options, then Settings:


In the screenshot below, there’s a photo on the Coca-Cola Facebook Fan Page – what’s neat about this photo is it was actually a fan-loaded image that Coca-Cola then reposted using the Share button (a great illustration of how Coca-Cola partnered with their raving fans who created the page).

coca-cola on facebook


  • Anytime you post a link in the publisher, Facebook displays a preview with a choice of thumbnails. (If you’re publishing content from a third-party app like, the thumbnail will be a default view.)
  • You may at times wish to create an actual status update with a link in it, instead of a link with the preview on the wall. Here’s what to do: Before clicking the Share button, simply click the “x” to delete the link preview:


The post goes out as a status update with a clickable link:



You can quickly create Event listings right from the publisher for any virtual or live event you have coming up. Fans can easily RSVP, as a regular Event page is created when you publish the event.

@ tags

This is a relatively new feature on Facebook. You can tag any friend, any fan page you’ve joined, any group you’re a member of and any event you’ve RSVPed to attend. You can include up to six @ tags in any update. Use the @ tagging strategically and your post will show up on your friends’ walls and other fan pages’ walls per the tag. (Just type the @ symbol in the publisher and the first letter or two of who/what you want to tag and a list drops down for you to select from.)

Notes app

This app is typically used to import your blog. However, I like the Networked Blogs app, so I actually import the RSS feed of my Twitter Favorites via the Notes app, which makes it easy to push relevant, regular content onto my fan page wall (and into the news feeds of my fans).

Incite Comments

Now that you have a wide variety of regular, quality, relevant content posting on your fan page, here are some points about inciting comments:

  • For status updates, try ending with a question.
  • Add your own comments as needed to get the ball rolling.
  • Come back and reply often to your fans’ comments – Facebook currently doesn’t have threaded commenting, so I suggest addressing specific fans in your comments as @name.
  • Do your best to respond to fan questions as promptly as possible. If you find you can’t keep up with the volume of questions, offer a free teleseminar or webinar in which you answer your fans’ top questions.

Vin Diesel has the second most popular Facebook fan page with well over seven million fans. Vin doesn’t post all that often, but when he does, each post yields tens of thousands of comments and likes. Just like Starbucks, there’s something to learn from Vin’s style – he talks to his fans in a very warm, caring and authentic manner.


In part two of this Facebook Fan Page Engagement post, I’ll cover:

  1. How to encourage fans to keep coming back to add their own content and comments and ask questions, etc.
  2. Monitoring insights – what do they mean, how to analyze the numbers and adjust your posts accordingly.
  3. Should you also use the “Send an Update to Fans” feature? Do fans read their updates?
  4. How to spark ongoing engagement via the Discussions tab.
  5. Setting up systems for monitoring and responding to your fan engagement, given that there are currently no notifications of activity or RSS feeds to subscribe to on fan pages.
  6. Integrating your Twitter followers and activity into your fan page engagement.

Editors note: Check out Social Media Examiner’s new Facebook fan page by clicking here.

Now it’s your turn: What types of content are you finding sparks the most engagement on your Facebook fan page? Where do you get stuck most with your fan page and what else would you like to see covered in future posts about social media engagement? Please add your thoughts in the comments below, then stay tuned for part two!

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  • Euhm…

    “The Sysomos study also found very little correlation between how frequently the Facebook page admin posted to the Wall and total number of fans.”


    “For most fan pages, there is a direct correlation between frequency of posts and number of fans. Frequency is king […]”

    (From this post)

    C’mon, be coherent.

  • Great article as always! Can’t wait for part 2.

  • 1. I STRONGLY don’t recommend “Facebook to Twitter” tool. The idea is not to publish the same content on both network because what would be the interest for a fan to follow you on Twitter if it’s the same? I’ve tried it and I end up thinking it just annoys your followers. The same applies to Twitter integration into Facebook. It’s just another reason for a Facebook user to not register to Twitter as he can see your tweets directly from Facebook.

    2. I also STRONGLY don’t recommend posting daily. People already receive hundreds of publicity daily. Posting everyday will just annoy them. 2 or 3 posts per week is the right frequency according to me.

    3. Pay attention to timezones like the article says. From my own experience, between 6PM and 8PM is the best, as people are at home and are done with work and school. Also pay attention to important events. I.E: Don’t expect a lot of response during a superbowl game.

    4. Try if possible to always provide a link with a post (that will generate a thumbnail). Blank text posts are the worst for engagement unless you’re asking a question or breaking news. I.E: “R.I.P MJ”. Keep in mind that some people are fans of hundreds of Page. Your post needs to get attention if you want it to be read.

    5. “Should you also use the “Send an Update to Fans” feature? Do fans read their updates?” => DEFINITELY NOT!!!!! This is, by extremely far the worst feature ever made by Facebook. Page Updates used to appear in notifications, top right corner of the screen. Now, the only place where you can see them is in a tab in your FB inbox. Moreover, there isn’t any notification about it. In order to see a notification, you need to check your inbox manually. Furthermore, there is a big, visible button “UNSUBSCRIBE” in each of your updates, and from the VERY FEW people who read them (1 fan per thousand), a lot of people click on it, not improving your insight stats (not sure if unsubscribed fans in insights are people who hide you from wall or unsubscribe from updates…anyone can answer ?).

  • I’d also like to add that I hate how the new News Feed work. I don’t know if you already noticed it, but if you are fan of a lot of Pages, the ones you never made a comment or a “like”, there are good chances you never see the updates in your News Feed. I understand the idea behind, wanting to put on top the posts with better % of engagement by impressions, but some people just never react to posts. Combine this fact with poor “update to fans” features, some people don’t hear about you and become “useless fans”. The days where X fans = X impressions are behind and I miss that.

  • I found an interesting way H&M polls their fans like this post:

    The interesting part is that fans can vote directly from News Feed without having to add any applications or leaving the page. Been trying to figure out how they make it… is it kind of a Facebook sponsored feature? If anyone finds way to reproduce the same kind of poll, would be appreciated to share it here!

  • DJ, as Mari said, “there is a fine balance.”

    The Sysomos study was looking at celebrities if I am not mistaken and I think that is why they have so many fans. However most of us do not come to Facebook with a massive fan base. So some level of engagement is essential.

  • Hey DJ,

    Thanks for adding your two cents to the discussion here. I see that you have a pretty big fan base on Facebook so you must be speaking from experience.

    I think the key here is determine who your audience is that you are reaching. Since you are trying to reach folks who are looking for a nightlife it makes sense you would want to engage in the evening.

    However for me, I want to engage folks who are working during the day and checking into Facebook and thus do most of my posts during the day.

  • Wow, Mari, you really went deep on this article. Excellent…I’ll be sharing it on The Blog Squad Fan page! 😉

    2-3 times per day I post links to other people’s content, my own blog posts, inspirational quotes and other useful resources. Inevitably fans thank me for the information, ask questions and engage. Love it. I stay very close to my primary subject matter which is business blogging and boosting online visibility. I do post video tips and video testimonials from clients so I can give fans the opportunity to get a sense of the experience others have with me.

    Thanks for the deep, detailed look at how any business can benefit from a Fan page.

  • This is a great post. I don’t yet have a fan page and have been hesitant to do so because I am not sure that I can keep up with doing it in the “best way”/ I also have a fear that I won’t get many fans even though I have more than 1000 “friends”. Is it only another marketing tool? Why is it better than my blog?
    Still trying to sort all this out.

  • louisville_pr

    I’d like to learn more about gaining fans.i see steady growth but still have relatively small number. any suggestions?

  • Hi there DJ! Thanks for being an avid reader of SocialMediaExaminer! You’re quite correct to point out the apparent discrepancy in this post and our previous one by guest blogger, Jay Baer, citing the same Sysomos study. However, to quote Jay:

    “The Sysomos study also found very little correlation between how frequently the Facebook page admin posted to the Wall and total number of fans. ***However—and this is important—there is a strong correlation between amount of other content (notes, links, photos, videos) and number of fans.***

    Thus, if you want to grow your Facebook fan base, it is imperative that you move beyond simple Wall posts and add photos, videos, links and other content.”

    Sounds like where the confusion is lying is between written wall posts and all types of other content. What both Jay and I are saying in our respective posts is essentially, Content is King. 😉 And, I like to say Connection is Queen.

    Clearly, with 92,000+ fans on your own fan page you’ve got some serious traction there!! That rocks!

    What’s really important to note regards Facebook marketing – and all of social media & marketing in general for that matter – is there is never “one size fits all.” Each of us will find our own “groove” so to speak and what might work extremely well for your fans, might not work for my fans and vice versa.

  • …one other point of note, Jay Baer cited directly from the Sysmos study at …I was referring to TechCrunch’s interpretation of the study 😉

  • Hey Mike – celebrities were a part of the study, but Sysomos found that “so-called celebrities only make up 7 percent of all fan pages.” What was also fascinating is that there is a correllation between number of posts and number of Page generated content and number of Fan generated content. The more fans, the more posts by both! 🙂

  • Cool!! Thanks a mil!

  • Hi DJ — as Mike says, your two cents are appreciated!! Clearly you’re speaking from experience. And, as stated in my reply to your earlier comment, there is no one size fits all with fan pages or any marketing medium.

    I like to offer up suggestions for folks using social media and say, “this is what works for me, but it’s important that you experiment with your own natural style, personality, fan base/followers etc., and find what works well for you.” 😉

    To answer your points (speaking from my own experience and, of course, acknowledging your point of view is yours!):

    1) The Fan Page to Twitter tool works very well for me and many of my clients. The point isn’t to publish a lot of content in both places. Rather, to create a compelling/intriguing/inviting update that people on Twitter see flying by in their periphery awareness… and when they click through there is one place to engage, much like a blog. (Replies on Twitter can get so dispersed it’s hard to follow, unless you know to use a threaded replies service like I do agree for sure, though, that pulling all tweets into Twitter is not a good move — particularly if you tweet a lot. There is so much Twitter lingo that many folks on Facebook just don’t relate to (@ # RT acronyms etc), plus you’re right about seeing both content on both platforms. I prefer to use the Selective Tweets app when choosing the occasional post to update both places.

    2) Frequency will be different for each fan page. The Sysomos study did point out that the more fans a Page has, the more Page generated and Fan generated content there is.

    3) Good point re important events. And, as Mike says, each of us gets to know when our own audience is most active.

    4) Links with thumbnails are just one variety of posts. Most Fan Pages would do well to post a variety of Videos, Photos, Events and all manner of 3rd party apps as the Sysomos study found.

    5) Updates for Fans may work for some Page Admins and not others. I know on the rare occasion I send updates out, I do get a decent response – definitely more than 1 fan per thousand. When I do send Updates, my style of writing is very personal, warm and engaging and I make one simple point with one link per Update. But, to repeat myself (LOL!), each Page is different! Changes are in the Facebook Fan Page hopper regards the email/inbox feature, updates, notifications – as you know, Facebook is always evolving. The visible Unsubscribe is just part of the series of buttons and is not that obvious, IMHO. Besides, the Unsubscribe just stops the Updates and doesn’t remove the person as a fan so they’ll still get content in their News Feed. Regards Insight stats, Unsubscribed Fans are those fans who have chosen to hide your fan posts from their News Feed. Fans who have removed themselves as fans from your Page are referred to as “Removed Fans.”

  • I second louisville_pr: I’d love to see actual Tactics on how to grow the fan page of a small business (not franchise) that is stuck in the 200-300 fan range. I’d love to hear your insight!

  • Yes, Facebook’s News Feed has become challenging to properly navigate given their algorithms “decide” what you see and what you don’t. Therefore, to dramatically improve your News Feed viewing experience, Friend Lists are vital. For two helpful videos on how to set up Friend Lists and configure your News Feed, you might check out these video tutorials: &

    Also, of note, Live Feed includes ALL posts by friends and fans and may be helpful to view. Plus, there is a filter on the left side of the News Feed just for Pages.

  • Georgia McCabe

    I’ll third louisville. Top tips on how to grow your fans. Also with the new policy on contests etc. A do’s and don’ts would be very helpful. There seems to be a lot of discrepancy out there. FABULOUS post Mari. I visit your page every day. You are sooooo helpful.

  • What a timely article Mari – thanks for sharing.

    We have run a community for the foodservice industry for the past 13 years, and just recently started sharing items of interest on our Facebook Fan page. (

    It’s growing, but at a much slower pace than our Twitter account. However, we feel that the interaction is more rich and personable.

    I found the @ tags information the most interesting here, as I wasn’t aware of this.

    Can you clarify what you shared with us about thread commenting (under Incite Comments)

    Does this mean a thread participant will not receive an email when other comments are made on a fan page?

  • Looks like Facebook’s own Poll app:
    Or possibly the Poll app made by Involver: (which is part of their Pro collection).

  • wheee — you’re so very welcome!! Thanks for the props. 🙂 Great job on monitoring the pulse of your own fan page and knowing what works!!

  • None of them because both do not let you answer directly on wall.

  • Seven10

    I read all the Social Media Examiner updates. I guess what I would like to see more are examples and articles directed towards small businesses. The articles always start out: “Whether you are a huge corporation or a one-man brand…” But then the examples always include the Starbucks, Volkswagons, Coca-Cola’s of the world. Of course it’s easy to engage your fans! It’s consumer-oriented, there’s millions of people who already know and like you.

    What about B2B? Or companies that have no brand visibility? That’s the challenge, and the struggle with recruiting fans, nevermind engaging them.

  • Hey Seven!

    See our case studies:

    In particular look at the local Domino’s franchise owner and the TakeLessons example.

    Part of the reason you hear about big names is because they are late gamers to social media. However, lessons can be learned from them. So do not rule them our or overlook what they are doing as you can apply their tactics to your smaller B2B business.

  • Hm – in that case, likely H&M worked with an enterprise level custom fan page solution provider like Buddy Media:

  • Hi Jill – I can understand your hesitancy. There’s just so much to learn and many different ideas of what works! Best to experiment yourself with your own audience. Here are some fundamental reasons to for sure have a Facebook fan page though: 1) SEO! all content on fan pages is indexed by Google. 2) Live search – not only is the content indexed by Google, but Facebook recently partnered with Google to allow realtime indexing same as Twitter. 3) Ability to customize your tabs, and create your own landing tab with the Static FBML app – you can’t do this with Groups or personal Profiles. (see this post for a step-by-step guide: 4) *Unlimited* fans! Friends max out at 5k. Groups can be unlimited but you can’t message them beyond 5k members.

    A fan page isn’t instead of a blog; ideally, you still write your blog because those subscribers are under your direct control and your blog can grow in whichever direction you wish, with guest bloggers, ads, plugins etc. Then, you can pull in the RSS feed into the awesome app “Networked Blogs” for both your personal profile and fan page!

    Hope these ideas help!

  • Hi there – check out another post on – be sure to read all the comments too as there are great suggestions! Plus, look out for more posts on growing fans here on SME!

  • Ahhh you’re very kind to say, Georgia!! For sure, lots more posts coming on growing fans, contest policy, etc. Meantime, Justin Smith at has a good post re the contest rules – basically you can require people to be a fan in order to run a contest, but that’s it. Facebook added this piece in after such pushback when they unilaterally nixed contests for all the small guys (& gals!). Also, be sure to see & read all the comments too as there are great suggestions!

  • Thanks, Mari, for all the helpful tips. We’ll be plugging into your resources to get up to speed on it all.

  • You’re very welcome!! (I’m giving a keynote talk to the California Restaurant Association next week, btw!) 😉

    Sure thing re threaded commenting, what I mean is exactly what Disqus does here – allows anyone to comment on any specific comment… then comment on that comment and so on. This is what “threaded” means. (Sometimes referred to as “inline” commenting.)

    Currently, we can only add comments in chronological order on Facebook and cannot insert replies to commenters inline. Apparently, Disqus are working on an app for Facebook!!! And, I’m guessing FB themselves will add this as a new feature at some point!

  • Thanks for your thoughts — indeedy, I’m with Mike; businesses of any size can learn so much from the “big boys” who are having success. For example, I often use Vin Diesel’s fan page (with well over seven million fans!) as an example. Sure, he’s a celeb – but look at his style; he’s open, warm, caring, genuine, includes his fans in a variety of activities, addresses them as “you,” empowers them. These are all approaches anyone can adopt, imho!

    For future posts, I’m happy to include examples of small-mid size businesses in screenshots and examples too.

  • This is a generous amount of information. Thanks so much. I didn’t know about Animoto. Seems nifty.

  • Thank you for your response. At the moment, I don’t need to be concerned about a 5K limiit on Facebook but one never knows. There’s a lot to this and while I thought that I knew something more than a “newbie”, now I pretty much feel like a kindergartener.

    I guess, though, rather than get to wrapped up in this, I better get some work done so I can generate income.

    I appreciate all that you are doing.

  • bestforbride

    Great article. Will follow the advice and see how it goes.

  • You blew me away Mari, with this priceless information. Anxiously await Part Deux:) – Listen, I have my Fan page linked to Twitter (so it says) however, my updates are not showing on my Twitter page. Suggestions? – Merci:)

  • grndiva

    Great article Mari! I’ve been working on growing our fan page and it’s an on-going adventure. One thing I’d love to find out is how to change the administrator on a fan page. One of my now-ex employees set up the fan page, which of course, is tied to her personal page and neither of us can figure out how to transfer ‘ownership’ back over to me. Facebook has not responded and its frustrating! It’s a valuable tool and as it grows,I don’t like having it relying on someone who’s no longer a part of my company. Any help would be great and I’m looking forward to part deux of how to engage FB fans!

  • Impressive article. I look forward to hearing part 2 and also the analytical part of breaking down engagement. I agree with you about posting a few updates per day. I find myself checking more often on those pages that post up updates frequently.

  • Luigi

    I completely agree with you. I have seen a drastic decline in new fans ever since the feeds changed. Facebook needs to change this quickly.

  • Hmmm, this is indeed a tricky area. Basically, the ex employee is the only one who can login and what she needs to do is assign you as an Admin. Then you login and you’ll be able to access the page; then remove her as the Admin. Hope this helps!! (It’s a common problem if that’s any consolation! I wish Facebook didn’t force our fan pages to be tied to a profile, but it’s there way of accurately monitoring their userbase. If they allowed anyone to create a fan page without a personal profile, it could skew their headcount. ;0)

  • Hey Ali!! Thanks, hon. Hm, which app are you using? If so and your fan page is for sure linked, click the little edit button and look at the checkmarks. Make sure your Updates are checked. 😉

  • dawnwindsor

    I agree, however, I am still learning a ton from with the “big wigs” are doing…but yes some info geared towards us smaller B2B’s would be very much appreciated!


  • Hi Mari..

    I don’t know what it is.. but this is just one of those days where everything seems to pop up after I written down my questions…

    Have read your previous article 5 Ways to Promote your Facebook Fan Pagre.. and my fan base has started to increase faster then anticipated…

    Well, then my question popped up ‘How Do I engage my new Facebook Fans?’… and here ‘Mari In The Box’ pops up with another great article on Facebook.

    Somebody must be reading my Social Media mind here today…

    One question here. With the comment option here, can I share it on Facebook fan page?or will it go to my Facebook profile?

    Cheers.. Are

  • Hi Mari,
    I enjoyed your article which was very informative. Thanks. I am the founder of a UK based dating site and have run small ads on facebook but have been wary of doing a page because I don’t want people meeting on Facebook and then not coming to the site and paying a sub. Have you got any ideas about how I could cleverly do a facebook page or have you seen any other dating sites use facebook creatively?

    Thanks again,


  • I learned something new just the other day (which happens regularly in social media! :D). I had created a campus blood drive as an event on the Facebook page for my campus (, then RSVPd to the event as myself.

    I had my photo taken giving blood and uploaded it to Facebook (and Twitter) via email from my phone. When I logged back into Facebook through the browser, it prompted me to tag that photo with the event to which I had already RSVPd. When I said yes, it posted the photo on that event page.

    I’m guessing the prompt came because the event included the keyword “blood” and that was also in my text label for the pic.

    What a great way to get content from an event! We’ve just now started using the FB event creation (mostly because we also have our own events calendar on our Web site and a zillion other online calendars we have to post events to). This aspect–of having attendees build content for us so easily, with FB prompting them to make the connection to our page when they upload something–will have us doing it a lot more.

    Looking forward to post #2 on this!

    Director of Communications and Public Affairs
    Washington State University Spokane

  • sandyallnock

    Fantastic article! Lots that I do already, so much more to learn too. Looking forward to part 2!!Most engaging content on my fan page is questions – asking donors about something THEY think about what they do (make cards for the troops)…it’s not so much asking what they do in connection with my org, but how they make the cards, product opinions, etc. I get so tired of companies who only ask fans what they think of the company!Next up in popularity is photos and thank-you quotes from beneficiaries ( They get a more passionate response but fewer of them. :)I do mix up content regularly though, and have as best a rhythm as I can between all the different topics posted. Traffic’s picking up a lot lately, interaction’s up…speaking of which:What’s a “good” post quality rating? Does anyone know? My page ranges between about an 8 and an 18, depending on how things are trucking….and I have no idea if I’m on track, need a LOT of work…? Other orgs have t a much lower average so I feel good by comparison, but would love a post talking more about that metric.Thanks!

  • There are some things I can’t agree with you about in this article. You really need to understand the differences between why people use Facebook and Twitter.

    Facebook is more personal. It’s a place where people share photos, status updates about their lives and other relevant information with people they’ve met before. Twitter, on the other hand, is less personal. You follow many people on Twitter who you’ve never met before because you want to learn something from them or you want to read some interesting links to relevant articles that would interest you.

    Taking this into account, it is definitely not a good idea to post too many articles on Facebook. People on Facebook are looking for relevant content about their Facebook Friends, mostly people they know personally. Most people don’t particularly go on Facebook just to learn information about their interests. Although there are groups on Facebook, you can see that most groups don’t have people participating the same way forums do. People may visit Facebook groups/pages once or twice to post a comment, but that’s it.

    On Facebook, to change this and to start a community around your brand, it is important to post questions more often than related content because people on Facebook like to talk about themselves. Right?-that ‘s one of the main reasons they went on Facebook in the first place. So taking this into account, and (this has worked in my experience), posting questions creates a community on your Facebook Fan Page because people will answer the questions and see others’ responses. If you post too much related content, it will be ignored over time because that is not the reason most people are on Facebook in the first place. If users want to learn more information about their interests, that’s what Twitter is for. For this reason, it is important to post different things on Facebook and on Twitter.

  • Thanks for the feedback Mari. Yeap, I’m using, it shows as being linked, and the status update is also checked. Your thoughts??? Also, is it a good idea to link the fan page to the regular page at all, or leave that alone?

  • My link from my Fan Page to Twitter has not been working either for the last two days – I don’t know why because it’s worked just fine in the past so I think something is odd.

  • Great information here Mari!! One note on the @ tags is that you can’t tag someone on your Fan Page post who isn’t a friend of you at your User account – so limits the fun a little. But I love tagging other fan pages that are relevant or that will be helpful to my fans.
    Thanks so much!

  • Another comment on Pages: Events for pages does not allow you to invite your fans, you can only tell them the event exists through your wall or through the poor update feature. Wouldn’t it be sick, awesome, unreal to have the possibility to invite all of your fans, on the fly, to an event you just created? I could double my income just with that.

  • Great info, thanks Mari. I tried to get my Twitter RSS Feed into the Networked Blogs Appl but must be doing something wrong, because it wouldn’t work.
    Can’t wait for part 2.

  • Hi, Mari: Wow, that was overwhelming! Such good stuff! I have 1 quick question: is there anyway to integrate other’s content into status updates on the fan page, like you can on the profile page with the news feed? I’d like to mix it up on the wall a little. I love my profile page because there’s so much input from other sources on the feed. Can content from Favorite Pages be integrated somehow? Thanks, Donna Seyle

  • SM

    Great tips

  • This is a great post — and doing its job in generating comments! I made this one of my three links of the day on my Design Thought blog:

    All the best, Ted

  • Mari,

    I’m new to Fan Pages and very much appreciate your content, insight and thoughts about how I get it going. Thanks for being such a go giver.


  • davidcontois

    Another great article… do you have a face book page I can add to my favorite pages (

  • Great info! Looking forward to part 2- especially on additional ways to keep fans interested and comping back to visit pages! I find that funny, inspirational, and even controversial status updates incorporating a mix of photos, and videos, links, and basic comments along with tags seem to elicit good response.

  • Kate Johnson

    Very interesting, particularly the part about posting during high traffic hours. I’ve noticed that definitely makes a difference in the number of comments we get.

    I’d disagree with the frequency you recommend, though. In my personal experience, and based on the conversations I’ve had with other Facebook users, a fan page posting several times a day would often be seen as irritating and intrusive. I know I hide updates from just about any page I follow if they do that. If you’re posting more than once per day, you need to have some very, very compelling content.

  • Hey Mari,
    Thanks for the amazing tips. At times i also send across posts through text messages via Facebook Mobile. It gives me freedom to post from anywhere. Looking forward for the Second part of your post.

  • Oh cool!! Yes, once you activate your mobile phone on Facebook, you can update personal and fan page statuses via text. For smartphone users, the Facebook mobile app rocks.

    Also, a magical “trick” many folks may not know – you can have people *join* your Facebook fan page by SMS (text). What to do: they simply send a text message to FBOOK (32665) with “fan yourusername.” e.g. to join my fan page, that would be “fan marismith” as that’s my fan page username. This does only work for U.S. based Facebook users as far as I know. And also they have to have their mobile device registered with Facebook which may folks do!

    This is a great technique for live audiences – any time you’re on stage, have people pull out their cell phone and join your fan page!! 🙂

  • Hi Kate — as we’ve stated several times, each audience and fan page will be different. Whereas some don’t want more than one update a day, others seek more. It just depends, as you know!! 🙂

    I will be writing a post shortly about managing News Feed settings because so many folks don’t make good use of Friend Lists. IMHO, there really is no need to hide any updates – from friends or fan page – because we can control what we see via these custom lists. 😉

  • Thanks! And spot on regards the funny, inspirational even controversial with a variety of mediums. Sounds like you’ve found your “groove!”

  • Hm, I couldn’t get your fan page to come up – is the username correct? Mine is See also Look out for two hot new fan pages coming online shortly: one for SocialMediaExaminer and another for the Social Media Success Summit. Woohoo!!! 😉

  • Between all the buzz around Apple’s iPad today and Twitter being in the middle of rolling out its Local Trends API, looks like the Twitterverse is overloaded. They’ve temporarily disabled Lists, Local search and Trends right now, for example, and some people aren’t getting SMS tweets. So all that kerfuffle is likely to affect Twitter integration with other networks too.

  • Hmmm – it’s not possible to have other sources of content on your fan page wall… basically it’s up to you to mix up the posts and of course encourage fans to add their input. Great idea though – as you say with favoriting fan pages and then actually doing something with their streams… who knows, Facebook is always evolving so stay tuned! 🙂

  • Hmm, I’m thinking Networked Blogs is just for blogs, I haven’t tried to pull in my Twitter feed to that app. But the Notes app is great for pulling in tweets if you don’t tweet a lot… or instead I use it for my Twitter favorites. See also the Facebook Twitter app by

  • Thanks for responding, Mari. I’m really good at thinking up stuff to do that can’t be done!

  • Thanks a million ! Just installed applications on my Fanpage for Twitter and Blog RSS. Works great !

  • Hi there Cassie — thanks for weighing in on this meaty topic!! Certainly, many diverse experiences out there and we can all agree to disagree from our own perspectives. 😉

    I’m not sure what you mean by your second sentence; I have my own understanding of why people use Facebook and Twitter and, over the past several years, I’ve come to see that there’s as many approaches to social sites as there are people using them. One person’s reason for using Facebook (or Twitter) could be completely different from another person’s.

    Agreed, Facebook is more personal – the personal profile, that is. Not fan pages. Fan pages are inherently commercial by design. There is a very clear delineation between personal profiles (and their corresponding aggregate News Feeds) and fan pages. Granted, activity from both friends and fan pages gets pushed into that stream.

    I rather think many folks are missing out on optimizing their experience of the Facebook feeds by not making Friend Lists – which can actually include favorite fan pages too – and filtering their News Feed that way.

    By way of example, one of my favorite people to follow on Facebook is Louis Gray – he is a Facebook friend and in my uppermost (News Feed default) Friend List for social media content. Louis is a power aggregator; he pushes a ton of content through his Facebook personal profile that is almost all business related. Reading Louis’ stream is like skimming all the top news stories in one fell swoop. But I imagine Louis style is not for everyone.

    The psychology behind joining Groups and/or Fan Pages can simply be a gesture of support – saying to our friends we support a certain cause, company, idea. My whole point in this post is to go beyond that “throwaway gesture” as Techcrunch called it and actually engage fans, create “stickiness,” and real community.

    Questions are certainly one way to attract more engagement. As the Sysomos study discovered, it’s important to share a wide variety of mediums.

    One of the biggest differences between Facebook and Twitter is Facebook moves a little slower and we can have comments grouped together under one subject (I’m holding my breath for threaded commenting, like Disqus here!). Whereas, Twitter can move very fast and it’s easy to miss important content and catch all contributions to a certain conversation unless they’re hashtagged.

    Anyway, it’s all good – like I say. We each have our own experience and perspective and I’m certainly not here to force my opinions on anyone! 🙂

    Btw, I look forward to seeing when SocialBlaze comes online in full; I checked out your Facebook fan page – seems like an interesting service!!

  • Ohhh, Rebecca – great point! LOL, such excitement from all the early adopter peeps!! 🙂

  • Hm, re “is it a good idea to link the fan page to the regular page at all, or leave that alone?” — not quite sure what you’re asking. You mean connecting your personal profile and fan page? Posting the same content?

  • Coolio – thanks, Dawn! We’ll keep in mind for future posts!

  • teeheee — I love your style, Are!! 🙂

    Always happy to help my buds and pass along the goodies.

    Ahh, I think I see what you’re asking – you mean hooking in the Disqus commenting system to your fan page? Hmm, I just checked my Disqus settings and it only posts to Facebook profiles. I was also looking for an RSS feed of our own compilation of Disqus comments across all sites, and don’t see it. If there’s an RSS feed, you could easily pull them into an RSS app on your fan page or via the Notes app. I pull mine into FriendFeed then onto Facebook – but it can get repetitive when I’m commenting a lot on the same post like this one. LOL. Gotta go back and keep deleting the Recenty Activity.

  • Hi Julia — glad you enjoyed the post. Hmm, yes, very interesting situation – it would be all too easy to build a vibrant fan page and have it be a big free-for-all singles meet market!! Clearly, you’re offering somethign of value as a paid subscription? Perhaps you do personality assessments like eHarmony.

    I’m not familiar with other dating sites using Facebook creatively, but I’m sure they exist.

    Perhaps running specials, contests (though they have big limitations these days!), fan-generated content (success stories, Valentine’s wishes, dating nightmares! etc.)… in other words, focusing on building a strong community who love your brand and refer others to your paid service.

    Essentially, there is not a whole lot of difference with what you’re wanting to do and what others do, including myself. For example, I give away a TON of free advice, tips, links, resources… and I could say that is all taking away from my paid services, including membership programs. Or, I could simply say the right people will come to my sites and pay when it’s right for them.

    You could always try launching a fan page and experiment! 🙂

  • aha – yes, quite correct. Can only tag friends, fan pages, groups, events. 🙂

  • Hi Mari,

    Thanks for taking the time to write out such a thoughtful response. It’s not often when you can have very thoughtful conversations online with someone else. Anyways, I thought you might find this study interesting It shows how the different generations use Social Networks in general, although most of the respondents use Facebook, while only a small amount uses Twitter. It would definitely be interesting to see a more detailed study about how the different generations use Facebook and Twitter.

    But I think the key is in terms of social media marketing is to determine how your potential or current consumers/Facebook Fans use Facebook. Obviously, this is a difficult task since the only way to find this out in an accurate manner is through some type of survey or focus group. So, the best solution if a survey or focus group is out of the question is just to ask your Facebook Fans what they prefer and to experiment with trial and error. What do you think?

    FYI: SocialBlaze will provide analytics to determine what kind of messages work best. We’re hoping to launch a free public beta either next week or the week after. I’ll give you a heads up when we launch so you can try it out. 🙂

  • First time reader and now a fan. I harp on about all of this on a daily basis, but it’s great to read a post that really drills down. I’ll be sending this link to all my clients and waiting for pt.2. 🙂

  • Thanks for the reply Mari..

    Yeah you are right, I meant the Disqus commenting system. Have to check into the FriendFeed option you mention here.

    Take care..

    Cheers.. Are

  • Hey Mari! Thanks again so much for the wonderful tips, and also to DJ NightLife for your input as well. I have a fan page of about 300 right now (musician/singer), and I look forward to having 92,000 and more! This is all very valuable information.

  • jadoogan

    Here’s a Facebook Page question: What’s the purpose of my page having “favorite” pages? I run a Page for a B2B company, and I’ve favorited several businesses that might be interested in us. Do they get a notification that they’ve been favorited, or is this for my own benefit? Thanks! Jesse

    My Page is here, by the way: (Not enough fans for a custom URL yet. 🙂 )

  • Mari:

    Let me begin by thanking you and SME for such useful posts.

    I had sent the following request to Michael Stelzner and he suggested I contact you. I’d very much appreciate your help. Having problem getting Facebook Connect linked to Disqus. Looks like App is connected, but I can’t get the FBC icon to appear on Disqus form (as you have here). In fact, I’d like to have my Icons (Twitter, etc) display as yours does. Disqus has not been especially helpful after just advising me to try another Facebook API# (which I did ot no avail). Please see my blog ( I’d very much appreciate a brief 1-2-3 step tutorial.

    Thanks very much.

    Stephen Love

  • Great question, and – to my knowledge – the Favorite Pages does not do a whole lot other than showcase your fave pages to fans who ever bother to look at that box. LOL! There may be some creative/future use for the favorites tho!!

  • Hi Stephen – hmmmm, alas, Facebook Connect and Disqus can be two very sensitive pieces of technology!! LOL. Sorry to send you elsewhere again, but I would highly recommend connecting with Jesse Stay (@jesse on Twitter), – he has great expertise with the super technical ends of stuff like this!! 🙂

  • I’ve recently started a fan page and this is invaluable. Thanks. Will start writing my schedule over the weekend!

  • sally267

    Hi Mari, great advice, as always. A question about fan pages: we just created a new fan page for our online information/consulting biz. In FB searches, under the “Type” category, our competitors, we noticed, are either called “other business” or “professional service.” We inadvertently clicked on “product”, and so that’s what shows up. We thought about changing it but that means starting the page from scratch. Is it worth it? Does it matter?

    Most people now find us through Google — or through a link on our site. With hundreds of services like ours on Facebook, we don’t know how they would even find us to begin with. (Which brings us to another question: how do you increase your ranking/presence in FB searches?). Interested in hearing your take on this..

  • tigerjoanna

    Great article. I have picked up some good advice. Working on building myself in social media and I love the people that I meet. As long as I am having fun, I will keep on keeping on. 🙂

  • Hi Sally — once a fan page category has been set, it cannot be changed. At least not with the current settings/rules – who knows, Facebook may open that up later.

    However, frankly, it doesn’t seem to matter all that much. I’m not sure how many people actually browse through categories – in fact, the directory of fan pages is hard to find. The direct link is – so you can see how you fare there against others in your category. See also for some fun analytics and also

    I don’t think it’s worth starting over if you’re getting traction on your fan page as is. The main thing with categories when creating fan pages, is that determines what shows up on the Info tab… BUT, Facebook will shortly be doing away with the Info tab!!

    Your prospects/fans will find you any number of ways – seeing their friends become a fan go by in their News Feed, seeing other activity from your fan page on their friends’ walls, in global Facebook searches for keywords or your company name directly, and in Google searches.

    To increase your ranking/presence in Facebook searches – they key is consistent activity (minimum one status update a day I’d say), and mixing up the types of posts as mentioned in my blog post above – e.g. photos, videos, links, blog imports, status updates etc. With keyword rich content, you’re more likely to get good Google ranking too.

    Hope this helps!! Feel free to let us know your fan page URL and I’ll take a peek! 🙂

  • COOL!! Thank you kindly, Sebastian!! Glad to share the goodies here. 🙂

  • shopwithannieva

    Hi Marii..Great stuff here. You make it sound easy ::::LOL
    I was excited to see the VW example you gave! I am a Beetle lover and was just laid off from a VW dealer whom I adore. Economy is rough these days.
    Anyway…just wanted to say thank you for your tips and advise!,

    Oh, if I have a personal FB page for friends and family , would i make a new Business page or would I do a Fanpage? Same is if i was new to FB with no pages. Whats the right combo in your opinion?


  • YourNameHerre

    Great post! But do you know how to post notes to a page? I know how to post them to your profile, but I’m not sure how to on a page..your help would be appreciated! (:

  • Thanks for a great article, Mari. I do have a question I haven’t seen covered. My Fan page is not public … meaning, unless I’m logged into Facebook it doesn’t appear. I’ve spent hours trying to figure out the fix and have emailed FB but it’s still an issue. I’m losing that great Google indexing. Can you point me to a fix? Thanks so much!

  • Hi Cindy — gosh how odd. Can you post your fan page URL here and I’ll take a look?

  • Thanks Mari. A friend figured it out for me – I had 18+ set as an age limit which meant everyone had to log in. In order for it to be public, that drop down box needs to say empty. Appreciate your follow up though!

  • This was a FANtastic post! Being able to attach my blog to the page was awesome. I just started working on all the social networking for my hotel and I will be following your posts. Thank you! You made my day!

  • Hi Kyle – sure thing, the Notes app works just the same on fan pages as it does your profile. But to edit on your fan page, click Edit Page under your pic > then look for the Notes app & click Edit. Then look for the Import a blog settings, click and then paste in your RSS feed. You’ll need to preview & verify. Hope this helps!!

  • Hi Annette — thanks heaps for your comment!! 🙂 Great to meet another Beetle fan – I drove a yellow new Beetle for many years (her name was “Marigold” heeheee!)… upgraded to a Passat now and love her.

    Re Facebook profile & page: you can only have one account (personal profile) in your own name, but you can have as many fan (business) pages as you wish. I would strongly recommend a fan page. A business page and fan page are one and the same, btw.

  • darrenboyle

    Hi Mari,
    Excellent post but how do I subscribe netblogger feeds to my notes page on my facebook fan pages!/pages/Paddock-Wood-United-Kingdom/Free-IT-Secrets/303294465531 and!/pages/SEO-Newbie-Review-can-you-make-money-online/291184038257 I also want my blog posts from my blog to appear here. can this be done??
    Many thanks

  • YourNameHerre

    Okay, got it, thank you!

  • laurademeo

    Hi Mari– Wow, this is incredibly useful and thorough. I am now starting to create my fan page so as I get more interactive with fan, I’ll have more of my own experiences to share– Thank you so much.

  • shopwithannieva

    Thank you Mari! Your information never ceases to amaze me 😉
    In your opinion….would you want to create a separate fan page for each business i have?
    If they are closely related in content or subject manner i would assume i could combine?

    I am just not so keen on how much time it will take me to keep up to date. BUT i want to use it!

  • Ahh, that’s so cool to know!! Glad you got value and you’re out there taking ACTION!!

  • Sweet!! You go girl!! 🙂

  • Hi Darren – you can only import one RSS feed to the Facebook Notes app. You can, however, have multiple blogs imported via the Networked Blogs app so that’s what I would recommend.

  • Pam

    I enjoyed reading your blog about Cooperstown, as my husband took his baseball team (with one of our sons) for the week long Cooperstown tournament. I believe our boy was 12 at the time . (he is now 21 on a baseball scholarship in college) The rest of our family met up with the team and made it a heck of a GOOD WEEK!
    Great experiences for those boys!

  • sea_breeze

    Mari, i think your insights are bang on and I really put your advise to good use. Now if I could only get my colleague (a.k.a boss) on track then we could probably yield even better results. Please hurry with part two – I’m patiently awaiting more insightful tips!
    There was one thing you could help me with: we recently posted a job op on our facebook page using wall post and FBML box on wall tab… This actually inspired someone to the point of creating a video demonstrating why he would be the best candidate for the job. My first reaction was to post this to our facebook page wall with some short text saying how peeps respond to our job postings/or show how peeps are driven to work here. What are your thoughts on that? Would this be relevant material to post? If so, why? If not, why?
    Thanks AGAIN!

  • Very useful, thank you very much Mari.

  • Facebook has done a great job with fan/group pages. The fan page definitely allows people to connect with both you and your business.

  • lins421

    Great information – I have seen people tweet a question and include a link to the specific post they have on the facebook page. How are they getting that post specific url, rather than an url for the whole wall that shows all posts. I can see this is useful especially if they are following a link to an older post that may not now be visible on the first page of the wall. Hope you can address this or put it in Part 2 🙂 Thanks

  • Maya

    Our company created a profile account and started racking up friends… but now we’ve moved forward with creating a Fan page. (Question #1) What do we do with our profile account now that we’re making all our social updates on our Fan page? We already sent invitations to our friends from our profile account asking them to transition over. (Question #2) Why does my fan page ask me to “Become a Fan”?

  • hey i know that facebook fan page is a better tool for brand awareness but now after reading your post i think facebook fan page is the best tool for brand awarness

  • lindsay

    Hey, this blog is really helpful! Thank you so much! I did have one question.
    Do you know if it is possible to comment on another fan page as the fan page you are the admin of?

    I’m thinking of doing this as a proactive marketing move but not sure how to do it.

    Thanks so much,

  • I am the Admin of a Fan Page. I am not able to tage the Fan Page on a video, comment, or photo. I AM able to tag every other fan page of which I am a member. I am typing the @ symbol….what am I doing wrong? Thanks.

  • I would like the answer to this as well! 🙂

  • Hi! Nice article. What happened to part 2? I did a quick browse through more recent posts and don’t see it. Am I missing it? thanks.

  • Your article was so full of information I’m planning to come back and re-read it! Lots to absorb and I just set up my first fan page two weeks ago. I have a question I did not see – my apologies if its already been answered. When I “invite friends” to my fan page those friends appear greyed out. But, friends I am positive I invited often are not greyed out anymore a day or two later. Did those invites not go through? Or, did those friends ignore or decline? I have sent out more invitations to those friends but then it occurred to me I might be harassing them, and I certainly don’t want to do that! Any insight would be appreciated. Our page is growing, but slowly, so I’d like to know if this is a factor.

  • maitravelsite

    Hi Denise!

    Second post I read today, and your blog has been bookmarked. Keep it up!


  • Hi Mari,

    It was like I found a pot of gold when discovering this article.
    I have a group page but not a fan page. Glad I found this article
    before starting my fan page. Thanks for all the great tips, I know
    they will really come in handy.

    Have a great day!
    Tommy DiPietro

  • Wow what a great article! I’ve learned a lot! Thank you!

  • Very interesting

  • kaf414

    Great article, thanks! I had a question…since the @ doesn’t work when you comment to a post, how do you respond to a fan’s comment to your post? I experimented with this and noticed that when I commented on a comment, it didn’t even go to the person’s page that left the comment!! YEESH…so confusing!

  • crisel019

    hi, can you pls. teach me how to create facebook fan page??

  • Great guide. Learnt a lot. Many thanks. Ted

  • jaythedesignguy

    true dat for #1, DJ. Two goals for the tweeterverse and facebook-world. good comments!

  • Very descriptive article thanks for sharing looking forward to reading more of your articles

  • secrettravel

    Great post! Congratulations for sharing your knowledge. Now I am willing to create a Facebook fan page.

  • dru

    I have one more question: If you are an artist with a fan page, you do really want others to post photos or videos et al?

  • Charlotte Lewis

    Excellent start point for growing fans and engagement. Thank you!

  • Thank you Mari! Your information never ceases to amaze me 😉
    In your opinion….would you want to create a separate fan page for each business i have?

  • David B

    Mari Smith is a genius of the social media common sense road to success!

  • That sort of limits a lot of people who cannot access facebook while at work don’t you think?

  • Great article! Very very useful tips. I would recommend it to anyone using Facebook for business purposes. As we all know, creating a fan page on Facebook is not rocket science, making it effective and constantly attractive to its fans is the difficult part. You can have millions of fans to your fan page, but what is the use if those fans are not active members of that fan page? Excellent post! Thanks for sharing.

  • This is awesome! When is the second part coming?

  • Recently i created the Facebook Fan Page but i didn’t know about how to promote the Facebook Fan Page.But That article help me a lot.

  • Thanks for opening my eyes – at last the penny drops.

  • Has the Part 2 been posted any where?

  • Has the Part 2 been posted any where?

  • Veteranscourts

    How do I add my fan page to my other regular facebook accout wall page on the left bottom side?

  • Veteranscourts

    How do I add my fan page to my other regular facebook accout wall page on the left bottom side?

  • Thanks for pulling this altogether. it help me how to promote my fan page.. thanks a lot … 🙂

  • Thank you Mari!
    Good management for beginners.

  • Mark57

    Very helpful information, thank you so much – I mostly use FBML and RSS/notes to get a new page up and running pretty fast – along with Photoshop and CSS for a nice image map you can get a lot of good content that’s appealing … it’s great to find information like this to help –
    Here’s my latest page:

  • Patrick

    You can automate the posting of related videos using the ffwdPlayer

  • Thanks for sharing such nice information.. we can really make a fan page attractive and appealing. Also, we can have more and more fans to our facebook fan page if we follow the guidelines above.. You can also get facebook fans from

  • Till a few weeks back, all the photo comments of a fan page could be seen in one feed link. That link is gone. Any ideas?

  • Xiaoxiao

    I am sure they bought the fans like Vin Diesel at Anyone can buy fans easily, maybe Shell also paid for these boycott bp fans 🙂

  • mufti

    Hi mate, to get more fans, you can submit your fan page to

  • This is a great post on how to connect with your Facebook fans. It is definately true that sharing quality, relevant content will help connect with and gain fans and also generate a community. With the Facebook Business pages I manage, I try to keep up with what is going on in the local area that could be shared with the Facebook Fans. I may subscribe to the local theatre’s email newsletter or keep an eye on the latest news in the local newspaper (online version of course). I will then share that update with a link to the relevant page.

    Writing a great blog post regularly and then sharing it on your Facebook Fan page will also help tremendously.

    I try to think of the Fan page as something for the Fans – not the business in that the information shared is not ONLY about the business but about subjects that will interest the whole Fan page community.

    With regard to posting frequency I recommend only post once or twice a day so as not to overwhelm the fans. I find the best times are very early in the morning (before everyone leaves for work), 11am, 3pm and then later at night after everyone has eaten dinner and is sitting down to catch up on emails and their social media connections.

  • Obviously it is not email, but more or less facebook does all the things that can be done using an email. It’s all about multi-tasking while socializing.

  • This was great information. I did a search and Google prompted me to this site. The sad part is that we are already connected via social media outlets and we also have other social networking friends in common. I am so glad that I found you here. I am subscribed and will never have to worry about missing this valuable content ever again.

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  • I agree with facebook fanpages being a throwaway gesture. But, like you said, why not bring it into a more interactive and lively level. Thanks for these tips.

  • Duncan

    ANY NEWS When we can expect a way for fans to tag fan pages i the new face book

  • Megan Harrison

    Helpful article thanks!
    Regarding using the @ to tag a Facebook page…
    When a FB user tags a page in their status update shouldn’t the tag appear on the Facebook page as well as the user’s page?
    As the admin of a FB I’ve noticed that when people tag the page it doesn’t show up on our page.
    Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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  • Eric

    Awesome blog post, thanks. The point of engaging the social audience to stimulate interaction and conversation is the rason I pursued the crazy idea I now call First2Click.
    First2Click is a competitive contests site that uses Facebook and Twitter to launch new contests via a hyperlink.
    First2Click contests are engaging, fun and exciting for participants, and involve quickness, strategy, and competition! They are an excellent tool for stimulating social community – interacting with and bringing the social audience to the brand, products, and services being promoted by the contest sponsor. This is a very unique promotional platform that brings a new combination of dynamics to the consumer promotional experience.
    You can see it at

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  • James

    Mari & Social Media Friends,

    I have a fan page called M & F Trainer that can be found here:!/MFTrainer

    It is a Fitness oriented page.

    I think that the posts to our fan page are WAAAY to excessive but wanted to get an experts opinion so the powers that be can take your advice into consideration because I don’t want to lose fans due to being overwhelmed by excessive posts. For example 16 hours ago there were 5 posts back to back and I see that as SPAM. Honestly I would unfan myself if I didn’t have vested interest, but am humble enough to admit if I am wrong and the people posting are in the right.

    Thank you,


  • James

    Mari & Social Media Friends,

    I have a fan page called M & F Trainer that can be found here:!/MFTrainer

    It is a Fitness oriented page.

    I think that the posts to our fan page are WAAAY to excessive but wanted to get an experts opinion so the powers that be can take your advice into consideration because I don’t want to lose fans due to being overwhelmed by excessive posts. For example 16 hours ago there were 5 posts back to back and I see that as SPAM. Honestly I would unfan myself if I didn’t have vested interest, but am humble enough to admit if I am wrong and the people posting are in the right.

    Thank you,


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  • Hi Marie,
    how to get more Facebook fans, its mean how to get increase fans ??
    any idea ? 
    please share it.

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  •   Of course it is an exceptional opportunity to promote your websiteand get the public to have the same interests.

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  • Definitely struggle w/increasing the # of Likes on a Fan pg.

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  • Thanks, I got some useful ideas from your page such as asking a question at the end. I’m an acupuncturist and been doing positive quotes followed by my interpretation if I can’t deliver anything more that day. I’ll often get some likes an the occasional comment. I think I need to juice it up a bit with questions, video and pictures.

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  • Fan pages are one of the best sources of online traffic at the moment and many internet marketers are absolutely raking it in as a result. It has got to the stage where some underground internet marketers are reporting earnings of over five thousand dollars per week. All of this is occurring as a result of marketers taking advantage of the viral power that Facebook pages have.

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  • Facebook can be regarded as a great tool to easily connect to their loved ones and interact to long lost colleagues, share cool information and exchange important messages to one another. But if you would ask online marketers, Facebook is like a gold mine. Facebook is where the money is.

  • Xtosboston

    To get the MOST visibility of a post, is it best to post updates and photos to your business/fan page as the PAGE or is it best to post as yourself (Your personal Facebook User Profile) ??  What is the difference in terms of showing up in the news feeds of those that have “Liked” your page when you post as a.Yourself and b. The Page    I have yet to see a clear explanation of the differences and benefits of posting either way.  It seems that sometimes posting as the PAGE leads to higher visibility in the news feeds of those that “Liked” the page, but lower visibility to any of your own friends, and vice – versa.

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  • Great article as always!

  • Mara F de Cruz

    So, I’m new to advertising of Facebook and just started my fan page. I boosted a post and it has reached 300 people and 18 engagement. What does it mean and how can I reach out to those that have engaged? Am I getting any leads here? Txt