social media expert interviewIn this video I interview Chris Brogan, author of Google+ for Business: How Google’s Social Network Changes Everything.

Chris shares how Google+ can help small businesses and reveals the strategies he uses to get business leads. You’ll also learn how to adapt your content strategy on Google+ to select the people you want to work with.

Be sure to check out the takeaways below after you watch the video.

Here are some of the things you’ll learn in this video:

  • Why Google+ changes everything
  • How to get your content indexed quickly
  • Discover Chris Brogan’s Google+ strategy
  • How Human Business Works uses Google+ to get business leads
  • Why you should share personal stories on Google+
  • How to show potential clients who you are
  • What content strategy to use on Google+
  • How businesses can use Google+ Circles for both outbound marketing and lead generation
  • When to choose Google+ privacy settings
  • How Chris uses Twitter differently than Google+

Connect with Chris on Google+ and learn more about Google+ here.

Do you use Google+? If so, what’s your Google+ strategy? Please share your Google+ tips below.

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  • Great interview! Chris got a briljant way of looking at Google+. Also I hear about the book the Now Revolution. I got it next of me..think of going to read it right away!

  • Great interview.

    I am big fan of your passion about Social Media Chris, I think same rules apply on using Google + as you have been teaching us for quite a while now.

    But the chances of getting found in search results using Google + is huge and I think this one benefit is more than enough for any business to use Google +.  

  • I’m loving Google+. 

    On one hand I harness the communication features to reach out to people when they need me most. My posts get noticed, a discussion begins, and I connect from there and eventually take it off-line. All of the interaction is great for SEO too.

    On the other hand, the quality of experts talking about my field is taking me further than I’ve been able to before. Embedded videos, engaging conversation that I can jump into right there, and the ease and friendliess of connecting is powerful. I have knowledgeable folks all around me, and in return, I am that to others.

    The most useful feature of G+ is the ability to parse people out into circles so my posts and observations are targeted. I can talk to my entrepreneurial friends about what’s happening in business, without involving clients who follow me for my social networking tips.

  • Excellent interview with two of my favorite people!  Thanks to both. 

  • Great interview! I especially liked the part about including some of your personality since people want to work with those they like:)

  • Great sound bite (and video:)) —  
    “I want to do business with people who like me, and I want to do business with people who are like me.” 

    Chris Brogan

  • Chris looks like Jeff Bridges in this interview! haha.. Good stuff.. 

  • I agree Devani 🙂

  • Thanks Kamilla

  • Appreciate that Sheila

  • I don’t use the circles feature as much as I should.  Glad Google+ is working well for you

  • Chris is very big on Google+.  The Now Revolution is a book by Jay Baer and Amber Naslund, not Chris 🙂

  • Sam Adodra

    Great interview there Mike. I got an early invite to google plus but I didn’t honestly think it’d take off, especially after what happened with buzz. Looks like google has really pulled the rabbit out of the hat by incorporating the seo element into plus. I’m gonna keep a closer eye on google plus now that I can see more benefits from it.

  • Google+ is a new things for me. I just started using gmail and started to make circle then.
    Thanks for the article

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  • David Duncan

    Thanks Michael and Chris for your insights to Google+

  • Thanks guys! Great video and information. Can’t wait to read Chris’ book.

  • Noaeshed

    Thanks for an interesting interview. Regarding the indexing, if a page posts a general comment without specific keywords, does that have any effect?

  • Thanks Michael.  Two things hit home:  1.)  Doing business with people we like.  Love that.  Don’t have to chase every single person walking by as potential customer.  2.)  25% personal sharing.  Hard to figure out the line on how personal though.  I see business folks sharing pictures and intimate details of their new born babies.  Where’s the line?  How personal is too personal?  Each person has to figure that out for themselves I guess?  Thanks again for all the great stuff you share.  Appreciate it..  🙂

  • Thanks Michael.!

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  • Agreed. we’ll be really trying to master the circles over the coming weeks for our clients. 

  • Nice business you have there, we followed you on Twitter. Do you have a website

  • Danfaggella

    I like this guy and he’s definitely smart but these videos let me down a little bit compared to the other articles. This fellow is more or less pitching his biz. That’s not a BAD thing, but what do I DO with this? I’m sure it helps SMExaminer in terms of having these people pay to be shared with your network? What are the reals pros and cons here

  • Very interesting article.  I’ve been thinking about putting my blog on Google+, seems like a good thing to do after hearing this.

  • Sometimes doing business with people we like is not always possible, and that should probably be remembered. Not everyone has the luxury of being able to be so choosy.

  • Thanks for the feedback.  Your point is well taken…  but, at the end of the day, it’s still a choice.  For me (and maybe for others too), life is too precious and short to spend it working with customers who create stress and strife.  Goodness.  Business is tough enough as it is…  🙂

  • Gwen Delhumeau

    Everybody who is online-smart will be on Linkedin so how do you combine an activity on Google plus with the one you already have on Linkedin? 
    What does Google plus do better? 

  • Haha I know 😉 I see I was kinda linking it together.

  • Wish I could find more tips for businesses that are pioneering G+ in their industry and struggling to gain some traction. Only a handful of folks are actually on G+ and are utilising it, we’re finding it tough to scale our audience as we’re having to almost convince folks in our industry that it matters. Anyone in a similar situation and if so, what tips do you recommend?

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  • Hi Dan – Appreciate your message here.  But he is providing value and answering my precise question, no pitching.  I think perhaps you should watch the video again as a lot of folks find his strategy very valuable.

  • Anthony I feel like I run into the same problems. I wish I had some tips to recommend, like you I’d love to hear some. I’m even pleading with friends to get onto Google+ but they don’t want to update FB and G+. 

  • Thanks for the reply, Matt. I come across generic tips all of the time, but frankly, all but a few of them require a presence, a flow of users, which for us within our industry just isn’t there right now. We really want to scale our G+ activities but are simply ending up focusing more on Twitter and Facebook where we do actually have an active audience. We’ll continue experimenting and keeping G+ going because of the SEO and long-term association benefits, it’s just frustrating is all as we’re really keen on stepping things up.

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  • Google+ has caused to some businesses more damage than benefits. Google is just pushing G+.

    I personally got more damage since G+ started

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  • Hi Michael! Thanks for sharing this video. I came to know lot of interesting points by watching that video. Nice post.

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  • Some great points here.  Thanks, Chris, for being so open and sharing such practical tips.

  • We should also be very careful of Google+ too. There are risks involved. It basically ranks you higher according to the types of people who follow you, but if you do not have enough followers, then the move to Google+ can be detrimental. If you are in a competitive niche with others on Google+ then you may be giving G+ another reason to demote you.

    Google + really depends on the size and quality of your circles. If you are too small to have effective circles then a move to Google+ could be detrimental. If you dont have Google+ then Google cannot use your small userbase against you – it must rank you based on previous SEO factors.

    Not saying Google+ is bad for everyone – it is just bad for those who have competitors with circles/sharing much larger then theirs. 

  • Well, frankly i would say Google+ is great to use for promoting business online. The only negative thing is you need to put a lot of time in order to get some quality followers. When i started my profile in google + i hardly found a single followers within 2 or 3 weeks. but later on when i started sharing some of the interesting and quality articles, fans started following. i get some good traffic through it.

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  • Great interview with Chris, his views about family,people you like and Buddhism are good virtues.

  • Great interview and lots of value from Chris. Based on feedback from clients I’m doing less of the personal in social media posts these days. In my experience (less than Chris’!) people are following or in Circles for particular content. Perhaps there is a little contradiction from Chris regarding Circles…on the one hand he’s saying Circles are great for specific content but also says small businesses should make 25% of business posts personal? Or perhaps he’s saying 25% of public posts ‘personal’?

  • thanks michael for sharing this video:)

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  • Rcaiazzo

    Very cool!  I’m preparing a Google+ seminar for the Chamber tomorrow & I’m excited to use that quote from Chris at the end of my presentation: “I want to do business with
    people who like me, and I want to do business with people who are like me.”
    Chris Brogan

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  • I have definitely used google+ to promote my content and it helps in search engine display if people are in your network.