social media expert interviewIn this video I interview Jason Falls, founder of the popular blog Social Media Explorer.

Jason talks about how the smartphone revolution is changing social media and the businesses most likely to benefit from these trends. He also shares some of the biggest mistakes businesses continue to make today.

Be sure to check out the takeaways below after you watch the video.

Here are some of the things you’ll learn in this video:

  • How location-based services are changing the way businesses use social media
  • What types of businesses get the most out of location-based services
  • How the smartphone revolution impacts social media marketing
  • Why computer-based services will become more mobile-friendly
  • Why businesses need to approach social media marketing with clear, attainable goals
  • How larger companies are more strategic in their social media marketing
  • Why more mainstream businesses will embrace social media in the future

Connect with Jason on Twitter @JasonFalls. Check out Jason’s blog and his latest project: Exploring Social Media.

How is mobile impacting your business ? What’s your experience with location-based marketing? Please leave your comments below.

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  • Thanks, Jason, for sharing your candid thoughts about location-based services. Your prediction: Mainstream users might not engage with these services unless they’re looking for deals. If retailers are aware of that, part of their strategy for using such services would be to offer unbeatable deals.

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  • Hey Laura – I think he’s right about deals.

  • One_Finger_short_of_a_Hand

    One of the main issues around deals, is whether the retailer has a strategy as to why they are using them.  They need to ask themselves whether it is to help lift turnover and clear stock in the short term, as in a ‘Sale’ or whether, by offering a deal, they hope to encourage a new potential customer to visit and become loyal to that business.  Anyone looking at the criticisms of GroupOn, can soon discover how a ‘deal’ can be bad for business.  Jason’s words should be heeded, in that the audience may be just those who seek deals, rather than be return customers of the future. 

    Not too many businesses in the UK have got to grips with social media, which is a shame, as I believe it can be a very valuable tool in developing a brand and following.

    To Michael… love this daily stuff you do… keep up the good work 

  • Thanks One Finger 🙂

  • Michael,
    Thanks for great, informative videos like this. I am an old man trying to learn from and compete with a much younger crowd in the world of social media. Your daily emails are always filled with great information which continue to help me grasp this challenging field.
    Any websites, books, PDF downloads, etc. are always appreciated as I try to help my customers with their social media goals.

  • Thanks Don

  • Thanks for sharing, great to hear some thoughts on these trends. Location-based services is something I am interested in learning more about. Can’t wait to see how it develops and is utilized for different services. Foursquare’s partnership with AmEx is one direction and something to keep an eye on going forward.

  • I hope this means that many will stop fearing social media for that “Bad” it could do and see it for  the GOOD it will do.

    There is so much hesitancy and egg-shell watching when it comes to social media that many are not appreciating it for the great benefits it can provide.

  • Ben Comer

    Hi Don,

    I noticed your post and was wondering what type of social media service you provide to your clients? Do you happen to have a website that I could take a look at? I’d love to hear more about your needs as I think I might be able to lend some assistance.


  • Good interview.  I enjoyed Jason’s stance on LBS as the “soup du jour” of the coupon market and its value for retail, especially restaurants.  Thanks for sharing.

  • eDigitalAus

    Totally agree with Jason. We will see here in Australia that 50% of mobile devices at the end of the year will be smart phones and hoping 20% of internet users will be coming from Tablets.
    I tend to think social media needs to be measured at different layers..including renevue, traffic to websites or walk ins to physical businesses but also imporvements on brand recognition, recall and specially brand sentiment.
    Thanks Michael for presenting us Jason.

  • Excellent point, One Finger. I talked with someone today who is wary of offering a deal for her services, because if she offers $10 off, people ask for $20 off. But she knows that the people who want $20 off just want the deal, and are unlikely to become return customers.

  • I appreciate your succinct description of those who use location-based services – people looking for deals.  I didn’t really understand what they were all about.  It seems to me that one is merely opening the door for more commercials, which only add to the noise in social media. And 10% off isn’t worth the time and effort.

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  • Thanks Brent!

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  •  I agree with Jason that many businesses are getting into Social Media without a strategy. They are just jumping in blindly because they feel they “have to be there”. 

  • Asad Iqbal

    yes, agreed people don’t even know the exactly meaning of social media today but start without having a proper planning.