social media researchWelcome to our weekly edition of what’s hot in social media news. To help you stay up to date with social media, here are some of the news items that caught our attention.

What’s New This Week?

Facebook Streamlines Ad Offering: Facebook says they plan to “streamline the number of ad units from 27 to fewer than half of that” while mapping all of their ads to “the business objectives marketers care about—be it in-store sales, online conversions, app installs, etc.”

facebook ad

Facebook will eliminate redundant ads. "This includes removing the Questions product for Pages because marketers can simply ask a question in a post and get answers in comments."

LinkedIn Lets You Enrich Your Updates: After recently giving you the ability to add rich media to your profile, LinkedIn now also lets you “directly upload images, documents and presentations to the updates you share from the LinkedIn Homepage.”

linkedin rich updates

LinkedIn's new feature allows you to "add a richer and more visual component to your professional discussions."

Discussion From Our Networking Clubs: Thousands of social media marketers and small business owners are asking questions and helping others in our free Networking Clubs. Here are a few interesting discussions worth highlighting:

LinkedIn Gives You a New Look at Who’s Viewed Your Profile: LinkedIn has rolled out “a new, simplified look and feel for Who’s Viewed Your Profile to make it easier for you to get a snapshot of who, what and how you are being discovered on LinkedIn.”

who's viewed your profile

"Who's Viewed Your Profile can also give you insights on how often your profile has been viewed and what connections or groups you have in common with them." Premium members get additional filters.

SlideShare Announces Richer RSS Feeds: “SlideShare’s RSS feeds just got richer, with each content item now including a full image of the first slide. For developers building upon SlideShare, this enables them to create even more visual apps than before.”

slideshare rss feeds richer

SlideShare's richer RSS feeds allow for larger image thumbnails to be shared.

LinkedIn Gets Two-Step Verification: Turn on two-step verification for your account now by going to Settings, selecting the Account tab and clicking Manage security settings option.

Tumblr Brings Sponsored Posts to its Web Dashboard: Sponsored posts were launched on the mobile app recently and are now also found on the Tumblr web dashboard.

tumblr sponsored post

Sponsored posts are now also found on the Tumblr web dashboard.

Twitter Introduces Vine for Android: “Android owners: Welcome to Vine. Starting today, you can begin to shoot, share and watch short looping videos.”

Twitter Lists Grow: Twitter users can now have up to 1,000 lists and each list can include up to 5,000 accounts. Users used to be limited to 20 lists, each limited to 500 accounts.

Some interesting social media news to follow:

YouTube One Channel Design Now Available to Everyone: This has been available in public beta since March. If you haven’t already switched to the YouTube One Channel design, you’ll see your channel in this new design to make it look great across all devices.

Foursquare Tests Paid Promotions: AdAge reports that Foursquare is testing paid promotions with small businesses in New York City.

Here’s a couple of cool social media tools worth noting:

OneQube: A tool to engage in Twitter chats and hashtags.


Check out OneQube as a replacement with better functionality for the popular TweetChat tool acquired by the creators of OneQube.

Pipe: A Facebook app “to send files between Facebook friends, up to 1GB. Direct, secure and real-time.”


Just pick a friend on Facebook, select a file and drop it in the Pipe.

What do you think? Please share your comments below.

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  • Nice post Cindy!

    I didn’t know about Pipe, for sure a usefull tool for everyone.
    Also it was time for LinkedIn to let you enrich your updates.

    Have a great weekend everyone!


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  • Facebook actually doing something to help Internet Marketers,I must be dreaming.

  • Gustavormello

    Thanks for the info Cindy.

  • A nice summary of what’s going on with social media theses days Cindy.

    Facebook finally gets that too many confusing choices does not encourage ad spending. I like their new approach. 🙂

  • Facebook ads have been the best ads around for a long time now… the level of granulation you can get into demographic and keyword wise, as well as who they follow… nothing gets close.

  • Anna Pham

    Thanks Candy for many good news, especially on facebook that they realize that they need to reduce the number of spamming ads because as an user, I feel so annoy with too many advertising around me.

  • peter bordes

    Cindy Thank you for including our acquiring @TweetChat and launching @oneQubeMe SmartStream for Twitter chats!

  • Anisha

    Great post, Facebook is giving a good helping hand to do marketing online effortlessly

  • robertgilmour26

    F/Book in travel’s a commercial disaster, we’ve always predicted this and even more now we’re sticking to it. Stock markets think the same, clearly. Millions and trillions of amateurs don’t

  • Penny Turko

    Thanks so much for your very through update Cindy! Pipe will be very a very useful app, I had never heard of it before. Thank you!

  • You’re welcome, Jeff!

  • You’re welcome, Peter!

  • You’re welcome, Anna!

  • Yes, Pipe might prove to be very useful!

  • I agree about Pipe, Leo. And am looking forward to richer LinkedIn updates for sure.

  • Yay for two-step verification! Twitter, please speed it up for the Philippines. 🙂 Thanks, Cindy!

  • peter bordes

    stay tunes. we are relaunching @TweetChat tech for Twitter chats and a community w/ content and a robust TweetChat calendar:)

    As well as rolling out a ton of oneQube applications!

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