social media expert interviewIn this video I interview Jesse Stay, co-author of I’m On Facebook Now What? and founder of SocialToo. Jesse talks about Facebook and how Facebook Connect can help you build a stronger online community.

You’ll also hear about Jesse’s Twitter strategy using multiple Twitter accounts and the tools he uses to stay on top of social media. Be sure to read the takeaways below.

Here are some key points Jesse talks about in this video:

What Jesse Likes About Facebook

  • Facebook Connect enables you to embed simple html right on your own website.
  • One example of good use of Facebook Connect is the Huffington Post where you can log in with Facebook Connect to see what your friends are doing there.
  • Another example with Facebook Connect is Digg. When you log in to Digg with Facebook your friends on Facebook automatically become your friends on Digg
  • Jesse like the Us Weekly Facebook Fan Page
  • FBML for Fan page administrators to add custom fields on Facebook. You can learn more about FBML in Jesse’s book, FBML Essentials.

Biggest Facebook Mistake

  • Mixing business with personal by not using privacy controls. You must set your privacy settings to control what is seen by the different audiences you have.

Jesse’s Twitter Strategy

Jesse has three Twitter accounts for the “niche-ation” of conversations:

  • @Jesse is his public “me” account with mostly peer content, no public replies but an occasional DM
  • @JessesLinks is his “you” account focused on to sharing other people’s links and content
  • @JesseStay is his private “we” account. You’ll need to request to follow Jesse to show you’re a real person. This is where he connects and creates relationships with people. Jesse follows back the people who communicate with him on this account.

How Jesse Stays Up To Date

What’s Next For Jesse?

SocialToo will continue to help businesses use social media platforms and plans on improving the user experience. And on his blog, StayN’Alive, Jesse is building a stronger community experience.

What was your favorite takeaway from this video? Please share your comments below.

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  • Having separate Twitter accounts is a great approach, I run a business one and a personal one which work really well in tandem.

  • I admire anyone who is maintaining multiple twitter/facebook accounts. I’ve tried it and its such a bear. I decided to just use one for everything….

    I wonder if having multiple social identities contributes-to or is a symptom-of a disjointed/divergent personality most people in today’s society carry around. We keep separate social clicks and we dont allow our worlds to meet.

    I dont mean to get of analytical on anyone’s ass but I just figured I’d toss the Q out there…

    Great post Mike..I always enjoy the video content 🙂

  • Looks like his “separate” Twitter accounts all have the same tweets

  • @Dino Dogan: yeah, right? Same happens to me. I can hardly keep my only account on both facebook and twitter. This “I’m On Facebook Now What? ” book seems to be very interesting and full of useful advice for anyone using facebook and/or twitter for business or working purposes. I would recommend it to that kind of people.

  • I have several Twitter accounts and they are all interlinked to different platforms depending on what message i am sending and to whom i want it to go to

  • DonnaGilliland

    Jesse, great information. Thanks.

  • Barb

    Having different twitter accounts is a must to separate business and personal information as your message might not be appropriate for all audiences. Although developing three separate accounts is an interesting solution to the “niche-ation” of conversations, as Jesse puts it.

  • I have a work and personal persona on twitter, facebook and You tube.

    A professional profile on LinkedIn

    Various other twitter profiles for projects (One is just to sound off) and businesses etc.

    I used to run them all individually, seriously a nightmare.

    There are quite a few apps to help

    My favourite is @hootsuite do the Webinar you’ll be sold join their University and lean to if you want? Can you tell I’m sold?

    Also the sharing functionality coming along now is unreal too.

    Hope that helps @danieldoherty

  • 1/2 hour social media crash course, have a cuppa tea and watch a few video’s (The stuff I wish I’d found at the beginning : )

    Facebook Connect

    Just started playing with it here first time trying (cut & paste HTML)

    Good example is on this page top right (Your photo may even be there too) I do worry about all the info we leave out there about ourselves, but it’s there and the next generation seem to care even less but another point!

    Tried FB through Huffington Post & left comment about scantily clad dutch girls, here check it our : )

    WOW just check out USweekly!/UsWeekly?v=wall 300,000 likes Thumbs up

    BIG WOW been looking for this

    Not really a cheat it’s genius : )

    As is this really helpful energetic guy

    Nathan who build facebook fan pages here at great rates

    Thanks Michael & Jesse both right on the money with this topic : )

  • interesting post! 🙂

    Keep it up,

  • The review you’ve done on the previous entry on this book was very very good, however I find it very useful and encouraging to see this kind of interview with the book’s writer, I think that is great.
    Great post!!!

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