social media researchWelcome to our weekly edition of what’s hot in social media news. To help you stay up-to-date with social media, here are some of the news items that caught our attention.

What’s New This Week?

Facebook Integrates With WordPress: WordPress publishers can now “easily integrate Facebook features, such as social publishing and mentions, through the new Facebook for WordPress plugin.” Publishers can use  social plugins as WordPress widgets to share the Facebook Activity Feed, Recommendations, Comments Box and Customizable Like, Subscribe and Send buttons.

facebook wordpress plugin

"Once the plugin is installed, you can cross-post content published to WordPress to your Facebook Timeline and the Facebook Pages you manage. You can also mention the names of Pages and friends as you post to further distribute your content."

Twitter Rolls Out Tailored Trends: “In order to show emerging topics that matter more to you,” Twitter is improving their algorithms to “tailor Trends based on your location and who you follow on Twitter.” This new feature will impact how marketers can use Twitter.

twitter tailored trends

If you don't wish to see tailored Trends, but instead want to see a more general list of Trends, just change your location on

Discussion From Our Networking Clubs: Thousands of social media marketers and small business owners are asking questions and helping others in our free Networking Clubs. Here are a few interesting discussions worth highlighting:

Experience More Expanded Tweets: “When you expand Tweets containing links to partner websites, you can now see content previews, view images, play videos and more.”

twitter expanded tweet

More companies like the the New York Times are partnering with Twitter to deliver rich content inside tweets.

Facebook Opens the App Center: The App Center is a “place for people to find great social apps on the web and mobile.”

facebook app center

The App Center helps high-quality apps grow by promoting those that people enjoy most.

Bitly Shares Keyboard Shortcuts: Bitly users can “pick up some speed while performing some of the most common actions” with these shortcuts.

bitly shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts for Bitly ninjas.

Klout’s iPhone App Gets a Big Update: There are several new features. Users can now enter any Twitter handle and quickly find that user’s Klout score.

klout iphone app update

With this new upgrade, users can endorse anyone's influence by swiping a finger across one of their Topics.

Facebook Announces a New Ad Exchange: “Facebook announced a new ‘real-time bidding’ ad exchange system for buying ads on the network.”

Here are some social media tools worth noting: An online platform that makes it extremely simple to build and curate a portfolio of your best work online.

konektme features include an easy-to-use, content-specific uploader, customizable collections and an interactive CV/resume feature that help you link your content and experience.

Likester: A Facebook advertising tool to help Facebook users, companies and advertisers organize and explore over half a billion Facebook Likes.


Check out the other pages your Facebook fans also like.

Learnist: Essentially Pinterest with a focus on education. All learning boards are created by users and feature educational material.


Unlike Pinterest, you are not limited to posting images on Learnist. You can also post articles, websites and videos.

Chill: A video sharing site that allows you and your friends to watch videos together on your own computers while interacting in real time through Facebook.


"Chill is designed to make video sharing beautiful, simple and contextual."

LoveIt: A visual sharing space that allows users to share their finished shopping excursion with the public, privately share the deals they got, and collaboratively plan their next shopping trip.

And don’t miss this:

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  • Just installed and used the Facebook for WordPress plugin.  There are a few quirks and the creating a Facebook App can be a little daunting, but it seems to work pretty well, although it’s only showing shares and recommendations from my page in the widget, not the actual posts – still working on it.

  • I tried adding the Facebook plugin to our blog hubze, and have to say that it is still pretty clunky and had many issues and loaded very slow. I think that it has potential for sure, but my initial feelings are Facebook has too many places they are trying to focus right now, and feel it has to do with all the pressure of the IPO, but in doing that I think they are spreading themselves too thin and could produce a BUCH of crap instead of creating GREAT things 2 or 3 at a time…

  • Always appreciate your social media updates! Thanks

  • Great stuff as usual, Cindy.  Any word as to why FB is adding more friends past 5000 and how to change it?  If I want to add new friends, it won’t let me because I’m over the limit, however, THEY created the “over the limit” situation.

    Thanks Cindy!

  • More brilliant content! Always love checking out your posts …
    Keep it coming!
    Billee Brady

  • Thanks for the feedback, Jamie! 

  • Thanks, David, I appreciate the feedback. It seems like we need to first step back and figure out which tools we really want to use.

  • You’re welcome 🙂

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  • Hi Cindy, thanks for the great update. I think the Facebook WordPress Plugin has some really nice features. But it is 1.0 and needs some refinements. Still, I think it has a lot of value in this first release.
    I made a video tour of the new Facebook WordPress Plugin, which also shows how to set it up:

  • Kevin McCarthy

    Thanks for the @Likester:twitter mention, Cindy!

  • Thanks Cindy – always so useful for catching up on what I missed during the week.  I’ve been wanting to explore the potential for Pinterest for my organisation (finding time is the problem!), but didn’t realise that Learnist existed, which is likely a better fit, so thanks very much for sharing that – will check it out!

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  • I have just used facebook plugin its a good and easy way to share content on the web, but there is a problem i have faced that is not everyone connected to my facebook page get the notifications.

  • It’s good to see that Twitter is customizing  users’ experience. Personalizing trends can be effective for encouraging user activity, while the site’s Explore feature enables users to check out trends they haven’t been exposed to. 

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  • Sfriedman

    I love the idea of the WordPress app for Facebook but the instructions are terrible for someone who isn’t as web savvy on the tech side. I installed it but can’t seem to get it to show up on my Facebook page.

  • I’m going to explore using some of these facebook features on my own wordpress site!

  • Ms_photos

    I can’t seem to get the facebook plugin to work on my wordpress site.  I have tried following the instructions several times but Facebook Recent Activity widget that I’m trying to use is blank.  Anyone else having the same problem?

  • Kat Garcia

    Hi Cindy! Thank
    you for including us!! LoveIt is a site for
    individuals and groups to discover, collect, organize and share images they
    love in public or private collections. There are numerous ways for
    people to use LoveIt. For example, a graphic designer could share ideas with a
    prospective client in a private collection so they can easily comment
    back-and-forth without competitors seeing the work, or a group of friends planning
    a trip to Vegas could collect and comment on all of the trendy clubs and restaurants
    they want to visit. This is just the beginning for us and we have a lot more
    features we’ll be rolling out. We can’t wait to share them with you and your

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  • Stompey

    It would be nice if the app would allow you to show the subscription to the page instead of to me.

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  • Will this function monitor any data?

  • Dynamitri

    To the best of my knowledge, facebook started including deactivated accounts in your overall friend count – i.e. people you have ever been friends with throughout your facebook history, but who’s accounts have switched to “Deactivated” (note: not “Deleted”).

    As to why is this happening – I have no idea. One can only presume it’s a way to hike up the “userbase” with ghost accounts.