social media researchWelcome to our weekly edition of what’s hot in social media news. To help you stay up to date with social media, here are some of the news items that caught our attention.

What’s New This Week?

Facebook Updates the News Feed Ranking Algorithm: There are two new features to note regarding Facebook’s new news feed: Story Bumping and Last Actor. Both of these now ensure that Facebook users see more of the updates from the people they interact with.

facebook newsfeed algorithm

"This update does a better job of showing people the stories they want to see, even if they missed them the first time."

YouTube Rolls Out Live Streaming and More Channel Tools: Live streaming is rolling out for channels with 100+ subscribers. You can also choose and upload your favorite image to create your custom thumbnail. You can add annotations to your video to “link externally to various online stores and your associated websites.” And you can now mark your playlist as a “series”—YouTube will then show viewers of your videos the next episode from the series and a link to the whole playlist. If you’re on YouTube, be sure to check them out.

You can activate YouTube Live Streaming under your video manager channel settings

LinkedIn Introduces the Ability to Apply for Jobs on Mobile: LinkedIn makes “it possible for LinkedIn members to directly apply for jobs that interest them, right from their iOS or Android device.”

Facebook Launches Graph Search to Everyone in U.S. English: “Graph Search makes it easier to make new connections; you can continue to search for friends and pages by name, or use simple phrases to find something specific across people, photos, places, interests and more.” It is now available to everyone in the U.S. in English.

facebook graph search search bar

"Graph Search appears as a larger search bar at the top of the page."

Instagram Announces New App Update: Instagram 4.1 includes a few of the most requested features. “You can upload videos from your phone’s media library and share those moments to Instagram regardless of when they were captured.”

instagram app update

Check out Instagram's latest app update. Allows Users to Express Feelings: for feelings is currently in beta. It’s “a fun bookmarklet to express how you feel about the content you’re sharing.”

bitly feelings funny

It's a way of expressing how you feel about an article.

Here’s more interesting news to follow:

Facebook Begins Trending Topic Test: Facebook starts to run “a small test that displays topics trending on Facebook. It is currently only available to a small percentage of U.S. users who use Facebook’s mobile website ( and is still in the very early stages of development.”

Here’s a cool social media tool worth checking out:

MixBit: a mobile app that “lets you record, edit and publish videos as short as one second or as long as an hour—right from your mobile device.”


MixBit "lets users collaborate with each other and remix videos uploaded by the community."

Don’t miss this:

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Social Media Success Summit 2013.

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What do you think? Please share your comments below.

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  • Nice read..

  • Laurette Willis

    Wow! Chock-full of great information. Thank you so much!

  • Thank you, Nimish!

  • You’re welcome, Laurette! It’s been an active week on social media 🙂

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  • Jon Banks

    Personally I feel social media marketing should be kept very distant from social networking ie Facebook et al. I, for one, am becoming more annoyed at the intrusion of the marketeers into what used to be a fun place to be and just have a laugh with friends old and new. Now I am seriously considering leaving Facebook, and other sites due to all the unwanted intrusions. If I want something then I (and I alone) will go and hunt it out. I prefer to keep my life compartmentalised into social, professional etc and hate it when others force those lines to be crossed. Mind you FB is getting more and more dull as it is now simply people posting inane dross about their day, or sharing infantile photos from so called fan sites or propagating hoaxes. Hmmmmm another good reason to leave!!!! And don’t even get me started on twitter!!!! Aaarrrggghhh!!!!

  • Thanks for sharing, Jon! It’s true, most of us need to spend more time tweaking privacy settings and creating lists to really use Facebook as we’d like. Hopefully the latest news feed changes will improve things in figuring out what we really want to have show up in there. People have varying expectations of what they want to get out of Facebook.

    In any case, a clear ‘friendship’ strategy and goals for each platform help to keep things manageable for sure… unfortunately, as these platforms evolve over the years this may mean that we’ll need to adjust how we use the platforms to fit in with how they have evolved.

  • Nexusfast123

    That is not an answer. The business models that underpin these systems are not aligned to the way we do things in the real world. Friending, Fooling, Tweets, etc, are irrelevant and are not algorithmically sound. In most OECD countries over 60% of small businesses are not on-line. Small businesses are time and resource poor and cannot deal with the fragmented mess that is the current Internet.

  • Jon Banks

    Thanks Cindy. May I just say that if these platforms continue to evolve in the same way, then they will have to do so without me (and many others no doubt), as I seriously object to the stealth commercialisation of social networking, especially without the ability to properly manage what I see on my timeline or page. Have you tried to hide or filter out sponsored pages or suggested posts etc on the mobile app?
    Basically – there is a clue in the name – “Social” not “Commercial”. It wouldn’t be so bad if there was a positive opt in to having unwanted posts thrust upon your timeline or feeds. At least with TV you know when the ads are coming, they’re all together and you can either change channels or leave the room. I’ve even unplugged my phone to get away from cold callers even after signing up with the TPS…..

  • DemoNik Lacson

    This is one of the reasons why I love this site. You can never go wrong with the info. 🙂

  • George Chase

    +Bitly for feelings is great! thanks

  • Navin Singh

    It will be the New and Greastest look of FB

  • Vivek G Maudgalya

    Thanks for sharing.. FB is again copying the twitter trends. Lets see how its effective.
    Bitly should release the feature where you should get the the comment on the article immediately after you browse on it.

  • Estrella Caban

    WOW! Great info. Where was this all my life???

  • IJsseldijk

    I totally agree Jon, and I believe that a country like Indonesia, well known for it’s incredibly high popularity / usage of social media might shed some light on the direction this is going. And that’s certainly away from Facebook, AND twitter… People might still talk about Jakarta as the twitter capital of the world, or the fact that Indonesia is in the top 5 Facebook populations. But ask any Indonesian student or young working professional what their most favorite social media is… Twitter is almost dead, and Facebook is loosing very, very fast in popularity. Look around in Jakarta today: the color of smartphone screens is RED, not blue… it is Path. And it is simple to understand why: it’s really private, it’s only social. Nothing more. It’s you and your maximum 150 friends, and that’s it.

    I wonder why we still use the name “social” for such A-social media….?

  • Eric Leszkowicz

    Good news. I am glad that there is some tweaking going on in the
    algorithm. My news feed is getting a little long in the tooth.

    is good news as a page owner that content will get pushed up to those
    who want to see it and I think that showing me older content from
    relevant friends should improve my experience.

    @Jon Banks mentioned his personal frustration and I agree that there is an
    intrusion going on and I think that can be in part due to Facebook being
    a public company and one whose stock price is watched like a hawk.

  • Great Information Cindy!! Good to know that Facebook will now use some of the tweaking trends in its algorithm. Thank you for the amazing post.

  • Scott Linklater

    So You don’t watch TV, read newspapers or magazines etc? And if the marketers are kept out, who is going to pay the billion dollars a year it costs to run a network with a billion users?

    It’s ridiculous to think someone is going to provide you all this for free so you can have a nice time and laugh with friends, old and new.