social media toolsRecently LinkedIn added lot’s of new functionality that impacts marketers and business owners. This article will tell you what you need to know.

But first, were you aware that LinkedIn has a company page (similar to Facebook). With 85 million business members, who wouldn’t want a business page there?

Normally the profile pages that you set up on LinkedIn are for your own personal use. It’s against LinkedIn’s terms and conditions to set up a personal profile page as a business. But LinkedIn has seen that by capturing and promoting more business information in this community, it could make way for a lot more engagement and knowledge-sharing.

If you haven’t yet created your LinkedIn company page, simply click on COMPANIES on the top navigation and then ADD COMPANY.

Here’s some new features worth examination:

#1: Banner images link through to your website.

How cool is that? Your own free banner advertising that’s linked back to wherever you want it to! Why not create an image with “Become a fan of our Facebook page” and link it back to Facebook if you want to cross-pollinate a little, or link one to your service pages and the other to your about us page?

banner ad

#2: Support for video.

There’s now space to add video on your product or service “home page” as well as on each individual service page. You do have a company video, don’t you?

With more companies waking up to the power of video blogging, technical videos and video training, this may be an area for you to develop if you haven’t already. Check out these articles for a comprehensive guide to video blogging and get 16 tips for successful online video marketing.


Add a video to each service page for great exposure.

#3: Get recommendations and display them on your page.

Recommendations are your silent salespeople and will help sell your products and services far better than anything you can say personally. We all know the power of word-of-mouth marketing, so use it to your advantage.

These recommendations are user-aware, which means that LinkedIn will show you recommendations by people within your network if they’re available. How cool to see someone you’re connected to who has recommended a service that you may be thinking about purchasing!

#4: “Follow us on LinkedIn” button.


You may need to copy their code and pass it on to your web builder to insert if you don’t have access into the coded area of your website. If you are able to add it in yourself, simply cut and paste the code into the place where you want the button to appear.

#5: Feeds blog posts and tweets to overview page.

Let your followers find out more about your company via your company blog posts. Each time you write a new post, it will filter onto the overview page automatically. If you write in a more relaxed style on your blog than your website, that gives another dimension to the company voice.


Your blog posts and tweets will feed into the "overview" of your company page.

There are even analytics. You can now see your page views and a whole lot more—such as visitors to your services, clicks on any images with links you’ve added, which industries are interested in your company and even which companies have been looking at your page. It’s moving so fast you need to tune in daily to see what else is new.


A sample of some of your analytics information you can access.

Take a look at Dell’s page. Here they’ve really used just about everything they can on their company page and it looks great.

#6: Client recommendations without visiting LinkedIn.

How about the ability for a client to click on a “Recommend” button on your own website that populates back to your LinkedIn business page where prospects are able to read those product or service recommendations? As soon as you add your services to your business page, LinkedIn will contact you with the HTML coding to set it up. Very neat.


Make sure you display your buttons on your website.

#7: New group functions.

If you run a group, there are also some great new features for group administrators. Even though spam seems to have quieted down with members simply not tolerating it, there are a couple of extra settings that have recently been introduced for group moderators to tighten things up even more.

A group moderator can now introduce a trial period for new group members. This means that new members will have their discussions parked until the moderator has had a chance to authorize them. Once the trial period is over, the new member will be able to post freely.

There are several permissions and restrictions to choose from, so you may allow a new member to answer posts but not post their own content for a period of time set by the moderator.


The new group member can view posts awaiting moderation by going to the “Activity” page from the “More” dropdown in the group’s navigation bar.

While we’re on the subject of groups, if you’re running your own group, are you making good use of all of the tools available to you?

You have a choice of:

  • Deciding whether you’ll allow automatic entry or approve people as they ask to join. Some groups do this to ensure that there are no competitors in their group or that the person who wishes to join fits the group criteria; i.e., is a director in a directors-only group.
  • Sending a welcome message filled with interesting information and links about what your group or company group has to offer and resources available.
  • Sending a group announcement weekly to all group members that’s also populated as a discussion within the group. While I think weekly is far too often, I like to send an announcement every couple of months. This is not the place to spam your members, but to ask questions and gain feedback in the form of an email so everyone gets it.
  • Completing the group “rules” page so that members have a clear understanding of what they can and can’t do within the group.

#8: LinkedIn Share button.

The Share button is also a new feature and does exactly the same thing as a Facebook Share button. An exception is it updates your LinkedIn network connections. Here’s the link to get your very own piece of coding. By reading the tutorial here you can even add it to your WordPress blog.


These are only a few of the latest bells and whistles that have recently become available. You can read more about getting the most out of LinkedIn with these articles. There really is so much the site can do for your business!

Have you used any of these functions? What are your thoughts? What would you like to see added to LinkedIn? Please share your feedback in the box below.

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  • Thanks Linda, definitely going to try this for the company’s profile.

  • Boy..this is great..I did not know they added all of this..I really need to get over now..

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

  • This is a cool stuff! i love it

  • Christella Marketing Man.

    Very cool! Thanks for the info!

  • Melissa

    Great stuff but can’t find out to add the banner images to the bottom of a page, can you point to a “how to”?

  • @Melissa, if you click on your Company’s Products & Services tab and hit the Edit button you will see the option for “Step 3. Market and showcase your company with up to 3 images.”

    I think the most interesting new feature though is the ability to create multiple versions of the Products/Services page to be served to custom audiences based on their profile content – Industry, Company Size, geography, etc. Very interesting and useful for B2B targeting.

  • janetkennedy

    I just added a “service” to our company profile. There is so much more to do! Thanks for the article.

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  • Alex, I agree. It’s great that LinkedIn has opened up these marketing opportunities!

  • Hi Alex, thanks for adding that in. Have a great day. Linda

  • Hi Janet, you are welcome! Glad to be of help.

  • Definitely get over there and do it, lot’s to make use of. 🙂

  • PhilMershon

    Great article. Very practical. I have mostly been thinking of LI as a place to connect with former, current and potential colleagues, but this shows me some great ways to add further value. Thanks!

  • Annie Noll

    Linda, do you think the LinkedIn company profiles are most beneficial for a company’s HR department to use? Or, do they work better for a company’s marketing department to utilize?

  • Dsfrye

    Do you have to have more than just the basic account to add a company? Thanks for all the information, great stuff to know!

  • Thank you so much for the clear, concise post. I’m really enjoying LinkedIn, and these new features are going to make it even better.

  • Losthawaiian

    Is this taking Linkedin memebers away from the very core of the networking and turning it into another promotional billboard of products and services not the individuals of the community?

  • I really like all of the new features that LinkedIn have been providing lately. This most recent change piqued my interest as well. LinkedIn is now allowing advertisers to target users based on job title, company name and LinkedIn group level. Previously, advertisers could only target users based on geography and industry. It’s great that they are looking at ways to narrow down target markets. Thanks for keeping us up to date on the new changes!

  • DotCom

    Hey Linda,

    My company’s page does not have the banner option. Is that only for LinkedIn members who pay?

  • Hi Annie, I think both departments could make good use f it as you can add your vacancies too with the careers tab! So much to make use of.

  • Hi, any account level has access to this. Simply click add company when you are in the company pages.

  • Hi, I don’t think so, but it does give you another tool to expose your brand to those that want to find out more. LinkedIn is networking first in my book 🙂

  • Thanks for sharing this! LinkedIn sure has added lots of great new features for members to take advantage of to help promote and share more about what they do and make it even easier for others to connect with you.

  • Hi, no, it is open to everyone. Take a look at the comment above from Alex, and if you don’t have that option, get in touch with LinkedIn.

  • Guest

    W O W!!!!!! Linda great information!!!

  • Hi Linda, thanks for this article. LinkedIn seems to be finally getting in touch better with what people are looking for and the potential of their own platform. Very enlightening 😉

  • Thanks so much for posting this, I had the company piece set up, but I cannot figure out the banner option at all…hmm maybe it’s only for those who pay?

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  • Autumn

    Wait, what’s the difference between the recommend button and the share button. How do they differ when displayed on the persons “wall”

  • One gripe–the services image parameters only work in landscape. Since we publish books, that doesn’t work terribly well.

  • Many thanks for posting this, Linda. I’m a relative newcomer to LinkedIn but I will definitely be looking in to this. Thanks again!

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  • I like the new LinkedIn share button because it allows you to know syndicate your content using LinkedIn

  • Wow, I love this! I never knew you could do so much with LinkedIn! We’re studying Internet Marketing #mkt3730 with @dr4ward, and I will definitely post this for the class 🙂

  • Hi Michele, you should have the facility even on the free version. Take a look at Alex’s comment above to find it. Otherwise, you may need to go to Linkedin. 🙂

  • Hi Autumn, The share button is simply for you to add to your website for others to “share” your content, and the company recommendations will show up on the company page. It would be great to connect the recommendations you have already on your profile with the company ones, particularly if you are a sole trader. I have asked the question of Linkedin. 🙂

  • Yes, a choice would be nice 🙂

  • René Power

    Excellent overview. Linkedin is improving all the time and is no longer the online CV it used to be.

  • Thanks Linda. This is an excellently informative post. Keep them coming in !

  • Amanda Genther

    Thanks Linda for the update! Many great tools I am going to check out for my business!

  • Right – for all those that can’t figure out how to add a banner – here’s how: First off you won’t see the the options to add banners to your page until you add a product or service first. So get a product or single service in there first (with a small image, description and video if you have it).

    Once you’ve added your product or service go back to the overview tab. Then hit the services tab again and you should see a page showing an excerpt of the product or service information you just added. Towards the top right of this area there will be three buttons: ‘Edit’ ‘Promote my product & services’ Add a product or service’. Hit the edit button then you’ll see all the options to add banners.

  • So many good options, nice to see LinkedIn expanding, offering more. I have the WordPress app but will have to make sure I have that feeds overview page set to show tweets and blog updates. Even though LinkedIn is an option for my Sexy Bookmarks, I may test out adding it to the top too. Thanks for the tips.

  • Great Information, always glad to have more tools.

  • Nicole

    How do you actually add in the free ad on your page?

  • Hi Sam, perfect response, thanks for helping 🙂

  • Hi Nicole, do you mean the 3 banners? Sam above has added in a detailed “how to” so that should work for you.

  • Sorry I am a little late on this, but this was a fantastic overview. Thanks for writing this up!

  • Dawn

    Thank you so much for the great article. I just set up my company profile on LinkedIn thanks to you!

  • Hi Linda.

    Very thorough and awesome tutorial. LinkedIn is really becoming one of the most streamlined Social Networks. It really helps getting tutorials like this to learn how to optimize our LinkedIn presence.

    Cheers.. Are

  • I have been using all these functions since November 2010 — banners, video, buttons, and offers — but I hadn’t thought of using the banners to link back to my Facebook Page (where the real action happens 🙂 Thanks so much for that great tip!

    So far I’m not getting the results there I would hope for, but I do have a really tiny company. Anyway, it LOOKS cool 🙂

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  • Hey Linda,

    Great Article. Also want to thank you for linking to us 🙂

  • Eileen Connors

    I cannot find where to receive the HTML Code for adding the Recommendation of your Products & Services (See #6 above). Is this only for those who pay for the LinkedIn services?

  • wow Linda you share great info those are new in linkedin it’s blog-feed are is good for increasing traffic to your site…

  • Hi Are, thanks so much!

  • Sabin Speiser

    Thanks Linda. Add this information to the list of things I didn’t know and couldn’t possibly keep up with without the help of people like you. Thanks

  • Hi Eileen, when you have loaded your services, you should receive an email from LinkedIn with the code on it. Give it a few days then get in contact with them 🙂

  • Hi everyone, thanks for all your great comments and for passing this article around. Nearly at the 2000 tweets mark! Awesome.

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  • Linda, my company has had a limited presence on LinkedIn for a few years. We started by forming a group. We recently added a company page (it still needs a lot of work). Most of our links (website, email signatures, and the like) send people to our group page. Given the recent additions to the company pages highlighted in your blog, I am considering changing the links to send visitors to our company page. What is your take on this? What is the advantage of a group page vs. a company page? Do I need both? Your advice is greatly appreciated.

    Ps – I think your response to this question could make a great blog article.

  • I have Linkedin account for over a year but haven’t involve much though perceive its somehow powerful.

    Linda wrote this article the way that I easily following. I’ll implement at my Linkedin account immediately.

    Thanks so much Linda.

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  • Thanks for sharing the list. So impressed with the way Linkedin have been stepping up their game in recent months with the new features. In fairness they had been fairly stagnant for couple of years

  • Carol Bremner

    So glad to see you have printable articles. I find them so helpful it’s nice to be able to keep them. Thank you.

  • Kathleen Gage

    Excellent information and all spot on. My own LinkedIn use has gone up over the last month with the addition of a group for coaches and consultants. In a very short period of time it is growing very nicely. Well worth the time and effort.

  • roughhouse01

    Many thanks for this, it’s extremely useful. I’ve been trying to work out how to show my twitter feed, as well as my blog on my co. page, and although I’ve entered the twitter handle it doesn’t seem to appear. Any advice?

  • Hi Ann, yes it seems a little buggy in this area, a bit adhoc. I can only suggest you contact the help desk. They are pretty good at getting back to you.

  • Hi David, I run both too as they serve different things, but I prefer to have my links to my personal profile as that is where all my recommendations are. I guess if your business is larger you may want to link to your business page. I think a blog post is in order to go into more detail, so thanks for he idea.

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  • Great info. I’m hearing the buzz that linkedIn is becoming more important in the Social Media world, so this is timely, thanks.

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  • So glad Linked In has risen to the challenge, I personally thought it may well die a slow death a few years ago, it was so dull.

    Going to get my account up to date as I had heard the changes where quite significant. Nice article.

  • christina

    Great article, I can’t figure out how to Feed the blog posts and tweets to overview page. Any tips? Thanks!

  • Great article Linda. Is there any way to get a non-redirect link from Linkedin on a company page? Also the blog feed isn’t visible unless the user is signed in so Google cannot index the links… any way round this?

  • Great post Linda! I love the recommendation feature. We are trying to build up our Linked In recommendations as we speak.I think they are definitely going to play an important role in decision making when deciding between two products especially when people see that people in their network are using and love the product. I’m looking forward to seeing how the recommendation feature plays out.

  • Belle

    I have tried this…but Step 3 is “Name Your Product or Service.” Step 4 allows you to “Add an image of your product or service,” but it only allows images 100X80 pixels.

    Is there something that I am missing?

  • Belle

    This was extremely helpful. I finally see how to do it…but no matter what I try, it won’t actually upload my image. I have tried the exact right size (pixels and file size), larger and smaller…but I can’t get it to actually upload after clicking Submit.

    Has anyone else been having this problem?

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  • Gloria Rand

    I was confused too. After you create your initial service, go back and click on “edit”. Then you’ll see the steps that were referred to above. You can create three different versions of each service to serve different markets and include banner images. Very cool! I can’t wait to try it out.

  • Lily Serreau

    Excellent ! But what about new functionality for groups ?

    Thanks, Lily

  • Great info Linda. One of the functions I researched dealt with whether a Company Page administrator would pre-approve any unsolicited Product Recommendation by a site visitor prior to have it post to the specific Product Feature page. Apparently this isn’t the case. The best a site administrator can do is to flag and remove any Product Recommendation deemed inappropriate. Look forward to any additional thoughts on this. Thanks again for your conversation on all this.

  • Alison Auzias

    Hello Linda, thank you for this article, it is very useful! I would like to follow your advices and I am trying to figure out how to create the free banners for my LinkedIn company page… but I can’t find the feature and don’t understand how the whole thing works. Do you have any tips? Thanks a lot!

  • Hi Alison,

    Here is what Sam wrote so I have copied it as he explains it perfectly.

    First off you won’t see the the options to add banners to your page until you add a product or service first. So get a product or single service in there first (with a small image, description and video if you have it).

    Once you’ve added your product or service go back to the overview tab. Then hit the services tab again and you should see a page showing an excerpt of the product or service information you just added. Towards the top right of this area there will be three buttons: ‘Edit’ ‘Promote my product & services’ Add a product or service’. Hit the edit button then you’ll see all the options to add banners.

    Hope that helps.I will post this on the SME FB wall too.

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  • CB

    I have not been able to find the HTML code either, and have contacted LinkedIn a week ago, to no avail. Does anyone know where to find the HTML code for the “Recommend Us” button?

  • Hi CB,

    Try this page here

    Let me know if you are still stuck.

  • Can you point us to some great Linkedin Company profiles?

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  • CB

    This is great….thank you!

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  • Cathy Marshall

    Thanks for a great article. Do you know of any way to feed product recommendations on LinkedIn back to your own website?

  • Cathy Marshall

    Thanks for a great article. Do you know of any way to feed product recommendations on LinkedIn back to your own website?

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  • Dana Lichtstrahl

    Just wondering, what’s the best way to create those banners for a business page?

  • Once you’ve added products and services, go to this tab and then click
    “Edit.” This will take you to a page where you can create different
    audience views and 3 640×220 pixels banners.

  • Dlichtstrahl

    Yes – Thank you so much for your reply. I did that and
    uploaded two banners, then clicked Publish. I then got a box saying, “It
    has been successfully published,” and I see that they showing. When I close
    out of the Products & Services Tab and reopen to see the banners, they do not appear! What’s up with what I’m doing! 🙂 Dana

  • Hi Linda, As Robert Etheridge also asked for, if you can show us a great LI company page, where these features like Blog post RSS Feeds, Twitter updates, Banners, Videos have been updated excellently, it will act as an example for us all. 

  • I just discovered a major issue with product recommendations. So little known is this that I couldn’t find ANY reference to it anywhere via a Google search, so I posted a question on LinkedIn Answers and it
    was swooped up by LinkedIn support. Five days later, I got a reply:

    In order to give recommendations on a Company Page, you need an established account with a profile that’s at least 50% complete, and you also need to have connections.

    The issue is that someone who is not on LinkedIn but wants to give your product (via Company Pages) a recommendation can’t just create a LinkedIn account and then give you a recommendation. They need to
    create connections, add a photo and take other actions to get the privilege of recommending a product.

    LinkedIn doesn’t tell you that — in fact this fact is found no where in the LinkedIn documentation for company pages.

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  • Hi Scott, wow, thanks for finding that out, very interesting!

  • Thanks for this sharing.  LinkedIn used to create professional business profile online. Once creating LinkedIn account its tab provide option to add banner, videos etc.

  • Ct_happygurlz_88

    this is very helpful!i got a question. can i put my twitter feed to my LinkedIn company page?thanks for the help

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