social media expert interviewAre you wondering how to get your updates into your fans Facebook news feeds?

Did you know that 90% of the people who click your Facebook fan page don’t come back to your Facebook page?  They are more likely to read your content in their own Facebook news feed IF you know how to make sure it shows up there…

In this edition of Social Media Examiner TV, Mari Smith explains seven ways to get noticed on Facebook with Facebook news feed optimization.

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Get your Facebook updates seen

Mari explains why your fans are most likely to see your content in their news feed. And with 30 billion pieces of content shared on Facebook each month, you have to make sure your content gets seen.

You’ll learn why Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm is important to get your updates to show up in your fans’ news feeds and how it works.

hide this post

Learn how to stop your fans from hiding your Facebook updates.

UPDATE: Facebook recently changed the News Feed settings for hiding posts. There are now only two options: “Hide this post” and “Report post or spam.” Fans can no longer hide ALL your posts. They can only hide individual posts. And the option to unlike right from the News Feed has been removed. This should be a major relief to all Page owners!

Facebook news feed optimization tips

Here are some of the useful tips Mari shares to help you improve your news feed optimization on Facebook:

  • Where your fans are most likely to see your content
  • Why less is more to get more engagement and avoid fans hiding your posts
  • The ideal frequency to post your updates
  • Why you should focus on writing short updates
  • The types of content and which type will probably get the most engagement
  • Why you should use the full URL for the links you share on Facebook
  • The best time during the day and the best days of the week to post your updates
  • Why it’s good to post updates manually instead of scheduling them through third-party apps
happiness index

Check out Facebook's Happiness Index to see when it's best to post updates

Be sure to listen for Mari’s hot marketing tip at the end of the video on how to use Twitter to get more engagement on Facebook.

Want to learn more about Facebook marketing?

Watch this video from Mike Stelzner (founder of Social Media Examiner).

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Are you using these Facebook news feed optimization tips? Please share your experience in the comment section below.

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  • GREAT post and information Michael. We follow many of these standards ourselves and have found it is pretty much the same across the board as far as the times Mari says to post etc. We have done a LOT of research and testing and have found that when we ask questions that are really not related to any thing “business” is where we see the most engagement…isn’t social media a funny thing? Thanks as always!

  • Mari, thank you so much for all these tips. I appreciate all you do ~ MJ

  • Hey David – I fully agree.  So many of us forget that the word “social” is in social media…

  • Mari is great ‘eh?

  • High five, David – you rock! 🙂 

  • Mari, thanks for these great engagement tips on making the most on Facebook for your business. I found them very helpful.

  • Aha!! Just realized that last week Facebook changed the News Feed settings for hiding posts. There are now only two options: “Hide this post” and “Report post or spam.” SO, that should actually be a major relief to all Page owners!!! Fans can no longer hide ALL your posts, nor can they unlike right from the News Feed. 

  • Scott Sawyer

    I actually find the most engagement when I talk about my dog. Being in a technical field, I find talking about business is usually a big turn off except for my techies Fans, which doesn’t really help grow my business. I see the biggest mistake businesses make on Facebook is constantly posting low quality, impersonal content.

    If it isn’t great content, make it fun content.

  • For sure 🙂

  • Alicia

    Dear Mari – good tutorial, but one question. My understanding is one should NOT post exclusively or most frequently during high traffic  hours of 10a and 4pm ET as post will be lost in newsfeed. Did I misunderstand you on this? Best to test and mix it up of course, but I last heard recommendation to post 7a ET, just after work hours, and 11p ET for max views and engagement. Thanks! 

  • Tip number 8: Use Edgerank Checker (I use the free version) to identify the best day of the week and time of day to post updates  and generate more user interaction on your page.

  • yes – Great video, thanks! Interesting point about not using the shortened links. I’ll start doing that more and see what happens! 🙂

  • Whistler Heather

    wow wee that was the best video yet for helping improve our exposure and engagement…i will be sharing these tips with my peeps!!! thx Mari and Mike

  • cool presentation. and thank you for speaking clear and understandable since german is my mother language ;-))

  • Thanks for the great tips Mari, but I disagree with the last tip, Twitter followers doesnt like it when you take them to Facebook (or any other SN)

    If you have to, tell them in the tweet that you gonna take them there.
    Like: for more details check our post on our Facebook page.

  • It was, as usual, a great video/tips by Mari Smith. I also agree with many of the comments above and really curious to know the human behavior behind the engagement patterns i.e. why coming to a business page but only engage with non-business posts about dogs, tennis, cooking…If someone can describe the reason for this beyond ‘this is what social in the social media means’, would love to hear it…Thank you Mari for the great tips.   

  • Hi Mari – Great tips. I thought I recently read about a study where links produced the least engagement. At first this didn’t seem to make sense as I like to see people’s links. But, then again, I’m often re-sharing them and, as in this case (where I got here via my newsfeed), commenting on the page and not the FB page. Perhaps it’s best to combine the link with a question? That’s what we’ve been testing with some clients.  Any thoughts?

  • Great tips! Thanks.  I don’t get much engagement on my fan page, and was planning to start something with pictures.  Glad to so your tip on using picutres and videos.  Will definitely try and see if I get more engagement.

  • Watched Mari and wrote down all 7 steps plus bonus. I didn’t know about the time stamp trick. Thank u so much. Excellent ~Mike C 🙂

  • Great info about facebook, THANKS!

  • Marinda

    Mari, thanks so much for your tips. I especially appreciated your Hot Marketing Tip at the end. I’ve often wondered how I can get the unique URL to a specific post – thanks for sharing about the timestamp (and I know our business is also looking at using Twitter in the future…) Thanks again! Very helpful 🙂

  • Joyce

    this was informative, thanks much! cant wait for the fb  webinar on monday sept 12

  • Thanks, Mari. I loved the idea about the time stamp. Will def be using that!

  • Meghan Bates

    Does anyone know what “Impressions” mean on Facebook?

  • Thanks for the great video! Very informative stuff!

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  • as always! great tips! thanks guys. 🙂

  • Your question actually inspired me to write a blog post over on my Tumblr. Feel free to check it out: 
    “Facebook Posts And Engagement: Why Lifestyle Content Will Always Win”

  • Lots of great tips as usually Mari. I especially like the tip about taking the permalink and shortening and sharing it on Twitter to bring people to your fanpage to engage! Thanks!!!

  • Thank you so very much for your tips on social media!  I will apply what I learned! 

  • Yeah it’s always crazy that I can post a random question like “What gadget from long ago rocked your world when it first debuted?” and it get the most comments for the week!

  • Mari.. Can I ask where you got those stats from? Especially the one about the long links. I would 100% agree on all the points and our page we see the most engagement before 3pm and then after about 7pm. I mentioned yesterday about the study by and how posting with 3rd party APIs are hurting pages. Hopefully people will start to listen. 

  • pebbles21

    Your comment that not being able to hide all posts by a Page is a good thing for Pages is WAY off the mark.  What’s happening is that as previously hidden Page posts are now showing up in newsfeeds, Facebook users are simply unliking these Pages.  As a result, Pages are losing followers, not gaining audience.

  • Great hot tip. interesting to hear about the full URLs… I guess this builds trust by letting users see where they’re heading?

  • Lindab142

    Thanks so much for the tips, Mari and Mike. I love Social Media Examiner and am learning a lot from you guys. 

    Linda B. 

  • Linda M.

    I just found you and loved the tip.  I can’t wait to use it on our facebook page.

  • Once you copy stamp date from face book, how do you shorten the link? I am not Tech Savvy at all..It’s all been a frustrating & educational experience…lol

  • thanks a lot for the tips!  I’ve seen Mari all over the web, but never heard her speak.  do i detect a slight twang in the accent?

    excellent presentation, the video work is dynamite! ill keep the long URLs in mind for next time round.

    thanks again!

  • Wow! Great to see Mari Smith on this video.

    I find I get more interaction from followers when posting videos and photos rather than just textual updates.
    I am a bit confused on whether followers dig more or less characters. In the past, I read several tips on how longer and more specific descriptions get more reactions.

    Probably best to stay in the middle ground?

    Looking forward to more valuable episodes on SME TV 🙂

  • Akzmedesigns

    This was a great video, I use some of the tips but will be incorporating a few more

  • This is great! I learned a lot in the video 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  • Tomorrowgetsushigher

    Thanks for a great and very informative post!


  • Frenchskincare

    Absolutely, found this incredibly helpful…thank you as always.  My favorite was you bonus marketing tip

  • Grainne Foley

     Great post as always Michael and Mari, lots of tips to put into action.

    Thanks again


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  • BJ Shell

    Great stuff, we have been telling our clients this for years and the confirmation is great!  Another tip if for companies to provide a link to their website without having it auto-populate below the post.

    Keep the good stuff coming!

  • Thanks!! Really really useful.. I could pick up some important tips I havent found before… Thanks again… 🙂

  • Ashley

    Great tips, especially the hot marketing tip at the end!

  • Linda

    Obviously not a Techie here. Listened to the Time Stamp advice twice. Is it that we delete the portion of the link–permalink–portion w/all the numbers?  How is the use of “Link” differ from “permalink.” Appreciate help understanding Mari’s obviously terrific tips.

  • Jisler

    Actually, after I click Hide this post, I get an additional dialog message that asks if I’d like to “Hide all by Page” or “Unlike Page”.

  • Socialapp

    tfs.. 🙂

    checkout this Quotes Website –

  • Worrying that do few people ever come back to your business page – it just goes to show how transient facebook can be

  • belly

    Great, thanks! You have the simplest instructions and they
    work perfectly. Do tell how to display the widget at the bottom of each post,
    instead of the top.

    facebook like tips

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  • inm

    I don’t think it matters as much what time you post as long as you post quality content that benefits your audience. If people are interested in what you have to say it doesn’t matter what time you post they’ll be looking for you. It is easy to get lots of fans on Facebook through all of the services mentioned at but really connecting with your audience takes more work, and thats what I think is really missing with a lot of businesses. A lot of companies don’t take social media seriously and don’t devote a dedicated staff to it: instead its an afterthought and this is the wrong approach to take because its the best way of reaching people without spending a fortune on ads.

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  • Mari mentioned a spike on Fridays.  I have found that I don’t get as much traffic and interaction on my page on Fridays as I do Mon – Thurs. 

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  • Jane Kandinsky

    very interesting. I will try some of these techniques.

  • Great tips – I have facebook open most evenings as I am working on orders, etc in the evening, but tend to forget about posting on my fan page, and post from my main page…need to keep a reminder by my computer!

  • Victoria

    Great tips Mari on increasing FB visibility in newsfeeds.  Will definitely pass on to my followers!

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  • Hmm, interesting stuff. I’d always been curious about time of day and day of week. I wonder how much that varies by industry and page type. I’d think that a lot of people wouldn’t be able to check during normal working hours, but I too have experienced good responses during the day.

    I’ve posted late at night and very early, but those don’t really work for my FB fanpage. Photos tend to do pretty well, but polls do not (at least for me).

    Buddy Scalera

    PS: Feel free to check out my fan page:

  • Mari,
    Great content as always. I really liked the Twitter tip. 

  • Renee

    Thanks for the tips!  Plan on implementing the Twitter one.

  • Discovering the similarities and difference between different social media platforms is very interesting and eye opening.  Of course we need short links on a microblog like twitter but where does the preference of long links on Facebook come from? Interesting.

  • Shellhackx

    You can also get more Facebook fans with, they are great!

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  • Thanks for the information. You’re always informative. Question for Mike or Mari: Can someone who I blocked on Facebook still subscribe to my Profile Updates if I allow subscribers? Thanks again.Reply

  • Nice tips Mari, thanks for sharing. In most cases our clients using see that about 90% of impressions are coming from news feed. And only few percent coming directly to fan page! Thus, the tips are essential to follow.

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  • Great article Mari on increasing Facebook visibility in newsfeeds, this is really great!  I’m going to use this for my own FB account.


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  • I really liked you explanation so much I linked back here from my blog and used you as the source. Always enjoy your content especially about facebook. Thank you.

  • Admin

    Help. _ want to sue your tips but my Like Fans are no-longer receiving my Facebook post updates, but they tell me they are getting their other “like” updates. What has happened to my page (Design Wotcha)? Facebook has not responded to my query.Cheers!

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  • The tips presented here are very useful, but they apply to companies which have many fans already. Do you have tips on how to reach more fans?

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  • Hi Michael,
                          Those above tips are really more helpful. Especially the video and your explanations are too good. Thanks for the new updates.

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  • Thanks a lot for the info. But I have another question,
    Can I get RSS feeds for my News Feeds Page??
    I know this sounds like weird but I am searching desperately for it.
    If you know any solution than please inform me.

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  • Just recently hearing about this EdgeRank business.  I think it sucks. Facebook should allow whoever wants to see your content to see it!  If that person doesn’t want to see your content then let them take it away!  They are trying to be Google here.

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