social media toolsAre you seeing the results you want from your Twitter activities?

There are over 1,000,000 different apps for Twitter and a new one is added every second.

This means it is often quite easy to get confused finding those that actually add real value to your day-to-day tweeting.

I took a look at some of the latest and most promising Twitter tools to get you tweeting like a pro.

So, if you think it is time to up your game with some new tools, keep reading.

Here are 5 tools to help you power up your Twitter marketing efforts.

#1: Twylah—Make Your Tweets Live Longer

One of the tools that can make a huge difference to your impact on Twitter is Twylah. Their tagline is “Make Your Tweets Shine” and that is exactly what it does.

According to research by, your links on Twitter will only last 3 hours. With Twylah, however, you can give your tweets a much longer life—literally forever—displayed beautifully on a custom page.

fan page tweet

A beautiful fan page for your tweets.

The way it works is very simple. After you set up your own Twylah account, this tool will capture, save and display each of your tweets on your personalized Twylah page.

Before Twylah, when you glanced over someone’s Twitter stream, you didn’t pick up any great insights about the person. But when you glance over someone’s Twylah page, you get a very good picture of what his or her business or personal Twitter page is all about.

Now, you can even click into each individual tweet on any page. Each of these is surrounded by lots of other relevant and related tweets.

keep visitors longer

Keep visitors engaged longer with your tweets.

When reaching out to Twylah founder Eric Kim, he mentioned to me:

“Because there is so much related content found on the page, visitors spend much more time with your tweets than they would do on Twitter instead—up to 40 times longer.”

A feature that is unique to Twylah is the Power Tweet. If you find a link, instead of sending people to that article, you can send them to a designated Twylah page.

power tweet

Send a Power Tweet to show other related tweets.

If you want to give more strength to your tweets, be sure to get on the invite list for Twylah. It has had a tremendous impact for me.

#2: NewsMix—Discover the Best Twitter Content for Your Business

A great app I discovered recently is NewsMix. It solves a crucial problem I have with Twitter. If you are new to Twitter, there isn’t much value in your stream yet.

Imagine if there was a channel available for you, filled with great curators tweeting exactly about the topics you are interested in.

That’s exactly what NewsMix does. It helps you discover great topics based on top influencers for any topic you are interested in.

choose channel

Choose a channel to follow or create your own.

You can easily create “channels” to follow on a Flipboard-style interface. Your channels can either be made of individual Twitter users you put together, or even whole Twitter lists.

top experts

Make a collection of top experts in your niche.

NewsMix then allows you to follow these channels either on an iPad or through the web-based version. Here is a powerful social media channel I recently created:

follow your subscriptions

Follow your subscriptions (like on Flipboard) on your browser or iPad.

#3: SocialBro—Provides Powerful Twitter Analytics

SocialBro is an app that fits well into everyone’s toolbox. It is a dashboard designed to filter in the absolute best analytics for your Twitter account in an easily accessible way.

With Twitter, the quote “You can’t improve what you can’t measure” hits the nail on the head.

The first feature I greatly enjoy is to see your Twitter community in charts. You can group your followers by lots of different aspects, for example:

  • Language
  • Time zone
  • Number of followers
  • Tweets sent per day
time zone

Find out in which time zones your followers live.

In my case, what I discovered with SocialBro was that over 13% of my followers are in the UK, and I was only posting for US time zones. I quickly changed and moved some of my updates to reach the people in the UK as well.

You can go even deeper and localize exactly where each of your followers lives on a map.

get location

Get the exact location of all of your followers.

The final feature I want to highlight from SocialBro is their list-management option. A key to make Twitter work, especially as you grow your network, is to keep track of the most important people via Twitter lists.

SocialBro makes it much easier for you to copy lists from one account to another, save lists as a .txt file or specifically move larger groups of people into new lists.


Easy list management with SocialBro.

#4: Ifttt—Connect Twitter with Your Other Social Activities

An app that can help you automate your social activities in a very powerful way is Ifttt, meaning “if this then that.” In short, it allows you to connect any two web services together, like Facebook with Instagram or Twitter with Dropbox.

The different ways you can use Ifttt in connection with Twitter are extremely powerful. By simply sending a tweet, you can trigger a large number of different actions for your other social accounts across the web.

Here are 4 ways to use Ifttt for Twitter to make your marketing activities smarter:

  • Send items that you find in Google Reader and tag with “Tweet” straight to Twitter with Ifttt:
    google reader

    From Google Reader straight to Twitter.

  • If you post a new picture on Flickr or Instagram, tweet it automatically:
    upload new image and post

    Upload a new image and post it immediately on Twitter.

  • If you favorite a tweet, add it to your list for reading later in Pocket:
    save to pocket

    Not enough time to read? Save to Pocket for reading later.

  • If you publish a new blog post, have Ifttt publish a new tweet straightaway:
    publish post twitter

    Easily publish your blog posts on Twitter.

This is of course only to give you a taste of some of the things you can accomplish with Ifttt and Twitter. There are lots of other connections and channels you can explore for your Twitter account.

Above all things, this tool is amazing to discover your own creative ways of using the Internet and Twitter that no one else has done before.

#5: Tweriod—Find the Best Time to Tweet to Reach More Followers

The last tool I want to introduce you to is called Tweriod. This has a very powerful algorithm to analyze your Twitter account and then find out which times will have the most impact for you to tweet.

All you have to do is sign in with your Twitter account. The app then prepares a report for you and after a few minutes it sends you a direct message on Twitter with the results. It gives you a detailed breakdown of the most likely days and hours when your followers will be online.

followers online

Times when your followers are online the most.

Once you have your best times to tweet, you will also get a graph like the one below. A recent integration with Buffer allows you to start tweeting at these optimal times through your Buffer account.

optimal tweeting time

See your optimal tweeting times in a graph and set them inside Buffer.

Tweriod’s algorithm analyzes the performance of your own previous 200 tweets, your followers and the performance of their past tweets and excludes automation apps such as Twitterfeed,, etc. This provides you with the data you need most.

Equipped with these 5 power tools I am sure you will be able to up your game on Twitter considerably.

What do you think? Which other tools do you use to make Twitter work for you? Which one of the tools mentioned above might be a great fit for your workflow? Please share your comments in the box below.

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  • I’ve heard of Twylah quite a few times. I think it’s finally time to give it a whirl.

  • gusvdw45

    Awesome Post! Always trying to find more useful twitter tools. 

  • zaddleinternetmarketing

    Excellent – I have a presentation tomorrow on this very subject and already have Twylah, SocialBro and Ifttt mentioned. I’ve also included Bottlenose – and looking at the “newspaper” section of this app – will it do a similar function to NewsMix?

    Nice post by the way 🙂

    PS I <3 Pocket:FACT

  • Marie

    Another great, informative post. I’m going to try out all of these!

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  • LeoWid

    Hi Howie,

    Great to see you here and yes, it is popping up all over the place! Twylah really rocks, so I think that’s why. 🙂

    Be sure to give it a go and feel free to let me know any questions you have about it! 🙂 

  • LeoWid

    Glad you liked it! 🙂 

  • LeoWid

    Hi there, 

    Awesome, that sounds like a kick-ass presentation with all those great tools in there! Yes, @bottlenoseapp:twitter is also amazing, definitely a great addition, glad you mention it!

    I think Bottlenose won’t quite do it in the same way as NewsMix, but more from an interaction standpoint, whereas NewsMix is more for consumption.

    And yes, Pocket rocks! 🙂

  • LeoWid

    awesome, glad it was handy Marie! 🙂 

  • LeoWid

    yay, that’s so great to hear. 🙂

  • Been loving Social Bro – will be checking out Twylah and Newsmix in the near future – they look interesting too. Thanks!

  • As a tweeter lover I really appreciate your effort listing them in a post and really like the #2 tools.

    Thanks for the great compilation of tools!

  • LeoWid

    Hi Lisa, great to see you here and yes, absolutely, SocialBro rocks!

    Very cool, definitely give Twylah and Newsmix a go, they are both great, let me know if you have any thoughts on it for me! 🙂 

  • LeoWid

    Glad it was useful Muhammad! 🙂 

  • Jbilotti

    Have you found any good facebook metric tools. Klout and others that I have found are just not that good. These Twitter metric tools are amazing! Especially SocialBro.

  • Leticia Polese

    Thanks a lot for including SocialBro in this amazing list, Leo! You rock!

  • fcaballo

    I had not yet heard about NewsMix. I will definitely check that app out. I’ve been using Twylah for quite some time and I really like it. SocialBro is on my list of apps to try. Thanks, Leo.

  • I’ll add one more very simple online tool:

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  • William Seabrook

    There are so many social media tools online for us to use, sometimes it’s difficult to spend time figuring out the value for each one. So thank you for the time you’ve taken to collate a handful of newbies.


  • G-Ryder

    Great Post Leon – I will be sure to check out your buffer blog as well – @GregRyderVAN

  • Thanks Leo,  Perfect timing for what I was looking for. 

  • Great post. I really love Twitter and find it very useful. I think I’ve tried just about every tool at least once! I like twylah more and more. My favorite ifttt task is to have every tweet posted on my Google calendar. This way I can have a record of what and when I post. I can also have client’s tweets do the same on a shared Google calendar so they can see tweets in a calendar view. Very handy.

  • @LeoWid:disqus Thanks again for the spot on work; you’re always solid. I’m excited to try @SocialBro (bad name) and  @Tweriod:disqus  . 

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  • gerri50

    I have been using Twylah for a little while and I think it is fantastic. But, now like it even more after they partnered up with Buffer!

  • AWESOME read. I’ve actually never heard of any of these until now. Gonna check Em out!

  • Dawnchit

    Great resource! It IS so easy to get overwhelmed by the myriad of Twitter apps out there. Thanks for doing the leg work for us. I love Social Media Examiner and it’s contributors!

  • I have been using ifttt for about 24 hours with exceptional results. Excellent and easy to set up. It was also great reading the reports from Tweriod. Thank you SME you provide the best resources.

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  • Very cool and Twylah seems very cool. Ever any security issues with it?

  • LeoWid

    Hi Mike,

    Great to see you here and nope, every interaction I had with Twylah so far was purely amazing, no security issues here. Let me know how you get on and if you have any questions for us! 🙂 

  • So so cool tools! Thanks for sharing! I really liked the Tweriod and the NewsMix !

  • Try it, it’s really efficient!

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  • I can’t wait to use Twylah  I have asked for an invite but still waiting, is there a pecking order or is every one waiting?

  • Hi Leon,
    Thanks for sharing these useful tools. Right now I am using “Tweriod” tool. This tool automatically generates a report that shows you the best time to tweet. Other tools you mentioned are also useful. I will be using them for my social media marketing campaign.

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  • I’ve been using Tweriod for a long time and wrote a short blog post on it awhile back ( ).  It seems like about year or so that I’ve been using it.  Been seeing a lot of blogging about uses for Ifttt.  I’m going to have to give that a try.  The other ones I haven’t heard of, so will have to try them out.  Thanks for the list.

  • Here i just want to add another twitter tool called  Listorious. I don’t know how many poeple are using it. If you want to grow your followers in more 
    specialized subject area then this is the site which will help you. Find your targeted people easily. Other plug-ins are also useful as mentioned above, do try this one as well. 

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    Wow.. Super thanks for sharing this useful tools.
    Actually now I’m using “Social Bro”. But off course I will have to try the rest tool on the list.
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    Has anyone here heard of this new Blurtster app that is coming. I came across but it is not released yet and wanted to know if anyone has the inside track. Looks awesome. All they have up is a “get ready for this” type page at and a few social media posts but no release date yet. Anyone know more?

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  • A way to make tweets > Shareable < would be with . This is different then IFTTT which syncs your own tweets. This new way actually enhances the virility in both directions because on Facebook it also lets you RT it for a viral loop that is continuous. 

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