social media how toIf you build a Facebook Page, will fans come? This is the great hope for many businesses. However, fans do not magically appear from the Facebook mist.

People must be lured to your fan page. And there are some good and bad ways to go about doing this. In this article, I’ll share a big myth and 21 ways to drive more fans to your Facebook fan page. (Though Facebook recently changed the “Become A Fan” button to the new, omnipresent “Like” button – and a fan page is called a “Business Page” or “Facebook Page” – we can still call them fan pages and people who join are fans!)

The Big Myth

There’s a great myth that once you create a Facebook fan page for your business, the first thing you should do to get fans is invite ALL your friends from your personal profile using the “Suggest to Friends” feature.

Unfortunately, this strategy may not be that effective and can, in fact, often backfire. I have seen many industry gurus complain that when they decline a fan page request, it’s frustrating to continue to be asked again and again.

There are several reasons not to use the Suggest to Friends feature:

  • Facebook users can only like up to 500 pages and may wish to be selective. (Though I have seen it’s possible to go over this limit).
  • Fan page suggestions may often build up, unnoticed. (At last count, I have 593 overlooked fan page suggestions and am already a fan of 500!)
  • To aggressively pursue all your friends to join your fan page – for no apparent incentive – is counterintuitive to the nature of social media.

So, the good news is there are many ways to promote your fan page and proactively increase your fan base without bugging all your current Facebook friends, and also by thinking wider than just Facebook.

Here are 21 ways to get more fans for your Facebook fan page:

#1: Embed Widgets on Your Website

Select from a number of the new Facebook Social Plugins and place them on your website and blog. The Fan Box widget is now the Like Box and it works well to display your current fan page stream and a selection of fans – see screenshot below with Whole Foods Market Facebook Like Box. I would recommend adding a title above the box encouraging visitors to your site/blog to click the “Like” button (which makes them a Facebook fan).

Whole Foods Market Facebook Like Box.

You might also consider the Live Stream widget for more advanced uses, particularly on an FBML custom tab of your fan page itself. The Live Stream widget allows Facebook users to add their comments to a live event, for example, and that activity pushes out into their stream.

#2: Invite Your Email and Ezine Subscribers

Assuming you have an opt-in email list, definitely send out an invitation to your subscribers via email (several times, over time) letting them know about your fan page and encouraging them to join. Ideally, provide them with a description of the page and an incentive to join.

Be sure to have the Facebook logo/badge appear in your HTML newsletters. Instead of the usual “Join our Fan Page,” say something creative like “Write on our Facebook wall,” or “Join our Facebook community,” or “Come add your photo to our Facebook group” (where “group” is actually your fan page). Users have to be a fan in order to interact with your fan page in this way.

#3: Add to Your Email Signature Block

Instead of promoting your Facebook personal profile (if you do), include a link to your fan page in every email you send out. If you use web-based email, check out the Wisestamp signature addon.

#4: Make a Compelling Welcome Video

Create an attractive landing tab (canvas page) with a video that explains exactly a) what your fan page is about, b) who it’s for and c) why they should become members.  The result: you’ll increase your conversion rate from visitors to fans. One of my favorite fan page welcome videos is by Steve Spangler, the Science Guy! After watching his video, you can’t help but want to join!

(By the way, with the new Facebook changes, if your custom welcome tab and video talk about clicking the “Become A Fan” button, you may want to change the wording to “click the Like button” now).

#5: Use Facebook Apps

I recently tested a new live video-streaming app called Vpype. The app adds a tab to your fan page called “Shows” and when you broadcast as your fan page, everyone can view by default. (You can also broadcast as your personal profile and selectively invite friends/friend lists). I wrote up a review of this app here. By announcing via Twitter, your personal Facebook profile, your blog and your email list, you can broadcast regular live Internet TV shows from your fan page and create much buzz.

Another example of app integration is Target’s “Bullseye Gives” campaign. Target had their fans vote on which of ten charities they most wanted to see the company donate to. By voting, a post goes out onto your Facebook wall and into the News Feeds of all your friends, thus providing Target with valuable exposure. (For custom apps, see companies like Buddy Media, FanAppz, Wildfire Apps, Involver, Virtue, Context Optional.) [UPDATE: Thank you to Context Optional, the creators of Target’s “Bullseye Gives” campaign!]

#6: Integrate the Facebook Comment Feature

My favorite example of this is the t-shirt company Threadless. On their landing tab (canvas page), you can view and purchase t-shirts as well as Like and comment on any item and choose to have that comment posted to your Facebook profile, as shown in this screenshot:

(Screenshot of Threadless Facebook Fan Page landing tab)

Threadless actually has their landing tab set up so visitors don’t have to become a fan to purchase/comment/interact. Yet they have organically built well over 100,000 fans.

As users comment on items, that activity is pushed out into their stream (profile wall and their friends’ News Feeds), which creates valuable viral visibility for your fan page.

(Important Update: Facebook no longer supports FBML. Please refer to the articles on Facebook iFrame.) For further information on adding the comment box to your FBML page/app, see these pages.

#7: Get Fans to Tag Photos

If you host live events, be sure to take plenty of photos (or even hire a professional photographer), load the photos to your fan page and encourage fans to tag themselves. This, again, pushes out into their wall and friends’ News Feeds, providing valuable (free!) exposure. And, a picture says a thousand words – we notice the thumbnails in our feed more than text. (Props to Nick O’Neil for this tip.)

#8: Load Videos and Embed on Your Site

Facebook’s Video feature is extremely powerful. You can load video content to your Facebook fan page, then take the source code and embed on your blog/website. There is a “Become a Fan” button right in the video itself. For an excellent tutorial, see Nick O’Neil’s post: How To Get Thousands of Facebook Fans With a Single Video.

[UPDATE: Since Facebook changed the Become a Fan button to the Like button, embedded Facebook videos now display a white watermark hotlink of the Facebook name in the upper left corner of the video player – see first screenshot below. This is a clickable link that goes to the original video page on your fan page. If the visitor to your site clicks through to Facebook from your video, and they are logged into Facebook at the time, they will see a Like button at the top left corner of the video player – see second screenshot below.]

(Screenshot shows example of an embedded Facebook video on an external site)

(Screenshot shows the same video on the original page of the fan page with the Like button)

#9: Place Facebook Ads

Even with a nominal weekly/monthly budget, you should be able to boost your fan count using Facebook’s own social ad feature. It’s the most targeted traffic your money can buy. To buy an ad, scroll to the foot of any page inside Facebook and click the link at the very bottom that says “Advertising.” From there, you can walk through the wizard and get an excellent sense of how many Facebook users are in your exact target market.

Then, when you advertise your fan page, Facebook users can become a fan (click the Like button) right from the ad as shown in the screenshot below. Additionally, Facebook displays several of your friends who have already liked you, thus creating social proof.

My book with Chris Treadaway, Facebook Marketing: An Hour a Day (Sybex) contains comprehensive instructions on maximizing your marketing through Facebook social ads.

#10: Run a Contest

This is somewhat of a gray area because Facebook changed their Promotional Guidelines last year. Essentially, you need prior written permission from Facebook and need to be spending a significant amount on ads per month. However, you CAN require Facebook users to become a fan of your fan page in order to enter a contest, sweepstakes, drawing or competition. See these two posts for further explanation. PLUS, good news: you CAN run contests and sweepstakes with the use of the apps created by Wildfire App.

#11: Link to Twitter

Link your Twitter account to your Facebook fan page and automatically post your Facebook content to Twitter. You can edit what gets posted, choosing from Status Updates, Photos, Links, Notes and Events.

You have 420 characters on the Facebook publisher and 140 on Twitter. In the tweet that goes out, Facebook truncates your post past a certain character count and inserts a link back to your fan page. To track click-through stats on that link, just paste the link that Facebook created for you in your browser’s address bar and add a “+” sign to the end. This works for any link!

I also recommend you promote your Facebook fan page on your Twitter background and possibly in your Twitter bio/URL field too.

#12: Get Fans to Join Via SMS

Your fans can join your fan page via text message! You’ll need to get your first 25 fans and secure your username. Then, to join your fan page, Facebook users just send a text message to 32665 (FBOOK) with the words “fan yourusername” OR like yourusername (without the quotes).

This feature is ideal when you’re addressing a live audience, say. Have everyone pull out their mobile phones and join your fan page on the spot! This would also work well for radio or TV. (Note that this only works for Facebook users with a verified mobile device in his or her account.)

#13: Use Print Media

Look at every piece of print media you use in your business. Your Facebook fan page (as well as Twitter and any other social sites you’re active on), should be clearly displayed. Put your Facebook fan page link (and the logo) on your business cards, letterhead, brochure, print newsletter, magazine ads, products, etc.

#14: Display at Your Store/Business

If your business is run from physical premises, put a placard on the front desk letting your customers know you’re on Facebook. Ideally, you have a simple, memorable username. Incentivize customers to join right away via their mobile device and show you/your staff the confirmation for some kind of instant reward!

You might give out physical coupons promoting your fan page. For restaurants, put the Facebook logo, your username and a call to action on your menus.

I was at a hotel in San Francisco last fall and they had a placard in the elevators promoting their presence on Facebook and Twitter. The sign was very noticeable because of those ubiquitous Facebook and Twitter logos/colors!

#15. Add a Link on Your Personal Profile

If you’d like to promote your fan page to your Facebook friends, just under your photo on your personal profile there is a section to write something about yourself. I call this the “mini bio” field and strongly suggest adding a link to your fan page like so:

Be sure to format the URL with http:// otherwise it will not be clickable with just the www’s. You have a limited amount of characters, so keep it succinct and leave out the www’s. You can put in hard line breaks though to make the content easier to read.

#16: Add a Badge/Button to Your Profile

Using an app like Profile HTML or Extended Info, you can create your own custom HTML, including a Facebook badge and/or graphic embedded, as shown in the screenshot below:

#17: Use the Share Button

The Share button is all over Facebook and is a very handy feature. It only works for sharing on your personal profile. So periodically go to your fan page, scroll toward the bottom left column and click the “Share+” button. Add a compelling comment along the lines of exciting news, recent changes, special incentives, etc., happening on your fan page and invite your friends to join if they haven’t already. I find the Share button far more effective than the Suggest to Friends approach. (And, if you’d like to Share content from the web on to your fan page vs. profile, I highly recommend using the Hootlet bookmarklet tool at

#18: Use the @ Tag

As long as you’re a fan of your own fan page, you can “@ tag” it on your own personal profile wall. From time to time, you can let your friends know about something happening on your fan page by writing a personal status update that includes tagging your fan page with an @ tag. Simply start typing the “@” symbol and the first few letters of your fan page name (this works whether you have your username registered or not), and it will appear from a drop-down menu to select. This then makes it a nice, subtle hyperlink that your friends can choose to click on.

#19: Autograph Posts on Other Walls

A subtle way to gain more visibility for your fan page is to add an @ tag for your fan page when writing on your friends’ walls as a way to sign off.

I would use this one sparingly and, again, monitor the response from your friends. I have never been a fan of adding a signature block on Facebook wall posts because our name and profile picture thumbnail are always hyperlinked right back to our profile anyway. But the simple @ tag could be effective.

#20: Autograph Other Fan Pages

As with adding your fan page @ tag to posts you make on your friends’ walls, you could equally use the same technique when posting on other fan pages. This needs to be used with discretion and I would advise against doing this on any potentially competing fan page!

#21: Maybe Use “Suggest To Friends”

I won’t rule this one out completely as it does depend on how many friends you have, your relationship with your friends, how often you suggest fan pages/friends to your friends, etc (see ‘The Big Myth’ above). But I do recommend monitoring the response to this technique – perhaps simply by asking for feedback in your status update.

So, these are just 21 ways to create strategic visibility and promote your Facebook fan page.

Let’s hear from you.  Which ones have you implemented with success? Plus, do feel free to add any of your own creative promotional ideas in the comments box below!

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  • Thanks Mari,

    There are definitely some tools mentioned in this article that I am going to research further. At first, I was not happy about Facebook removing the “fan” moniker but after seeing the new “Like” system in context (especially with the ads) I have to say that I am coming around 🙂

    Thanks again!

  • Mari, thanks for being here to explain all of this soooo clearly – just wa are all getting used to the “Like” button. Love all of these ideas!!! Thanks for sharing them.

    I immediately put up a Comment widget after reading this post and want to try Vpype soon too. It’s great to come away with be able to put things into action immediately after reading an article.

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    I’ve used some of those in the past, but that’s a comprehensive list, thanks!

    Just want to share a helpful resource for anyone whose company or workplace is blocking, or talking about blocking employee access to Facebook and other social media apps. It’s a whitepaper called “To Block or Not. Is that the question?”

    It has lots of insightful and useful information about identifying and controlling Enterprise 2.0 apps (Facebook, Twitter, Skype, SharePoint, etc.)

    Share it with the IT dept.

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  • These are great suggestions. If you don’t have a personal profile linked to your Facebook fan page, it’s hard to figure out how to find new fans. It’s great that there are some tips here that can be used sans having a profile. Since I do have a profile, I really like the tip about signing with an @ tag when posting on other walls – what a subtle way to get your page out there!

    One other interesting tip I found was adding content that is exclusive to fans to encourage more to “like” your page. ( The code is findable if you view page source, so it’s not exactly top secret info that you can hide from non-fans, but I’m sure many would just like the page to see the content.

  • deelirium

    These tips are great. I do have some problems with the way Facebook implements certain functions.

    For example, the comments widget for your own website:

    “As users comment on items, that activity is pushed out into their stream (profile wall and their friends’ News Feeds), which creates valuable viral visibility for your fan page.”

    Ok, so I comment on a website through this widget, and maybe other people add to it to create a conversation. The conversation stays in context on that website. But for each person’s comment to be posted on their FB wall? That doesn’t make any sense to me. The comment is totally out of context standing alone on a fan’s wall.

    That’s why I haven’t implemented that feature on my website yet. I prefer it when people add comments to a link or post on my fan page wall, then the comments all come one right after another and there’s no weird out of context post on each of those fans’ walls. (Does all that make sense?)

    Or, perhaps I’m misunderstanding how these comments from this widget show up on a fan’s wall.

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    Definitely a few there I’ll be trying. I’ve been considering using the Facebook ads but, have so far decided against it. Might give it a trial though and see how it goes :).

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  • Hi Mari – As you know the Facebook promotional guidelines can be a bit confusing. Is it okay for the average person to run a contest using the Wildfire App “without written permission” from Facebook? If so, is this your interpretation of the guidelines or info from an inside source? Thanks much!! – Kimberly

  • Hi Mari! I have a different twist to the Suggest to Friends feature. Since my most active fan page is for real estate & mortgage professionals, I use this feature often when I meet new like minded professionals online and at live events. We friend each other on Facebook and I suggest they become a fan of my page. I must say that I don’t use this feature for my personal friends (although many of them become fans without me asking) but only for friends in my business world. It’s funny but I really don’t want my childhood and/or high school friends to become fans of my page because they aren’t my target market UNLESS they are a real estate or mortgage professional. 🙂

  • Great tips Mari…you are always a fantastic resource 🙂

    One of the things I do on my Fan Page ( is include @ tagging when I post on our Fan Page wall. The benefits are two-fold…we increase our Fans, and the people and/or businesses that support our network gain exposure/traffic/recognition/kudos/etc publicly. Win-Win way to increase your own # of Fans, but give exposure to others as well!

    Thanks for all your awesome insights…I appreciate you!

  • LAHornbogen

    Great article Mari.

    I already implement the “add a link to your personal profile” and it works well.
    If I receive a friend request on my personal page from someone I have met through networking I send them a message and suggest they join me on my fan page as that is predominantly my business page – that works well too.
    Rather than link Twitter to LinkedIn and Facebook I utilise which distributes to all my other sites via one post. If I am putting a post out that I only want to share individually on a site then I use the site direct.
    Thanks again for a great article.

  • Mari,
    Thanks for the list of ideas. Lots of good ones even one or two I didn’t know.

    Here’s another one:
    Mention your fan page whenever you are being interviewed.

    …or get t-shirts with your fan page name on them and hand them out.


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    Thank you for such a clear article. As a newbie I find these very useful and helpful. Fab 🙂

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  • Fabulous tips and resources Mari. And thank you for showing the badge from my profile that links to my fan page. I find that most people don’t have a link showing anywhere on their profile that directs people to their fan page…. oh by the way, is it still called a fan page now that the “become a fan” is obsolete?

    Here are several ways I suggest people link their profile to their “fan” page:
    1. Place a link to your fan page in the info/bio box right under your picture. Create a shortened link (using or similar) to your fan page if you don’t have a custom username and be sure to include the http:// in the link so it becomes an active hyperlink.

    2. On your Info tab (on your profile), list your fan page URL (or shortened url) as one of your websites in the Contact Information section.

    3. Use either the Extended Info, More Extended Info or Profile HTML application to either add a button or a badge.

    – To add a button that is hyperlinked to your page, the process is described here ( or

    – Copy and paste the fan page badge code you can get from the Edit Page area of your fan page. To find the code, go to your fan page and
    i. Click Edit Page under your photo. Look for the heading Promote with Facebook Badge on right column, then click the link that reads “Get Your Badge”
    ii. Select Other under the “Choose where to add the badge” heading
    iii. Copy the code that appears
    iv. Insert the code into your Extended Info or Profile HTML application tab on your profile

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  • Aha – excellent tip to add to the mix, Kristi!! “Fan only content” is something that isn’t talked about much. I love what Carrot Creative did on their team tab – what you see as a non-fan is different as a fan. Very clever, and not that challenging to do … if you have a coder on your team, right?!

  • Yes, you’re absolutely right. In fact, the entire “socialmediasphere” is riddled with “fragmented conversations.” Look at anyone’s tweetstream and you see a slew of one-sided conversations. So, yes, context can certainly be important.

    Let’s also look at this very plugin I’m typing on right now – Disqus. As I logged in via Facebook connect and make my comments here on (or,,… basically any site that also uses Disqus), I can *choose* comment by comment whether to share that onto Facebook as well.

    However, with the new Facebook Like (and optional comment), it’s not possible to *choose* whether to post on Facebook or not.

    So, bottom line, it’s up to the user to decide how/where they wish to push content. Certainly, this ubiquitous Like feature is making me even more cognizant of what I’m endorsing. And, so far, I like it!! 🙂

    P.S. this is one comment I’m sharing on Facebook… will be interesting to see responses! 🙂 [I rarely, however, share my Disqus comments on Twitter as it just puts out a half-sentence and often doesn’t add value as a fragment!]

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  • Hey Are — you’re very kind. Facebook Marketing: An Hour A Day comes out May 3rd!!! Happy Dance!! Super excited. Available on now: and we’re on Twitter at @facebookmktg and Chris and I are hosting a free virtual book launch party on May 3rd too: – drop in any time!

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  • Whew, I know exactly what you mean. Basically you have 500 million users being “policed” by a mere 1500 staff. I’m not sure how Facebook could possibly monitor all the “illegal” contests. Mostly, I think people just aren’t aware they are breaking any of FB’s TOS.

  • You GO girl!! I heart action takers. 🙂 Hmmm, depends what email program you use. You don’t really need a plugin/addon — just type the URL with a good call to action in your regular signature block. e.g. I have this on my iPhone and iPad email signature block cuz I don’t use FireFox/Wisestamp on my mobile/portable gadgets! 🙂

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    Thanks for the wonderful tips, you are such a fountain of facebook knowledge 🙂 Looking forward to more of your tips from the Summit!

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    FB promotional guidelines is very helpful. Keep it rollin!


  • DonnaGilliland

    Mari, as usual, great tips! You are always generous with sharing your knowledge.

    I am beginning to “like” the Like button on Facebook. Especially after watching Mark Zuckerberg’s keynote on F8. It’s all beginning to make better sense to me about the strategy behind the change.

    Can’t wait to read your blog on all the Facebook changes happening. Exciting time!

    The next item on my “To Do” list is to purchase your new book – Facebook Marketing: An Hour a Day. Oh my, do I ever need that.

    To all you of out there who would like to take a “preview peek” into a page of Mari’s book that releases on May 3, you can do so at Amazon at

  • Offer fan only content…Create a custom FB tab and share links to whitepaper, embed special videos, audio, discounts, etc. Non fans will click on the custom tab then be prompted to become a fan before accessing fan only content.

    Empower your visitors to invite their FB friends through a special application or code embeded into a custom FB page in FBML.

    Just a few additional thoughts…..great post!

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    Thank you Mary! I did enjoy the article…so I became fan #19011…. :o)

  • First time I have ever looked at FB’s guidelines. The 3rd party stuff at the end seems very odd, like it was written just to get wildfire a piece of the action. Maybe there was a lawsuit or something, but it all just seemed counter intuitive, anyone else???

  • Has anyone told you how totally and completely amazing you are? Hail Mari!! This is FABULOUS!

  • kymog

    Hi Erica
    If you go into your page, and click Edit Settings. Once on the Edit Page, under Applications, go to Photos. When you’re taken to your photos page, click Edit Settings, and you have the opportunity to choose whether fans can upload photos of themselves, or tag photos of themselves.

    This is a great way we have found to generate activity and interaction on our page for our Brewery Tours.

    Best of luck.

  • Thanks for all the tips. You have given me a lot of home work! Bad enough I am keeping up to all hours at the moment!

  • #21 is not a big myth, it’s the most effective. Ask everybody (and I mean everybody) you know to suggest and it’s gonna pay off, no doubt.

  • scruffles4

    Wonderful tips Mari,
    I can’t wait for your sessions at the summit….

    Thanks Again

  • Only for a limited period of time.

  • Just when I thought I knew it all. Thanks so much for sharing Mari! There are many tips that I haven’t heard and even some that sparked more ideas.

  • Really really great list! As if I didn’t have enough to do this week already…;)

    Our web site provider is really on top of things, and had already started implementing the Like buttons on our product pages almost as soon as they were announced! You can see an example at – really great response so far!

    One trick I recently stumbled into helps me keep track of comments on my pages. FB doesn’t do page notifications, but if you “Like” your own wall post, it turns out you are “liking” it as your personal profile. After that, you get notified of any further comments to the post. At least a partial solution!

    Thanks again for the great pointers! – j

  • I agree 100% with your “The Big Myth” statement. I get 3 to 5 request a day from friends asking me to join their fan pages. Some will send multiple requests over a weeks time. If I didn’t join on the first request, I’m most likely NOT going to join on the 10th request.

    Very nice post.

  • mbconsulting

    Thank you so much for the great article.I really liked the idea of using the Welcome Video to enhance your page.We are looking to use our Facebook as a platform to teach SEO and Social Media lessons as we have done with our Twitter Account.
    I believe the link to Nick O’Neil’s post will help us a great deal. Do you suggest using FBML to enhance the look of your Fan Page?Thanks and I look forward to your future posts.
    FB Page:

  • thanks

  • Thanks heaps, Joshua. Always gotta think outside the box, eh! 🙂

  • VERY nice implementation of the Facebook Like button on your winery website. LOVE it!! Liked a few wines and surfed around your wildly humorous copy!!

    Re the Like trick for notifications – excellent!! I do that on occasion and it’s too funny to get my push notifications on my iPhone “Mari Smith just commented on Mari Smith’s post.” heheee!

  • Thanks for sharing all this in your usual generous way. Very timely as I’m in the process of setting up a new page and have resolved this time to get it right. I’ve been going back over the webinar you delivered some time ago and this is the icing on the cake.

  • Wheee – you’re very kind, Phyllis!! 🙂

    And my book with Chris Treadaway, Facebook Marketing: An Hour A Day comes out May 3! to order on Amazon! PLUS, do join us at the fab fun virtual launch party all day May 3 –

  • Good to hear! You’re very welcome. 🙂

  • Ah, thanks hon! Peeps I follow closely via Facebook friend lists, Twitter and their blogs include Pete Cashmore (Mashable), Robert Scoble, Nick O’Neil (allfacebook), Justin Smith (insidefacebook), Louis Gray, TechCrunch, ReadWriteWeb and many more.

    And I do indeed get pitched a lot for all manner of new beta apps, etc. etc. which I rather love! 🙂 In fact, that is the coolest story of how I first got into Facebook marketing – I was on the alpha team of a Facebook app!

  • Ah yes, I speak from experience of course … just praying for the day FB decides to allow fanpage name changes. I keep the faith 😉

  • Thanks for this very useful and insightful post! I’m in the process of launching a fan page for one of my clients, so very timely too. One question – the “Like Box” social plugin seems to work only if the user is actually logged in to Facebook. Am I wrong? Is it possible to remove this requirement when I use the iFrame method of integrating the plugin into a web site?

  • Lol. 😉 “Turquoise and bling, that’s my thing.”

  • Really useful article.
    I already knew most of them and was using them.
    For a new one on the market this is a killing article.
    By only reading this ou can start FB marketing.

  • Great post, Mari!
    One of the things that we all forget that is very simple, but very powerful is: ask questions and go out of your way to engage fans. If you don’t ask folks to comment/share/mention/etc, there is a good chance they won’t.
    At the end of the day your Facebook page might be really cool-looking, but if people are not engaging with you it is all for naught. Plus, when they engage (like, comment, etc) it is visible to their friends and that is an opportunity for organic growth.

  • Unfortunately #8 does not work. I have a feeling there is a catch, or the functionality was changed in some way. Ideas?

  • colleenpf

    You can suggest to your friends more than once if they have not already become a fan. Those that are already fans are grayed out.

  • Tremendous advices Marie, thanks for sharing! Your list exceed my expectations and there are lots of things there I will start to do just right now with my page.

  • Hi Mari,

    Thanks for the shout-out for the Target Bullseye Gives program, which my company built for Target. Would you mind adding us to the list of custom application developers you mention at the end of that tip?

    VP of Strategic Accounts
    Context Optional, Inc.

  • Hey Travis – HUGE hugs and thanks for pointing this out. Indeedy, the new Facebook changes have rendered the embeddable videos a wee bit different. I had to log out, clear cookies, log in as one of my team members and figure it all out. It’s rather weird – but now the embedded video only has a very faint, almost unnoticeable watermark of the Facebook logo!! See my updated comments and two screenshots on Tip #8 above.

  • Mari, thanks for sharing this! A wealth of Facebook knowledge, as always. I will be sharing this information with my upcoming UC San Diego social media students this summer (with credit to you).

    You rock!

  • Thanks a lot for great informazion. We will try it out!

  • Jgoal55

    great job on these tips. Thanks for sharing…..

    I do have to say though, that I disagree with the Big Myth in that personal friends are very likely to support your efforts. You shouldnt invite ALL friends perhaps, but sending the invite to personal friends I think is a must.

    If someone has found a way around this please let me know.

  • COOL!! Thank you kindly, Becky. I’m delighted to continue contributing to your wonderful class. hehee! Thanks for all you do too. 🙂

  • Hi Brendan!! Awesome to see you here – thanks for stopping by. Absolutely – more than happy to give you props. I’ve added a link to your company on Tip #5 with proper credit for your talents on the Target Bullseye Gives campaign. Really fabulous job!

  • Awesome – good to know, Colleen. I think some peeps were getting confused… yet I know for sure many folks have been expressing frustration at repeated fan page suggestions/invites on Facebook. So, this makes sense with the graying out of existing fans (likers?!) heh

  • Indeedy – makes perfect sense. There are always exceptions! Many thousands of my friends are also fans already, so clearly they have migrated over. I found just by using the Share button and @ tag and other creative ways that over time my friends chose of their own volition to become a fan. As opposed to me clogging up their “suggestions box”!! Different strokes for different folks. 🙂

  • Hi Mari! In regards to item #10, there are many providers of Facebook contests and promotions. My company, Bulbstorm, builds promotional apps for Facebook that are in full compliance with platform terms of service and drive much deeper engagement than a single click of the “Like” button.

    Your audience may be interested in alternatives to the provider highlighted. If so, we welcome them to check out our Idea Challenges platform at Thanks!

  • My question is about the question is about how to add the comment feature up in tip #6. I went to the comment social plug in created the code, copied it into FBML and it did not work. Is there a different FBML application I need to use. How do I get this work?

  • Mari, you continue to amaze me. I learn so much from you on a daily basis! When are you going to come to Lexington Ky? Horse country..

  • Jgoal55

    totally see where you’re coming from. I think a lot if it also depends on the popularity of the brand and how well that brand is represented amongst your friends….for example, if you suggest milk and you know that all your friends like milk then inviting them should go fairly well. But if you are suggesting wine and you know most of your friends hate wine, then other avenues would obviously be better….of course, who doesn’t like wine? 😉

  • I thought there might be a lot of repetition in this article so nearly didn’t read it. I’m glad I did – the sections about video have sparked a lot of ideas.

  • TheIndianEdition

    Excellent post. Very useful and informative.I mostly prefer the App recommendation. Create an app in line with your business that provides users with useful info and see how it would be recommended by others.

  • Hello there thank you so much for these wonderful article. Always learning something new from you. Thanks.. Very much appreciated..

  • Great post but I don’t understand the point #20: Autograph Other Fan Pages ¿Tag to my fan page? How can you do that?

    Thanks in advance

  • Great sharing!These all tips are very helpful and effective for small businesses which can promote their product on Facebook to attract people and get traffic.Now Facebook has added a new feature by which we are able to know that what our friends like on the web.

  • #7: Get Fans to Tag Photos

    As far as i know, fans can not tag themselves on Page’s photos, only on Personal Profile’s photos, am i wrong?

  • Extremely informative. This will aid me in my Facebook page. Thanks for writing this

  • Wonderful article Mari..hats off..
    I am gonna revive the company’s FB page right away..

  • kalynbaldwin


    I love all twenty one tips for a company’s Facebook page. Being a community manager for a marketing firm, I feel like each blog or forum I read is the same – been there, done that. However, your tips were not only helpful, I’m going to act on them immediately. My personal favorites were your ideas to incorporate your Facebook page link into your signature blog, the option of using SMS and using the @ sign, to tag your company page (or self) in a comment. My company page, has already added a Twitter and YouTube tab and we’re working on a customized landing page. Thanks for all the great tips.

    Kalyn Baldwin

  • Asena

    Hey Mari,
    Thank you for the great article. I really like Treadless’ canvas page and am really excited to implement a shopping cart to my company’s canvas page too. Do you know how can I add a shopping cart linked to my company’s ecommerce site?

  • Daisy


    An excellent article. I will be retweeting it for sure. I have a question for you tho’. How do I ensure that my Fan Page is the default instead of my Friends Page. Whenever someone sends me an invitation or I click on a Like button it automatically goes to my Friends Page. I then end up with people on my Friends Page instead of the Fan Page. Would welcome an explanation.



  • Guest

    The texting thing was new to me, everything else is standard. Thanks.

  • isla7

    Thanks so much Mari, for sharing with us all this useful info.

    I did not know about Promotion rules in FB. After reading it, I am still not, here is my question.
    I want just to draw a price ( for example a pair of shoes, it is a fashion web) among my fans ….without any aplication getting data from mi fans…My objective is just to get more new fans. Is it illegal?

    Thanks so much for your help!


  • Hi Mari – Just as an FYI, I think FB must have changed the limit on the number of pages you can “like” because I currently “like” 558 according to my Info tab.

  • Wow! What a wealth of information. I’ve taken quite a few notes that I am going to implement when I come back home after the weekend.

  • Cameron Carothers

    Thanks for such great content Mari!

    Very glad I found your blog and I’m making it a must read. As a novice, you make me feel like I can actually implement this stuff which helps with the “overwhelmed feelings” I’m experiencing as I wade into all this social media marketing.

    Looking forward to your book too.


  • Thanks, Mari! Great ideas here. I’m going to share this article with participants in a nonprofit presentation I’m doing on Monday.

  • Really nicely written post and great site. Thanks

  • I’m SO delighted and honored by all your positive feedback. I’ll be returning here in the next few days to answer any questions I may have missed!

  • Lol – it’s still 500 max. But, clearly, Facebook are not stringent about this rule. A Twitter buddy let me know the other day he has managed to join a whopping 1800 pages!! 🙂

  • sarahkayhoffman

    Thank you for all the great information, Mari! I have implemented much of this already. I heard you speak on a Webinar and tried the text to “fan yourusername,” but it did not work? I think that’s one of the greatest tips you gave. The way of Social Media, I believe, is going to be mobile. Each day I find myself on my sites via my phone. So thank you! Always a please reading what you’ll have to say!

  • Great post! I never thought to use the @ tag to tag your own page when you’re commenting on other’s walls and pages. Awesome idea.

  • Kelly

    Thanks for this helpful article. Can you tell me how to shorten my URL for my fanpage? When I tried changing it, it changed it for my personal page instead of my fan page. I don’t want to promote my personal page! But when I got to Account>Account Settings>User name, it’s linked to my personal page only. I can’t find any clear answer on Facebook. Any help is greatly appreciated!

  • Great tips and we’ll be using many of these to enhance our campus’s Facebook page.

    The one I’d disagree with, at least partially, is the idea of pushing FB updates to Twitter. Personally I find it really annoying to read a tweet with a link, click on the link, and be taken to the exact same sentence on Facebook.

    It doesn’t make me more inclined to become a fan (liker?) of that page–in fact it has just the opposite effect because it looks sort of clueless about the difference between the platforms, content length, and audience. You have just wasted my time by enticing me with a click that didn’t give me any extra information.

    It’s even worse if you DO have a link to more info on the FB page because I know you could have posted THAT link to Twitter instead of the link to the FB page if you really mean for your Twitter feed to have direct value for your followers there.

    I get what you’re after in letting people know you have a FB page, but I’d rather do that with a tweet, not a tease.

    Another reason not to is that we have different audiences for our Facebook page (mostly local, students, alumni, faculty/staff) and Twitter (identity-building account focused on drawing followers in health professions/health sciences, design disciplines, media, and local folks). The content that works well for one doesn’t necessarily translate to the other.

    People who do want to do this also need to be cognizant of the wording. If you’re on Facebook saying “You can follow us on Twitter too! We’re @Username” and that goes out to your followers on Twitter it looks silly, just like saying “Like us on Facebook!” would look silly posted to people who already like you.

    Great ideas overall though!

    Director of Communications and Public Affairs
    Washington State University Spokane

  • Ohhh silly me, Travis — I just realized you commented twice. I had a wee hiccup when I was posting my replies. So pasted my reply re #8 to your comment about #6. Lol!!

  • Alrighty – reposting my comment from above where I put it in the wrong place. hehe!

    Hey Travis – HUGE hugs and thanks for pointing this out. Indeedy, the new Facebook changes have rendered the embeddable videos a wee bit different. I had to log out, clear cookies, log in as one of my team members and figure it all out. It’s rather weird – but now the embedded video only has a very faint, almost unnoticeable watermark of the Facebook logo!! See my updated comments and two screenshots on Tip #8 above.

  • Wonderful!! Thanks a mil for letting us know. Will check out for sure!

  • Wonderful, good to know!! I’m so glad you read through, too! 🙂

  • Hi Juan — the @ tag works when you are in the Publisher – which is the place on any wall that you can write content in. So, as soon as you type the @ symbol and the first few letters of a name, Facebook starts to fill in suggestions from people who are your friends, fan pages you’ve joined (liked), groups you’ve joined and events you’ve RSVP’d for. You can @ tag up to six times in any post. Hope this helps!

  • lanivoivod

    Well Mari, you’ve done it again. You’ve written an epic and invaluable post here while somehow making it easy and fun to read. Love the case studies and examples.

    As hubby and I head into our work day armed with your insights, tips, and strategies (turns out our version of morning romance is sitting side by side at the kitchen table, reading about how to bring good Likers to our Fan page and the Pages of our clients and partners!), we found ourselves asking one question:

    “What’s ONE THING we could do TODAY to take what we’ve learned from your post and put it to action toward our own business’s success, and/or toward the success of our clients?”

    We’d be curious to know which tip you’d recommend above all others, if there is a favorite.

    Thanks again and always for your solid and thoughtful guidance on how to thrive in the social realm.

    Keep rockin’ the free world, Mari!

    P.S. Of course, if you’d like to share your thoughts on OUR FB Page’s Wall, come on over! 🙂

  • Excellent source of information as always Mari! #8 is a gem!

  • Guest

    Thanks for sharing this – have just shared it on Facebook, very helpful 🙂

    We’ve published our own list of tips here – although in contrast we do recommend inviting friends to begin with. I would say this is a good idea when you start off as people are more likely to follow the crowd and “like” a page that others like. But of course never invite people twice – that can be very annoying!

  • ilan

    Can I put Like Box of a specific Fan Page on other Fan Page Tab?

  • Aha – great question! I don’t see why not – give it a try!!

  • Thank you dear Shelly!!! (and I know I owe you an email. lol!)

  • You’re most welcome – glad you enjoyed!

  • heheeee — I just adore reading your writing too, Lani!! You have a way with words and are playful and entertaining! 😉 (Def fulfilling your mission!)

    To answer your question, ideally, I’d like to know the #1 objective/purpose of your fan page first. 🙂 Meantime, I took another look at your fan page and my intuitive hit for you two is #10 – run a contest!! Make it fun and juicy and vibrant and just plain wacky like you two. ha!!

    Check out and also – just scoping the latter out myself, thanks to a comment on this blog post!! (Do Ctrl + F and search for bulb, you’ll find it here too!)

    Keep me posted!!

  • Cool – glad you like!! 🙂

  • Ahh, bless you for saying!! 🙂 Hmm, did you send the text to 32665? And is your mobile phone registered with Facebook? Check under Account Settings. Also, now that Facebook changed the fan button to like we can test “like yourusername” and it works as well as “fan username” 😉

  • ilan

    i tried .. no success .. what I did is inserting the Facebook Like Box code into a new FMBL tab … nothing happened. Maybe I need to change the code … don’t know how .. please help

  • Wowee – got this DM today from a social media author: “Mari your 21 Creative Ways to Increase Your Facebook Fan Base post is likely THE most helpful post on the topic I’ve ever read” — what a delight and honor to receive such feedback. 🙂

  • Mari-

    Great article! It’s always nice to have all these tips in one place. Have you found a way to use bookmarklets to share contents to fan pages? My google toolbar and 3rd party ones always send it to my personal profile. Thanks a bunch 🙂

  • Hi Kimberly – yes for sure. Wildfire App is an approved app – I’ve double checked with both them and some power uses like my buddy, Dave Kerpen of theKbuzz!

  • I checked out your site and didn’t see that it’s a contest app comparable to WildfireApp – am I missing something?

  • I am really struggling with social bookmarks. I am not that savvy but I write good articles. All I can do at this point and adhere to this wonderful article and follow through with the next.

  • I have realized this with a recent Facebook page I created. Thanks for the tips.

  • Mari, that is the most awesome and helping article I’ve ever read on FaceBook page promotion! 🙂 Thank you soooo much! Will tweet your post now and go work on my FaceBook promotion! 🙂

  • Impressive Ground Work… Very few authors hv been able to highlight so many ways to increase the fan base.. I’ll surely try to apply all of them.. and i hope they work…

  • Hi Mari … as I have been soaking up anything related to FB marketing I always find myself coming back to the tips you share, love the article.

    I took your advise (after you answered my question on your fan page) and you also mentioned it here in #17 regarding sharing sites to your fan page.

    I guess there are different ways to create a fan page now, and the obvious choice for me since I’m promoting a business was to use the business account page, it appears the Hootsuite Hootlet does not work with business accounts – at least that’s what Hootsuite says on their help page for reasons the Hootlet isn’t working on fan pages.

    I don’t understand why FB has to make things so difficult / confusing … anyway, love all that you do, thanks for the tips … Scott

  • Great tip, I was asked that very question during training last night and I didn’t have a good answer 🙂

  • Great tutorial, Mari! I’m looking forward to your immersion program.

  • tracysestili

    I would advise against #9Facebook ads, they have virtually very little conversion success and are a huge waste of money. I tried this in November for an entire month and saw futile results. And thanks for mentioning Hootlet. I am a HUGE HootSuite fan. I even have the app for my iPhone. Thanks for the great list!

  • rossjoyner

    I would tend to agree with Tracy’s assessment of the 9th tip, while it sounds like a good idea, I have been using Facebook ads for a few months now and feel I have given it a pretty good run. (2 completely separate Ads) and have had no success with them. The ads were well written. It just seems people just ignore the ads on facebook. The only thing I have not tried is some sort of a bribe to get them to click the ad. 🙂

  • Violet

    I have implemented some of these ideas, and guess what? they have really worked.

  • Advertising on Face Book appears to be worthless. There are charges for clicks, but never any real response. Moreover, there is no way to know if your ad is really being displayed. In standard media, one can see their ad, but it never shows up anywhere on the ad buyers pages or anywhere that can be searched. If I can’t see what I am paying for and don’t get any response, it’s absolutely foolish to go on paying for the alleged clicks.

  • Advertising on Face Book appears to be worthless. There are charges for clicks, but never any real response. Moreover, there is no way to know if your ad is really being displayed. In standard media, one can see their ad, but it never shows up anywhere on the ad buyers pages or anywhere that can be searched. If I can’t see what I am paying for and don’t get any response, it’s absolutely foolish to go on paying for the alleged clicks.

  • This website sucks as well – this comment section operates wth little common sense…

  • Jerry, your comments all came through fine

  • Thank you Mari!

  • Great article! I myself have recently started steps necessary to growing my business’ facebook page. I did have a question of a slightly more facebook-technical nature, perhaps someone here could address:

    My business frequently attends shows all over the country. One of these shows has a fanpage which encourages companies that partake, to make a facebook page and promote it on their page. Few have taken advantage of this but I would like to.

    My question is, how do I make a post on their page in such a way as to have it be on behalf of my own fanpage, rather than as my individual identity. I’d rather not have myself as an individual seem as though I’m trying to push something, but rather simply have the business as an entity saying, “Hey, come check out our page and visit us at the show” sortof thing. Is there any practical way of accomplishing this?

    If not, is there a most efficient, professional way I can promote the page as myself while having the post direct visitors to our fan page if they choose to pursue it?

    Thanks in advance for any and all advice!

  • Regarding number 12–is there any way to track the results/number of people who sign up via SMS texting?

  • I can’t thank you enough for this post. It is just what I need.

  • Thanks for these great tips! Will use for sure on our SkillStorm Facebook Page at !

  • Happy Dance!!! You’re very welcome. I LOVE your use of fan-only content, by the way!! Brilliant. I’ve bookmarked your page as an example!

  • Well hey there Jacqueline!! Long time – we met in San Diego like a gazillion years ago. heheee. Okay, not quite, just feels that way. Glad you enjoyed my post here!!

  • Oooooooeee – now THAT would be a fabulous stat to have. To my knowledge, Jillian, there isn’t anywhere that shows this number. Heck, it’s hard enough the way Facebook have the current fans: we can’t search for anyone by name nor can we see more than about 50 at a time. Makes it hard if ever you need to go in and remove someone!

  • Hey Cedric – aha, what you’re asking can be achieved with the use of @ tags. So, on your own fan page, you would publish a post and include an @ tag for this other fan page. (Type the @ symbol then start typing the name of the page). That way, both pages get exposure. Hope this makes sense and answers your question!! If not, just let me know!

  • Jerry – Facebook ads is a very complex beast for sure. One has to really know what they’re doing — and so many people sadly lose a lot of money … lining Facebook’s pockets! I’ve tried FB ads one time for a month last year and got a decent result… but that was enough! I do enough organic promoting. 🙂

  • Sahweeet – thrilled to hear that!!

  • Tracy & Ross too — I hear you on FB ads. One really needs to hire a specialist/agency who knows the workings of Facebook advertising inside out in order to get a decent ROI. Otherwise, you’re just shooting in the dark, really! My coauthor of Facebook Marketing: An Hour A Day, Chris Treadaway, is my go-to guy for ads!

  • Scott – you rock!! Thanks heaps, my friend. I’m guessing you’ll know by now – Facebook changed the way Admins are treated. Any Admin can add/remove any Admin, including the originating Admin. Therefore, probably no need to touch Business Accounts. However, for sure you’ll want to only allow access to uber trusted peeps!!!

  • Thank you so much for the insightful information that you send on a daily basis (I am registered on your emailing list) – I just have one question regarding the sms option – how much does it cost and how do you track the results? Our company/ministry is based in South Africa and we engage live audiences on regular basis. This option would work ideal for us. Thanks again!

  • Hi Mari,
    Yes, I do remember us meeting a few times way back when… I think it was both at a Shared Vision networking meeting and then at the Church of Religious Science in Encinitas. I could be wrong.

    I’m learning a lot about social media marketing from you and follow you on Facebook. Maybe you will join me on my Facebook page Ask Jacqueline McGinnis.

  • Katie, Tripbase

    Hi Mari, I’m finding your FB articles really useful thanks so much!

    One question and that’s is it possible to DM all the people that like your page easily? I haven’t figured out how to do this.

    Many thanks, Katie @tripbase

  • CSP

    seriously one of the most effective social media articles I’ve read in a while. Definitely some useful and very practical tips. thanks Mari

  • Bill MacReynolds

    Just a query. What is meant by “DM”?

  • Jean Valjean

    Incredibly useful article. Thank you very much for it!

  • Briana

    This is a really great resource! As I work closely with my horror and sci-fi clientele to broaden their outreach using social media, I’m always looking for fresh tips and hints. I’ll defnitely share this extremely useful info. Thank you!

  • Noam

    Thank you for a helpful post. Just started to learn how to promote my new fan page

  • Hi Mari, Great post. Some wonderful tips on getting more fans! Will be subscribing to your feed for sure.


  • Hi Mari – great info. An improvement on your discussion of #14 where you viewed printed material in a hotel elevator containing Facebook and Twitter logos and channel ids. Chances are you had your mobile phone with you and perhaps the hotel had WIFI running — so what if instead of the text listing on that poster, there was a mobile 2D barcode which you could snap with your phone and instantly be brought to the Facebook or Twitter company page? You can learn more about QR and Tag codes at

  • Also – regarding #5 Vype app is no longer available – 404 error.

  • Hi Mari

    My page is slowly growing and I have over 500 fans now, quite a few of them obtained via FB advertising which I think was succesfull. As of lately I am getting many requests of people who want to be FB friends and I would like to relate to them via my Facebook page. As of now I am simply telling them that I would like to connect with them via my facebook page, and a few go with it but not all. Do you have any ideas on how to make this happen?

    Also, do you knwo of any application that can tell me who has been my latest fans and when?

    I am sure you get plenty of emails with questions, but I just hope you can answer me.



  • Hi Katie

    Apparently it is not possible, the only way to send a message to all the page fans is with the Update Followers tool in the Edit Page section. Unfortunately whatever you write will not go to their wall but to a separate section which will not even warn them that they have a message- and thus will never check. I really dislike this as well as reaching all would be very useful.

    Good luck!

  • Amit2110

    Very nice articles, but I don’t found Vpype on facebook…

  • Mari

    This is excellent advice.

    Thank you!!!


  • Could anybody tell me how to change container width without css? As far as I can see, css doesn’t work in Static FBML.

  • Ken Rochon

    Brilliant tips Mari! Thanks! I think this belongs in my book.


  • Pablo (DreamToReal)

    Great ideas and tips Mari. They will surely help for my page. Keep up the good work.


  • Great collection of ideas for anyone using facebook for busines or promotion

  • One of the best posts I’ve read about using Facebook to promote a business/brand. Using many of these methods myself! Always building, always learning, always growing!

  • Very interesting strategy! Will check it out now!

  • Mari, these are excellent ideas! Thank you for sharing. I going to use the WiseStamp signature and well as using the FB social plug in on my blog.

  • I just reach the maximum facebook friends… 5000 !!! I now realise how important it is to have a fan page. This is my next step into facebook world. Thanks a lot for all this usefull tips… I will definitely follow them.

  • evan austin

    Great suggestions! Since the changeover from “Fan” to “Like”, i’ve coined the term “Likebase” to describe the community of people who “Like” your Page!

  • Ameenia

    I agree with you but from my personal experience, it bought 4000 Facebook fans from and they added them to my page in a little over 1 month. All the fans appeared to be real and some of them turned out to be great customers.
    You should use to buy Facebook fans… we purchased 10,000 Facebook fans and we’re quite satisfied with the results. It’s completely legal because the fans are real and they don’t join your page until they check it and find it interestings. keeps sending suggestions to become a fan until the order is fulfilled.

  • satish

    Great article and u had great comments too…

  • drburt

    I used embeded videos from my Youtube channel on my blog. You have opened the door to a great idea about embeding FB videos on a blog. Having link on your video that points out to your FB fan or like page is like GOLD.
    Will execute this feature today.
    Great Post, Thumbs up

  • This article is a seminar in itself. Invaluable ! TYVM.

  • Laurent

    All of these tips are great! However, I do not know how to use FBML and cannot find any tutorials on it…any idea where I can find something on how to use it? Thanks!


  • Hello Laurent,

    There is so much you can do on Facebook with knowing FBML but if you’d like to know more about it, I’ve heard this book by Jesse Stay is really great. I haven’t read it yet, but am planning to!

  • Influenced Design

    Thanks for this! All the info that I needed!


  • I am new to the FB fan page and am just now in the process of developing mine. Thank you Thank you for this fantastically thorough content on exactly what to do to increase my exposures right from the start!


  • Your number 12 doesn’t seem to work all the time. It send a “LIKE” comment to my profile and friend feed but what I’m trying to do is actually like a certain page. Do you know why??

  • I seem to find that semi-frequently sending out links to other inspirational/influential people’s pages can work well at times, as long as you don’t attach a comment that differentiates any demographics. If you’ve thought about what you want to say over the period of a few days or weeks and sum it up in a nice sentence, you will attract people.
    The more people comment on or like that link, the higher it goes in the news feed, the more people see it. But at the same time you’re also saying don’t look at me, look at these people. So that’s why I include a link to one of my artworks in there randomly as a surprise ^^

  • Valuable info about Facebook fan pages.

  • I recommend trying to buy Facebook fans, they have been recommended by a lot of bloggers and they can both be trusted. They can actually add fans to your Facebook page without logging into your Facebook profile, so I guess they send out thousands of suggestions to people in their network until they get 1K, 2K, 5K, 10K or 100K of Facebook fans to join your page, which is totally fine with Facebook terms of use.

  • It’s a shame you can’t do the Twitter trick of following a boatload of people knowing some will follow you back

  • Alexander Ram Glavan

    Hey, great tips, thank you.. but I need a specific piece of information I wasn’t able to find anywhere.
    If I want to comment on some page and have my page name displayed instead of my personal profile name (not with a tag), how do I do that?
    I’ve seen people do that, I know it’s possible, I just can’t get around and do it myself. Thank you in advance.

  • What I like better about this media is that the creativity is used in a different level. If the Facebook page achieve certain amount of fans, many things can be done with them, and those fan could help you to improve your site

  • cool info, thanks again. In each article that I read of yours you save me from at least one huge mistake before I do it.

  • I retweeted this. But a lot of the cooler things I can’t do because I only have 🙁

  • Excellent Article Martin 🙂

  • Yes I really like the simple tip of adding a facebook follow button to my e-mail signature. We include it on our newsletters but not on our e-mail signatures. Do you think it might put off corporate clients??????

  • Sena Kahraman

    Great tips Mari!!

    I have used some of them on our company Facebook page. I would like to add our link here to be taken as a practice maybe.

  • Great! Awesome job. (Beautiful hotel!) By the way, definitely go get your vanity URL (username) – you just need 25 fans and at 4000+ you’re waaaay over!! 🙂 Having a short URL will make it easier for marketing and promotions.

  • Hey Paul – I don’t think corporate clients would be put off. But you might come up with something creative like “Write on our Facebook wall.” Something like that. Also, you can embed a “Share on Facebook” link right inside your email so your readers can post a link (to your fan page or whatever link you wish) directly to their profiles give you added exposure!

    Here’s the exact code:

    Just replace “URL” with the link you want your readers to share with their friends on Facebook!

  • Thanks a mil!!

  • Lol – glad to hear that!!

  • Hi Alexander – no, this is not possible to do (other than a tag). What you’ve likely seen is businesses that have set up a personal profile in the name of their business which is actually against Facebook’s Terms of Use. Maybe this new feature will come down the road a bit at the rate Facebook keeps changing and adding features!!

  • Hm, I’ve seen services like this and steer very clear and don’t recommend to my clients. Somehow it just doesn’t seem like a good practice.

  • Mattwang Mw

    Excellent article! Do you know how I can post on other fan pages as my fan page (not my personal profile)?

  • Heidygoercke

    wow amazing article. i opened up my 2nd business about a year ago. and now i have a facebook fan page for both stores and i am still trying to get more people to like me. so far i only got 250. this article gives a lot of different tips. i am going defin. try to apply a couple of them. although i am not really good with computers, i am going to try my best. but i think i might need some one to give me hand with some of the stuff. but def. a outstanding article.
    God bless you, (always)

  • Lea

    I am making a fanpage for a travelling company in Denmark.
    I could really use what Threadless made:!/threadless?v=app_116832620224

    Mine should instead have a video of each trip with a comment field next
    to, and where people can “like” the trips.

    But how can I make this???
    It is my last exams project, so I really need your help!

  • this was supper help full thank you so much, i did a few of them and i think that if you tell your friends to join your fan page you should do it once not ten times like you said.

  • Wow this is working! check my small business FB page its an education revamp company in India, where even today 2 in every ten kids do not get to study.

    We look forward at improving the conditions in India and later spread to Bangladesh, Myanmar and later expand our services even to African Nations

  • Casey Pronschinske

    Hello Mari,
    Thanks for the great info on how to reach more fans, but my question is how do I get my fan page linked to my twitter page? I mean how specifically to you do this?

  • Casey Pronschinske

    Hello Mari,
    Thanks for the great info on how to reach more fans, but my question is how do I get my fan page linked to my twitter page? I mean how specifically to you do this?

  • log in to your fan page and go to the apps section of the settings page and ad an app just search for a twitter one that updates your status and add it, thats what i did it should update your fan page when you update that twitter account from then on. hope this helps

  • log in to your fan page and go to the apps section of the settings page and ad an app just search for a twitter one that updates your status and add it, thats what i did it should update your fan page when you update that twitter account from then on. hope this helps

  • I’m just breaking into all this social media stuff. You have helped bring Facebook back into my realm of promotion with your article.

    Many thanks,


  • thank you for the tips…

  • Useful list

  • Mari, perhaps an update to this article is in order? Another 10 ways 🙂 7 months in Facebook time is at least 5 years for anyone else.

  • I love facebook and i have a service at to increase the fans for people

  • Yeah i like it

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  • Morgan

    I agree. Especially since there’s no more ‘share’ button (at least not sharing to bookmarking sites). 🙂

  • Vinodreddy

    This was really useful.Good work. Keep posting more.

  • Sayeesh
  • Allison

    It seems that you can’t add a Photo Badge for a photo album from your business page, only your personal profile page. Is there a widget for this or some other app or solution? A client of mine posted several photos in an album and simply wants to link to them from their site, rather than add all the photos in two places. They’d like to drive some traffic to the FB page this way.

  • Satheesh Annira

    i was about to send suggestions on my blog “” to my FB friends to like my page after reading this i have changed my strategy.

  • Nette

    Thanks for all the helpful information. I am really trying to market my page by reading blogs like yours. Check it out, I have created some cool FBML pages.!/pages/Short-Leash/209063621969

    Thanks again!

  • Cool. I actually got some new tips from this blog. Thanks for the look up guys!

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    Wow Great Tips! Learnt a lot from your article, thanks. Please visit my Facebook page! (Brainy Smurf Toys)

  • I believe Vpype has changed its url its

    and the app is here
    Good post. greetings from

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  • Techwhizz

    The videos i uploaded on my page does not show like option? any idea ?

  • Alex

    Great article! I was recently hired as a social media intern for a local business and I know these tips will help get a larger fan base!

  • These are some of the best suggestion, i have found! Thank you!

  • Great suggestions. Thanks!!!

  • Thanks for sharing these techniques …

    are very intelligent and probably help more people become fans

    Irlas I will gradually implement all my fan page

  • Amazing post, congrats!

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    Very interesting article!

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  • Hi Mari. Yes I agree, but you only can tag profiles or people not pages… Am I right?

  • I’m really liking your posts, thank you so much for sharing all your great knowledge! I’ll be back to learn more…especially the “how to” section! 🙂

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  • Ronni Graham

    Very Insightful!! I can’t wait to implement and watch my Fan base grow!

  • CT

    Love it! thanks so much. I started using with great results as well!

  • #5. That would be Vitrue, not Virtue. I’m sure they get it all the time!

  • Hi Laurent, we have a ton of free Facebook tutorials (on FBML and much more) at Socialbrite:

  • Fred Hystere

    Great article. It seems as though you could even add your site as #22 on how to get more fans on Facebook!

  • Markt

    These are some GREAT ways on building your facebook fan base. The only issue is, I have tried several of these methods and they are awesome but are just too hard to do on a BIG scale. I wanted about 5,000 fans to add some credibility to my website fan page to help it go viral.

    So here is what I did.

    I searched and read all over the net until I found out that certain social media marketing companies exist that can actually HELP you get however many fans you want for CHEAP.

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    Mark T.
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  • thanks for the creative ideas, i will try it out…

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  • I updated DesignModo Creative Page, please Like! what do you think?

  • I updated DesignModo Creative Page, please Like! what do you think?

  • Linda

    Love the article and am working on putting these ideas to work. One of the tips doing a mini bio under your picture for your personal page is giving me a hard time. Can’t for the life of me figure out how to do that. Is it possible that facebook did away with that feature?

  • Dayna Palmer

    Hi Mari!!

    What a great article!! I have a questions about “liking” a page via text. Does 32665 work outside of the US?? I have a client in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico that this would be great for but I need to make sure that this is something that will work there before I go and tell them all about it 🙂 Thank you!!

  • Awesome post Mari!! You are a knowledge base:) I am going implement all these strategies to widen up our fan base!!

  • Mari : as for #21: Maybe Use “Suggest To Friends”

    One way to deal with this is to make a practice of asking new friends to like your fan page only once and not ever again.

    I do it using friend lists. New friends get added to a special friend list “new friends”. Every once in a while I suggest the entre “new friends list” become fans of my fan page. Then I rename the list “suggested mm/dd/yyy” so I can know when I asked them, and then make a new, empty friend list called “new friends”

    That way no-one ever gets a suggestion twice.

  • Lina

    Hello, we are open to all your suggestion and advices on!/mscentre…definately missing something as the page does not look that attractive =(

  • “# Facebook users can only like up to 500 pages ”

    Wow, didn’t know that. Learn something new everyday here. Great site!

  • Hans

    Hi Mari,

    You seem to be very knowledgeable, maybe you can help me.
    I have set up a product/service page for my wife’s business (gypsy

    moon, the one with the tall girl in the left column).
    I do not have a “like” button next to the name (gypsy moon) on any

    of the pages, and I don’t know why??
    I do not want a special FBML page. I just want the Like button next

    to the name on all the regular pages. I see it on other peoples

    pages?? Please help before I lose my mind.

    Thanks so much,

  • Awesome work Mari. I want to share a awesome thing here. Just to cut out all the explanation. Suggesting friends is believed to be the simplest way. But you dont want to click hundreds and thousand times. Just Go throught this page. Select all friends at once and suggest.

    Read more:

  • Rivmaya

    very good info! im not able to use all the info but i will be definitely using some!! the @ shoutout is an excellent one!! ok so im trying it…. did it work? which one?sorry not very good at all the technical part of the internet lol @avon/mark with alicia!/pages/AvonMark-with-Alicia/104446962932600

    how do i find the actual link to my fan page? the one i have seems to long :/

  • Muraterdor

    Dear Jacki,
    I liked your fan page, just wonder whether you made this fan page for fun or to do business?
    If it is for business how you earn money?

  • Kaylene

    I’ve lost admin rights to my business page when I switched over to upgrade. When I clicked upgrade I was suddenly not admin. anymore and there is no other admin. on this page to except me back. Does anyone know how to gain admin back? I would be ever so grateful for your help!

  • Great article we will be sure to check some of these out we are trying to build up our Facebook fan base just now

  • Jcarter

    A few weeks ago, I accidentally changed my personal profile url instead of my fan page (I used the exact name I want for my fan page url). Luckily, I was able to change my profile url a second time. However, now the url I want to use for my fan page is unavailable. I thought by changing my profile url a second time, it would free up the custom url I want for my page. Do you have any tips?

  • CB

    wow. I should really appreciate YOU for the efforts you put in furnishing all those details above. Really a great article. Thanks for the sharing 🙂

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    Hi Mari. Very informative article, thanks! This is exactly what I’m up to right now
    so going to try the tips mentioned. Been playing with ideas on promoting profile photo’s recently, what you think?

  • Gg

    for all you link addicts these are all no follow links your posting

  • @gg …How do you mean?

  • Rami

    Wow! Thank you!

    Your page is really of value! I’ve implemented several ideas already for my natural brain supplement site and have a ton more to do!

    For some reason, the “Suggest” option on facebook is no longer there! All that seems to be available is “Share”. I don’t know if you can see what I’m talking about but here’s the link:

    Any thoughts?

    Thank you again!

  • Hi! Indeed you can’t suggest the page to friends anymore! The button is still there, you can select your friends and you can send what appears to be a generic suggestion now – without a personal message. But the other party will NOT RECIEVE IT! I have tested it and it doesn’t to go through FB or emails anymore! So don’t bother doing it & follow Mari’s brilliant tips to get some eyes on your page!
    Thanx Mari – great article!!

  • Thanks for this great article! I found it just as I was wondering how to go about attracting more folks to my new page so I will be looking through it more closely and definitely using some of the ideas! Here’s my page if anyone would like to see it and who knows, you may even “like” it!

  • Surrey Weddings

    great tips… very useful…. now how do i get people to follow my twitter too!!

  • Love the @ tag suggestion! Thank you!

  • Great article! Thank you for helping us to think outside the box. We need great tips like these to help our new website

  • nice tips!! going to try it @

  • Zainab Mirza

    Hi Mari,

    I recently started a facebook fan page for my art; and I find that many people view my page without clicking on the LIKE button…Ive noticed on some fan pages you have to press the LIKE button before you can view the entire content of the page…can you pls suggest a way I can do that?


  • I like the @ tag idea. Hadn’t heard that before.

  • I know what you mean about the “fan” vs. the “like” system, but personally, I think that the “Like” system is better (and not just because of the strategies Mari listed above – though they are certainly a big draw). I remember when they first implemented the Fan page that a lot of personalities with groups felt reluctant to ask others to become fans of their site. I think it relates to the ambivalence that many self-employed people feel toward self-promotion.

    The distinction between a “fan” and “liking” something is small really, but in terms of the semantic element of the two words, agree to Like something sounds less like a plee for self-promotion imo.

  • Peter

    Have you not got to get 25 people liking the site firts before you get a name taht you can promote?

  • Facebook started out as a simple site for social networking site. A place where people can catch up with each other. Now businesses have forced there way into Facebook there marketing. Businesses have seen a wide popularity and a massive growth with Facebook. Companies started with a simply profile page, groups and pages of information of themselves. They slowly commercialized their products and services in the market. In order to show their products and services they need to get people to become fans with them. This is a large process at the beginning.


  • This is a great post!!! I found it when I was looking for FB contest ideas. Thanks

  • great resources always help me to make a good ideas. I really appreciate for share depth knowledge.

  • thanks for share us good information. I was researched more times to find out increase fans club. Here is really good knowledgeable tips to increase fans. Thanks

  • Web Design Houston

    Nice list and nice site. Which of the strategies have you tried and found effective? So true how just adding the link to an email signature can make a difference.

  • Ramon Smith81

    Great Post. I am launching a website, but we are not live yet. I was considering number 10, however it seems that it might be an issue. I was thinking of give cash prize to the person that gets the first 100 people to like the site. Do you think this a violation of Facebook’s Terms of Use?


    What do you guys think?

  • great tips! I love the welcome page (canvas) but I could not find it. please advise on how to have one. would it be a good idea for architectural services to use FB page with a link on website?


    Studio ArchiFad

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  • great and complete article! but about the “suggest to friends” option ; this doesn’t seem to work for a month or so. i think it is a facebook bug and i see many others post the same problem but there is no reply from facebook on this. Do you know if this is a known bug? gr

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  • Very Well illustrated post to increae the facebook fanbase. I am also trying hard to get a strong Facebook Fanbase to my page.

  • Some excellent hints there Mari – I’ll be using (and continue to use) these to increase my own fan base – thanks!

  • the other party will NOT RECIEVE IT! I have tested it and it doesn’t to go through FB or emails anymore! So don’t bother doing it & follow Mari’s brilliant tips to get some eyes on your page!

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  • Thanks so much for this tip – i have been trying to figure this one out for ages! And thanks so much for the article – what great advice! 🙂

  • Paulavijitp
  • José

    and I just attended a class on social media marketing which I paid f and didn’t get ½ the ideas that you supplied. Thanks José

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  • Do a google search on REVEAL code for fan pages and you will find a bunch of code…


  • Stefan Nikolovski

    This is very very useful for me as a brand new Brand Manager of the company 🙂
    Thank you

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  • Unfortunately I believe they removed the ‘Suggest to Friends’ button but I’ve heard it’s temporary.

  • Unfortunately I believe they removed the ‘Suggest to Friends’ button but I’ve heard it’s temporary.

  • Excellent list! Excellent idea, Mari Smith.


  • Urmrsmith

    Thank you very much for sharing the knowledge. For low budget companies trying to build a fan/like base with whom to communicate so all involved will benefit, there are some very good ideas! Now will put them into practice!
    Are there any more updated articles with such great ideas?

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  • Hello now we ca use this app

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  • Rll

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  • Melisa

    it’s perfect to increase the number fans, you must login with your facebook acount and submit your URL,
    1 clic on credit and with 2 credit 1 ‘LIKE’

  • Nice, practical advice. It’s good to get a reminder that we aren’t as active as we need to be and that we should be driven to share rather than acquire.

  • Nice, practical advice. It’s good to get a reminder that we aren’t as active as we need to be and that we should be driven to share rather than acquire.

  • Rich

    Awesome tips, Mari. I’m in the process of getting a Facebook “Like” page for our website Xtreme Barware and this article’s really going to help.

  • Rich

    Awesome tips, Mari. I’m in the process of getting a Facebook “Like” page for our website Xtreme Barware and this article’s really going to help.

  • Awesome, These are the tips one must follow. 🙂

  • Great List!! It’s a shame FBML isn’t what it used to be, custom landing pages for FB is great! Trying to get mine working now, wasn’t aware of what my page was capable until a few weeks ago.

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    Nice article :). Thank you. You could advertise your profile on the other way too. Try

  • Nice Information

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    I am always looking for ways to get new fans to my Facebook business page, so this article is perfect – Thanks!

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  • Thanks for the tips.  Love the text tip, didnt know that 🙂

  • Sugata Chaki

    Great tips and suggestion. I loved it. Some points I know but some are very new to me.

  • I never knew about so many of these… I’ve been trying to increase fans for my fanpage.. but hardly had any luck.. i’ve been working to raise fans for this.. but so far haven’t gotten many

  • Whorty

    how do i get lots of “likes” on this page? so far i only have 87… =/

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  • Tati

    I’m not sure if you can use the Facebook logo in print media, like print ads, business cards, etc. I’ve been trying to find this out and can’t find anywhere if you are allow to do it.

  • None of it works for me. My site is still as empty and broke as I am. 

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    Great article ! I just recently starter a fan page on facebook      Interior Motives, and i have been trying to make my fan page interactive by running contests and such. This article is very helpful. I will keep trying to engage my fans and make it a great place to frequent. Thanks

  • I am starting up a new site thats main goal is to help others drive traffic to their fan pages or other promotional pages. its

    You get points for Liking or Tweeting other pages in the network and you can list your pages for others to promote. I am offering cool prizes too. Let me know your thoughts!

  • I am using embed widgets on my website already.. I think I will try your methods . Thanks !

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  • Ingridpr

    Hi – Is there a way to see if other business fan pages have added my business page as a favorite? I know who my favs are, but I’d love to be able to see what other businesses/organizations consider my page as their fav (the same way I can see what fans “like” my page). Thanks for your help!

  • Woohoo.. I love your post.. I am newbie and I was finding the ways to increase fans.. I love your post. I am subscribing you so I will get more more information to increase the activities in FB.

    Thanks dear.

  • Woohoo.. I love your post.. I am newbie and I was finding the ways to increase fans.. I love your post. I am subscribing you so I will get more more information to increase the activities in FB.

    Thanks dear.

  • Woohoo.. I love your post.. I am newbie and I was finding the ways to increase fans.. I love your post. I am subscribing you so I will get more more information to increase the activities in FB.

    Thanks dear.

  • Woohoo.. I love your post.. I am newbie and I was finding the ways to increase fans.. I love your post. I am subscribing you so I will get more more information to increase the activities in FB.

    Thanks dear.

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  • Mona

    Mari – I stumbled across your article in search of ways to create a Facebook fan base.  Great information!  I can’t wait to get started trying them out!  Mona

  • Hey, great tips, thank you.. but I need a specific piece of information I wasn’t able to find anywhere.
    I want to comment on some page and have my page name displayed instead
    of my personal profile name (not with a tag), how do I do that?
    I’ve seen people do that, I know it’s possible, I just can’t get around and do it myself. Thank you in advance.

  • wethink

    Thank you for the wonderful insights!  Pardon my ignorance, but in regard to #18 – can you explain more about the @tag; what it’s function is, how it works and why it is useful. Thank you!!

  • will help you get 10 000 fans a day. Now which do you prefer. Go through 21 ways. or trust one brand recognized everywhere ! I personally use it and love it .

  • Facebook is making it a lot easier to get real fans within their Terms and Conditions, if you are looking to by-pass the terms and conditions, you will get nowhere !

  • At #7: Am I missing smthng or am I right that it is not possible to ‘tag’ yourself from a business FB site (anymore??)…  

  • Alfred Whitehead

    Good article,Lots of interesting tools to browse through and use.

  • Nice points! I’m using all these methods except the extended profile!!
    thanks a lot..

  • Hello All,


    I love this list.  It seems
    that FB is coming out with more and more new ways to integrate their
    network into businesses.  I visit their FB Developers site often to
    see what new updates I might be able to utilize on my
    site A Peace of
    .  I try to read everything I can about
    how FB may help my business.  This post has a lot of useful
    information when implemented should certainly increase traffic and build a
    larger fan base.  


    Also in response to
    CoachLaura’s post on using a URL shortener.  Google now has a 
    URL Shortener
    that I would suggest using.  They
    created the shortener due to the demand in people wanting to use them
    however URL shortener sites are having a hard time keeping their doors
    open.   If the shortener site goes down
    then so do your shorted urls.  I would
    recommend using it for two reasons the first you are able to see how many
    clicks your URL is getting and the second it should be around for a long time
    so there will not be a lot of broken urls on the web. 




    C.S. Montgomery

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  • Stephanie

    Facebook pages are getting even easier! I run a club at my school and it’s helped a lot. On the right side there’s an option that says “use Facebook as (your business name)”. I make it a habit to comment and post on other pages under my club name 🙂

  • Sanna Hellström

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  • Amazing way to increase likes on ur page and also earn along..
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    Hey thanks for the advise my fan base seems to of hit a wall @creativereflections:disqus , I have used the competition on before which bumped it up a bit and I got them to tag a photo as part of it 🙂 double wammy!

    Thanks again.

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  • Grace

    wow! great and very informative article! Can you please tell me what app is used for #6: Integrate the Facebook Comment Feature? I’d love to add it to my page 🙂 Thanks again!

  • Thanks for this post…will try to increase my FB fans following your suggestions!

  • #16 the “mini bio” feature does not seem to be available anymore. Maybe I am missing something. 

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  • Mari, can you tell me how can I post a comment from my face book page?

  • Sorry, I meant fan page..I would like to say that you guys deliver the best information especially for newbies like me. Most of the gurus out there forgot the feeling of being lost in the internet jungle.
    Thank you!

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  • Si Sanett

    Hi, to do this you need to use Facebook as a page.  You will find it in the ‘Account’ drop down  on the top right of the page.



  • what can i do add as friend block on my facebook account

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  • Leslie Alston

    Thanks for info.  Lots to consider. 

  • yes, the ideas are really nice for the most part but some of them cannot be used if I’m not running a physical (off-line) business. Thanks a lot for the ideas. It made me brainstorm my own. 

  • We’re trying to increase our company’s fans. Thanks for your tips!

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    hi mari

    you mention putting our facebook url on our letterheads – we would also like to use the facebook ‘f’ logo too.  Are there copyright restrictions? 

  • can you please give me a brief explanation for how to get more likes using mobile phones

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  • EmilyLucidica

    This blog has been really useful. We have been using social media as a main marketing tool, but mainly Twitter. Facebook has been a lot more difficult and so this may help us to get more people to like our page! The tagging in photos is a really good idea – we only have one photo on our Lucidica page at the moment, but I am going to change that and tag everyone in them to hopefully improve the amount of people viewing the page.
    I have tried liking some pages that might like us back, this hasn#t really worked. and obviously, my friends aren’t really interested in what we have to say, so it’s a difficult one! The only thing is that you can’t put your website on your profile page anymore cause of Facebook updating itself, unless there is another way of doing it on your info page?
    Its interesting to read an article purely on Facebook, as so many businesses use Twitter as their main social media tool. We have written an article on top tips for businesses using social media, but we discuss Twitter much more. This could give lots of insights and ideas as to improve your connections too, hope it helps

  • EmilyLucidica

    This blog has been really useful. We have been using social media as a main marketing tool, but mainly Twitter. Facebook has been a lot more difficult and so this may help us to get more people to like our page! The tagging in photos is a really good idea – we only have one photo on our Lucidica page at the moment, but I am going to change that and tag everyone in them to hopefully improve the amount of people viewing the page.
    I have tried liking some pages that might like us back, this hasn#t really worked. and obviously, my friends aren’t really interested in what we have to say, so it’s a difficult one! The only thing is that you can’t put your website on your profile page anymore cause of Facebook updating itself, unless there is another way of doing it on your info page?
    Its interesting to read an article purely on Facebook, as so many businesses use Twitter as their main social media tool. We have written an article on top tips for businesses using social media, but we discuss Twitter much more. This could give lots of insights and ideas as to improve your connections too, hope it helps

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  • Mari, as usual your post hits the nail on the head. Interesting you turned my philosophy of suggest to friends first and then fill in with all the other methods upside down! Love it. Also enjoyed meeting you at @linkedoc:twitter last month. I found this through search by the way under ways to publicize your facebook page and this was at the top. Was pleasantly surprised to see you were the author and immediately trusted the information.  Will be back! 

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    hi, I have found a nice “tips” list and graphic that may be useful for people from latin america or spanish speakers:

  • Paying for Facebook fans is simply a bad idea.  They are generally bogus fans/bots and do you absolutely no good.  The trick is to have great content and offer an incentive to users to become a fan.

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  • Great ideas that you have posted. I only learned right now that there are many ways to promote via facebook. Actually I applied a lot of it. Here’s my site:

  • Very Nice. I never thought I can do so much to increase facebook likes. This article is just an eye opener for me. 🙂

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  • Great tips! I especially like that you busted the myth of inviting all friends to your page. It is true that most people just get annoyed. Instead targeting your audience based on relevancy is way more effective.

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  • So many things I didn’t know about Facebook!

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  • Awesome value you’re putting into the marketplace Mari.  I’ve used a ton of these strategies to build my brand and create more visibility for my Facebook fan page.  

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  • Jason

    Some really great info here Mari, thanks for taking the time to write it. I’ve written a similar post at:

    Reading yours does make me want to update mine though 🙂

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  • Thanks for the tips Mari! Very helpful. I agree you shouldn’t use suggest to friends unless you know your friends would be interested in it. 

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  • thats really informative and looks useflu, will definately try it out…

  • Toghether with point #3 you could add a Facebook URL or icon to all the paper and offline communications: in your letterhead, at a fair, on your business card, ecc…

  • Installing a great plugin called Slider Plugin, allows visitors to your website to ‘like’ your material direct from the website.  Just click on the facebook logo and it slides up for easy access!

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  • Great post, thanks a lot, is there any free tool to get more fans for my facebook fan page?

  • Reinhard Chistmann

     this is a very helpfull guide to increase fangroups.

    but the mot important question stays open: what does it help you to have many fans on
    a fanpage? They did click the LIKE-Button, and that’s it. No follow up, no interaction,
    no business…

  • Reinhard,

    increasing your fans is the first step, then you have to engage them and start the dialogue with them.

  • Great post. I have just set up my facebook  fan page  and am learning how to increase my fan base.
    Thanks for the information.

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  • Vijay

    I just now started working on a clients fan page, especially with the social ads before the old custom welcome tabs are stopped by facebook and your tips are certainly going to help me.

    Thanks for the long post 🙂

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  • This is an excellent post and it’s still so so relevant even in 2012 – timeless advice. We buy facebook likes as small FB ad campaigns and get decent results but doing a blend like you suggest here is awesome. I’d recommend for buying facebook fans in small ad campaigns. I use a mix of my own ad campaigns and outsourced ones, but thanks to your post I’ve got a much broader map to work with. Thanks

  • Wow, great information in one concise article! I’m sharing this one.
    Very helpful and practical information. Will be sharing this with my
    clients for sure! thanks!.

  • I loved the article Mari. Hopefully using this as a template can help me get some traffic to my facebook fan page. 

  • step 1 and 21 are same , so u can say 20 diffrents ways 🙂 

  • Correction: You may like up to 5000 Business Pages on Facebook–not 500. Even I ‘Like’ 4829 pages 🙂

  • Just love this site, awesome, awesome info!! You Rock!!!!

  • Hi Guys that’s cool tips

  • Quite interesting article on how best one can utilise facebook

  • Jan

    I’ve just started adding an incentive to like my Facebook page and I now put this incentive in nice big letters in the footer of each email I send to customers.

  • I totally agree with her tips. I also suggest not using all of these tips on one site or blog. Stick to a few such as 5 of her tips for each site.

    I have used the FB like, comment, log in and tagged buttons on my page and it helps. I saw instant results such as an increase in traffice soon after installing the gadget.

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  • Molly Applecakes

    Follower Fan is a scam page.  I’d strongly advise not using it.

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  • MdAmor

    Thanks for the 21 tips. I have a couple of ????’s. What do you think of these advertisements for 100’s of fb likes for x $$? Are they legit? Also, I have 2 pages in fb. I can use 1 as me, but not the other. Any ideas why?

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  • Hi, 

    Great post by Mari! Will def use all the tips 🙂 Just an note to say that link to article in #8 is not working. Googled the title and got it

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  • Effective ideas for anyone using Facebook for their business or promotion.

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  • thanx for the information i like it very much to increase my fb page like 

  • Valuable info about Facebook fan pages.

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  • Emilysims215

    Thanks–and questions:

    Thanks for a great article! I am still fairly green when it comes to working with Facebook. However, I did successfully get the “Like” button onto the home page of our company’s website. Oddly, as soon as it was up, it reported that 23 people liked our website. How is that possible if I had just that moment put it up? I “Liked” it myself and posted a comment on my own FB page, and a friend quickly did the same, so both of our photos now appear on the company website’s home page. I also sent individual messages to some FB friends to let them know that they can Like our website, and today I see that there are now 32 Likes. But the Big Qestion is this: How can I see everyone who has liked our company’s website? It does not seem to be in the admini panel

  • thanks for you post it helped a lot.


    great article

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  • Love this article .. i will follow it .. thank u so much ..

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  • Karolls

    There is no more “Suggest to Friends” facebook button, but there are great apps for your fan page that are even better. All your fan page visitors will be able to invite their friends to your fan page. Take a look at it’s one of the best!

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    I have started all my fanpages with After i get initial number of fans – new one just keep coming by them self. This is hassle free way to start fanpages 🙂

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    so good for people

  • These suggestions are really great. Over the past 9 years I’ve been writing a book series; I plan to put it out soon and I’ve been looking for ways to promote it. I made a Facebook fan page, a Twitter account and a blog, and I’ve been looking into many other ways I can use social media to get my name and my work out there. I had a lot of ideas before this, but the ones you mentioned are so helpful! Hopefully I can put them to good use. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  • Rahul

    One important issue:  The Live Stream plugin will be removed on October 3, 2012

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  • DREMServices

    I’m trying all sorts of things to draw people to my Facebook page, but find what works best is regular posting. My numbers go up all week, but when I don’t post on the weekend, numbers drop. This week I’m working to make postings more interactive. Having fun with using Poll Questions. 🙂
    Debbie Richardson

  • Wow this was helpful info

  • The was helpful..

  • Elegantbride72

    My idea of offering  free wedding tips were they need to supply their opt in info is  common . I understood from a video on the Bridal tweet that there was a company that would handle this for free and for an extra fee would request a Facebook Like to get the free advice. However I don’t have that company name anymore. Can you advise who you may have used or how you did it? 

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  • Sydneykimi

    on#8: Load Videos and Embed on Your Site:
    I uploaded a video on my fan page, embed that video on my website, and looking at the video on my website I do see the watermarked white facebook logo, but it can not be clicked? What am i doing wrong?

  • Awesome post! We use Facebook Apps, specifically AgoraPulse to increase our fan base. The app is easy to use, and comes with a variety of features including: Top Fans, Contest, Polls, Coupons, etc. We have been using it for the past month with great success.

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  • PopularBlogSite

    This is some great advice! I hope to have to have some likes in the near future. It is so hard considering I don’t have my own personal Facebook account. 

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    Really a very nice Guide for Social Media Marketers. Hats Off to you People….Great

  • Thanks for the great tips!

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  • This is great! Thank you very much 🙂 results are showing already…

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    Great tips ”socialmediaexaminer” I always read about your blog time to time. I always find the answer here. Cheers

  • This is very informative. Thumbs up for this post!

  • Deep Sharma

    I send mails to many people asking them to join my company page on facebook. Now is there a way I can track and find out who has joined my page recently? Is there a mechanism to do that? I dont want to manually search and find out as it is tedious and not possible. Is there a feature that tells me who has recently joined or liked my page? Please help me out.

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  • Good post, adding it to my own blog today, thanks.

  • Dave

    I have an interesting situation and would like your advice. I
    am a high school marketing teacher and a local golf course has asked me to help
    build their friend/like base. I am a little familiar with FB ad’s and can accurately
    identify my market segment within their perimeters.

    I am privy to have several exclusive tickets (unavailable to
    the public) to a major golf tournament in our community (USGA Senior Open Golf
    Championship) in 3 weeks and willing to donate them.

    My goals are pretty simple:

    1) Grow the likes/friends for their FB page

    2) Have as many
    people as possible share the news/post ad whatever in hopes of getting them to
    also like the page.

    What else should I be trying to accomplish?

    They have just opened a twitter account and only have about
    a 100 followers. They have a nice website with about 2500-3000 unique visitors each
    month and a database of about 5000.

    What kind of ad should I create on FB to make this happen?

    Lost in Nebraska……..

  • Great stuff, Mari. Will come back to share if I discover more 🙂

  • Great suggestions, especially since I am just getting started!

  • Earl N Cox

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