social media interviewsIn this video I interview Greg Piche, Social Media Architect for Clorox. Greg shares insights into how the company’s new social media site Clorox Connects helps Clorox connect with partners and consumers to generate new ideas.

You’ll also hear how the 100-plus year old Clorox rolled out its social media community.

Be sure to read the other takeaways below.

In this video you’ll find out how Clorox:

  • Drives social media engagement with a point system
  • Offers a reward system through visibility on their social media site
  • Uses social media to come up with ideas for new products
  • Uses their Facebook business page
  • Identifies people to partner with

Clorox has not been active in social media for very long and faced a certain number of challenges to get their social media strategy in place.  Greg’s advice is to start small, start low key, pilot the program, get a little funding, show there’s some value and then roll it out enterprise wide.

And his biggest lesson is:  it’s important to recognize the mind share battle to try to get people to come in.

How does the story of Clorox Connects inspire you for your business?  Please leave your comments below.

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  • Great insights into large brands using SM. Excellent info, thanks.

  • I love that SME mixes blog posts with vlogs. Its like a special and occasional treat. Thnx Mike

  • Thanks Michael

  • Thanks Dino! We are fortunate to have access to some pretty high profile folks and pass that insight right back to you.

  • Hi,
    I was excited to see this. My company has been doing custom sites for a couple of years and I love when big brands like clorox decide to get involved. Makes my job so much easier. Thanks!!!!!

  • George

    Sounds like a good start for Clorox, now the real challenge starts for the consumer side, can they remain sticky/relevant enough to maintain interest over time. Good Luck! Nice post Mike to hear from companies that are currently practicing…:-)

  • Teridmc

    Thanks – this provided some great incite into how we can roll out our site. It’s built, but not launched. We’ve been brainstorming over some practices we’ve seen on the net. This is one of the most practical I’ve seen.

  • I checked out the site after reviewing the video. Clorox knows what there doing. The information is great, presents well and easily encourages the consumer to engage.

  • Ken Gullette

    What a cool open to your video. A lot of names and a few faces I recognized. Thanks for the interview!

  • Ken Gullette

    After watching part of this, I jumped onto my online kung-fu school and quickly started a monthly contest on the member-only discussion board. I’ve wanted to get more members participating in discussions, so I put a post on the board and emailed all members to notify them that the person with the highest number of relevant posts per month will receive a free DVD from my Shopping Area — their choice of DVD.

  • Great video. All the points are right on!

  • Cool Ken! Let me know how it worked out.

  • herve leger

    It sounds like a good start for Clorox.It is very informative.Thank you for sharing.

  • Palak1582

    Unfortunately I am not able to see the video..I dont know what is the problem.The video doesnt play.

  • I notice that Clorox will donate $1 to the Connect Kids To Care Children’s Health Fund if you become a fan… Very good tactic on their part. They get loads of fans and a charity benefits from it – Smiles all round!

  • pm

    even i can’t see the video…

  • You must be on an iPhone or iPad

  • Apritchard

    hmmm…the fact that the video can’t be viewed from a computer is very frustrating…can you convert? I was really wanting to see this.

  • jbaron41

    Wow thanks for this post and video. It certainly proves how much social media is involved in corp america as well. Great tips to take things in small steps.

  • I still see a lot of brands not using social media to their advantage. I hope they see the importance of social media soon – gaming through social media is another story altogether though, and it’ll be interesting to see how companies advertise their software through the platform as it expands.

  • Recruiterpoet

    Excellent interview and well focused on key advantages social media can play into a retail product company.

  • Spongebob

    Good job guys keep it up.

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