social media how toAre you looking to build a strong Pinterest following?

Did you know that you can integrate your Facebook and Pinterest marketing?

Yes, there’s a way to get Facebook fans to create exposure for you on Pinterest.

Establishing a large audience of followers on Pinterest is one of the most important aspects of a successful Pinterest marketing campaign.

Here’s the skinny: Although during the setup process you can choose to link your Pinterest account to your Facebook personal page, there is currently no way to automatically hook up to your Facebook fan page.

So what’s a business to do?

The truth is most business owners have not figured out a solution. They are failing on Pinterest because they think that they have to build a new following from scratch. Well, that is patently untrue.

Here are five ways to use Facebook to build your Pinterest following.

#1: Get a Pinterest Tab for Your Facebook Fan Page

The easiest thing to do is just go to Woobox and create a Pinterest tab for your Facebook fan page.


Easily get a Pinterest tab for your Facebook fan page from Woobox.

It’s very simple to do and requires little to no technical skills. Within minutes, you can have your Pinterest account in front of thousands of your fans! This way, whenever people come to your Facebook page to either check out your latest posts or learn more about you, they can also see that you are on Pinterest.

The Pinterest tab allows fans to view all of your boards and even your pins while staying on the Facebook platform. They will not be transferred over to Pinterest until they try to repin or comment on one of your pins.

pinterest tab fb fan page

Within just a few clicks you can easily create a Pinterest tab for your Facebook fan page.

inside the pinterest tab

Inside the Pinterest tab as seen on the Facebook fan page.

#2: Post Pinterest Links as Updates on Your Facebook Page

There are a few different ways to use your Facebook status updates to promote your activity on Pinterest.

One way to build your follower base is to share the direct link to your Pinterest page as a status update and tell your fans WHY they should follow you on Pinterest.

What helpful information or cool contests will they have access to? Are there exclusive promotions? Why should they follow you on Pinterest AND Facebook?

facebook status update example

Example post of a Facebook status update promoting a Pinterest business account.

The more specific you can be about the type of value you are creating for your followers on Pinterest, the more likely your fans will join you there too.

#3: Promote Specific Boards on Your Facebook Page

On Pinterest, people can choose to either follow all, or just a few, of your boards.

Because of that feature, you may find success promoting specific Pinterest boards on your Facebook fan page.

I recommend you promote a few different boards throughout the week.

That way, you have the opportunity to showcase your Pinterest account to a wider audience on Facebook, and you can introduce them to the diverse areas of value shared on your Pinterest page.

There are two ways you can promote a specific Pinterest board on Facebook.

  • Update your status by uploading an image of a pin to Facebook. Add a description and include a link to the board on which that pin is featured.
facebook pinterest board example

Example Facebook post promoting a particular Pinterest board.

This works well if you have a really compelling image, because it will be granted more space on the Facebook newsfeed than a link.

  • Post the link to your Pinterest board as part of a status update. An image of one of your pins on that board will be automatically generated.
full board view

Generate a full board preview (photo and all) by posting the board's direct URL .

Posting the link will also automatically include the text in your board description.

Make sure that you add proper descriptions of the content when setting up your boards. I’m always amazed by how few people take advantage of this opportunity.

Look how brilliantly realtor Raj Qsar utilizes this space for his branding purposes.

His board description reads:

“Raj Qsar & Premier Orange County Real Estate – is one of the most dominant Real Estate Teams in the Orange County Real Estate Market. For over 15 years Team Raj Qsar has held the philosophy to give the best service and most qualified advice to both buyers & sellers.

Implementing honesty and integrity at the highest level possible and to enjoy the entire process along the way. We are truly passionate about real estate.”

raj qsar team

Take advantage of the description area below your board titles for adding value to your brand and board.

To add a description to one of your boards, simply click Edit Board and fill in the Description field.

edit board

Add a description to your board by clicking the "Edit Board" button at the top of your Pinterest board page.

#4: How to Promote a Particular Pin

Sometimes the best way to really serve your Facebook community is to highlight the value that you are providing in one particular pin.

This is a great way to get maximum exposure when pinning your own original content. Remember these posts can and will be shared across Facebook by your fans.

The same two strategies apply here, as they do to promote a specific board above. You can either upload the image of the pin as a status update (or include a link in the image description), or you can just include the direct link to the pin in your status area.

promote a particular pin

Promote a particular pin by pasting the pin's direct URL into your Facebook status update.

When you post a direct link to a pin as a status on Facebook, the following information will be automatically added and visible:

  • The image of your pin
  • The name of the board that includes the pin
  • The caption that has been added to your pin

So make sure you have fully optimized both your board title and caption for maximum impact. Focus on creating intriguing board titles and including a further explanation of value in the caption.

#5: Promote Your Pinterest Contests on Facebook

Contests and promotions are becoming all the rage on Pinterest. They are a very effective way to quickly add a lot of new followers and drive a ton of traffic to your site.

Unlike Facebook, there are no real restrictions regarding the way contests are promoted and hosted on Pinterest. A great way to leverage both platforms is to promote your Pinterest contest on your Facebook fan page.

pinterest contest facebook fan page

Example of how Bergdorf Goodman promoted their Pinterest contest on their Facebook fan page.

Bergdorf Goodman recently promoted their Pinterest contest on their Facebook fan page by posting an image of one of the prizes with a brief explanation. They included a link to their blog within the description of the image where fans could find more details about how to enter.

Hopefully you’ve found these five ways to use Facebook to build your audience on Pinterest helpful. I know from personal experience that introducing your fan base to your presence on Pinterest is an effective way to get more followers.

Despite all the hype surrounding Pinterest, Facebook is still the largest social media network. Why not leverage the audience you have already built there and let them fast-track your success on Pinterest?

So what do you think? Can you see the benefits of using Facebook to get more followers on Pinterest? Leave your questions and comments in the box below.

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  • $44796859

    Great article, Melanie. I have seen a noticeable growth in my Pinterest following from sharing pins to my Facebook page (particularly uploading images of pins and adding a URL to the pin with them). It also acts as a really good way of re-purposing content to different social networks, taking some of the strain off the pressure of engaging content creation. Thanks again for the useful info! Andrew.

  • I’ve read lots of Pinterest articles, as I’m still getting started with it. This is one of the best!

  • Ginger

    Woobox never works!  Not sure what is wrong with their app but for almost every page that has the app installed you get a blank page that says it can’t find the info.  Check out the Sephora and Jillian Michaels FB pages and click on their Pinterest tab.  It’s the Woobox app and it doesn’t work.  Any other suggestions?

  • Melanie Duncan

    That is wonderful to hear. Thank you!

  • Thanks Jeff!

  • Hi Ginger! I’ve never had any problems with them, but the other strategies in this post still apply without woobox.

  • I too have noticed a problem with Woo Box’s Pinterest tab but the Static Html tab has never failed so far. I tried the Static Html tab using my pinterest account url in it but I keep getting a 502 error!

  • Karen

    I just tried Sephora ans Jillian Michaels and could not get them!

  • Marcgarc

    Just checked Woobox and the app isn’t loading on any browser.. Bummer 🙁

  • Great article! One more way – post an infographic on your Facebook page,
    with a hyperlink and call to action driving them back to that specific
    Pinterest board for more on that topic…

  • Ginger

    Hopefully it’s just a glitch but really bad timing for Woobox to have it happen the day they are featured on Social Media Examiner!

  • Teresa

    How do you use pinterest to do contests? I too found this article very informative.

  • Stephanie O.

    Great article! Does anyone have insight on tracking Pinterest hashtags? I’ve recently noticed that certain pins with hashtags are not showing up in a search. Does anyone know of a tool or away around this, to see a full list of pins with a particular hashtag? Thanks! 

  • This is great! I bet Pinterest and Facebook will have an app soon that allows us to ‘link’ our accounts, because they have to stay ahead of the times and make sure everything is user friendly.  Thanks! 

  • $44796859

    Hi Teresa, check out this video for lots of Pinterest contest ideas: Andrew.

  • namitapatel

    Excellent article Melanie! Very useful for my clients, and for myself! Follow me on Pinterest at — I love marketing infographics!

  • Excellent post, Melanie! I honestly hadn’t thought of any ways to encourage our Facebook fans to follow us over to Pinterest short of, “Hey everyone, we’re on Pinterest!” I love using specific pins and then directing followers to check out the rest of the board – that’s an excellent idea!!

  • Hey Marc – Give it another try. It appears to be working now.

  • Great idea Carrie!

  • Hi Teresa – I share comprehensive strategies for hosting contests within my course here:

  • Thanks Stephanie! Including a hashtag in your caption should tag it to appear as a result for keyword searches. There may be a temporary glitch or bug in the system, but it’s best practice.

  • I agree Devani!

  • Thanks Namita!

  • So glad I could help Mandy!

  • TreasureBin

    I checked the Sephora link and it worked so I then used Woobox to load Pinterest to both my FB pages and they seem fine (am using Chrome browser).
    Thanks for the tip, Melanie.

  • Celina Johnson

    Great content Melanie.  Thanks for sharing these ideas, they are so valuable.

  • Personally, when I see someone starting to post their pins as updates, I end up hiding them from my newsfeed.  So many people pin large quantities that it sort of takes over.

  • Raj Qsar

    Thanks for the FABULOUS write up Melanie!  Once again great job!  We just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Pinterest and are having a blast pinning to our Orange County Boards!

  • Thanks for these great ideas. They will be pure gold for the realtors I work with because Pinterest really seems tailor made for realestate agents.

  • Dario Cavada

    Thanks Melanie! 
    Really like this.

    nOw I have new ideas for

  • Great tips there. I am going to apply them straightaway. Thanks for sharing Melanie!

  • Thanks Melanie I was using  this but after checking out your suggestion of using Woobox I’m going to be changing. 

  • Thanx Melanie..That’s a really helpful article. 

    Is it possible to do the same with Twitter?

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  • supercibor

    Thanks  for opening a  new  window of wonderful  opportunities for  all of us

  • supercibor

    We are joining the internet revolution  with  your. Thanks  for the great ideas and resources

  • My pleasure!

  • I agree. That is why posting strategically is much more effective than just linking your personal FB account to your Pinterest account.

  • Thanks Raj! Great work!

  • That’s wonderful to hear Matteo!

  • Yes, you could definitely apply some of this strategies to Twitter.

  • My pleasure!

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  • Diane Bianchi

    I’ve read quite a few articles about Pinterest marketing, but this brought a new perspective of using it in conjuction with Facebook that I’d never seen before.  Thanks, Melanie, for the great information.

  • Meryl Hershey Beck

    I am following your suggestions–added pinterest and mentioning it on my status update. Thanks so much for this!

  • Great ideas… integrating the various platforms is an idea I hadn’t put much effort into, but I can see that it creates a 1-2 punch… thanks so much!

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  • dreweastmead

    I had luck with Woobox. Very easy and fast. Thanks for this great tip!

  • Threehautemamas

    This was great information! Thank You 

  • Champuslife

    I tried to add a pinterest tab via woo box, and it uploaded my a p button with my username but it is for someone with my name in Forida!! Have tried and re tried over 25 times uninstalled re installed – nope won’t work with my account – just the other persons 🙁

  • Michael

    Hey Melanie,
    Always refreshing to read articles that aren’t full of hype. Its ever so boring to keep reading about “the Emperors new clothes”

  • Ankur Gupta

    Thanks for such information on Pinterst.

  • PinterestMarketingPro

    is one of the best articles I’ve seen on integrating social media platforms.
    Another great place that’s helped me out with my marketing needs worth
    mentioning is PinLeague. They’re one of the best Pinterest Influencer Networks
    out there. Just wanted to give credit where it’s certainly due. Hope this
    helps, thanks!

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  • Merri

    I have a question re hash tags. Should the labels be the same as the name of my board or the same as a Pinterest category or something more generic?

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  • Thanks for some great ideas, Melanie. Do you find that the traffic you get from Pinterest convert well? 

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  • Lee Gonen

    Thanks for the info. I’m excited and can’t wait to see the outcome. Thanks again.

  • I really do. And research supports that showing that visitors from Pinterest have a higher revenue per click than both Facebook and Twitter.

  • Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll check that out!

  • I find that general terms work best.

  • Thanks for your response, Melanie. That is quite impressive and makes getting to know Pinterest really crucial.

  • DesignPax

    This is a really thorough article – I feel like Pinterest is a great social media resource for companies that offer a visual product such as craty people on Etsy, photographers, and web designers. Growing Pinterest followers by cross-promotion on Facebook is a great idea.

  • Bea Vanni

    Woohoo to Woobox! Thanks, Melanie. This is so easy to use that one needs no techie skills or special thought processes to use this simple Green button to add Pinterest to FB. I think it’s the easiest app I’ve ever used! Less than two minutes and I had a Pinterest tab on my FB page and one of my client’s pages. WooHoo!

  • Great tactics to add to an overall Pinterest strategy. Several of our clients are either interested in this platform or have started to use it and this adds to the ways they can promote their Pinterest presence.

    We’ll be adding this article as a resource to our How to Promote Your Business On Pinterest page at PowerUp Social, our social media education site (

    And anyone is welcome to follow us on Pinterest as well!

  • kennettkwok

    Great Article Melanie. I thought Point #3 was the most compelling especially with the pictures and bios.

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  • I am new to Pinterest and find this article good for learning about Pinterest usage.

  • sara

    when I have to chose the fanpage where I would like the pinterest tab, it doesn’t give me the name of my fan page. So what to do? please help

  • YES!!! Got it done in less than 2 minutes, I’m amazed! Great advise, so simple and easy to do, thank you Melanie and SME for the wonderfully useful articles!

  • I have really benefited from this article. Love this site

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